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It was hoped that this abridgement of Dean Payne Smith's Thesaurus 
Syriacus would have appeared together with or earlier than the last part of 
that work. I deeply regret the long delay, due chiefly to my father'a death in 
1895, and to the consequent necessity of laying aside my own papers, in order 
to labour, in conjunction with D. S. Margoliouth, at the completion of the greater 


It is a pleasure to offer grateful acknowledgement to various kind helpers ; 
to my valued old friend, Dr. Neubauer, for encouragement from the beginning; 
to M. Rubens Duval and to Dean Maclean for their extreme patience and 
kindness in reading all the proofs. Those of the first part were also revised by 
my father, and most of the latter portions by my husband. 

I wish to thank the Delegates of the Press also, and Mr. Doble in particular, 
for unfailing consideration, and Mr. Pembrey for unstinted pains and many 


As this abridgement is meant chiefly for beginners I thought alphabetical 
rather than scientific order to be preferred, all the more because ideas of scientific 

arrangement vary. 

Participial adjectives are placed with passive participles under the Peal 
conjugation because of the difficulty of distinguishing one from the other, also 
because the verbal, adjectival, and substantival uses of these forms slide into 

each other. 

When the same English translation is given to more than one conjugation 

of a verb, it will be understood that the Pael meaning is intensive, that the 

Ethpeel is'used of a single action and the Ethpaal of frequent or repeated action. 

I do not give Greek words unless in use, and only a few proper nouns; 

exceptions are when a true Syriac word has the same form as a Greek word 


or as a proper noun, in such eases I have put the Greek or the name to 
avoid any possible confusion. Also proper nouns when an adjective is derived 
from them. 

I include true Syriac worda from the native Lexica even when examples 
have not yet been found in use. These are usually marked 'Lexx., BA., 
or BB.' 

I have only in a few instances given East-Syrian forms, for the differences 

consist chiefly in pronunciation. Note, however, the E-Syr. use of — , Zkâpâ, 

for W-Syr. L, a) before o, e.g. in Paels of <x*. verbs, E-Syr. jâX, W-Syr. *«£; 

b) with the final Alep of foreign words, /', W-Syr. } v , and of ten elsewhere in 

foreign words. But in Greek words E-Syr. writes 6, W-Syr. cui. 

Pe, â, in E-Syr. is hard except in a diphthong, as şj_, au, and then has 
the form <a. 

The Unea occultans which in W-Syr. is usually below the consonant, in E-Syr. 
is placed above, while a short line below signifies a half-vowel. 



September 2, 1902. 


abbrev. . 
abs., absoL 

adj. . 
adv. . 
anom. . 
Aph. . 

apoc. . 
Ar., Arab. 
arith. . 
BA., BB. 

c»; corn. gen. 

c£ . . 




coli-, collect 

comp.; compos 

conj. . 

constr. st. 

contr. . 



deriv. . , 

* * 

dial. . . 
dim., di ruin. 
eccl., eccles. 


abbreviated form. 

the absolute state, abso- 

accusative case. 
adverb, adverbial. 
aceording to alchemists. 
Aphel coBJugation. 
apocopated form. 
in arithmetic. 
in astrology. 
in astronomy. 
see Lexx. 

the Blessed Virgin Maxy. 
common gender. 
confer, compare. 
in chemistry. 

collectively, collective noun. 
compound ; in composition. 
construct state, 
contracted, contraction. 
dative case. 
derived, derivative, deriva- 

in the emphatic etate. 
Eshtaphal conjugation. 

esp. . 


f., fem. 
fut. . 

gen. . . . 
geom., geomet. 
Germ. . . 
Gr. . . . 


mp., xmper. 
impers. . 


nf. . . 

intr., intrans 
irreg. . . 
Jac. . . 





Ethpaal conjugation. 

Ethpeel conjugation. 

Ettaphal conjugation. 

feminine gender. 




in German. 


in grammar. 


in the Hexapla version of 

the O. T. 
Jacobite, following the teach- 

ing of the Monophysite 

Jacobus Baradaeus. 


various Syriac Lexica; the 
two chief compilers of 
these are Jesus Bar- Aii, 
end of ninth century, and 
Bar-Bahlul, a native of 
Tirhan, middle of the 
tenth century, the latter's 
lexicon is the fullest, it 
has been edited by 
R. Duval, Paris. 



lit., liturg. . - 
log., logic. . 
m., mase. . « 


met., metaph. . 


Nasar. . . . 




p., part. . . . 


Fe. . , . . 


Pers. .... 


Pesh. .... 


pr. n. . . . . 

P re P 





in logic. 

masculine gender. 

in medicine. 


in military use. 

Nasaraean (Mandaic, Sa- 


opposite, opposed to. 
Pael conjugation. 
participle, participial. 

Peal conjugation. 
person, personal. 

in the Peshitta version. 


proper noun. 




prob probably. 

pron pronoun, pronominal. 

prop. .... properly. 

refl reflexive. 

qbL, reiat. . . relative. 

rit ritual, ritually. 

rt root. 

s., sing. . . . singular number. 

Shaph. . . . Shaphel conjugation. 

st state. 

subst substantive. 

suff. .... suffix. 

Syr. .... Syriac. 
Tacrit, Tekrit or 

. . theologically, 

• . a district East of the Tigris* 

. . transitxve. 

. Turkish. 

. • vernacular. 

. . West-Syrian. 
* denotes that a root is not found in the Peal 

| a city on the Tigris. 

theol. . . 
Tirhan . 
tr., trans. 
Turk. # . 
vernac. , 
W-Syr. , 

} Alep or Olaph .a^?' or ai£ft the first 
letter in the Syriac alphabet, used as the car- 
dinal numeral i ; with ? prefixed the ordinal, 
the first; with a point beneath l it stands 
for 1,000 ; with a line beneath [ 10,000 ; with 
two points beneath [ 10,000,000. 

1 has in Syriac very little power as a con- 
sonant, and when iniţial without a vowel is 
not pronounced. It is then in forraing a 
compound thrown away, as in «*J£, *j&; it is 
lost also in coramon words such as \%J» fem. of 
L.r and frequently in the imperative of \& 
verbs, as ] ţ%î, from jlVXî?! Medial Olaph 
also frequently dieappears when preceded by a 
consonant which can support the vowel, e. g. 

*\l for o& t 3 T for /* ?> In **°J words 
it is indiferent whether } be retained or not, 
Aphel participles and Pael pts. of \& verbs are 
commonly found written either way. ( is 
often used as an iniţial ia nominal forma- 
tions beginning with a weak letter or a sibi- 
lant, as \tf m from & J^'from Vf i* old 
MSS. and in the Jerusalem dialect it is very 
frequent even before stronger consonanta. It 
is generally found in Greek words beginning 

r ¥ 

with a double consonant, as \*imS>( &nt 

J1^J»( (TTokrj. 

I often represents the Hebrew n as in the 
causative conj. Aphel, which is equivalent to 
the Heb. Hiphil, and the Ethpaal, which 
answers to Heb. Hithpael. In Syriac it 
often interchanges with o. or «. See instances 
in verbs having either of these letters for 

jl^'pl. u»>ircom. gen. tip, air, breeze. 

Hffît WJtfvL m. H, f- )JC adj. airy, 
aerial, of the air, volatile. 

JjjJ^same as U'Jf- 

o?' sometimes **?' m. August, U £ &!' the 
month Ab, the month of August. 

ofi Wpl. Jurând jL'^'irreg.; with 
pron. suff. 1 pers.W, before other suffixes 
in the sing. it takes the forra &f t in the pi. 
SJ»?VL father, parent, progemlor, forefatfor, 
\tma?+* 1 t apatriarch; eccl. a monk, abbot, or 
bishop, )ZL*I Wr>r sphitual faihers, 

JBsir bishops, )tif&K W ** P^-iarch. 
J^fOur Father, Le. the Lord's Prayer, tJie 
Paternoster, in full 

f v c^>lt l^^j 


also a title of reverence, e.g. applied to a 
patron saint. Metaph. a founder or inventar 
of arts, custonis, heresies ; an originaiing prin- 
cipie. DeHIVATIVES, Jtoo^f , !"©**(, kAX=»f • 

\&r a^d u&r pi. u>r, u?r &&& tf£j$i 

E-Syr. A^er .Aa^rt. Chald. to grow up) m. 
<fo produce of the earth, esp, fruit; \ i . \ ..+f 

U>Iţ jfrw'e fow*. Cognate wohds, ^as/ 
and U^ot. 

•J»( fut. ţJ>)J, act. part, *W, eniph. and fem. 

)ţW, pass. pari «Ii»/' )P-=»/> Ut**?* pL ro. 

f_, f. j!s~-, ^o perish, corne to nought, fall to 

decay; to be lost; \ofco/ **$£>/' *=>fio 2/e sAa& 
utterly perish: with *^& fo fo deprived of, miss, 
lose. Pass. part. 7os£, strayed, gone astray; 
perislied, perisMng ; US! *+2>]*distracted 7 out of 
M$ mind ; with ^J» deprived of, lacking; f. pi. 
Zos£ things or property. Aph. ^Ao^to 5rîw^ 
io nought, do away with, cause to cease; to 
lose, waste, destroy, sîay: with ^& to ca$£ owi 
or atca^. Derivatives, Jj«j>?, Jif=>/> Jlo^/, 

Ut=>( , ţ*t*( with o prefixed. a) a??&e, &fe, 

Jtn* ţ»Z£}i» lifce children. b) continually, 
^Za]a *f+3\ ştir it without intermission. 

\jW* Uf=>( rt. +2>(. m. loss, perdition, de- 
struction, ruin; \ji=>(+& a son of perdition— 
one who is ruined, ho2>dess, abandoned. 

JifW pl. jlţâf xi, **(. f. a Zoss, a Zosi £/tm<7. ; Ar. aud Pers. = Syr. )Loţ» Jwm- 
^;erws sabina, dwarf savin. 

Jioo»i>r from o?* f. fatherhood, often used 
with suff. 2 pers. as a title of reverence of 
priests, bishops, and patriarchs, ^ic©^ = 
Tlm, Father. 

Urniţi WW *L m. Jl, f. jfc adj. 
from o? r . fatherly, paternal, from a juther, of 
his forefathers, patriarchal; ]&Q^'Jlol*fo» 
inherited eminence. 

m&KiL&rjpL &<&rm, ji^^rpi. jt- 

f. see JJ><\ a reed,finte 7 pipe, a channel, canal 

Jla»r pl. Jtd^( m, a) a brichlayer' s rute, 
a mason 9 8 trowel, b) a pole armed wîth an iron 
goad at one end and at the other an iron blade 
to scrape off anything adhering to the plough- 
share. c) a waUrpipe, canal, duet. 

f&BBBtt of *+*j } to rnaJce bar/c, 

)Ko+J>} y rt, ţ^/. f. loss, abandonment, 
depravity : with suff. i pers. sing. often used 
by Syriac writers as an expreesion of humility, 
4*ioUS)J i*So seeh for me who am lost, ycu» 
wto»^Sj) ftave pity on my lost condition. 

]i ^\.^ y Tt%^s^ f, mouming, sorrow, 
esp. for sin, hence penitente, the ascetic life, 
jloî^SÎ? jiokolT the conflicte of thy life of 
penitence, \t&±£\\ JJa^J^*' his solitary 
life of penance was ended* 

Jai^'pl. \!L m. a cock; the usual word is 

%^l' Pe, only pass. part. ^*Sft %*»/> 

J^S^r pl. m. ţi, )»!-, f. Jl&i.. mouming, 
bewailvng, lamenting; a mou/rner, hence an 
anehorite, monJc, nun, as leavîng the worîd to 
hewail their sins. Ethpb.%^11/ to marni, 
esp. for the deadj bewail, wiaîce latnervtation» 
Derivatives, IU/, Jlc£**»^ MS>s/, 

^^(, )|^( pl. Jliif rt. ^s»/. m. mouming, 
lamentation for the dead; a sorrow, cause of 
sorrow, călamity^ «^o, * JLilŞ . > .^'^ - ^r 1 *^ 
rnany different misfortunes befel them. 

Kf&ft HCJâUTfL m. H, f. j^. adj. 
rt. ^^/. mournful, of mourning. 

\lsSJ>( pl. lis^a/ Ar. f. a Aer^, drove, 
properly of camels. 

U»( eom. gen. a stone; the common word 
în Heb. for stone, but rare in Syr. ; jf *J> -T^ r 
AaiZ ston^y \SJ^f \l*} r a mn-dial. 

*aiL{, %wU^( or bflacL^^a Graecised form of 
\J>} y Abba, Father; an abbot; see \k}* 

**&l r kmm of ^w ; to bring forth, cause 
to sp-ing forth, abound. 

lÂs( r m*jiM dust or sand, such as the wind 
whirls along. 

)i*i m. lead. 

JW m. afeatherj usually pl. J^ljftodta*, 
wtngs,pinims, ^m^îa? }h>fexpandedwings; 
l^oif \h>Vthe wings of the wind. 

\l&( a rush, reed-grass, 

*^/ y or ^^^Aphel of ^Jo; «o do ew7; 
with ^ «o 6e or efo î^or^e «Aaw. 

9 r 

ţjfţ^j and M^j laaerpitium, fenda, asa 

*HsJ Aphel of ok^ ; to shine; to watt for 
the morning lighL 

<*&*J1 K^J r ov iii? H^J r pL £- 
m. aycoydr, a watercourse, canal, an aqueduct; 

metapb. a stream, J^?f l^P**^* sireams of 

\°W 5 ^*^k P-^ ^— m * "y^^s a freaî ofsldll 
or strength, a contest, struggle, jJct^J^o. 

Jj j*» yoL l&e^ wrestled together, Uc^i? ) 
a champion; see i^xl/. Metaph. a mental 
struggle, perplexity ; ascetic iraining, the 
ascetic life, Jj/ ţ&sLţ jJdU^ $e discipline 
which I praclise. 

J^2q-Jcl^ ^ pi. J^ m. aya>vL<TTT}$, one who 
strives, a wrestler. 

Jc^^the form of i pers. sing. fut. of three 
verbs, a) io^Y from td to hire; b) io^j 
frora *a^$o commit adultery; c) itt^j from 

J»c^j'pl. £. rt. ;^7. m. one «Jio AîVes. 

|^D>a^j y pL J_ m. aypos, a jfeZciî, ZancZ, a 
hosjntal; an estate, a farm; a village. An 

J^cio^a/^ 3 l&rger than a JJoIslo, smaller than 
a ]£^Uîj2. 

Ji^^also spelt HJ^/I U^âcy ete. 

JlVU^^rt. ;^/. f. hiring, hired service. 

Jţ^^oftener J**i^ m. ice,frost. 

J^aa^^pl. ]Z~ m. a pool, standing water; a 
reed, esp. the Egyptian papyrus. 

Jj a^i^/ or \j Q^a,^. [, see Jj aaa^o*, ^e/Aw^ 
a prefect 

^T/^Aphel of ^1%^; «o a6/cZe or rest upon, &c. 

Jj^/^pl. JI~ f. a ?ar#e &<>u>Z or wine vessel; 
a waterpot ; the crater of a volcano ; the capital 
of a pili ar; the base of a vessel; J&qo » ? \±*J* 
the cup of knovdedge. 

j&^J y Aphel, see ^m-^; to recline or seat 
at table. 

^J with Qushoi, Aphel of ^ ; «o lengthen; 
to watt: with J*»o* «o 6e patimi. *ywith 
Rukokh, Pael of *^. 

^^"fui io^JJ, imper. *o*^/, act. part. %^[ , 

W; P ass * P^rt «-^* JI4J' JLV^JT pt. m. 
ţ-* ? 1_ , f. Jl&L. fo Aire ; with o of the wage : 
with ^& againsi an enemy ; with ^ and a 
pers. pron . expresses personal advantage, 
JLL o££ ic^ajj? to hire forces on his side; 
to bribe, \xl\ o£sL ^J he suhorned thejudge. 
Pass. part. m, an îiireling, a hired servant; 
f. emph. wioney received on engaging in service } 
earnesi money, Handgeld. Ethpe. i^XTio 
be hired, to hire oneself vtith. o of the wage. 
Pa. and Ethpa. same as Pe. and Ethpe. Aph. 
*^©f to hire out, receive hire, ♦-^oi? oo* 
ov^J? * cuĂo he (Judas) who took> an&they who 
gave the hire. Dehivatives, j;^/, J^o^^J- 

♦■4^ J WV- )~ > rt - *W' m,a wa 9 e > fe e >f are > 
hire, rewa/rd; )t^J )li a contractor, paymaster. 

jl^J pi. ţi-, rt. perh. 4^ to stretch out, ra. 
a roof house-top, tJie top of an altar; )U^ »^ 
pi. \t^J +J* a demon- of lunacy, hence with 
? preceding a lunatic; %.^J *^>?o JwJi-I? 
demoniacs and lunaiics. The name is derived 
from a custom of worshipping these demons 
on the flat roofs of houses; they were supposed 
to have more influence at the beginning and 
end of a month. 

m^4i^and J^i4??^pt- Assyrio-Babylonian ; 
corrupted from the Chald., Dan. iii, 2, 3 ; 
chief judges. 

io^ to. 

ţţJ^APHEL of ţ^J ; io grow deaf 
J^jjOJi m. a portable stove. 

JJoV or )loif* palm, fibre, ilie fibrous invo- 
lucre of the pahn-tree. 

Wţflepidiwm latifolium, pepperwort. 
JlS^?/* f. minium. 

J&&Î?' or )1^^/ f. pi. double doors, a door 
ivith ttoo leaves orjlaps. 

«f^Heb. m. Adam, man; ipf|? JAx^ the 
human race; JJLâoţi» fW thejlrst man. 

oţ/^ denom. verb Aphel conj. from ip?; 
tofetch blood, &c. 

uo)j«î/^uaai?^^»Q»?^în. ăMfias, adamant. 

)î^D?/ P E-Syr. j^î/^f. earth, soil 
Jjfcoo?/' ' earthly. 

B 2 



JUl^aD?/' earthy, made ofearth. 

U ? rpl.^( , !^( , Irarely)^ ? randjl^tr 
f. the ear; a fish's giîls; anything which stands 
out, as a handle, apromontory, a bay of the sea. 

uDţ^part. *>lx>, )i**> Apbel of a>?; to 
Jme& fo 2>i#ces. 

ni* )»?rpl. £• m, a threshingfioor, granary, 
hence «to which is on tliefioor; \$ f/ o&l *7«32/ 
carried away the threshing-floors, i.e. ifo corn 
/n>m «Ae ihreshing-Jloor, J5?/ oJ>o(they set 
fire to the threshing-floors, i.e. £o £fo cor» awd! 
straw; jfcuuZ^f Jf?/ farms near a town. 

$\}\ )ţf^iîex, the prickly evergreen oah. 

fţl' m. Adar, the seventh month of the 
Syrian year, answeriog nearly to March with 
us. Deriv, Pers. from Adhar, the god of fire, 
to whom this month was dedicated, 

Jjc»?/ Pers. m. an inner room, a bedroom; 
\J^LL JJci >( an upper storey. 

\£oi 9? pi. \L-ftre altar, probably Pers. ; see jij. 

j^JulfrpL JlL. deriv. Pers. m. a ta#or, maker 
or rnender of clothes. 

J^alft/'m. di>8piai/ra 5 a slatue, likeness. 
uoi?( ădâpKt}, tJie salt crust on reeds in marshy 

<*?/* Pa, ^j^act. part. JX?)Jo and *.?&. 
ft) 6e careless, disregardful, to neglect; to stop 
the ears ; to be silent; hence is derived 

M»tf m. negligence, indijference. 

tffcrţf , JX?( pi. *!, ţi» m. perhaps from etSoy, 
a sor£, Km?, 82>ecies; pi. of many kinds, nari- 
ous, ***<?( "^o? o/ a# sorts; race, kindred, 
character, )JUj/ \JLil* the human race; U^ti* 
)j^.\.^f sjtyZe of expresei on in speech or 

dignity of his character rendered him worthy 
of so dignified an office; ^ ctZff* *JLL JJ Jte 
was nat tlie kind of man, he was unfit for. 
A mode, way, form; the form of administration 
of baptism, chrism, &c., the form of words 
used opp. Doo* or Jla^jso the material, the 
elements, the water, oii, &c., e.g. bread and 
wine are the JloNo© of the Holy Eucharist, 
the words of Christ are the i-*.?/. Fruit 
ellipt. for Jj£jl£? \jL'ifthe diferent kinds of 
imit according to the seasons of the year, \Zi} ? 

writing; jLooi Jţ© 

)'& wUd fruits; U?/ <***> ^* f ruit f ul 
pastures. Hence are derived the two followmg: 

JliitJ'pL £- adj. ajter to wrf or specie*, 
special, esseniial. 

}Lcuii?/ f f. « «pecjfa property, fashion. 
Jân«rî^teij. of derision, *#*/ Aa-Aa/ 
«/ or (^<m/ perh. Pers. a crocodih. 

^kĂ^Apiiel of^o>; <o ^en^6, with o. 

JĂ/'Aphel of •« ; to harm, irritate. 

ol, 6? r the point distinguishes it from the 
interj, of, o/ P . a) disjunct, partide, or 9 either; 
oF oF either—or, if or no. b) sometimes used 
for emphasis, also, yea, orrather, the rather. c) în- 

and usually having negative force, whăther, 
} ^v S o} r lest: in comparison ikan, rather than. 

5^' interj., expressing the vocative, and 
wonder, grief, reproof; 0! Oh/ often with 
^ of the person or thing. 

o/ interj. Oh! woel alas! 

]o} root-meaning in Heb. and Ar., a) to 
turn towards a place, to stay anywhere, hence 
are derived Jlioo/, jjooţl, JjoI; b) to turn 
towards any one with affection, hence to be on 
friendly terms, in hwrmony with any one. 
Pe. only act. part. }o( , emph. and fem. ]^o(, 
fem. emph, irreg. l&o/*; pi. m. ^*o^, |Io^or 
]^6( y f. \%J>&( agreeing, in concord, of one 
mind or vnU 9 united, friends; ]}&6{ JioL^ 
letters agreeing in soxmdi=rhyming ; jişQg^ 
|io( U^5>,^\ Jl5C^i9 the Pschitta agreeswith 
the Hebrew text; ]lo( Ji^ a îmrmonious voice; 
\So( |mUA > > a like opinion. Ethpe, c*o{i{ 
to agree, make alliance ţ^.3 jx& with any 
one. Pa, »5F inf. c^^, part. )o\x> for 
)o|^d to unite, reconcile, alîy. Ethpa. ^oli^ 
to make alliance, join, agree, consent, c<mspire; 
to be reconciled ; to be a follower of f belong to 
thepaHy of; construed with ja£ of the person, 
or witli^ of a party or side : with <*&. or «i 
!?•*• together, to each other. Debivatives, 

°°(' n °t «sed in Pe., is the same as several 
mimetic roots in Heb. meaning first, to breathe 
orpant after, and hence to be eag&r, to deşire; 
see ojl. Ethpa. ooţl/tlie same as cJUlf 
and o^U to deşire greally, Iove fervently. 

ţAorAPHKL Of ţa}. 

yojoaof and \oU>f <x) cichorivm sihestre, 
dchonum intybus, wild chicory ; b) leontodon 
taraxacum, dandelion. 

\+!>of & $ia (Duval). Alas, woe to theel with 
^so and pers. pron. 

\so( Aphel of ^a* ; to lead, bring> bring 

*£©^Aphel of jk?u> ; to dry up, wither tr. 

\^o( o r K4^( a ) rhus coriaria, the sumac 
tree; b) ocyimtm basiliscum, basil. 

J^şF Aphel of )^ imper. Y^\ \ t0 drive 
away, send off. 

i^©^ Aphel of i^J; see above. 

J?©/ pi. \Zm m. a brand y firebrand, hence 
a stichfor stirring the fire, an oven rake; J?©/ 
}-D;Joe a charred stick; * 11'? ]?©/ a smohing 

^fo/^denom. verb Aphel conj, from Z> to 
cortfess, believe, praise, &c. ; see under **. 

**Jţof* Aphel of ^ţ** ; to make known, &c. 

o*©/ interj, usually of sorrow, sometiines of 
wonder or joy, Ah! Oh! Alas! used alone or 
with^fc., ^£> or^£. 

kfoo/, ttl&i or )j)o m. a lawr generally 
of stone, a font, )^; c^N^ ? Ulo/ the ba?p- 
tisraal laver. 

Jjoo^or Uo^constr. st, yo/'pl. £-» m. rt. 
jo/*. a lodging, an inn y hence an abode, 
habitation, dwelling-place, mansion; m?( 
|Jj»»ofcs^. storehouses, store-rooms. Often me- 
taph. of heavea, probably in allusion to John 
xiv. 2, 23; r s^£ ţ?— ^£^$ tfUtthe 
heavenly habitations — that 2>ass not away; tbe 
Holy Spirit \j*zl r t»& *U& wiade thee to 

be Jiis habitation; om 6( ]L<^ş the oody the 
mansion of the soni. 

.sîorAFHEL of .3 W, to lend, esp. at intereet. 

Ş>*1* Aphel of «-*/; eee below. 

£>$l HI*»} pi. £> £• rt r' g m - a ra ^' 

Acta, toyiw^ AoW, J^J vŞ-o/ b )*<» U couU 
not be laid hold of, held in the h-and; power, 
for ce of the wind, sea, &c. ; political power, 

jurisdiclion, fc- îj t*! U-i **& * . ^f*f ***" ^ 

twelve dioceees were wwder Ifa jurisdiclion of 

*£e Maphrian of Tagrit; a jyosmsion, esp. of 
laud, district, territory, hingdom, realm, empire. 

JtV-o? or JL'j:^^ pi. v ^oV oftener )lp^ 
rt. •**/. f. that which is h&pt close, esp. a dark 
saying, a riddle } enigma, proverb. 

*%£&( Aphel of^*** *; to become enfeebled, 
to be unable, &c. 

;^»o^Aphel of i**j ; see below. 

Jl^«o( lilium agreste. 

jj^o/ or Jj^o/ pi. £- m. veieranus, the 
chief men of a city, nobles* 

t#oc Ar. ajackal. 

wo/ interj, to caii attentîon or to express 
grief or threatening, Ho ! Oh ! 

]uo/ r see )o^. kJJ^Wadv. unanifnously, 
with one accord 9 altogether } harmoniously. 

o*o^ jlcuo^ rt. )©/. f. concord, accord, 
unity, wmnimUy, Imrmony^ agreement; ] t a* o M> 
m agreement, in concord; )La*0{ )îm*a îw<ă 
pne consent; jicuof JJ discord. 

J^Ido^=1jJ^ oi that is to say> or, i.e. as, 
as aho. It is constantly used in lexicons 
when a word is explained by a synonym in 
the same language. 

%2orAPHEL of%o/; see below. 

Jlopi 5 rt.'^so?., gorging; that which 
has been devoured or gorged. 

jl fcSfc go/ rt%»/. f- gangrene, an eating sore. 

ţiSo/^APHEL of jxo^ ; see below. 

^o7 £ IfM»? pi. m. H, f. IC rt. 

ţxo/. adj. &Zac^, mnburnt; metaph. obscure; 

Looo/ )L\a^.» rfar^ sayings; J&oaio/ Uoi 
a stormy wind; subst. a we</?-o, j¥oor, Nubian; 
the races of mankind are, ^iLoo? 6kc^ = 
ffamites, Jjo2 toA*«e = Japhetites, or Jjft***- 
olive-Golowed = Semites. PI. m. &Zac^ garments 
worn by Abassides and judges, and by others for 
mourning, J^o/ ypTiNT theyshall wear black. 

W&mÂij rt. jxs/. f. blackness, dark colour 
of the skin. 

j^oo/ a pack-saddle. 

Juţi} s U4oo^ rt. 02^/. m. care, anxiety. 

Jl^xa^^o/; l£fra>!oo7 evxapfrTia, thanks- 
giving, esp. </*e thanksgiving at that part of the 

baptismal office wkm the chrism is consecrated, 
hence the baptismal anointing; the eucharist, 
the 1 sacrament of the Lord's si/p2?er, hence the 
host 9 the consecrated bread, ^ja^o } m^\ «^a 
U^jaw^o/ he sets dovm the chalice and takes 
the eucharistic bread, \+&ttuiOQ{*%±» *a-^*-ăo 
the Holy Spirit broods over the eucharistic 

♦^o^Aphel of ţX»; to beget, procreate; 
to help or cause to bring fortlu 

\ţS±o( m. pL bams, shelters. 

< î!s ciikO(, «^t^wo^ or «ţjG^cf lignum aloes, 

Ud^o?"or UXo^and U&fm. and f. 

avk&Py a valley, open land or a hroad valley 
between motmtain ranges ; o^cu^ov? Jlfc*)^ 
Jier pleasant valleys, happy fidds. 

JwJcu^kOf a lowlander, an inhabitani of 
valley or plain. 

jfcC*işko/ pi. JfcL- rfc. Jl/. f. lament, lamenta- 
tion, wailing, mourning, esp. for the dead. 
Jj^*i£o( j9ico the Lamentations of Jeremiahj 
)h^*Q{ kA^Lo cries of sorrow. 

or the aloe. 



yJ^*o(, )u!iko/ pi. JIl rfc. *^m . m. W/arro^- 
««*$, Jj-^©{j JjJJâ a narroiv well; hence, a) 
a strait, necessity, distress, calamity, mffering, 
illness; .Liko/^rLa ţJL&t deeply afflicted, 

jJ.Xo(? ]xa) a time of calamity, \jjLm& 

jjliskoij 5r£«<2 of affliction; ţ^î/^plSo/ 
£7*g prolonged mjfering 8 of the martyrs ; 
\Cc£jJ^q( ţ& ooo» ţ*J^&fcs& £&ţy found 
relief from thtir afflictiom. b) a being shut 
up closely, a siege, restraint. JJjXo/ ^» JJ? 
wiihout compulsion=willingly, freely. 

Jj&of or Uo/ sowr buttermilh 

u»Qf ApheIi of Jc*u ; fo 6wk2 5y oa^, 
adjure, &c. 

^*>o(, JJjio/ rt. ţao<\ in. a worhman, 
maker, crafisman, ariifîcer; a carpmter ; a sur- 
geon; o*L*>©( his or its maher ; \jsxS*:L *^>o/ 
the Artifieer of the worlds; l-*p[? juL»©/ 

manual worlcers; iio*î <£££*> )l£>&? workers 
in gold 9 goldsmiths; used also as an adj. skilfyl. 

hZ\lx>*( adv. sMlfully, tvith art y elabo- 

rately; raetaph. craftily; fcsJU-^o/ (| igno- 


rt. ţW. f. «»*', era//!; workmanship, sMU; 
ariifice, craftiness, guile; pi. mgines of war 

9 *i^5 o/ w££4 an ălchemid, chemtst; 
afellow-craftsman; JL'aLaco/ 

U-i> Lat&o/ the art of war ; \t<Lm\\ jtUub«( 
}t^? <A« healing art> medieine. )L'c£uW 
JfcU>, JJLi-^? ji'olîco/ or abs. abhemy, 
chemistry, JicUL&o 

6y ari/ Jl'oi^J? ItWAolai byfahe art$, by 
a deceitful artifice; )?£? Jl^aiuio^ iAe «&e7«« o/* 

m&H f. »UL pi. H, JJ^L, rt. ţ»/. adj. 

o/ or belonging to any art or handiwork, formed 
by art, cunningly wrought, workmanlike, sMU 
ful: used with^ or o, JwM> ţJboo/ skilled 

)&sooi pi. \&âP{, ^4»0?, It'o»/, j^iaoo/ 
rfc. »( corn. gen. a) race, nation, people, +Z$ 
]&cQ( a prime or chief; b) a class, gmus. 

%Q(, \p} interj, of calling, imploring, sorrow, 
remonstrance, exclamation or admiration. 

y©(* Mo?^; see )uioo/ above. 

yo( abbreviation for J*cuo( ? s. and pi. o#. 

)lil^o/ f. JfcLl pi. )»L, jfciL. Gr. adj. of 

the gospels, evangelical, ^\^o/ ^ccaj <Ăe 

ta o/ «Ae gospels, \2^L^o} jJţoc^ gospel 

precepte, Jfc^X^oD^oo ^e toZ^nfo «po/E^n o/ 
m <Ae gospels. 

V^rfWpL Jl^-Sfand VeL^tr 
m. eyayyeXtoi; (the Syriac word for gospel is 
]l ? ^x») 3 the gospel, a copy ofthegospel }X Q^^^ o/ 
)^*ioJJ jf^wi, ^/te ^o^eZ w w harmony toiih the 

law, JIjochI lS**2>? yCuX^o/ the gos])el aceord- 

ing to the Hebrews. 

without the «) tj'ayyeX((n^s=Syr. )j jamjo 
m. evangelist. 

y&o&oi pi. Imoojorm. «ătoCxos, a eunvch; 
the Syriac words are )xaa*o^ao and J^^m^o. 

£ă>o/ pi. ua^iijo/, .ajcxJijo/, »aa*a»o/ or 
e^7if drachms; abbreviated form .o/. 

ll^jor f. (rt. ^(, not otherwise found in 
Syr.; in Chald. and Heb. to lament, moturn) 
grwf, sadness. 

£mo/ pi. tfojAflio/, i^ocucoo/ or *ai^o/ f. 
ovala, a) essence, substance, Jlibo/ *£ and Jel*. 
ţJLfioeJta consubstanţial, of one or the same 
substance; Jj^JLJLaiLjkr *^JL»o/ heawnly 
substances, \\ţSJ£î±lo& *eo)S&ol metallic 
substances. b) wealth, substance, estate, mcome, 
ydo»!^I? fca&*^oiţ \ji*(the loss of their pro- 

%Z\1sqo( adv. of or belonging to the essence 
or substance, essentially, substantially. 

| uM» fi P o/ f. ]&**Ic&o/ pi. m. J— , f. JklL. adj. 
of tAe essence or substance, essential; gram. 
radical/ JK-Jl^DOf jk-SI? essential properties* 
}î£JJjx>q( jfajbo tAi essential parts of holy 
baptism are water, oii, the priest, prayers 
said by a priest ; the wordş of Christ are JLib 
jlS-^fioof essential to or o/ i&e substance of the 
Holy Eucharist. 

£u» ©/''Aphel of rt. Am**; fo arfei, fo be 
more or greater: with another verb it has 
adverbial force, more, agazn. 

uLS.o/ r Aphel of U** ] to make grow or 

«ascl^Iao/ pi. o^^ao? usually bâoo^Jioo* 
vnaros, a consul. See under âoo» also for other 
Greek words spelt occasionally with iniţial / 
instead of o*. 

oSo^Aphel of !&**; to be cMe, sufficient; 
to vanish away; to do away with, bring to an 

*-*-cl*3o/ or *xuSo( 6<ţ><ţ>iKiov 9 qfficium, se. 
ojfîciales, î. used collectively for officials, atten- 
dants, train, suite, ^Aa5o< c h\ . o o Jj^? pj» £&s 
judge and all the cou/rt rose up, ^*cu&o< oJl» 
£/te offidals, mJSL»$ *«cu£o/ your attendants, 
your retinue. 

\âo/ Pers. lilium aquaticum, the water- 

}iso/ pi. )i&©/ m. Heb. wheels, Ez. x. 15. 

JJiJSo/ pi. cu>s£o/ virapxos, procurator, 
prefect, governor, J^jcu»? }^«3o/ </te Governor 
of Syria. 


*j°» 5 Jiţ©< pi. £■ rt. **/. m. a ;;kce wAiro 
anything is laid up, a storehome; fcatt^ Ji*©/ 
a reservoir. PI. generally a 6am, granary, 
hence am; also sfom in general. Jtţ*/ r 
K^L"? tfie treasures of the snow, Jî*o^ }? l o? r 

? i/ie shining treasurtes of Bis bîiss, 
i. e. in the heavenly kingdom. 

♦£0/* Aphel of «-cu»; «o se£ o» ,/w^/ to 

excite, &c. 

UaSo/ or u»cuJ$o/ pi. U^eo/ and ^asjuuoo/ 
oyK«/os-, wieinus, an anehor, a sounding-lead; 
in both senses it is used with the verb U*>$ to 
let down. 

*£&ţXX*0O(, UttOUflOf Ol 1 UX>CU>A£Of mKcavos, 

the ocean; »\i\ **-•? oo« .|^i %£o<xucol 
\^f( the great ocean which surrot&nds the whole 

L^i^ o/ or Jtaoojcuso^ pi. JJL 6t*ov6fio$, 
a steward. 

toof Aphel of ^n^ ; fo mA ^eav^/ or dull; 
to make precious, &c. 

io/ pr. n. C7r, usually P^of io/ CV ffîTfAa 

oio( Aphel of o^.; io magnify, raise to 
honou/r, &c, 

J^©/ pi. J^©i m. spotted, piebald of horses. 

v oJi4?o/, s *i^oi pi. U^jo/ and fJJ^Jfo/ 

m. opyavov, an instrument, a vessel, an organ, 
e.g. of the body; [xLmj wi^jo/ <Ae organs of 
respiration; \£Ijs **Xito/ engines of war; 

Jlaj&ţj&f or Jloio^J? or ilicc"? J^^^'o/ 

astronomieal insti*uments for tahing obser- 

J»^;io/ and |d?io/ apacldng needle, a coarse 
needle [Âxoţ l^^-ao used for making sacks. 

J^ţio/ pi. J^k?5îo/ f. a /rop-, the frog of 
a horse's foot. 

uoiio/ Edessa, a city of Mesopotamia held 
in honour by the Syrîans on account of 
king Abgar, and called jfco^-ao Jl£±*I*a or 
)lS-L»^oo3 tJts believing city, the blessed city. 

VUil, jl^Ăic/ pl.m. H, f. Ifcil, Mdea- 

sene, of Edessa; Jliio/ J jSvi . ^ the Edessene 
dialect, which was considerai the purest Syriac, 
S. James of Edessa is sometimes named simply 

£Io**o/ the Edessene, and his style of writing 
is held to be perfect. 

fjoio/ or ?Jio/ ♦.;> a weasel. 

«J#, Ui o/ pL Jîsi Jo/ rt. «**/. f. a) a wagr, 

road, journey, i£*o/ ji& a wayfarer; u*i©f 
j-n^i <%£ king's highway, the high road; 
)&**»? U*9®i a troddm path or ipay/ îsi^i 
JfcLiîo/ a ^?£ace w7*e« two roads meet; *^ 
Joch )k( \J+9Q{ he hadjust returnedfrom a jour- 
ney, b) a custom, way, manner of life, Uto^ 

ţ^i^? after the manner of the Egyptians; 

JoCm? J*.»c)^ m £&e way ofGod, Le. m a life 
wM-pleasing to God, |,^\.^? l^io/ <Ae 
worldly life; jfcL^k.-& U'o/ a middh course, 

via media; J !*«£*£*?? — jlcu£L*I? J— io/ iAe 
monastic life, the life of a solitary. c) religion, 
the service of God; cf. in the Acts of the 

Apostles, the Way. —Jti*f— )&*& U*©/ 
)u1Âjbj»? i/ie Jrwe religion , £&e Ghristian faith, 
jicuJ^j? Uio/ tfAe religion of tlie Ârabs. 
d) legal right, \J*$o( wot o^U?? , ^k-§^» because 
it is his right; JţC^jL'JL Juy*ok=> ccmonical, 
according to chtcrck order. 

Uio7 pi v o!#, JfitiW (rt ***<>*, Ar. fo 
staZi! an animal)^ m. a stoZZ, cn'6, manger, esp. 
the manger where our Lord was laid, hence 
metaph, a cradle. 

«0JL90/ m. opifav, the horizon. 

jj£*f©( (from the same Heb. root as that 
froin "vvhich the Torah = the Law, is derived) 
the law, the Law of Moses, the Pentalmch, 

IIjclZ* ]îş l *x*Si m \iL Jhwjo/ the Pentateuch 
according to the Septuagint version; often used 
inclusively of the whole of the Old Testament. 

yi©/* Aphel of «i/; see below. 

\J>*o( rt. *fi( . m. lengih, longitude; Jfco 

lU^o Uio)^ — marriage blessings, written at 

great length; ^*Âi? Ki»o/ *Ae longitude of 
the city of Băbylon* 

jJooj©/ adj. longitudinal* 

^îo/, )^k»o/ rt. ^><\ m. a meeting, en- 
counte)\ attack; usually with a verb of motion, 
o^ioi* vxo — ux&o — so£j Ae ţ&en£ ow< — rose 
wp — to meet him* 

*©io/ Aphel of *ou ; fo grow pale or grim. 

8 î&arc' 

J&^&o^ i&ot « «fo'fp ofchth, apatch; 
rags, tatters. 

j|>o/ pi. Ji»o/ orarium. a) a cloth, a hand- 
kerchief )>*o)^ *qo& Jooj ^aao hewipedaway 
his tears «»£& && handkerchief. b) a stole; 
deacons of the G-reek church wore it over the 
left shonlder, floating oii either side like wings; 
the Latin deacons tied the ecds under the 
right arm. Among the Syrians ifc was worn, 
a) by subdeacons both Nestorian and Maronite, 
folded round the neck ? 6) by deacons of the 
Nestorian, Maronite, and Malabar Syrians, 
hanging from the left shoulder, c) by priests 
round the neck pendent in front, d) Maronite 
readers wore it hanging from the right 
sboulder. )fo^jLttJko| ffl*l ««a^ WT? 
habited in the deacon 9 s stole, Ji>oţj> jJjLaS *^ 
the deacons tvearing their stoles. 

tt^j^io/ (Heb. foundation or possession of 
peace) Jerusalem. 

tio{ Aphel of !♦* ; to leave by ioiM> to give 
an inheritance or possession. 

cuLof rt. aia * only used in the Aphel conj. 
to move^ stretch out; usually with )ţ*( and with 
o of the thing or^^b-of the person, tolayhands 
on, seize, steal, do harm; cf. the following. 

^Xof Aphel of ^*-»* ; to hold out, stretch 
out; usually with Jţ»/ and with o or^ât 
of the thing or person, in a good or bad 
sense ; see under £■** for examples. 

\£*,o( m. a cobbler; see fasi*.}. 

Mj^o/ pi. \uLo{ m. an animal Ttejit for 
breeding, a stdllion; metaph. lustful, wanton. 

oi pL )JL (from Heb. Save nowl 
through a Greek form) Hosanna; pi. palm- 

branches, |Ii£ol? Jf&— ? UaT— ? J^io Z. 

or absol. Palm Sunday. 

otor Aphel of o&Z ; to make inhabit or 
to be inhahited; to constitute to an office, &c. 

J^^iiof avSwTLa, authority, jurisdiction, 
rwfir, hence a dioeese, province, ju^jlo/ 
AA^cu^jţ i/ie province of Ântioch. 

|«4jL*/ 9 ^cm^lo? aiecvrtKT), aidevTtKOP, 

authentic, original, an original document. 

flW r Aphel of i^; «o be left over; to 
increase; to be of profit. 

y * 

JoJf or \Au m, tlhe Iiair that Sprouts out at 
puber ty 9 \Lt( ÎJ? l^L& beardless boys. 

Jis>j{ adj. hairy > shaggy. 

\L£îl or \&'+2>ul m. bos taurus, tîie buffalo. 

J^^pL I^VAr. m. the arch of a door or 
roof an arched buildzng; a porcii, portico, 
o^c^fiolo Qt*^jj y the porticoes and columna 
of a churcK 

Ji©V4j/ usually Jl©*^? an embassy, a 

M>c4j^ U^/lf and Jj&4?> Chttf"** & 
crossbar to fasten a door. 

JJo^pl. JJ4jrm. dini. ofU^l <* ^^ 
or low arch or vavlt 

JJoVpl- £• rt-^T/* m, a traveller, esp. 
a pilgrim; )£©U© JjpV corner s and goers. 

^j/^Apbel of ^j ; io despise, debase, seduce. 

^rrfut^riJ^îii^T/, M^nA and 

less properly^Joâ, preş. part.^J^ tyl\ past 
part.%*)?* JL7/* «o ^o, walhjowmey; to «70 
away, begone, hence to die. Opp. ) l< ; ^ H o ) l ( 
to come and go, i.e. habitually. Witk^y or 
^& of the place or action, e.g. J^V^V— ^|J^ 
«o church, to the bath; \£>is£L to go to war; 
j ^^. ft^^tT*/^ ieren^ to attendupon or tfo 
alleaiance io. Used also of inanimate things ; 
s%?s, &tfters, boundaries, rumours, &c; x*j( 
jb^J/ the day was over; uaoam&i? i^siao? 

• dîLjTasthe Synod decreeăthat thePatriarchal 
See shovld be transferred from Ephesus to the 
capital, Byzantiwm; » y ,, $\ft\ , %5( U-xk 
&fo interpretation was carried to Belteshazzar. 
With o, ^ola^F to journey, travel, go in 
the direetion of; JJa*» to go into captivity, le 
carried away; \î&s> to be for a prey; with 
*&» to follow, metaph. to serve false gods, 

vanity, &c ; yOwict^ *&* 1&W ^fess* 
many shdll follow their errors, shatt err like tliem; 

with IcLX or **? of the person, to go with, draw 
near; with ***>& to march against, assault, 
imade; with fS. to go with, accompany any 
one ; with fie to go before, precede. 

"When directly preceding another verb^sU 
signifies intention or command ; ?c^/ Ul'%3( 
JJoj Igo afahing; kl*^ <&3f they went 
down; with the copula o it expresses con- 

tinuous action, »at»o'^.)/ i ' he went ou growing, 
increased inore arul morej eXÎto cvaot ihey 
rode away; witli\ or j preceding the second 
verb, to be about to, iUxK U?^»)?' M? 
/ am going to die, i.e. I skall die soon; like 
other verbs of motion such as <a&j, }*JLj, ]L?^ 
it is often used with ^»» and the pron. affix 
to form a pleonastic or ethical dative, *^| 
yO.nX — i*ai£ — J^ go away, take yowselfoff. 
Part. preş. with ^., fit, good for, corwenient, 
\1L i*!^ ţ*^-)? Y±zo what good is my life to 
<me, of what use or advantage is this life ? 
wX^jV f v^ N, what good is it to me, what do 
I want with it? Jl/' Jj pţaa^. it is good for 
nothing. The part. preş. fem. Wî /' is often used 
as a subst. going, departwe. 

"Wherever a vowel belongs to the X the ^, 
is otiose and I takes the vowel, k^şjf , ţ^T( 
ezath, ozin for kXj?' ^\i^' ezlath, ozlin; but 
when the vowel belongs to the 1, ^. is retained, 
"%J^ J&iFezal, ezaVnan. But in the sense 
of hdping, being of use the ^ is not deprived 
ofits vowel, ^\)l' ozlin,helping. Deeivatives, 

Jt^iioir; see Jfcjţj^»! emerald. 
\2} m i pers. fut. Peal, \Zl r i pers. fut. Aphel, 
^i^imper. Aphel of JJL» to live. 

U^pl. i~l y , \~F. fem. ]!^ having dropped 
the Alep which is found in the cognato 
laoguages and in the pi. }!o*^ See Jlsi. 
a sister. Takes affixes like \â] y ; i pers. sing. 

^«.^2 p.s. ycw/^ u?cwr3 p- s - "&4*?t ««^»r 

pi. I p. w£f 2 p. yL.}" 3 p. ~*'<&K v^-4^ 

&c. a) abrother, \.LJ& Ml' an elder brother; 
)»<&>.) \L\ Y a yowtiger brother; «cof +s> «a»»/ , 
<U&r*> her step or half -brother on the motUr's, 
<m the fatlier's side. 6) sometimes used in a 
wide sense for any kinsman or for one of the 
same tribe or nation. c) a friend, neighbour, 
companion, colleague, associate, and in a sţill 
more general sense, another; repeated or with 
.«j/ or ii^, one and another; i^^a.^1 
«oto-jj they swore to each other; fS. *j[ 
„Z*J"a™ongst themselves. d) later, a monk, 
frîar, UuZ* W a lay brother; U? W 
^^ll^aîo monks Templars and Ilospitallers. 
Deeivatives, )jq-/, Jio-»/» ţ^*»L» )^aJ-^**(> 




( Aphel of o** ; io Iove; io kindle. 

JL( fut. jaLjJ, imper. ?cu*/* preş. part. JL}\ 
]**?' (this participle is seldom U6ed except with 
)c« or a pronoun to express the present and 
imperfect tenses, »-J*/*takes its place elsewhere, 
having an active besides passivc sense) ; pass. 

part. yZf, §V*ţ[ ffi. jţjl^ JiV^ f -> pi. m. 

Jl, |ul. f. ^_, Jk__. a) to take, seize on, lay 

hold of, usually wifch ^. but also with o, see 
]++U> aud other examples below; with juL to 
strive with; often metaph. of various passions, 

of pain, fire, &c; yoo»^q\ Jfc^**? ll^rfiar 

seized upon them all; Jl£â*»;jl ]}£JLr !**»( 

ţ Xft , v a sharpfever laid hold of some one, i.e. 
he had a sharp attack offever. b) of inanimate 
things, e.g. of custom, beresy, peace, war, to 
obtain, prevaiL c) tohold,contain,1ceep y pos$ess, 
retain, comprehend; }Jjs> lĂlLi* J*f a house 
capable ofreceiving a hmdred persons ; \11iJq 
ţ-i- f **/ ţi*»; n»i*j iJie chronology which we 
folloto; jlocur» .ţ^/'ţ» the v>ords admit of 
this explanation, may be taken in this sense. 
d) to shut, shut up, close, fasten, keep closed, 
often with ULîZ the door or qate and ellipt.: 

2>^ +*+{ to shut the door in the face ofany one; 
]^L'io( ţL( to close the ways, hold the roads, 
i.e. in time of war, but \LUl J+fto hold on 
his way, continue a journey; }2&Li£ ^fhe 
closed the book; metaph. with J^L.j>* to restrain 
his compassion, but c*sL*» ^^the Lord had 
shut up her ivomb. 

With *f+f to behave like or as, e.g. ^} 9 
^t^> ®& <*n enemy; with Jl P #*»o/ topropose 
an enigma opp. Jl^, J& or s^ofto disclose, 
solve, declare ii; ^X \\UVto be enraged with; 
<*•-)£ o4**r he tooh her by the hand, metaph. 
to Mp aud ţ & m pl J*riie closed his hand, 
i.e. refused to help; \ULU> to receive tvith 
honour; )^'j^Ltonet,catchinanet; Uxa^ 
to tale refuge; j^ )>{£ to make war; Jfcoo? 
to succeed to an office; JiV*lx& to obtain, 
succeed to or govern a kingdom; uicu or 
\£>cu an ulcer eats into or spreads; Jfc£x£ 
io adduce a reason or pretext; )t&aâ to be 
silmt; UooJ to observe a fast; jfcL? r to 
embrace tlrn faith. 

The second participle is used with an active 
besides its passive sense. Passive, held, 
graspedjfastened, barred y simt, esp. with Ju^lT; 
\cuuo wooj .*^J*(? the spirits wlw were 
hepi shut up in t/ie lower regions, i Pet. iii. 
1 9 ; besieged, closed, barren, sterile, retamed, 
metaph. tangled, capiured, e.g. u*^o^ in 

error; }î^L( ţ+Z( taken with a fever; j&Jo 
overcome by sleep, fast asleep. Active, a) 
taking, laying hold of seizing, holding, beartTig, 
hence \»£8 or j^+H <*****»/ sword bearers, 
armed with swords; IJLaao) ^^Zfspearmen; 
]?♦*»? I*f*|S ooo* ţ*ZS>( holding each others* 
hands; %s ţ-Jl/^is constantly used of God 
= omnipotent, holding or wpholding all. b) 
possessing, having, holding, i. e. Iiaving power 
over, governing, sometimes with JX^XoL; 

hence in the emph. state, subst. one in power, 
a ruler, noble, prince; and adj. powerful, 
honowable; with ji'jjJl premding over ilte 
chw*ch=being bislio]), or patriarch; metaph. 
e.g. of peace, to rule, obtain, with o of the 
place, with J^x th custom holds or obtains, 
prevails; n. b. construction Jo<» ^^ \A}iJi 
*%£l\ silence ruled over all — all hepi silmce ; 
with oU° >I^ being maşter of or containing 
himself= being in his right senses. c) holding 
or adhering to the truih, a doctrine, opinion, 
mode oftoorship; ^r^»o?<voâx^? ooi an 
adherent of the Oouncil of Chalcedon; **££/* 
wk-?©r my co-religionists, those viho hold as 
I do; heeping or observing a fenst, the law. 
d) Uo^^^Z^a refugee; JIg!d? a conqueror; 
Use% being a type, typifying; \\U&*1 
serving, being a minister, * 

Ethpe. Mir for j:\lf, a) to le seized, 
caught, takm, e.g. by lot, to be taken captive, 
taken possession of; with c^J or Ji'akiL» 
to be ccmght or found stealing ; JJĂiaL» to 
faU UI; Jl'^l ^& t0 oe wmry; Ji^c^ tQ u 

enmared by false teaching; )1&* to be enmared; 

\y^J° he Seized wUk dedre > be oaptivated; 

l* to fall in Iove. b) to be held, held 

captive, Ji^ ^ hy death,^^ in Sheol 

to be thrown into ckains, impriscmed ; 
tobe s Jmt up, shut, closed, fastened, esp. with 
M a door or gate; and of other places, e.g. 
]>&** ^a the sepulchre was closed; JtjS. the 






ehurches were closed during the Decian perse- 
cuţi on; with c*aoo& to be silent; with Jţlx 
it ia a custom, a custom prevails. 

Pa. *ZF part. +Z)J& and +J1&, «o jptrf m 
possession, to simt closdy; JliLx *^^£> oti^ 
«?fto cfoses or /ioZcfo £%6 €«/es, i.e. /rowi seeing 
what is really there=one who deceivesby magic 
arte. Aph. ^o/* a) to make lay hold, esp. of fire 
—to kindle, set fire to with o of the object. 
b) to give to hotd, give into the hand, to hand to 

any om* yoo^lo ]kow ţJlo/'fa flraw them 

trampets to hold. c) to close wp % fasten together. 

)•*-*} see part, Jlo**—/, ^Uo, )1#— cuao, 

Jţi/'rt. ♦*•/. m. the hollow of a doar into 
which the boit isfastened, a bar or boit. 

tf&l'i JLWpl. m - IfSl^ri. t"£ «■***• 

Ae or «ă«« wj/wc/fc AoZcfo or feeps, a governor, 
ruler, jţ^a? J! ^Uep&r of the keys, a title of 
the patriarch; a Uctor. adj. ste£/, restraining, 
binding, comprehendiTig^ collective. 

\$&*f r ăim. of \î*r* t&, a Utile brother. 

|loL^ r f, a) brolherhood, fellowship ; \*J&~i 
%&Jl 7 brotherly Iove. b) afraternity, a monastic 
community, JLaU? U*lo thepriest ofafriary; 
collect. â« brethren; ) toLf cV^o allthebrethren; 
Jta-I? o»££ \mio the assemblyofall the brethren, 
the whole fraternity. o) a title, either sing. or 
pi. by which a patriarch addresses a bishop and 
a bishop the clergy or monks, ^L'cwi? Jfco 
to thee, ivise Brother. 

''Aphel of L— ; to give life, resto-, 

JLoţj^f. rt. ♦-*/. holding, taking possession; 
JLoLti UţJir entering on an inheritance ; 
Jxa£ l* 9 *ZFbeing in possession, occupancy. 

£.1 \ILl m. pi. ţfSZl \SZl_ f-s. foW-i 

pi. JJ^i l&^i' rt - «• ? în ^' owe w * ar °f hin ' 
a reUtion or cormection, the next of kin; 

nietaph. allied, related, like, similar; Jlau» 

o»2*«{ Ucu. o Aope, «»«i Zwe which is ahin to 

her; ~XL ^11 J»& W ***• Ife thmg*. 

IL'aiL*? pi. JlC f. kinship, consanguinity, 
affiniPy, relationship, similarity; «Lai— •( 
)&*uw? aw alliance with loisdom. 

)S1L*1 f. )JsU^£ similar; ^ousa^Mţo ^> 
the8e and the like; gram. cognate nouns ; also 
nouns in relation with others, i.e. in the con- 

struct state. 

^^Aphel of %*»; to profane the Sabbath. 

JL»f or iL*o( m. dorycnium, an alkaline 

oj£( ApHel of «u* ; io 7teai. 

^i/^ w-i-L/^see )***, Aphel; interj, of exul- 
tation, Hwrah! Aha! 

i*+f Heb. root-meaning to tarry, not used in 
Pe. or Pa. Aphel *£o?part. wai a)totarry 9 
delay, to be tardy, late, sloto with i^ and an 
infîn.; )t^\ ^Lo^> he delay s his coming, 
tarries; \\\^v>\ ţLoJo slow to speak; ^-»l**ci» 
a JfcftSfc they are late to take rest; but with 
o to be a long while over anything, £* o ( J> 
) jl^i ) N. . < ffi..r*^ when he had spoken ai great 
length. b) to sojoum, stay, with lai*, of a 
person or o of a place; •£>)) \±s>1 Uâj> 

o^icua ţâ i^^ ilcu? \fauua2*T fox» 

long may a bishop absent himselffrom his see ? 
Shaph. +L<i*. to be slack, linger, delay, defer, 
îiinder, generally with ^ and infin., iLolL ţ 
aft-ţş jţ-^v his deşire Md immediate effect. 
Eshtaph. (ist form) &»%*?*> delay, linger; 
iutr. to spend time, stay, remain in a place ; 
to be tardy, sloto, late or long; yOi*.o&»L % 
tt'fot do noi tarry here; iloW ţo J^Pî 
to come without delay. To remain, be left over. 
(2ndform) wl^fand tiî^.?\sually abhre- 
viated iL^fto remain, be left, be left over, 
with ? the remainder, the rest, pi. the others, 
the survivors; J £-£**>? )XJU» the remain- 
ing company; O^WÎI cusUw the restfied; 
Jiao ^> oî^^I? those ivhom fJie f amine had 
spared. Derivative s, U^*./, Jia-W, for 
fc-W see under J-j-./, ^^»/. i*U*»h U»W ( 

J-t liî-i J*-U£ Pi- m. UU f. 

))Ci-? rt. ^-?. «7w ^«« cr ' the last; °PP- 
jl&ji In severul senses, later, afler, hinder; 
L Li Lafti */w Mediterranean sea; aftcr a proper 
nome, «fte younger, K-t«( vj 
children; «t-{ 


4 ^ 

yoîir younger 
later Conun i. e, Jawuary; 

C 2 




*#w? t-tla-l the later Teshtin Le. November; 
Pi**/ jfcoccJ the last days; J&ecu %Zi**( 
the Last Day> 

Fem. used as subst. as in Heb. the latter or 
last part, state, &c; ocui? o»&£j»f tlie latter 
part of JoVs life opp. o*l£*&J* his former 
state. Adverbially, kSU*l afterwards, ai last, 
at length; *%& kZU+l last of ăll; j&£»M> 
after, afterwards, Iiereafter, at tlie end,Jmally; 
]&JL» **S uiterly bad. 

jtcui**/ f. rt. ***<\ coming after, hence the 
latter part, the end; ]ol^x> ia*£«)»=> iowards 
tlie end of winter. 

ţ*iw, tfw f. }\z~i pi. «a. f^'^L PW 

f. ţl>i**l, )l{l>u»l rt. i**(. other, another, the 
other t tlie next; with ^2> different; JJW 
P£**[o various; ^X~V%*^& yet a liitle while, 

sooTi after; JiZ**f Jl.v>ci1X the next day, the day 
after; Jitw \1&£\ the next or following year. 

%*Z)jIj+( adv. otherwise. 

ui£»r, |i>[, )&oWpl, in. yZjivl, &W 
rt. t*»f. ot/ier, anotlier, different, strânge; 
\-£xuz^ wJi-w/ of another nation, foreign; %Zjt*+( 
f^o*, a word qf various meanings. 

J^-^j***/ adv. rt. **•/. otherwise, on tlie otlwt 
hand, contrariwise. 

****( Aphel of *u»; to pain, ca/ase grieft 

Jk" ^ » « { rt. pi^*. f. supper, a banquet, 
meal, repast. 

JW^Aphel of J^*j ; fc> Z<# fall, send down, 
cast out 

c^$r a) Aphel of oj^ ; to do good. b) 
Aphel of c^; to announce, make knotvn 
abroad. Both these Aphels have the fuller 
form o^ 

JJo^V^m, pi. reins, thongs. 

^ \&o%>mâ ^^pl. Jb2>d^m. *»**, 

aT-o/io*, indivisible, an atom, body, individual, 

^aoa^/, J&i. adj. individual 

Jialft^J^rt. y^/, f. OT &%; )1 Vv* ■ J / y 

? £/*e hardness of the rocks; \X4 ^^1 \ y 
YC^L* opacity of the eyes in blindness. 

^jrAPHEL of ^^ ; to give slutde, 



%a££j(m. satin. 

p^/ root-meaning to elose, onîy past part. 

closed, narrotOy dense, co-mpact; Jlsoa^f jab 
narroiv vdndows; \xx^( \jxx*<z^ metaph. 
/rm, Aan2 } harsh; J&ttJ^rjfcoa-i obstinate 
anger; k*uJ|o |X J* }i£o « ^ r <2 ^^ inexor- 
oble nature; )J&^nj«*J» J&a^w« a^rm «<ep 
or ^*eac^. Jlsoa^j)^ closely, briefly. 

^J^Aphel of ţi ; io arouse zeal orjealousy. 

<a^/ r APHEL of «a^i ; to distzl, Ut fall drops, 
drop down> to instiL 

^^Aphbl of +$j; to lay by. 

<*£'<*$*> J^sPhJ^P*- J— m ' c ^ ow > orange, 
tree and fruit. 

il^>^j( m. citrago, a sweet-smeUing plant 

ţ*hv * r P l °> vermicelli. 

+j Words of wbich the first radical is a Yud, 
often have an alternative spelling with / pre- 
fixed. See U^, Zsj, )U/. 

l^W* aI1 °^ er spelling of K'J^a lett&r. 

)lt r hm.oi\Li r what? 

}i+( emph, state of Z, constr. st. ♦I^ pL 

ţr*«* Jt^^^rt6J^«/J^Ă^? 3 «p/. 

See ^ ^ Ziand. 

'^-Pr, Uk-ZI/ , J&^»Il/ another spelling of 
-^•Zl pass. part. of ■*>♦* to hnow. 

<xZ( eS, adv. of praise or admiration : Gopd! 
wett, well done, rightly. 

]j^[, ţW Ar. a palaee, court, portico* 

Uv*ul or W+*ul usually U^jfm. 
a buffalo bull. 

$**£Î sometimes J^»/ pi. )^/ deriv. 

Pers. m. an ambassador, envoy, rnessmger; 

%\£> 11L C? a $mift, <mj> BS 0nn** 

^°^s^t pi- Jlo" from the above. £ 

y y 

embassy, a message, intercession; „ 

hoi ylţ Jl©tV^ ow hearingsuch a messaqe; 
mo*o A»t{ JA.Oţ^Uf W^ intercession of our 
fl^A Pnesi Christ. 

U*>£( pi. H. hsdysartmi alhagi, a thomy 


woi^/ or UW a Perwcw ? w used in 

aressing wounds. 



Yţ+J+Zţ i generallywithouttheAlep. See 
I j UlI tmder *»** , only, i.e. son. 

^J2Y t AZl( 1 adv, ajfifer i/w manner ofkerrnits. 

9 „« 



=]I ţN JLI solitari/ > orily. 

= j^cw^^J *7*â solitary or 
monastic life. 

IşZ} €Îra 9 aftertoard } ihen,thereupon, therefore; 
used with Ua-? to introduce an objection, 
granting this, how is ii 1 so how is it ? now 
if this be so — how or wherein ? 

•fi as, as if, as it tvere, almost, abovi^ f( 
Jţ* \&±L about thefirst hour, about i o'cIogJc. 
Accordmg to, ^*iî/ y+F as some ihinh; y*f 
o*£? I t» dueform. With ? and a verb expresses 
the subjunctive with fcto or to, tkat I may, 
that thou mayest, &c. ; ^ijjsoik.? ***** * may 
say, so to say, as is said; y*( yO©£». ţ ttmaj 
. ttjuaJ 1 ? «Ttey «îay oe pemn&teă to build, they 
may build. W T f pi. ^£o> r ?" usually 
with ? prefixed, swcA, swcA as, wAa*, &ow>; 
)}l*\ «f JJot ^-l^> by this means, in this way; 
ţ^o» •**??? |a* eu» swfc thoughts, what manner 
ofthoughts; JJ/ £a>9. yF as I thinh; yl 
? 6 oi as it were, as if, in a manner; «o» y( 
JJ^ko? as it is written; ? U&o yias far as, 
inasmuch as; j)^^^? y.\" generally , for the 
most part; ^L«? T F as from us, in our name; 
? ^£> yl y as he who, as one who. Derivatives, 

Im/, IW, )*-*/> k-JjtW. JU-ir»»?, 

)j&a/, ţ-jas/- 

JJ-^adv. of place: a) interrog. «oflere? 
\^ y )A*Twhere ort thou? oo. fiu /"and eontr. 
JL} r w]iere is? where is 7ie? whence, how or 
why is it ? wherefore ? v <âj f U- ? "totort are they? 
where are? b) esp. with ?, relative; U»r^o 
wherever; U-Jj whiih&r, how far ? how long ? 
Jo*r*» whence? ? lâ-TlS-V some, sometimes. 

,»cuL»/ m. foos, a * on€ ^ n niusic=Syr. Jfco-ja 
and JU. "Hymns were sung to 8 tones, hence 
a hymn-book is called an j»aa*4o/ octoechus; 
\L&£*!L »o><muU to the third tone. 

ţ£ft JiWfrom JJo\ and r ?" 0£ <©*. 
adv. A010? *« wfez* manner? jpSjw UJw 
a/i!er w/ta* manner shall we act ? wluti shall we 
do? H-t^T? JL}" how art tJiou? o« «A«f 

F how is Jw dressedî 

J!utf(how9 in what manner? after wltat 
fashion? sueh, for example. Jia*l? usually 
with ? followiag, what sort? what manner? 
as, even as, so that, lest. o o»? »A*{ anyhow, 
some way or other; o«? •Juf'^a howsoever. 

j L'otaa- ( f rom the above. f. quality,condition, 

manner; U*-^! o»*-?oJ9 i.a*jwu( ^^o« o/ 
f Ae manner of the consecrating of the oii. 

%Zl (Ar., Heb. and Chald. El) m. God; 
JJj &Z J or **C*^./ transliterated from the 
Hebrew or JiA^L^-Y translated, ElShaddai, 
God Ahnighty. Frequently used in the com- 
position of proper names. 

■^J?, JU/ m. a) hety, succour, aid, assistance; 
oC^i }Xfhe came to his aid; ţi/ \U to im- 
plore aid; ^»*/ %-/ the help of God; f£* 
\l£L\ţ )U)ă by tliehelp of God this isfinished. 
b) a helper, defender, generally used of God ; 
©»a^:» ^l? \^io the fear of God is in his 

JLfpl- pr-m. a stag, a Tiart; J&^fpL 
\)&Fî. ahind. 

jioţA*/=]Uj-^» rt. ^. f. being born, 

1 m. Elul, the twelfih Syrian month, 
answei'ing to most of September and part of 
Oetober with us. 

S?. / y pl corn. of \L} r wft$, what. 

'Aphel of ^X. ; to howl, cry out. 

^Zl, jo^j/ pi. £, H- m. a tree, the trunh 
of a tree; U»îî U^l cullivated trees; 
\}^&l&, or )i\ăi [1^1 fruit-trees; ^ 

%^i? a shady tree; fc-^"? U-^/ « k*fy tree. 
y. 'j^' l f. J^*Ladj. from the above. wooded; 
shrubby, arborescent; JlsJ^J/ ^o\on> tU 

)l ri£2 l pi. Tnuces castaneae, avellanae or 
Ponticae, the cliestnut or filbert. 

*£#, )^T? pi. \l&±:l f- a) dim. atl&J. 

a bush, shrub, perh. a h-anch. b) see )L<\ 

Ji^^adv. of place, whence? where? 

iii, \J> s£ ţ pi. ^ (see f>cu) m. the day, 

y-time, opp. )m^ the night; M^jd 

/ mid-day, noon-tide; Jlotf )>otcu 

P P 



>i,*LsLr/, Hs^vi.»!^ pi. m. \lm f. JfclL.. adj. 
belonging to the day, ofto-day; JJbo-aal/ J^oo% 
a ^/âsi lasting through ilie whole day, opp. 1>om^ 
JJiL-X era all-night vigil. 

ţZf a) an affirmative partide, yes, yea, 
opp. ţ, w>, not; JJ ţ ţj/ ^tf yea, ^a, ^y, «ay; 
u^ \1£ JJ o(JZ(ansioermeyesomo. Certainîy, 
truly, it is, it is so; at the beginning of a 
sentence, yea, raiher, well, be it so; at tbe 
end of a prayer, ^ooîo ţj/ so be it, Amen. 
b) adversative partide, but, however; ^I( ^ f 
but ifi c) mterrogîitive, wJtether ? if? 

Ji*( m. )**( f. **&( r pl. c. pron. a) interrog. 
wko? which? what? of what sort? o o* JJLf 
contr. ox*( , who is ? who is he ? ţ^.d*, \x*\L 
by what authority? J^il )^\^ at what hotw? 
b) relative, offcen with ? folio wing, he who, &c; 
? Ji*/ r *^>o whosoever; ooj? JW* 4*5»? \^} y 
whoever, a certain, some — or other; \ju*{ 
%cu©*? ţ*£+( certam oihers. With *+*\ • ! ¥*» 
li^f pi. m^+i •*-( Wiai sori, w/&a£ manner. 
)o2>j ^|i a( which time; %2&S* U*)^ ««</* 
whatlăbour; ]h^j£ J Ji^ţâ/rom w?te 
cawse soever. Debivatives, ^1»(^ ]L'€ui*f C 

*of*^Ji*ţX»f f. Lat. cm Indict, i.e. a space 
°f I 5 2/^ar*. See Jjq*^o«j/. 

JJL( pi. ]JaI( adj. qualifying, special; \,4\*, 
Ul*( an adjective. Metaph. with JJ, undivided, 
pure; ]+!*( J] J£>eu» absolute love> Iove in itself; 
Jliuf JJ bo»QJ! M*-^J ; mre rays oflight. 

Jla*±*( pi. Jiajuf f. quality, sort, 

aii* f irreg. Aphel of *oL; to ^we smc&. 

^oua*/ pi. JAlf io-o/', a copy of a book or 

^aaxftT/from Heb. through Greek, mjasper. 
See <*&«-». 

fc^»/ for U^ covetous. 

»ş$ÂZi 7 wA-ciâ/ or lOdfc/ pi. rf»JIoo^l/ 
f. «To;^, astron. ifo position of a star or other 
heaverdy body. 

\&+\ for J^kT «o grow, shoot up, &c. 

jiu/ or uJxl/ «kî?, tn mm, rashly, at random. 

i&h JtaTf rfc.*dGU. m. a) honour, glory, mag- 
nijicerice; ]iA*i? ţAjla^^wfl^^en^raimm^; 

ji^lf jyLl} }l£*odp tU chariot of God's 
glory — God's glorious chariot, With ■*(& or 
t^Voi /o cZo, sAow; or ^;ay Jionour; *%Lj>1( 
)IÂ*\.2> he was received with honour, b) observ- 
ance, reverence, funeral pornp; worth. e) a rnark 
of honour, an Ihonorarium, fee, donation, gift, 
wedding present, household stuff, the margin 
of a book. 

)L î> ^al/=jl P i^I rt. tfu. f. baggage, belong- 

ings, &c. 

W sometimes mis-spelt £( ra. Iyor, a month 
answering to the greater part of May with us, 
but beginning earlier, 

jC/ m. yCilf f. pi. J£l/ a pot or camlcbron 
with rings for handles, generally made of 

yOaJÎw m. leparelov, the sanctua/ry of a 

^J^( for %*,%! a raonth. 

\arZ( or Ju»n/ pi- i f. a) îpts, a lily, lily-bulb. 
b) capa, lolium, darnel. 

jjsol**/ see Uet'j(y a body ofsoldiers. 

vJuY, wXr or tJiI Jesse, the father of David, 
hence the adj. Jlal/; Jiil^ )^>a!i ^ branch 

of Jesse, the Messiah. 

J^J( indedinable, when standing alone is of 
either gender and number, is, are, war, 
es gah; coalesces with the negative 11 = %*£ > 
there is not, there is no; takes the affixes of 
a plural noun and then has gender and number 
aceording, *îsj/ c. / am; ^ft^l/ m. and 
uâ^î^l/ f. thou art; ^wolsj/ he is; oj,*^!/ 
she is; ^.Jsi/ c. we are; s^&J&l m. and 
fJLţZflyouare; v oom1sJ^ m.and ţ+S^ţZ} 
l they are. With Joo« following, a past tense 
is formed, was, were, this )ooj does not always 
agree with its nominative, oooţ ^oom^T? or 
)c« ^oomI^I/ they were, tJiere were; $4 &Z3* 

jf££**oU ]ooţ U.J? the forces ihat were at 

IsZi is much used in indefinite expressions 
of pîaee, time or people, w»î| ^ ne says, 
some one says; ţ+halţ Kl/ SO me say; fcj^ 
? \suF som&where, at some time; ? Jis^V^ 
sometimes. With ik and the pron. suffix : a) to 
have, ^ IS}, o££ ^ I have, he has, c'est 



ă moi, (fesi ă lw> &c. j it is my part, office, âmty; 
esp. with an infin,, a^^^k <Jiw hZJ we have 
io leam> it is our part to learn. b) to be in 
existence, in life, o££ fcJ/ $ he is not, i.e. Iis 
is not in life, he is dead; eontr, JS^ 5 yc£ ( lS-^ 
they are not, tkey are dead; witli LaX and 
pron. suff. to be with, to have, befound, befound 
gutlty; with "^jL to be incwmbent on } obli- 
gatory, e&pected from. Derivatives, jioîs—/, 

^kw^ApHEL of JL( ; to bring, &c. 

JiofcJ? pi. Jl'ofcj/ from fcj/. f. a) being, 
essence, substanee = ovv la; wojoot? JlofcsJf ^ 
the Son is consubstanţial — of one substanee — 
with the Father; of ten tke Divine Substanee or 
Being, hence the Godhead, J&LoeolS-s» JLolW 
tke Etemal Being, the GodJiead. b) substanee 
ssiirooratm, «lols-l? Uo^\ Hebr. i. 3. c) 
existence, being, aciudlity, ohI ^A ) t>-* * s» 
]lots*|S mî Aas ?io actual existence, does not 
truly exist; JLoU*{? ]$Icl*» «rwe ricAtfs, actoaZ 

tfUH? f. J&i- pi. m. Jl. f. Jj^lo^/ 
adj. essentiăl, actual, pertaining to b&ing or 
existence, natural. 

HfcJ? f. J&IfcJ? pi. tfC/: a) 5ema, «bu^ 

tngr, esp. self-existent, hence eternally existing, 
sempiternal, often used as an epithet of God ; 
)&ifeJl ) h'\^ the Eternal Word and abs. 
the Eternal One; ftj^UfeJ^ the unseen Being. 
b) a being, entity, a came, principie, a substanee, 
an aeon, c) necessaries of existence. 

%S\lîtSla,ăy. essentially.etemallyM eternity. 

UM, U^t ot J-f-W fa&«h same as 
,( a tone. 

\ffyt oWAphbl of o}*; topain, afflict. 
i£al*OT SoV= *=& perhaps, perckance. 
Hjafra. l^*i»rf. « coek, a han. 

JJco?' pi. î<^/' m - rt - ^"°^ dwourvng 
voracious; an eater, glutton. 

JLo^aj/'rt.^w»/. f. gluttony, voracity. 
)l£^.aS>/' rt. ^/. f. gangrene; U>U 
jk^cuai? cancer. 


|âod( rt. »as/ . solicitous,caring for or about. 

loo/ r constr. st. of an abstract noim ]%&f 
from ***l\ only used with suffixes as a prep, 
as, such as, like; <*ios( like me, my equal, 
swch as 1 ara; *L'ddf such as thou art 9 like 
thee, &c. ; ojLqo( in like rnanner, aceording to; 
ţ*o>l&3( ţ+StkcL£( y such and such things. 

j££*Wor W*U>i hard, pitiless. 

*ţo/^ jjjo^from )J> and ^-(^ m like rnanner, 
as, for example; generally folio wed by ? and 
with Ua<w in the corresponding part of the 
proposition as — so. 

uJ>l )y Aphel of u*o ; to blow, puff. 

f[ Yv&FSrom Jţ~ and yl* mă some- 
times thus written in two words. at the same 
time or place, at once, together> with; likewise, 
with one eonsent, unanimously; often repre- 
sents trvv in composition. 

fcjjjţ**aradv. at once, at the same time. 

JL'cuiţ*a? r f. simultaneousness, a happening 
at tJie same time; ? )1^^=> io^i*-^/ the 
simultaneous creation of; with o preceding 
collectively \ 

vtffaL ^î or ]S]S t imper. Ufţ m^ ^. 
Aphel of \&j ; to hurt, harm, fain. 

%$A*af*âT. rt. W- carefully, earnestly, 


| ttA.g ft. rt. â£>?. care, pin», taHngpains, 


^5rfiit.^QJjJJ, imper.^oi^ act. part. 
%S?', (jih )!^Sr, pass. part. %^?^ Jlo^ 
Un^mJ^ ^0 ea«, devour, corrode, metaph. ^o 
consume, squander, embezzle; %Sf oC^ o« 
givehimfoodjeedhim; Jl^5?'j>cu consuming 
fire. Act. part.=subst, aw eafe»-, hence a fftrtA» 
bookworm, weevil, maggot, cheese-mite. 

With Jtmi» <o ea* /es/i, metaph. io &e 
ferocious, to slay, butcherj JLa^j «o 6e ««- 
grateful; U^ <o <Km«, swp, metaph. to 6e 
intimate, 7 ^olwa «2S©/* % «oftfo oowfwataiţ 
<% w/io ea* a* % to&Z«; «^ ii ] metaph. 

to 6e wîkccZ, Mfryy î JJ*o to «eewse, *w*^ 

With o of the cause, o»â*^o lâ^ «oiojw> 
he accused Mm to the caliph; \£>M -o»Ojt» 
-%Bfhe reproached the vine,yard (alluding 
to Isaiah v). 

Ethpb. ^31^ to be eaten, devoured, con- 
swned, e.g. by moth, fire, the sword. With 
Jj-^S and ^ of the pers. to be accused. Aphel 

^ao( «o <ywe ^o mi, j£e<£, induce to iakefood; 
Jl^vâ^ oo©> ^^soi Jlicu ifo trree&s mixed 
lime with flour and made the Franks eat it, 
Debivatives, Uoo/, jfc^so/, Jlos/, Jlo^aa^, 

JiS^o^so, K u a ^ oboj ţ^ojfcoo. 

JL>( oi* Ui/ 1 * a hammer; IScJ^of dim. 
a $ma£Z hammer. 

«âoc^ko/'or *m\r»/ o^Xof, a multitude, crowd, 
mob, the people. 

\£J&{ m. rt.^o/. adevov/ring* UjI? U^( 
a holloto or cavity in the teetJi. 

Jjî^fpl. m. ţ«5 u^'pl- f- )]^ ţ&/' 
an accuser,a slanderer, adversary, esp.the devii. 

taof (the root is probahly another form of 
vxm io 5e ^oi, hence io 6# 6"ww6wrwi) fat. ţaS)o ? 
part. jaă/', \J*&}\ to be or become blach; jpj/* 
xxx. 32, 33. Aphel jkoo^to blachen, darken, 
mahe simburnt, to become darh or blach, put 
on blach garments, be darhmed, to blot a book ; 
o (o ll&Z JLLq.d «Ir>| U*J& i/ic eg/e zohich 


w macfc darker and more pleasing by the use 
of hohl; yOoiZÂ{ ^oaaa» blachening their 
faces as a sign of grief. Debivatives, Jjado/, 

I^oo^from k» and y*/^ generally followed 
fcy ?> «5, as long as; ţ*ÎS; Uko]" sometimes. 

? ţâ&dt frora ţ^ and ^ as orce wăo, as 
Tjfi «?7w, as, as z/, t/tat, in order to. 

hflaa/ fut. tm£)j and unaj Aphel of «ma; 
io reprove, confute. 

Jnmsfpl. ]> î ^xo/ ? 'f. <?£«8pa, a gallery, cor- 
ridor, balcony, a cloister, a cell or chanzber. 

ţA^amW f'ăţ-ovyyiov } fat,grease; ţ^aaâ/ 
Jt»î**? Zaî'i, Ao/s grease. 

^DOjjamaf pi. uttfOOţjams^, owamrî( 
and other spellings f. ^oSo^elo^ a hospital= 
foyr. Jouw fi^a. 

Jisowamof or J+s+i mo f &c. m. iAe curator 
of a hospital. 

Jlîams/ pi. aoJJţaflaof f. <r£op«i 3 ea^?e, hence 
is derived the verb ♦jW'andthefoIlowing noun. 

Jju^^cia&s/ pi. IX^^-mjicm: 
Brjvai^ an eodle; \l*^m+'i&caS{ }*, 

ţi» o o» we are exiles from the G ar den of Eden. 

+Jk$r, )ţ*Z\r)i y pl. \lm a gr eat axe or hateliet 

for hewing stone* 

\Jdq^sqo( ăţjt&fxa, an axiom, dignity. 

uaoOAmD^pl. J&îiriaAftf f. &ţto$ 7 worthy, 


iso+aiof f. Zgis, habit, custom. 

| > ff»m a( f. JJjLA^d/ pi. m. \Z- f. }£2i. 
from the above, habitual. "With JJo« it is 
variously explained as the mental pmoer 
tnherent m man aport from instructivii or the 
facully ofacquiring habits ofvirtue. 

*aas( , Mm*H £ |€wa, a strânge or foretgn 
country, a living abroad or travellingj exile, 
banishment; a guest-house or jplace for enter- 
taining strangers; metaph. the life of an 
anchorite as being estranged from the things 
of this life. 

uW; iz^ri jiLL^rpi. m. mm*r 

f. J^A m D/. |fW, subst. aforeigner, stranger, 
pilgrim, guest, ULna^j^l given to hospitality; 
adj. strânge, unusual 9 JocLa^/* >.* , ^,^ / y 0/ 
anomalous form. 

jUcuam^r f. from the above, i/40 condition 
of a stranger or traveller; travelling, travels; 
the entertaining of strangers, hospitality. 

ţLaall? denom. rerb from Uimo/, io inweZ 
or rm(& abroad; to accept hospitality. 

^Sa^ ftOfl ia/ exceptores, notaries. 
^i denom. verb from J-icuar^. fo exile, 
banish. Ettaph. wxoUr^ 6e eotiled, banished. 

|o*flvD/ m. f£a PX os, an exarch; the overseer 
of a vncmastery, 

•aSrfut. &B\J rarely ^5JJ, part. &2j', \&oj' 
and â^^ te^ iJ^uaroften used imper- 
sonaliy with ^, to ham regard to, be solicitam, 
careful, to takecare; to urge, beurgent on. 2nd 
participle, anxious, busied, solicitous, urgent ; 
joo, A^r^Lnor , ^cC he busied himself about 
the entertainment of stranger s • ■ °jj'_a ? > ' 

^^"^ a?m ' ow * to hear. Pa. *£}*to urge, 
incite. Deeivatives, Uft.oo^ j^U^ 


&df ra. rt. As/, care, necessity; ? ţ&df ^ 
ti is not needfid or necessary. 

iJ/ r part. i-£)oc> denom, verb Aphel conj. 
from )io(. to plough, cultivate, plant. 

Jia^pl. ?*(root-meaning to dig) m. aplough- 
man, husbandman; of ten metaph. of the 
apostles, of the ministers of evil, &e. Henee 
are derived verb &( and JLoj^f. 

Jloji^f. from }lâ(. agriculture, husbandry, 

<Mo} y Aphel of «s ; to scare, drive away 
birds, bees, &c. 

Jlilo^pl. I^o^m. vrrath, lasting anger; a 
grudge; with i|j to keep or nurse one's anger. 

v &>?; jjfco/V. <f> V-> from the above ' 

angry, wrathful. 

)l t <ulilo/ s 'f. from )ko?. itt-witt, animosity, 
malice; with JI, forgetfulness of injuries. 

ţr(eontr. from JJ not and yT*/) conj. often 
•with yTfollowing; ifnot, unîess, only, except, 
kowever, lut, although; ^ ^f only that, but 

that; ? y*hd that; ^ Jf? except. 

J^E-Syr. ^(mimetic; cf.^^T and Eng. 
to hoioî) fut. SU, imper. &f t E-Syr. JŞ.1* act. 

part-H^JI^pl-r-^'' ţ*S*fto««i«s Zawe ^ 
with^S. or iw of the pers. or thing lamented, 

with ^ also of the pers. before whom ; ^*Xf 

yaa^wehavemournedbeforeyou; Jk-^of v^Y 

make lamentation; v oo*laUJJ *»%?£ mahing 
moan for their kindred. Ethpe. u^.Urpaas. 
Deriv atives, J*W, Jfc~^7, Jfc^o<\ 

ţffut. 07; see w^/and J. 

«&} r <wph, l££fpl. abs. ^S^* emph. 

JS^"(Heb. El, Chald. Jftaft» Ar. 4M) va. 

a) God, the Supreme Deity; ^oS.1' •£* 
God ofgods; l-'v>» o^Fthe God ofheaven; 

\*K <j ? Jiatr <S« #** °f a( J e8 > the eternal 

Godhead; «î^ •OLf the God-man; ^o&F 
Envmanuel; oST J|=> that vMch ia 
not God; ^i^t ţ? «**& ar<s wo j/ods; 
o^rţ? atheistic, godless. \o&\\ and fţx> 
Jo^'ttBed as epithets, most high, very great, 
exalted, distinguished ; very greatly, mightily; 
\oS.\ţ \&i a mighty prince, Gen. xxiii. 6 ; 

f r 

ingly corrupt, Gen. vi. II, 12, 6) a false god, 
heathrn deity; ju?ir>cu }Si&i strânge gods; 
jţf^iriîy jo£&f rnoltm gods, idoh; Jj£aool 
JoJ^wif <^ tZays of £&e toe^£ as bearing the 
uames of various deities. Derivatives, the five 
following words, kc*Xb© and )leuo»N.{lioo. 

o£m denom. verb Pael conj. from ]c£L(. 
to deify, attribute divine power ; U c 

ţ*c*-*.&> f/iey co^*n« i/ie mind divine; ^S^.\Js» 
}1 vn \ tkey attribute divine efficaey to these 
vjords. Ethpa. o^(m to le macle God> become 
divine, be made a partaker of the Divine Nature ; 
o&lZl \Jk9i& mcm became God. 

Jslio^? r udv. divinely, as God, theologieally. 

JLoo*^? r f. Godhead, deity, divinity; collect. 
heatlien deities ; Jioo^rţ aiheism, paganism ; 
lloV^rio^N^v theology. 

„l&r, ui^S HWatTpL a. ^ i ML. 

adj. from ]o^^ clmne, godîike, godly, saered, 
holy; Jio^? y u»CL^as SaintPaul; yowio-^i 
)fcLo>^r«7ieir AoZy service, l e. the pious life of 
monks; )^*^j v \ &*Ju& a divine volwn-e, 
i.e. revered 'and precious; \2o£L( hs>te> or 

J&i&^r IWlaWiA ^ -^% Scriptures; 
Uo^r Jl^io» theology; philosoph. we«a- 
physicaîy opp, JIj^ physical. Aristotle wrote 
jl^^lo Jlffio? jlîsă onPhysies andMeta- 

Jt'oC^rf. of \*&f. a goddess, an idol; 
)l'o£.iţ \Ş£ feasts of idols. 

'oS.r if; Oh that ! often followed by ? . 
JJ ■»%■ far JJa^/'ww^ss, ifnot. 

)Um' pi. H m. rt. -ik?. aw oppreswr, 

besieger, torturer. 

£&]'' Aphel of |^; to importune, trouble. 

M^f Aphel of wJI ; part. JJl^ or JLc, «o 

u^? 11 (rarely ţ?*s= -JJ) fut. JU ^to ^o«r, 
tahe'pains; U»'£* ■+££■ *^T they had 
laboured well in the vineyard; o-^-J? Jp"??» 
Joi ^a» wawy w/io /tacZ read utdefatigably. 

*&£ jIxTrt. ţ?V inourtdng, lanientatim ; 
Jl^fţ ţâS foftik *OM«<to ofwrrow. 

Ji^^adj. lamentiny. 


J&*? r pl. JtfjLTrt. ţ?* f- « «wwrwr, esp. 
awomanhired tomake lamentation over the dead. 

Jia^A^f rt. ^Xf . f. feebleness, low estate; 
»»lcu!s«\f my humble or my unworthy seif. 

hZ\L^( adv. rt. «^7. necessarily, neces- 

sitously, in straits, in misery. 

Jto-A^^f. rt. J^/. narrotmess; nietaph. 
straitSy necessity, poverty. 

Jj£*^7 f. a) (perh. rt. )I( or a mis-spelling 
of jJ^A^ix) a demon which is said to appear 
under the jorm of a wailing woman. b) the 
fat tail of a sheep. 

^sW only participîal adj. ^v^/^ J^^W» 
)£ \ « \ rpl. m. \lm f. jfcCL . a) ■= Jj *Zj& m mean- 
ing and use, wealc, feeble, low, vile, J|*^f JiJoî 
a wrf wîK; ^£c*a© *%j^i*vjal7cing feebly; 

f-Jja^o? JJ-^< tm obscure Syrian; 6) a spy, 
searcher, inquisttor, Ji'ajjâ; c*££Z^{tJte in- 
quisitors of justice. e) an enticer, instigator. 

Ti ■■♦*:*■ 

abettor^k^iofthepassions; ul^a^? c 

intothepathsoferror; Jl&dLai »^9 Jl^i;^/' 
a temptress to allfoul wickedaiess. Deriyative 3 

ip^M part, %££,( to 7ceep anger. 

h % ct\ ( pi. E agu^, / m. lasting anger, ill-wilh 

U£±t pi. «I, (L. f. a rz*6; metaph. a w^/e; 
mathemat. a «ufey JbS^r^JI^.po^aferaZ. 

»&i£( Pa, of âX* ; fc> ieacA, inform, shoto. 

.a^/'or &SL}'Afop or 0fap7i, tfiefirst letter 
of the Syriac alphabet; îs-** «aX/V Jl&o *a^/ P 
fAe alphabet; with *^i, alphabetically i in 
alphabetical order. 

ţ&W Afpha, the first letter of the GreeJc 
alphabet j' J&S lâ^/'t/u? Greek alphabet 

msst, M^rpL ii&raid j^xrm. a 

thoumnd; ţJkS.l y &£}'athousand thousand; 
JL«L£? JJ!i^( ^owscmcfe ofchwches. 

^^h \ASSki "pi* \&&(Z a ship, a gdlley; 
U>îs£L \&&>i a ship of war; )i^f l&^T 
amerchantman; metaph. j£^>? \£&JTîh& body 
the vehicle of the soul. The B. V". Mary is 
called JlV^Câo JAX( the adorned vessel; 
>«o_jj \A>\ ( = ihe moon; astron. the con- 
stellation Argo ; ]Â^.\ţ Ui=^ the setting of the 

18 "prt 

toteateJT pi. jc f. tiimiu. of ytkTi 

a boat, a light barh 

) &\7 *pl, JS4i^?*m. the owier or capiain of 
a ship, the ship-vnaster, pilot ; a sailor. 

X^fut jC^JJ, act. part, ^l\ ]'£>?, pass. 

part. ^/^ )t*W' )tL*^? r root-meaning to presa 
close. a) to be pressing. press earnestly, v/rge 
strongly, eompel, force. b) to straiten, hem in, 
e.g. Jlaa^> byfamine; \&Ux~* to closely besiege; 
to oppress, afflict, torment by crushing. e) to 
be pressing, v/rgmt, necessary in tins sense 
usually irnpers. 3 f. sing. or act. part. m. or f. 
The act. part. is used also in a passive sense, 
straitened, closely pressed 9 crowded together 9 
afflicted; î. pi. tţ-^M > JIC^m neoessaries; 




there is no need of; JtlS^ 1 ^io necessary, 

necessarily, of necessity. Pass- part. strait, 
narrow; )j^{ J*tf < a narrow place but metaph. 
a poverty- stricken courdry; afflicted, tormented, 
oppressed, awxious ; eompelled, necessary ; 
gram. short in pronunciation, a&breviated* 

Ethpe. j^Im to be strait, narrow, to be reduced 
to straits, strait&ned, afflicted, tormented, weighed 
down with illness, hunger, thirst; to be eom- 
pelled, constrained. Pa. -ă£f same as Pe. 

Ethpa. ţ&>\U to be eompelled, constrained^ 
trouhled, e.g. J^ai^ J^oi ^ with wnclean 
spirits; to suffer afflictions, Derivatives, 

i^W, J^/, U^W, JUjA/, fcj^? f 

fc*I{t^.^aclv. rt. ^/. necessarily. 

J^l', \L'^f t \£JŞJ no pi. m, pi. f. 
JULXfrt. Ăy. adj. pressing, wrgent, neces- 
sary, obligatori/; Ui^/^iajaco w^mi wee^/ 
J< k-*£ •-r^i of necessary existence, anepithet 
of God, hence it stands alone for God; 
)loitJ( t*^\\f )i'o.^^> Divine Providence; 
pi. necessaries, reguisites. 

ff, l&rpL jKiiSrrarely J§^?*f. a mother, 
grandmother, parent; metaph. aw abbess; a 
mother-city, metropolis, a city which is the see of 
a patriarch; U*î ? Uafihe crown of the head. 
Derivatives, Jfco*©/, U/, J^ f JLoOfcâ©/, 


the arm from the dbmo to the tip of the middh 
Jinger, a eub&=ţ*$i ţ*Lf* two spâna; 

)^i? Jjsoc or without JJI^o a conduit, a podi. 
k ^gco f Pers, anbah, an Indian fruiL 

nv( Ar. amber, ambergris. 

+&( fut. ♦-& Jj or ţ^oJ (root-meaning io reach, 
arrive at, be able, cf. J^-») ; with ţjĂ to jfe, 
escape, \J>JL *& from tJie sword, ^ao^iojo* ţ& 
/rom Jieresy. Aph. ♦»{ fut. «-aaj. a) to 60 

a&Ze, suffîcient, $U*& ;.r> o ■*£]!& 000» ţ ^jfljfe ^ 
there were not enough to bwry eack other; a^o»» 
Cţ0»tf Jjifto^p tltey ran as long as they could. 
b) to free, set free. c) to escape, Jlee away, 

jlVr** ^2> from the snare, }*»?? Jt'*-^. *» 
jfcom &Zoo<Z vengeanee. 

*âf or +*j&( Amida, a ci.ty on the Tigris, 
now Diarbehr or Kara Âmid. 

Jjiao/=JJţ2© cellars, store-rooms. 

Jioc*»r from J&oo^. f. service, attendancc 
of a maidserwnt. 

\m&»( 9 J&opcf from Jjso/i adj. o/a motJier, 
motherly, maternal. 

jfco>W pi. of k*>/ mother, and of Jfioof 

j^^Tailci^/ pi. ■Jft*s ^5t^S0f ofiokoyia, a con- 
fession offaith, defence. 

iâDaWpi )— m - r t- f / ( c f- matrix from 
mater) a shap^ mould in which things are 
cast or into which they fit. 

]la»/'pL )* m. rt. ;j»j\ a speaker, orator; 
a preacher; one who chants or iniones; one 
who says or affirms. 

]Lo»QL»?'pL J&— f- rt. «©/• speaA, marmer 
of speech; a homily, a caiegory. 

fc a>ai.ttlcu*>f ăfitâvo-Tos, amethysi, 

)fâl»^pl. JLfî»rm- a i>«{W, said tobe 
derived from j&tt/'cubtt and |2M a spân. 

I* (Heb. rt. ^ao/) adv. Amen, verily, 
a) used at the beginnîng of a sentence for 
empbasis or solemnity, Jj/ +&( ^oo( ţ»x>( 

Verily, verily, I say unto yoit. b) at 

the end of a sentence to signify assent, so be it, 
amen; hence c) subst, general consent, iman- 
imity, agreement, assent, concord, deşire, toish; 
Jtj-i o££s? ţ-oojo by the unanimous deşire of 
the Church. 

t£\i*&f rt. ţ&}. adv. contiwually, ever, 
always, unceasingly, constantly. 

]ioj^£( rt. ţ^>«. î.perpetuity 9 contîmucnce; 
used adverbially with o, m perpetuity, con- 
tinually, continuously t permanently f hăbitually, 
constanily; ^**:*w KLw Jl^oxoSjo /or Jifty 
continuous years; with ? ? adj. continuul, cus- 

w5(pl. j*o£( rt, w©( . an emir, cornmander, 

prince, prefect; ?(k^? +*&i the prefect of 

\*.k2c>( pi. tL a jpoo/, a swamp such as 
remains here and there in the bed of a torrent 
during the dry season. 

Jl^L^o^pl )fclIiD/ P f. a hoe, shoveL 

"^o» adenom, verb from }bo(. to enwrap, 


JL»( pi, JLsbf f. tapestry, a rug> a manile 

usually figured with needlework ; ^jJl ^âjvdf 

)HJo(asleepon rugs; }jP,^L,i\^ R^>i Babylonian 
hangings or carpets. 

fc»( by enallage of the radîcals, for A& 3 
fut. ţ-^P and ^>)J to be weary of 

ţ&>} and ţ^bo* root-meaning to mahe firm, 
Pb. only used in the part. as adj. ^oS{^ U-^* > 

J^juaS^pl- m - ţf> C- f - )^— a ) ^^ € > testw@, 
never-ceasing, nev&r-ending, eternal, perpetuai, 

continuat^ ever; jL'c£^o&*a h£*j£>( perpetuai 
virginity; ^*o« ^Iod/ 5 ')^- w were ever on«. 
&) constant, persevering, assiduous, with o of 
an occupation, habit, or place; k&o-» in 
fasttng; JtaXJi ^î^ prayer; Ml»=> ţ^( 
jf.Y>^; anhabitual wine-drinker ; )>££ | > a. .Va 
Joo» mj&»l* he was persistent in evil-doing, 
given to evil habits. c) remaining, stopping, 
being constanily with, with ti% of a pers. or 
oofaplace. See ^oo/. Ethpk^II? împer. 

r «îtn part. ^i^, Uaoi^». L <*) ^|wr- 

«were, persist in, continue in, to be constant, 
stedfast, with o ; 1^1? ©»J£*^*,1&> in the 

I) 2 



:*P * 

service ofGod; jd>o»a in virtuous conduct; 

[mâaot JJLfrjfcfr inplaying dibs. b) tofrequent, 

gofrequently to, with ^»; $+&> or J1*£X *° 

gro io chwch regtdarly, be constant in attendance 
at church. c) to remain, continue, with o of 

the place, with ioX or *.T of a person; Ji>. 

jo^I^l^ ţ»î^l? W I deşire to be continually 
vriih God. II. denom. from Jxao/^ to do any- 
thing with art, carry out skilfully* Paiel 

ţ-si-©* act. part. ţ-*L»c*s© 5 JJ2&*opo, jlsiafiuo»»; 
pase. p. ^ix*o^o other forms same as act.; to 
believe, with o to believe in; Jo^M> in God, 
OfratUfca m <Ae Name; to putfaith in, have con- 
Jtdence in, trust, entrust, with pers. suff., oor\. 
Act. p. a believer, Chrisiian; )£»!* Ixaa^o»^ 
a true or orthodox believer; pi. the faithful; 
pa«s. p. with i». or^Jw of the obj. to be trusted 
with, have eh arge of. A ci j . faithful, trustivorthy ; 
sure, firm, emluring; entrusted, hence subst. 
a minister, stetuard, eunuch. Ethpaiâl ţacuĂic 
a) to be believed; with ^. of the pers. to believe; 
J^ voLacuofll? that I may believe; Jl \^* 

\îkJ>1 ţ*^-U Jla&*oifco» perhaps this tvill 
not be credible to those who live in another age; 

o .i vu ojt o a ^ . Jiai worthy of credence, trust- 
worthy. b) to be verified^ fotmd true; to be 
faitjiful, true, trustworthy ; to be entrusted 
with any office or ininistry, to receive the charge 
or care of anything, with^i; to be mode an 
eunuch; yoka^cLojiî? $*k*£ hJ>i the steward- 
ship which is entrusted to you. Derivatives, 

Uâor pi tfâSr rt- ţ»/. m. «to which is 
done constantly or habituaUy, a pursuit, habit, 
practice; }£S&0— }fj Ji»/* groorf foto, 
honourable pwrmits. A craft, trade, profession, 
employment, office; Jido/'ta a fellow-craftsman. 

fjo a^ . v» f or )3cl2l»( f^w/za, a vrindow; 
white lead, ceruse; loocA»/ *» lirne-water. 

)%*&&( f. a lizard. 

r Aphel of ^ao; to male fo#er, to anger, 
sadden, grieve. 

&( (in Ar. to cominand; cf. pass, part. 
used substantively) fut, ^)J i pers. *^/, 
infin. ;£).Sft\, imper. «&/" act. part. «»?, 

Jtao/', pass. part. (*££)£*£(«) to say, spea&, 
with ik of the pers. A quotation or oblique 
narration is introduced hy ?, Vj yC vnN L*W 
^ / toJtâ you that no one &c. ; Ltaoi? o« Ae 
o/ whom I spohe. "With fc^o, ţOotfeJ*£ o^Joi 
theysaid among themselves or to #zc/a other; loX 
to any one ; ^» to renownce, Germ. absagen; 
^^33 or ^jL to 5p«aA abouă; yxiL to or «uftĂ 
any one. b) to teii, affirm, assert, intend; to 
intone, clutnt. o*+°i ! t'> — o»£N!l:> *if to ihink, 
muse } imagine, devise, pwrpose; with )ju f to ^o 
tolaw; fiaeţdD topreach; J^o-Sorjjfi^ol 
to expound; +&( «Zo to foretell, predici, c) 
*a©/ often stands after verbs of sending, 
answering, writizig, &c. ; ^»( ok^D or iJX Ae 
se?i£ t^orc?. Pass. part. 50td, mentioned, the 
above-named ellîpt. for^^,^ ^2s mo^? ; cowi- 
posed, written, ^wa^ u-&( the gospel o/ 
St. John; J^o^â i+j£>( inspir ed. See ^^d/. 
The infin. with ik is used for, $a« w to say, 
se^2^ #Aa^, to w< 3 namely, granted } doubtless; 

«1/ the radical / being omitted, to §6 aae'rf, 
told, related, mentioned; to be foretold with or 
without ţs^; to be spoken, preached, recited; 
to be called, named = wZjjI/ 7 " or oufel^/^ 
^1^-^. Jl^Q^^l^olls^» caZZe^ ^7i Hebrew 
Golgotha, John xrx, 17; 3 ms. and part. f. 
impers. t'f w ^afd. Dertvatives, J*oj©/, 

^o/^ )t»r pi. r î»?I ]«s»rm. a Iamb; 

jo^xi? «pe/ «A6 Xam6 of God; astron. -4Wes, 
a sign of the Zodiac. 

Uof, JHWV' JKU^rl. f ?! f. a) a ««*■ 
wrran*, 7iandmaid. b) Jfcoo^emph. st. of W r 
a cuhit, 

w^jo? a) interrog. adverb, when? joilx 
«Vj^Î Aow Zowgr ? 6) reiat, and indef. with 
? preceding «^1? at that time, at which Urne; 
with ? following w^ W) at what time; fcj/ 
? ~kJof wmetwm ; ţ JUsT^ wliensoever, 
so often, as. c) ^ -^f interj, of great 

deşire and impatience, whm vÂll it be ? would 
it were! 

v / a) conj. if, ifit be, whether it be, h&wever, 
howsoever, whensoever; J— .F or \£ )* 

v " 

whether— or; i^J*evem 

V; *j £ t c*. J 


now if, but if, eom if; JJ g contr. ţ J* and 
sometimes with ^ repeated ./* ţ£ i/not, or 
else, vffdeas, eseeqO, surely; in indirect questions 
wkether, if, &c. In making an asseveration v ?* 
stands for not; J&i. JZ^^V f I mB. 
give no sleep unio mine eyes. b) interj. 0! 
k-*> &» Jiăj \L»i{ yj* Jeremiah the 
prophet, wherefore hast thou weptl c) = ~/ 
yea, truly. 

u/i & (in mss. ui ud pi. 4~, £**r 

pron. i pers, corn. /, we; for the gen. %£>+* 
my, ^L>ţ our is used, ace. and dat. A, j£ 
me, us; to w, to usj abl. *i», Jl» 6y or 
/rom wg, m The second form is used as 
a copula, JJ/ \Si I am; og»JJ7"/ am tâa< or 
/ am he; with participles forms a present tense 
and is often contracted, Jiî/ ^i/'and Ui»/' 
/ say; ţL* ^lao/'or ţjulx>?*we say ; k& 
iΣ or ji^a Ibeg,Ibeseech; ţiS+i weknow; 
^t^aflao we receive, 

\OlsLL\j( am@tŞa£mp 9 astrol. £&e ascenda/nt* 

\sx^x)( Ar. alembic, stilL 
* r « J* *^ 

w* Aphel of ţJ ; «o £>w£ toflight; to arouse 
from sleep. 

UgJ^H^ Mcl^oJj^ Uo^ n i, i7 ? 

Jjcu^jjţjo*, &c, f. evStKriwva, a??, Indici, a space 
offiftem years. This reekoning is thought to 
have been introduced by Constantine the Great. 
Greek numerals are generally used with it. 

^ \**Uh4> J4^W or j^w P i. jl 

avhptâvra, a bronze statue* 

4 J« ** 

opMiî see U. 

1* tf 

*cu( pron.3p.m.pUAey,tffom,2/ier*s/ see©©». 

VOj( pi. u»p(u(, ^m^OJ^ ifficucu( f. 

annona; a yearly pension; soldierd $ay, an 
allowance offood; a yearly tribute of corn. 

&»qj>( or JlâcuUf f. rt. *aaj/. distress, 
anguish of heart. 

yyj/ mimetic, not used in Pe. Ethpa. 

mSif to groan. Ettaph. uJll/ for *»$\IX$* 
to groan, szgh, lam&nt. Dekivative, Jfcswl. 

^Iw/^an early form of ^I«, only found in 
ancient MSS. ; see \a(. 

junction, assignation, pozoer ofattorwy. 

Sf**+Sb*tv* without the o, âpriypcxfrov, 
a copy, transcri 2 )t; a rzyly in writing. 

V !? **&*** ăvriSoTos, an antidote. 

^oaD ^ oc»I^j( <Ae vice-jyraefect of a 

^j( 3 pi. f. pers. pron. ; see o«. 

y/ imper. ^cu/, act p. y}\ pass. p. yj^ r 
denom. verb from Uu? to tin over. Ethp, 
ytl( pass. 

lao ci \i ( pi. J^occlXj/ at/aXa>/ia, expense, 
an aîlowance for expenses, 

J>cuaL(^ Jia^Jj/, Jioaj/ and other spell- 
mgs ; pi. >ZL, ^o^-I and un-11 ăva<f>opâ) anything 
addressed to superior authority, as a report, 
petition. Fke Liturgy, mase, anapihora; the 
vezi wkerewith the chalice andpatefi are covered; 
astron. tJie rising of a constellation, 

Jjuj( or uAD( pi. ^Jajj/, u»ciia— , ^ma—, 
hfiojai'Jj/ , &c. f. di/ay^, necessity, eangency, need, 

distress; v£jj{ ^& of necessity, necessarily; 
**« *JLi5(tt must needs be, it is necessary, v/n- 
avoidabîe. Deeivatives, the tbree following: 

%S)Âij( adv. of necessity, necessarily. 

UAl>(' libJLăSt pi m. £., f. J^. necessary; 
ll^jx>( )fe-»Qi,f/ / thought it necessary; jfcOkţl 
)!&j&jjf axioms. pi. f. necessary expenses. 

\tsLku{î. necessity. 

jbjI to press, compeL Ethpe. ^nculi/^to 6e 
compelled, urged, distressed. Pa. *£tu( to force. 
Derivative, J-udocu/ or }wu^clu/. 

&j(, \su( pi- 14* j> ţ*ş* '• ^ e **°*^ <&• 

nostrils; only used in the pi.; see Jâ/. 

)âj( Heb. a hoopoe. 

uu/ (mimetic, cf the cognate rt. «*>/) Ethpa. 
jaj(M to groan, sigh. Hence is derived 

)1^sij( pi. ]kloj{ f. a groan, deep groan, 
sorrowful sighing, \±J&\\ of prison&rs, Ps. 
lxxix. ii, &c. ; Jja^J; of ' orphans* 

\Z5\j±j( or \+x&j( eneaenia; a festival of 
dedication or of consecralion. 

cuAxiCVjcuSK' 22 


0,-S.p^. p ■ ( or •cux^oaoj/ eyjevKXia, aw 


encyclical letter; a complete codex of the Holy 
Scrijtiures; a Book of Officesfor the whole year; 
a cycle ofhymn$-= iGu^aaa. 

*$l \li[ pi. ^ăjI \JuJ_ corn. gen. takes 
affixes in the pi., not in the sing. a) a man, 
human being, 7nortal = homo as )tA^ = vir. 
In this primary sense of the word ^ generally 
stands with <*V, \Aj( d> contr. i+jj> pi. 

\jLj? or \,li::lz>. b) with affixes, hinsfolk, 

relations, esp, parents; people, inhabitants; 

JfcU-Z^f o^ju/ the people of the city, citizens; 

|ftl vulu( tAe dwellers in that place, c) when 
followed by another noun with the possessive 
affix = eac&; ojfcsoo^ *jV *ac& m fes place; 
any one, one, whoever, whosoever, a certam; 
[Zl^M ţ&> +j} one of the a2?ostles; a3( k-*^ 
tjiere is no one; woţ»o)jd u*j/ Jifco/ a certain 
womaninEdessa; *j( }}£a!*Jo a certain queen; 
aj( \+2L£ some boys; ju( ju( each, one by 
one; ©»£*£ — **j/ one — the other; *u( *%>£> 
every one, whosoever; +j( m no one. d) offcen 

used pleonastically ; \£+i JiJ(, Jojfoi \jLj{ 
Şyrinces, nobles; J)o;o **j/ a herald. Deriv a- 

hS\jLj( adv. as a man, in human or mortal 
form; hvmanely, benignly, courteously. 

Jicutjf from ju( f. a) human nature, man- 
hood e.g. of oUr Lord, opp. o*loo£k(C b) the 

hv/nzan race, vnankind; jio-ajţo |ut**io )£*j£o 
cattle and creeping ihings and man. c) collect. 
men } people, inhabitants, citizens, the populace; 
relations, servants > famUy; JTa^aji? )}^- P M 
a multitude of people. 

Jl£j£ )\£JLjI pî. m. H., f. jj£L from *j£ 
adj. human. 

%Jff* wfco( pi. m. yoJs^r f. ^^^pron. 

2 pei*s. i/wtt, you; used as a copula, ioI^j/' 
yoi^r^S ye are iro me; fco/* \&xL+f* whence 
art thou? but for thou art JS-y k-Ai is not 

used ? but oojî^j( ato and pi. *<u / \oh-iiye are. 
With a participle or adjective fco/*' forms a 
preeent tense, and as it is pronounced together 
-with the preceding part. it is often also written 
in one word, kJsLJ»? = %jf jlJl? , 4*măi = 

)|->n^> The oblique cases are 

^« and ^: *XTf f. 4*aiw? pi. tcSa^J 


pî. m. 

Tt. - 

4 v - 





tliee, you, to thee, to y(m. 

Traros 1 , a proconsul. 

tisj}* ) tlS-i/^pl. )»fJ f< ^ woman, esp. married, 

awife; ]&}* i)^* a stepmotlher ; 4#o»cu»( il^Jf 
a sister-in-law. 

ia>} Pe. only act. part. used as subst. ; see 
J^?'andj!^'. Pa. ^ftit. 1&]S i pers. 
fut. \m} 9 imper, J«f fo heal; rarely metaplu 

^o restore. Ethpb. uă>|i( or wuoot( «o behealed, 
restored. Derivatives, }-u»/, U^»/, Jk~W> 

1^»^, JkIflo/ P pL ţcL&c, jlcu(»( PEAiipart. of 
^ao/ = subst. m. a Jiealer, physician, leech; 
) £ou£L^ja f ) Lcuco( couri physicians. 

\Jo{, Jfclco/ pi. Jiof f. a i^aZZ, a partiiion or 
î'w^r toaS. Derivative, )1S-cd|îs^ 

Jj»/"pl. j^^Ar. ni. the myrtle; \&%* }*1 

o£o^ i pers. s. fut. of sSkroj to take. 

)Zx>rm. only pi., for the sing. )i\ 
ueed 5 pillows, **«oIa)JjJ «^ W LS <fea^ sfood 
by his bedside. 

$<^co(\ I^ci^d/ 1 ' and u 
gktiton, a prodigai. 

l?S\^<i*o( 'immoderately, intemperatdy. 

)ia^cia>/ P pi. Jlo^cu»^ f. intemperance } 
gluttony, debawhery, licentiousness. 

)f^M>( ph ^ rt. wo/. m. a 5a7^, JcrncZ, 
chain; fetters, handcuffs, imprisonment, bond- 
age; an obligation, binding promise, oath. 

UJaxef pi. \l*Q?jx>i y rt. *»/. m. bondage, 
captivity, a prohibition % interdict. 

^x^£d\^o>^i see uvumfcfl?/, 

•^x»/ corruption of Pers. âpaApa«, ^ 

maşter of the soldiery. 

P 71 



aaaros, a 

a stable. 




ti) a siadiwn, oxasv paces 9 ţtâ of a Romcm mile. 
b) a parasang or farsang— three or fon/r miles. 

yQu^xoi pi. JioJ^W, yoZ^W m. rarely f. 
a stadiv/m (see above) ; a gymnasium ; a race- 
course; afield ofbattle; a course, orbit. 

)o^£o( pi. ţ*o^»r , Jo^cb? m. oToâ, aporch, 

1££>cu£jx>( pi. I^oclI^m/, U>i^-co/ ra. 
orotxeîoi/, ew element, a Jir st principie; a verse 
or ^>ar£ o/ a hymn. 

[îl rfin^ip/ 1 )îş fc i,fa,oci fr W pi. ni. 

|Ilmăcu^co( f. Jl£IiAi$cu£.x»( adj. from the 
preceding ; elementul, elementari/, primary, 

\Jl^q1^jx>( pi. Ja»cL£j»( ortf/iago?, m. tJi£ 


.a^»/* Jia^W pi. ţi. m. arvkos, a colwnn, 
pillar, support, prop. Henee is derived 

$a^x»rand \v<L^s&T ^. }lm.a stylite, 
a pillar-saint. 

jţd<x£*£0( a time, season. 

J-oio-kf»/ m. storax, a sweet-smelling gvm. 

JJal^lJW* pi- l^o^^oi « Station, Le. 
a doctrinal hymn. The Syr. word for tlie same 

}i*Sm( ostiarius, doorheeper, usher. 

*%b&r, ji^»rpi ţ^»rf. o-rox^, a stou, 

vestment, garment, robe, futbit. 


)Sr,mVr^( seditious men, rougJis. 
.^\ft Vfe/ f, arcKpvXîvos, a parsnip. 

jljalxor pi. J^Ji^ioi' m. stacte, *7i6 gw 

^coikO^W, ^olo^rc/ or ^JIo^o/ 
âarpoXdfitov, an astrolabe* 

an astrologer. 

J^^ol^W^f. <l<TTpo\oyia, astrology. 

a»CLJ»QJot4-i»r and J^cuol&W* pi- 

<xaoojo4A.^< ,i 'aa'Tpoyo/zoy, an. astronomer. 

|IioJolA«{ âvrpopofila, astronomy, one of 
the four primary scîences, the others being 
geometry, arithmetic, and music. 

£+&*>( pi. icoo^l^jso^ stratum, astreet, road. 
JI^;^W crrparfta, miUtary service, mir f are. 

U^'J^££>i and i^&— , pi. |1. m. (npar-qyos, 

a leader, commander of an army ; a governor, 

H^Hf ^ pL ţ *K »- ff ■■**»?* and 

^Jal^iK^-flo( m. arpariSr^s, a soldier. 

i^^4l^r>l ^-, or a4^l^>r 
pi. c\ fr u-N'^f.^-flo/ m. <TTpaTT}\ăTT]$, a com- 
mander, general. 

deriv, uncertain. Estrangelo, the most ancient 
of the three Syriac alphabets. The others are 
i*j*>*j» or UI ?a!^.£aJ Eastem or Nestorian, and 
)J.^^oc or J^*i3 Western or simple writing, 
used by the Jacobites or Maronites. 

\SJl^so( corru|)ted from vrpî)vo$ } hcxury, 

\Zlsx>i\ JfciJflo^pl. m. Jliflb^f. J&Iflb/ P rt. 
\co(. adj. ofmedicine, medicinal, medical. 

clajo^ , JLo^xc/ 5 pi. )I p qjd( rarely ]tcui»( 

it. )^d/. f. the healing art, medical science; 
medicine, a remedy 7 cure ; Heilung ; o^flcf JJ? 
or ch^Ş ts-X c?a£o|| incurable. 

)io^sji( rt. wo(. f. a &^m^ linked, joined, 
Jettered; a bond, bondage, captivity. 

Jj£a£^ part. Pe. of )^o^ f. emph. st. healing; 
a nurse, midwife; subst. medicine^ salve. 

^okflo/^and u^cla^o/ pi. u»J|a-ioD( and 

^ v \— ; ^*^cuiflor 5 J|o^iflb( ^X°Mj a school; 
teaching, knowledge. 

fâxGJteoj pi. JI- m. a scholar, stndmt, 

ditciple, learner. 

} ^ . v ^ .S.^ Aflgf or J^L.^1. pi. juL and 

qja -^ ^ "V o.qffi f m. a scholar, disputer, 
pleader, an advocate. 

)feCsQ.a.«>( pi. JklaJL»/ f. tlie threshold, 
a doorpost; a porch, vestibide; a guard-room. 

ttAâW, J-»a5^d( or ^osc(, Uiux&t pi. 
ţT, J*L m. <rxw a , the form, shape. a) attire, 
raiment, dress, habit; JiaSoji ^ a aW jyriestly 
apparel; Ji^olt»?? — JJo^a-oJ? ^ax^aj»/ /A« 
pontifical — *Ae monastic habit; Ui o* p^Aflo^a 
M tfr^ (i?*e^. b) mamiers, way$, as tlie 

outvrard habit of mind; U^x^xccf Lo frJto *, 
]UkL IsuAmf or U&*şkM{ absolutely, good 
manners, decorous, rigkt or graceful behaviour, 
propriety. c) appearance, outward show, esp. 
false; f^Lau»/ ţ»aL& a dissembler, hypocrite ; 

jxL*şair lof&Ai or J|4j U*HjW dissimu- 
lation, pretmce, hypocrisy. d) a way, mannerj 

\&*am\& like; ^d5ua&f ţ& J^> m an# 

way, sc?n€ ^ay; with a negative, m «o way, 
m no unse; ţioco/ Vid of aft sorts or kinds, 
m manifold ways; jpaW P£ao(, p « fltt> »a 
c m many ways, variously; hence are 
derived tlie two following words : 

Ufcoo*£flor&nd ^fcoa$£D?^f. JfcLâ_pL m. 
£., f. \\*ll. a) a dissembler, hypocrite ; hypo- 
critical. b) of good behaviour, honest, Jionowr- 

jlcu&ooaW pi. ]ial. f, hypocrisy. 

}%&m£j*( and j&sLaxof pl.jloftn&f or }&•*— 

f. a maltoch, spade or fork, 

ţJoţ and J^c fut. Afftj a pass. part. ^a>f, 
\l*2b} r to lay by, pile wp, store up, esp. of corn, 
Ethpe, ţ»lL( to gatlier up or togetlwr, refl. fo 
6e gatlwred up, piled up. Demvative, UW« 

U»( pi* lî^pf rfc *»?. m. a heaping up, 
a store, victuals; jjrovision for a gariison. 

)LajLtt( rt. *W- f. Jiarvesting. 

l^Q^i»/ Or fcflOQ^CVaxff/ pi. JI- f. <77T<îyyOffj 

a sponge. 

M^a^QDf spongy. 

wcL°mn/ pi. l^&ftno/ m. a messmg&r who 
rides post 

^£a c*° fc W , J^J&dclSu»? pi *I, 1^ m. 
spiculator. a) a body-guard, an attendant, 
a guard, b) an executioTier, hangman. 

jicu» fASu3o( white muştar d. 

luiSmf and ţx&apf xn. ir^?, « wedge. 

JjLLiiW*and l&aafpl. ]C adj. <&/e<3 red. 

«*&W, J£*âj»{ and 4J9ucd/* )£§W» E-Syr. 

JU&W pi. |— f. a) vweîpa, a company of 
soldiers, a cohort, bând, company. b) acpaipa, 
anytking of a round shape, e.g. around cahe; 
a spJtere, globe, cir ele, ball; hence 


24 V»r* 

,*L- sphericdl, round. 
)£&iJkm( £ spliericity. 

yH^o* «s /or 7A ftft * ^pl. J io f • cnX^piop, a corn- 
press, bandage; aplaster, salve; chem. a paste. 

Ji&W*" timber, a balh; cognate ) &Aa» . 
/*f, dffTriV, an oicZer, a«p, fAe Egyptian 


ţajpf &c. ; see i»?>m(. 

LĂ»/ m. iĂe quince, the quince-tree. 

IţJÎAmj pi. *I 7 1*1- m. anrvpis, a round 
plaited baskeL 

)a-îs£D^^'/ from ^ftflpf, a caestm. 

\i%Jkml pL J»fc^aflD( m. anaOăptos, a sword- 
bearer, one of the imperial guard. 

tAtt( irreg. Aphel of .o\cf> ; <o raise, place 

above ; to offer sacrifice or praise. 

Js^jxcs/ pi. i^-am/ m. «vto?, a leathern wkip, 

\piGkm( pi. ţJkstmţ m. <TKv$o$, a cup; the 
bovjl of a candlesiick or Zam^>. 

tmoiA»tAfl&/ or uocuâ^yaaao/ same in pi.; 
oepiftav, an imperial messenger or cornmissioner. 

ij&( fut. ycuaoţJ and fo^cJ, inf, ^|^, 

imper. Jcu»?^ act. part. ♦»/', jiW, pass. part. 
«Jb/^ Jt^>(^ )&*»/• a) ^o 6ewrf, wtaĂe /asi, 
fasten, tie, append, annex; wîth o of the bond 
or of that to which anything is fastened, 
)liw> m<A rqpes, flş^LuL» i?^ chains, Mţ ^> 
«o <Ae ?zec^; «o 2/oĂ€ oxen; -with ]t»^«o /orm 
a &rc'dgr£ 6y l&shing boats together. b) to bind 
prisoner, take into bondage, keep. c) to bind 
on or up; with U«î «o &mi «p «/t^ hair, bind 
mth afillet; to gird, gird on, )iu» a sioord, Jli 
the loins, UJU a girdle; ^ZZ* J^j^ ^f 
to bind their loins with a girdle; )^Z &}* 
metaph. to submit, be ready to obey; to bandage 
a wound. d) with J-i^or Ifcooai to bind 
with a bond or oath; to compel, consjnre; to 
bind by magic arts; &}*&& to bind chsely, 
restrict within limite; opp, J^, to bind and 
loose both in the simple sense and metaph., 
general metaph. sense to possess authmty. 



Pass. part. girt, IU or \&J* $*&}* armed 
men; bound, fettered, captive, ensnared, en- 
tangted) hindered, hence subst. a captive, 
prisoner; ]£*£(&**£» aprison; metaph. Uiix 
+Jx> f irnpeded speech ; ) j£l> g^A* ^u» < r «w- 
tangled in tJie affairs of the flesh; JjJxaX 
joo* jjj&jin bondage io his po&sessions, ham* 
pered by his wealih; under an oath, obligation, 
bond, engagement, or penance, excommunicate ; 
U»c»j=> con-s&vmwc? 6y ^ Spirit. Ethpe. 
ii»li/ or t»i( iniper. u*\m 7 with o or ţ& 
<o 6e boţind, a) pass. <o 6e fastened v/p, closed, 
atbached; L*»M* Joi jUÎ o^>? JI'oaJ Ifte 

•* j 

grace attached to this symbol or sign; to be 
ensnared, tahen captive, impHsoned, )h^^> 
by lust, ) £-' laa«» |» % Zowe; io oe mw«V penance; 
to be joined in niarriage or copulation ; to be 
kept apart from a wife by magic arta. 6) refl. 
to gird oneself; to consfrire. Debivatives, 
Jjaco/, J~*oW, JUi*W, JtW, j^ooJso, )lw»t>o. 
iml*, )i&F pi. ^ m. aaaâptov, a mo^ or 
half as, a Roman copper coin. 

ia}* UmTfL J* rt. *»/. m, a 5o«d, iie, 
fastening; with jl£ or ellipt. a belt, bând, 

girdle ; jj^âfco ix»?* a liwrf, superhumeral. 
A joining together, union, alliance, conspiracy; 
a vow ; an interdict, penance. 

iw<l* Jt»rpl. J* rt. jW. *». gram. a con- 
junction or copula, but in a wider sense tban 
in English grammar, the ancient Syrian gram- 
mariana only counting three parts of speech, 
]opaJL nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and most 
preposidons, )bo verbs, and )§»/ jportâ&f ie. 
adverbs, conjunctions, the prefix prei^s., inter- 
jections. $mf ham no gender nor state but 
admit of the Bdul i.e. o, ?, •,%. prefixe». 

Jj£W*emph. st. of \mT* ^all, a party-wall. 

f. a stater = a shekel, a coin or weight worth 
four Jîol or three silver denarii. 

l&W'm* the handle of a sickle, the MU of 
a sword. 

* r ^E M^/> U^U^r usually for pass. 
part. of * aX, ctou&fe, one place wâjbtn another, 

a square; J&a-^' PkU « *w*k cave > 
such as the cave of Machpelah. 

bJUL&rrt* â&v.. adv. dwMy. 

S£4&Jk\ f rt. âcu. repetition; llVjW&ţa 

in many senses j see nnder ^x. 
)t s ft- N (rt. ; vi ,V m. cultivated land. 

JiWsj4l& and JÂX rt. a\. do«6?e, 
<w/ce a« much; \Â^.f)Âm& or ^ma; ^â»f 

double mo?ieyj i^o»? Ja3»/ %âS ^e received 
a double poriion of the Spirit; $--%^m ţ->î- 
^e'ce as «Mtc/*,* vd^F y>s>H jmr tivnes as 
much, quadruply, fourfoldj ţ4^' ^ a ^ a 
severa iimes as much; )J-saip H^-i «<a«2/ 
iiwies as much. 

&j' copulative conjunction, often coaîesces 
with another partide; also, and, truly, even, 
nevertheless ; ■&}' — &]' both — and, and — also; 
&\o — âio after JJ neither — nor; cu^< <&(' 
even if, although; Jb^ nor, not even; ^ ţW 
not even if; )i~ Jis/' not even one, not a single 
one; JJsîo— jfkf and Jb?— )J neither— nor; 
J&f&mtr, of J*saiA&f' although, albeit, evenif. 

J# ^ iaK pi. of ju?; Ub?" (not nsed 
in the sing.) f. <^ nostrils, the face, coimtenance, 
hence the presence; ^\s» to ourface, in our 
presence, before us; J^l? J,^u^ shew-bread as 
being placed before the Mercy-Seat ; a person, 
]& «a aj is T strânge faces i. e. «fowigre jperwww ; 
of inanimate things, i/ie sur face, front, fore-part, 
outer part, covering e. g. a book-cover ; the side 
or face of a question under discussion; wâf 
\£it a curtain, hanging, veil; with preps. 
\&)£ in public, before, against; outwardly, in 
show or pretence; ^\* $*§« /« c ^ to face^ 
openly. With ?, before, in thepresence, w,oţaa>\£ 
\L>Jo9 before the altar; with%j **3J towards, 
about, esp. in expressicns of time aud place; 
\lxs\ Jij towards evening; ^ZSA. ^l «^ 
about theninth hour; ^ao#lT ^3j wutiwari*; 
tt*ă usjj &e/bre or /a% <'*« ftmw; Jfîf ^5 
ai £7te beginning of spring; with ^Loa-ik 
ic/ore, m front, opposite to, openly, in sigH of; 
with%£ on </te surface, upon, at; in front of, 
before; for, for the sake of on account of; 
U>oU ££T%£ wp<m the face of the deep; 

"<i ftSX £W%£ ai iAc «AîVrf Atwr; ^i 

Jiiala— r «i-. ^r./w" » *«m, /w <w 
wforiJo»; )roJ-2cuĂ 5W%£ /or i/w /«'^; 


.oo^tS *^/%kX for tlie sake ofall, because of 
all; \\y> Zâf^JL for vMch cause, wîierefore. 

Jâ^fut. jajj, împer. ud£/, act, part. Jâf , 
f. Jla/' m. pi. ţ^a^f. Ja? ? , pass. part. \&( f. 
Jisrm. pi. ^^to&a&?bread. Ethpe. *&$?* 
io be balced. Derivative, jJaL 

«a^AmEL of *a ; io take away, deprive of 
witli ţj». 

U*a/' pi- £- Heb. ro. a palace, a citadel, 
often met.; )^aJ? }J»i»/'i^£ £Ae te&rt & ^ 
citadel of the soul ; \S&& w3( a^**? aa^Ir» 
blessed be He who forsook the king's palaces. 

JjLo*a^= |X©» &Ţ even now. 

Jjckf Heb. f. <m ephod; JlVâ is the usual 
word in Syriac. 

«m«crin»îa.a(, «*mft— or Jma~ f. «îroSeifiF, 
a demonstration. 

JxcL.?Q-S( pi. f_cr o. i.Q»;a3( m. uTro&atfovos, 
a suhdeacon* oftener Tâc«. 

U^c£xa3( f. ăiroKoyia, a defence, a speech in 

Jwu£o-3( m, and f, ăttovcrla, excretions, excre- 

f* Afti |sc&f f. jy.*Q. ăiro^ariKo^ negative, 
criticai, decisive. 

dX\*cri\soÂ(, iJ3ft»fli\^&S( and nrwrnB9f f, 

aTTo^acrtff, a deciszon, sentence, e.g. jl/cuttţ o/ 
death; a negative, negation, 

im*rn>Zoci3( f. ânoicpKn?, a decision, an 


Umţâf m. balsam; s|* UX^ balsam- 

Us^f or U^Bf m. an imeven number, odd } 

opp. ^OK 

jj a^^ r f. intŞoXfjj an impost, a mulct in 
penalty for murder or bodily harm. 

m. imrpowos, a procurator, e.g. ?©o*I * % ■ £ 
over Judaea; a steward of a church or monas- 
tery ; a guardian of orphane. 

]io^o;£laf and—^S/ tofficeofaprocura- 
tor, governorship, stewardshij), guardianshîp. 

cCi»&*m<=)/ and ^Q^^aa »9>(, from Lat. 
obsequium through Greek fyuuov, the imperial 
ojfîdafo, retinue, 

I^^Di/, lAfcaiTtf *>****-> E-Syr. 
Hs/ r pL Jl. ra. iirlo-KOTTos, an overseer, prefect, 
a bishop. 

)l 9 ^csÂ~*.&f £ a bishoprie, the office of a 


j»ojL5< f. frr*rwc<fe, horse-races, a race-cowr8e t 


l&i*&f y puise, porridge. 

JfcUŞ/' f. a wi f n cZoaA, so-called by the 
Nestorians; the Jacobite names are JI*^ and 

^sâ/'ApHBLof ^ftj ; to makefatt, cast down. 

Jiâ/*contr. of ^ and W, ^^"j ^<>^ e»; &ee&( * 
e^Sf conte, of a? P , %. and pron. suff. i pL 

jaâ/^ApHEL of ana ; io §iw permission, io 

cast lots. 

J&Joftfc^C and )fcf»7»ftf pi. )iC^— f. 6^&va t 
stipend, salary, wages, hire; he&p, Tnaintenance. 


( dbsinthitwi, 

^j.\l.m^( or \CL*v 

woQ-mwood, a bitter medicine. 

j&ojomâ/ a bishop, &c; see — ~»-<*f 
JIAsfm. a Iialter, a cord to lead a packhorse. 

taft > âAs / and .m * nf*)u3 cua/ âir6(j>a<rt$, a 
judicial decisicn 9 a sentence. 

l^Kd^pl. )JL f. aw hyena. 

}&( pi. ) oa^ <?aZfa. 

uia^ApHEL of *aau ; fo ftnwgr /ot«7k 

^oiâa^pl. ^I ro. a jfe& overcoat 

> m>m ija( I. airoKpKTis, an answer. 

tf£+tbtm, ])UL f. adj. from yu*»/ 1 ; o/ 
Eplwem; \\UskAs>\ r Jfc^OAio i/^ weire o/ 
Ephrem, i. e. tâ« heptasyîlabic metre employed by 
S, Bphrem Syrus. 

Jl^iaf f. pi., has no sîng, form; raisins, 
probably corrupted from Jfcs^a/ rt. «^ <o rfry. 

JkCar rt. Jfc*9. gpace, ^;/ac^ cZeZa?/, cause, 
occasion, opportunity; with o^ to give y aU<w, 

was a great opportwnity for them; J&/"*k Jl 
^e opportwnity had passed, ii covZd no Imiger 
be done; v R£^ftiX J^/ r Jooil (lest) it came 
us tofalî; ^BSI J^i^ J^\<^ ooj 

granted them severi days' grace> delay. 

[Â*^-3( ăTrodr/Kr], a Store. 

lAiSir< 27 

*l£ftf* jMs&r pi. J* f< # guahn y nausea, 
toeartaomeness ; JflsWJ©©* with^> and pron. 
suff. to be sick of anything* 

fjf Aphel of ?« ; fc> jfo? iAe e^s. 

)L'e%( pi* Jto%( f. a kneading-irough, dough, 
a lump of dotigh, a mass. 

**%?* Aphel of ***; £o express in writing, 

publish abroady write out, hence is derived 

JkL.C^pl. J^L = JyLL, a copy of a book or 
MS., a codex. 

wja^*7 Ethp. of the verb U>*. The Ethpeal 
and Ethpael of all verbs beginning with « are 
thus for med. 

«8 j/ rare for «a Ci to be carefulj anxious. 

Ijf root-meaning io sAwi m or tţp, heap up; 
in Syr. the verb is found only in tbe Jerusalem 
dialect. Debivative, )>»©/• 

Împart. îs-*^o Aphel of Lo»; to liearhm, 


J^/ Turk. white; J^>? J;J-? a corn ofzmaTl 


^JS^Aphel of %*; to lightm a burden or 
load, make less heavy, take away, with ^2» from; 
to hasten; to thinh lighily of, despise. 

seribedform, order } arrangement; rit. theoffice 
or liturgy proper to the day. 

r ^f, Jţ^*?"i>l. ,2, r m. rare for J^o 
*Ae £e?/$ o/^e kingdom ofheaven. 
&c. iKK\t}<na<rnKri, Church history; E â » %Ă ĂSW 


£»£©/****"&? <** Ecclesiastkal History of 

.^.J fft.Ş a^ .mAââ&r &C f. eicXei^iJ, 

<(w eclipse of the sun or moon. 

ceUar8, store-rooms. 

[totmFtmA |L^!o?*pL l^. m. aw anJde-chain, 
a bangle. 

\JL*f dKfif), the aerne, highest point, culmin- 
ation; «lala^M ? </« 6Zoom o/ Am jww«A. 

mtiP&ZBML of juu ; «o &e w«w, eZraw rcear, 
&e#iw, a<M, proceed, &c. 

**Pact. parfc. *ik» or *Lv> Aphel of *«; 
<o cooZ, 


f „ r i»? 



fc> j&e, &c.; with Jjcw, j 

)i ( ăpa, apa, vocative and interrog. partide O I 
O that 1 now, then, whether; often follows other 
interrog. particles such as ţoao, U», \*>&d. 

\li£.*£î(f. )&*3JLJ>'9{ adj. from ţ^zif. 
guadragesimal, \*L&&i( MpQ| i/te Lentmfast t 
the forty days fast. 

)\$**2>*l a 8ea-87vrimp. 

+z>9(, \lLb( pi. ).— £/i£ papyrus reed; the 
spathe of a palm. 

«SiP* Us>*? r and jl^ai^'m./oitr; with 
? <Ae fourth, J^L=>i|? ]>o>J <A« fourth rîver. 
U*»i? Uar ? ^c^ or ^£d \J*if the fourth 

day of the weelc, Weănesday, ULz>i\ţ U**^ 
the Wednesday fast ; )l^i§J A^aL >^s*)ii lie 
came with fovr orjîve men; ^^ V-ianj JIg.* 
four-footed beasts, quadrupeds; »oo**k-^»i 
thefour ofthem; coalesces with other numbers 
or with nouns, )ym j2»lf rarely }$m^^l< f- 
and ^,mA.Ktoîr or contr. ;£j^1!sj>*( ni- 
fourteen; \\J^J>*1* fowr hwndredi ^aS v> »r 
iAe /owr qtcarters of the tvorld. 

qS&'jl 9 ' forty; ^S^'ilf \&*[ the fast of 
forty days. 

JUo^'pl. I— m. a stone-vnasm* 

K &^ JJ4^? r pi- ^ m. *&s «MbI or Aya- 

cinthine hue obtained from the Tyrian murea, 
purpU } a pwrple garmmt; )l ck£o o? ^«^»C 


^ts*c^? / and ^UJo^rpl. l£- 

ăpyvpairpârr}s, a silversmith. 

Pk. pass. part. of ^ fosirable, choice, appetimig; 

pleasant vineyards ; f. desirable things, 
pleasures, lusts, desires. 

[fiă^fl ^mcZ of drum. 

J{.WpL T m.=)^?» « WcW «ffv J W 

ţa.?»? "and ţap? "pI.H Ar.m. a^»fl-»»0«o», 
builder,master-bwlder; metaph.]&»âf Jla»?K 

£ 2 

ihe Architect ofthe Universe; )K*?> / Jx 
IL'ţjSL? PawZ </ie ofthe Church. 

)lc£X&#J*( f. stone-cutting. 

Jîc»( = )lci rt. joi m. exultation, joy. 

)lsL#oi( t=jIjL*oi rt. *•©> room, opm or jSw 
space; opp. Jj_^e( inetaph. relt$f&om illness 

or anxiety, aMeviation; Jlo-s^Joo jk-*o>)o 
m grood! âswd e#&7 fortune. 

ţ^oif f. JjjM*»et / ; =s]***ei rt. w*oi. wrccfo, 
spacious; Jul*o9f \^Li( open country; ji*?** 
|u**09{ a vasi desert. 

\0>(^ JJof ( pi. |JL m, a caZf, a young bullock; 
)%sj3oj { pi )fcwo*( f. a cow-calf Iieîfer. 

*o»(, JJoi/'rarely JJoîf Heb. m. <z) t/t6 ar& 
of the covenant; JoC£ţţ otJoi^theArkofGod. 
b) a chest, strong-box to hold raoney or books. 

]io^oi( f. rt. ^i( . a meeting, encounter; 
a disputation, controversy; Jb&? JIcl^o»/' a 

discussion; Hjo»»g\i>? Jic&^oV # refutation 
of the Gouncil of Chaîcedonj a controversial 
treatise; ^Jc^xJ^^ci^ JLa^o^j £&> 

thePolemics of Bar Salibi against the Nestorians . 

)> ( Aphel of J j i from ) * ; fo signify mystically. 

>»?, )!»/ pi. )?!/, W-Syr. Jjj! rt. >i. m. 

a secret, a) an agreemmt, a council; J1V 
*^o *W o^^gj^L /w conspired with her. b) 
anything Jiaving a secret or mystical meaning, 
a type, figure, sign, symhol, likeness; sĂ+S» 
yl>U «^ Church is in Thy likeness, is lilce Thee; 

9 «- 4 


* J 

^ iU* v << 

)*/ baptism, which is afigure of; 
iJ tf/i^y «igw with the symbol 
of the Cross. c) a mystery, sacrament, the 
Holy Eucharist; Jj*j^ ^oo^ *3taJoo he 
administered the Holy Communion to them; 
Jjilj J;k**j<xX an antîiem sung during the 
Liturgy. d) magic rites; JIU-? ffil* 
oooj ţ*âioj£*.& tlmj toohpart in pagan rites. 
With preps. )*)?> or jtfU in secret, secretly, 

jWpl- f m. thecedar ov pine; JW r /" 
ţi^£o as a cedar ofLebanon. 

ţe#f or yjtf E-Syr. lowjirice of corn. 

J&ţ*r pL 3^- rt. âli. a Jtammer, mallet, 
the mallet with which a leii is struck; a stroke 
with a kammer; Jo« jl*>? JfcL»^ JtI»W 

28 nsul\a\flfiuîr<' 

JlILo «A« j^rs« 6Zow which the smith struck; 
Jl^îjj^ , %j£o»* to forge. 

w*i/ root-meaniug to go, travel. Pa. u»i< 
«) <o go away, depart, withebraw; ^*>(o »s.l** 
chLo Ae departed from htm and went m his 
way; JL*? mit fi» left them. b) denom. 
from J^io/, to stay on the woy, stop on a 
journey. Derivatives, U*îq( 9 J*»n, ^*wo. 

U*9f' rt. u*i^. m. a) a wayfarer, traveller, 
passer-by, guest; \L\ \Li\ 9 a weary travdler ; 
metapb. transient. b) =]***©( a way. 

M4*? r or ****4*! r yl *ma^î? f. a Persian 
measure, equal to six busbele aud a quart. 

[*^ }îU- or V,aS„j>ra Hebrew 
corruption of the Persian name Ardiskir, Arta- 

VLpr, ^c^_ and U- f. JUdLjîrpL m. 
qa>.J?( aipcrtKos, Iwrelical, an heretic. 

**>/ root-meaniug found in Arabic, conj. II. 
to lî« iţp a?i animal in its $taU. Syr. only 
the derivative j»Iior. 

mr P i ipfcWKtfi \c&$r& w& 

Heb. a Uon 9 lioness; metaph. a) Leo, the sign 
of the Zodiac for August b) \Lity l^lg a 
sort of leprosy, lepra leonina or elephantiasis, 

U»}i> u m .'vi i/ he was conmmed with elephan- 

tiasis. Dekivatives, \iiifc ]^^ilit 

&o£9Cpr,nţime Arius; J^Li^orj^^^mcu^ 
the cursed Arius. 

JLcua. Vri y i /. Uengthiness; j^^2> l^a,?/ y 
prolixity, tlie use of many words; '^^2» 
ţXJ/ ţjtoa, )Lcux»9r patiiculars which we leave 
out because of their length. 

nun jclVpi. m. \z-ti: toK o.Uii/ a« 

ii na», afollower ofthe heresy of Arius. 

a %?r; metaph. Ui »^U scaii/ «tfarslead. 
JLaaIj<' = U»/''o|a f. Uontiasis or elephan- 
tiasis, a kiud of leprosy, said to be that from 
wliich Job suffered. 

**jf" Ares, Man ; the planet Marş, 

m^^mJr, *^^r and other 
spellings, pr. n. Ârislotle. 

i^l^mJfl ]&&-. Aristotelian; 




)tU£l*k*»întîiS>rt a follower ofthe teach- 
inţj of Aristotle. 

U-»; ; see Jj&Jj: 

*±i( Aphel of <*» ; to soften, molUfy. 

yi/ ssyŞZ» fut. «jip, act. part. *H, )o^, pass. 

part. *-»(^ H*»f ^ ItCa^îf to 60 Zo?^, prolonged; 
to lengthm; pass. part. Zow?, wîcfe, saîd of the 
hair, beard, stature, of life, and time; «♦*/ 
M-u ^m^\ Ae stretches out his hand to taTce; 
**9f oJL*i£? |Ly ( a woman with a long tongue; 
U**f y*n Artaxerxes Longimanus; ****}* 
UaS^ an eagle «afft wide-spread wings; 
}&k*$f jfcouZs© a spacious city; rit. often 
with JLo understood, prolonged, slotv; gram. 
1( j-X — j^su* J»£u?( fow# t and -w as in JLoi 

]&£«tM> ai lengthy freely; opp. ) 

. Pa. <**( the same. Aphel «*io/' 


<o lengthen, xtretch out, thrust out, e.g. the 
tongue; o**Â ia hJ>ic( she spread her wings; 
metaph. £o 6e lengthy in talMng or writing ; 
\LvL <**oj )j?o wrf <o wa/re foo long a story; 
' ^Tv ^ 3i ţX*5*coîo tew speaft af tac gr^ai length, 
ai the rish of being tedious ; yOojlcbL 

$Aey ^^^ fow*7 prayers; »oom <*£-■* 
}du»( JLaJl iw( Ihey add to their sins, vnake 
the lîst of their sins long, as a cord is mode 
longer, Is. v. 18 ; vl^oi J> ©f / «h'K <fc?a^ my 
anger to allow a long time for repentance, 
Is. xlviii. 9. Dekivatives, ţa'W> J-usio^ 

a beginning ; a magistrate; authority, rule } 
principality. The last forai of the pL, ieoo&'ic 
or tttODii/^ îs used for principalities, the name 
of the seventh Order of Angels. 

\&$f with fcwwi. ra ăpx"<*i the archives, the 
public library; ]£*£? «**Sii/*fc**£ <Ae library 
ofthe chwrch — oftAi monaslery. 

ţjfclfc JJoVpl- tf Aflând 4^îfni. 
npX&>f, aprince, ruler, governor ; cJJl? ţjooif 
the governor of A diabene ; )jo» Uo^k? ojoaţf 
theprince ofthis vjorld, John xii. 31, xiv. 30. 

J^joW^pL £,, ifio^ioif^and «oa^aiii/'' 

Spxovra, aprince, leader, ruler; )?)**<? ţ^jciâff 
f^ prime of evil spirits, 

&Jdfetf'pl. ^cfcrf'dim. of v w*/. with 

^oif or )1^aaS? princes of evil, i.e. <Ae devii 
and his followers. 

m. Lat. an archdeacon, 

)h *4 A *ţ **0( or )L P cucuAl*^g^ r f, arcAi- 

rfîaconaie, o^c^ of an archdeacon. 

JLci££a*5>( f. dpxqoris, dancing with Twutic 
and singing. 

©I( Heb. pr. n. ^Iram, hence -4 ramea as 
Syria; ţ->io*j m{ Mesopotamia. 

IisI|iOf/ P adv. t» <Ae Aramaic or Syriac 

JJoei( pi. )Jjsd9( from »if as is also 
]JLâo9( , both were the same Gentilic name, 
Aramean, but some time after the epoch of the 
Seleucidae the name Syria, a shortened form 
of Assyria y came into nse instead of ^ ramea, 
and Syrian for Âramean. The ancient name 
was now restricted to the Arameans of the 
J?asi,andwhen they did not receiveChristianity 
the name became a synonym for pagan or 
Sabian, the following is a later form. 

jl&$l'f, J&s&5/'pl, )^; see the preceding, 
an Aramean y a Syrian; adj. Aramaic, Syriac, 

ţj&n k*&&f \l+icu£> lii& the Syriac or 
Aramaic tongue. 

^&9(. fut.^»w,part. JJ304-& pi. f. ţ^L&£& 
perh. denom. from )Laeff ; to widow, cause to 
be a ividow ; to be widowed, left a widow ; ) L V*> c 
Jbe^&; a widotO'ivoman; metaph. )bo^i J1 p «jSL 
a widowed church, i. e. left without a Bishop, 
Ethpa. ^^il( to be left or made a toidovj. 

%&tf ţXîf E-Syr. JLoi? r pi. ^ m. a 

widowcr; ts&ci(, J&^»f pi. jfcCL f. a widow; 

jfclX&}f *»J/ li^hif « certain widow; \JL* 
\\^Lx>'i{ widow-womm ; used also of animals, 

birds, of sterile ground or trees without fruit, 

and metaph, of churches left without a pastor. 

Jl'aJSjeif £ widowliood. 

yajUcii or ycJiol( pi. U^d>( Spţuvop, tackle> 
tachling, a sail f tlie topsail. 

\ji( sometimes mispriuted \jh (Heb.) m. 
and f. a mountain-goat 

\Ju*f r a) f. a ham b) a tumour. 

«n (usuallyha*tt'«)pl*uDaAflot( iheresy. 




fmn nrt?V- }— =J^ui* rt. >&i. m. a spriiik- 
ling; dew,Jme rain 3 moisture; Jl^ *»*»•{ 
drops o/ <fe w. 

Uâ»»/ barley-water, 

<*ir fut. ^cijj, pari ^i^ U*?' <<> «^ 
meounter; a) [J>iL* or J^aAarf ^ won? or 
withshields=to attach, also io sustain or wee£ aw 

c<m&2 mfct fa; fr> m*$2 disease or cold ; 
met. to meet in argwnent, refute, confute. b) io 
happen, befall, come upon, nsually of misfortune ; 
)J&m5 ycffl.^ ULij'evil will happen unto yoto, 
Deut.xxxi.29. Deeivatives, U&ioi, jlcu^ei/*, 



£ Utf pi- Mtetft the earth, opp. U 

the heavens and Jj*cu&u the seas, Gen. i. 1-10; 
a country, land, a piece of land^field, ground, 
soil, thejloor of a house; ţ-**r&? ULf (tîie land 
of Egypt; Jfco^ ULi^good ground; )&£•/" 
jl&a? tJie Jîoors of the kouse; UL*( & an 
earthworm. Dekivatives, U-2m/, i*L^*/. 

IfcLn jpL [hL'iffrom ULif&ăjj* and subst. 
earthly, terrestrial; an earthly being, a dweller 
on ilte earth; \l^L'i{ \2>oi land winds. 

VUi!"L l&UiFvl m. Jl f. J£L from 
)^ki( adj. earthly, terrestrial; l&i^yf jftf.vifiiS 
earthly wisdom. 

Ja>( for )^9 Ar. a nes£, aflock of birds, s7ioaZ. 

o»ff Aphel of *ai; <o 6e«i ow< ifcm. 

i^LSn rt. ^o>. ra. <7^6 etanşe ofheaven, tlie 

+,*{ fut. acjIÎ, inf. ^tjw& <o «<n&e, 6ea^ 
hammer as a blacksmith. 

Jia*»/^ X*?( or Zii( f. j&LL. adj. from 
Arsaces, the name or titîe of the founder of 
the Parthian empire. Seleucia and Ctesiphon, 
the chief cities of the Arsacian kîngs are called 
\j &l&*, 9( )tş l l Ţ-y > hence royaZ, c/we/, j» 

cipal; \*&m*t{ ]£aoaLs, ifo chief monastery . 

u*orv f. j^u^iv pi u**©»?*, 

U*ftW'> &c. Gr. = Syr. J^dî*, r îi adj. 
ortlwdox } holding the rigid faith. 

JsJJ^atooHV'adv. orthodoxly. 

*flDaa&so?ii( pi. CLcoJ30?L P jî( , omo ©foilor 
OMkdflff m. op868oi-os, ortJiodox; see^mâOfif/ 

* - 

JLâso?LV'Gr.= Syr, U*«k U^U. 0*^0- 
<Zary, holding the right faith; )la i . ao .*o» 
jL»3 ofitl? <7w orthodox faith. 

J&4*?== jfcLU rt. ti. f. trembling, fear. 

Utuli}, Ualut or a^V-iî? Wfwt, « ftwp 
rt/ soldiers. 

c^rpart. di)j£ and c^ii Aphel of a*j ; 
<o 6fo^, cause the wind io blow* 

jirfut. ?c^U, inf. j;jj2>, imper. ?ck^ act. 

part. ţX/', Jf*,?', pass. part. ^ZK )•*?>¥> \Eţ*M 
(cognate roots in Heb. and cf. )♦*,) to $Jied t 
pour out or down water, rain, blood, tears; 
L»î *L\£> bloodsJtsd, manslattghter ; ^ao? •*{ 
a mandayer, homicide; bloodthirsty ; !»**,( 
JIojT breathing out poison; metaph. to throw wp 
amound; «*9ch JLTtowpsei; to pour out the 
heart or soul in prayer ; wrath or evil ; gifts, 
the grace of God, the Holy Spirit ; o»x^>r JL( 
Jl'ojttX he gave himself up of his ovm wiU 
mito deatk; )^L»9 t A>).^\ to shedfortîi mercy; 
pass. part. metaph. shed or scattered ăbroad, 
disdipated 7 diffvse,fimid; )***/ ji«cu diffused, 
scattered light; )fJi( Jil^i a distracted mind; 
Y^¥ S^^^s^a Jluid body. Etkpe. ţ^(l/^ 
imper. **-Iif to be shed, powred out 9 esp. of 
blood, but also of dry things, corn, ashes, stones ; 
metaph. to give oneself up to; to be spread 
abroad, diffused; }fS\UUL ♦iîîS-^? JL-J **i 

as a torrent rushing imqyetuously ; \£S) jlsuo 
ţX[lsi» the hope of the wiclced is powred ovi 9 
i.e. fiows away lihe water; jfc^j» Jţ^î^Ă 
}!£•©££{ the divine word is spread abroad* 
Derivatives, ♦*»/, )Lo^^/, Jj^lfc^o. 

•*,{, )«a.( m. the shedding of blood. 

â<^/', l£c2*7'pl. ţT, J— rt. a*,^. a user of 
charms and incantations, esp. a snake-charmer. 

JLcu3g-*.{ rt. &*,(. f. snake-charming, en- 


J*^/ = ]A*' a v^tMiQy document, bond; 

( rt. ^/ a) a fazn^r s^ed, spread far 

and wide, diffused as liquids, sand, light; 

U>* toUi? y bloodshed; metaph. licUi^ 

)^^^iUdiffusimofJ(mmledge. b)Jtuidity f 





assurned, presivrned; JLjL^Jj^/ </*e svpposed 


J^IJLi/ = JsIJLîl rt. ^Jj*. apparently, in 
appearance, by mpposition, falsely, in jrretence. 

)aft»*f 3 yoa^j^f Heb. a desert or waste. 

)VqUmL( rt. A*, f. assuaging, ease. 

\ur P i. i&ir m. j*w pi. uter f. 

a testicle. 

\<kĂ~f*nr \&&*oj pi. j^l. m. Ar. a cobbler, 


]LaJfcaj*7 from the above; f. cobbling, sltoe- 

u»r, )tA*.n jl«wv- r £ j& « ^ 

oflcmd = about two-thirds of an acre; a field, 
a piece of land, a farm; ţj&;£? )£om acres 
ofvineyard; $t&ţ ^'J^V Glmrch lands or 
mdowmmts; metaph. JL'^! J£a*7 </*e ChurcKs 
feld oflabmr; JicujaL»? J£W*/te J** o/ 
)Uft/ fc\» III^Dlfl^ *£**» theApostles 
laboured in this trach. 

l^hAnf ™ perh. the wood of the acacia, but 
the word is variousîy used to translate box, 
beech, teak, and almug = sandal-wood ; ^s? 
)«3k.»a*-if beeclien planks. 

7'Aphel ofâOA. and of *&*,. 

.^(cognate roots *&** and J^*0 fut. *â*<p, 
part- aX/', l&W to sfcro&e, $00^6, charm 
serpents, )&*,}* &*>? a snake-charmer, user 
of charms. Debivatives, 1&W> jloSa*^, 

l&*?*rt. *&*?. m. a charm, incantation. 

jjâu7*or JÎA^m. a lodging, inn, Iwuse of 
entertainmmt for travellers. 

+*,} rt. found in Heb., Chald., Ar., verb 
only used in Heb. Hithpoal and in Chald. 
Ithpael ; root-meaning to make firm, support, 
found, hence is derived 

b&Ft ttUTpL Jl&if £ rt. fc*. the bottom, 
the deepest part; )»)£? mţ+Ţik* bottom of the 
well; J»o^jr *&*>}* the bottom of the piti 
)J£ţ*)^rthede2)thoftlie8ea; )$o»; j&*7 
foundations of the walls, Is. xvi. 7. 

UE jafpL llo^rfrom a Heb. and 
Chald. word for fire, f. /«wr; \&** w 

quotidian fever; ^al ^*jj ){*>$ J&>7 
§*uart<w ^wr; metaph. Jict^S? )fe*7 the 
fever of schism. 

]î^{ = fc^*,, Jfc**, a»/ with ? tâg sixth; 
J&*iţ k&cu */w $iatf& <fay; Jj&cu \&*r the 
six days oî the Creation; *aL^l£*,( = ^«> i^^. 

sixteen; mWi = t*^^ *ww*y» 

^olS^' generally followed by ţ*?. interj, 
expressing deşire and longing, t/iot / icould 
that I 

t&h^i and <**o&s*7 from ^p-*Zo and JfcoîL. 
adv. of time; lastyear; wţJSlS^f ^ a year 

ago, for a year past. 

U\ JW pi. lifWf* «) « ^w, marĂ, pledge, 
tohen; )oo1d? JlV ^ s^w or tofew 0/ ^e 
covenant, Gen. ix. 12 ; czrcumcisîon, Gen. xvii. 
11. Used in John ii. n-18 and throughout 
this Gospel of the signs whereby our Lord 
manifested Himself ; Jiiiofic jloll* signs and 
wonders; ^cu^j Jl u^? )*W o*^- J^ *f *^ 
whosoever has noi my tohen let him not enter; 
J&L&? ffl a sign of approaehing death; )i( 
JiuJ^4? ^7ie sign of the eross; cf. )uâ&A,of signing y 
making the sign of the cross. b) a standard; 
JLoL^ wilSJ standard-bearers. c) ^X.afigwre, 
descri2>tion of a pers. or thing; oo^o &^£» 
JLoL^/^e fearn* â* de%» i.e. of a garden /rom 
^r. d) a constellation ; Ji^ai? Jtoi^iAe «îgrw* 
0/ fAe heavens, thefigures or constellaiiom of 
tlie heavens; an astronomical figure or symbol. 
Cognate, k-T/, ol/'. 

J$ fui )i)J 1 pers. Ji/, inf. JUĂ, imper. 
jt; «ÎT pL ol! ^ act. part, \l?,W pl< 3«. 
^V f. JL?', pass. part. 4/'£ ^i? r or JIll^ 
<o ccwie, arrtve, opp.^KÎi to g'o; ufts^jt Ai%( 

w?/ /towr is come; °*^*4/ \^' ^ /e«er ks 
reached us. With preps. o of the manuer, 
olf iâ^)^ ^^3/ CCZ7/66 by ship; ]Ai %J*A with 

to the neighbour- 

P * my 

a great army; ? jl' 

Âood of=near to; with ifc^ tofollow, *»}&> oi 

follow me; ^ta^cu fr&a Is-ii ^Aow /<a«< 

followed my teaehing; with «>♦-* to mrroimd. 

With ^» a) 0/ £>Zac<3 or result; )|*N^>v to 

Galilee; ojiiJJ to /im flace ; metaph. )i? 

i< was apparent; Jioo££, j f r> - '^ ^ > 

to c<wie to fie, CW&6 to jpa55, come to 

something, result in; ^o^u^^Au^ to <wr7i <wti 

oA\f< 32 

to advantage; ? Jl^c£a^. to meet. b) with 
pers. pron. suff. has ethical force, ©££ jt? 
he tvent his way. With La^> or ♦*! of the 
pers.; inetaph. q*m2u loik jt? io come to 
himself, to a right mind; with ^», from a 
place or pers. fcsli/ ),^i/ y ^ whence comest 

came jfrom iAe king; with ''^X, £o attack, 

invade; to befall, come upon, said of good or 
of evil ; Jia ^j£, to take to heart, grieve; with 
Pţj5> io «70 in front) precede, henee to make 
progress, prosper, succeed. Act. part. J'Lff j?)u£ 
the approaching feast; Jt'jj o o» He who is to 
come i.e. the Messiah; gram. W-Syr. Jit? tlte 
future, opp. j^js? thepresent and t^-^î thepast ; 
fem. used impers. with ethical ^, «o serve, be of 

use, advantage; ©*i£ lîlf S & & o/no w$e io A««i, 
it wiU do Mm no good; with ««o^Ji topros2>er, 
succeed ; U l{| «~* f as it may happen, by chance, 
heedlessly. Infin. = subst. advantage, profit; 
«*& ţ-cnX &**/ )l)^ JjJ i^y are worthless. 
Pa. wţ( io cowie (rare). Aph. «k^/^fut. ]&J, 
inf, du & . a c i\ ? imper. ) & /^ part. Jj&if.JIfc**»; 
io make come, with ^ or ace. of the thing or 
person brought, with ^ or ld^ of the pers. 
to whom it is brought ; to summon, bring, Jiave 
some om brought, Jk^fj^L to send for; to 
bring forward an argument, complaint, to allege, 
cite, quote. With o, to bring into e.g.difficulties ; 
with ifcC^ and ? of the person, to accuse; with 
^-^ to bring upon, infiict; with J1A ^ £ 
to bring to mind 9 take to keart =to notice, care; 
with liJ^J, |&£ds or \Â& to bring news, teii, 
reiate, recount; ţjţotoS. to remind, rnention; 
JjiJJ to bear, yield, bring forth fruit. Imper. 
used adverbially, thus, so: fv> ^5\ Jj£*/ r *#/ r 
so io £p&z£, as we may say, thus for instance. 
Ettaph. k^jpjf io be brought, led, earrieds 
Joo» jlS^ilS-^» ^»o*^o )&±> it was carried hither 
andthither; wo*ioJJ *ȣ^> J^XXfhi* bodywas 
brought to Edessa for burial ; to be brought to 
pass, succeed, twrn mit; u*^jj£^.câ» Jj£*ifco& JJ 
U^l the event did not meet his desires; to 
hapjxrn to, with ^i, ^i J&lfcjo? f^t 
1*5 & every thing brought upon mm, everything 
that can befall human beings. Demyatives 


a character, a letter of the alphabet ; jlolf ^X 
in alphabetical order; ++9ţ Itoif aw iniţial 
letter; \j;LJlkJb a letter pronotmced with 
a vowel, opp. t>NX a «7eni or oiiose letter; 
\l&Z%-& jiotf havi^ig the vowd Pethacha — , 
JkCa^3j ibnm^ Zekapa L , jl^Si hemng 

Revaza JL; jfeCll^o JJSif votfeZ feiiew as *#, 
o, /; JlitlLâiu^Jloi/ra^ca^alsocalledJ)^^ 

essential or ]^*i-Lo natural, opp. J||-Sl or 

)^...I1.oIn> formative; [.ft.flftoliS^ affkced or 

prefixed, )I^j»cu^; suffixed to denote gender 

or nnmber, as /, o, ^, t; or possession, as 
y, - 3 «• 

jioi/pl, J^oi/'rt. JL(.m.a corner, an arrtval; 
opp. Şo;/ P a ^oer. 

Jjolf rt. |K m. atî oven, furnace. 

ioi{ f. a) Âssyria. b) the province and 

dtocese ofwhich Moşul was the capital; hence 

J4»ol( pi. ţ?$oi( o) aw Âs&yrian. b) in 

luter times U>oi/' JIi»?cuî i/i6 5ee of iA6 ct*y of 

i+l(, )Ut( a) aâf}pr) y pottage. b) aWrfp, m. 
the air, the atmosphere; hence 

Utftlf pi. juL ethereal, celestial. 

l^irpl. IJl^i^m. ăffkrfTris, an athlete, 
warrior, champion, esp. used of those who 
strive for God and the truth, ^\>? y 
12S1j victorious aihletes = martyrs ; J£^-a> 
mojcx^-I^U? {Chist) the ffope of those who 
strive for Ilim. 

^%*t^m adv. as aw athlete, athletically, 

boldly, bravely. 

JLcu^Xt/ f. ăâ\r)<ris, athhtic contests, wrest- 
ling, hence a coniesi, stmggle, an heroic deed; 
courage, constancy, martyrdom; ffix JK Xf' 
^i-x jfclai Atf did great exploits. 

f^U or »^1^/ aWăXrj, a) ashes, b) an 


<n«rf/ constawy, fortitude ; brme or ferofo 
ăeeds, esp. of the martyrs. 

U^i? pi. U^.1/ ra. a) &3Xo fs confesa 
trouble,toil; **^i»i ~**m±\l the lab&wa 
of Hercules, b) mo», a jmze of vietory. 

)lttm\l/=)lctaft»\l?; see above. 

«l< deiiom. verb Âphel conj. from U&{& 

to bear twins, to be doubîe. 

*^bl/* u!a*&l.i ; see ^aol. adv- of time, 

. y r Aphel of A ; to smoke. 

ijVpl. JJL?'f. an ass; «Ji'^**. «W 
he saddled his ass. Cf. )» »« ■ 

it$* Aphel of i h*> ; fo shed îts leaves. 

=a sşwcial place; U-l£ Jttf fl» holy place; 
T\ )*" fc * I* ' 

a blessed be the 
(jlory of the Lord from His place, Ez. iii. 1 2 ; 
metaph. j^ace, position, office. b) a region, 
district, cotmtry; jJ*cu* Jilfa desert place; 
ţJLJlfţ JLofi/* distant places or countries; 
po«? W'ttecmntryoftheHuns; &£<3? |W 
Persia; Ile&J Wthe reafons of bliss. c)indef. 
o or arey ;>Zace, ? |IT 0* ? ]UJ£ m *7*e ^pZace 
wJtere, wherever, where; coi? §*j wfcer# fo 1$/ 

33 KUlîAuqf 

jiriLJ^S in varioics places ; ilf^â everywhere; 

ii( ţâo whence, wkeremth; JjLJJ j$t/ r ţj& 
Mther and thither. d) metaph. «pace, room, 
time, delay, opportunity; ţ JiLf «££ Joo» Jj& 

&e sought opportunity to/ )&tfh£&& Jylf'fe»?/ *£ 

while there îs room for repenta/ace ; %*1( +£* 
Ilt( *^ tffi «« Aat?€ opportwtity, while we 
are able; ţo>vn«\\ Jil/ r lsl/ <Aere t* a toay 
fc> c&m& «p, efc m possSUe to ascend; with oom 
to mm way, place, time or opportunity^ to yield, 

permit; *%»^J* {U/'u^mi grron* me a Ztttfe 

space, /ei »ie «xctf « Kttfe; Jfif ©££^il JJ 

■ X\ db not let him get an advantage over ine. 

Deriv ativeSj U&i* U*&i> HM>- 

|iW: \£Af pi- E-, f- J^-- to* *"- 

vincial; \$lf)USZ dialect; gram. tfl/JUr 
adverb» of place. 

mu: j^Wpi- e.» c ip-. from >y: 

adj. ZocaZ, o/ <fo yZace, belonging to a special 
place; gram. of place, i.e. adverbs. 

* jLlr* r4aAr£\ KUi-aOJU •:• 

,^-ai r*k.iJLs>bvy* *>m . re'AAo^va tJ» v^ 

o the letter j5e<A V~»> )^. One of the 
BeGaDCePaTh or aspirated letters; having 
a hard sound o at the beginning of a word 
or syllable, soft sound v ot w after a vowel 
sound, as Jtaâ bavro. 

JBeth interchanges with Mim (f) aud Pe 
(«) in cognate roots, Heb. Chald. or Ar. In 
Greek names it often stands for v or v. Thus 
names beginning with Eu are transliterated 
by »/. Beth also expresses the number 2 ; 
with ? the secmd; with a line beneath o 
2.000, E-Syr. S 2,000, â 20,00°- 

o prep. inseparable prefix, in, among, with, 
at, to, into, on, upon; by, according to, for, 
because, about. o ia sometimes omitted before 
another o, Jsai»?'' k**s» ^7*0^^' for fc«^> 
)l*£i1 r they threw them into prison. o with 
a substantive sometimes implies with that 
only, as f ULaz> nominally, in name only. 
v o*o»*aI=> a^i^ theyfled for their lives, iluy 
escaped with their bare Kves. o following an 
adj. forma a superlative, Ui» fcJuls» blessed 
art thou amongst women, most blessed of all 
women. o frequently helps to form adverbs, 


as Uac^s. secretly, l>foccair> legaUy 9 ^%^^> 
or f Jls^ii quicMy y immediaiely; } Al^ 
quietly> tranquiUy; )IclXjL*£ abundantly. 

J^££, ţ-*^^» ; see JIp>?C 

J?JJ» in. a) ^Ae 6ea7W o/aw- otT- or wim-press. 
b) Heb, 6atfA, a liquid measure, about 8^ gaî- 
lons. c) spe?&a a&a. 

uaoct^J.^ pa™?, rvbus vulgaris or fruticosus, 
tke common bramble. 

j«-*|3 see ţ*. tkrough, by means of; }^*\^> 
)++\S one after another, in order, by degree$ 9 
Utile by Utile. 

Y*\js> k*L*)Ji f. pi. |^pLl)ȉ; see f-*-s>- 

judgement-seat) &c. 

«ţl&, Uite or J^J£, f. JiUU pL m. j£J4 
£ JU*M>=j£I£. rt. ico. neglected, barren, un- 
fruitful, of land ; metaph. confused, stujrid. 

*JjjU>, u»qjJ1a &e. ; see jj^j*. 

^I^M* m. see jl^S. tke keeper ofthe bath. 

yM» or ţjaf ) > j l jfc j£ > myrobalanum. 

ij£, J»|& pi. jji)£, spelt also *£, ]£>. f. a «^B, 

?o>)^ Pers. saltpetre. 

JlâJS pi. Ji>Jii same as )LV*S f. a fortress t 
paiace, &c. 

*.U fot. ut|AÎ, preş. pari +,& l JiJ^ 
impersonal verb, io be or sem evil, to displease, 
to harm; yOoCikjf ^x ^L **JJ>jJ t< shall be 
worse for you than for tlxem; ^& JLjL\J> 
JL&X «M c/o more /mrm than wild beasts. 

Ethpe. *J£lfalBO spelt Ştrand *£Ur 
to be or seem evil 3 to displease, with ^, 
Ul&a or ipiis ; to mffer evil, with *&, Aph. 
*p( and «r to dfo 6w7, io Awri, harm, 
affiict> witb^ or^L; to be or <fo wwse 
&aţ with ţ&; ^o^^ *W ^Hfr ţ idols 
<ft> neitker harm nor good; +£}* qL^IAJd 
ooo-Vj Ae Aa^ brougkt muck evit on his 
people. Deriv atives, Jfe**,]^ \ * n ^ ^ A ^ 
fc~U*s, JLoaa*, U*U^>> )iai«,K». 
Jls*J£ rt. *,[=>. f. a misfortune. 

oi, j^ oftener |^ ? J&*£ pi. ]*&£ f. ^ 
jwptf of the eye ; «.fcJk*? j^Ă ^ dirop o/ 
my eyes. 

a parrot. 

4 t 
4_ * 

* * 

UasJ» dim. of )A^. 

lÂ^â pi. J^ok> m- a) a Utile boy, baby. 
b) a valet, Iad; f. J^DCUxâ pL )k J»a»a^ 
a Ze'«Ze gftrZ; jioc&i yflike children. 

wJo interj. strânge 1 wonderfulf 

* W£ or %^i Babylonian, -Ba6-//, the 

Gate of God ; Babylon* 

J±J>, jJ^UÂ f. ItLJiU^ pi. m. H f. 

jî^i- adj. from the above. Babylonian ; a Baby" 
lonian, an astrologer; )££akâ>t J^f/V^ country 
ofthe Babylonians. 

interj, of entreaty, / ^ay tftfli/ 
see c&a. 

> f !^> m. Pers. thepanther, liger. 
Tui'kish Bey, prinee. 

i> pi. k^va.^J> m. mimet. from the 
sound made in pouring out, a Tiarrou^necked 

J u 9- 

]]£^cua^> pi. ]]^^gl^^ f. dim. of the 
above, also a bvbble* 

dt^*> llts^> or ?î^> £ Ar. Baghdadj 
built by Ahnanzor, the second Abasside Khalif, 
a.b. 763, on the ruins of Seleueia and Ctesi- 


K&aţ^p BeGaJDCePaTh, a memoria tech- 
nica of those letters which take the poiata 
Rukokh or Qushoi ; see o, ^, &c. 

o^^ prep. within, indde ; see a^. 

I<^ f. jl£^ pi. m . I<^, f. Jfc*^ 

rt.*^^>. an idle tal&er, babbler; f. pL n<m- 

seme, silliness. 

pa^a. m. rt. ţ-^a>. lamentation, complaint. 
X^> act. part. ^^s*, l}^» pass. part. 

%4e> W> )^-4e pL m. \U l JC-. to 

ory out, prate, real, rail at, with o or *^£. ; 
pass. part. foolish, absurd. Dekivatives, 

Jj^ m. jlilX^ f. Ar. a muie. 
ll^s? m. rt. X^». babble, idle taVc. 

^ 3 m. pl- cu^=», fat, ^^J, part. ^. 
to cry, complain, appeal. Pa. ^ to cry, 
caii for help, complain, appeal against, with 

\&Ji> many made complaiiU or appeaied 


agaînst htm to the emperor. DeeiVatives, 

J^g» or ^^, U^> pi. )£^> m> an appeal 
used with J£j» <o coZ2 /or help, apjyeal unto; 
îs+t® iffr.p JL=> <&ow Aas£ appealed to Caesar; 

of Thy mercy, Lord Jesus; 
rt. *^s» or ***. ; see 

4 •* 


fat. î-^*-î> imp- '^-^^pj P ass - P ar ^- 
)£nL?- to make fast a door with boit or stone, 
to bar in; ţ»Z*^>© ^Z^so the waters are 
reined in and curbed. Ethpe. i^>t( to grow 
thin, to dry up of water. Pa. ££ a) to make 
fast a door, to close or hem in, hold bach; 
fc*o*©i«J> ]>cLkd they hemmed him in in the 
mountain; cit^o — j!^?cwî&'^&. ojw f*> 
He laid His yohe on the sphere and heîd it in. 
b) to be weah or emaciated. Ethpa. i*^U to 
be heîd fast, restrained, stopped or closed. 

Debivatives, )u^> J^5^>- 

*^*> ll^> rfc - *^- m * a bar, boit, or stone 
to hold a door. 

«i> causal partide, compound of o and ?. 
in tltftt, i.e. on that account, because; usually 
joined to the foilowing word, JJ*f s because he 
thought; «*^»ţi> because — very. 

+* to rnix. Paxpel +&J* to eonfase, toss 
about, irouble; ţL^Lm ojoo» he is confused, 
perplexed in his mind. Ethpalpal, passive 
of Palpeî, )l*£}Jo ţ§ij £U* M^raship 

tossed ahout by the violence of the billows. 

JU fut. )1*j, irap. *.;», ini )U&, act. part. 
JXa,' JIp, pass. part. \l£, to feign, devise, 

Tt P 


ll&Mto* heretics devise evil inventions in 
their hearts; pass. part- ftctitious 7 spurious; 
\lls> teS^&r tpuriow gospels. Deeiva- 

TTVES, )*0»a>, Uf*' 

YJ> same as )?U tU beam of an oii- or 

y^S tTmrefore, for that cause, on tiuit 
accotmt ; see %c^,- 

\io£ pi. )Z- Ar. Bedawee, nomad. 

Jioţâ pi. \L rt. JU. m. a foolish talher, 

Viol» prep. for, instead of; see ^o?. 

Bdul, a memoria technica of the 
prefix particles. These are prefixed without 
a vowel when the first letter of the word 
has a vowel, except with iniţial Olaph which 
quiesces, its vowel beîng taken hy the prefix, 
e.g. ]o£»ja>; also when a word or adjective 
has only one vowel, and that being on the 
iniţial? the *^.o*a letter takes Pethacha, e. g. 
J^*>o, Jj^ţ. But particles follow the general 
rule 3 Uo, ^aa^w. When the first letter has 
no vowel, the prefix partide takes Pethacha, 
thus JylJLttxs», l^Jb^C. Or if two of the 
^o*^ particles are prefixed, the first takes 
Pethacha; îf three, the second takes the vowel. 

JJoU pi. \- m. Jfc^oU, pi. )£L U^ 

babbling, foolish, garrulous; }l£^©ţ^ Jli^*e 
a garrulous old woman. 

Ji^oţ» m. pi. f. J£L. adj. from ^o^ ; 
|î^,I^.Oy=> )^>vfty» cases formed by the addition 
of these particles and governed by them. 

Ji^oţâ m. rt. "^*s>. empty chatter. 

)ioU pi. ).— m. searcîier, trier; teacher; 

#£ pi. \1. rt. j^>. babbling, folly; fabri- 
cation, humbug, foolish inventions; U*£? Jl» 
feigned wordsşfictions ; JJcuii^! \l£pretcnded 
visions; often used of Dereticai teaching. 

l^llt**» rt. »•=>. adv. here and there. 

JLeiMtZa rt »f». f. a scattering, that which 
is scattered. 

"%!l* to speak foolishly, invent folly, sense- 
less tales. Dekivatives, jlojj», J-^o^, verb 

jj^ compound of o, ?, and ţ. because — 

^»ws compound of o, ?, and ţ&. because — 

»Of=» fut. jsoţaJ, imp. JSO*», inf. >s>ţ*x>, 
act. part. us^, tf>J> a) to search, sj>y out, 
explore; )lofiu?î or U-f ^o^ searching out 
judgement or justice, i. e. inquiring so as to 
judge justly. 6) to repair, restore ; l£r&±. »of* 
he repaired the gates; metaph. \J>r=> •*t*sc£± 
|Io» to restore ruined naiure. c) to show, 
point out, declare; j^^-v? -« *?» heshowed 

what tvould happen; ^f.» fV* t0 &*&*** 

F 2 

renana 36 

Pa. j3*£ a) to search out, examine. b) and c) 
same as Feal ; s£>Ia^o juLe what does it mean, 
sigmfyt ^x *s,Aao uotc^ J^^a^c? oo» 
o»£<Cw9? )loj*.rn» fo w/io use$ many words 
shows his Utile wit. Ethpa. «jo^L/ ; passive 
of Pa. a) and b) ; also fo become known, be 
shown, come forth, appear; M»»o$ )JcuAj J/f 
ţ-kSj^Kio Zes£ grea* temptations arise. Deri- 

VAT1VES, U©t^, Uf^, U?CU2>, >!<>;**>, 

|jS*^ pi. }iS^ rt. *a*a. ui. a) a searcher, 
trier; b) a restorer. 

h&+2> pi. JjSţS rt- *cţA. m. a) searching out ; 
b) repairing ; c) shovnng forth, publishing. 

i+s> fut, ic+zJ, imp. ioţo, inf. f£a:£, part. 

>*a, )***, **?*, Jt*Z^>. fo scatter, put in dis- 
order, sprinkle, shed, S2)read salve on wounds 
metapk JI&ILf J 
overspread their faces with the medicine of 
repentance; li+Z* \J±+& ointment that sJieds 
a strong odour abroad. Pa. m to scatter 
dbroud) disperse, distribuie, dissipaie; wU^a 
«*©!js*#j»o/ thou hasi scattered thy ways, i. e. 
wandered in rncmy directions; %J* momIo 
)r*^{ distribute it amongst the needy. Ethpa. 

iţjai( to be scattered abroad, dispersed, routed; 
to be overspread. Derivaţi ves, J^-*î^**^, 
jieuf=>, ]i?o^>, î^-îiţAao, JLof*a*>, }jj^o. 

©*^>©*j& mimetic. Ethpa. oiSc^if to be 
confused, perphxed. Derivative, Jcoojas.. 

foo*^, J>©o*> pi. Jtfoofr* m. Jiioo^ pi. 
]Ljjco»j*, f. rt. >©*j>. adj. dttsky, dim, obscure j 
)Ja^ ioop iU coîour is pale or dim; \**^ 
jftootit a shadowy clovd ; }Ho%& J|&£ obscure 
indications, dvm hints. 

JS^i'Ooo rt. ioo. adv. dimly, indistincţi//, 

JLojooo rt. »o*a. f. dimness, faint or pale 

UUoU f. J&JilckS pî. f. J&Lto«£ rt. 

lot3. shamefaced) modest. 

jioilloota f. rt, lo^. modesty, bashfulness. 
f fc»o*a causaî partide, because, in that. 
fes*JL*e*j» rt.^o»^. adv. quietly, simply/ 

S wowciî»*iXi Zef <Aew 6wry Aer quietly t i.e. 
«rf<7* wo pomp> 

JLcu^o»^ rt.^o^. f. ţutet, quietrms, calm, 
rest, tranquillity, silence; ^»? |i oA io» ^» 

JIîCaIS j^AfT"^ re^ ^om ew/2 thoughts. 

lSJl^Lofa adv. rt. Loo. «»^ shame. 

*%.&> fut. ^^J and *Wo*sJ, act. part. 
"^^i, J^o*i, pass. part. used as an adj-^*^j 
JL^3, )^\,^a ? pi. m. JJL, f. Jj^l-. fo C6(xs6 frorn 
action, leave off, become quiet, be stayed, rest, 
with ţă* ; hence to stay or remain quiet, 
dwell quietly; Jl3o?i? Jl&^Ja^ Uiop the 
flame of persecution was stayed, quieted down; 
^.o^l© oii ItL^iLa thou shalt setile down 
and abide quietly in thy cell; p. p, free from 
disturbance, tranquil, secure; abstinent, calm, 
serene, gentle; ~&+Sti* ^*=*lS-» settling down 
to a quiet Ufe; ]ls^5o JJJl ^/k/s growing 
in a sheltered garden] a Byzantine title 
of Caesar, ;^d }1-oo Serene Caesar. Ethpe. 
^^st( «o Je a< />eace, ^ave /nsace, esp. from 
active warfare, with ţ-i ; to be or remain 
quiet, tranquil; e. g. JJl^J ţ2& ^o have peace 
from the Arabs, be no longer harassed by tlte 
Arabs; in the opposite sense *#Jjr^ooL/ +J> 

jC^$o( ţ^£ ş+p±{whm Saladin had peace 
at Jerusalem, i. e. hdd it firmly. Pa. ^oȣ 
to make to leave of}\ to set at ease, pacify. 
Derivatives, I^JLoo, Jic^co, JJo»^. 

jl<>& or )loJ> rt. ^o*a. m. leaving off, absti- 
nence; a pause, quiet; JJ©*~Ls quietly; Wo& Uf 

j3o>3 Aphel »oop(; to shine white, glitter; 
Kj^tl ^*( %i& o ».a, N &f Ur Oa^ raiment shining 
likemaw; U>^=> iaiooo )oo» ^^xihisbody 
w;as glittering and white tvith leprosy; hence 
is derived 

h&o& m. a ray oflight, and 

JÎS^dch^ f. a s/cin disease, shiny spots not 
leprous but like lepro?y. 

*o*2> root-meaning to shine. Pe. only p. part. 
)L&*, ji^o^ dim, uncertain; JIV*<*» }ls^p 
dim fawwhdge. Shaph. iZ&ZL to glorify. Esh- 
taphal »**&*?* te glory, gl&rify oneself 
boast, with o ; t^x ţ»^| *oo*U.l Jj Joarf 
wo< <Ăa« thou hast achiewd aught; x^căiu *& *& 
***}&,} in Thy name, Jesu$ y xvill I ghry. 



Derivativbs, ]»oc^ ; fc*»l*o«»A, JioJeow*, 
jicucua, )u>o»,a-», )lcui»o»..?i,^ J>c*-=>eu*, 

Jjo^ pi. jloo rt. iop. m. davm, tmlight. 

ioU» fut. to^cJj imp. Io*», inf. IptfCfl, act. p. 
l©^, }tW=>, pass. p. ^—o*», jljl*ii, the otber 
form ^.o*-3 is less commoii. to be ashamed, 
confused, with o ; to stand in av)e of revere, 
with ţ& ; jLo^â JJLţLz> }i';JL<L au adulter ess 

standing in confusion at her trial; ]jş\^Ă=> 
loo ÎJ fo w#s #o< asfmmed of my cJiains; 
*jj£ ioj^l iJ dto woi 6e m a«>e o/me, i.e. afraid 
to speak; *oom^3< wSoj *^Jo^S iAey toere 
ashamed. Aph. La^df to /;w£ io sharne, dis- 
honour,confound; yooi +aJclo*&(Iiefru8traied 
thdrhope; the Nicene Fatheis «flocuîJj oLo^i 
confotmded Ariws. Derivatives, JoLioo*d, 

XVm*, JLleȣ rt. Loc>. f. shavne, disgrace; 
often with J&( cora/amon o/ face; ]L'Loȣ Jj 
shamelessness ; ]L'Lo»£ ]|? shameless, imşmdent; 
with i-*^ or »^kfl& £0 behave himself unseemly ; 
metaph. an idol. 

Joos a) Pers. m. pottage; b) a shirt, gar- 

oaco and o-=a^> abbrev. for Jiaco. 

U^cls» pi. Jiaiaut a) m. a canal; h*s>c& ţJ& 
*-. Ki iAeir drinfc is from the canal, 6) # coo&- 
ing-pot, pan, dish. c) f. with soft o, fJLs ck 
a she-buffalo. 

JL>co pi. H. m. J&l^d<£* pi. )fcl— . f. a wild 
btdl, a buffdlo. 

U^c£> pi. i— rfc. *%^>- m. calling out, calling 
for help> complaint 

^^Lp pi. fcL m. a foundation, a great stone; 
\Â$ţ o***^ Jf* He cast the foundation of 
the earth. 

Uţco rt. v-fS found in Chaldee. m. clieer- 

Ujck pL £- rt. j»*a. m. searching, research; 
acrucible; declaration, showing forth; \s>\** 
)&m5? ifo making hnown of hiddm things; 
Jlsuf |i?o» ),g,v t ^ ifo predictions of the 

J$$o» rt. J^. m. a) diepersion, scattering. 

b) disper sed paris, scattered partidei; o>J?c£ 
kL\l? spiti milk. c) distribution ; wotoxaaJ; 
the distribution of his wealth. 

©*ct» f. Heb. Gen. i. 2. chaos, empiiness. 

M>o»a=> or )op«o& rt. opoo. m. perturba- 

tion, embarrassTnentt terror. 

m. ttoilightj daybreak; 

rt, t 

mjoo} Jyotci^d in the twilight ofdaton. 

U*)o3 rt. (mmJo. m. scorn, a laughing-stock ; 

derision, deltmon. 

JiLTci» or IjLJJ* pi. Ja-Vco m. a hawh, 


Jjjoa or JJîco pi. Uico m. au oniDU, pro- 

bably a provincial form of JI.3. 

H^îd!^ rarely . g-^j^cl^ Byzantium. 

JokJcLD pi. fi- m. rt. *^wjb>. a) a hole pierced 
through, a perforation ; J*!jf l^icLd </i6 ^oZe^ 
pierced în the hands and feet of the Lord by 
nails. b) gram. a slight 2*mse or opening be- 
tween two consonante, neither having a vowel. 

u*oa fut. w*CLaJ, inf. v*Â&j part. act. **(o. 
a) to &e weaX; or broken down with age, of human 
benign, of trees, &c. b) to be over-ripe, over- 
done, of food, fruit, &c. 

Jl^od pi. \lm m. rt. ţ«*a. examination, 
inquiry into, a query, a disjmtation; VLLsLz» 
Uj'o» >,â,N.o ^^.PotXy a disputation against 

4 * 

iAe adherents of the Gouncil of Ghalcedon. 

)Jt«*CLd pi. C- rt. ^M^d. m. a) inaî, visita- 
tion, proving ; )LajLXu»ci? KÎXmq^> the provitxg 
or <na^ 0/ faUh. b) crisis of an illness. 
c) a crttcible; JJ£j*cl^> )o»i( casi ti tnto i/w 

U^cu? rt. «ao. m. stirring. 

jJLZ^CLd tender grass or young blades of 
corn, the first growth of crops or 0/ weecfo 
which withers before harvest. 

JiJcua pi. U- rt. ^^.a. in. a) abolition, 
annidling, of debts, wills, &c. 6) infirmity, 
I08S of physical vigour. c) deposition of 

)Uo=> pi. JUco ra. rt. Jlii with affixes keeps 
one Olaph. comfort, consolation; pi. often 
hortatory or consolatory discov/rses. 

JiUo» f. JfcHUci» rt. )U>. adj. consolatory. 


?9 4 

pi. )1 m. rt. y«i». understanding, 
discernment; Ulco Jj want of judgement, 
senselessness ; ţioa JJ? often as adv. or adj. 
zoithout consideration, devoid of 'understanding ', 
senseless; joJcio JI? )Loi*^&2si> rf «m 

&lcu» m. rt. ^.w. dfeftzy, deferring; a hm- 
drance; **ia» lj? iwessantly. 

J*io,s Wttie or 6/ac& spote w <Ae wa^Zs. 

Usc£> pL Uscu> m. native, whether ahori- 
gines or earliest settlers, then settlers, inhabi- 
tants; jiăco )>.vi x>,v tfAe native raceg. 

Jtoco pi. f— m. rt. y*s. 2Ae fwst-bom of 
man or beasb ; hence Isa. lx. 6 a young 
camei* Metaph. Moses ]ISJ; J£oco first-born 
of the prophets; Stepben Jţon»? )&>&> first- 
bom of the martyrs; Sunday j^ocol; J£scu3 
first of the days, &c. Very often used of 
Christ, hence in Nestorian Liturgies, the holy 
bread is cal led j &><£», iu allusion to Christ 
the First-born of aîl creatures; )J> Uo*o 
• q-uo ^jfKiC. ) U> aa\ the jrriest shall break 

the Bukhra into two portions. 
hJ2\U>&> adv. rt. ista. first. 


9 * 4 

f. rt. ta*, right of the first-born, 

- s 

rej/Ai of primogeniture. 

J^£do^ a weaned camel-foal. 
ţ*oa2> m. a greaţ si<me. Cf. 

|tts, Mcua, Aad a) ŞovKfj, Council, Senate; 
with &**£ «Ae court-house, council-chamber ; 
J[q^? Uajfc>CUfc affairs of state, b) the spout of 
a jug. 

J^\qj>, ^a.AXcu* or HaLa^cu* pi. 

JjiAXao m. (3u\0âs 9 bulb, onion; jcnAS 
Joa/O*.? Kîy bulbs; )&aJL 4#*iS 
emetic bulbs. 

Jbx^ab pi. JL=L£qj=> nu rt. ^>. confusion, 

diaorder ; disturbance ; eorruption ; }K\ ci 
JJţ^aof ^Ae confusion ai the tower of Babei. 

Uo*^co pi. JJ<h^cl=> from *» 
dismay, stupefaction. 

j^o^ek aud *4<i^:<£* pi. Jjâ^cu* m. 

jSoi/Aeurjfc, a counsellor, senator; honourable. 

]la~£co f. pi. no sing. dgnet-rings, gems of 
rings, pebbles. 

. m. terror, 

j&Xco adv. rt. ţo. mitably, rightly. 

)^aa f, or com. Ar. cm ow>Z. 

)^cd Scopos, m. pi. AtgrA places, kill- 
slwines; Uaod 2 Chr. i. 13 by metathesis. 

v o-a root-meaning to separate. Cognate 
*!*&> ko^>. Pa. ţii to show, point out, to 
give instruction, understanding; to discern; 
o»too/ JLS o£ }&L}"God has shown us 
Ilis ways, Job xxviiL 23. Etbpa. ţ«o2.( 
to notice, take notice of regard, consider, 
understand, have discretion, with o or ^J** ; 
pass. io be tried, inguired into; +* +~& h( 

yQ&X'J** I understood their end, Ps. Ixxîii. 16; 

o^^ J«^M Ai* ca'2*5e was tried; part. in. 
w%d&rstanding , discreet, considerate. Dbriva- 

)^oţjcir> a baîl, globule; ţloţjj» «ao«Jo3 5o22^ 
ofwax; {JaOţJOd dim. a KwZe 6aW, peUet. 

jao cao clj cus or u» cui glsu u fiovŞS>vcs 9 
a swelling or sore m fAe groin. 

h*j&2> congratulation, rejoicing, the leading 
home of a bride. 

\£j ad a) base, foot , candlestick. b) = Jao o^. 

>m^fpqj> y fm^mcLs pi. jm^mco m. Sezn^r 
tom or rew£ m pieces, laceration* 

ţJi^ttaa basterna, a cZoserf Utter. 

loft fl o oja pi. K vim co m. gladness, delight, 
feliciiy; a banquet; pi. delights, pleasures; 
Umi><&>1 Jlio #wee£ or Hwi words. 

Jj^flosxa pi. JJudOâ m. contempt, confuting. 

JJÎsxcas m. Pers. a garden; ]^LJol^j»ad 
f. dim. « K«tfe garden. 

only found in Pa. or Aph. part. 
<o deZay, hinder, put off. Derivative, 

T. 9 

saliva from the mouth of one 
2>ossessed with a devii. 

l^ko^ m. rt. ^w=>. kicking, knoeking, 


Jls^oa pi. ))^Sc^ f. Mck, Imock, Uow. 

U^.cl» pi. iâi.cL& m. rt. ,nv>, wallmving 
or tumbling on the grotmd. 


*.j 4 

m. rt. 

gleaning grapes or cor». 

JfcoCo.» rt. J^a. xa.fewr, terror f punishmeni. 



> * 

.9 4 i? 4 

Keta m. bysBus, fine white Unm; hence is 

Utoa f. jţt»?e£> adj. of fine white Urmi. 

wToîs» U**7cLâ pi. \2- m. dîm. of L 

a) a wicky henee a lamp, a light. b) verbascum 
thapsus, a plant from whieh wicks were pre- 
pared. c) cummis anguinus. 

it<xj>, ]>*<£d pL )*>cl£> rt, *-a. m.failing, 
lessening, waning of the moon ; mistake, defect, 
omission in a manuscript; fault; Job? i*M> 
letting of blood; i!a^> JU without omission, 

ftdly; fîcîa *a»olT JJy neither more nor less. 

f. a) J5o$ra or Bostra, the 

capital of Ârabia Petraea. &) =)>^ Bassora 
on the Tigris, below Baghdad. 

JJL0C&» m. rt. Jji». £no2, jproo/, exjterience; 


wîth \iU to £r#, prove, make trial of 

jiiaco m. rt. k&a. fWaZ, vnquiry, examina- 
tion by torture* 

JLoc£* pL C m. a) baculum, a sfcyf, cudgel. 

b) bucolieus, a pastoral poet. c) the germ 
before the seed has sprouted. 

cufjlaod buccellarii, body-guards. 

buccellatum, soldiers bread. 

J, part, act. îki, j£-^. fo 2& 
uncultivated, waste, neglected; metaph. ^.»( 
IL» jl^tl the domain of wisdom was un~ 
reclainied; to be devoid, dismayed, confused; 
Jj/ *|Â )Uo2. ^ /am fe/fc without comfort, 
in dismay. Aph. ţ**£f ga leave uncultivated, 
lay waste. Ethpatjel *»aJ>l( to be amazed, 
confused. Debivatives, Jt-U, J***» k*l*cx*, 

Jlc£> pi j*c£* m. JlSck, pî. )$& f. rt. »a.=>. 
a waste; Joadf J*a> a thorny waste; tâmple, 
wilearned, foolish, rude; Jfcl^» ^* Jfaa 
rwdfe w speech. 

J»{faa or ţj^frco calamus aromaticus. 

$<£* fut. icu 

551, the leader of the Jacobites. He is said 
to have been so named from wearing a hovse- 
cloth for his cloak. 

VJÎ>a» adv. ignorantly, without eivilization. 

Hi** pi- Kj** m - *$W*$ a tower > turret; 
a pigeon-cote, pigeon-turret ; astron. a szgn of 
the zodiac; &£&> *»*iL the twelve signs. 

JuL£?*a> from the following. Baradaeus, 
a nickname of Jamee, Bishop of Edessa A. d. 


Jfc^?*c£& f. oftener J&k$t^ pî. irreg. 

ILxţfGja. a pack-saddle, saddle-cloth, hor se- 
cloth, rags. 

c»a=», jloioa rt. iad. f. a waste place; 
rudeness, ignorance; ^io»c^>%^L oiCr pray 
for me a rough ignorant man. 

»cu* pi. |w 3 )fcL or JLo f. mats made of 
sj)lit reeds or rtishes. 

JJîicl^ a) Chald. holiness, purity. b) dis- 
tance, remoteness, c) for toico borax. 

Jas, Joi 00 rt. *i^. m. a blessing, benedic- 
iion; esp. rit, lli <**ao <Ae Blessing of ilie 
Waters at the Feast of the Epiphany; y>do 
|od» <A€ Blessing of the Branclm 011 Palm 
Sunday ; JJ^o and jl^i^k. 5 the Blessing of the 
Ring and of the Crowns> i. e. the chief parts of 
Joyabţ IflftaJ ^Ae Order of Marriage. 

|ojcl=5 and «o9gl> m. Ar. ^re, borax. 

**o^>, )o9GLd pi. J— rt. yta. f. ^-6 /c?'^^, 

kneeting , a gemtjlexion ; ^Jâ'ytf «ojQoJa^^i 
/ was brought up at his knees; joycLd «1*40 
kneeling, genuflexion; )•-*• )^D9Q^> cld^j» </i6^ 
«& owfi geniţfiexion. 

j)ioiai> pi. ^— , J^l- rt. wta. f. a blessing; 
often with ? as adj., ]&>»c£>? Ji^i blessed 
rain t Metaph. bounty, a gift 9 present; ooi 
JfcLoicu* ^^\o »*X jfîw ww somewhat for 
a present; M ăA> «mN/i > o».in> Jfr.09aa> e* » O M 
2&ey distributed his bounty to all the people; 
J^LjH* **o» Jliloiaa? Jâtaioo Ae e> a partaker 
of the sacramental gift. 

Jo^ioo pi. H- m. a stonejar; )t«la j a croc£, 
earthen jar. 

^Ajicuâ from U^^ ^^ incarnaiion, the 
tdking of human nature. 

U**&* pi. H m. JfcLuif^, pi. JlC f. 

)L ? cui»iao f. tanning. 

\xL&i&> or |oQ.mia=> m. pi. Pers. baresma, 
a bundle of date, pomegranate, or tamarisk 
ttoigs, held by Magian priests or worshippers 
during service. 

toicid, lo>io,^ and ^-^cicua; see U>b 

îlicu> pî. )>_ rt. \o, m. pottage, boiled or 
cookedfood; digestion; the ripening of fruit. 

ia», fc*» fut. Icl2u, imper. ta^, inf. fc^ao, 
part. l)»a, pi. #^^2» probably denom. from 
Jfc»^. to lodge y pass the night, remain all night; 
with Lc^ of the pers. and o of the place ; 

Jitsa ţ~& °4^> we a & stayed with him that 
night; metaph, to dwell quietly, lodge, stay; 
)jo>^»^.a JlslzX o»*âJ his soul sliall dwell at 
ease, Ps. xxv. 13. Aph. }^St{io leave or to 
keep through the night, hence to withhold; 
«cuo^J fe^Âap Jjf )o^L(God will not keep 
back your wages; cf. Lev. xix. 13. Debita- 
txve the following — 

JL'cl» pi. ţi, ) m. 2> aS8 ^ n 9 flSn night, 
a vigil; 00* U\.\2> JITcl^ »■■£.%, &6 fcţpf *$£& 
<&a£ night. 

i£ fut. JaaJ, imper. Jc£=>, inf. *Jo2>, act. p. 
fii, pi. ţ+Tl* or ţ*&, pass. p. J*îa, io «poc/, 
ta#e spoil, plunder; &&> ^{?%,o ©Jl5 they 
despoiled him of everything. Ethpe. ffcl/ 7 
to be despoiled, pillaged; \L& Ifall the cily 
was pillaged; nietaph. J9omo ^ \\ lj&%3$ 
to rob tlie nigJd by vigils. Pa. )>£ to plunder 
with violence. Aph. j£/ r to spoil, despise. 
Palpel JaJs» to waste, seize again and again. 
Ethpalpel |i>jJS>i/ pass. Debivatives, 
J)©*=>, Jlole^, Liote, ))Ja, JloJ*JL*, JLjo, 

)tâ pi, J* m. Ar. a teat, pap, nipple; Ji£ 
koa^ the inner tegwments of the papa; w)La 
ht%\ri dogs paps, the sebestena or myxae, a 
medicinal plant. 

vii* JioU pi. \L m. JI'joU fi. IU. f. rt. 

)La. aspoiler f destroyer; Thou, Lord, v fo jA^ 
Ljc> Aas£ spoiled our 8j)0tler. 

o)oji> ; JLoJoţd rt. Ja. f. robbery, rapacity* 

L»)oJa pi. I— ii, Jls», m. pltmderinffy pillage; 

JJţo^tao Ji^&* j op &J Utf famous for murder 
and pillage. 

jowojJ» rt. ^i^>. m. apiercer, one who bores 
holes, e. g. in pearls. 

JÎJa pi. JZL m. Ar. a mercer, liwn-draper ; 


* - * 

« . 

Jîi» m. Jltf» f. rt. JL*. spoiling, plundering. 

*»** Pa. M j£, part. act. and pass. w»&ao, 
j^jj*j*& ? pi. m. ţ*2|io0. to niock, scoffat, insult; 
to ravish; generally with o, soraetimes ^. ; 
JsiiS cu»î£ they ravtshed the womm. Ethpa. 
u*îiL/ <o 5e scoffed at,pu£ to shavne; Herod 
)^.Q*^i ^» u*|ii( t(/as mocked by the Magi. 


ImI^S pi. J^îa m. rt. M*te. mocking, disgrace, 
reproach^ shameful lamguage; &**s» »< 
U.^ Ae w-o^e them a laughing-stock; 


, ]Loj-î» f, rt. )^. ^etn^ jjfomdered, 


\LJyk and U-î«> pî. C m. hawk, fcdcon, 
) £&*!:» m. a Jhlconer, 

^>d fut. ^.o|A?, inf.-^j^^, act. part. ^£», 
low^i, pass. part. ^-Jb> b£*î* to cZe^e, 5r^aA, 
jmr^ or 6o?v? through; to penetrate ; o£& <+JjJ> 
o»IlJJ «« pierees his hand; MlJEx s*.h> broke 
through his cuirase; } |/' i^j^ an arrow or 
a bird cZeav^? «fo air; with o of the instru- 
ment. Ethpe. ^îdt/ & 5e pierced throtigh. 
r a. 'Mâ io cm* or scratch deeply, rend or jnerce 
through and through; to burst through ; \£) 
rent or 5w?-si wineskins. Ethpa. 
<Măi.f <o 6«rs« open, be driven asunder, be 
broken up; Uix Jo^^slSJ» a cloud is rifted, 
dîapermâ, Dbkivatives, JjMa-a, bvj^s, 

^^=»> Wk^ rt.-fc.jA. m. a rent, cleft, opming; 
J>a^f teLy& a cleft in the mountain. 

*ok> to scatter, sow. Pa. <ojl» the same. 

tejj» pi. H, rt. yoU». m. a small pebble, 
smaller than U^â or \>a\J>; a toart; pî. 

Jjao^a pi. C m. dim. of U/tâ. Uny pebble. 

US, Ji'j pi. JiB f. rt. Ja. p-ey, «po»7; 

ro56er ^ spoiling; Uom»? JIU rooocry o/ 
the poor. 

jl&£ fem. of Ji» ^ap, Jreasi. 

)»a-*A pi. P m. assayer of raetals, trier of 
the heart, the thoughts; one who weighs, 
examinesi adj. that which trtea, testa. 

9 9 V 



, trial) searchmg out. 

]Lot oma f. rt. 

lS^it^*3 rt. ţj*a« adv. carefully, accurateîy, 
shtlJuUy; I^A&a ţ^H^ VJIJLJmL» *$£?/ are 
skilful archers ; il^.l( Is^iU^ 
most accuratdy translated. 

\9 * - 

!J^ îY was 




* • 

• f. test, trial, 

. f. wantonness, htstfulness. 

fut. fcwhi&Jj inf. ^-.rîNv^. to test metal ; 
to try, test. Pa. ţ*la to try, test metal; to 
examine, dispute; jîs**3.i^ ţ^JL^ae observing 
bird for augury; Jjs^cua 


* 9 r 

to test 

actions. Ethpa. +*J*l( to be tried, proved, 
examined ; to investigate judicially. Deriva- 
tivi^ U-o^, k-jjUfcaao, Ui^aso, Is-Ui**^^. 

fut. icuoj and »ioJ, imp. *cuo, inf, 
>, act. part. ;ii, jt*=» 3 pass. part. i+Z&, 
)l*Z£s. to try, prove as silver by fire ; metaph. 
to examine, observe, as jL^ f j!s£&,aD, \ & ~\m Z> s* 
the heart, ihe reins, tlie thoughts; Jli© ]i**z> )J?( 
the ear tries words; pass. part, tried, approved, 
accurate; expert, renoumed; with JJ base, re- 
jected, inaccurate; )UZt> \LL, a tested or 
accurate copy of a MS.; \j^Z..i> Uâ^0 an 
approved or renowned teacher; impers. }^*Z^> 
o£& it was proved, ascertained. Ethpe . &*?> 1 ( 
to be tried; with o in, by or conc&rning; 
]LVâJm3!i£> ItloL^zAow art £ne<# by poverty; 
impers. to be proved, ascertained; with^ and 
pers. pron. to prove himselfto bej <^. ;-«oÎsj 
<Aow shalt be proved capable. Ethpa. +*+*l( 
to be tried, proved. Derivatives, Jj; 
]»cu*a JLojcu*», IS-U-u**, JLo»*j**. 

*jla and **2.2> fut- **.cw=J and 
i*,c&*d and **L=> 3 act. part. *Z^, U~£, pasa. 
part. \J L*ZJ> , Jl&A-Jli» to sfir, shake, agitate; 
pL* jlZjs to stir the jaws — to cat ; to move 
quickly, hasten; ipoJx;? $++*>=> J^-^sa^^K 
we kastened to arise for service; metaph. to 
excite with deşire. Pa» +2J> to stir up, incite; 
ofţj Jcu* oid-** JSve incited Adam. Apii. 
«Jizpto stir or slmhe thoroughly. Deeiva- 

JJLJ> 2%e front of a skirt. 

\U*=> m. rt. .**.». stirring, shaking. 

, imp. 

> . p* 

J^ pl« *&■* m - «pcw&s from red-hot coala 
or from iron. 

îjaXa^» no sing. militar y roads or journeys. 

or t£DQ^)^ £aroff, rubus fruticosus, 

the bramble. 

jto^c» pi. f. perhaps of £J|a a bowl or 
tvine-vessel, or of jfeC^a. 

1^-^-2» perbaps Ar. a small roimd melon. 

fc%I)L^a rt.^^j», adv. carefully, accurately, 
diligently, instanily. 

k*IJL^J» rt.^>^>, adv. in vain, idly. 

jlaX»,^a rt, %^-s». f. care, forethought, 
diligence; with o, diligently, carefully. > i .tv!V 
"^jL jia^M^a «o endeavour, give oneselfup to. 
j]^o»>K( li^^,^ Divine Providence, some- 
times ellipt., jlal^^^a; JilLi a guardian 

]ia!t»^> ii. ţ^j>. f. coneeption; )lai^-a is 
raore commonly used. 

JljL^a f. a wine-jar. 

*%fa> fat. 'Vl^J 1 , înf. ,, V|*2cio J act. part. 
^sj^ ? Jl^i, pass. pai-t.%-4^ and'^Jii, H-, 
j fcL-, a) to cease work, be idle, at leisure; to come 
to an md> come to nought, fail; to be void, of no 
effect; to cease, especially with ţ£>from, M'a* 
»Hfcicu jl£ai£ ]*** ţ^Jo* the J ews ceased worh 
onee in six days. If two bishojjs are conse- 
crated to one see, |JLw(o *>^jL) ^^ib^o o o» 
*^^JLj he who is prior sliall serve, and the con- 
seeration of tJw oiher be void. b) to take care 
of, attend to; pass. part. i) impers. with^. 
and pers. pron. it concerned, hence to care, be 
concerned, , %£~ about, for; to be addicted to*, 
with o 3 \ or toi*. 2) adj. usually in tlie old 
form^-^s *°^7 obsolete, of no effect, unavail- 
ing, vain, unprofitable, idle, unoccupicd, out of 
emptoyment ; \^^ U^» an empty vessel; 
JL^ ] kaLgs a vain hope; ]f⣠\^u monihs with- 
out lawsuits; rit. cmnmon. ETHPE. , %^>i/ 
impers. with ^ and pers. pron-, with ? or 
^>£ of the object, to care, take care of, attend 
to; io be concerned, careful, diligent; '^s^Js.ăo 
Uî3^& JJl*^l£2». Joo* ihe discipks icerc con- 
cerned about tlie multitude; to idle, trifie atvuy 

Urne. Pa.%4^ t0 cau8e t0 cease > hrin( J t0 


nought or to an end, withdraw from, remove; 
^cuaJfcC^ ţ& JfcftâBu» >cv\,^J>l ye sJiall put 
away leaven from your houses ; to mahe void, 
useless, of no effect, to abolish s abrogate; 
to desist, leave off. ETHPA."^yipi< to cease, 
failj Imve nothing to do vjith, leave off; to be 
vain, be brought to nought Debivativks, 

JL^, f. ţ J^^, ]&£$& rt.-%^. adj. idle, 
vain, empty. 

J|-t^ pL )1^^. m. a earved ornament in 
Solomon's temple. 

kJjl^J» rfc. ^^. adv. toitkout any object, 


ţ^£^*£, U^j^â rt-^^a. m. suspension of 
labour, especially on holy days, loss of Urne 
ilvrough ilhiess; leisu/re, idleness. 

Ue^>, )î£si^£ f. tiu oah, ierebintk; pi. 
jaft»a terebinth-berries. 

ţfr> fui ţ^=J, act, part. ţfri, Jo^4 pass. 

part. ş*^=>, H*^a, Jl£u^. to conceive, be with 
child, bear; metaph. )i^2* Ji^s JJo^^o* 

the north wiwl is Jieavy with rain. Ethpe. 
ţfas>U imper. ţ^i( and Etrpa. ^L^i^to be 
conceived; metaph. o»aŞ£s j^\v» o>i£ }±1&L\>1 
the Word was conceived in Jier Jieart. Pa. to 
engender, breed* Debivatives, Jlajufr*, U-^=>- 

I > & ■ **> m. rt. ţ-J^-s. conception; metaph. 
jioa-i fc*x^a the concejriions of anger. 

adj. f. pregnant, with child. 

JLcoj^s» rt. ţ^.=>. f. conception. 

contracted form of }j£J> house; 
from house to house. 

)U*J> E-Syr. )SJ> Pa, to console, comfori; 
fui \ZJxj or jjIiLi, irap. Jjla, inf. oUamu^ or 




1 9 y s? 11 f * 

tf I ? f 

r , preş. part. %rr 

JJ^jao, f. )U&*> pi. m. ţ*£aL». One Olaph 
is kept in all the inflections and with affixes. 
Ethpa. f££Xr ^. V£%J and JjI^fcJ, inf. 
oj^aţ oct^ , or a*^£&oa^ 3 imper. s. m, )Ial^ 
f. **]££l( pi. m. olX^l/ f. ţJJJL^i/ 71 and 
ţJJJai/, part. J&alSJ» pi. ^»&!>&ca to be corn- 

forted, receive comfort. Derivatives, )i*co, 
JloiLo» f. pi. miall waiercourses ; cf. poa/. 

uJa*lc\^Jv»r>, u^pjfeo^AO pi* uasWill 

bibliotheca, library. 

tkrough, by means of; see *». 

4 m 


^ţ*ii Paiel conj. of^ţ^>. Ethpaial 
^ţL^l/* to play tlte fool, totter, stagger; 
wcho^JS )ow^Lj515o£ he scrabbled. 

jj o^o a woollen ttmtc. 

$f)x tov 9 coltsfoot. 

ş>J* a) Bel, the supreme deîty of 
the Babylonians. b) the planet Jujpiter; Un. 

itto]Ls> /3/XXo?, a billj notice. 

J»»S*5 or )>lA>^ deriv. Pers. m. a letter- 
carrier, eourier. 

*% J &£ or w.£0*£ £ the planet Vmus; 

jxJ> } UkJ> pi. J^Jsala, I^McLo, ^J^aftlS £ 

^ij/xa. a) the judgement-seat b) a bishop's 

throne; Uacu^jiţ |m1 * Sjw p^Jî </^ glortous 
tfvrone=see 9 of Antioch. c) a part of a 
church, ilie space between the sanctuary and 
the nave. 

^o Pa. of yoai ; to discern, mahe discern. 

Xa^ rt. «cl=>. prep. (the form 
takesthe pron. affixes of a noun in 
the sing., wi*a those of a noun in the pi. 
In construction with another nouu the form 
IsXJi is most often ueed; see %*J» the com- 
monest form of all). between, arnong i within y 
in the midst. Often used with^ and ^ 
of direction to and from, where in English 
it is not needed, JtoZi^ %1S ^ among the 
grass L Isa. xliv. 4; so mth^ ace, e.g. JLJ> 
between me and my vineyard. Idioms, 

&c. used with%, and a pron. suff. 
partieuhtrly, privately, German witer vier 
Augen; <£io JL* between me andthee; with 
7 * °" X > «hI^xX &c. within thyself himself 
in thy y in kis heart 9 &c f ; >Ie>f\ f 

ţ****** h& we ihink in or to otvrselves. 

J^soaS pi. J&iaS £ aphial, ve$sel,jug,pot 

jfe^S or Jfcoo pL ţ-xSlâ, UX5 or KS 

r y 

s> y 

y y 

y y 

]&&& f, egg; JfcoolL' J^S eggs with double 
yolks. Metaph. tke top of an arch; the erown 
of the head; testicle; the form of pi. \SSS îs 
used of eggs, jJso££ in the other meanings. 

ti£*S or ti&z£ l )&J£*-^ or j£Jl£*S 
adj. eggshaped, arched. 

)CJs m. )XJS f. rt. ioa. adj. barren> unculti- 
vatedy wisown. 

* sr 

\9 < p r 

. barrermess. 

4 m 


, Jlc^i £ rt. f 

|u^o, jJo^S na. ftrjpiov = birrus, a mitre or 
cZoa&, esp. of a bishop; JL^u»? JJo^-S a shaggy 

pi. jtvs f. 

]Î,W>, JlfJo or Jl'jJa constr. ll*£* 
apalace, castle, court, câmp. 

*^>, U^ £ JuLS, )&mJ> pi. m. 
f. ţiS, ]î£*3 rt. j*.U>. bad, evil; Jtf 
S a m<#£ deaih; \ JL > £ )d»oV a malig- 
nant ulcer; $ad> unfortunate or unlucky; 
Jl^ j*-3 unlucky; the Evil One; 

"^"' fcfo JfwZ 0?^ and Aw Aosfe. Fem. 


used as subst. mi, wickedness, misfortune; 
jlS*3 fc#»a^ evil-doers; ao utJd tw*y badly; 
j*Ja t**â diseased. 

jţjLa pi. )J£a rt. **,Jo. ni. ^>oor; apoor man. 

îsI|X3 adv. wichedly. 

]Lo**a f. et?#, harm; wiekedness, envy; 

9 v* 

3 )J8( IsuiuS &c. sadness; J»^ L 

* - 



wrong ojrinîon, heterodoxy. 
Beth, the second letter of 

&**£> pl. ^* 

the alphabet ; taw or second; see o. 

J&*£, !S^ pl. j£^, ţ^K^ constr. «&JL 
f. rt. |j^>. a house; room; temple or church, 
generally with the name yu^ wUj£> &*â 
$£. Mary's Ckurch; metaph. family, hence 
a nation, race, people; astron. mansion; rit. 
# ww o/ a %», versicle, short hymn, 
introit, \J^9 Jfc^=» versicles used in the ser- 
vices of Good Friday. h^S is often used 
to form compound nouns : a) names of places, 
as %J? U^ Bethel, jx-IX kw*£ BetJdehem, 
Sec; of countries, as £&fl' fe**» Assyria; 
Jl£-£ fc^o ^2/p*. &) to mean those belonging 
to or associated with in any way, companioni, 
followers, especially with f, as Jo^X/ kw^aj 
thefaitkfod, tke servanta ofGod; HJaT fcwwS? 
the Greeks; %IU^£ %-J*t the archangels; 

43 rdicJlA» iua 

*-»oi l^*aj i^6 mew ofNoah's age; sj\&* %-*3>1 
MU and his sons; jpoţjq^ola fcw^f i/fce 
arm^, iAe dynasty of the Ptolemies. Some- 
times without ?, especially the names of sects, 
as uaoaij^fcs-^â the Arians; \\o& l^ tJie 
followers of Paul of Samosata. c) the place 
where anything is to be found, kept or done. 
The gender of these compound nouns often 
agrees with the second part. Instances where 
&-*£ is best translated place or Itouse are not 
given in the following list. The prep. o is 
rarely found before Js^ in construction with 
anotlier noun, never before any word for 
pi'isori ; jmav» k**£ ofe^i sitting at the cmtom- 
Itouse. V~*-â is sometinies redundant, as 
J)g3 î*s+2>9 JoIiclX the deaih of P avi. 

\£4kj*t%j& the patriarchal Itouse or see. 
*^sl / fcw^ tJie house of Gfod, Bethel. 
J-i^7 r fcs-i> house of correction. 
bluf ^â the people of a toton or coimtry. 
ţ*£o{ (gâ aprtson. 
)^tf &( J^a a latrine, privy. 
l£??"or jof/'lS^S archives, library. 
]L« is^â a caravansary, lodging for the 

Jiii ^mJ wailing for the dead, lammtaiion, 

%+*£> a censer. 

)^»a^ l^a a refuge. 

Jj^k-*i> « treasury; ihe sanctuar y of 
a church ; E-Syr. a recess m «Ae îiorfA w?aB o/ 
</te sanctuary. 

JJai^. k*^S «Ae bride-chamber. 

U-9o; few^S a gymnasium, school. 

)i* ? fcJ or JITf Js^ a tribunal, law-courL 

\1j} &»*£ Kpiphany. 

U>? ^*â j see U>o? fcs^â. 

jhCa^Ă or te^oi 1^ a gallery, corridor. 

Jl>o l^o a trysting-place ; assembly. 

l&f] Js^S a portion of land sown or fit for 

1*1*. azi** ts*aa;)re£0ft. 
)>al* l5^a a tower, look-out 

)jo|I ÎS-^ ^ iheatre. 

Ua^** fcsx5 a marriage-feasL 

G 2 

r£\2a» dus 

}L&L k*& a banquetmg-halh 

ţjJkţţ JJwJi a hiichen. 

U4^c£* &**£ a school. 

jţ^T fcwJ> birthday, especially the Naiivity 
of Chist i a horoscope; the rtsing of the sun 
or moon. 

Jo**So fc**£ hospitaL 

jw^ 1^*5 house of bready Bethlehem. 

MJJ& k-J» a store-room. 

Uo-^^o fcw^ a kitchen* 

k ^ f Sfr fc**£ a cemetery. 

Yl+x> %*>& a ceîlar. 

*i***3 ^5 afootprint. 

]+2{ •piei k**5 a fo'&j handle. 

k=>Lcx& &**£ a) a dwelling; b) session; see 
imder JS-^ prep. 

H dftiLsp &**£ a custom-house, 
h&^sJo J^S a palace. 
)l an\ . v> fc^o kingdom, royal palace. 
y Aftmx» fiwja a j?rc?p, support. 
}h^f avi \,x> K*o baptistery* 
] ;. v i W fcs*o» habitation, house. 
U,*xl& h**£ temple, sanctuary. 
\\& Its-N-S afortress y castle. 

IS^S a bedchamber. 

fcw"£ tabernaele. 

K+**to h**£ habitation, resting-place, lodging. 

Ufc^i k**o a j?fcecâ /or watering caltle; 
a banquet. 

Jicu IVw^ temple of fire; stove. 

h*j îs** tlie harem, tJie womens apartments. 

) Jcm» 1S-a£ a chureh dedicated to or contairir 
ing relics ofmartyrs* 

J|^^» &•*£ <&M0 o^ Me Ze/fc AcmcZ, rejected at 
the Last Day. 

jt QAS C &**£ 6arWj granary. 

)Ji£. HsaS record-office. 


YlLL %*& îlte foreliead. j^a here is a prep. ; 
see below. 

J&^L fc^ pi. Jl'fcfcLf j^ fempZe ^ 
a /«</& jyZace, temple of idols. 



Jtojcu or J»ai 

£ sepulchre. 

Iţ-JLX fcwca baptistery. 

]Ltx£ %**£ Bethany, house of echo or 

Y^ h**& Betfopliage, house offigi. 

)h>%2> ls*& temple of idols. 

J^©r fcwJâ rendezvous, goal. 

YŞ1 fc^jS Bethsatda, plaee ofthefish&r. 

jta^o &**â sepulch/re. 

U-f cud fcw*5 samiwxry. 

jXAjao fcw^ treasv/ry. 

\1U& ItvJ* pasiv/re, grazing-coimtry. 

store-room s bam. 
JLJ livo stirrup. 
f^o*» ÎS-»o armoury. 

idO09 Jts*5 eveningj stmset. 

jt^ a , ^ £ Jts-*u5 îî/ee morrow after the 


JlS^* ls^ synagogm; refeetory. 
U^i^CLiv J^S dominions. 
U&*i !ts*5 well-watered land. 
Jfici^Ji Hs-o^/air, market, 

J*ac&L V^d ^ borders, marches. 
AasI !s^2r bakehouse. 

\S$t fc**£ jpor^ vestibule; of. beîow. 

Deeivatives, lai>, Jlc^, ^{l^», k»ofc^3, 
Jiofc^, wl^2> verb, wfcL^, )ia-iW^ 3 U*3U=^o, 

contractecl from 

: see %a*^ rt. 


. prep. between, ammg, at, while. whilst; 


9 r 

Tt^ 9 fi 


between—and; ^ fc^â^. Ji^^ Jia^ 

creature, Gen. ix. 16, cf. ver. 17 ; k*£ J&from, 
from among, out of; often witli^, k*£ ^^ 
half-dead; ^i^ *^ k*£ half-mleep; 

K-^> betwem infamtry and 
cavalry; with ^ twiee, ^ o w^. fc«^ ^ we6W 
me^ndttee; oO^. +3[ U*£ each to Kimsdf; 
** & &■ o»^ ^*a 6y or to himsdfs Jţ:} fc^S 5y, 
6y <Ae ^p of (see H ); Jft^ V^^KwTAowt to 




Mesopotamia; Ul£ îs*â the forehead; is* 
kktlTa gateway, porch. 

%*Z\}^Jk from Jts*a. adv. ctwî, privately; 
îslUcooio S properly and essentially. 

ţjots-^ m. dim. of jîsJ> a small hoitse or 
building; a ceîl. 

jloîs*J> from )&wo. f. only in Jioîs*a îsi>» 

* r 

,_ . , fut. w^âJ 

u&Lc U e, part. act. IWsoo, f. U 4 


9 „ r 

to bring home, admit into a family, )îs--^> 
*'^J ilţâLaaSE 6n«0 /towie f/wse o/ Thyfiock 
who are disper sed abroad; to tame, domesti- 
cate; to takefor onds own, apşyropriate ; with 

to win, tahe or gainfor oneself; 
i to vnn over rebels. Ethpa. 
U to make a friend of, become intimate 
or familiar with, accustomed to; to be like, 
reUted, »h^lF $&%$>£&> yoVs\,ffi& their 
language is reîated to Chaldee; gram, to be 
cognate, derived from, as \J ^s > ;■■ &, !/ from 

»)U, U£^ m. jfcL&£, f. pi. m. ^ 
H&^, pi. f. ^L., ))C- from JU*. adj. ftcZoip- 
ing to the family or hovsehold, domestic, familiar, 
anassociate, intimate friend ; private, peculiar, 
proper, inbred, suitable, convmient, like, related 
to, near, aUn; JC&^ Itf^jt^jS /«* 
family reasons, private business; uix.? h+ *•<•*[ 
]&&J> my oim hands ; ♦Jajoâiw jlîs*£ ♦*fcJ 
to speak more properly or exactly; tfo* Ui^> 
jfim^L wÎjLjS ^Js* iAis opinion is nearer to 
the truth. 

JLcufs*£ f. bring of the same household; col- 
lect. household; hence a) relationship, friemd- 
ship,intimacy,familiarity; jloua-c»? jlcuî>^a 
the household of faith; J^i? JLcu^jWoufc- 
*ft(p M»#Ă (roi. 6) ownership; likeness, affinity ; 
gram. relation of one word to anoiher, by 
derivatim; Jt'cu&Ji toilor ? JloWfeWero 
by which one word is formed from another, 
especially Yud and Nun * and ^j, e.g. tfiâjL 
and Uj&L from J£âJ& dust; and witli foreign 
words ^ %£D $ and jî. 

1 'n ■* 

, inf. 

9 .* 

* P 

P * 


Oi» ? 

45 &l&£> 

«o weep witt suff. and'V ace, or with ^^ of 
the cause; \j±L %«& lit. place of those that 
weep, lamentation, mouming. Ethpb. uaual/' 
^o ie bewailed, lamented for. Pa, maa to 
greaily bewail, weep cojdously; to cause to 
weep or lament; with suff. and 1 ^ ace, or with 
^L of the cause. Ethpa. ^Lifto be deeply 
lamented, Aphel %*£&ţto make weep. Deri- 

VATIYES, UsJ*, U*£>, ]ÎS2&> |jUaJ3L^. 

\*p& m. ]î£^> f. a cock, a hen; cf. i^2>{, 

jicuui pi. Ţ rt. vis>. m. a weaned camei foal. 

JJjxâ rt. l^a-2>. m. weeping, mourning, 

\Z£& pi. j^oâ, m. JIsa^ pi. Jfcsla^ f. rt. 
)^^. a mourner, especîally tvomen hired to make 

Islit^a adv. rt. ^». precodmsly, for tîie 
first Urne. 

Ut*o=> f. jîîLwia pi. m. \^i f. jîs^ rt. *a». 
adj. the earliest, primitive, primary; pi. ea/rly 
lambs or fe*^; U^^p» jt&^ fiarZ^ ram, opp. 
ţlfc^o.^. ; UlnAS» U^jvcu- primary thought. 

JLcu£*ââ rt. ^^>. f. prioriiy. 


$$<<^¥** * 

f. no sing. unripe grapes, sour 

V y 

r y 
r y . y ? >- 

grapes; gaUs. 

l&&£ comp. of o and Joa^* interrog. adv. 
for how much ? 

].£sioîo or fiiY^ar^ vulg. Arab. m. an irik-pot. 

yxs> act. p. iJi^. <o 6rmgr /or^ ear^y flowers 
or fruit. Ethpe. ^»l( to befîrst-born. Pa. 
to 5e the first, go first or before; with 
fo do or attempt first; the almond-tree 

?5 ^Ae earliest to blossom; oo» 
o»Loik *a£ Isoo^ă Ae wa» the first to come to 
Mm, i.e. was his first disciple. Derivatives, 

]i& f. jL'ii^.pL m. T, f. jîs P rt. 

early , first-ripe ; pi. m. first-fruits ; metaph. 
Jiia JfJS. the first feast-day, i.e. the Nativity 
of om* Lord. 

boundary-stone ; cf. *^>, U«^co and Uao^. 

îsa^ part. f. j&ii to toeavefor hire; henco 
JÎ&&* f pi. i 4 ^- a hired weaveress, and Neo- 
Syriac ]&i£ pi. JLVâii a ^wiaw, spinster. 

46 »L 

Jl£&> fem. of UaJ* rt. ku>. weeping, mourn- 
ing, lamentation. 

*%& act. part, ^k», pi ţ;*^ or ţ*^& 
pass. part.^Xa», )U\s», jk f \»N«». io confuse, 
confound; \JLL& — >ftv*.gr>o( ^Xi=> i/i05e to/eo 
confound the substances, the natures of Chnst ; 
pass, part. as adj. mixed, confnsed, Metaph. 
disorderly, irregular, irratwnal; ^-JŞ-3 J|? 
in riglit order; JllJSja J^*aco lines confusedly 
written; )L\a Jj^o irrational nature; ^-J^j* 
l^cufcâ Germ. verwirrt, out of his mind with 
Iove; subst. m. mixed fodderj cîeansed toheat. 
Palpel \^\a io confound) confuse, mar, 

spoil; Ui^^! U#£ U^^a^ theLord 
confounded the la?iguages of all the earth, Gen. 
2ti. 9; J^.NAN^v JJ ]Lcu>w» itnion without 
confusion (in the Person of Christ). Ethpal- 
PAii^^Nal/ io be confused, disordered, dis- 
turbed, trouhled. Demvativbs, }Lx^o^ : 

Jlr> or *\* fut. JL=J, inf, J|^>, preş. part. 
JLa, J^kd to grow old, toear oui, especially of 
clothes; JfcJ^i )Jb| torn wine-slcins; chroni- 
cles ui£^o uooi cus&LiL? which had grown old 
and worn out. Metaph. to %oear or waste 
away, to be conswmed; wţşnjbX jş^Nj* / wear 
away in my grief Ethpe. ^\=>l( to be con- 
su/medy to waste away. Pa. u^ to fail with 
age, waste away; U k ^ ^L o£L Ji£» the world 
waxes old, wears away. Ethpa. u^&i/ to 
fail. Aph. &>f to cause to waste away or 
fazi. Deriv atives, As, ]Lx£, | «, , S. » , 

JU m. ife heart; jU^^L 4*U-^io tofe «o 
lieart, consider, care; y**%JL ^^r» A entered 


his heart; IpX yud io noiice, apply his mind, 
set his mind on, resolve; Jli ^o 6y lieart, by 

uso^jJLs, u»ajJL>, *j)b>, l-oJL>, ^>JL=>, 
JiS; see U^=> ra. a bath, bath-house. 
tjls», ^>)|^ balsam. 


)t^jS.OA^a pi, Jl^— f. a to?c&. 

j^^Cra^a f. the uvula; see jy^S.^\ 

act. part. J< £ \-v x s pass. part. 
. a) io terrify, stvm,, astonish. b) to 

hasten, advance, bring wp troops; encourage. 
Ethpa. ^S^lF to be astonished, dismayed, 
terrified. Derivatives, J-o^co, Kuo ^V » * * » * 

g&^S, \-l <fŞ-* pi. £. m. the oah, quercus 
ballota; theilex; JU? j?o^* the date-palm i 
M&J& ^d\ja the cliestnut. 

[) cf\Â p]. J fc L=}JiX^.cus a counsellor. 

}v. l r> l v ^?*\> lilwmbata, scourges loaded with 


Ui. a-i^ pi, J— m. a) a hook, fish-hooh 
b) a small hoop to fastert torn wme-Bkins. 

UL£\J> pi. J>— rt. ^Sja. m. o?te wlw 
swăllows up, a devourer; adj. voraciotis. 

Jfc^a.^3 pi. jfc^- or Jl£! rt. ^^2>. f. a sink, 

pi. a) chains, bracelets of gold; 


plaits of hair, 6) =jlo»r> beryh 

JL^zXj denom. verb from ţaL^a, to be the 
only one; gram. to be in the singular nwmber. 

9o.+*^Js adv. formed from o 3 2^,, and rt. J»; 

see ?ojA. only, alone; w?o*JX£ or JLî^ 
^?ciw,\a / only. 

JlcuţOsM^i» prob. mistake for jlcujcwx. 
loneliness, being in tlie singular nwmber. 

^ua Peal and £i&S Pael. a) to shut the 
eyeSj boit gates. 6) to be worm-eaten, moih-» 
eaten. c) to have prominent eyes or tdcerated 
eyes. Ethpa, ^LJLir to be bolted. Aph. 
^&>( a) to breed worms, become carious, rot 
as wood; ^- X^s? ^j Uk+B sound tfanber, wood 
that will not rot. b) \}^JL£> )&L prominmt 
eyes. Derivatives, )lfcs«fc\,->, JU. 

)^-^^=U^> ra. the knop or eup of a flower; 
the bowl of a candlestick, a sconce. 

U^Xi the wood or shaft of a spear. 

]^L^.^s rt. ^j>. f, teredo xylophagus, 
a boring-worm; caries. 

»&> root }l». negative partide, generally 
used with ţ&, without, for want of for lach 
of, lacking; )^p 3 Ucl^\ <^&> ^ for lack 

of clothing, of knowledge, &c. ; Js^oj *^s> «o 

he stood motionless, 

*^*, [Z'&s pi, ^ rt. JU. m. a) the wearing- 
out of clothes; worn-out clothes, rags, b) 



2= u n&» fatling, îack, sca/rdty y want ; 
IooÎsd for lack of scribes. 

\&& pi. H. m. and ££=> pi. £&5>, JJL^S 
m. rt. JL». old, wom-oui. 

)icu ^, > rt. J». f. wearing away, waxing 
old> being worn-out 

^*\a m. mixed fodder ; see^^x 

ÎsJ1LX=> rt.^.». adv. confusedly, unthout 
any order, incorrectly. 

) i'c£ ^J\ .3 > rt.^»*». f. mixture, confusion 9 
mistake. Metaph. uloA.Aao «laL.^1» î???/ 
sinful and distracted seif. 

ji'oxAd rt. ^.\,:>. f. greediness; avidity, 
absorption, e.g.» fes-aau»^ m iAe Zove o/ 

pXca fut. yaNaJ, act. part. vl&>, U ^> ; 
pass. part. y«Na> )oo.»\:>. ^o mmâ&) check. 
Metaph. UI«J1; ©c&ci!b «£& Ae muzzled — 
stopped — the heretics mouth. Ethpe. «£&»!, f 
imp. y^.=>i( io have the mouth stopped, io be 
struck ckwib, cheeked, bridled; io be obstructed 
of the womb. Derivative the following — 

Jjbci\^ pi. J2, m. a hatter, headstăll, bridle. 
U£g or *£*£ pi. \til\& $ also vJjjU, 

^mjjjjjii, uaoOjjJS, and uaaJjLa, U£ &c. fiakaveîov, 

a bath. Debivative, j-oixk*. 

I^lXS fikato-os;, splay-footed. 

\Lja S& m. a «Aâto ass of Egyplian or 
Georgian breed } sraall and swift. 

.m^ Vw\ ^. . ^^'v ^'s or o>x&rnNr> balistae, 
an engine ofwar to throw darts or stones. 




r_ * 

, aci part. 

V 9 

)&S^£a, pass. part. ^^^, kk^»> J&^*^d. 

a) to swallow up, devoivr, usually metaph. 
Jij£ tf* , ţfj /* fc. j %Ş £ i/i<3 ^ariA stvallowed them 
up; Jls^^^oJL iAe devouring pit; pass. 
part. devoured, mgidphed, imrmrsed; 
L£oft*a invmersed in debt ; o» 
s/«? wa$ devoured by Iove of Mm; gram. mufe. 
6) to Je 8truck } smitten, beaten } wounded, with 


ri£ Of yf 

with a sword; yooM" 

fv» ? 

6w%, urrong, înjure their migJtbours. Metaph. 

with various passions, jtotko %&> he was 
struck with admiration; IxuLJ* smitten with 
envy; ]k*j&:&> stricken with grief Ethpe. 

>l( imp. -^ŞjSL/ a) to be.absorbed) $wal- 
lowed U2? 9 carried away; gram. Jac. to be omit- 
Ud in jyrommciation, mute, b) to be struck, 
wounded. Pa. ^££ a) to lap water from 
ones hand; b) to be beaten, slain. Aph. 

v} r to strike, wound. Derivatives* J^» o^£>, 

pi. )I- rt. ^w\.s. m. swallowing; 
gram. ]« ^u when o« is not pronounced, 
as Jocj, opp. JS -Saia» when ii haa a poxnt 
under it and is pronounced jooj. 

»,^\S prep. talces suffixes like a plural 
noun. without; often with ^ preceding or 
following ; 9 %*ot »^^o without. 

)ko^£a rt. , «^^. f. one who devours, swal- 
Iovjs down; a sinking aivay 3 subsidence. 
Metaph. of the setting sun, receding tide. 

r ^2> to bud f blos8om; pass. part. -aN^, )-*^ 


wfe Ethpe. 


utteredy opp. 
6e explained, expounded. Ethpe. and Ethpa. 
gram. io &e uitered, pronounced. Aph. ~£s>j r 
to make bud or sprout; to disclose, discover, 
to teach or expound; gram. to make a letter 
capable of pronunciation by adding a vowel. 
Ettaph. ţ^âlTif io explain, declare; gram. 

io utter, pronounce. 


].\.^ m. rt. 


enunciation of 

a letter ; cf. 

-iii» pi. ) a gram; Jââooy? J^=> a pome~ 
granate seed. 

Jl£*To" ^j£ pi. JlS-* f. « spark. 

j, act. part. 

fut. Ud 


uxiîa, io^â with'^i.. io come unawares or 
unhoked for> fall suddenly upon; to come 
quickly, arrive; to happen, occur unexpectedly ; 
used of illness, war, &c; to rise as a star, 
light; to deşire eagerly. Ethpa. j £Ls >1( to 
be eager about anytliing, eagcrly deşire. Aph. 
part. 1 n s v^^ coming unexpectedly , falling on 
by night, E-Syr. Dkeivative the following— 

jjaiva m. an %mexpected occurrence. 

|**bfc2> m. pi. thieves, marauders. 

J&sJ> m. aperfume or ointment-box. 



rtt 'b\a%x8a£* 

; see •#£ 

U» fut. UsJ, imp. uîs> act. part. U», 
Uxi> pi. m, ^o^, f. ^iâ, pass. part. Us>, UjuS 
pi. m. *4*> '• J^>* i° build. Metaph. to 
buiîd up, edijy, to construct; to compose or 
adapt canticles, expressions, &c. ; act. part. 
a builder. Ethpe. vi^l< to be btrilt, erected, 
founded; jxZ*%JL to the narne or in memory 
of. Pa. ul£ to restore; seldom except metaph. 
to exkort, eneourage, edzfy; yaO£ U£ comfort 
your heart. Ethpa. ul^i^ pass. Debiva- 

TIVES, JfcwO, U<UJ>, Ul£, l*X», Jlculd, U*XS> 3 

jos» m. pi. Jii», jtaiS a ftaife; Jji> ;^L 7w 
who heats the bath; cf, U^. Derivative, 

J*ii> and J^iS pi. jXiLd f. Pers. a banner, 

&2x part. E&iiajp denom. verb from U>ţju>. 
to roit up, mahe into a băii. 

U$*iz* a baU; cf. J*o*jg^. 

• * 

Ucu^ pi, }L rt, U*. ni. a builder, 

*aJ-^ 3 JwOâ, ţ. « t -> ; see t^ son, probabiy 
from Uo. 

jjjj> pi. |^L rt. U». m. a builder, founder. 
Metaph. jL&»$aD* |Jai» JJL\*L i/ie Âpostles 
were founder s of sees. 

Ui» rt. U=>. m. building. 

Jl.cui£ rt. Jjj». f. i/ie ari ofbuilding. 

ţ*i5>i U*!* pi. |— rt. Ud. m. building; 
a building, edifice. Metaph. swpersiruciwtf, 
edijlcation, instruction. 

pi. of Uj *3. 

jîs^j_=> rt. U^. f. a building, structure t edifice. 

Jb» 5 JfcU* pi. of Jt*J> daughter; see *£, J£*. 
jttii m. JIVju* f. pi. m. J2i», f. Jlsia keeper 

of a bath. 

Ueo fut. U&zu, imp. umd, act. parfc. jAs», 
>*nc\d pi. m. +*—> f. **—* 2e disdain, despise, 
scorn, witîi o or%X; pass. part. Uo, Urea 
pi. m. **md, M^, 1. ţ^o^ ; JJS^a». aespised, 
despicable, of no value. Ethpe, %*â±£>l( to be 
desjrised, neglected. Pa. *ma io despise, neg- 
lect, Ethpa. ^goi( ft> 6e despised, scornea. 
Aph, i»mr»( 20 despise, neglect, slight, disregarcl; 

r* •* 

. _ _> j *£ \ ^fto l^jL cu£ ajhis servanta had 
neglected to buy bread; ^ im^» ^f ooj 
iTe ii?Ao </o^5 not descrise ihy pet&tion. 

9$ ? 

I)EBIVATIVES ? UfftO, \*-+ Y » flft .&, )*•' 

^i, fltfi Palpel of *mJ> nnused; fut. 
imVvj imp. «xnamd, act. part. «m^nr^vs 
pass. tfloJumjLîo- to tear in pieces as wild 
beasts. Metaph. to outrage. EthpaiiPAI* 
qaa»alf to 6e <orw or re?^ inpieces. Metaph. 
io 77472. wildly into sin. Dekivatives, 

Ulm^ pi. C-. m. rt gold or se7wr coin worth 
700 draclvmas* pi. f *?j a â and Jioţ rn ^ a piUow, 
cusîiion; cf. Jj-W . 

U a m i pi. k_ rt. p.rn.r>. m. given to 

pleasure, effeminate. 
9 4 3 

jycLca^ rt. ;aa, m. a despiser, contemner. 
Ucc^ rt. U&d. m. wfei vzleness. 

IS^Umi» rt. jsâtt^. adv. disdainfuUy, care~ 

lessly, neglectfuUy. 

o^a , jlcuma rt. Udd. 7ieglect, poverty, 
meanness, especially of clotbes. 

k£-^X*,iiu^ and t,5.>\m^ pi. ).a*\Z(v>^, 
fc £D O . Q l ^ \ I. n a, ^ and .mnLXm^ f. /Sno-tXtic^, 
a palace, court of justice, church; J&J clX 
J-a-J^Xio-a? a?i anthem Bang when Christian 
kings or emperors were at service. 

^jr ka c u»a rt. jam^. adv. pleasantly, hindly, 


ji ci . N^ ^ m . a rt. p^a^». f. sweetness, pleasant- 
ness, kindness, gladness; L*L*> I ctaa - , ^-> 

M » nft"> rt. U&â. m. despising, neglig&nce^ 

they shall fine him for 
negligence; anything despicable ; Uft&f Ulm^ 
</w (fre^5 0/ ^ people. 

*ficum^ pi. the same. f. jSao-ty, <A$ Sa^e, /ooi 
of a candlestick. 



IKULfiu» rt. 


*t* *n 

*• «^ 


adv. v»M contempt, 
l cont&npt t baseness. 



* * 

fut. urn^j, act. part. 

pase, part. «urna, Uuâi, )^oft*ifta a) to be 
jragrani, sweet. Metaph. with^» to please; 
1 oC£ l^vtm^ îi pleases Mm to; ^mi; \& 
when they please; to enjoy, deliglvt in with o; 
«o make merry^ be glad; q&£L pm^ /«s /i-eari is 
merry. b) denom. from |^.i to bum incense, 
perfwne. Verbal adj. sv)eet,fragrant; especially 
witîi l~*f, U-J jpuâai» Jjio iAe $weei rose; 
Ui^J or tt*mj»? lfo*o sweet-smelling wood. 
Metaph. merry, pteasant, kind, mild, gentle; 

)fc oft*^> l*io» a gentle breeze; 1*jJ ywâkii o/ 
pleasing manners ; ptt*&a tt^ax» aplcasant 
or smooth style. Pa. vxa&i» a) io wavte cheerful ; 
with MLi£ io soften, sooihe; to delight, cause 
to rejoice with o ; &) fc> sweeten, perfume > 
prepare perfume or incense; \*M\s<\r> to season 
with salt; Krvcn^y u.ftvr^ perfwming the 
hair; l^ftmaOO jJ**^o aromatic oii; 
jhLJof composing sweet psalms. Ethpa. 
•Lf io refresh oneself, taJce delight in, enjoy 

•with «a or ^o ; ca-fc* i. v> yi.oiofto? io e^yo?/ 
At5 conversation or company. Apu. *xa&ja( 
to yield fragrance* Deriv atiyes, qjs», 

-JV p 

y y 

pl. |ljo fift-â , Jjcooio-S, and 

ii^xm-S rt. ftfl&g m. sw;ee£ spices, oiniment, 
p$rfam$y sweet odowr, incense; with xai» or 
ţk&fto bum incense; ]j&m&j )i&& smoke, 
fumeSy or vapour of incense; £ l*2> or i>? ^i^3 

a censer; 

9 9 y 

»f Uxo sweet calanms. 
pl. 12. rt. aod. m. a maker or 

seZ&r of ointments and perfwmes. 

)^aama pl. I^Sm^ rt. »ao. m. pleastore, 
luxwry ; enjoyment, feasting, \ *<\ m\ a y-a x «c 
wacZe a banquet. 

\M*mî and Kv.m* ; see y^o, U~£. 

•7» ? 

; see 
fut. * * 


»^>; see 

, f. 6a$e, $Aajft, or stern 

imp. )n<ns>, inf. 


&ei. part. ;mS, Jw*4 pass. part. ^^>, ) 
JL V*Âa io despise, scorn with ^ or ^x, io 
blame, reprove, condewm; j»cuo-^t? ^^J« 
jtcuo» ^iiw JIoS.inp (Aof humility may 

** >• 

reprow iAzs arrogance; ^ ^l^ «^| |1^j 

2/» °^^ opinion condemns you; pass. part. 
despised, rejected, despicable; UoVa ^ai 
^u»2> a rejected excuse. Ethpe. *&»!./* and 
Ethpa. ^malf «o 6e despised. Pa. w^ ^o 
df«ţpte with ^ or %^L; Jl/o» ^i,, "^ 
ctupu to seorn death, despise dangers; to dare. 

DeMVATIVES, Jj;jx>cl^ J4^ ^ ^ ^| ; ^ m ^ 

Pael denom. frora Jiaxa. to clotke with 

Jlesh, to incarnate; ||m^ U vworporedl ; 

\ jm]Lxz \ \i&>& the incarnate Word. Ethpa. 

^m^i/ io Aaw ia^e^ j^^fe, to beconie in- 

+axs>, ţlaxZ pl. 12. m. a) jle$h y hence iAe 
body; ;m,^a in i&e ^es/i, according to the 
Jlesh, carnally ; jt^=>? )ia» natural death; 
J£lS^ }ic&â afieshy growth, excrescence ; pl. f. 
Ilşflttft carcasses y tlie fleshy parts of the body. 
6) £H&2p, fleshy part of fruit ; pl. ra. unripe 
fruit, especially sowr grapes; )îse^ <l£> i^e 
ymce o/ unripe grapes. Debivatiyes, verb 

Uind f. ]fcCJioi5 pl. m. ţî, \1~ f. I^a— rh 
); L 'v> of fleshy fleshy; corporeal, carnal; 
ţţSiaJz* libţĂ iAe /?fi5% p ari5 °/ ^ e &o%. 

^Jjjirajâ from )^oclS adv. carnally > accord- 
ing to theflesh. 

) tjjftj ■ i^ JL from )i-m-S. f. incarnation; med. 
iAe granulation of jlesh. 

12fcȣ, JlsJ pl. m. H f. JC from ]^^. 

a) adj. offlesh, animal food; according to the 

fles7i,fleshly y carnal; earthly, terrestrial; l^o? 

jJLîim.^ i/te impulses of tJie jlesh; J| 1 vi ,- X 

ooj I^Jţaia it is supematuralj or celestial food. 

b) med. a S2)ecies ofdropsy. 

)jşmj>— jknvftS», cf. the folio wing ; 

!iofc*m£ and UlS^^>. Pers. a &o«Z<s; 5 
lâ-Mţ an eartlhen bottle. 


»ft^aa.=>, j»jsaiâ Pers. m. subst. <Ae back, 
hmderpart; U-> il^ao «Ae occiput, back of 
the head; &± o»ifcu»» hindside-foremost. 
Prep. 5eW, folloiving, after; wifch%, a< tfifl 
&ac^, bachvard; with ţ^> behind, at the back, 
on the outside; \>^s*.s^o k»?ck^ fHHtwde 


n&UfcLa&rC 50 

and backwards; with ~3o* io return, retire; 
CH»k-fliv£X, yi&jaaa^ ;«*aâ ivith thy, his, hands 
lied behind. Debivatives the following — 

)&Lfla.£L/ denom. to tv/rn bachvards or 

fcJ^jîs^co usually ts^i't^xn^ «J» adv. BoscA- 
wards; S ^ oj&w?;j& his return journey . 

U»lS~ax£, jîs^yV.fna pi. m. J-T»ÎS-ca^ adj. a£ i/ie 

&ac^r, latter, placed after; \.ck oox fr»»+lls*fla a 
having a sting in its tail; U»lş rft£ ţ& 6ac&- 
ward, moving backward, retrograde. 

UjîÎs^o-S, jîs-J>îs-Qx£ same as Uy^ooa. 

ioits-ca^ Turk. # coarse horse-cloth, a rug. 

]b£» keeps Olaph in perf, 3 m. pi. and in 
irnp. 2 m, pi. o\£z>, fut. Jj£aJ, imp. *£&, inf. 
|^ a ^& , preş. part. Jj&, U^J*. Contrac- 
tions with pers. prons., ţ<SJ> usual form 

= Ju* ^x=». io see& with ace or^.; io pray, 
beseech with ^& ; to seek, deşire, endeavour 
with ?, ^, or a verb; with l*£u to seeh to 
slay; with ip£ io dispute, argue. The preş. 
part. is used impers. of the near future, \SJ* 
hoc* Jo©*j? it was about to be evening, towards 
evening. Ethpe. vSaXTto be sought, needed, 
required, summoned; to be inquired into or 

discussed; u*£V-*/ fo u£s»L/%*< was sought 
but could not be found; fâ&simJiibl .©o*Xo 
co^Kf a£i i/ta bishops were summoned; im- 
pers. fcw*x£l( « woff required, necessary; part. 
necessary y needed, wanting, laching; hnpers. 
with «o», ooj, or Joc», with^ and pers. pron. 
suff. or absol. ^X, u^. &afej£, &c, it is 
required of me, I ought; with Ş it is not 
necessary, I need not; jl&»ko&? Joi ^y£ or 
&>i>U&f whatever is wanted. Derivatives, 

cuxsla, Uox*, JIcl*^, J^to^*, Ux5, 

U^i, Jîs^=>. ) xO k2>tsao ; Cognate, **&i, 
1^5 pi. of Jl£xo. 

]lis^ fii\a pi. J&L. f. a bubbîe, especially 
of rain or mist ; cf. 

^A^Sif denom. verb from the above : of 
rain to rush down so as to raise bubbles. 

adv. directly, quickly; see 

<_ r 

2 4. * 

Aph. fJ&s^to drive or sendfar away; 
to be, go, or depart afar, with ^£ ; pass. part. 
jfer, distant, remote; jtţ N^^fc Jk-i*o/ ^/wr 
journeys; ^j&J&ţ J La-ra a distant hope. 

DERIVATIVES, Jio^A», JittJi- V-iW - 

<ki, Ji'd^ pi. ^L, JlfL rt. Ud. f- a 

request, petition, intercession, rogation; )ia- V a 
J^oIaj? Rogation of the Nirwoiies, a fast of 
three days occurring three weeks before Lent ; 
)ioJ^a>? Jj£a£ Rogation weeh. <f\A & usually 
followed by ţ&, interj. I pray tkee. 

) a,va> m. camels' hair* 

J&iio^j* rt. ^-^-=>- f- kiching, a kiek. 

)IqSci pi. \lm rt. )j»i^. m. a seeker, dis^mtant. 

!Ucî^» pi. \Z» m. more commonly Jl^. 
pi. JfcU- f. uwripe fruit, especially grapes; 
a species of vine. 

jycx^a pi. )^. globular dung; Jlao^? j 

camels' droppings. 

wicL^d rt. lw^^. huTnbly desiring. 

^Jk2> fat. ^J>aJ or ţ^CL^Aj fo Kc^, wrg'e 
on «;iiîĂ the heel; to kiek over or against, resisi, 
thrust, hioek; Yur\*& j^c&oJ |j noi io kiek 
against nature. Pa. AOk£ to kiek often or 
violenily; ),miS a . v\ io &'c& against the pricks. 
Debivatives, J^a*, jl^Jaj^, Jj^jx». 

US f. )fcl^ pi. ni. |1, f. jlC rt. l^>. 

he who desires, entreats> or stces; a seeker, 
suppliant, advocate; a lewd person; jjoo* 
)UJ> an inquiring mind; JJL^£ Joc» J££D 
He became a seeher of tlie lost; «^Ş^ jIj^ Ş 0001 

6e sup2)liants for me. 

jl^ f. j£^ pi. m. Jsl, f. JC rt. U*. 

om intercessor, advocate. 

)to-X*^a rt. 


]i^w> rt. ^^3. m. colleet. noun, with or 
without Siami. sheep, cattle, beasts of burăm, 
animals; domestic animals opp. JicuL; 
Jfcoa^ — J^ ? clean and tmclean beasts. 

ls:\LS* rt. 
a foasi. 

or like cmimals. 

. f. marriage, Tnarried 

. adv. irrationally, like 

9 P m 


adj, animal, of 




\2£\* t #S & 9 jfe^AJl WS a rt. ^d. adj. animal, 
of or bdonging to animal life, brutal. 

*ticipial adj. )o*&&. trampkd on } 
"etched, spoilt. Ethp. y^^U un- 
certain, perhaps a mistake for A^jsif. to be 
bruisedy vexed by a devii, 

*%JL* fut.%^^J, act. part.^O^, pass. 
part. ]L£s>, ]}&>+££>, denom, fromVo. to 
onm 3 takefor one's ozon, ie. to marry. Ethp.e. 
^£±1^*0 tahe a husband ^ be married. 

%*£», Jb>Ji pi. ^J^jSLs» m. lord, otoner, 
Tiead of a famtly, hence husband; pe/ 
or UI? ^ step-father; JlfcJ r %j£» or JL 
JL'fe*±tf husband; JLV=» ^0^2> son-in-lawi 
]&L%&> brother-in-law. %J&» is often use<] 
in construction witli other nouns: )>ţ 

ft^fe» or J/fV^» pi. Jff 

adversary; IcoJlto m. 

adversary, especially ffc cfew7; 

adv. m a hostiU manner ; 

J IoSr>»\Sk f . enmity; 

adj. hostile 9 adverse; 

pi. m. Ji*? iiS^V^ adversary at law; 

fc&ap counsellor; U&& *%S* confederate; 

Jif " V £> counsellor, sharer of counseh or 

secrets; )oa* %J&* &mty <Ae «ame wot6; 

Jj&q^I ^*&> neighbour, borderer. 

Jl^o m. unripe grapes; cf. "o^>. 

: see j]bfa& because, <m account of 

r •• p 

enemy y 
f. enemy, 

9 5 

9 ? * 

P 9 9 

9 - 



act. part. 


fo <mwZ, iear wp or 

astmder, tear with the teeth; )% ~&J -& K*»o» 
fc'.s^ S^ JjJl*a ara «ui* qm-â ren* <fie gftl. 
Ethpe. f £& Lito ie torn, convulsed. Pa. 
■»C& «o convulse, tear, agitate violently, con- 
found; ^eVo&l» J^&* Moses confounded 
their gods. Ethpa. only part. »aJ»Afco2> torn, 
comwZaei. Derivative the following— 

)&&» m. convulsions, a convulsive fit. 

. ^-s part. Jt*^a- *o pZ«c& <me % orce, 
j«'c/fc out, graze; to ie fierce or cruel; lâ*J» 
J£*£» <fo cruel sword. Pa. *^» «o pluck, 
root up, gather out, glean, search diligently; 
Jj£» tyo ^&s he picked out and cast away 
ihe iad. Eth pa. J&lFto search out, inquire 
diligenily, gather, glean. Palal >jJ*» to make 
fi&rce or cruel, or as irute ieasts. Ethpalal 
tir to grow wild, fierce, cruel, io rage, 

•with* or-^iL; Uia£trjfc2£ r /"J 

raped ft&e a maniac. Deriv atives, Jj. 
J^io, fcs-It*^», Ui-Jk», J-jIj-^**, fc-{i-^*&, 

&slit»Z^i> adv. fiercely, savagely. 
Jtoi.»î^J» f. irutălity, rage,fwry. 

f. Jl£l_ rt. fc^s. adj. wild, fierce, cruel, raging, 
as JJJS^&î^owjs, [ÎL, pains, jbâ*.o«» ihoughis. 

)tv*i*U>& f. raging, fu/ry, ioisterousness. 

il^a Palal of 

V - 

£=> io ie formidaile, assault suddenly, 
terrify. Aph. %j&*T to terrify. Deeiva- 

TIVES, jfcs^.OJ>, )l^-^=». 

\)ÎS=> f. no pi. rt. k&>. search, deşire, request; 

disputation; deiate; ojfcoo ia^. ct ft ^!«> they 

toent in search of Jiim. 

JfcL^Â or Jfcl&a (rare) an egg; see 
WXS*, ]J^jJs^> from %&>. adj. <W- 

jl%^> rt, K^s. f. terror. 

S to pine away ; part. -Ia, ) Uj£ meagre, 
sickly. Ethpa. ifo grow thin, emaciated. De- 
rivative, |1o-»j»« 

)p fut. ]!=J, irap. »£a» inf. Jja^ act. 

part. jU, Uj^' P ass " P art - 5* *° searcA * W *° 
or ow!l, trace out, inquire into, investigate; 

«*jKL»Cd U*.*> ^oraî, r^ow ^«s^ searclied me 

out. Ethpe. a) to ie inquired into, investigated, 

raentally; i) to inquire or examine into; 

}ViS.o jit-! o^Zalfiheg inquired into the 

monasteries and churches; Jj^fc-^ H 9 - ^ a an 
inscrutaile nature. Pa. J~S same as Peal. 
Aph. Jf>Vto inquire, deşire, demand. Debi- 
vatives, )^*o..s>, k-r s> ' J^j 3 » J^ aJ — j^^ » 

JIo^» pi. 1^, m. J^e^ f. rt. J^. an 

inquirer, explorer, often in a bad sense of 
those who are too curious as to hidden or 
divine matters, such as heretics; a guardian 
of orphans. 

J«l9.3 rt. >-». m. a fault, failing. 

)L»ol=) a counterpane. 

Jls °r? rt - j 3, l 

. m, vnqutry 

. f. leanness, emaciation. 

H 2 



kJ|£*^ rt. iy?>. adv. less, very little, too 
little; 06©» ^*ţLJ*( Î^I(t*Z^ they held loto 


2i-*-=& rt. 9-a. î.fevmess, meanness, pauciiy, 
deficiency; )ii$-& to^I^ loant or scarcity of 
rain; Jobob Sfeimessofwords, i.e. moder&tion 
in speech ; ^&f t^t^S ourpoorov vile race; 
«iot*r» my humble seif. 

Uji^lr> rt. i-^. adj. very i/iiwj very slight. 
yj* pi. j*ÎL m. an- onion; kaol? S &»7£a 

JlS^Ciik-s or ]^\p glowing charcoal. 

9j2> fut. io-^u, imp. t©^, inf. »ţ^5>, act. 

part. »-=>, J*-i, pass. part. i+*a, Ji-»r^> JJ-**r^ 
<to fcrfe away, subtract, lessm; ţ*&f ţo-ajf 
a^olţ to £a£e 6ac& tfAose things ivhieh he had 
added; with ^», e.g. JJo&? ^» to set a lozoer 
price; to fail, be diminished, decrease, toane, 
withdrav;, of the raoon, opp. \&9 to wax and 
wane; ^S,cuao? )£:^>>a», ±& »-s> he withdrew 
his tdlegiance from the Sultan. Partieipial 
adj. manting, imperfect; Jt»Z^ JJusoj an 
imperfect copy ; gram. defective; metaph. loto, 
humble, nnworthy; pioor, mean, thin; ^iî/ 
lî+Z* mm oflow estate; )LV*p JJ^aoJcâ poor 
or scantyfood. Adverbial use, with ţ& less 
in size, age, numher, or value ; with o or f 
least; ^1^ <>*& Jl none the less; with numbers, 
less, minus; )£** uZa> ^S^'i} y forty stripes sat-e 
one; +J^> -++^Z and^Ao ^»I^ almost, about 
Fem. too toZe, «o* enough, much less; «<* J£»7.» 
o o* </«*$ «s 6w£ a Utile, this is noi enough. 
Ethpe. i^L/ to become less, be subtracted. 
Pa. $~* to make less, diminish, take atvay, 
subiract; Jfcoool U15 iAow hast shortened his 
Aii»; see Apoe, xxii. 19 bis; to o^. leave 
out, neglect, with ţ& front, ioik regarding ; 
?a* j**» o*is© >*^j | Ze< /wot not omit one 

jot. Ethpa. 9j*U to be diminislied, deprimă 
of omitted; to come short, fail } be inferior; 
e.g. JiicOk, ţj& to be deprived of wealth; ±& 

jiijJ »^, \ . ?ao ^? tofailto yieldfruit Deeiva- 

TIVES, j^QA, U*0^, ^îi^JU^A^l^, 

ly», UfM. 

j»-^ rt. >-a. m. a little, a small portion» 

partide; \Si ţâ ]l^ a part of the wlwle; 
the Utile finger. 

|lla rt. }-* m, no pi. search, inquiry, ques- 
tion, examînation ; p? ]l\s> question the iţih; 
)>£*.? )Ll=> the searchfor truth. 

~ > rit. abbrev. of ) fcd*&> or )las <o tlie chant 
* fut. ososJ, act. part. %o|i, pass. part. 
and ijxJa.*, Jji^ii», &c. «o be worm-eatm, 
rotten; to decay; Mu&a )^kxo roifed wood; 
)\^<^b U^T ţ^ ^» fi * ,fi *» decay ed with age. 
Aph. *o^/^ ^0 /rei, consume. Dbrivatives, 

Jjao fut. Jua^J, irap. uis, inf. )> o-^ , ^ , act. 
part. |^a, UoJ», pass- part. \Â* 9 \l&s> to try, 
search, prove, examine, inquire into, with o 
or^; jl'q^ţSS )^s J> «/Xer Ae Aa<2 <m<^ the 

matter, inquired into it; )o^H ^U&> we wer^ 
proved, or approved, by God. Etkpe. wJL»m 
2a 5e fWe^, proved; \.Â^h-& J* \î£jl*> >!fcC=» 
o/ier a years trial, novitiate. Pa. u£d io 
prove, seldom used, the Ethpa, *Ji£X{ having 
an active sense, to prove, consider, observe 
with o; ilildao oa^L? consider ths lilies. 
Debivatites, Uoo^ } U*0oa, Uoa, U*aJ>, 

Jjai pi. JJL rt. Ui^. m. a #naZ. 

^oa toboil, bubble; mimetic, cf. l^n^^Q. 

Ucux^ (rt. Jji» Arabic to last, endure) m. 
adj. lasting, permanent. 

jiie^ji^ some article of apparel, perh.= 


\^&z> rt. mi^, m. ^n'aZ, investigation. 
M*aa rt. )ja^. m. £ra<& 

ji ci Q^Q,^ rt. Ad. f. rottenness of wood. 

Jb^âa pi. )]^1L- f. a cutaneow eruption, 
white spots on the skin. 

*£=> fut, iacuaJ, împ. >aa*, inf. U^, act. 
part. Jx*, pass. part. ;*£^ «o ask, question, 
seek; attend to; ^Lla^ ]S*>?we seeh a phy- 
sician; ţ*uis 1* yOoUi^sa «A^er covnplaints 
were neglected. Eram and Ethpa. U*s>tf* 
and -J&irto be searched, emmmed. Pa. ^iLa 
to examim. Dekivamves, J^co and pro- 
bably the four following words, the primary 
meaning of the root being to deave open, 
hence, a) to plough; b) to jind out. 

]Ia& pi. ^ f. collect. noun, a herd, dr<m> 
esp. of kine, but also of swine ; an ox. 



CU ^3 

jios pi. J* m. a herdsman, cowherd. 
kJţjjaa adv. 6t/ /iercife or shoah. 

\ZU£ i j£JU£ pi. m. H, f. )£.. adj. 

*a, j£a m. the oj?en country; with ? or 
a noun in the constr. st. of or belonging io the 
open country, wild; Jt» ta-Jl the beasts of 
the jield. Metaph. that which is outside, the 
outside; ;^^ adv. witJwttt, outside, opp. cu^ 
within, inside; outer, out of doors. Metaph. 
strânge, foreign; ţ& ;J^ except, without, 
besides, beyond; ;» ^ oftener t»^ ţ& <m 
tae outside, opp. o^ ţ& or o^^ ţ^ on the 
inside, Deeivatives, fc**it», verb **ta see ]t», 
Ut», 1^)-^» JLo-t», t*t» see it», J^it*t», 
Jlot-ta, jU*t^ fcjw 

*a, Jta f- t», J&a, pi. in. ţ£», |Iî», constr. 
st. Jta, f. ţia, )J^i=> 5 constr. st. feaS. so^> 
daugkier; the you/ng of animals; Jtoaa ]£ 

firstbom son; J$&J — \J>i Jta aWer, younger, 
son; )Îj> i£ or U*a grandson or daughter; 
)!f ta or Iţa coudn; J&L ta or Iţa nepliew, 
niece. Fem. metaph. suburbs, depend&nt vil- 
lages or towns; collect. tAe jpeopfe o/ one race 
or inhabiting one town or country; poet. 
«o»ta/ r Lta or oatt^I Iţa the Hehrews. 

ta is used in construction with various 
nouns: a) to express age; jţ*. jţU* ta one 
year old; ^fU ţjl & } &c. 6) to form 
patronymics and surnames, with the name of 
the father or head of the race, and often 
metaph. c) to express any close relation, 
subjection, or similarity. 

)t4/**J>j see ]i*J* ci demon; Jt^J *^* 

fV$i& pi. fO?r *I» Momite. 

m$f t=> <my one/ pi. mew. 

J£fl'ti> o/^As same «ori, K£& 

ji'cwo/''ta agreeing, allied. 

Jlaxio/ t» o/<fo same tracfe. 

jfcooo^ mI» sAose o/o?ze nation. 

\U ia a dtftfţ *w*/ a dagger; a hand- 
6oo&, manual. 

JLofe**? *» consubstanţial. 

\\y*l*ţlL a fellow-workman. 

ţlj? ta ; see *j? and U^t»« a «w, a son 
o/waw. As a title of our Lord it is generally 

written \Ju\f *& && Sm °f man > 

9 v 

JJcîajDf ^a scholar, schoolfellow. 
JW ^ see JH ^. 
Mm ta /oaZ o/aw ass. 
J>L( ta nafive, znhabitant. 

jfcLwa ta bondslave, one born in the house; 
a steward) dispenser ; Jfcl*a uîa ^Ag household. 

}£âxa ta man, human being; pi. hindred. 

Jtiaa ta caîf, bullock that has not yet been 

) ta uia sotis of the desert ; Bedouin. 

adherents of a sect or party^ 

)ja^ ta bastard. 

Jjc&^j wiaxa so^5 o/ tlie bride-chamber, 
i.e.friends admitled to the marriage. 

\mJ*L ta of the same race, Hndred^ or sort; 
pi. Mndred. 

of one way of life. 

jLcuof ta like. 

)>| ylă contemporaries, of the same gene- 

j^if ta; see .*-î, ajflk 

Jl^tâoof ta provincial, diocesan. 

)LaiaL»o* ta holding the same faiih; pi. 
i7fce faithfid. 

\jLz>f ^a contempoYary. 

J^y ^a yokefellow ? comjyanion; like, like- 
minded; husband, wife. 

)u&/l ta pi. jjSjfea greaves; see |jx;>. 

j^jî ta a «wk( ^nwn ofseed. 
\*\Z> t» /Vee, free-bom, noble; used also of 
a freed slave. 

\LZ> ^a breast-plate. 

J-acu* ta friend. 

)otk*t or )^** ta sinner, pi. toicked mm. 

JLI, ^a wmwi ofworth; soldier. 

\11L ta j6Sehi o/Me Merciful One, i.e. Christ. 


J *B *".. 

lioaJS ta Zover o/ darkness. 

9 K y 

MlJ ^ /Sow o/<7j« ^ooc?, i.e. Christ 

[xeiciJl ta cognate, of the same race; noble. 

*S±.<ty *XS /overs o/ crror; opp. 
Jl£».Q.o lovers of the truth. 

ilÂZ*. cu ^a disciple. 


- V 

J^coT ;J> o» *&e same <Za?/, immediately ; 
compare Jfcl^X ^a lasting only a dayj pi. 
&>m on £/te same day. 

young dove. 

*J* or gfcă&JI *-â probably a con- 
fusion of the Heb, name ţ-ool^? Chronicles 
with )j&cw ;J» (see above). 

Jxocu ;£ 7ie to/w> stands or fâte af <&6 W<//rf 
Jiand; pL especially sAose se£ ai o^r Lord's 
rigkt kand ai ihe last judgement. 

jioiţi t*i£ co-Jieirs. 

hxlo ^S of one nature, consubstanţial. 

jfcLS^ *£ companion, fettow-traveller. 

\>i\*Ş. *£ lasting only one night, that same 
night; an evil-doer. 

\i£\ olao L*Ii sharers of the promise, kaving 
tlie same promise. 

JLom ^5 jjwfoy or condemned to deaih. 

J^Iai ;i> consort; assessor. 

»^> counsellor. 

y y 


^» Aeir of ihe kingdom. 
jk-Use vs ţmrtaTcer, slw/rer; iCiiJ ***li'ÎT*i> 
receiving a double pwtion of the inberitance. 
)ls*?Q^aJxi? J£^ godson. 
Ul^ioc £ foster-brother. 

J fc^-£ ii uiS subjects, especially of a spiritual 

ţXâj ua£ disciples of ihe prophets, those 
edzicated to be teachers. 

Jjojqj ;J> a c/a{Z<2 of light, spiritually en- 
lightened; tlie blessed, the angels. 
ylux&j 4*=> stranger, foreigner. 

Ji*J ♦£ bearing the same yoke, fellow-jyupils ; 
pi. £ women married to tlie same man. 
\x\\j IS-iS ostriches. 

J^j^a pi. JufcUia> ; see under j&. 
J)£xj» £ colleague. 
Ji#-S* uaS lîAe clergy. 

JtaocOh. *£ <me brought up or /ft;mj m 

a monastery, monk. 

j^-bw ^ intimate friend or companion. 
|xi\£ ;J> laytnan, secular. 

U*JL £ of tlm same race; Jj*£ Iţa collect. 
the people; pi. Za^, iAe common peopls. 
l^aMft^ ^ gentile, heathen. 
V iZ x & £ gossip, intimate acquaintance. 

)Jjl^a3 *i> partner in labour, mate. 

|.v\a>.^ ^ &7ce, equal. 
ţ^Jla wiS cowrtiers. 

Jla«^ uls soldiers, especially mercenaries; 

]hl& uîi> idolators; Jso&S *o£|f /A%« 

offered to idols. 
]jo. ^ a collar. 
J liliac 4*Ii #w>$e o/ *Ae same o#e. 

Jfc^«.CLD uiS Zot?ers oftruih. 

\xzl& *JL a monk ; pcu0 1 ii a n«^. 

Jliâ or^^ i«» pi. Jlo Js^iĂ sound) echo; 
voice, word, saying, language; gram. a term^ 
exjrression, word; JJLiL© tt£ adj. gram. 
belonging to a word, verbal. 

%£o;.*\Gt or *a>ci*Şs> uoS ihe clergy. 

JliLZo uiS inhabitanis of a village or tovm; 

Jlif or Jli ^â sharer of a secret, hence 
admitted to counsels or purposes, counsellor ; 
partahev of Holy Communion. 

Uo.9 *a holding ihe same tenets, of one 
faith or s&tf. 

j»a*, ^ ouiworh. 

)lavi\A> ^ one «o accord or agreement. 

U» ^a o/ î!/^ samtf ap'e/ ^Oj^ jâ witb a 
number, so many ^6ar5 old; JIm* ^ of one 
year's age or gr(noth m 

ULL iii one Aowr oîrf; )fcl^jl ^ and y 

o»js-2h*- immediatdy. 

Jfcsa;A, ^ o/ 2fo sa?ne <n'6e or stock; pi. 
hindred, feUow-countrymen. 
]liv-?or^ă of ^Ae same faith. 
)»©1T ^ bullock. 

I^o a*i » Zmngr on ^ borders, neighhour. 
Jfc^i r wi 2>^;>#, one adopted or educated; 
pi- fellow-pupils, companions. 

JW&flT ^ holding tlie same tenets or 

j^attj^l %k fellow-seroani or minister, coî- 





aa >J£. f. a «w&, a |rf«. 


Jt»a Pa. JU* denora. from ^Ă, Jia. to îeave 

oui, omit, remove; Uiaja «oS^dj jl&&? ^& 
teraperance eooempts or sets free from daily 
cares; pass. part. u^, &JUe beyond, re- 
moţe, emevwpt, exclvded, foreign, alien; JJow 
U;,^v> the mindfreed or apari from the body; 
)»ftSv»*Qjw ţ.^> t+ fr& ft fr ?Ktf subjeet to change. 

J£a fut. J*aj, imper. **Ia, inf. jNv» «o 
create; act. part. j Za, U;a subst. *£e Creator; 
pass. part. j£a, U*a, fem. J&îa, pi. m. and f. 
ţlţa, emph. f. j&%a oftener Jl£l>a. a cmtfwe, 
«Ae Creation, hence tAe world, the earth; ]i&£ 
J^Zs? <Ae jBoo/Î: o/ Genesis. Ethpa. i*Zai/* 
to be created. Derivatives, Uqv>, JUuo;a, 
Ui*, U++*> ]lS-*w>, Uifc-jj*, JLajUţafeoD. 

J£a empli. st. of *a a s<m. 

fcj|£a and kJ)Jj£a rt. *a, j*a. adv. owi- 
wardly, in appearanee. 

\Ju\yk ; see «J> or Ju«j^. adj. hwrnan. 

\£yJL'JL adv. barbarously. 

Ut=>^a f- J& pi- m. JJL, f. jfclL. barbarian. 

Jlo-*^^> f. barbarism. 

j?;J» m. hatl; J?«J> fcaa hail-stones. 

jj^a pi. Jf#a m. speckled, spotted, a disease 
of the eyelids, smoli kard tubercles forming on 
them; variegated. 

Jjo?^a pi. JJoţd» m. wfe. 

)iOK?^ f. pack-saddle, saddle-cloth ; see 

]Lcu*o^ rt. w^a. clsarness, brightness. 

\? 4 +9 

ţlo^a mJtLop f.rt. )is>. the Creator; JfcJ^S 

Jl£*o*a tAe Creating Word, 

JL'cuo*a f. rt. J£a. creative power, creation, 

ttO$£» a) imper. of verb «*^s. 6) abs. st. of 

ioico knee. 

Jjo*a pL lj©*a generally ra. in the sing. and 
f. in the pi. beryl. 

Jg£^o^a m.pearl; ^Xc^a? j^Js 6er?/Z. 
JJej-a a) dim. of ;-a, little son. b) for 

jloVa f. #) tAe cypress, juniper. b) or 
JicJjto^a rt. *-a. sonship, sons; U&- & &*m> 
c*Lo*a? £/^ becoming extind ofall his sons. 

Pa. parts, act. and pass. w*£L» pi. 

,? * 


r y 

K n»; -n v» , f. ft £Jj»fr£ao efoar or transparent 

Ettaph. w*v^lir «o ie mode clear, shoivn 

\L-J> pi. \Z- m. a he-goat 7 a buek. 

\LIL f. )J^^ pi. m. ^, f. JlCU rt. £, 
}ia. a) outer, distant, fariher; foreign; opp. 
U o^those within and those without, besieged 
and besiegers, citizens and foreigners* b) out~ 
ward, literal; 5 JLdcu» the literal meaning. 
c) specious, in outvjard aj)pearance, d) foreign 
to the CJmrch, hence secular, profane, pagaw,; 
)&*££ Jfcofcrui heathen wisdom. e) f. emph. 
extraneous, superfluous matter in writing. 
/) wild animals or plants. 

ţi ta; see J£a part. act. creator, 

h-^lltĂ rt. ţj>, Jta. adv. outwardly, in 

JLcu^a f. rt. jJ>j )^a. the onter part, appear- 
ance or form; JtjLce? «LcLta tîie outer 
cuticle, epidermis. 

jio*^a f. rt. )U>. creation, fovmation. 
^ij-a m. ]^ii^ f. rt. J£a. adj. o/^Ae creator. 
^[t-Ia from ^a, J^a. adv, simply. 
jLVţ-Sa from ]ia. f. simplicity, ignor ance. 
I^JîLZa E-Syr, Is-Jl(a Gen. i. i. 7^ <Ae 
beginning; see a*>. 

)!s-Ia fem. of *a, )ta, pi. Jlilî_j'?^5, ^Ms, 
desert places. 

J^Za pi. jlS-M— f. os sfov^, 5ro«cZ ^??ace. 

jj£*£a; see j^a fem. pass. part. a creature, 
the Creation. 

JxJlS-âZa pi. JJL from the above. adj, of or 

referring to the Creation, created. 

r n 

* * 

<*i-=> and ^^a fut. ^^aj and s-o^aj, parts. 
^£a, (i^a; y*Za and **îa, )^L, ]îs— ^o &m^ ilie 
hnee,hieel, bow down; of ten with JsS>ci>^iL; 
y^Jo ţO^a the hinds bow themselves to bring 
forth young, Job xxxix. 4. The old form of 
pass. part. is used for a present part. «--.Ii 
J0ki/ r ^si kneeling on ifie earth, but the form 
M*Za is used as a participial adj. blessed, also 
in the form aa-Za=ooj <^*Za as a benediction; 
Jts^uZ^ }]^x*Z^ the blessed city; cf. Pa. part. 
rit. JJ*JL*> ciuZa Blessed be Christ. Pa. ^£a 
fo bless; rit. io #we or pronounce the blessing ; 

9 «,£a Bless O my Lord, a formula of 

frequent usc before and during prayer; 
pass. part. y\JL$c y \& jJL» f. Jl^D^iLao pi. m. 

J-L, f. JlhL. blessed, the Blessed One; txîz» 
[a+Lxyţ i/ws Son of God; f. frequently used 
of the Blessed Virgin and of Christian 
cities, especially of Edessa. Ethpa. y^if 
to 6e blessed) receive or *ee& a blessing, to 
visit holy places and tombs, to say farewell; 

U.ZB )UB <& f UlU y±ţ te prayed 

and received blessing at the Holy Sepulchre. 
Aph. Ji^l* to make io kneel down, cause 
io bow, Metaph. M*yp Js—iî. JÂIm.^ y|af 
/ wiU make tJie Jieathen bow beneath thy sword. 
Dekivatives, k>»o^ ? Jj^oicu^, J**jk-3*CLa, 

yts, Ji£=> rt. «-.^s. ni. rit. a gemflemon, 
a blessing, benedictio7i. 

\2xxdîz> m. pi. Brahmins. 

ip^s but, but yetj however, nevertheless, wîth 

yr^> fut. «pc^J, act. part. fî*> ^£>+z>, pass. 
part. jp*I* to gnaw, eat into of worms, moths, 
locustSj &c. Metaph. of hunger, pain, &c. 
Ethpe. fîaiţ to be gnawed, eaten into. Pa. 
part. Joo;:x» carious, worm-eaien, moth-eaien, 

U&L^> m. perh. ŞpSqm, erosion; U&i-z> 
]is-^*Ȕ fretting cares, hence the verb ip^>. 

ÎS-TUi-i rt. iS>. ouiwardly, openly; cf. 

9? P„ P I 9 9) y n 

m- comp. 01 )uij£ ^a ; 1. 



K£» m. a perforation ; electr evidence. 

usiJa fut. tootaj, parts. **>£*, a* Ia. a) to 

dfetnţ /a$A, liyhten. b) to be set on edge as 
the teeth, be bmumbed, blighted, stwpefled, 
Aph. &ţ&l* te cause to shine, flash, Ughtm; 

* y 

Uî*5 pi. 

uv ia, P i. mi 

5. son 0/ man, man; 
a^kf UJ^â i/^ inner being. Debivatives, 
Ujjco ? U*j|^, Jjju^Îs^o ; jiaiAj^koOj and 
the denom. verb — 

u*U( to become man; ; ** ^ { )^,X*£ 

i( Jo^Uo the Word tooh flesh and God 
became man. 

y y 

fut. «O 


iî^J, imper. «o**, part. 


*£a a) to bore the ears 3 pierce, traTişfix; Jl ^ 
Jla»»£ If^S no sorrow pierced thee } entered 

thy Iieart. b) to lay opm 7 explazn clearly. 
Pa. and Aph. io make apparent, eleat; part. 
lucid, Iwninous. Ettaph. i^t r l/ to beclearly 
proved, demonstrated. Deeivatives, ) * u*, 

.. j^^ ; Juoj^j a glîttering spear. Ettaph. 
jD^rL/ ^0 sfeWj lighten, coruscate* Dbriva- 
tives, U>^, Jjd^, Uud^d. 

U^ pi )JL rt. J3^c>. in. li'ghtning, a flash 
of lightning* 

\h-Js m. emerald. 

U>U> rt. js^, m. grating of the teeth. 

kî» pebbles. 

ţ*0Qt£*a iAe apricot, 

jllop, jts^l— . rt. ia^>. adj. pertaining to 
lightning; jl£*i£*£ JaiiN. a tlmnder-cloud. 

lÂ&jA m. a canal, a cut io drato off toater 
from a river. 

9i2> from ;J> 3 ]i^, only pass. part, 4^f^, 
J^ftl^, ji^Zâ ?-?'i a natural state, simple, 
trmocent, foolish, rude; )IV**» )Jcu «^ iwto- 

Usi, JL'^ pi. ţif>, JfciiS, fem. of ^a, J^. 

daughter; egg, young; [l&ţLţ )îşl^ ^ 
serpen£s brood. 

JLi.5 f. castle, palace; see Ji;*2». 

KhkQjl^ or )uij£^ m. r^jfa sylvestris, toild rv&. 

)la, ^ KA*2> f. ripeness, perfection. 

y . .* 

£^ fut.^iaJ, irap.^JLsj inf. 
act. part. ^uL£, )La^ 3 pass. part. 
j L **a > , JljOSkJLa «o ripen, grow ripe, to boii, melt; 
part. pass. npe ; boiled, soddm. ETHPE.^^îai/ 7 ' 

<o 6^ boiled. Pa. 

-n J" 

io ripen, make ripe, 

boii Ethpa. *%U*l rto be ripened, brought 
to ripeness; boiled, digested. Debivatives, 

J«^ m. rt. ^jftja. ripeness, perfection of 

%** ; see toa. to 5p^w^ the night 

wiî&2> Ar. a botth, toine-vessel ; cf. Jls^^o. 

^o^, JjoJ^ pi. \2-, unmarried man, 
celibate; adj. chaste, virgin ; pL tokens of virgin- 
ity, the virgin state; yu&ţ i^oWi? l^aj ^ 

seaZs ofvirginity ofMary; i^c%S rŞ-^n f 
a deflowered virgin. Deeivatites the fol- 
lowing words — 



f. subst. and adj. virgin, tnaiden; kLl{ 
jJ^Xofco virgin soil. Virgo, a sign of the 

fcjjlofc»» adv. modestly, like a virgin. 

JLoL^ok» f. chastity, virginity, celibacy; 
)l V;ş « S sJSi fc-Icus VlIi^» Jfary remained 
a virgin; with »•!©&*?% be vowed to vir- 
ginity or celibacy. 

\2&*U> f. J&iLok» pi. m. [-, f. JIkI—, 

adj. virginal, of or belonging to a virgin, chaste. 

)&Ka f. a bottle; cf. «UlS-=». 
^l£» Pa. denom. from ţok^J «o deflour, 
violate a virgin. ETHi>A.%.&atr*0 be de- 
jlowered, violated. 

j&a prep. from o and lEf, takes suffixes 
like a noun in the sing., rarely those of the pi., 
after, follovjing ; Jk»? ~£.?W successors; 

ifcLi»? next; )?♦-» >1&.4 iw ftwre, oroe a/W 
another ; ^*Xo »l£» soow after ; Jl&a» »ty» 
in. order, one after another; j>!s^X bach- 
wards ; often with ţie, jfcs» ţ£> after, fol- 
lovAng ; î Jl&â ţ-*a after that ; )Jecu »l£a. 
or k»al? o*»kJL^. the next day; J&ool SISs^ 
some time after; so with J&4* year. jl&a? 
Iblli^» metaphysics; U*» >&» Ae«d down- 

' «^ • v O* li') 11 

wards. With verbs, folio wing x^»( or JJ./ 
io /oHow ; i*|^r *o accuse ; «-a*./ io ,/Swi 
an opportunity of complaint against ; o&s 
or uH to sunvmon; vJ> to succeed, &e. 

JI»fcJ> adj. from jfc^. coming after, happen- 
ing later, mbsequent. 

Jl&lfca from U*fc^ f. &acfooa«feww, 2)0s- 
teriority, opp. )Lo-ooţJ3 priority. 

£'•>%* comp. of Hs» and ^S. afterwards, 


Isa^S rdico rfl*» W-*iAt ÎMXf^ •^ a,0D ****~™ T * a * 

^ letter 9, ^5*4* Gamal or £omoî. The 
cardinal number 3 ; with ? the ordinal, ffc 

J^Pael conj. of «1^,, fut. )^, part. ra. 
r$£*> pi. ^ to rejoice, tale &*»$» 
luxwriowly, with o. Ethpa. «-^U fat. Jţ*£J 

or JK>J, imp. ||yr or «£# P art ' m " 
Iftţdft, or emph. })^£>, £ Uftj** * *«"" 

orm'elfgrandly, magnificently, with pride, pomp, 
or Z«a*W with^v. to exult over; to luxuriate, 
mjoy plea&wres or delights ; ^e*&3& **» 

♦• .^ T* 

^ „ - «prtn?* </wsfc /«wtft luxuriantly ; 
M^o j£Qs»? UU <A« Ughtning which shines 

foriti magnificently and disappears; )J-^->» 
U^Zi» feJL«^fe£ i/iai 7ie «tagr possess full 
pleamres in the City of the Saints. Aph. 
J^T to treat luxuriomly ; t oift- oo «;^ >^° 
j^e pampers his body with luxuries and deli- 
cacies. Derivatives, JJ^, U>o^. pLo^, 

-i^. adj. delightful, pleasant, gay, glonous, 
stately, proud; U)^ )U<&! 0J0U Cnwtor of 
joyous UgM; \â*V*& )\^gloriou S in the 
heights; uscd in the emph. state of God. 


IfU^pL m.; see)^. 

K& WKto geography. 

U*&»©^ geometru. 

llsLtZ^&ci^ m. ])^*£L» f, adj. geometric. 

jt^»o)^ a geometrician. 

fujoj^rfc. wj.^. adj. m. luxurious. 

liLo)^, J&J-* pi. m. )!., f. ]&L rt. «U^. 
adj. proud; )Ipo ;itX. )Jio)^ )£&£ 2/i<3 Zorrf 
/iaiA plucked up tlie roots of the proud, 

JLc&LoJ.^ rt. 4*j^. f. pleasures, delights, 

f l**>> Jfti>°r J^pL ţ*i4.' v^P res ' P art " 
of }^io shear; >J^ tt^pL r^ J V^» 
preş. part. of Ja^ tofail. 

v4«^ not used in Pe.; see JJ^. 

wj^, e*J^L &*iother form of j)^ adj. 

lS^UJ^; see j)^. adv. luxuriously, in state 
or pomp. 

Jicu^pl. ţjlţ*) JioJ^rt. «U^. f. state, 
stateliness, magnificence, luxury, pom]), pride 

of person, bearing, clothing^ife^oys, delights; 
toj^^d o^ioJs^ jlj» Ais ta&Ze toas supplied 
with all Mnds of luxuries; jJ-^T? )£©1^ 
temporal delights. 

W^&S see J^ a cloak; ty^a heap of stones, 
a tortoise; l^^straw, chaff. 

ţoo*^4^, ^flŞ^^or Uri.V^k^m. y«X« 
XtKoi', socey -u$&2 io w#sA and darJcen the hair. 
*io^, ^ooaoci^, <**aoa^; see U,o*^. 

^1^, Ja*^ preş. part. of a^ to net, and 
of aa^ to huni. 

Mţfcî see * a *^ l^^, a) the arm, armpit. 
b) a wing. 

*{^' J'^ act - P art - o f ^4»; l|^ )t4^act. 
part, of ia^. 

JjJ^ or )^ pi ţ-5J^, JjJ^ ni. an arrow, 
dart, shaft, boit; a tkunderboltj a dart or gore 
of a garment. 

J^k^pl- tfoîJ^m. dim. of J*)^. a dagger; 
a criticai mark. 

J^ Ar. a saddle-cloth, housing. 

sometimes ca^, empli. jJL^ pi. )J^ 
m. 2#e si<&. a) tfAe hump of a camei; 
<7w3 bank of a river, shore, coast ; the spoke of 
a wheel; the iving of an army; Ji^^o j^L^ 

»"« r 

the prow; J££»^ ^ the stern, b) a place 9 
country; 1*1» *&? ^Ae jEW. c) U^ţu&^ov 
<ţJs to take sides, rebel, take up arms 9 set up 
afaction; ^uXS ihose adhering to one side or 
party; U* vâţ M^ ţ&onthe Pharisees* side; 
JbftĂ ţ Zthose whoin our Lord will set ow. His 
Ze# Aa?i^ at the last judgement, d) o^ J^S. 
on one side, privately ; ţ*^^ or «a^^a *âo 
on or /rom ewry side; a^k *a^ ^^» /rom 

one end to another; ţ*Zw *a^ ^S> on the 
other side; ^^%JL beside, mar (the Pschitta 
generally has oi^J^X ; see oi^). 

JJ^^ fui \^J, inf. &^&, imper. **Â^, 

preş. part. Ja^, U=4^ P ass - P art - &*>> J^i^ 
spelfc U^^ Deut. xii. i ; with pron. suff. i p. 

E-Syr. uS^pL *^, W-Syr. ^ 
my chosen one, mine elect; to ckoose, ap- 
prove, appoint, with ^ to an office, or with 
dat., *a£LX cia^ choose for yourselves ; to 
prove, pu/rge; to eollect, exact tribute; pass. 
part. chosen, elect, approved ; choice, pure, 
eminent; ţ& ©o»Jj^& is preferred to, accept- 
oble rather than; JfcLaL^ Jfc^aojio ehoice 
food; \ls^ asd^a^Z^a the Patriareh elect; 
U^ )wâaj»CL^^>§ eminent philosophers. 
Ethpe. u^jl( to be ckosen, pwrified; to be 
taxed, exacted of usury. Pa. **£L to choose, 
select, eollect ; to clean corn; \3uî <i^Lgather 
out the tares; part. IJLa^o )«o)^ select 
homities. Ethjpa, *Ji^>ft& be chosen out, 
gathered together; J^J^> \**J y ^L^L hJţ 
}jch ^oj? to consider how this sum raight be 
collected. âph. s^J^to choose; with Uaî 
to vow oneself J^LJJ ^^m^ cu^j? ţ»£*l r 
those who have devoted themsehes to God; 
\J>i<x§£e>( Jooj U* < ^ S > he was a gatherer of 
storax. Debivatives, \ -^ ^, V- I-- a - 

HCU2^ 5 )&^a^, J^^^, U^G^> Ua^JOO. 

$&***> P 1 - £- m. see below for fem. rt. 
i a mahvr,framer,potterJownder; \'*&? 
^^ God the fashioner of the body. 

JL'^ok^ rt.^x^. f. the pott&r's ari, 

modelling, fashioning. 

^dl^pl. \L- rt.^A^. m. fictim, fable. 
There are five sorts of poetic fiction— a) Jl^ 
fable; b) )tU pwrable; c) Jio**» U ^&> 




9 P V 

impersonation ; d) )£'&£& ^simple composi- 
tion, i. e. without fable or parable ; e) io«*&X 
N&âCLţţ k*go( J„afc#*jS similitude or types. 

rt. ^o^. f. adj, plastic; subst. 
a lump. 

m. a vessel, tvater~pot. 
m, bald in front 

) ift-A^f. baldness on theforepart of the head. 

pi. |I— m, rt. k*^. a tax-gatherer, 

V-lia^rt. J^^. adv.freely, spontaneously , 

jrcua^rfc. k*^- f- election, of ten usecl as 
a title with pron. suff. oiIcuj^^ he wTio is 
elected, designate. 

rt. ^a^. f . a) framing, fashion- 

tyfi fllî ^theforming of Âdam. b) plau- 

Jl^j^^pl. JfcL- rt "^^^ f- a) that which 
is formed or moulded, formation, creaiion; 
\o£xiţ ^ the human body fashioned by God; 

beginning of his being formed in the wornb. 
b) the suhstance to be moulded, a lump, a mass 
of dough or clay ; JfcTN,»^^» \£+î the Head of 
<wr substance, of those formed like us. 

UaĂ^pL }_ rt. ţ^^- ni. ilie eyebrow. With 
fe*tf to be supercilious, haughty ; metaph. 
superciliouăness. ^: j^ja the space between the 
eyebrows, the brow; a ridge t brow of a hitt. 

Jj£*£L^rt. Jâ^. f. i) choiee, election; coli. 
the chosen, the elect; JJL*iao? JfcLa,^» among 

the elect of Christ, z) usually pi. Jl&o^ the 
coUection of tribute, alms, &c. ; tribute, exacted 
offerings; \Âj&d* ţlt^st^tribute of silver, 

^%Sj^ fut. ^qa^T, inf. ^-aL^o, act. 

part.^£4*> 11^4,, pass. part%*£^ J!^&>> 
)1^N»S^. to farm, fashion, mould; to onix or 
raake uj) raedicine; "^ix*^? \Ju( v* the man 

tohom he had formed; with i*3oj to fashion 
anev), reform; JLâb uXa^ speaking feigned 
words, of artful speech; pass. part. metaph. 
fictitious, feigned; J&]Ş,».Sl^ jo*X^ l^w? 
feigned godlvmss; gram. a noun of action 
having a definitely active or passive meaning, 

tticub *& from the 


t* r 

*> * 

as jlaXc^i slaughtering, the act of slay- 
irig; opp. JfcLîsJ! accurately defined, Le. 
a noun including both active and passive 
meaning, as Motoi nourishmq or being nour- 
ished. ETHPB.^A^trpaas. of PeaL Pa. 
intensive of Peal; pass. part.^^^o 
strong y sturdy ; feigned words; )t?N^ ^» JL» 
fables. Beeivatives, Jl- 

jl^^m. Jfc^A^ f. rt.%*a^ a noun of 
action; cf.^cx^ pass. part. 

ţ^^ pass. part. Jj^£^ cu/rdled> coagulated. 

Ethpe. +&^,( to be thick or curdled. Pa. 

to curdle; part. )?,>^v^ bidging, ridged. 

Ethpa. ţ^4j»( same as Ethpe. Deeivatives, 

k**^> ^ L ^^^ J 5 ^^' U=><^, Ui^^o* 

U^a^rt. ţ^a^. m. a cheese-press ; rindj skin. 

ti v 



f U^^pl. ţi— , ţi. m. man (especially 

a strong or mighty man ~ Lat. vir, wiiile 

}*Ajvx=homo), husband U^^X Joo» ^o 6e ?nar- 

nea; y*mj or wa> ;^^pl. Juk> t *# 1 ^ 6> a^ herma- 

phrodite,a euiwch } effeminate; ;2w» ^^« ?wa^ 
wearing a garment ofhaircloth, î.e. a prophet; 

|ott^>.» Jls^a^ adult; uXiKjt-? ^ <5% acquain- 

tances; a man 3 one, a certain . . . ; ^^^^ 
eac/&, gvery owe, cme 6?/ one; &t*L — ^^ one 
and another, a man and his neighbour; U^^ 
U^aaJbo a certain deacon; of ten redundant, 
JLiii a-cD ^ a Syrian; Jw^JT ^ mercJutnts, 
Deeivatives, verb «a^, Îs^^^, |jo^ 

i^xL^, Jl^xi^, verb ^^x^J,^ jto 

^^denom. verb from Ji^4^> t0 use f orce * 
Pa. ilk^to come to marUs estate; to strengthen, 
embolden. Ethpa. iA^l^imper. *g.^J,? n £o be 
grown up; to be valiant; with^iL to prevail 
over 9 excelj exceed in power. 

%^\t^^from }+**& adv. munfidly^firmly. 

)Jo*^^, J^o^a^or )j»ttjo^i^in. dim. of 
j iskţ^. a shabby little scrub. 

from Ji^j;; f. vigour^ 
force, manhood ; the virile member ; ^\.exploits y 

I 2 


pi. ji.os ? 


fi v 

fi p p 

4 * 

deeds of renoivn, mighty acts, mir ades; 
gcL&t the vioîenee ofwicked men. 

adj, masculine, valiant, heroic; subst. a valiant 
man or woman, Aer o, heroine; «-/^ J^^hJ 
IL^ji/ JfcLfc^t-^-^ ^ maiden bore herself 

and the same as U 

?na?e attire; ^Jt-^o? manly conduct; yl&H 
J&Jia^ a valiant souL 

\^jS^; see 4*=*^. adj. efeminate, ener- 

JL^^fem. of J£^^. a strong, virile or wfo- 
aniî woman, one of masculine mind or courage. 

Jk^^ contr. for JfcuJL^ rt. ^^ f- cheese, 


)^4^^m. Jfc^cL^^f. afornicator, harlot. 

pr. n. Golgotha. 

U^^ pi. )>— 111. a) pitch. b) a heavy bur- 
den, a weight. c) melissophyllum. 

Jio^w-w rt. i^. f. gluttony. 

^W** P 1 - f ' )^^^ (Jl? W guttural 

pi. m. JkL 5 f. jfcll. rt. ;^. a glutton; gluttonous. 

J *^S^ P^ J^iha^ contracted for jt! 
rt. i^. f. tfifo throat; ^? RIaci.V a quinsey; 

$**!& a 9<wgÎ6. 

*i> fut - t^J or ? G W' act ' P art - m - ? Ji*> 
pL ţ^t^î ^.Z-Z^, ia conjugated 

like J^a. io tt?6a??6, to cui off^ put an end io 

especially witli |oJ a web; *j£ ?q^ |iflu< 

Jjîoo fow io cw£ owi honeycomb wxthout being 

stung. Ethpe. f«^7 , with Jl^^Vcu the web 

of life w#s mndered. Derivatives, J ; 

t^ lî^P 1 - Jt4> or J|K,«i* rt - 1^- a) fortune, 
luck, success; ţ^**£ happy , fortunate ; ^«»#J> 
unlucky, unfortunate; )»^ lcta*5 mis fortune, 
evil fortune, ill-luck; juLS «k^^|j£ because 

of my ill-luck; .oo»*^! |JuB^iL» betrayers 
of tlieir fortuns, unworthy of their good-luck. 
b) a genius or jyod! of fortune; J£^> 

1* F 3F 

)©c* f l» Ae offered imense to Forttme; coa^Bţ 
^o^Jlbr^^ l?)^ tfay erected images of 
Fortune on jnllars. 

ţ^imper. of «^ to draw. 

I^fui jy, part. J^,, U,i, a) to aseend, 

to rine or motmt up as smoke, fire, birds. 

b) to cast up, belchforth; ţ*^ ^ilflJf >^J2 
^r^\ volcanoes belching forth red-hot stones, 

Derivatives, J-t^) Jf^°- 

!^ lîU^P 1 - Jît^and J^m. rt, ^ 
thrums, the ends of a weaver's threads; the 
cutting offofa web; ţI5.D ?C^ a web; &%o 
Jf[ ^t Jicu the web was nearly woven = death 

was near. 

Jţi^only pL, generally m. worimoood, bitter 
medicine. Metaph. bitter sorrow or trouble. 

jo«^, j?Oţ^pL ţT ? \Z~ m. an wwmarried 
youth, a boy from ten to eightem years of 
age; cf. V^.^v. a yoimg man over eighteen 

fo^^J-r denom. verb from fQjţ^ to becorne 

a youth, to live as a youth. 

^©•^ pi- £- iQ- rt.^*^. generally pi. 
except as the name of certain. constellations, 
the plaiting of the hair 9 2>ldits or tresses ofhair; 
a necklace or chain; 1-2» o*?? t°t^ golden 


JlcC^o^^rt.^*^. f. weaving. 

Ut^ pi- ţ^t^j ^*s^ m * a ^^ ; a s % n °^ 

the Zodiac, Capricornus. 

Mt^pl- k«-^ r k l?^; mounting up, leaping 
up; pL earthquakes when the earth mounts and 
sinks perpendicularly without lateral motion. 

Jţ^î^adj. from J?*^- bitter. 

Ucu^dim. of U*^m. a UuU Ud. The 
thvrd star in the tail of the Little Bear, which 
we caii the pole-star. 

J£*~^ pL tf-, )fc^- f. rt. ^^. a plaţi 
or braid of hair, cwrled or frizzed tresses; 
Jfc^*t^? «t-*f he seized him by his tresses; 

wreaihen, twisted or plaited work; j y'v ^ 
IIIă? a reed-mai; \A.fringes. 

^**f<^ pl* ^~ rt. **-t^- m. a) a ^ap, j^ifo 
of wood, shock of corn, a hay~loft. b) a chance, 



^^ fut. ^oţ^J, inf. ^>.£^», act. part 

^r^s,' ?t4»> P ass - P art * ^"^a»' ^—> J**— 

to twist, plait, interweave the hair, a crown, 

a rtest, rope, &c. ; JL^J^Ax twined or wreathen 
work. Metaph. a) to compose or arrange worda 
with art ; with J^»»aS to make intricate plâns ; 
"%>Of^a Jglaci*,? Jlis let us weave sotmds of 
praise. b) to circle in the air, gyrate, soar; 
U>o£». aa&aso Q^CţJ )Uα of O eagles, 
which ham circled and ascended on high; 
)£U*>k» ţ J^.j^'Vimy m"" 1 <*scends 
towards tJte ivnmeasurable habitations. Ethpe. 
V^passive; <io ÎS^^l? tfjf* a net 

woven of Pa.^I4s, t0 P lait a crown or 

the hair. Apn-^l^rsame as Pael. Part. 

^ f. j&^^, U*^ ^^ bowers 
of interwoven flowers. Bar-Bahlul says that 
Mary Magdalene was so-named ţr-^*>! ^^"^ 
mţj y« Io ev» because of her braided hair. 
Ethpaual ^ţa^J-/'^ be piled itp. Dertva- 
tives, Vo.^, jlcCî».©*^, J^Jik- 

» r 

ţt^ P 1 - £- rt. %>»*». ™- plaiting, twining; 
anything twisted or plaited, wickerwork, a gar- 
land; U-->° ^a wreath or crown of glory. 

y^fut. f>oţ^, inf. f J^», act. part. fţ4»' 
pasa. part. yu^, U^^, J^au^Jo mow, 

cut or hew down; c*»*^, i^*^ J?°j** T * as 
reapers cut down the ears of corn; \i 
ojiti^ they broke down the bridge ; pass. part. 
cut down in hattle ; circumcised ; gram. apo- 
copaled; a noun in the absol. st., as having 
its last letter hewn off. Ethpe. p^l/ to be 
hewn or smitten off, to be broken down or open; 
^oi*? }LSc&» ^o^M© the bars of death 
are broken down; gram. to be contia:ted, aa 
^ for )Ca. Pa. f 1^ to batter, dash in 
pieces. Ethpa. f^fto be broken in pieces, 
battered down; gram. to be contracted. Deri- 
vatives, Joo^ ILoLao*^», ] lai*> *»*>>*>• 

«^, U>^pl. H- rt. f ^ m. a hewing of, 
a cut palm-branch; gram. aphaeresis, con- 
Vraction as in the aba. or constr. st. of a 
noun ; )oo^^ a noun in the abs. or constr. st. 

JJtL f- jls^^from J^. fortunate, luchj. 

Moţa^ pi. \L. m. a narrowed or a jutting- 
out part of a building; a rebatement, entab~ 
lăture, corbel, coping, bracket; a ledge, crag; 
\Âj «^jJi \A a^ k~*a a refuge among the crags. 
Metaph. ).>ft>v<. wiu*^ Jţ».o &Zjb he ruined 
and cast down the heights of this world, 
worldly haughtiness. 

â*^ Pa. <s*ţ^fo revile, blaspheme with o, 
^., or ^L. Ethpa. <8^J>( to be reviled, 
blasphemed. Derivative s, ^t^s»» ^ 3 ? Q -*s ! »> 

Jij^Ar. m. a pond, pool. 

j^ fut. *.y, inf. *^«, preş. part. 
~ti,' U.^, pass. part. -fc-^. I) to heap up. 
II) to chance, happen, occur with o, *^», and 
with pron. suffix. Preţ. 3 s. and preş. part. 
m. and f. and fut. impers. ©»l£*,^# Mppened 
to Hm; «&£>£* *^ it occurred to him, 
canie into his mind ; ji.o,-»i© ^o ţ**-*«as»? >?^ 
illnesses arising from colds; ţX»^£ ţ-*^>°» 
events; -^V^'*"^ ^by clmnce,perhaps. 

Deeivatives, f^Ax*-^, ^ţ-s^, k-M-*'*-^, 

JL'oj^from j^. good fortune, good lucie. 
^î^» r t- î^» textil*}. 

J&ţL pL !>— rt - ^-î^- m - a ) a cJmnce > an 

accident; ^&k fUsţ ^fU^ a» things 
arefortuitous; U*S ^« vnischance, misfortune; 
an event, an achievement; in logic, accident; 
[Â,^- by chance, accidentally. b) a heap, 
Job xxi. 32. Cf. U-f5aa.- 

kwUX»^ adv. rt. *.C^,. by chance, acci- 

1^?^ Pi- Pj^ri, m - rt *t'ft»- f ortuitous > 
accidental, occasional. 

14^ fut. J&4 inf. ]<^. toflee, escape 
with ^», especially from bodily or ^mental 

pains or evils ; \£L*& <^> J^J f^>? *>% 
lw nmstfirst eschew all things blameworthy; 
)o« 1«<,J )ţ«^ t» te irdght fiee from slwme. 
Ethpe. ^ot^fto be delivered, set free. Pa. 
«o»i„ t0 9° out > be quenched of .fire. Aph. 
»S»J r a) to set free, deliver, to escheio. b) to 
be delivered, free or at rest from labour, suf- 

fering, evil; U*4 ^ f rom U V rosy > _*rţ 
jL'cui? Jîs^-Î from the fear of death; -o^ 
J'^a? )*VN< ţ7« Jte slmnned fleshhj deJUe- 
mmts. c) io be released, dispensed from; 



excused, quit of an obligation, suretyship, &c; 
UL *& «o*^/ r to be free from life, at rest. 

Jo^Pers. a) time. b) a room adorned with 
rich hangings, a bridal-chamber. 

JLc£ik*©i^rt. ^.o*^. f. wantormess. 
)Leţ*o»^rt. fo^. f. dullness, obscurity. 

jj£»<H^rt. )o^. f. deliverance, flight, escape, 
especially from pain, weaririess, life on earth. 

^©j^ particip, adj. JL«£^or JL^^f. Jls~ 

amorous, wanton. Derivative, jL 

xcU^or yS^fut. y^W» P arts - %***& t*®^. 
to bend or bow, to stoop, încline; **o»^ J> 
]LcuX-=> bending in prayer. Ethpe. t°*^J** 
to bend, încline, prostraie oneself, with ^j£L ; 
\j&9{*%£» v^Jm he bowed himself dovm upon 
tfie earth. Pa. \Of^ to ben or sink doton. 
Ethpa. yot^i same as Ethpe, Aph. \ow^/* 
to ma/ce to &m<Z or stoop. 

Uo^f. Gehenna; see [jo^^ 

JJo^m. and J&oK^pl. JljCl. f. rt. .o»^. an 
inclination, botoing, bending, especially rit. 
a prayer of inclining, said by the priest with 
bent head and low voice=:Lat. oratio secreta. 

fo^îut. »o*^, act. part. ><h^ 5 ]>o^, pass. 
part. ni. Jt*^^, f. JLi*eî^. to be dazzled, 
dimmed, usually with )ju£ or some word for 
mind. Metaph. to be amazed; \X^L J*c*4^ 
Joi «JS ^.^ to eye is dim from stvdy ; ) !&« oa^ l 
c*la»i ţJ» JJoo» ^i©*^* j/fofy ^y whose 
greatness the understanding is dazzled. Aph. 
to obscwre, dim 9 or eclipse with light; Jo^^d? 
o» a* 7 M^o a,\ wAosa brightness makes the 
sunlightdim. Derivativa, Jloj^o*^, i©*^, 

»c*^ dim-sightedi lacking sight, xoanting 
insight; )&J^«J ţj» îo^devoid of knoioledye. 

)*°^P^ J— 3Pfc *°>^; *&• dimness ofvision; 
dini, faint 

Jloto*^ rt. i©^. f. wa& s^fo, a mffusion 
of the eyes. 

a^, jc^m. <Ae inside, ÎTvward parts, hence 
f%6 inside, midst, inner part; with o,^, *j&, 
%.£, forms preps. and adverbs of place and 
time; Cu^> and a^X within, inside; *#cwa 

within me; 

otQ^p within her; (*£*!■ 
n, wtthzn two years ; ct^^ ţ^o or 

within, on the imur part or swfe, inwardly, 
from within; o,^ ^£ inside, within, opp- ţ*a 
^ outside, without 

Emph. st. l&^the belly } irmerpart; ^ op 
dysentery; J^, t-^Js» <A« viscera, inwards; 



^ys.\^» & was Imllow within; «• 

tym - *?; within your heart. Metaph. a body 
of people, congregation, community; jo^oC^o 
the whole body ; all; \Â*ţj^&\ ^the clergy; 
JXL^ca-» Z_o ? ^ the Christian community; 
ţl^c»^pf ^^Ae company of the faithful; the 
laity; a monastery or religious comrrminity ; 
jo^j common; )o^N &e/cî or t/^ed m eommcm, 
general, inner; logic. £&e general. Deriva- 

TIVES, oCk^, Ud^' U^i J1^»«^J )^«^î 

c»q^ Aph. c»*^/^ inf. o^^d, act. part. 

to answer; o»tq ^ ^vi ^ to anstoer 

Mm; «ooi^ Joo» *ft**^o ^ answer ed them. 
Ettaph. to 6e answered, receive answer. Deei- 

vatives^ )^»a^, Jloi^A^». 

oa^, PQ^pl. ţT 3 ^— a) m. a wdl, cistern, 
pit, den. b) f. a &eam, ^"o^ plank. 

J-^fc^rt. p^. m. a selection; the cleaning, 
xoinnowing of corn. 

M r vci.^pl. ^J, j^. rt. ţ--^^- m. a cheese; 
a caJce of raisins, figs, dates 3 &c. ; f^r^ «JL 
UscCţ^ = Quinquagesima Sunday, until which 
day cheese and eggs maybe eateu; a cheese-press 
or mould. 

^â^x^^whiie Urne; see ţ*aâ^, 

)tN»Aib P 1, J^~ f - cf> - Uo^«) a i»*, hote, 
den, cavern. 

UssCt^s,, Kpc^, or U4s^îss» rt. u^a^. m. 
whisjyering, s^eaJdng softly; like a child or as 
in prayer, 

we6, spider's web. 

Ui^^BîUy, fatuous. 

î*^» Ifa^pl. ^, C com. but oftener f. 
a ftanrf, company, rank, choir; the wing of 

a , n . a , m L ; *~4-~^? ^« bând ofrobbersj 
J ?©».»? ^j^, jLVA^Liirf ^ the company of 
the Apostles, of the Martyrs; )fâll£ Jf^r 



angelic choirs; )i'ţ&> yCtX^ ţ^î^^ ţ»?MI 
the cfairch services shall be intoned by two 

choirs; ^?c^ ^?ct^6y companies. 

H°4s>£ a lt at h eTn Rotile; J^ol ţ& lî^^f • 
proverb as a boitle-full from the sea, AngL 
a drop in the ocean. 

jjct^ta. a hedge, a mound; *%ZL^2> U>k^ J> 

W&^sittvng in tlie shade under a hedge. 

phemy, reviling. 

Jo^^©»©^ m. the daum, morning light. 

QpGtfATE, o^. 

Jjîoa^ or ţ5^ pi. &• from^Jo^. m. 

flame, heat; the hindling of a fire; ţ-*« 
j»cu? ^tfAey Tna^e the fire blam up; (Jjj 

fiery meteors. 

J«^5 J^fat. J<x^, inf. J^so, part. j^, 
Jj**L fo hasten away. to be lacking, fail, especi- 
ally of water 3 often joined with a^ to dry 
<wp; f)^, Jj? never-failing ; i*u-x mJ^ mine 
eyes fail. Pa. J^ a) to be barren. b) to 
bereave, deprive of; )Z^ U«>? JIk**â© he will 
deprive the thirsty of drink; &£ ^& îs-^^ 
waterless, arid, sterile. Ethpa. tf^i to be 
diminished; to be missing, feli as a wani. 
Aph. j-4L( to lay or îeave waste; to bereave; 
m£ ; &&*, %^J r *:» w7w> Jiath stopped ihy floio- 
ing waters, mode thine abundance to fail. 
Deeivatives, Jij^i Jk^>- 

1*4*' J'°4> P^ ^^a, m * ^ ie 7mt tree an ^ 

fruit, especially tJie wdlnut; Jlo^J )^jd mrf 
branches; \&q'9o>9 or l^ib; ^ the nutmeg ; 
}Jo*jo* ^ the cocoa-nut; JVjiâoj? ^ m&*? 
vomica; \-*\& ^the filbert, chestnut. 

**W> *>J<4^> cjc^, ^Jc^imper. of ^ 
to shear. 

Jlti^l-J* f. a garment. 

UfctL m. rt. J^L barrenness, the being without 
children, the loss of children. 

^Jc^L a Patjel conjugation, to kindle, set 
on fire, inflarne, excite, irritate; metaph. »( 
• culvJa^J- uS Jia^oi? o©* if ye excite anger 
against me. Ethpaual^jq^J./ to be onfire, 
break out in fiames ; to be inflamed, incensed, 
\J>aLs>, jljOBM**) with rage, with Iove; ^!jo^( 
dj^pi his anger is hol against us* 

Dekivatives, JJjoo^ or Dja^, jfc^Ja-^, 
b*4£tJa^*, JoXIc^jJsj», )Lcu£kJa^oo. 

^Jo^m. lefthanded, ambidexter; cf. W)^. 

]&*Ja^pl. Jfct^- from%jc^. f. a flame, 
a fiery coal; fire, heat; pi. fiery meteors, 
Metaph. jjlso?*? ^the flame of persecution. 

U(cL pi, £- rt. ^j^. m. the tnmk or 
stump of a felled tree ; a shoot or rod thicker 
than a j^cu* ; gram. a root, primitive form. 

Jll^Jc^rt. ^^. adj. radical 

JL^o^pL )ls— f* of )5<^a nut-tree, icahiut- 


, y^fut. w*«x^> i»f. ^^°7 acfc - P art * 

^*)^» ^**4s» t0 9 US ^ out > P mir fath as water; 
to rush oui eagerly ; Jjao^L u*^ ^Ae populace 

pouredforth. Aph. *+*^J r to makeflow, gush 
or pour forth; [£&£&> *J^J*\iuS> the Lord 
mode water s to gush forth; hŞ&£ "^a ^ ° 
pouring forth blessings; » . i .«- N y? u.ojdJb.jiZ, 
s^^J^open tlie doors ofyour mind. ,Ethtaph. 
^r- ri-ţ JrM ^° & e poured forth, seni ahroad. 
Debivatives, JIq-^cl^^, J-^*^, U^a^C, 

JuM.cxL.prob. a vulgar form of )mj a^ terror , 
horror, ruin; a clap ofthunder, earthquake. 

JAm«^ ii. h^^. m. laughter, laughing, 
sport, ridicule; \Âm4^ absurd, ridiculous. 

rt, «*w^. m. risible, laughable. 

^cLLPa. denom. verb from Jc^. io <aAe or 
bring in, admit; pass. part. wa^D 7 j-q^d 
admitted to counsel, instructed; beyond, remote, 
innermost; secret, esoteric; ţio^o ţ-*Xot 
JliaL»? jtcfijja e^re Zw to the far South. 
Ethpa. wâ^lf to go far in, enter, penetrate. 
Metaph. io be deeply versed, have attained 
ahighdegree; to be castrated; a^t cu£^.( 
j^saT jt^^a i/i62/ reimcZ to <Ae interior oftîts 
desert; }!&io JljjMft he penetrates far into 
hidden things, 

rt. aţ^. inner, internai, farther, remote; jii? 

India; opp. Ut^ o^^<er; JJ^a— )^i^citizens~ 
foreigners; the besieged—tU besiegers; sacred 
— profane ^ 

9 b rf 



Uo^ pi. ^o^ ri o^. *n. the inwarda, 
intestines; an ewiuch. 

Jlci^m. a hali. 

JAia^rt. âd^, m. an answer. 

J&uo^Lrfc. c^. f. the inner or farther part ; 
possession; \Jl* Zf ^ vrmermost recess of 

jfcLa^pl. jl^Ia^rt. a^. f. a) a hali. b) pi. 
piles, liemorrhoids. 

^a^or^4^j fut-^vcx^, act. part.^J»^, 
JL^ root-meaning same as "^^^ to wind or 
twine rotmd, hence to ştir, be moved only with 
)j£l**5 and*^*» of the object; to be moved 
toith compassion; "%S* jisuj^j )o&^9 As^ 
J^IT the bowels of justice are moved iowards 
the penitent. Aph. ^s-^/^o cast out or forth, 
eject, reject ofteu coupled with )♦*,; }!!*++* 

expeZ dissensiom; part.^*^o used in both 
senses, a) act. the sea after a storm ©ti CU*J*>. 
^_»-^y casta forth its dregs; fishes' gilis 
^vi\ fc^#^c move aside the waters ; b) 
pass. J^oo ^sa^o )>lo^ riches poured forth 
and heaped up. Ethtaph. ^^ll?^ to be 
rejected. Deei vatives, J^ o^, Jio^ o*^, 

|c^pl. %&4L ra* a) a wild beast 9 perh. the 
hyama. b) terror. c) pi. of Ifcw^a.^ gar- 

♦a^ci^Pers. julep. 

J^ia^rt. <^«^ hi. a veiL 

an ape; see 

\j l^d^ pi. \Z- rt. 1^^. m. deprivation, 
wani, lack; jhJ^Lo)^ ţ^e? ^ abstinence, 

\J^Lq^^ rt, JL^ a), m. captivity, foreed 
emigration; jtojiil? S ife carrying away of 

regions, i.e. of aZZ the population. 

ijdJ^d^Pers, apomegranate blossom. 

jjaiici^ pi. J*L m. a sac&. 

JfclikQ^ pi. JJcl^ f. rt.^a^. a cowl, 
a woollen cloak worn by monks or shepherds ; 
)LoV*^*-.»j ^o^Â^J^fhe ciad Mm in the 
Archimandrite s cowl; E-Syr. an altar-cloth. 

. f. impttdence, perver- 

P m r 

f C^, tt^s» 8811 * 6 aS f^^° CUt off. 

Jj£d^ pi. ţi, lira, « fam; used for 

a measure of weight, a Greek bean equalled 
two oboli, an Alexandrian bean three, an 
Egyptian bean four. 

) Ud o^rt. ţ^^- m. impudmce, presttmption, 

f. JfcC rt. t^ 1 -^- b °tâ, dcvring, imprudent, 


fcJUfaao^ rt. «^a^. adv. presumpttcously, 

JlcLi^ioe^rt. ţ 

siiy, frowardness. 

jyo^c^f. JfcLj^co^ adj, same as yf^oo^* 

^accsoc^^ Ua^c^î see U-ojo^. 
i#Z^»o^, ¥-, v qjL- 3 JL'oa— geometry, &c; 
see under J^^^jsoo).^. 

I^ic^a vÂldfig> sycamore. 

and various other spellingg, 
yv[xvâ(riov y a) a place for athletic exercises. b) 

exercise, practice. 

I^Laoc^m. J&bt&oi^f. pi- to. ţZ rt. ^sa^, 
m. a hollow, a ţyit; )^-»? ^perh. a whirl- 


jLs&o^pl. 1_ m, a) a pii,pMfall, with *iL* 
to dig a pit. Metaph. Jlaco^w )^»c^ ţ& 

from depth to depth of sîn; JJ^oUL Jt^ocu^ 
the lower regions. b) a trench to plant trees 
in. c) \J>* ^a chunh, a big himp of food. 

Jiseci^rt. wax^. m. perishing, slaughter. 

ţ*£jttd^, J^oc^ irreg. pi. of J&o»^ 
burning coals. 

Uî^c^, jfcU adj, of or from jiery coals. 
J»taoct^pl. J— m. a weasel. 

jfcooa^pl. J^d f. a c&&» slough; a hollow, 
ditch, trench; l^L*\J> ^a <2zteA> in the grov/nd; 
^3l^» )t»î*» ^^''oJIfio? jfcood^ herevels 
in the slough of hisfilth like a pig. 

V^i* denom. verb Pa. conj. from Jjc^. 
to colour, dye. Ethpa, yZ^fto be colmred; 
fji» dyed raiment. 

V*^ ^<^ W-Syr. v ^ Uc^, E-Syr, 
pi. ^T, l— and Ulo^m. Pers. giht. a) cdow 9 

- .. V 

hue, &ct* yc^ shy bhte, am/re; \S^ 


vermilion; *-Je<s^ ^iv various colours; 

joo* cooj^a U^c^? opci^ </i£ poocZ wwm was 
of a florid complexion* Metaph. ^3. M»cu-. 

]&&£ v^s? tove tinged with anger. b) ap- 
pearance, sort, kind, )f&Z jjo^^Ae white sort; 
Ilicit»? U&^s )^*^ three hinds of stewed food 
(or S^throughout). Debivatiyes, verb yCi^ 
and ^o^, Ujo^, îxitt^J^o?. 

v5^j U^^pl. jiojo^m. a greoi brazen 
vessel for washing. 

.o^ perii, yovv, always with *a and ?, 
V^^a^ therefore, then, forasmuch as, for that 
cause, on that accou/nt. 

fcsljja^^dv. r k °4>' * n vomrrtfm, in general, 

j^aJo^ pi- )— ■ *t. «^i^- m - 'Sţrti stealth, a 
clandestine action. 

i o «j c^and other spelliogs, Erench, 
conmtable, comes stabuli. 

ULiQ^pl. *?, £- rt. u*!^. m. a terribîe event, 
stupendous deed; the terror caused by earth- 
quahe; pi. horrors, atrocities, such as slaugbter 
and carnage ; terror, grief confusion of mind; 
Uja^»© jloji? ylaa a vjonderful and terribh 

ujc!^, )^J^-^ or j&LJolţ^ pi. ţ-o^^, 
v cuc4^, u»^a^emph. JlCi'^, jLa;a^or 
Jc^tbroughout. f. ywla, a corner; the angh 
or side of a triangle or other geometric figure ; 
JLojq^ )**> egual-sided ; Jl^H ^an acute, 
)\UZ&anobtuse^Jîlarightangle; ^jo^^ 
or Lţ£ the inner corner of the eye. 

wc^, JJjcx^ pi. ]L rt. U^t *• Vfawe, 

reproach, contumely, caîumny, complaint ; 
Jjc^'^d our complaint. 

)]£JL- rt. ©4^ adj. common, general, universal; 
^ \oţ f or *clW a patriarch or metropolitan 
Ushop; ^j&w <* general or catholic epistle; 

the vulgar tongue; «^Jic^* Jac. 
a ferialprayer, daily office, opp. U&»? special, 
for special occasions; ^U^i y*( according 

to the literal seme. ^4^ prob. £w?wr se. 

•n r 

t» r 

*j a^ Patjel same as y®^ Pael io colowr. 
Ethpatt. £qQ\ = Ethpa. ţfiij*?! 

jijG^pI. of M^^tn* colours. 

Pers. m. orchis. 

Jiici^ m, a) a Wow tw<& the fisL b) the 
throaU Cognate, )u^. 

Ethpa. ^oa^l/ fo ta&e refvge, flee 
for succour, help, or re&e/, with o or La^ of 
place or person; )Jc0O»2> with the Greeks; 
j£oj£aii> fo tc2o&/ )!*& l©^ m <Ae church. 



denom. verb from U&^w T see below. 

J^oo^rt. fcflo^; m.seeking refuge; a place 
ofrefuge, asylum, ţâoa^is*^ the same; *W 
J^oo^io to&6 refuge. 

JfcLici^pl. )^I. rt. W^. f. # «tfatf to ^owr 

ou< of 

JIioci^ or Sq*^ pi. 11- rt. ixea^. m. ^e 
who flees for succour, a refugee, fugitive; 
i+&el&'£^those who took refuge with him. 

«*td^mterj. of contempt, Poohl 

£L±^, JiN^c^pl. \L Ti/%2^ m. a 

deposit, trust, charge; ^^^=> or )l» tte 
oz^^er of that tvhich is committed in trust; 
\\*t±. A^%JL ^£l,6 JJ they do not deny a 
deposit; )iiU w ^ fi tt^Z: ^ yiflu % 
5ow? is entrusted to thee by God; JjL»aX£? ^ 
tJie charges or precepts of philosophers. 

Juaa^ci^rt. )x^^ m- w^mi. 

J^o^pL )^o^f. gleaning. 

&**& ^t^fut. acx^ ? act. part. âJ4,> 
^a^^o kw*, toAe iw a net. Metaph. rhet. «o 
captivate. Pa. al^the same. Ethpa. ♦a^l/ 
to shut or /a5<67i. Deeivativbs, lâo-^, 


lift^pL ^- rt. ţ a^. f. a î»ne, ^ftoo/ 
Jl££ 6Zac4 bryoi^, teW» bryony; see )^a^, 

Mio^rt, ţa^. bi. digging. 
c^^gypsum; see 


? 9 *} — 


Jisa^m. a) Ar. tlie spathe of a palm, 
involucre of a blossom. b) a bulb. c) \jx±lţ ^ 
a marine aromatic drug, 

) fc*3 ci^= \& a^ f. a fowling-net 

»a^, t^fut. 'o*^*, inf. «^&, act. part, 
*kL> J£*«Lwith pron. aff. or e» of the person; 
io comrnit adultery. Pa. t*^and Aph. ţ*^f 
io conwnit adultery. Ethpa. **^L? io #o a 
whoring. DekivATIVES, Jia^ t Jicu^ J*cu^, 

j*^, iu 

]>ci^pl. j* rfc. io^. m. a) adultery; 
J>a^a bastard, b) the column of a book or 
accoant, J^»cu»? J»°^? ofcoil thou shalt be 
inscribed among the debtors. c) Ar. a jar. 

lota^pl. )— m. Pers. a stocMng y soch. 

J%d9CL^, jj^jG^ or J-6»cl^ m. a capsule, 
seed-ve8sel, pod. 

Kţ^c^ pl- l«— rt. t^^; m. aw incentive, 
indueement; encouragement, provocation ; one 
of the six parts of rhetoric. 

fM^f e^ pl, ).— ra. a bowing down, falling 
dovm to pray; the rolling of thunderclouds ; 
a vibrating sound. 

J*oo ? » o ^ ambidexier. 

jjtjia^ the gnawing of a bone, getting the 
marrow out. 

JjJQ^pl. J* m. a faggot, bundle of wood; 
the load of pollen which a bee briugs from 

Jlya^pl. JJ^m. a whelp, Uj{? ^a lion's 

whelp, used metaph. of Christ in allusion to 
Greu. xlix. 9. 

)t*&9z^the fore-arm, a cubit. 

Uw£»a^ or Jjxooici^ a double or lined 

Uic^pl. l_ generally fera. yovpva, a large 
vessel, a stone bath, an v/rn; JîsJL»? JJiid!^ 
funereal urns. 

Jwici^dialecfc of Tacrit, a plane. 

jJic^m. a littlepig. 

\jx>fo^rt %fio^. m. breaMngup, destruction* 

J&fCk^pl. J— m. yoptpiov, a cutling or slip 
of the olive-tree; a hollow in a tree. 


66 VV 

nux vomica, strycJmine. 

j$tQ^ rfc. 1^ m. a) clamour, shouting, 
vociferation* b) ruminatim, chewing the 


Jia^rdenoni. verb from the above a) to 
make gutturăl sounds. b) to cheto the cud 9 
>£o4jSJ&? J£a5L* ruminante. Metaph- to 

ruminate, meditate. 

U^'iv^digeslive medicines. 

imper. of **^2o touch. 

\LzlL. m. the bottom of a well, hollow in 
a river, a ford. Metaph. profundity, **«£^ 
YL'^jmen ofdeep learning. 

«cufc^emph. J^saA.o^jjl, ţZ, \2- m. a body, 

solid/ a metal; fâiJk&i ^a spherical form ; 
ţ*JL&Jk%Js> JUf l ^aaX fl^ atoms; «cla^ JJ? 
incorporeal. Metaph. a corporate body, corn* 
rrmnity; the whole, J&J» <$££>lţ l^the whole 
atphabet/ the text of the Scriptures ; a system 
of doctrine; «m^jâf ^#&e text of the Âcts 
of the Apostles; v <L^5lî jltfi^N^f ^ 
the text of the teaching of the Gospel; logic. 
substance. Deeivatives the four following 
words 3 verb )^*^, Uc^jl ^, ]t 

9 4 t fi fi 4 < p ■ 

ţ^*^ } JjLaaj^a^, JfcwJ— adj. from 

bodily, corporeal; with )J incorporeal. 

%^\ 1 v» « cu^ from J^a^cL^. adv. 5o<Z#y t 
Metaph. literally opp. VJjI^oi spiritually wîth 
reference to exposition of the Scriptures. 

, J&a— pl. in. ţlil., )Iî— , 
f. **i_, Jfc^£L &,dj.Jleshy 3 corpulent, material, 

o^JIs^o «Ae literal 

)Icui.viaq^ from 

Uux^v^f. a net, a covering qfnetwork for 
the head. 

jtaoa^o^f. a cowwferpa^e. 

Jlo^f. <Ae iwaer barh of the oak, used in 

^fut. jc^' and iy, inf. j^ } i raper . ,^ 
act. part. |J^ ji^or }ÎJ4, pl. m . ^J^, f . ^ 

9 9 4 

corpvreal, literal; \*' '- * l4 ' fc * 

. f. bulhiness, 



pasa. part. J-î^, ţ , )lf. to cîtp or cwî the 
hair ; to shear sheep, part. pi. £ emph. ]LjCJ^ 
shorn sheep. Ethpe. >î^t( to be mown, shorn; 
to be cut off, concluded. Aph. J^ţ same as 
Pe. Deeivatives, \£^ J*4>, Jj©^, J)!^, 

l4^3 ***• s. of jo^to/at'Z. 

)U^or JIJL^pl* jjL^contr. from jLt-i* 
to hide. m. treasure, a treasury. Metaph. the 
eucharist or the consecrated bread, toc&x*? Jjţ 

Ijjrrs-jy ^ ^ ]>L ^ e ma y not l ea ^ e the host ort 
the altar till the second day; Jj^fc**» E-Syr. 
a reeess in the north wall of the sanctuary where 
the holy bread is placed, 

)î^m. Jl&S^f. pi. c. )|^rt. fc^ m. a mowing, 
sheari/ng. f. ajleece, wool. 

Jî^rt, J^. m. a shear er. 

jj^seldom used in Pe. to deprive, Pa. Jî^ 
or **7)^L act. to bereave, deprim of; pass. 
to be bereaved; Elijah «JJk^p >» v* « X wo( 
JOkiJj &osm<* heaven and made the earth barren; 
pass. part. *4^*>, U)^^ )^^° destituie, 
sterile, lonely, bereaved; jî^Jk^> j^f^ţ^ 
a deserted city; J£& ţ& fc^>^ waterless, 
arid; legal U)^o jJi^aoD? \)&S» a feigned 
issue; f. emph. a childless woman; m. pi. 
emph. anchorets, ascetics. Ethpa. Jl^( to 
be bereaved esp. of husband or children ; to be 
left destituie, J^j» ^ U^^ji*/^ land 
was barren for lack of rain. Deeivatives, 

J^l^or JbL^ph T, perh. for J^Jo^ 
with — lengthened to «* to compensate the 
loss of x; m. a treasurer, a steward; cf. j^ 

)iow=>î^or fc^ f. from the above, trea- 

^ **4a»> Jl^«*4 fc rt'f ^ a( *j- eomminatory, 

]X&&*y^rt fk^ f. boldness. 

ţicj^pL f rt. ij^. m. cutting, piercing; 
]$o*J^J|jȉ lancets; one who performs the rite 
of circumcision. 

cision, theforeskin; j&oj^^â? * '" k J *~ 
jÎJ^rt. J^- m. shearing. 

îJw Jews. 

i^cu^rt. perh. Jj^; cf. Jj^ m - «^ MM«r 

■ I 9 «- 

« , 

rt. yJ^- adv. sharply. 

fc— IWÎa^rt- Ij^. adv. decisively; severely. 

JiVl^rt. >j^. f. a decree, sentence, ordi- 
nance; a space parted off or separated ; a 

partition wall; split wood, a pile oftvood; 
J^iîT? ^$e door-knocker. 

Jh^î^f. a poll-tacc, capitation tax; &**J^ 
jilţ-io the same. 

||j>4w? )^*^^ a ^j- left-handed; cf. Uj 
Pis^fut. ipojk^, inf. ^X^£, act. part. y*4a>' 
J^oJ^ pass. part. yx*î^root-meaning like that 

of J^, »*Î4î»' *^s *^ c ^ <0 c ^ ^f J hence a) <o 
determine, decree; impers. o^ fcsiol^ it was 
determined; b) with^si to rush upon y as- 
sault; c) to threaten; J^s »ojxx>? vj^j 
cv^» the flood whick threatened to tea/r away 
his dwelling; ^ U&*%^* \jo^Gehenna which 
is decreed or threatened io or for. Ethpe. f)<^( 
to be threatened. Pa. «)^. io threaten. Dekivs. 

Jj&jL pi. Jil. rt. vA^* m« an assault, threat, 

Jj&j^rt. V^^- ni. ^ branch cut off. 

Pers. tf<e /?-m^ o/ <Ae taniarisk. 

J*9j^Pers. mm, /w^îe. 

*)^ fut. îol^, iof. i>^, imper. *e*^ 
act. part. i)^, pass. part. t-î^, )^, }t'. <o 
cut or /i€w s«o?z^y to tear; to probe a wound; 
to circumcise, be circumcised; to determine, 
decree; Jt*-J ^f ih^birds of prey tore 
(hem; jio£> v cW*X^. 1>J^ &* determined 
upon their death; with JjaooT to prodaim 
a fast; pass. part. U>& JuU^circmncised in 
heart; ţfî+k^ *-?aI.^? \1Ll & tlie nurnber of 
his months is determined ; pi. f. hewn stones. 
Ethpe. iwl/ to be cut or hewn out; to undergo a 
mrgical operation; to be circumcised; to decree, 
appoint. Aph. iUj* to bestow, confer upon. 
Derivattves, j*o)<^, JUo*^, fcwi;-*^, 

JUau, )*C )*C J>^ J*W ' b K- 

jliLrt. iJL^. m. o«€ who performs the rite 
of circumcision* 

)h^ pi. V i-t. »J^' m - a w< ' wo ^> a 8lit > 


îl\^ 68 


e.g> in the bark of a vine; an incision^ exci- 
sion; a surgicdl operation; aprey, )!}(*+{ 
Uy^s^JL as a Hon over theprey. 

*^L> Kj^hl with );»?! the wildparmip; 
)o** ij^ the garden parsnip. 

J»J^m. nimble, agile. 

Jlj^ pi. ţZ, J* rt. ijl^. m. a) surgery. 

b) a jttdgement, sentence, general ly J*t*f *J^ 
pi. U*?J>£^ with the verbs JUnQJf or *aâJ, 
with%& of the pers. oiîUj^ )£-Zao j*!^ 
*oo».*Kn 6&ter sentences were decreed upon 
tkem; K*>o* îj^ £fo appointment of a fast. 

c) a fock, slieepfold. Metaph. a mandra, 

monastery ; j*i^>? P**? the monhs in the 

mandra; **»J^ t*^^> by flocks> i.e. in good 

H'U^ pi. \*J-4*> J^M^ often misprinted 

J&JoliJ^f. dim. of JiiJ^a ZzftZe island. 
J^^pl- J^ r t. j^, f. afleece, wool; see Jj^. 
w*îj^ 3 m. s. of «•o^ft) rush out, 

JtaooM^rfc. ^j*^. f. laughter, thefaculty of 
laughter ; \Jlj-JL 1 * Jts^L? ^laughter is pecu- 
liar io man. 

^^ and yl^, fut. «f^J, inf. ^^*, 
imper. y*^, part. ^4^, H-^to laugh, with 
o or"%£; fo &<? merry, dance. Metaph, of 
an amalgam, to be bright. Ethee. y^^l 
act. to laugh at, deride; pass. to be laughed at, 
derided. Pa. <+j*^ to mock 9 ridicule, Avith o 
or'^jC to sport, jesL Ethpa. «**^J<f to be 

ridiculed i mocked. Aph. *Z>*J y to cease to 
laugh. Derivative s, Ju^-mo^, Ja.: 

9 V 

y - 

to discliarge pus. 

n^a** HH*&» or J^^s/ a ) deprived of one 
testicle, b) heritage, saccession. 

JA^pL Jl. m. a vault; ^k-o or j&di 
i a vaulted room; a brothel. 

■' T^^as> P^ t*> J— > eontr. from 
rt "^^ f- a) the wheel of a carriage, 
well, mill; a potters wheel; <oov^XV «âo*j& 
|l<^^Ae tums the threshing-wheel over th&in; 
proverb. ^ ^oo^Xx y^«^ their turn will 
come. b) a round stone rolling in a groove 

to olose the opening of a sepulchre. c) w& 
instrument of torture. d) a circle, ring^ 
JAcao? ^La silver ring; a row )^>o»? of em~> 
broidery; a ball of cotton or thread. e) rit. 
cycle, course. f) astron. dt8C t sphere, cycle. 
Metaph. angels in allusion to their swiftness, 
lîfli=.oii> ^: the cherubic wJieeh; Ji^T ^ the 
wheel oftime; )}£iL ^ the circle of the year; 
U>* Jl^^ the constellation Ursa Major. 

H^**> P L M»^^ m - TW grape* 
stones and skins, refuse from the wine-jyress; 


•J!^ denota, verb Pael conj. from j?*^. to 
hough, ham-string. Metaph. to wnmrve. 
Ethpa. f^gj^pass. 

Jfş^ pi- )^m. a) a nerve, tendon f sinew; 

U o£ ^the optic nerve; \jL<fst* ^ the audi~ 
tory nerve, nerve of hearing; Uii^ ^ the 
sciatic nerve; metaph. Jjj;&? l+^iron thews. 
b) the fibres of a tree ; a string of a rausical 
instrument ; a tie, ligament. 

Wf*^adj. trom J**^. m. stnewy. 

^°**4i» )^o^ or jJLJ^ Heb. f. Gehenna,jhe 

place of torment. 

Jlcwcu^rt. u*o^. f. a gushing forth, over- 
fotoing of water. 

Jj^^m, a bird, perh. a magpie. 

k^cuil adv. from the above; V^iji Jl 
ţAj(^X )}9 J*3<ajfc* J^^cus^o-s not adorned 
lihe a magpie with unsuitable adornments. 

jrdi^cw^ wi th Ua-*î rt, \a^, f. an 

impulse of compassion, tender fgeling. 

l&ft^L/ denom. verb from the following. 
to be a pilgrzm, a stranger. 


2 4 


m. ]L' 

°. 4 - 

f. pi. m. ]*, f. jr rt. 

>q^. a) subst. an alien, foreigner, strangerj 
froselyU; liturg. a farcing or mserted verse, 
b) adj. alien, foreign, strcmge. 

jIciL^ m. JftdL4 f. pi. m . T, f. JL» rfc. 
Ja^. a^ adulterer, adulteress; gram. /afee, 
foreign, e.g. j is counted with the gutturals 
but as a Risu^, %, «», o» being true gutturals. 

Jts^^pl. f m. rt. perh. /o^. a treamrer; 
cf. Jtsî^. 

fEiîi, from preş. part. of la^ . f. Jmling, 
Jt-M^j, J>o*oo the wanmg moon. 


Iril^rt. w*a^< m. a breaking forth, r%m- 
ning over of water, tears, &c* 

.cL^ perh. rt. u»c^. Gihon, the second 
river of Eden. 

^aoCL^^or Jjabw^pl. } — m. a monkey, 
an ape. 

\i^; see Jjo^ 

*mI^L Pael denoin. from ţ>aL^. to seize 
mddenly, tahe as prey, phmder, rob. 

\JsaJL pi. £- m. a) a bând of robbers; 
a troop esp. of Kght horse. b) a marauding 
expedition, a foray. Debivatives, ua^verb, 


^yâu^&ăv. like robbers, in the manner of 

jA^pî. £. ra. a uri fes sister's husband. 
Jj oa»^ adj. rapacious, ravening. 
**4»y«P> causal conj./or, but,indeed,however; 
l'evenif; »*îL •?«*& even; -^L Hnat 


so; i 




ţj» while, whereas. 
.\tJLi pi. m. fi jr rtlSrf 

one toho commits adultery, esp. openly. 
jt^pl. £- m. bird-lime. 

ItoULrt- io^. f. adultery; 

4i $ 4 *• . — 

tmjpure thoughts. 

Jl'cufc-^f. difficulty in swaUowing. 

)U^ or )U4, E-Syr. JU4, pi f m. 
a bridge, plank. 

^tobe ina state of molton, to be put in 
motion; cf. ^a^. pasa. part. , ^-^ >J £-, 

)j£_ roimi. Pa/V^ or P erh * denom - from 
Jb^s,. io Wse m warces, «o swrp'e, sviell. Ethpa. 
*^y.r to be moved, tossed, rolled about; 
ţ £mZJt» *%SJ^~*i1 tempest-tossed. Aph. 
~%^J y toroU,unfold. Ethpalpai^^^J./ to 
be mode round, to be wreathed or twirled about 
aa vapour. Dekivatives, îl^^i ţl». S« .'Sn fc> 

UL^, Jtcu^^., JL4», Jb^,, K^fh 


UT pi. ţ^ m. same as ţi^. flki and 

])^k.G^ rt.^.o^. a cloak, a coarse outer 
garment, esp. a morik's cloak. 

ft^ Pi ţ**»' 8t^ or ţ*4» m - a «* raw ' f*P ' 
straw, hay, dry stalks or twigs; ţ»? U*ioa 

JLj!^ JU^a coat ofhay-bands or stalks wovm 


J}4 pL (^ oftk spelt ţ^, 8^ rt. ^ 
m. a) a mound of stones or earth, a da/m; 
)*©p? JLsL gravei, b) m. and f. a tortoise, 

Jl^fut. l^, inf. %^, imper. ^, ^, 
o^, ţ^Si^ act. part. JJ4,, ^X^, pass. 
part. Jl^,, U^i,,- a) to uncover, reveal, lay 
open, declare, show, make known with^v or 
^s& ; U*J \^ ie bared his head; )Âo»^ he 
came upon gold; jî>/ he made known the 
secret, told his counsel, revealed the mystery; 
jJs-Ş— he openly confessed his sin; gram. 
to pronounce. Pass. part. uncovered, cpen, 
manifest, evident, public j opp. [t*o and Ji^ 
hidden, concealed; witlî U obscure; )&Ş-<^)W 
a manifest mirdcle; ^ )loii?a» a public 
profession offaith; J-^aJ!^»^! ««♦ which 
was known to many; JJ^s^or ? U^ţ^ U is 
evident. Idioms, Jl^ş ţ*^. or ^. )1^ face 
to face, openly, clearly, boldly; j^^^U^^d 
manifestly , evidently ; JfclX^MjM» with open 
or unveiled face i. e. boldly, confidently ; ^^, 
ioo^s^oo? they had no need to be ashamed; 
s £ publicly, opmly ; gram. \jL^, 
a letter aăded to the verb to show the 
geuder or person, as w in u^oafl 6) to go into 
exile. In tliis sense the form u^^ is more 
usual. Ethpe. w^J./^passive and reflexive 
of Peal: "^Si? l*ol]££ CL^sSTthe founda- 
<{ows o/ 2fo? worZ^ were uncovered; l^JS^ţ 
t m+ăifFtJie heresy was revealed; «1^-a^ *Ae 
error was confessed; i'efl. â-ooo-. u^^l{ 
««ol.}) Josep/t made Mmself known to his 
brethren. Pa. J^ i) to uncover, reveal. ii) 
to lead or go into captivity or exile. Ethpa. 
w^4J.r pass. Aph. i^J r io uncover, bring 
forth. Dbrivatives, J-a^o-^^, -a-^i 
«oXţJ./ verh, Ua^«^, lio^^, U^,. 
1.^, Îs-U^, l^cui^, )ta-i^. U^, 

ILcu^,^, ls-li*V, M-^»> jiftl-^^oo. 

H » 

? k w p- 



**$Jn^ yahâptoV) curds. 
JJLii^a dagger or its sheath. 
m. a bier. 

j. *%. *• 

* .** 

fut. «saJ^k^, ln£ <^>^> imper. 
«^5^^) act. part. *^^, 1^4,, pass. part. 

4^^^, J-L 3 }fc^ to draw aside a veil; to 

uncover the eye; to disperse mist; ţ-^^^ 
Jaioj? |S{ tâ«? curtains of the sanctuary are 
drawn back. Pa. i^£^ to unveil, lay bare; 
*i!âJ»2f^A* <^£4» he drew aside and tooh 
away the coverings; med. to dry up the orbit 
of the eye, make the pupil project; Is^X^o 
prominent, protruding. Ethpa. ^i^J"' p&ss. 
of Peal. DerivativeS; 

v %. r 

Js^^ pi. [*— rt. <^*^» ^a* « curtain cord 
or ro<2. 

K^t^rt. 1^^. Ta. the drawing up or aside 
of a curtain ; opening of the eyes, elevaiion of 
the eyebrows. 

J»r Ethpalpax conj. of ^4*5 see 

♦^^ perh. denora. verb from JţA^ to 
freeze; ţ+Z^t^ \l& freeziwg waiers. Pa. t^L 
to freeze. Aph. ţiS^f to be frozen, to freeze, 
congeal; |âo^ .ţi^f^ rain-drops are con- 

Jt^4> pl* 1* m * 8 ^ n > hide, fur; IţS^uaftjL 

jJoţi^dim. of the above, m. a ItUKs s&m, 
Mtn membrane. 

)Joţ^-4from J*X^. adj. leathery, mem- 

JW^m. Jtjd^f. pi. m. T, f- ^ rt. 

fc . a spoiler, an imjust per son. 

quadrilit. verb from Pael of )|^ ii 
with the same meaning, to carry atoay, lead 
into captivity; to go into eccile. Ethp. woX^A» 
to be carried into captivity, exiled; to remove 
from one place to anoiher. 

9 " v 9 pi. JJoS^rt. Jl^ii. m. an exile. 

Pers. a pair of compasses. 

w»a^^; see ixco^o^and ţm\^<ro ape. 

^AflD^A^ a) Chald.j'me tohite jlonr, dough. 
b) chestmUs. 

(v^Qm <?u \ ^ pi* |— m. yXojcro'^o/xoj', a cdâg, 
money-box, cojftn, esp. a case wherein the 
remains of saints were preserved, a shrine 9 
a reliquary. 

Ji<£x4> pl- l— rt * A^^. m - a carver f 



* <. < 


, f. the art of carving. 

ji'cu^^rt. ll^ii' captivity; collect. captivea, 

^ fut. icfc^î, înf. *3^&» paris. >^, 
jfcfc4sî ^^> #* J^ ^ c^6a< 7 ptvrloin, seize, 
take away; to disinherit, deprive with *âo; 

\jSu j^4j Vt** ^et ^ m re ^ urn what he has 

wrongfidly tahen; ţL& <**icu»y Ja^^l ]J ioAe 

woi away Thy mercies from us; ~S+i ^s> 
^X^^what things are canonicaUy prohibited. 

Ethpe. I^J.^Vith J& of the objeet or some- 
times of the pers. passive ; a) to be deprived 
oft be destituie, disinherited, <*o» ţ& A^^L/ ^? 
lUacfcjfca; }L«J^. lest I lose ray inheritance of the 
Church in Heaven; JJfLo» *& «j^LlW» <7i€y 
are deprived of their profits. b) to separate 

■ w r 

oneself depart } ^l^J^> . oo*IiJ ^s separat- 
ing themselves from their wives. Dertvatives, 

y-i^fut. iMCtX^ 1 , act. part. *-^4' P ass * 
part. Ju-LJX^, )1^.a \ ^. to spread out> show 9 
explain, U a c tfia ij)^^ «•c^^ spread out 
the clothes in the sun. Pa. ^Si- and Aph. 

tM^^r to declare, show forth. Deeivatives, 

lS-U^^, ItcUw^^, )low>\^V». 

I^ik^ Ar. m. a mistdke in writing. 
u^^another form of JJ^; see above. 

k^ţ^rt. Jl^ i. m. a manifestation> a declar- 
ing or sJwwing openly; Jli^^ )tVti> appew 
opmly, publicly, to be evident; UX^> openty> 

V^t )J^4pl. m. m^ f. Jfc^rt. 
11^ ii. a captive, exile. 

k-k^4s» rt » i^ i. adv. clearly, openly, 
publidy, outwardly; opp. ksIJ-Uaa secretly. 

)r^» m - «»» crystol; \' r ^J y \s an older 
form. Dekiyative, verb 


f. ]ls— * adj. frozen, glacial, icy 9 stiff; \Zo'i 

1 fe^t^^h tyf winds, 

IfoftSjl» pl £- m. = U^4 a? rt. Jl^i. a 
v&îa», wvelation* 

JJdLii^pl. |2-m. rt. Jl^ i. a wriiing-tablet. 

focu^fr pi J£* m. rt, A^t^* # writing- 

jL'&^^rt. Jkfta,^ *• a ^ uncovering, revealing, 
shoioing op&nly; \JL+f to^^the uncovering 
or baring of the head; \Af *T the uncovfiring 
of the face^conjidence; JL£? ^jp&ww words; 
JL'oSr? ^T */t6 externai appearance. 

JtoJ*!^^ rt. £*^. f. 7Km-existence } negalion; 
absence, lack, deprivation, abstinence; LoJ*^^ 
J^L-jî cruelty; gram. omission. 

J-uLoV^s^rt. 1^:; adj. negative. 

rt. rN^ adv. clearly. 

Jicu*#^^rt. ^nrVt^ f. spreading out clotlies ; 


lS^JlA^rt.^^. adv. m a roumdform. 
)?^Vw.V^rf. ^y-^- f. rotundity, sphericity. 

^\jL^J^^rt.^%^. adv. sţrfierieally, round- 
ing into afull circle as the moon. 

I ^.Vt- or J^LX^ Pers. m. a woollen ottter 
garmmt, a cfoalc. 

UX^ pi- £- **. rt- ÎUfe» a )- a wvelation, 
appearance, raanifestation ; the Apocalypse; 
jj JîUL *7i£ -FeasS o/*A<? Transfiguration. 

rt. il^. adv. 62/ revelaiion. 

adj. revealed, open, plain, sensible; with JLoao? 
a s^ape rea% visible, opp. )fe- ax>\ £ se^w m a 

J*X^ pi. )* m. galearius, a soldier-servant, 

JiV^iS^f. ^ crowd ofgalearii, a rahble. 

1^^4> feID ' of l"^^ a captive. 
** r ^ael of ^>^. to stt^Z, s^r^e. 

Jţ^pl. ^^^ JjS^rt. ^V>. m - « wave > 

a billow. 

Jiis.^^Jl^m. Aa#, stubble. 

JJ^ pi. £• m- subfit. ^romicS #a&fe to fo 
fiooded, a valley; adj. round. 

$ p* * 

■1*9 * 

71 » 

m. a roc% place or ridge; a shctpe- 
less rnass. 

^ii^part. k& N ^fo cwi, circumcise. 

jts-^^pl. Jls— f. the foreskin. 
â^^fut. a oJ^^, imper. »acLi^ t act. part. 
âi^, &^4» pass. part. «fc*^^, U-, Jl£— . 

a) to carve wood or stoue, to engrave, fashion, 
adorn ; InJ-m.i ^x.a..\^ fashioning molten 
images; }}£Â.'Â^^ \£)»q engraved gems; 
y^o^JLS^their gr aven images. Metaph. lx> 
JfcCa*^^ Jl^ 2 )0 ^ ie< ^ $pMch. b) m.: 
}^rs- Iv^tv^V husked sesame seeds. 
âu^J./^o be carved. Dbbivatives, 




•ft ? . «• ^ 

pl. ţi. rt. -âi^. m. engraving } 
carving or embossing; the engraving on gems, 
gold, &c. ; )o£>^? ^the engraving on a signet; 
pî. scales, spangles. 

m. pl. feaihers, fins. 

^fut. t^J ^) <o torinhle, frown. b) to 

show the teem. Pa. -^^ t0 ^ aVG $* $P S w ^ e 

apart; to gape as tlie edges of a wound; 

part. J^L^o splay-mouthed. Deeivative, 

iu -^ 

Jjai^pl. )I_ m. a tub> jar. 

■ ^i^ to scratchy tear with nails. Ethpe. 
uii&ij^ pass. 

«i^fat. «0^, aci part. f^, U^4^ P ass » 
part. p**^, Jl-, Jl^ — a) to cut of, to lop 
branches. Metaph. *^L $**> \\T death 

comes io cut thee doim; %oo#jl» 

4 -n 

i? rf 

Ka\. let Mm prune away superjluiUes. 

b) to be full as a measure ; pass. part. filled, 

full Ethpe. y&L^fto be cut down, cut off; 

^ ^ ^ ^ l^^&'âUL J^o -j his life was cut down 

like a plant. Pa. p*&i> «) to cut down. b) to 
filt Derivative, j-aoaa^. 

}s^^ pl. J^^. m. Ar. a vessel, an earthen 

^^^act. part. fXt^Jo mangle clothes, press 

heavily. Pa. ^aL^ rare ' same as Aphel 
+£sJ y to dare, be shameless, 2>ersist obstinately. 
With another verb has adverbial force ; boldly, 
rashly; ulso ^^ he answered boldly. 

Derivatives, 1îJsog^> ^f»G^> k^ţJCC^, 


Jjcuao^ni. jt'jo-aa^f. rt. *3a^. shameless. 

lloţa-so^rt. »2o^. f. mangling or smooth- 
ing linen. 

m. an omer. 

&e or tfA«2 which finishes, accomplishes, effects; 
eficient. Usecî of a bishop because by him 
the ordination of priests is performed, effected 
or made valid; of the piiesthood whereby 
the sacraments are accomplished ; ] Lclj o*s 
fc#rîj» ^oj Jiia^a^^^^s^oorf whereby all 
the sacraments are effected; Jjojîa^ i^L the 
croicn of bishops. The corporal on which. the 
portions of the host are placed after the frac- 
tion; see jU< 

luito^â-^ rt. i^a^. ia. end, destruclion; 
Jfcuaimâ? ^a speedy end; ^ JJ? unfinished, 
imperfect; \Lm£». UicLaa^ J^J* ^-£f the 

lamp goes out when the, oii is used up.^pl. ^îboa^, HUoa^f. a) a codi, 
live coals, Jjcljj ll&'^fiery coals; metaph. 

with pi. Jl 

or Jlsl 

9 9 .. * 

the particles 

of consecrated bread are so-called in Syriac 
liturgies in allusion to Isa. vi. 6, the live coals 
on the altar being interpreted as a type of 
Christ. b) red-hot stones thrown up by a 
volcano. c) ulcers, cărbunele*. 

iici-ax^ pi. }— m. a buffalo bull. 
JJ.©^oa^rt. *^a^. f. impvdmce. 

^lU&s^ rt. ^a^. adv. perfectly, corn- 
pletely, thorougMy; arith. even, equal. 

Ji.ot-OD^ rt. wa^, f. perfection, complete- 
ness, full growth. 

Gamal, the letter g. 

N ^ a ^' J^^pl- ţ*! £- corn. gen. tlie camei, 
dro?nedary; jtăoJ S>^^m, «&? camdopard, 
the giraffe; J&o? JbcL^a great beam which 
supports the rafters. 

^-^-^a, pl- J— m - a ) & camel-driver or 
keeper. b) jtat-nosed. 

Jic&^sx^ ^ rom ^°*U^ £ camei- herding; 

^ ]i^M, s £\m.X attending to the camels. 

y p 

9 9 

rt. 7*555,. m. a) pruning, felling. 
b) fullness, rwnning over of a measure. 

act. pari^ao^, H&^Jo phmge und&r 

water, immerse, dive, JLSj^J^ ţ «&> 1 KXt 

j^y^vi^s^ W e immerse thrice at baptism. 
Aph. **j& Ss J y to dip ) immerse. Debjtatives, 
J-xaoo^, Jîs^^a^, and the folio wing — 

m. and JfcLxaa^ f. rt. ^aa^. a) 

immersion, a dip, dive; ^*Z^X Jfcl^oo^ j* 

9 9 

toe baptize with one immersion. b) a handful* 

jîjooa^f- mire, dirt. 

perh. denom. from J-aoo^. to ikrow 
into a pit. Ethpe. v&^i to faU into a pit; 
to be overwhelmed among ruins. 

fut. f cuift^J in the active sense; 
5? passive, inf. ■ ¥ ^ < ^ J imper. 9o^a^> 

aci part. ijâa^» l^ 20 ^' P ass * P^*- ^^^a.» J' » 
Ji. Trans. a) to perfect, Jinish, accomplish, ef~ 

fect, perform ; to cause to become; o££o * Ja *^ 
wojcl^**? jJÂl^jao he accomplished the measure of 
his life; o^?ocua^ otl»,^ he fulJUled his 
promise; ©*â-J5j? J-jLo^^â ^L^^oll Jesus 
who perfects, brings all to perfection, by the sign 
ofHisCross; Jj»j 9&m^> }.ma.^? );^1j1x may 
the Holy Spirit cause the vrine in the chalice to 
become blood. b) to consume, pui an end to, m 
this sense the Pael is more common. Intrans. 
a) to be perfected, finished, accomplished. b) 
to be conswmed, spent, done awayvdth; tofail f 
cease; arith. to be divisible without any re- 
mainder; U<*p> oSJ+ Jooj yft^to strength 

failed from thirst; wo^» h \&&>» infinite 
riches; pass. part. perfect, mature, complete, 
tvhole, quite, final; \{JL^\L a full meamre ; 
Jk^ît Itoâ^ Jfct-J a garment all ofblue; 
li^ Jft^ jl£x£ a whole bxvrnt-offering ; \AAs> 
)*-ocu^ the final sentence. Ethpe. isi^Jj* 
to be perfect, perfected, Jmished, accomplished; 


h( H %*m QJsti£sLm his dreams did not 

come t0 2>ass; lio^^Jc^a o^^rthey w&re 
of perfect virtue. In the consecration of 
a bishop, the Syrians say «a^lf (JJ^aSJIa») 
Jie is perfected (by the imposition of hands), 
where we should say the consecrati<m is effected 
or completed. Pa. ix^to moke perfect, bring 
to an end,fmish; to spend, waste ; to put an 
end to, destroy, lay waste, root <mt % extirpate; 


H&#if ţi» \&o+&^J I will destroy ycu from 
offtke earth; ;J&4 S> $5 when it had made an 
end* Denom. from ]Uaâ&^; to heat over 
red-hot coals. Ethpa. *J**^l a) to be accom- 
plished, to come to pass as prayers, dreams. 
b) to fail, be destroyed. Aph. ♦^U as { ce) to 
accomplish. b) to do away with, destroy, 
Debivatives, Jijoo^, Jioax^, J^ioax^, 
lUoax^» Js^îi^oa^^, JLoi^»^^, J 

9 9 

9 1 js&^vb* ^â^. m. aperfecting, mak- 
ing perfect, perfection. With X prefixed an 
adverb is for med, i v^ ^gS utterly, entirely, 

^not used in Pe. ; root-sense to lie doivn or 
upon. Aph. ţ^^part. ţ^~& or ^J^» to make 
descend or rest upon. With Z or \ \ » ^ a.» and 
*%£ to cover with the hand, hence to protect; 
yl+l yOflM^^ i©2» U-<^ Thy liand pro- 
tected ihem; ^Jjj. "^JL wi^T y&u^M may 
thy prayer protect thy jlock. The catisative 
sense is often lost. With o or ^& to lie 
down, rest in or on, to dtvell witîiin; often 
said of the Holy Spirit, to descend or enter 
gently with o; to abide, rest upon, over- 
shadow with *^x ; jl£^o!^^-£. U*o* ^c 
the Spirit descended upon the Bîessed Virgin; 
]£aâ»'^&. mLJj ****^ my Jlesh shall rest in 
hope; *£& S *^Jţ> Jl^J darhness overshadows 
me. Debivatives, ţ^, \j a±^> J k**> co^, 

u±4>, u^> i^-k^ ii^^o^x^, u^o, 

jioju^Jje and jlc OJ U^o» 

e^> U^ r ^. t^>* a refu,ge, ptrotection, always 
with o ; Joii <ţ£<^ t0 Thy protection, 
merciful One. Cf.< of Jl^x^ gardens. 

Ji^fut. il^ 7 inf. Us^o, imper. w*!^, pass. 

part. \x^, f. Jix^, Jîs*i^> plm. ^Ii^, f. ţi^. 

a) to lie down, recline or sit down J»ofc^a %£ 
at table; to lie or lean upon; fc^j^ Uicjja 
2%ow <&<&rf Zie m f/w? raanger; ^£ )*J^J ţxLcu 
. îj&j oj J» «7o7m z#fto lay on our Lord's breast. 

b) to withdraw or depart secretly, to lie con- 
cealed. Pass. part. Jcoi \1^ J> when he was 

lying down, in bed; Ju» l^hsj °4 ai **&*' ^ ie 
extent, sur/ace of the moon which is obscure 

to us. Ethpe. %J^r reflexive of b. Pa. 
wJs^ to blame, Jind fault with, rebuke; ■-SVf' 
lUcuâl^ ţiC ţ-o^o* those wJio accuse us of 
sloth; the pass. part. also means hidden, 
retired. Ethpa. **I^t( a) to be blamed, re- 
buked with J& of the agent and o of the 
reason. 6) to withdraw himself, conceal him~ 
seif with ţ& from. Aph. Jx^ a) to make 
recline or sit down, place at table, Jjl^ 
J.a^îţX ţ*&ai> let m receive thepoor into our 
houses; to lie, be laid upon; to over shadow. 
h) to conceal oneself witJidraw oneself; U^o 
o**£l> Jooj he hid himself Debivatives, 

)s2>)j^cZro5.? of silver, slag of iron. 

u»)j^ and .ml^ Greek pi. forms of JfcU^ 
a garden. 

aÎb^ fut. oqx^ } inf. cai ^c , act. part. 
^14^ )^-^î P^ss. part. o-kI^, IaJL^, 
) 1^,2^2^. a) to steal, to go or do anything 
secretly, furtively, by stealth; ol^ wo a.i^ ; 
concealing his tears; )la^ [zu^she eats fur- 
tively; *Â& ool^l? to conceal the affair/rom 

thee; ţ^l^Lo ţjf& o©2* ţ^i» ^ e 2/ «wfanrf 
furtively or f Aey sef^d «^ opportunity of going 
in secretly. b) to conceal; to abstract, avert 
the mind, ţ,,4X? o*^ cJ^ Jacob stole the 
lieart of Laban, the Orientals considered the 
heart to be the seat of the intellect, and so to 
steal a man's understanding =■ to elude his 
observation. c) to deceive, to present a false 
appearance, o o* «*-< ţ^oio^j*^ ţ^ 1 ^ ■ J i. ::l * , 
J!icfi» ? ears of corn which had a false appear- 
ance offtdlness. d) to tahe away, go away by 
stealth, steal aivay, especially with [a&j ; )Ia>*a 
.© ¥ c**âJ Q^J^ the Persians witMrew secretly. 
Gram. to elide a letter, as the first o of 
U^r Pass. part. r ^ Uli^ fy* stoleri 
waters are sweet; jfctAil^ )toi( elided letter s. 
Ethpjiî. cd^rto be stolen, kidnapped, seduced; 
to steal away; Jl£^-~? Ixo avt >N j^x^^ 
seduced, captivated, by the law of sin. Gram. 
JJa^£j& elided, i.e. letters written but not 
pronounced, as o» in o om. Pa. ^i^to steal, 
to do secretly or furtively, to deceive ; f^sg* 
*£ to glance furtively. Ethpa. oa^l/ gram. 
to be omitted in pronunciation. Debivatives, 


with o distinguished ; 

mighty for evermore; subst. a mighty man, 

giant, hero, champion; )LL ^IsaL warriors, 

mighty mm; astron. the consteUation Orion. 

iio^ denom. verb from the above. Pa. 
part. Jj^i^ao IUI* power working mighty 
wonders, Ethp. ULmJQ F to act mavfully, 
mightily, earnestly; to vaunt or brag; omU^./* 
quit you liîce men. 

k*i^±i=> adv - ^ om the above. manfuUp, 

)L'et£x^pl. Jio from the same. f. manliness, 
manly strength, fortitude, heroism; pi. mighty 
deeds, wonders; ^ +J$ strong point, peculiar 
faeulty; JiV^Lt^f Jfcocu* mighty or magnifi- 
cent erections, 

#*•**£* pi- R", hm, of i^x^. a Zarfy, 

a heroine; brave, valiant, strmg, fortifkd; 
$**i^\+*&> fortified cities. 

J**H^îa t^e Tagrit dialect, round. 
WiOţi^or JioVa^f. a ball, sphere, globe. 
Mîiji denom. verb from the above. «o roZZ. 
jfU^a smaU flash. 

Ucu4, pi. £. rt. ca^. m. a thiefl 

j^cu^ rt. cu^. m. gram. the omission of 
a letter in pronunciation as ^i and ? in 
Jjo^lao, jl'JL, or in writing as o in ^o and 

Jj&*CLi^rfc ox^. f. a theft. 

Al^ 74 

U^Q^, Ui^, *~k^, Jlci*i^, UohL^, 

^i4»' &**%*= **4>» M^ (the root is pro- 
bably cv^ and the nasal ţj a later strength- 
ening) m. the side, banh> shore; c*jl^^L 
by the side or shore; l£â? JAi^^i on the 
banh of the Euphrates; \ZZJaa &A^%& near 
Caesarea; J>oJs.s co^ *& at the side of the 

kxi^m. jfcl^i^f. rfc. oa^. a thief, spoiler, 

k- «-i^ rt. ai^. adv. by stealth, furtively, 
like a thief 

JLoki^vt. cao^. f. a theft. 

«^i^> w^iftfcP^ ţf% P m - intensive form 
of )£a^ adj. mighty, strong, great, excelling, 


Jj&oi^ pi. bm^oi^ m. yy«/xa ; a decree, 
judgement, sentence, maxim. 

yai^, jjax^ pi. J— rt. ţ^. m. a bed or 

couch, esp. a bridăl bed or chamber, Metaph. 
£&6 heavenly resting-place, or bridal feast; 
ji'ojl ^thefeast of gladness; }JJ1 ^<fo aiocfe 

oflife, &c. 

^m^rocu^or ^flDOAAToat^yi'Scre^ a scliedule, 

nolice, inventory. 

Jfclaocu^rt. ţ^. f. dim. « fc'ftfc garden. 

U^Pk only pass. part. *-o^, )i^ 5 )&*î^» 
hidden, hept close, unknotvn; ocmM\ secret 9 
mystie, constantly used of God, e.g. with 
Kh^l the Being, ţ.2o* the Namw, \&\ y the 
Father, J*^I the Begotten; Jj*I^ an invisible 
being, a demon, genius,jinn; JijLH^ Jfcoiil 
occult sciences; Jţli^ttB rit, Jacol). probably 
mystie hymns; gram. a letter not ttitered. 
Etiipb. J^j./ to be hidden, go out of sight, 
disappear with ^», Debivatives, J^ij^i^, 

uJ^fut. u*I^, pass. part. u~I^, \L 9 J^ — 
to sigh, wail, sob; to be moved, tov^hed; part. 
with \k<L priched to the heart, feeling com- 
pimction; terror-stricken ; grievous, violent, 
terrible; UlI^ JocUaT terrible seas; JLox> 
k*~î^ a violent death. Ethpe. ua^J.r^o be 
priched, touclied, moved in mind or heart. Pa. 
uo^ to strike to the heart, to disquiet sorely. 
Ethpa. w*i^J.( to be wounded or smitten with 
sorrow, often with )^. Aph. Ji^J'to move 
the heart, to incite. Deeivatives, J-*jq^, 

**»**%>> ^-^ss, or ia^ wi^ rt. «»i^. m. 

a jyricking of heart, compumtion. 

Pa. conj. of li^. to Mame. 

Ui^ m. bufe has p], fem. jfc^i^ rt. J^. 
a hiding, eoncealing; a secret place, a) for 
the worehip of idols, hence Ashtaroth is trans- 
lated by JfâL^ in i Sam. vii. 3, 4 and 
elsewhere ; b) a hiding or lurhingylace in 
the^mountains, a defile; a shelter, shadow; 
Uo^ ^ a iheller from the mnd: «IA ^ 
h±>9\> <».i^ttito the moon is covered by the 
shadow of the earth. 

V~(A*I^rt. u%^. adv. secretly, mystieaUy, 




llejui^rt. U^* t a being concealed, remote 

from observatiori) invisibility, secrecy, generally 

used of God; gram. the omission, of a letter 

wrîtten but not pronounced, as the &j in 


fcwlLl^rt. ***^; a ^ v * terribly. 

Jii^pl. )lm rt- ţ^. m. a gardener. 

jii^rt. ţ^. m. rest, 

fcoa^ Pa. denom, verb from Ua.1^. a) to 
make cognate, connect b) io- maJce Jcnown the 
genus; part. rfnl^o, Jucai^c cognate, similar. 
Ethpa. tcal^Lf to be cognate, similar. 

7t ţ p Ti i I fi "Ti I Ti y .. Tt f » 

^^^ k* 1 ^ P 1 - W*^ >xaal^m. yevos, a) 

family, race, naiion; JJaji ^the livmcm race, 
manTd'nd; llţo+xxj J^cLu^p a descmdant of 
Nimrod; Imi^^St^t a f orei grier, b) order, 
sort, Tdnd; taxî^ uaî^ various, manifold; 
j^S^? ^ a 5or< o/ chariot. c) sex; )oo»i 
cH-mx^i^T^X — j^â^Jbo UUi a deuconess 
shall instruct and teach those of hei* sex. 
gram, gender, JJJto? mase, J*lîfcs^uiJ fem., 
or }JJ o^common. Derivative s, verb %aai^, 

pi, J m. family, naiion, sori; 
\Jj^LL dimiT,^ by origin from Tela; ^s 

\ 9 9 7V 

Lua i 

T» ? - ^ 

^Aimi^aZZ sorte of medicines. 
ÎS^Uau^L adv, generically. 
jLoimi^froîB )^<Xp f. hindred, likeness. 

-.■^t-^ ^imi^, ) V*iffl^ P ] - m - ţ*— •' 
)I_ f. ^_, jl&L- adj. from U^ of «fa same 
race; ofevery sort y general, generic; ^J o ! ..■ « ■> 
ffi^l^ gpM.p.ral or «suaî temptations ; ^po** 
a generic name, e.g. jtaJl Zwmgr creature; 
gram. JftLLLodL^ JL'Şt/' radicala; opp. 
]&14£oL%â 7 odditional, i.e. formative 
Zatfera; ^jJ^a^c» ifo genitive case; ^ jîiicu 

radical points, i.e. tbose wbicb forai part of 
the letter as tbe points in * and ?. 

yeveais, horOSGOpe, 

Ja^m. $/ee dewlap of an ox; a pflfrtt. 

jr^i ^L <fa simw of tJie hip, Gen. xxxii. 32 ; 

«Ae tAtg-A; Jlîi^* ^2 sciatica. 

J!^ pi. )1^, aai^ and u»U^ rt, 

f. a sheltered place, garam; ţ**-^- 

JLoţl ^ or ubsolutcly the garden of Eden, 


r y 

71 y 


dim. of Jfca^. a Utile garden. 

*aa^ Aph. *m£j r part. *£o^& or m^Jt> 

denom. verb from k»^. ^0 maie recline, to 
8eat; io lean on the elbow, lie down on ones 
side, sit down at table; to fiing onesdf down; 

fhe sat down to dine; ]lsr»o? 
? a place to lie down in; yL^g ? Jt^-6 
^ looj <Ae sepulchre wlwrein she lay. 

Jj&ţ^pl. )— m. a) <fa side, jlanh, haunch; 
lateral surface; )X*£ ^Jo^ the sides of the 
tongue. b) }Iax*Jo; J^i^a girdle ornamented 
witb silvei* or gold, worn round tbe loins by 
boys or women. c) pi. ricJies. Derivativks, 

verb ummu^j |ja^ a o, U*^^- 

)u»^ fut. im^, inf. ţm^o, imper. ui»^, 

act. part. i^^, 1^4*3 P ass - î )ar ^ J^^* to 
vomit, throw up y reject; to Jind vent, shed 
farm; to belch forth curses, to prate; pa* 
^oj-axo^ the sea ilirew up a martyr's body; 
)Jlaa aa^U'il the months shed forth blossoms ; 
LL IX^ Uo^ţL U^» a fountain bringing 
forth living water. Ethpe, v*ol^£{ to be 

vomited up. Pa. w»»^ i0 t ? irow U P> *P& out >- 
disgorge. Deeivatives, ^wfift--^, Li^jx^ 


jL>cua^f. a tvhip. 

*^* ♦^ fiQ ^ Kt&Tepva, a cistern. 

Jim^and Jl^^rt. )^a^< eructation. 

^ pi. ]kCI_ rt. )-m^. f. belching, 

î^.^ fut. tffli<J, inf. «âk^o. to roar, howl, 
bellotv, said esp. of a Hon, also of a wolf, 
camei, ox. Derivative, Jicua^. 

U^ fut. U^, inf. U^2>, imper. ^^ 
onomatop. to loiv, bellov) as a bull, henee 
to caii out, caii upon, implore witli idi>., , ^>- 

the voi ce of thy brotJiers blood calls to mc from 
the ground. Derivativii, jw&^i,, U^», 

Ua^pî. V rt. U^. adj. lotving, bellotomg. 
Metapli. JJc^4 > Uc5' rumbling earthquakes. 

1. 2 



pass. part. J^*£^, )&&-*£^ a ) io ^ 
oppressed with grief b) to abominate, sftun. 
Ethpa. fc&^i io be an abomination; part. 
J^J^jJ^» nauseous, abominable. Aphel 

fy&*J y to spit oui, eject. 

rt. 1^^. subst. m. lowing, bellowing. 
yLQrfiS^vi. ţ-^^. f. disgust, loathing. 


Jloi^S^rt. «-^w. f. disgrace, opprobrium. 

not used in Pe. or Pa. Ethpe. 
^Jb^l/ with *^ to be comrnitted, entrusted to 
the care of any one; u^. ls^^J^Î? \i*5 the 
talent entrusted to me; i^Om]^? )1£ok;j*> 
yU& ţ-ib w»^^!!^:!/ the Jlocks comrnitted into 
his hands by our Lord. Aph. "^-î»^/ 7 with 
^ or oîj-JJS into his hand; a) to commit to 
any one, to entrust; JfcociA^X yJtâ^^j&şJ* 
devote yoiwself io wisdom; 0^0% ^^-^Z* 
lo^JJ he comrnitted his spirit io God; b) to 
commend, rit. to commend to God; \££l£Â 
^^- N^Na the Patt'ia/rch gives the benediction. 
Ettaph. ^^JTtr^ be deposited; *♦£»/ **J 
with another } to the care of anothev. Deriva- 

TIVES, U^kO^, jldl^^^D, Jicil^^l^^. 

fut. sxjL^j to vomit. Pa. 

cause to vomit. Derivattves, 


fut. generally S*^, but *<£x^j is also 

j^^ Jr*^» P ass * P ar ^ 

^^» Vi )i« to loathe, abkor with o or 

o ; o», »\» a> °r^^ $ te y rejected his greeting 

with loathing; jlaXcu ^& oooj e*^^ they 

loathed instruction; pass. part. abominable, 

hateful, loathsome, detested. Aph. -& S J 9 ' to 

fiii with loathing, cause to abhor. Deriva- 

**^ fut. io^^j, act. part. ^4^, pass. 

part. Ji-^S^, Ji'^Sţ^with o to chide 3 reprove, 
rebuke; |iwo y* icix^ the Lord reincke 
thee; pass. part. vile, abominable, odious. 
Derivatives, jlo^o^, Ji*^. 

Ht^^rt. *^^. f. groaning, complaint. 

\\U^ pi. Jfc^ rt. )^. 

. v v ' ^ 

a bellow like a hdVs; U>»ill )&£^rumblings 
of the earih. 

j -? ip* iâ* p 

■ * 

r p* 

^{ef. «a^O part. m. «a^pl- t***^to 

hunt. Metaph. to catch, couple, fasten. 

<, ^ and JiJ^ pi. <^, ^^ m. an 
arm, an armfuL 

<, Ji^ and \Â^ pi. ^ IJi m. 
awing; JÂ^toJl winged creatures ; abird; 
pen; fisli s fin. 

jjost^rt. ţâ^. m. a hui made ofbranclws. 

J^*ă^ ni. iJila^SL^ f. pi. m. }— f. jfcL. adj. 
bent, crooked; subst, m. a vnnding îwllow 
excavated by water; )L-J i*aiâ^Job xxi. 33 
deep hollows in the beds of torrents; a cave. 

J Is^aS^ f . an enclosed space or a pavemmt* 

ţâ^ Pa. i) ţB^ to dig. ii) denom. from 
U9g^. to take layers from a vine, propagate 
by layers. Ethpa. ^k^fto be dog. Deri- 
vatives, USQ^, Uio^, }-Kl&^, )fc^^- 

Jiia^m. JfcLIsi^ f- pi- m. )I_, f. }}&-. adj. 
froni |b.^. winged, swift. 

ţA fl ft !^, ţ^flosa^ or ^cia^CL^ ni. yvyo$ 9 
gypswm, white Urne, plaster; 
lime-bumerSy jylasterers ; 

Is&s^ pi. \2- m. the bach 

Jfc^-^pl. ţ >. T . 9 o^ 9 IXăcL^ contr. from 
Jj^ia^ rt. ^a^, the other forni Udo^ is 
seldom used in the sing., f. a vine; )l^l 
ll^ia^? the fruit of tlie vine; Jjxw? )l£â^ 
wild vine or gaurd; Jiâd^ ţvt.v linen or 
cotton. Metaph. Jfcl^oj/' )l^â-^ the vine 
sjyvung from Adam. 

)j^ m. Urne, mortar, plaster. 

♦4>fut. »c^ ? i^f- *^&, act. part. î\^ J|J^ 
with or without / in the pi, pass. part. ^î^. 
a)to drag. b) of water, to leah, trickle; J L 
yOoMfi? i-^»ţ the tears of both trichle dowa. 
c) i£o Jfc*X& 4.^ to lay a charge against, to 
accuse; the pass. part. has also act, signif. 
V©k-j/ ţ^i->^ U& ^ why do you tear me 
away ? Ethpe ; n^to be dragged or tom 
away. Aph. ^J^to lead, conduct esp. with 
to bring with him. The Aphel of 
to be lengthy has the same form. Palpal 
to drag, carry off by violence, \-^2^ 
into captivity; Ui^^iL <*&** it^H^ 
Irailing her wings on the grotmd. Ethpalpal 

^ +• 4 

r r 





J7 passive. Debivatives, Jto 

JU-^^», )W«^> verbs iia^ 

and *^i^, It^ţ^i J*©*^> ]*^ Cognates, 

♦^usually r^for, but, indeed, however. 
«^3 m. s. of >o^fc> corn/mit adultery. 

)U^ act. part. J^, U*4>' P^ss. part. J^, 
1^*4^ same meaning as ^but used chiefly 
metaph. to run 6r trickle down; to be dragged, 
toim or carried away ; |iâ&*> «*{ Jl^&rwa 
doimi) metis, like wax; j^*»o JJ^ o o» {ju***^ 
7*e was carried away by Iove of strife and 
sinned; ţţLSJlsd Ui-^J J&^=> a gtYÎ 
carried away by Iove of adomment Pa. «^I^ 
to provolce, incite generally with o of the pers. 
and ace. or^> of the object. Ethpa, Ji^>< 
a) to provoke, ştir up strife, pick a quarrel, 
contend with & or p£. b) to toithdraw or 
retire. Aph. JZ Ss J y to incite to sin. Debiva- 
tives, J*^, J~><^, U**^*>, Jlox**^©, 

rt. J^. a lioris wlielp; the usual m. s. form is 

oS^fut ot^" 3 imper. oo^, denom. verb 
from l^^; to be or become leprous. Ethpe. 

oi^trthe same. Aph. *>Uj* to fa a ie l ?er > 

o^, !^*4>pl. <f, £- (with hard b) m. 
a leper. 

J,9^(with aspirated b) m. leprosy, Jla^oo 
if*4j ^ plague of leprosy. Derivatives 
the two preceding words and Jjj*»^. 

oi^. m^ pi- ţf, Jl m. a) a leaihem 
bolile; any vessel, jar ; piteher ; J£*w! k*^ 
a wine-skin; JI*&? \£>U^ a pitclier of ivater. 
b) a robe. 

^ &>£*> f- $&& north-wind, the north; 

or ^^^ u-Jţj» north-east; 

<2>lzJc> ^or ^ oîJ^i norih-west; l^fca^» 

Jfcu^oJl a s^ron^r N. wind; \^>C^ Mxu lT^ap 

from sotUh to north. 

JJJo^m. J&J^i^f. from the above. adj. 

northem, of the north 9 often with J-jL^under- 
Btood, the north 

t&t^pl. I— from M>^- m. a leper, leprous. 

y y i >' y 

r r *r r 

y r 

y y 

(rt. related to *4^ and ||^, cf. 
and **î^J, not tised in Peal. Pa. ^J^ to 
excite deşire or anger, to provoke, ştir %vp, 
stimulate; to entice, coax; M-î <%J^ Ittîâ 
hatred stirreih up strife; jloacL-x «^^ ^ 
w'K challenge death. Ethpa. ^J^c refl. 
Debivatives, Ua?^^» U^H^» U^^^o, 

^4ţ?4fe pi. JI- rt. «s^^. tn. a) the thread of 
a net; a snare 7 toii, web. b) a cupping in- 

Jooc^ajj^ pl- I— m - a pomegranate seed; 
a husk. 

w^i^ to prostraie oneself Ethpalpal 
w<L^J.^ to proslrate or bow oneself, to fall 
doton, *+QiQ£>i y '%£*U2)<m his face; p>Q^' s ^-^. 
onhishnees; ipj-o before; with'j^o^.^ to bow 
down inprrayer; <*^.*o t^°° ^iţ^ hefell 
down and worshipped and prayed. Debiva- 
tive, J^O^f 

Palpal conj. of verb ^. to drag. 

Jl^^pL J^" rt. ^4a; m. a threshing instru- 
ment drawn by oxen, consisting of a broad 
plank or else of wheels furnished with stone 
or iron teeth. 

?*^fut. f ol^, inf. ?l^> 3 act. part. ?X 

)i*4>s P ass - P art> t-^ )** $- t0 scra J? e > 

scrape of, iay bare leather, a bone, &c. ; to 
strip, lay bare, as locusts; to erase or cross 
out writing. Ethpe. ? t^i/^passive. Metaph. 
to be madeplain, shown plainîy ; to be stripped, 
left destituie; ^x=>aik ţ-ab ţ-L.3.y f t^b-J ^ 
lei not our mind be left bare of Thy consola- 
^*o«. Pa. jt*^ to scrape. Ethpa. ?«-^.( 
refl. of Pa. Pali «?^ fut. )?i^, act. part. 

pass. part. «?»^» fem. and pi. same as act. 
part. to he wanting, absent, lacking, to fail, 
cease; to be stri^rped, left without, be deprived 
of with ţţ», e. g. yoo»*!^ ^2> of iheir posses- 
sions; H» ţ& «?4s* U**^ waterlesspit; 

v otooi ^ t-?^ 3 h &^ r y ods ;f 

stripped of tlieir thorns. Metaph. «îi^ Ş M» w> 
war did not cease; > . »N,v ţjab Ja*?> ^î^^ 
^e «:orZ(i cZi<? not lach righteous men. Ethpalx 
w ?jXJ l}* to fail, grotv tveah; with ^ to be 

•71 > 

$ r 

tm r 

deprived of, destituie. Deriv atives the three 
following words, Jft^, «?^, ^i*-^, and 


j?«^rt. ?;^. adj. m. bare, hairless, without 
wool; cf. the following : 

Jî^E-Syr. Jî^rt. ?^. m. the beaver. 

Pali conj. of J;^; see above. 

l^tt^pl- JJ1L- m. yepdtos, a toeaver. 
JLoilf^f. the art of weaving. 

*M*^ fo gnaw or scrape hones; **-!*%J*< 
to be broken, torn, smitten; cf. f*^ 

)L?I^ a) rt. ţi^g f- a chip, shaving , Jiling ; 
U*jţ l^l^copper filings. b) an eel. 

Jjjo©;^m. a rolling-pin ; a cotton-gin. 

Jcko^pl. i— rt. fis^ş m.fruit-stones, apple 
or lemon-pips, coiion-seeds. 

rBCi^vL ȉ^. adj. m. overwhelming. 

f*3o^ rt. «a*^. m. an overwhelming or 
rushingflood, an inundaiion. Metaph. jj^c ^ 
**£>*, ţ captives earried av)ay as by a tearing 

i&O'+^ypafaîov, a style. 


1? * * 
»o;^ rt. ^. gram. a ^?omi placed above 

several members of a phrase to signify their 
connexion . 

^-^, )j=t*î^ pi. JI_ ni, a measure, perh. 
the thirtieth part of a cor. 

k-*{ţ»*;^rt. î^. adv. plavaly^ without cir- 

J^-p^Z^rfc. «^. adv. dccidedly, ahsolutely. 
Jm*I^rt. ifio^. m. a morsei of bread. 

jia-i^k^ rt. ^wfe^. f. tonsure, having re- 
ceived tonsure, monasticism. 

J^r-*^ pi- îj-*^> J^~ generaîly -with 
£ ?. a cdke or loaf of bread. 

y^^m. a ballista, crossbow. 

fl^ fai j> o;<jJ, inf. f»*^», pass. parfc. 
Juâfiuţ^ io cui off, cui short; nsually metaph. 
to decide, determine, appoint, to be decided &c. 
<^p. with J1£a*2> evil; woj<ai£b* ^L fcoc;^ 
lA\£> ş& JfcoiJâ evil was determined against 

him by the king; ellipt. 6S> h^&i^J oL* *5 
Jj3o? ^j> ţ& tohen tltey saw thal it was all up 

with tltem; with Jj£^& to niake a decision, 
resolve; pass. part. appointed, decreed, ratijzed; 
cruslied, carded as cotton. Ethpe. ft^i pass. 

fî*^ denom. verb Pael conj. from fl^ to 

break bones. 

f 1^' k&^pl* ţ*> J— m - a bone; the kernel 
or stone of a fruit; )LL ft^ the spine; 
llxâjiD^ or JJ-J? Jj»^ wory; JL§? l&î^ 
elephants 9 tusks. Metaph. seif, o^so^^or j^o^. 
htmself ^^^a m y se ¥> & c * ? wîth^ prefixed 
by myself, alone. Debivatives, verb f*^ 
Uoo^, K»i^, Ui^»^, jîiooo^Ji. 


yCu^D^ or ^m^o^ a legal document , 
a torit. 

I^^Jj^t^ pi. Î-L and cua-^i^ m, a 

Jiof p .». 1 ^^ or J^c^^ f. the art of 


iAÂA^^e^f. cf. above; grarnmar. 
1^4^^, \)U^ pî. m. ]L-t l JftCL. adj. 

grammatical, of grarnmar, 

V+^^an dl, cvhit; cf. Jţ^aoici^. 
M^Ok^Pers. m.fîne whitejlowr. 
id ^-^^ ^&o. ; see under Ş&i^grammar* 
U^^rt. ţ>i^. adj. bony, cartilaginous. 

Ui^i-L» )i^i— pi. m. ~ii&*.L, f. 

P 9 

% \ * rt. Y**^ adj, bony, testaceous; JLoI 
J &JL& v^ shell-fish. 

\i^dearness of corn. 

^ol^ fut. %fiolsJ and ^fiool^, act. part 
*»^ U^ pass. part. ua-S^, U**1^ to be 
broken to jneces, shaitered, crumbled; innntri- 
tious; ^m-kţj UX» broken salt; ) ^SN>y 
JLL ^© ţA.i^J innutritious 2>roditce; pass. 
part. = subst. a morsei. Ethpe. tal^lF to 
be vanquisfied, discomfited. Pa. ^o^to break 
in pieces, to diminish, do away with, devowr. 
Aph. *oUj y to destroy, do away with, an- 
nihilate* Debivatives, \-m i 

U»^rt. *a>^. m. meal,flour; J^af ^ 
barhy-meal; \^1} ^loheatm-fiour. 



ko^pî. 1— m * an as P* Metaph. Jj^un** 
Imt^ihe viper mvy; }JLî l&i^jfte devii. 

JJ^co^ni. pi. aypaxrrtff, grasa, hay. 

^*^ fut. ^©*^, inf. ^k^», act. part, 

^*4^ P 2183 ' P art - '^ # ^' ^*W J&^I^ io 
skave the hair or beard ; take the tonmre; to 

deprive of hair; pass. part. shaven, shorn as 

a monk or slave, hence a monk; a term of 

contempt, perii, slave. Ethpe. ^X^{ to be 

shaved, to receive tonmre. Derivatives the 

four following words : — 

J^kl^rt. ^;^. ni. a barber. 
Ju^t^rt. ^.i^. m. shaving. 

Jjobk^pL £. rt. <fe44^. m. one shaven, 

a motikj a Iad. 

)Vo^i^Yt. miţ^ f. shaving; Jicu***^ Uk& 
barbers* implementa 

&U^ fut- âo^, iuf. a£<^&, act. part. 

«âl4»> te*»4^ P ass - P ar ** *•**% t0 TU8 ^ as 
a torrent or flood, to overflow, overwJielm, 

seize, carry away; to draw water; to wipe 
clean; -q>s^ âl^^eaiLJ the Nile overflows; 
**$-£; o^'i^â;^ Ae carried off the treasures 

of Egypt. Ethpe. &%*Si to be seized, carried 
off by rushing waters or billows, Metaph. 
by persuasioTtj by folly, &c. Aph. &%J to 
overflow, overwhelm. Debivatives, Jâo^. 

Ja^rt. <â^< m. a flood. 

s I^pait. i^4* to lay hold of 

\\t*>yssj> &yfmarts, grass; cf. 1*$»«^. 

)}L rt. ^4s> m * & ta 9$ n $* e8 P- w *th violence. 

^^ fut. Aot^, inf. *a.£^&, act. part, 
A ;i to drag, trail; to protract, prolong» 
Pa. j*^ intens, and to drive out. 

i*ro*4ţ. &t Carshun, i.e. Arabic written in 
Syriac eharacters. 

*^and oi^ fut. nfcCL^jj inf. *£J» $ act 

part. +*\iL? ^-**4» '° ftw^ft* /^» handle; to 
embrace; to spy, explore, try; *ija»a^//anc£fe 
W6; Ml^doI^k ^JL^o^î a pluramet to fo-y 
the depth. Metaph. ^o ^nN o*i£ «*£^ **** 
he began to soimd the Mng. Ethpe. ***J<f 
to be toucltsdt sounded; to be tangible, palpable, 
apprchended ; |JL*^*& \J*oi a perceptible 
wind; \JuJ^& Jj? J&*il ara tinfathomahle 

lahe. Metaph. «■■i^W» )fcL£*&=> JJ «f 
fc âtt^g ^ God can never be apprehmded even by 
the mind. Aph. *%J r ($ toueh, handle. Pal- 
pet, .«^a^ to grope. Deriv atives, l^^, 

S -B 


ţAţL rt. *^. m. i/iai which is touclied or 
explored y usually */«e bottom; \1^&S. lS^Xf 
bottomless; ţ& )o^b )>2ka^p? l^a^^'N, Jâl&ao 
uac&i J*^X? /i€ /«rfes the evil which isfvrmly 
fixed in his heartfrom being probed. 

ipfcA^ constr. st. of J^a^o^ body; pi. 
constr. uoaic^; ttQÎfc^)!? incorporeak 

JL'oda*^ rt. âA^« f. iA6 act oftouching or 

\lo^m. J^a*^, f. pi. m. ^T s JL, f. ^L, 

)]<H. rt. i*^. subst. a spy, scout, explorer, 
searcher; adj. searching, pemtrative. 

}X'cubQ*^rt» **5^. f. spywg, being a spy. 

uJi^. to ru5 or ^ra^e the skin. Pa. 
to scratch, give a scratch, wound slightly. 
Ethpa. u*i^L( to be mbbed, barlced, strîpped 
off, said of the skin, 

, }!., Jl^— pi. m. \1. f. jl£L. adj. from 
\Jt& ţ(j^ embodied, cor por cal, material, solid; 
Ij^ Lm L^ )J incorporealy immaterial; JîsA^^o 
) lioaii^ thoitghts expressed in writing, opp. 
to those which exist in the mind only; boS 
| ^v>':I. JLo articulate sounds; J|? ^ioil 

jfcl»Ii^ Tnetaphysics. 

) l oaa hS^jf. (see the preceding) corporedlity, 
embodimmt; the giving of outivard forrn or 
ex])res8ion, enunciation. 

pji^^enom. verb Pael conj. from Ijao^c^. 
to îWwe or c/o*Ae tw*A a Sotfy, embody, express 
as thought mwriting ; )l^^ols.2> ^2» f"^J* 
the Holy Spirit indwd the Son with a body 
from the Virgin; flVLtJ» y&S*& JP-^aJ-? 
joLJ^oo to embody or jjrâfl outward expresslm 
to thy words with inh andpaper; part. indued 
toith a body, incarnate; flgnred, dtscribed; 

astron. w%Z; M^*^=» )i^ e*î !*-?•?'*« 

confission of one incarnate nature; Jj50A <55 io ^ 

incorporeal. Ethpa. pJ^?'») to 6e rwfw^ 
tttffl fl 6<%/ to take farm or «A ape, beformed, 
e.g. U;5 a^> m «//e w>w6; snid esp. of the 

ft n 

Incarnation of Clirist; \s»c\Â ^I^J"* 
}*Ax^« of thee did the Saviour of the world 
takeflesh; \i\& ^jŞjj^Vjao fruiU formfiesh, 
Jill ouU b) metaph. of thouglits receiving 
outward form by speech, paper and ink. 

âJi^ fut. âcu*^î, inf. âj*^2>, act. part. 

^i^i M**^ P ass - P art; ' M^^sa» (cognate rt. 
<*oL) generally with o, to touch, feeî, come in 
contact with, lay the hand on, handle, seize 
upon; ]l£**5 «oo^» IsJu^^emZ was cîose upon 
them; &JLL JJ j-£,^if imperceptible io the 
senses; %Z.xx£. ţ^â*^ ♦£ tohen persecutions 
iouch the weak brethren. Aph. &M^J y to bind, 
fasten. Dekivativjbs, JLoâaj*^, kâ 

2 * 

rt. A»^« m* iouch, a iouch; 
|aoj j \ÂA^în one moment. 

il^ fut. ioJ*^, inf. ♦*<^o î pass. part. 
) £JS^ to construct a bridge, bridge over, heap 

80 ^^ 

up stones as for a bridge, to serve as a bridge; 
)i*^he made a bridge; ***^ 3? )&*â 
an impa8sable abyss. 

)^E-Syr., JU^oftener )U^ W-Syr. 
pi. J* rt. «j^- ni. a bridge, plank; ifcj 

malce for rne in thy mercy a bridge of life that 
ihereon I rttay pass over. 

Jl£*4»> const. st. Is*^ pi. irreg. ]^a^ f. 
rt. *4^ handling, touching or feeling with the 
hands, contact , touch, sensation; the sense of 
touch; the spying out or exploring of a country ; 
Jl«~»îL5 jk-*^ the cold touch of a eorpse; 
JfcsilZo Uţ^f liJk^the touch ofhoîy hands; 

Jl£*^K Jlf Jj \o^L( y God is not apparentto 
tfie senses; ţ*o»fe>**,^o **o»o>«£> **&? ^/^y 
Z00& and feel like. 

lis^a wine-press. 

r£->*.=?cu£. r<traJir<lA 


l Ji^a 

ţAj»rC ,h£îco r^.iasn »jut;i.&»o *^.ar» % \zn ><hcua:i Jb^ *u:i * 


? Z>oM ^X?, the fourth letter of the 
alphahet; the number 4; with another j the 
fourth, f>; ? 4000; ? 40,000. 

j rel. pron. of all genders and numbers 

who, which, what; he, she or ihey wlio, that 

which; ţ o©» he ivho, ? ^*o» she who, it which; 

9 Joi?, ţ&i wJwse; 00*», Jo»j who, which; 

o*-2»?, <*^? tn whom, in which; oJjfcf, 

oo^j, lOoii^f ^Vowi whom, from which; 

with ^d aZ? ^Aey w?Ao e.g. <»o } \*» aZZ «Ae 
living. With prepositions, A« or ^A^?/ who are; 

>U£? Ae who follows, the following ; «Ji&f </^ 
])receding; yx ^&^ t he who is for everlastdng; 
^^i»? etcetera; <*!&£? M* companions; fc**af 
*^y o/*Ae Aowse or company of; \i&<±*, fcs*â? 
<% who are offalsehood, the false, liars. j is 
often redundant esp. before participles, *&f 
•*%; \t-^? Ift^J «^ MMivf to come; 
? introduces a dependent sentence or a quota- 
tion, hence it is constantly prefixed to ]oi 
behold, After a verb of interrogation ? = 
whether. It is often preceded by the other 
prefix particles o, o, and X ; see^o^. 



t preceding a cardinal forms an ordinal 

numeral» o? or ***k? *>he second, l? or 
the seventh. 

f relative, eausal and final conj. that, so 
that, in order that; when preceding a verb in 
the future tense it is often rendered in English 
by the infinitive, *i|? Uo»i> / am ashamed to 
say 7 they came J>U^j* to see. ? is commonly 
used with other conjunctions and with adverbs 
? *f*} r 9 ? JiiLft ? \â\stm % so that; t&£f y*f 
JJ( in my opinion; JJ^oxaa? <ţ*( often, 
generally , sometimes ; ? iffiwhere; ? £*5 when, 

? Ji^y <fo fa'me when. 

? o/, 6y, aboutj for, against, on account of; 
the sign of the genitive. Nbuns with ? are 
often used as epithets, J|«| J]£-J> a /iowse o/ 
eedar; Jio, 

i J^o^o 2/ie ?w/a£ chariot; 
\*Im\ )<£L{ tlie true God; a substantive ia 
often understood, log* Jit c&ofL? ti was a cause 
ofwonder, a wonderful thing; U&il* eartMy or 
the ihings ofearthj \lzk*,9 heavenly, heavenly 
treasures; yuxs>i carnal ; woi? spiritual; U*J? 
temporal; )}£Âl£*âţ short ; \o*JL*theotlwrs,the 

£{?, J^t?, fcL? or ^? pi. ÎL corn. gen. 
a w;oZ/; J&»!? or Jfcl^î? pi ]lC- f. a she-wolf 

\Lty a bear; see Ji*?. 

jjool? and JjoIj same as JJeof rt. J©?. 
m. misery. 

^.{ţ contr. of ^*r ?, wAa< manner, ofwhat 
land, what sort. 

ţ* \ f Zend, religion, worship ; ^+h 
!Ioa,cw*j? Magian worship. 

•l? 8rjiA6aiop y tlie public prizon* 

.«sofa 8r}fio<rtov y the state treasury, the 

public hali. 

.1? comp. of ? and .(. (£ 

J 1? Spanish, Don. 

Jjâ{? boards, tablets, leaves; see )&?. 

iîaîî, uîai?, and ^axAlsi? f. 8«<H> *he laurel 
or 5ay. 

l&ţŞ, |2âl|; see £a?. 

^|? ? )jL?; seo *oo? io observe; wol?, wr> 
pi. irreg. ^^*î ; see u>? io pound. 



J>{; 8otct8€s f meteors. 

*]$ no fem., see iţ tofiyU; »ţţ, ]£•?, see *of 
<o dweli. 

)»(? pi. }>{? rt, ij. m. a wrestUng contest; 
l^ik^ aw opponmi; see Ji $. 

)iL51? rt. ^i?. adj. with JJ intangible, i\ 


}»>!?=: J»>? x't. i». m. ««. athlete. 

]l|?> )lU? act. part. of Ji? with pron. ? pre- 
fixed, he or iAa< which is to come, the coming, 
the future. 

cj 3 ra. s. of verb o©?. 

Jjiî rarely Jo|Ş pi. ^lS? 5 )S? corn. gen. 

a 6ear; JfcC^i )^| theGreat Bear; j^tc^.) J^? 
tJie Littte Bear, constellations. 

t^î a ivolf; see J^î?. 

o»?, )^^? or JAaţ pi. I»!- m. a j%; a sori of 
locust; Yk^i<^L\ihedog-fiy; uiic^ia!^! 
^» r ^? )loW *7ie jf^« ^af ar^ in the low 
parts of tlie rivers of Egypt. 

\\^M pi. j£— f. the gad-fly. 

)^? E-Syr. J^?? see *^*?, a ves£ o/ 

)l4&2>? rt. u**?. m. one wAo offers sacrifice. 

l^cof or }^ciâ; rt, bOJ*?. m. viscous, vis- 
cidity, stichiness; an elm-tree. 

JIcukl»? rt. u^2>?. f. <ii^ closing of a wound. 

]lcÎ5>? pi. T a) m. a c&wie; 6) corn. a wasp. 

)>^f pi. J* rt. ^>?. m. a guide, leader. 

)j^?«i>? and jUia^? pi. JC £ « 6ee, pi. 

bees, hornets. 

)j£,odţ pi. ^- from M^>?. m. a raisin calce, 
honey cake. 

y*j>? fut. w*o*.s>«J and u^w, imper. M-a^ţ 
or *m^?, act. part. u^f, Ju^? s pass. part. 
u*a5?, Jl-, Jfcl— io «Zay, slaughter, esp. for 
sacrifice, 2o sacrifice, offer sacrifice with ^ of 
the pers., pass. part. slain, immolated, sacrificed 
esp. to idols. Ethpe. i M £fL/'to&* sacrificed, 
offered in sacrifice. Pa. -o? <o sacrifice with 
iw of the pers., rarely with ylo; f+& *-o? 
o^? Jlol^a Ae o^red sacrifice before his idol 

Dekivatives, Uc^>?j U**1> )**■**=>*> J^^*^?> 

U^Oţ, J-*3f-» ( ^x-o^so. 




J^f pi. \1* rt. *•=>?. m. a sacrifice; the 
victim; Jfcvssal? Ui»? ^ yearly sacrifice; U*s>ţ 
}^N£ a peace-offering, also called Jts^w? ? ; 
JXioto JL^aa— \Jl^J> \JL*ţ the holy — 
tlie reasonable and spiritual sacrifice, i.e. the 
Holy Eucharist; our Lord is called U^? 
J^Ja^ the sacrifice for all Metaph. o o o* 
{L^y^Şi [ZSţ they became victims to wild beasts. 

)&*»? and Jiv-i>! (the — being adopted as 
a help to pronunciation) rt, **>?. f. a sacrifice; 
an offering in sacrifice often used of the 
Eucharist, esp. with adjectives, jk, N » \ , >p 
reasonable, U&i J|? bloodless. 

JL'c£aa£; rt. ***?. f. sacrificing, an offering 
v/p in sacrifice. 

]iaa*£; pi. )L'cuL rt. A*f. f. adhesion, 
closing of a flesh wound ; gram. apposition; 
pi. affixes, mjficces. 

]l£sJU pi. ţ^»! ? JJ»? with \j\y or ellipt. 
a calce or mass of driedfigs* 

unaf and wjaa^? Ar. <K&«, grape-juice boiled 

down to the thickness of oii. 

_£? fut. ţCL^J 1 and .£*?, imper. ţO=»?, act. 

part. ţâf, )^>?, pass. part. ^o? to prick, sting 

as an insect, scorpion, needle. Metaph. of the 
sword, sin, &c; )&^a*? om^scuX J»? tâe 

ste'îîgr of sin pierced hîra. Ethpe. J>fl{ to be 
pricked, stung, l-^j^â? jisno? the part bittm 

hy a serpent ; ]l^?too Kmâ*> the point of an 

arrow pierces the fiesh. Pa. -s? «o pne£ or 
sting repeatedly; to pnmctnre syeamorc fruit ; 
metaph. J^L ţ^"^*:»? \j£Î the tares whose 
pricka trouble you. Derivatives, )r^?, Jr^©?> 

$f**h Uf*»* 

)J»f pi. J*rt. -3?. m. stinging, 

*oa? and &** fut. *ai»«j, imper. t&ci^ţ, 
act. part. as?, Jj**?, pass. part. voo;, )t*w>?, 
Jlsixo»? io cleave, adli&re, touch, remain with, 
heep close to with dor\; Jlţ e^âuiâ &jL; 
)tM»)^ £/^ wing ofone cherub totocJied the wall; 
\^Li\J* iA3f he grovelled on the ground; tsxoţ 
o»ZoC kiseye wasfixed, dull; metaph. »*V2>? jJj 
incongruous, inappropriate. Pass. part. cZose /o 
of place, cleaving, adhesive, folloioing, &.*3>$ 
) U^» JjuS oCx )oo»fl </ra*£ midtiiude followed 

him; Ucu*» ^ ţixo? troubles follozo U8 
closely; gram. conjunctive, relative pronouns 
aa ^i, Mc, JW; and Jls&S? JL» tntransitive 
verbs. Ethpe. %o^?t/ «0 c&#w wwto, adhere, 
stick, be joined together; o& **aj fcu&^tM 
tw# sowî clave tmto her. Pa. ^af to put, jom 
or fasten together esp. to ?7ia^ a ga/rmeni, 
arrange or 6emZ the leaves of a book ; to stick, 
glue; proverb. \& li in^»^> glwing potsh&rds 

toget!ier=to waste labour. Ethpa. j^?m a) to 
cleave to, remain in close eonne&ion with a per- 
son; Ite^tf» o£& oa^?t( many accompanied 
him, followed him about; 6) to be bound or 
fastened together as the leaves of a codex. Aph. 
as}( to maĂ:e adhere, join, stick together; to 
cfe^awound; toaffix. Debivamves, juccu^î, 

jjaja? pi. )!-, rt. jna?. m. a) ed!^, selvedge, 
stăm, border, join of curtains, clothes; joint 
of armour. b) solder, glue, bird-lime* c) a 
bound volume; Jj&ao; is the commoner word. 

\ALş pi, )JL rt. ^xjaf . m. o) a joining or 
fastening together; the binding up or closing 
of a wound. 6) <m elm-tree, 

fut. i^J , imper. io3?, parts. ^S|, J^? ; 
, Jt^S? to Zead! a flock to pasture, hence 
a) to ?ea<i, to^e, drive, drive away ; to go 
hither and thither, go orvward* V) to guide, 
govern, nzanage, with jlV.a \,& or [ l i \*f 

jd? to govern the kingdom; Jls^a^) to 

drive; l^aJâ^o to sfeer a sAî^y liL\, torow; 
JJCa to plough, sometimes ellipt. )-^f/^ ^âj 
a plmighman, husbandman; metaph, Hos. 
x. 13 JiCa^*» ^ol^ţ ye Aaw ploughed sin. 
c) with Jll^r to take a wife. d) to act, 
often with the idea of force; *«£ *5f to 
do m7, Aarm any one; tw^t^o ;J>ţ or 
) m fr ja.2 » to ac< w&A /orce = to oppress; ;J>? 
f ^4, *^^ y*r*e jfbt^ib w£«A <€ strengih 
of a thousand. Part. **»? a) active sense, 
^rot*^ a&ow£ wî</*, doing', tafdng, driving; )&> j 
<HAj.r> taking her som with herj ©*i£ ]oo» t*Sţ 
U4^» ^atow gov&rned him, impelled Mm. 
b) passive, led, driven, governed, moved, &c. 
Ethpe. «£fl(, imper. «a|i/*«) pass. to 6e Zerf, 
ferf or carried away with o,^, aJ^; to be 

taken or led captive; with Jt^a5 to suffer 
violmce> be forced> compelled; to be phughed, 
Ji^fîs^o \^Li( ploughed land. b) refl. to 
conduct oneself, act; *$ţlf ţ*£*s£*.ţ ]l^o^> 
practise good works. Pa, &\ a) to lead> 
guide, rule, manage with o, wojcuil ftaţaof 
flâftj£o> one who leads a laborious Ufe; to treat 
a wound, 6) to drive, steer, plough. c) to 
govern, be in autJiority, have charge of; to 
ta/ce, receive. d) with yi£ to concert, plot. 
Ethpa. i&ţlj a) pass. to be led, guided, driven, 
led or carried away; with fjoXaS, ţ» from 
this world=to die; «i*> \S( ;iţko© J* when 
I am taken away from tkee; j?)X ^» to be 
driven hitlier and tkither by a devii, b) refL 
to conduct oneself, act, hence to live, often with 
J£ao*j which see. Aph. *J±*Y to do,perform 9 
exercise power, govern; ţ->*i^**^& JLo-mfoja» 
they govern kingdoms. Derivatives, Jjcjs?, 

)£*?, )J>ţ, Uv*l, )U=>?, Jj^©?, )+**£>, )^*^, 


Ji^t rt. *a?. m. tf/ee ^ekZ, &m<2, couniry, 
opp. JfcLlo *7ie towv )£>?? ofthefidd, wild; 
)L>ţf JL'cl-JI a unld animal, opp- ) t *J ^J > a 
domesticated or lahov/ring beast; J*»?? J^»a» 

Jt^? rt. 4^?- m. guiding, management, 
â/riving, ploughing. 

KUA, \&*U>\ pl.m. £ f. J& adj. rt. **?. 

belonging to the open country, rustic, wild; 


- °,;J»? or ţJLsiI *J>? ;JLw and *A-od 
*Ae Jtoo& o/<7^ Chronicles; corrupted 
from the Heb. name. 

ji'*£? pi. Jl" rt. *»?. f. «Ae /wy, animale 
driven away from the enemy's country, opp. 
)&Â* the human beings takm captive. 

*aţ denom. verb Pael conj. from U=>?> 
to become like honey; ojcuî o*£^> £ v)lwn ii is 
as clear as honey. 

**£?, U*? pi. I— honey, m. U*?? J&» 
honey comb; grape or date-syrvp. 

J«a**? pi. £. adj. honeyed, UJce honey; 
Jl£lU=>? )&*«? homy-bees; )&U=>? *&2 

• r 

83 )oni 

^ to 6e deaf or dumb; not used in Pe. 
Aph. issjfto grow deaf; to deafen. DERI- 
VATIVES, U^h Jto^O?, 

U<4^? m. Jl^^VJ f. rt. d^j. fee or that 

which stabs or pierces. 

^fc^f Pa.^^j io K«, deceive, act deceitfully 
or treacherously ; to deny, disa2>point. With 
o to defravÂ, cheat, be unfaithful; kacuaS 
(Ofl covenant; )feoc&?aa to forswear oneself, 
swear falsely ; with^, to accuse of falsehood ; 
to falsify; )I;aA^ to hreak a promise ; with 
"^L to as^r« falsely. Ethpa. ^^Jt^to 6e 
aecused or convicted of falsehood, to be tlwughi 
false, be suspected of deceit; to be deceived or 
disappointed, )isJx> ^& m his Ao/?e; ^? j>^ 
^«^Jls-Jo unstained truth. Deeivatives, 

JW' ^^ J^^^w» J^h*. kx^^. 

%4J S ^ f. Jfc^J P l. m. <Z. } H-, f ; ^, 
Jfci_ rt. ^^J. adj- false, vain, deceitful; 
spurious, feigned ; ty^Ji \U> a pretended son; 
|4Jf H *^ ^/^^ e witness; U*x* y^J falsely 

fc^DL^? rt.^K^?. adv. falsely, deceitfully, 
vainly, in vain. 

)l P ai4J pl. Jlo_ rt.^?. f. a falsehood 
tmtruth, lie; Preachery, unfaithfulness; 
J clo secret windows or openings ; 
J t a^4J ? ? pseudo- Christs, false Messiahs. Used 
adverbially with ? or%. prefixed, ^2» falsely, 
treacherously; ^. vainly, to no purpose. 

$ act. part. ^Ȕ, \1^J to inflame or 
chud the eyes, hence 

jl^î m. a swelling or watering of the eyes. 

*4>? fut. ^4>^ act - P art - **4i> ^^J' p ass * 

part. *^! Io ştab, pierce, transfix. Ethpa. 

\\Tto be stabbed, pierced through. Aph, 

* \}*to pierce through. Deeivatives, Uo^j» 

V., I» pi« Jjj? m< for feWl see below - a ^ 
a friend, a beloved. b) an unde ori the father's 

side, opp. ţ« the mother's brother; )?? ii 
ajirst-cousin; }l'?î pl. Jty f- a father's sister. 

^Jjf dadîov, a torch, torchivood. 

pţ comp. of rel. conj. î «ud ţ»? ; lest, leat 

M 2 

perchance, that; with ^. after verbs of 

J*?? m. the elm. 

Jo»? behold; for behold, see now, but see; see 
Jo* and ?. 

oi?, |i>oi? pi. UL m. a) groW; HJu» ? 
choice, fine or refined gold. b) a tax of one 
#ok2 piece; pi. ^^.x )*»«? #oM doubîoons; 
\Â\q ow? or J^o»? u&Jo chrysoUte; jJ^o^X 
f? Golden Friday, the Friday after Pentecost 
kept in honour of the Twelve Apostles. De- 
bivatives the three following words and 

o oi? denom. verb frora U>o>9 to gild, to 
interweave with gold; part. o ©»•-*&> Joo»ţj*o 
gildedj gilt : interwoven with gold; auriferous; 
metaph. J^ă^o \îr\ î§ gilded persuasions = 
bribery. Ethpa. oc*?t< metaph. to be adorned, 
croumed. Aph. oâ?/* io overlay with gold, 
metaph. «o croiw. Part, »sw*&, ]»oo»*& 
golden) gilded. 

JJo©*? or U»o»? adj. from Jooi?. golden, 


\99 9 r 1 . V 9 <t - I* A P9 9 ,.V 

Jli-SO*?, JfcsU— pi. m. ţ*_, >— , t. ţ*i£>oi?, 

)&L*o>? adj. from Jo©»?. golden, gold-coloured, 
gilded; UL=.o»? Jj£cl£> golden-moutlied,eloquervt. 

jLai*o>? rt. %©*?. f. fatness, oiliness; ducii- 
lity of metals ; metaph. brightness. 

• oi? fut. om»J to grrow/ /ai, io 6e anoirvted, 
oiled; participial adj. **©»?, U-5>?, jfcu-5? 
/ai!. Ethpe. yâ?i( to be fattened ; tobe fertile, 
fruitful, enriched; metaph. ţ& \J>J+ 1sjo*?1( 
Jl&? *7ie sword is rn&de fat with slaugkter. 
Aph. *©*?{ to make fat, anoint; to consider 
fat, i. e. acceptable; to enrich. Derivatives, 
Jiax*o*? 7 Jjchoo? or Jjoio?. 

)o? and %#5?, fut. JoJ 1 , imper. «o?, with 

sufF. 3 p. s. weiolo;, parts, jof, Jlo?, )fci.o? ; 

o?, k©?, Jl^o?, pi. m. ţ.o?, >-©?, f. ţ»of s 

Jfcd 6?, both participles have the same pi. fonns 
and the same meaning, to be sad, wretched; to 
grieve, refl. and trans. Part9. sad, vrretcfied, 
poor, miserable; *^o ţj& jo? most miserable. 
For J*o? = JIo? see below. Ethpe. wo?i/ 
to be laid loto, shattered; to grieve, mourn. 
Pa. «o? to lay low, make lowly. Aph. ^5j/ k 


tobringlow; togrieve, make wretched; ^fcL»©?/ 
thouhast made us wretched; Jtoi vOc*X )©*•*> 
rfea^ brings them low; U^o »*ooo *o *» 
Ae tm* fo/i wretclied and weeping. Extaph. 
^5f Hfto be sad. Derivatives, ^oo(? or 
JjoÎ?, Me? or J^oo?, fc^io?, U©?» ^o*o?, 
jlcuo;, U-Oţ^o. 

Ho? same as jjooi? and Jjoc?. miaery. 

oo?, o? fut. oow, act. part. ol?, i^*? pi. 
m. JaI?. a) to /o«/ owi, issue, li&ve an isme 
primarily of menstruation and of seminal 
discharge, esp. with Ijao? or )j&?. b) to mdt, 
waste or pine away. Part» one that has an 
issue, discharge ovjlitx; metaph. weak, fatling, 
declining, JLoxaL.©» ^a© from the faith. Pa. 
cil? to weZi, dissolve, wear or warfe away; to 
consume, emaciate; with )t^ or jtcas» of 
the body being wasted by fasta and vigils; 
with [m&j of the soul being fretted or worn 
with trouble; jlfomvr ^^*»^o U*^& salt 
dispelling putrefaciion ; ^ojui^ oC^ l^+ *■■"*> 
]Si^5 |^09 an wfl spirit consumed Said. 
Ethpa. cJ?i/ to 5e broken v/p, grow thin, waste 
away. Aph. ch+?t same as Pa. ţAi^v» Km^ 
theflesh wastes away, decays. Debivatiybs, 

)^o? pi. )^L rt. oo?. m* a) issue, flux, 
semin/xl discharge; \Ju or JJJu? ? a woman y s 

monthly course ; b) fatling in drops, distilling; 
\**=>h ? liquid hmxey, 

mooj, )uioo? rt. m*o?. m. a sacrifice. 
jt^c? rt. -=>?. m. a serpent's bite. 

)l/J»o? pi. Jt" rt. -a?, f. <Ae £&H£ of a 

scorpion or of a bee. 

iaio? pi. ţi, J.L rt. aao?. m. a) glue, solder, 
bird-lime; J^^o? }^So? covers or bindings of 
books, hence ellîpt. a 6oo^, a hvimd volume. 
Cf. Germ. Bând. b) tlie elm. 

^o?, )t^o? pi. J* 71 rt. i^?. m. «iW cow56 
of the sun or moon j art^r, rwfc, government^ 
administration ; treatment of wounds, metals, 
&c; agreement; custom, way, manner oflife, 
manmrs; )£»©? JL*. to agree on a course of 
action, make an agreement; )&oq3? — ]j©m»! ? 
&c. the due course or Jixed order of the moon 
or stars; metaph. Uf^^ |^> f godly lifb; 




JioaxL? =? heathen customs/ J»of II***, UI- 
marmered; ]lolt*?? f the monastic rute or 
way of Ufe; pi. ellipt. discipline, the ascetic 

U*ş\ Ar. and Pers. sour skim milk 

Kgf m. JftC^ot f. pi. iSjJpf rt «^j. a <fea/ 
person, deaf-mute. Metaph. &ad. 

Jlo^c? rt ^|, f. deafness* 

JI^jP? rt%^, m.falsehood, lying. 

ba^o? pi. generally J^Ja^o? sometimes 
J^Jba^f or lack^o; m. drfy/ui, doctrine, teach- 
ing, dogma; pi. mfcţ prec^ts. 

to fi* ^,. ^ ft^y doginatics, dogmatic science; 
tf \&l*J> dogmatic writings. 

?©?, ?? akin to seeiAe, Germ. sieden, not 
used in Pe. Pael ?o? to trovble, distwrb, 

k-Uo? rfc. J©j. adv. miserably. wretchedly. 

^- o? rt. o o?, m. wasting away ovpining, 
wasting disease, emaciati<m J*m£ ? oflheflesh, 
\+8l>1 of the soni. 


9 *.* 

perturb, !L*^o ]?©^o U*cujw a disorderly and 

w. r 

m. fat, fatness, 

confused beginning; )jsaL *^so *^?o^b *-#6J 
drunJc and disorderly. Ethpa. fSflf to be 
troubled, agitated, often with jbsŞŞ Aeari, JJLx* 
«mraZ. Dekivatives, J?o*?, J?o? or )?©©?, 

J?oţ rt. joj. m. a ketthj a great tron pot. 

Jfof pi. J?o? ; see ?©©?. 

Jjs?c? and |x>?o?/ d©8e/ea. Fwelve Lections 
appointed for Holy Week. 

JJio? and Jjioo» rt. ywj 
nc& /ooi. Metaph. )J«o? 


?©©?, Jfoo? or J?o> pi. J*rt, ?©?. m.trouble, 
confusion, contention ; ?oo? JP? untroubled, 
calm, ?oo? ^? wlo reac£ distincily, vjithout 
stumbling; joo? ]U? jfcoa^îmZr0w&&$tt;eWom. 

v <So?, Jj^o? E-Syr. JJ^of pi. H rt J© ? . 

m. wretchedness, misery. 

Jjoo? in. a brackeU 

JL*o! pi. £• rt. ^«?. m. mahing afraid, 
a causing or a cause of terror, a terror, horror. 

M—o? m. millet or some similar grain. 

kw©j rt, *£u*f. m. removing. 

J«tJ°? dcvrepa, tJte second Indîct. ; eee 

fc*o? ; eee )©?. 

JIo? ra. pi. Templars, tlie Knighta Tmnftav. 

**o? pr. n. David, used ellipt. for 
~o?? the Psalter; V *LS,*Z. ^5? the Septuagint 
Version of the Psalms. 

,£r,!' ? ^t- E ' Syr - ^°' pL m - V£ s $ f - 

J^^of adj. from the above, Davidic, of or 6y 
David; Uţ*o? Jt^al* ^e roc? o/ David= 
Christ; JIpSf Jjicuit ^Ă^K^to live beyond 
the limits set by David; cf. Pa. xc. io. 

Mcuof dira. of partieipial; see Joj 
part m. a wretched Utile creature s Utile wretch. 

)Lo-*o? rt. )oj. f. miseiy, turetchedness. 

Jiloj rt.^c?. ni. service, attendance. 

♦h»o?, j4^o? pi. J rt. ioj, m. a sojourning, 
a staying, a dwelling; a place of habitati<m; 
pi. customs, way of Ufe. 

*ţ;&s*o£ Pers. lit ^eper o/ «Ae Inklwrn, 
the title of the scribe whose office was to write 
down the edicta of the Khalif. 

yo?, l^oj constr. ^5o? eraph. jfcoo? corn. 
gen. but generally \o<yţ m. and Jfcoo^j f. 
pi. JJ&iio? rarely JIgoo? a) a place, spot, 
position, post, office; "with ţ^ v , JL» or ^Li 
to exercise the office, fiii the place or ^o^/ 
6) a pZace or passage of a book, <^o^ Jlo*/^ 

«j»c as iife 5a^5 someiohere; o) *o^a som«- 
where, anywJwre; ^o*s» JJ© nowhere; '%a* 

^o? everywhere; ^o? ^o*fa 7iere ani <Aer^ 3 

m wiany places; ^o? ^Cţ^ to sundry 

places; ^o? ^ /rom some j;?ac<? or oiAer; 

JnD©î or ^of "^o ţj& from every place, on or 
from every side. 

fcj>©? generally with o prefixed = prep. 
for, instead of; oiloofVL or *^«, o on the 
spot t immediately f N. B. always with the sanie 
pron. suff. 3 p. s. Derîvatives, I^*)j!^oof, 

^flDOoo?, ux^o? pi. |j»5of m. dwe 9 corn- 
mander of an army, leader, chief; a 2>refecL 

)iaoj rt. U>}. m, cleansivg, ablution, puri- 

ficatim, purity; )<*£•** ^ J^om a»/ uooj 
JjI^ purity ofliearL 

ittooţ pi. ^«mfiof âo£a, glory, praise; 
ţ )a&)} glory to Goă. 

aooj, JJtso? pi. JJL. rt. *o?. m. a) rermm- 
brance, anything hept in remembrance, a token 
of remembrance^ heepsake, memory; cw*~oe? 
Jiofcu&X whose memory is blessed, of blessed 
memory. b) a memorial, that part of a 
sacrifice which was burat on the altar as 
a sign tbat God was prayed to remember the 
offerer, Lev. ii. 2, 9, 16, &c; ^ofc— oo* Jjo* 
ujIdo^k ţ*Z?k£ do this for my memorial; 
Luke xxii. 19, hence the Eucliarist is often 
called JJtoo?. c) a memorial prayer, com- 
memoration esp. of the holy dead at the Lord's 
Supper and 011 special days, hence a Saint's 
day, holy day; Jp£^!, J ?©>*»? UsMf Festivals 
of Martyrs, of the Beparted* 

jfcoo? fem. emph.; see Jio?. 

kvTjjfcoo? from *o?. adv. locally. 

|Ju&>c?, ]kt*j from <*©?. adj. local, pertaining 
io some place. 

^©?,^? fut-^ow, inf. ^ţJiO, act. part. 
%>î?, JLfj pass. part. , ^»?. a) to be moved, 
stirred up, aroused. b) to move; to go, come, 
go in or oui, often with other verbs of motion, 
fcwljo^?, uaâjo^.? he arose and went out f 
he descended, here^f expresses the beginning 
of the action. c) to ştir, arise as mental 
impulses, Mm»ou» U^S*^*? « thought stirred 
or arose in his mînd. d) to quiver, quahe, 
)j^i/ r ^o?i^f» the earihshall quaheexceed- 
ingly; ^oyi JL>^oL a storm shall arise. 

Ethpe. or Ettaph. ^»?Ur to be shaken, 
moved; oj£i£ "%*?iV^ his heart quahes, ia 
troubled. Pa. ^1? to serve, attend, wait upon, 
minister. Aph. %**ţf a ) t0 move, ştir up, 
arouse, excite, KwL ^o ^>Zjîo ©Oaj» Jie stirs 
upfilth continually; o>&&> ]e£L( r ^+MGod 

.f * 

put in his heart; \*+m o^HSi^s» Jio*** joy 

stirs in her feei. 6) to enter, to bring in. 
c) gram. io give a vowel to a letter, e.g. when 
two consonanta without vowels come together. 
Derivatives, JLof, Jla^?, JL?, JU^->?, 

J)©j pL Jjo? rt. JJ?. m. a buchet, water-pot; 
AquariuSy a sign of the zodiac. 

!Uo? m. the woofoî a web; a hanh of thread 
or silk. 

la^eţ pi- ţi- m. the oriental plane-iree. 

11^ o? rt.^j. m. a divorce 9 legal separaiion 
with $i£j o? \A£d. 

t *,â\c>?, }in^N L ^; m. a dolphin. The name 
of a constellation. 

tcuââcu&o; $tip&n0y 9 Soojf vu£ the puMic 

ţlsao? rt. Ju»?. m. liheness, resemblance, 
similitude; the lihe, lihe action or behaviottr; 
a pattern, eooample; appearance 9 likelihood; 
wojQdl? o*I*3©! his Ukeness to his Father; 
Juoco? **J*+ti $ the lihe has not been seen; 

{lasoţ i£L fc^X it is unlikdy; J*occ? fSS&â 
unique> imomparahle. Uoop adv. a/pparmtly, 
opp. jfc^GAa or Jf i+J> truly, indeed; f )Iâooţâ 
lihe, as. 

Uilioc? rt. Jjas?. adj. ideal. 

U^o; pi. II- f. domus, a house, building; 
a pile of wood or stones. Metaph, a founda- 

« # 

tion; tMaai^ap w^So j *Ae fowndations of our 
hingdom; Im^oo» ^jL aiS — )uCo«^ t^' 
<x^ ţ^^f tJieformer opinion is not based on 
a sure foundation. 

a£u£^ca£0o?, ^oCLCL.l^m^o? orjui^ls^aâoot 
8ofX€vw«>s> some official of the Byzantine rule. 

JUcumjaoo? from S&fiqtns, f. building. 
Jtioo? rt. wo?. m. wonder, marveî, a won- 

drous thing; Ji&o*^ Joi wonderfid, ad- 


k—i<U©o? rt. w©?4 adv. wonderfully 9 admi- 

yO?, ^? fut. yow, inf. ^^ao, imper. . of , act. 

part. ţj{, U-*i pass. part. ^*f «o jw^e. 

a) ia administer justice, rule. b) to jyronounce 
or give judgement, condemn, acquit, vindicate; 
to determine, decree; to declare a dream. c) 
to plead, sue, go to law; vya&S |i*| <o 6rmgr 
a m«; with j^L to debate, sirive. Ethpe. 
ţ+ll( rare, to be jvdged; with p& «o cowfe7wi 
with. Ethtaph. ^fLl^a) <o fee admtnistered 
(of justice) ; «o exercise judgement or justice* 

b) to be judged, condemned, punished; deter- 
mined. c) to go to law, contend with. d) to 

judge, decide, consider ; *§> %I*ţtXF Itf*^? 
I judged or tkougkt necessary. Derivative s, 
Ulh U*?, Jloxif, JLcn-?, JU^^, U-t^o, 
1 ^1m^ > JKajoW*^, Ua*?Uoo. 

Uuoţ constr. «*Jo? and ooj?, pi. )&of rt. 
c*i?. generally m. the tail, hinder end; JjLo? 
ţiţ*j? the hinder end of a spear ; JJ-ecam cuo*? 
eguisetum, mares tail. 

JIs^jo? and J&>cu? f. the same, usually 
metaph. tlie last, temi of contempt. 

ţ^*£j»o; m. donative, largess granted to 
Roman soldiers by the emperor. 

JuaJo? rt. i^jj. m. torment, pain. 

h*+ŞXCBQţ } JCHflOO», JOttO? Or £jO£D? OV(T€P- 

rcpia, dysentery, sometinies with ]wc£&? o/tââ 

^A-^oâaoo? pi. )— adj, 8e<T7roTiKâs 9 imperial, 
officiaî, from or belonging to the Byzantine 

y£oh \A2L09 rt. ^kj. m. quenching, as- 
suaging, Jfcoa-£? ofanger; abolishing, JLo&f 

.0?, Jta>Lo? rt. ;^?. m. a Htinging, smart- 
ing of the eyes. Metaph. Wko* jj? )JLio m 

unvexed petece. 

J&tOf pi. Jio^o? rt. JsOk?. com. gen. sweat, 

U&ll ? gum, resinj iâ)3? ? 
*i i 2>oppy juice, opiwm. 

j-J^y o?, jl£J adj. from the above. sudorific. 

^oa^Sc? a diptych; see ţoa^â*?. 

M3o? m. a wiv/m/my-case, wooden coffin. 

3° ? ' J* ^ ut ' i ^' * n *Mt^°> imper. *o?, act. 
part. Ai, j~*? to e#w&, fcop for joy; )aooo 
ţ*Z»?? perh. shooting stars. Pa. .?? a) to 
e#wft, danceforjoy. b) to make merry, exhila- 
rate, Derivatives, ho?. }.*?, JJ?. 

Kof pi. ]To? rt. .o?, m. emâtaiion, rejoicing; 
Jlojli jToţ rejoicing of angels. 

udo? imperative, udoJ* fut. of ud?. a$o ftray, 
powtd, and of the following : 

udo?, o>? fut. uDOţj, inf. ud^jjo, imper. udo?, 
act. part. ud(?, \k>\, pase. part. jx»? to gaze, 
emp.from afar, to talce astronomicul observa- 



tofc; JJ 

tim*; to ofara, r^ar£, to looh fvrth, wpm 
or intos topmmd. But this meaning should 
properly belong to *?. Pa. *I$ to regard, 
gaze upon. Ethpa. ual?i/" to be ptmnded, a 
confuaion with auSftrfrom *?. Ara. aJŞl'lo 
looh out or forth; Jod ^& ^rom the window; 
to looh for, towarda or up, to behold. Metaph. 
to show oneself, appeur, come to light; oou?^ 
UXw tar^s appeared; m+f* mT{| >■* S > I » 

Ig ^xiSi y% mystmes appear clearly lihe 
lamps* Pass. part. a>ia© acquainted or fami- 
liar with any study or subject; instructed. 
Derivative^ ^o? 3 Uiaoţ, U>^*> Jiouuy». 

Uo? pi. )^o? rt, *o?. m. loohing forth. 
a) the sense of sight, vision; Jjjo? lc&u& 
hem eyesight; an astronomical obsermtion. 
Metaph. scope, prospect, b) one who observes, 
esp. from a height, a watchman; J^6? often 
forms part of the name of a place; Jfcoct 
JJSo?? the watchmeris MU, i Sam. i i. Metaph. 
a prophet; a bishop. c) a robber, a lier in 
wait. d) a watch-tower, a looh-out; a wooden 
tower for besieging a city. 

l^o? rt. *©?.=J^j a) something broken smoli 

or grownd; Jl^Ii^**?? )^o? pearls reduced to 
powder; dry puise, b) afrying-pan. 

ipCd^o? or u»aoo? m. dux, a leader, governor. 

Uiiâo*? pi. H rt. udo?, m. with UKjtf 

instrumenta for moking astronomical obser- 

on^auD O? with oom. to mffîer pwiishmeni* 

jtoo? pi. J* rt- W5?- m. a thrmt from 
a cow's horn ; goring, 

io*? imperative; iow fut. of 9+j to vow. 

io?, f? root-meaning to go round. Pe. only 
used in participle i\\, \U\ dwelling; \JLoh 
yoo^d )ti? a spirit inhabits them, i. e. idols. 
Pa. £ţ a) almost always with o, to dwell, 
inJiabit b) to make inhabit, io settle ; to lead 
the life of a monh. c) to go about or to and 

fro; metaph. poaiLrj 0*3 ţ*Z*ţLtt |? a haven 
tohere tempests stay noi. Deiuvatives, )i-o?, 
)»o?, JUo?, Ji«u?, )w?, j^^ioi-?, ^^?, 





»©?, Jfo? and ]»o? rt. *o?. m. a circle; 
4#2»iîi? ? his double row of teeth; eccles, a 
procession, Jji> ovoof )»oo a' the Eucharistic 

J*o?, Ji'io? rt. io?, £ )>&»&? ? the flame undei' 
a pot appearing round the sides of it. 

Jio? and Jλo? 5<»p€a ? a d^e^ of gift; the 
brides jointure or marriage setthment made 
by the bridegroom. 

J4J ? **• **i?' m# a gradual progress, im- 
provement, or attainment; y^jo^ step by 
step, by degrees. 

\^tof or J^io? bvpara, a spear, a sceptre, 

lo*o? rt, *J?. m, i/w treading out of wheat. 

Jfcoio? pi. jl£— rt. y»?, f. afootstep, a foot- 
holdj that on which one treads, e.g. afioor, a 

I^oio; pi. \2- m. deceit, a fraud, cheai, 


J£j>io* pi. )l— Saypatcivov, the apricot or 

peach; a sort of Persian vine. 

iX'o; pi. U rt. **>?. m. exerdse, disci- 
pline ; teaching, instruction ; disputation, 

ao!, <*? fut. ao»j, inf. a^o, imper. 

A.O?, act part. jwi?. IX.?, pass. **?, jfct**? fo 
tread, tread under foot, trample; with ^ or 
"^£. of the pers. or thing. With Ji'i jsJq to tread 
tlis wine-press; J»**? l&JL a ăown-trodden 
people. Metaph. to transgresa, \j& oj?a î, V i/ae 
Za^, jJcai» "^X a rwfe, Ethpe, *a*?IL( to be 
trodden, trodden vmder foot, trarnpled upon; 
metaph. Jjaxo oa*?LI( the canons were vio- 
lated, set at nought. Pa. **If to tread down, 
trample, Dekivatives, U*©?, U-a-?, !*■-?, 

JjLo? rt. *jwo?. m. that wkich is trodden or 
trarnpled, trampling; JmAA^C U>q; »©l t 

t/e Aave Zei ine fe trarnpled upon by boys. 

u»? cognate root ua?. Pe. only particip. 

adj. u*Jlţ, C. t J]&— small, minute; \L*Z$ )i 
fine dust; subst. m. dust; \L*Z\ 
formed out of the dust; «oia&foi? j-^JL-f 

\ÂZZ& the dust of holy limbs. Pa. *JU\ to 

* ■» ? I J* ..P 


mfowe io as/*es. Ethpa. «*£?t/ ^ become 
dust; U/ «*£?&*» jt^aa / become dust in the 

ji>? fut. )ZJ, inf. )^»&, act. part. \Zţ, Jl»|. 
a) to push, strike, thrust; to impel. b) to cast 
or thrust out, drive away or off; to repel, 
reject; ]*<xa\ ^? jw>? *Jl*£d iÂe^ 5in*^e the 
wall with battering-rams ; )*c6? \±*a?L ilf 
*%£^. air causes the element of fire to rise; 
]}£jlJ> iQotiĂ v^^ţ^ ^ i^ew cast away the evil 
thing. Ethpe. uJlflf a) to be h/wled or ea^i/ 
metaph, to be impelled. b) to be cast out, e%- 
pelled; ©ticLX u^?L( ^.^ cld the sling 
was hwrled against Mm; \JL&S 1s-*^*?m 
%bfiuu>^ iAe soul was cast dovm to Sheol. 
Pa. wJlf same as Peal. |^r>I\ g^Z? i^ 
rejected wisdom. Ethtaph. «Jljli/ same as 
Ethpe. DEEiyATiVESjJ-aMfj^fJtox^îfcoo. 

Ucu*? pi. \L. rt. Ju*?. m. exptdsive, having 
the power or effect oîcausing violent motion; 
pi. earthquakes, shocks of earthquakes. 

Jwq-m? rt- ^**?. m. o^e who fears, is afraid. 

)JîsXo«?, )3^*j rt. ^m*?. timid, fearful. 

Î^IIj^XclL? rt,^**?. adv. timidly. 

JLculi^cu*? rt.^*»?. f.timidity } fearfulness. 

l^M rt. iAm?. m. ow^ fufto drives away or 

removes, an op2>res$or; }^3? }^al? a dispeller 
of evil thing s. 

Jiidcu*? rt. ji**?, m. a driving bach or away, 

repulsing; banishment; rqmdiaiion, putting 
away of a wife. 

Jli? rt. U»?. m, repulsion, impulsion. 

•*wJl?, U^i? adj, and sabst. ; see «•?. 

^2? and %a^? ; see '^-•j. 

^JJLL? rt. ^*»f. adj. fearfully, terribly, 

ji o . XJl f rt. %**?. f. fearfulness, awfulmss, 
terribh might; a title of reverence with suff. 
2 p. thy Dread, yowr Mightiness. 

fc^w»? contr. of ImDL-I? oto^l or temtk 
art Thou; Isiw? ^cut© anthems for q)ecial 
festivals, beginning with Ps. lxvixi, 35. 

^Z? fut. V-tî, fa£%&A act. part.^, 
ţ*.?, pass. parts.%*i$ 3 ^, JfcL.; ^i?, JL, 
) fcs— to fear, dread, stand in arm of, reverence 



WÎth ^ or o; to be afraid of with ţ& ; 
JfcCai )î£ix**? ci\u? they were terribly afraid; 
Jo*^J)^^j God-fearing, one who fears God; 
UiJao? JLiy they who fear the Lord; »J&»| 
)?)£■ — ]£ol£d idolators, worship2>ers ofdemons; 
pass. part. the older form keeps the passive 
sense, fearing, f tar ful, afraid; the form 
^*if has active or causative signif., fear ful, 
formidable, terrible, dreadful, awful; see 
&»\»Mf. PA.'^if to terrify, alarm, fnghten, 
threaten. Aph. *%JLţf same as Pa. Deriv- 

ATIVES, JLo?, Jlcu»?, JjfcJ^O**?, JicufcJS>CU*f, 

JL.?, )£i*~? pi. m. ^L-, ^L, f. ,1-, JlsL 
rt.%-*?. generally f. a) fear, dread> pi. panics. 
b) generally constr. or emph. awe, loorship, re- 
ligion often used of false or mistaken religion, 
of a heresy or sect; U+^o or Jo*ii( fc^£*»? the 
fear of God; ]Js^**î Lo^âi piety, rever enoe 
iowards God, true religion; Jcuf or \Î\jL ? 
superstition ; j£r>&l£ ? idolairy. c) the object 
ofworship, generally a false god, an idol. 

*%Z§, Jl— î m. a worshipper; see^J*?. 

JJciX*-? pi. J— rt.^**?. m. a fear, a terror; 

a scarecrow. 

jîs^w? fem. emph. ; see JL*?. 

&L$ fut. ujcuamJ, inf. ioLţj2> 5 imper. uact^f, 

act. part. *o-£?, \&**h P ass - P ar ^ ^»!, U*~*t, 
)&i*2? to thrust oui, drive away; to take away, 
remove, reject; pass. part. outcast, abandoned. 
Ethpe. saZţU to be cast out, driven away, 
removed, eccpelled. Ethpa. same as Ethpb. 
Derivatives, J*js~j*o?, i-oc^*?, ^ajjcl**?, 

&şf denom. verb Aphel conj. from )t**| 
to harden* 

\Ui with l&\o a milhtone, hailstone; fiint. 

\*L\ only pi. m. the guard, guardsmen; 
attendant8, yeomen, warders, apparitors of a 

1^4* ? or J^a-? m. «lo/ajrţff, a pair of 
compasses; a carpenters square* 

-m - m a 1| ? f diuragis, a decree 9 edict; 
[I^tJf 9 the Apostolic Gonstitutions. 

y i\\ftCUÎI 

^etd&-£Mf 8taTc<r<râp<0v, a diatesswon or 
harmony of the Four Gospels. 

l^JIi»!, U^^h ««* *\ or joft.\\>f 

8iaKa\ta, a proclamation, sentenee, judgement. 

%lo q^q^K» ? pl. c^xS. JI? StoKoyos, a dialogue. 
^coo.Q+^Si+\\lţ pl. cvn^n,'^,)!? SeaAeKTticof, 

a dialectician. 

J^llş&ll} adv. diametrically. 

.q^JlIj m. a deacon. 

1-JcldJI? or « cui— btaKovla, service, tkat ivhich 
is serviceable. Gf. Suf. 

iJLjJj Sta^eo-fcî, logic, aposition. 

■iJJf, )>5i)I?, J^*&J? and other spellings, 
pl. lcp) dZ— or ^olliT? f. 8ta0fjKt}, a covenant, 
testament; ]i^» — Jj£.o*JŞm£ j ^ OZ^ an^ New 

^?, )-5^? rt. oof. m. c& dixcharge, flax, 
issue; with Jjiî? monthly course of vjomen; 
M&ff ofblood; jiVcuftdlTf strangury. Metaph. 
weakness of mind. 

JjL*5 oftener M»(| a v:o?/. 
i^^f Ar. m. brocade. 

^*î, Ja-? pl. ţ«cuŞ,)cuf m. Zend daewa, Pers, 
dsw, «n Mnl spirit, a devii; Jo»? o*iS ]o« Ae 
«ms 2)0ssessed by an evil spirit. Derivatives, 
verb vcu?!/, Jjq-?, Jicucuf, )jU?, Jj-a*?fcoso. 

JL#? Arab. and Pers. diioan, a register, 
minute-booh, bureau, session, council; aaol&^ 
«cuZX they closed their register \ finished their 

l=>cu? pl. \1* m. )^j»cu| f. rt. oo?. Uquid, 
moist; Jj^a-f JJoo» humid ntatter. 

ji^cocu? rt. oo?. m. aflux, gonorrhea. 

Jlcuf, J&— rt. ^oj. adj. gram. a te«er 
vocalized, having a vowel opp. Jlsli»^ >*^^ 
fn^te) quiescent. 

.o-.? denom. verb from jcuf ExHPAiAn 
.o-.|l/. to be vexed with a devii, suffer froin 
demoniacal possession. 

Jj£4, )&J&>$ pl. m. H f. )fcO— from )a.? 
a demoniac, one vexed by a devii, a madman* 

Jt'c&a*? from Ja*ţ f. demoniacal possession, 

9 tf, 

~a£3â*î ; see ţoa^a 


J^AâaScu?, tmoA— or )^£oci2l.î pi. ).*- 
8*^»wirjjv, a dyophysite, a believer in two 
natures in Christ. 

^oo*î pi. KL. rt. udo», cm observer, spectator. 

J>cuj rt. io?, m. a dweller, settler. 

U.O-.I pi. JlZ-. rt. .*.©?. a treader of the wine- 
press- Metaph. a trampler, oppressor. 

JIa*? f. wd;; JLaLf fcs*2» a» ink-pot 

)Jlcu; adj. from ]cu? suggested by a demon. 

13 Leu ţ, JfcUicL^? adj. in inh, of inie; 
f otLa*£cu*^=:£/26 exjjression ofit in toriting. 

5 duzrayfta, a decree. 
toaT? a deacon. 



5 a possessive partide comp. of w? an 
old form of the rel. pron. ? and the enclitic 
prep.^» ; is always found with possess. suffises. 
It often serves to give emphasis = own,, very, 
esp. when preceded by a prep. with the same 
pron. suff. ^X.? my, h*j{v&+Şf tkou art mine; 
with my own; with sign. of the acens. 
my oio7i, that which is mine; -"V? uX 
I myself; *iu?, t*a&f nu and f. thy, ihine, 
thy own &c, and so with the other forms; 
©£u? his; ©£**? her; ^iL? our; ^oSn»? 
your; too^uf, w(A*i iAeir m, and f„; 
Joojf o££*ţ / will be his, belong to him, be on 
his side; o££*Ş or o£m? his or her own aceord, 
expense, opinion, &c; ©££.? •£ ojiu? by tlie 
same, of the same; jKulio? — ]J^±*'? o*iL? o/ 
tiuit very or same y^ar, of the same city. 
Dbeivatives, UX-.?, JLcu^*?, Iks^X*?, 
&-U^?, Uj£u?, jlcui^*;. 


^*j Pael conj. of ^.o?, to serve or attend. 

Jlif rt. "%.©?. m. a motion of the howels; 
Jf^îî JoÂJoo or \AL diarrhoea, dysentery. 

>m*m ci\*{ âtaXuo-iff, dissolution of partner- 
ship, division of goods. 

Jy^I? only found in the fem. form J&iL? 
adj. one's ovm, peculiar; see below. 

jLcu^L ? from ^»? f. a property, quality or 

Jfct*^? pi. }l£*^u? properly adj. fem. but 
used as subst. It is not found in the older 
writers such as Ephraem Syrus ; that which is 

proper, natural or peculiar to any thing or 
person ; a property, quality, characteristic. 

lA\.ţ, a»cu— ; see Ju^JIJuf. 

îslUiL? adv. from %*% properly, peculiarly, 
specially, separately; for or by himself 

l&Ll )&&Lî pi. m. f£Ll HpL? f. 

^o^U?, J&o&f adj. from ^*f. own, of his 

own, especial, peculiar to, particular/ opp. 
\£j &^ordinary and special, public and private 

&c. ; ? o^aiaa in his own person; m*f 

? Jil^j aceording toits special, i.e. allegorical t 

JIoIaiS,*? from ^*? f. aproperty, peculiarity* 

jj£^£? rt.^o?. f. a descent; a smng. 
I^<i+^ş8r)pâaia,2mblic; the jyublic prison ; 
the public money, taxes or tribute. 

* cuaoaxi*? 8r}fx6a-iop, f. £%g public treastm/ 9 

thereven/ue; see ^mvi»}. 

. oi^cJ? 8iăfi€Tpoi>, diameter. 

tflcLtt.»? and hfia^o; S^o?, the populace, plebs. 

î 8r}fi6aiov, the pvhlic baih. 

)Iioa-i? f. a mi^/ JJJJ^ţ ? a jfeZZ o/ dew, 
Ex. xvi. 13, 14. 

^*î pass. part. of verb «o?. 

^*j 3 |juj pi. |H? rt. ţOf. m. a) judgement, 

a judgement, sentence, verdict ; i±**t h^j> a 
tribunal; ? ij»^ punishment b) a law, nde^ 
custom or manner. c) a lawmit, a contention; 
\±JŞ'%S& an adversary; ^*j ^^« »wt^ of 


^*î the Greek partide fie, conj. but, however, 
for, then; cannot begin a sentence, very often 
immediately follows a demonst. pron., ţ^ţ o«, 
ţ cu oi but he, he however, that is to say. 

ţ*?i P-? P^ ţ*i*?, J^;? rt. yo?. m. ajudge; 
tfllf iâm «7i€ Booh of Judges; a cădi; |iif 

j*U? apraetor, often = ^0»^» <Ae governor. 
When written without vowels Ui j has a point 
above the Yod to distinguish it from \L*f— 
U* ? judgement 

ji'cuxi? rt. ^0?. £ ajudgeship) the qffice of 

a codi; theprmomicingofajudge7nent,giving 
of a legal opinion. 


9 « 

jiajuf rt, .o?, f \ judgement, generally with 

JLjII the judgement ofthe conscience, conscien- 

t^-u? Pehlevi, a devotee, ascetic. 

j&IIf fem. of Jilf ajudge. 

ii*?, Jiu? pi. **, j iii. <*) a denarius, 
Boman penny, a silver coin worth about 8£d. 
in English money. b) a dinar generally gold, 
sometimes silver. 

)^Z^cu£eu»;; see £Âaoo? dysentery. 

? f. IKîimsj a petition. 

fcgql^Sut or ţ»a*!|~- also yoxu^do? and E- 

Syr. ^a^şo->? pL ţocu^su? SinTvxop, a two~ 
leaved tabiet, diptyclhs, tablets, a) on which eon- 
ciliar canons were inscribed. b) on which tbe 
naroes of those to be prayed for by tbe Church 
were written. This latter kind of diptych was 
read aloucl during tbe Liturgy. Dionys. Bar- 
Salibî, Bishop of Amid, cir. a.i>. 1169, says 
that tbere were six Diptychs, callecl by the 
Syrians Canons, three in commemoration of 
tbe living, se. 1) tbe rulers of the Church, 2) 
the clergy and people, 3) kings ; and three for 
tbe dead, 1) Saints, 2) Doctors and Synods, 
3) the faitbful departed. 

-2? Pael of %©? ; to exult, to 

l 9 r l $ r ţ pi. m. r £ )tp rt. 30?. an 

animal named from its agility in leaping, 
probably the rock-goat or ibex. 

jti? rt. 40». in. exultation, leaping for joy, 

&1) Pa. of *©©? ; to regard, gaze upon. 

^^jkojiu? or j^vsJJu? 8tKato>(xara y legal 

JJo-ftI? pi. JL rt. *o?. ra. E-Syr. a looker, 

ţ^ofîw; pi. itfujcia*? f. dtaKovla, a hospital 
wbere the eick and paralytic were minis- 
tered to. 

? Pael of i o? ; to dweîl &c. 

&> \iA pi- J*->! com - rt - * *- a ) a cote > 
fold for sheep or otber animate, a den. b) a 

dwelling, hahitatim, lodge; Ji^^e? 'I *** 

camps of shepherds in the vrilderness. Metaph. 

a mandra, monastery ; )i*1 +J «n archiman- 


91 eu&n 

drite, abboU In this sense J£»? is generally 
f. with pi Jl^f. 

)V*h J&if pi. m. f, f. Jtf&f rt. »o?. a dweller, 

J^-Jo;-»? dim. of )£•?. f. a fe'Wfe monastery. 

Utf, J&W? pi. m. PM f. JtfiLJf rt. Jo ? . 

# monh, a nun; adj. monastic, }£G&m{ or 
Ut»? U-aj^X t/u? monastic halit 

)lcu*£.? rt. »©?. f. monastic life; ?? )i=>o? 
or )»©? the monastic way or manner of life; 


?? Ju^ru»/ the monastic or religious habit; 
?? {,* A\, o l the tahing the habit by a monh 
or nun. 

Jj o3u? or <***? a daric^ a Persian gold coin 
worth about «£1 1$. iod. 

J-ot»? rt. i©?. adj.= ]ui+ţ. 

■| Pael of %*©?. 

}-£!? rt. *o?. m. a treading down or tramp- 
ling undsr foot. 

Jl£.? pi, jîsif and JkU'j f. some unclean bird, 
perh. a kite or vulture. 

\JL>h^f, [BkSţ, *JL>kZţ pi. vttdj9^? and 
^niifcjj; see Wt^j. 


Jif, 1*5? irit. J^J, inf. Ji*j£, imper. *£?, 
act. part, JS| io 6e or be mode pwre or clean; 
pass. part. )£?, Uo?, I&2? cîeaw, pnvj cZeau 
from ceremonial defilement; cleansed from 
leprosy; Jiljs.» — |uL^ J5?— ; pure in heart — 
inmind; ţ& \o* free from,, lacking. Pa. »of 
to cleanse, purify, pronounce clean aceording 
to the ceremonial law; to offer a sacrifice for 
sin; to refine metals; prwm vines. Metaph. 
to purge out, separate; |*g** ^» ^Jj^^k JS*» 
he separates the tares from the wheat; }£+& 
[ui dentifriee. Ethpa. *a$LPa) to be cleansed, 
purified, mode or deelared free from leprosy, 
from demoniacal possession. b) to purify 
oneself or be purified ceremoniaîly. Metaph. 
to be made clear, explained. Dekivatives, 
J^o?, k4o?, Jto-o?, Upi&, U^f^O, U-u>ffcoo, 


liJjJa? rt. U?. adv. purely, innocently, 


o*o?, jtola? rt. b?- f- purification; purity, 
clearness, transpareney e.g. of the sky; moral 
puriiy, holiness. 

N 2 




;5? fut. *o»j, part. **£? 2o remember, caii to 
mind, be mindful of; part. a) active sense, 
remembering, Ji/ ^o? / remember. b) passive, 
£ep< m reniembrance, convmemorated, reJtearsed, 
recitea. Ethpe. ţ£fif imper. *£?I7 and 
«i>?if io remember, caii to mind } have in remem- 
brance or memory, make mention of, make a 
memorial, corn/memorate. Ethpe. «iiţLf to 
remember, caii to mind. Aph. Jsţţto remind, 
bring to remembrance, make mention of men- 
tion, rehearse. Debivatives, |u^do?Jj^*^, 

;o?, \U>ţ pi. J»| m. adj. and subst. mole, 
masculine; chem. arsenic; a mole, pi. ihe 
mole organs; oaj ţ£; Iwrmaphrodite ; aram 
sometimes with )£$.£; or UiL? ; .4n*<?s, a sign 
of the zodiac; J£o? a-* 5 a battering-ram. 
Debivatives the seven following words — 

w>? denom. verb Pael conj. from J£sţ; 
gram. to assign the masculine gmder. Ethpa. 
♦5ji( tobe of the masculine gender. 

h*+l io\ &dv.gra,m.masculine,inthe masculine 

JLo^d? f. the masculine gender. 

**U>î, U£d? and ţiftf, Jj£o? adj. m, masculine, 
mede, virile. 

jloj^ţ f. same as JLolof. 

«-o*o?, ^J*s?j JJ£*j^? same as w^>?. 

Jlo-ots? f. i/ie mafe gender; virility, 

*%.$ Pe, only participial adj. a) > ^wJs.?, 
ILX?, Jj&i^j thin, fine, rare, pi. jfew; 
H » i . vi\ vXl^f not few in number ; J 
with Jls© understood, m /ew words, briefly. 

&) ^*^?> ^— > J&- easy, rea<% with X of the 
thing to be done or suffered; with ^ and an 
infin. easy to do, easily or readily dom; 
\jUxx\. ^L\f easily told; \jIs£\ ? in- 
fiammable; ojLcili»/ P ? he was readily cured. 
Pa.^X? or^£j? a) to designate, mention, 
specify. b) to repudiate e.g. U&o a covenant. 
Ethpa. %i£?l/ a) to be diminished, become 
rare or few, be cut off; ^^^SSXT cui -Ju the 
word of the Lord became precious i.e. rare. 
b) to be designated, indicated, su/rnamed; 
ţ^&;&o£ UUt U&*> f*> they are named from 

their cowntries. Aph. %$f a) to dimintsh, 
lessen. b) to show. Debivativjbs, ILx©?, 
fc^JL^?, cu^^?, JIclX^!, U^X^o, 

\} 3 ra. s. preţ. of verb^ej. 
JJ? ; see )f; that not, lest; without. 

!Uf fut. \^S, inf. Jf*& imper. *^?, a«t. part* 
jjj, J«^?, pi. m. **^£?, f. *tS$ to draw water, 
to dram or drag out with ^S>; ^£ Jj? JJ«j© 

he drew water for us; \ţ( ^L Jt'ooi ţ& / will 
draw thee out of tJte abyss. Pa. *^.j to draw 
up or out, lift <wp, rescue from perils of water 
and metaph. from depths of sin; JalX iA.f 
\j & ţ£> God brought Jonah oui of the JkK 
Ethpa. «A^ţlt/ to be led or drawn otti, to come 
or rise out, escape from depths of sin or misery; 
^io-Xo^ |?!i ys> by Thee may I who am 
submerged be dragged out; co* c*=> +Z\ţ +& 
^|?!S-» whoso holds on to Him is rescued, Db- 

BITATIVES, Ho? 5 U±1, )h^1, Uf», U^ţ». 

U^i j!^ pi. m. H, £ *)lC rt. \~±!. 
adj. and subst. he or «Ao« wAicA troubles, 
disturbsy incites to evil; an agitator, instigator; 
U**? ? disturber ofpeace. 

k**o-^! ph ^— rt. u-^j. m. a trmMing; 
tosdng of the sea ; disorder, tummlt, commotion, 

u-i£? fut. t-XJ, act. part. «X|, j^f 

to trouble, disturb, discomfit ; pass. part. 
u**^?, ^_, J^. i'uffledftemjiest-tossed; turbid 3 
fouled; blurred; juL*^? J&^.£^d bluwed 
writing; JI'cl*^? U^ ? (JLJ> turbid streams of 
error; | v > N< ? U^j JiL^ troublesome worUly 
goods. Ethpe. u^jL/^to 5e s/iofew, disturbed, 
disquieted, ruffled, violently moved or agitaied. 
Pa. uXj to r^e, agitate, disorder, disquiet, 
discomfit. Ethpa. i-^jL^same as Ethpe. 
^oT ***^?t/ i!Ăe sea &?cam£ rough; *»&\lP 
yoo^fcu^t^ £/uy W gy e agitaied in mind. 
Derivatives, Uc^?, U.clX?, Jicu^v.?, 


JI p cl«^? rt. w^j. I tU tosdng of waters, 
trouMed waters, yo^iol^j ^ Jli cuJ ^ 
w/im the waters were ai rest againf opacity of 
tbe air, opp. Jl'cual transparmey. Metaph. 
disturbance, disorder, tfJL icu^j eforcord. 



and *^*Xf participial adjectives; 


k*IJL^ţ **. ^i adv. rcvrely, scarcely. 

IsCJLX? rt.^£. easily, readily. 

o\»N? rfcAf. only witli o prefixed, mw%, 

JLoi^? rt.%.?. f. easiness, facility, dis- 
position, tendency; witli )j^> or jk 
aw angry disposition > irriîability. 

Jjsl^.? pL Jî&L- rt. Jl?. f. a sftoo*, yowwp 

J&s£ pL j&L. rt. h- & «) <* varicose vein. 

Pael of %f. 
comp. of Jo£>, ^ ; ? ; that—not, lest, 
not; used after verbs of fearing, unless, except; 
it may be, perhaps, perchance; why? tvhetJier? 
is it not ? not ? in asking a question when the 
answer is expeeted to be negative. 

a^? fut. a^J, mimet. cf. c&rc>;> 3 drip and 
Germ. tropfen, to drop, trickle dovm. Deriv- 
ative — 

JÂXţ m. a â/ropping^ trickling. 

ji^ ? fut. AiL J, inf. ^^, act. part. 
^ftV t to blaze, flame, shine like fire; 
)Z*sLaix£ *+r \J*z><£l glory shone out like 
lamps. Pa. *o^? to light, set on fire. Aph. 
A&ţF to lighi, set light to. Metaph. to in- 
Jlame; a^?rJl£^ he kindled tlie altar fire. 
Djemvatives the two following — • 

U&Ş or U^? pi ^, £- rt. tf&>f. m. 
a Jlame, blaze, tor eh, a bright shining; Jaf 
c^Li JioVo .<U^! JW .|f£ <Ae ^a*fe- is 
fire, the Son tlie flame, and tlie Holy Spirit the 
heat of the fire, Cod. Poc. in Bodl. Libr. cdiv. 
300 r. on the Holy Trinity. 
\JdL\ rt. a\«, m. a glow-worm. 
og\; denom. verb from JUaa^? to oppose, 
to be opposed, be in opşwsition, to contradict; 
♦j&Îj 4*oj^ )?o» JjaoNyao ifti> is contrary to 
what he says. Ethpauai» cuaix?l( to be in 
disagre&ment, opposed, repugnant; to oppose. 

lUon\ţ comp. of Jisas, i*, ?; rt.^aJJ. 
t/tat w/râ?7* is in front or opposiify opposite, 
opposed, repugnant; tJte opposite, the contrary; 

iP 4 w p 

; lLsd..abv? di f&e adverscmf, 
opponent; fc»o?cxS,scua\; to enemies. 

teU&fr.f, j£_ pi. f. fc'.&Sck^.l a) «« 

opyponent, enemy. b) the opposite, the contrary, 
Za <w* i7&0 contrary ; logic, $e contradiction of 

f. hostility, variance, con- 
irariety; Z» i» 2ifo contrary manner; logic. 

fc^£? or f^? DoZai^ or .Dofa*, tte fourth 
letter of the alphabet ; see ?. 

«ti contr. from fsaa^.f Zesi, that, after verbs 
of fearing; percliance, whetfier, in asking a 
negative question. 

«?, )>»? pi. )jo? m. Moodf, bloodshed; \1%*>F 
ot&ff iAe woman having an issue of blood; 
o»io? J^? the price ofhis blood, i.e. the ransom 
for his life; )ib>? U&o£ redemption tlvrough 

blood; ^«Jojf U>^ U>^- or U»r^ Bt 

wâft <Ae &Zood! 0/ tlieir necks — at the perii of 
their lives; |j2>?o Jt^o slaughter and bloodshed. 
Metaph. juice, sap of planta. Derivatives, 
verbs «?/ and «*»?, Uiao^!, U*^»!, 

«yfut. «ţj, act. part. flx> denom. verb 
Aphel conj. from «?; tofetch blood, to be im- 
bued or sprinlded with blood. Paxpel «l=c? 
to bleed, part. l^o^U» bleeding, covered with 
blood. Ethpalpal «^»îi?""«o Se 6M?/ or 0/ 
fA.e colov/r of blood. 

U? fut. \&3, inf. U^> s imper. w»f, 

part. U?, IM, pi. m. ee?' ^1» f - r**' 

jj^l»? to be like, remnble. Part. with ^ like, 
similar; impers. ? v o'(A U>! ** s^» is to 
them; jî»? probably, likely; \Lx>\ fyunlikely; 
Jlao?? ^/'os i'« seems, as is likely; \&h ^*>° 
and the like, and so on. Ethpe. ydftf Lf te ta or 

6ecome K&e, «o imitau. Pa. wc»î a) «o Ze&m, 
compare with i». ; to estimate, b) to imitate, 
make like, become like with o ; y&£? cui©»*» 
/ have su2>posed a likeness in thee; 
u»| ]LaL* he compar ed tlie world to a Jield. 
Ethi'A. uijlflo be or 6eco«ifl like, be c&m- 
pared; to feign oneself to imitate. Metaph. 
to represent, imagine; k»?ls*> JLa»l» acting 
like a physician ; V «A^. ^!^ becoming 

like our Lord. Act. part. impers. J-oc?fco*> 
ii seems, ii is likely. Debivatives, Iodoj, 
Uxooo?, ]io^?, verb ia*>?, j^^oo?, Jicuj»?, 

^i^cţjsoţ, JJ&J — rt. ip?- adj, bloody, mingled 
with blood. 

0L»»? : JLoloţ constr. leu*? pi. t&£?, )iaao? 

rt. Uoţ. f. a) the form, shape, figure, type, 

archety2W = l$£a'y *%&ţ jLaaoţf jfarv^. God is 
i/ze Maker of all archetypes. b) a pattern, 

plan, emmple; yOc*\ri\, jl£**2 ? yOSi ^X f 
/ zmW »za&# aw example of you for evit to 
every one. c) an image, refleetion in a mirror, 
zmagtnatzon; ^00 f*-o pgto ţâo u*»-â 

Jl>'£*a*' JLoaoj deliver me front evil dreuTns 
and wicked hnaginaiions. d) a likeness, simile, 
enigma; constellation ; ct^o; ^£ all manner, 
every sort or way; oaoj Jj? shapeless; ? ji'coo? 

= ik k»f, like; jtdoJf lloaef Zâ&e a leopard; 
toâo^ Zife, m iAe Kkeness; jicLâo^ o^ m 
Zt£e manner, liketvise; jlasoţ^» in appearance 
opp. fcs-lJt*^ reaZ% «»^ trxdy; jioî»?? 

Joaj^ţ, Jl£— rt. ~*>?. sleeping; with ^ 


? §>?/xo<noi> ; 22>?t JJ^ace public or 


s^afe business; 


*s publicly; cf, J 


ia»? denom.verb Pauel eonj.from JLoaof ; 
io gwe a Ukeness or shape; "fc^o Iceoţ^o 
â imprints afigure on the coin. Ethpaxjal 

icjaaţL/ ia receive the impress of a Jigure as 
a coin. 

coS? Pael of |^o j. 

)^o| act, part. fem. of k*o?. 

ţooţ, !>**>? constr. *Ii? m. pi. no sing. 

jpi?ce, &&■#, ramom; )Joof ^5l precious; 
^f **^» £ ^l-s^ 10 of greai price, very precious; 
"*? ţ? pricelesSy inestimable. 

fcsJJl^D? rt. |^©?. adv. likewise, equdHy; 
likely, prdbably ; apparently. 

Jl'cuoc? rt. Jj*>?. f- Ukeness, resemblanee, 
similarity; k&frj IdLao? ^ unauthmticiiy of 
a seaL 

94 rt£usa&j»;i 

UW, J&^f pL m. J^-., f. J&U rt. **f. 

adj. &&, resembling, similar; gram. agreeing 
in number and gender, comparative. 

fcj{;*a£ j rt. ^»?. adv. wonderfully. 

«ls^»? = «I^j/^IJjmd? iAow ari &&& 

^£>f fut. -j» yîj imper. ^i?, act. part. ^2»?, 

ţajttf, verb. adj. ^oof, )ţLn^j£y io sifeep, p'o io 
5?ee/>, Ke down; with ţii or la^ io oo»ie w^ar, 
Ka with. Metaph. to die; «fofcu *&ţ Jtf 
ItsJftjLiSf iAe Zt^Ai of wisdom never sets; îs*s* 
tpjx>r±. i*S. half-asleep. Pa. ^j io send to 
sleep, lull to sleej). Metaph. to calm e.g. jJLOh, 
the passions. Aph. *»?( io wia^ 2te cZoî/w, 
«encZ io fiZ^^p, ca^ ento a deep sleep. Metaph. 
to lull, calm. Derivatives, ida»^ the three 
following words, j^iio^o and )>i^>o»,^o. 

^&;, M^of pi. ţ-^-^?; l^zo* often used 
instead of the participle of ^sof. sleeping, 
asleep, ^Lgaof «?e are asleep; a sleeper; pi. 
emph. iAe d!ead!. 

«jeţ, M^i? rt. «J10?. m. a sluggard. 

]iajxâo; rt. «^of. f. efeep «Z^p, drowsiness, 

IZl&t, Jls-J — rt. «?. adj. a) o/" 6Zood!, 0/ 

$e same blood; ili^»j o^a^ fo"$ blood- 

9*4 r 

relations. b) bhody, bloodshot; ]&a&? U-oC 
an eye mffused with blood; ^o* JkC*? 
j?oi»? )^i,Sc>? iAai baptism in blood of the 

9 usually tm.^ft.» f Sij/xcy, people, populace. 

? denom. verb Pael conj, frora )»m^act j 
io 6wt7dj Za;?/ foundations. 

J fyţiâatos, public ; 

^ >• 

j; see 

^Aâa^f, )îs*o— . m. and f. Dama&cene, of 
Damasms ; see toaaajfiy?. 

'fcJo? fut. ^&ţj io î/j^^p, «Ae<i fear5. Pa. 
■^o&î io «oe^j vehemently, shed many tears. 
Derivatives the two following — 

U»£ Ikl^ao? pL Uj»? f. a «ear. Metaph, 
sap or rese^ oozing out in drops. 

ftCJ«6u»i pi. ]l£I~ dim, of U»? f. a ttffe 
fiwfi tear-drop. 



*»? act, part. «j&?, ji*>?> jL't&ţ, pass. part. 
]£o£ţ, Jl* io tremble. Pe. rare except in 
part. adj, wonderful, marveUous; yf Jt^Sb? Jj it 
ts no w&nder if Pael jj&? io mo^ marveîl&us. 
Ethpa. £*>?!./* io wonder, marnei, be amazed 
with o ; seîdom passive, **o« <*!& j^ţîloct 
)&£>« iAai t* a marvel to me. Aph. «Jeţ? 
io astonish, cause to wonder* Derivatives, 

Ji^OO?, fe^ttâOOf, fcwI^SO?, ^JWD?^SO, 

U*k**>?fcoo, JUo*>?i. 
.? 3 m. s. preţ. of «o?. 

M ? part. )J? io adJtere to a doctrine. Ethpe. 
uj?i? io assent, agree, fottow, obey; to comply 
with, give way to, feign complianee, dissemble ; 
to o/pply oneself with 2^.; e.g. jLo^S^X to 
take to îoose living; iOo*\ uJf-tf «j» Jj Ae wouîd 
not give way to themj \$t%»& \£iZ£ M»j£i££ 
\j[ I give assent to the Holy Scriptures. Aph» 
Jffto ^îe&2 or assent to; with om^j io sw6- 
?mi oneself, be compliant, feign compliance ; to 

Jj? pi. £. m. j&? f, a) a âkfc branch. 
b) m. only ; a wine-jar rounded or pointed at 
the bottom sg as to rest in the earth. 

*&j? Pa. oJ?. to make to be the tatl, i.e. to 
pui in the last place, make contemptible ; to dock 
the tail, smite the hindmosL Derivatives, 
Ujo?, jfc^o?. 

^*->? ETHPALPAii ^P?ij\ to dangle. 
Derivative the following — 

J)ţj; m, a centipede. 

acu?, Jfcoaj?; see 5jo?. 

uJ? fut. uJ J, imper. uJ?, act. parfc. uJ?, 
Uj? 5 **J?, Ji-, )1*L«. and wm*J?, )— , 
JîiL-. io r&e as the sun, moon or stars, opp. 
o£x to set; to break as the day; to dawn or 
shine upon, shine forth, spring forth, appear, 
to be manifest, knoton, illuMrious; of frequent 
metaphorical tise, esp. as applied to our Lord ; 
^ u*j? )MJL \^\^. a new world hath arisen 
upon us; ^..l.^cu» ©*j? o>-3^j^ u*j? i/ts siory 
was mode manifest to John; **& wo wj? 
)>».»■*( **(<*!& *©m{o shine forth on me, 
Lord, and I shall shine from Thy light as 
the day; parts. a) old forra. «*-J? risen, shining, 
radiant, bright, brilliant. b) fon». y**J? risen; 

clear, evident, jylain. Ethpa. *J jfi? to appear, 
be plain, manifest. Aph. y-J?/ r to make arise, 
make or let shine; to show forth, manifest , 
make clear; to give light, show clearly. With 
JtjfrD to make a horn sprovi forth=to raise to 
honour; Jfo»c& wSfi let light arise; *yifi 
o*x^»jX A<? îna'ie && tc&B clear; âOo^»ţx> 

t***+jţj r TJiou didst manifest Thy light before 
ihem on the Moant of Transfiguration. Derî- 

vatives, J^*J?, l^-*)-#*^J?, Jw^JOD, U-^jţ^, 

)t*j? rt. u*j?. m. i/ie rising of sun or stars, 
mnrise, day spring ; brightness, light. Metaph. 
the shining forth or manifestation of our Lord 
in the flesh, [wţ lS^ or ^wţ? )?)jSL i^^ -Feasi 
of the Epiphany; \L&i^} y J the TIieo2>hany, 
manifestation of God. Astrolog, tîhe ascendant 
or predominant star, the horoscope i.e. that 
part of the heavens which arises in the east 
at the hour of birth. 

k<Jţjl*j? rt. wJ?. adv. clearly, evidently, 

JlcufcJ? rt. «-j?. f. bHghtness, conspicuous- 
ness; with 3J obscurity* 

ju? root-raeaning to torment. Cognate 
roots, u*j/, tfu/, jxl*,. Ethpe. aiî?t( to be 
in pain, in torment, to be tormenied. Pa. *aJ ? 
io torment. Ethpa. uaj?t^ to be torimnted> 
suffer tormmts. Derivative, Uuoţ. 

Ijaj? pi. £-, sometimes spelt with * or 
over the init. ?, m. a coin, th& fourth part of 
a dirfiem or the sixth part of a Jjo). 

J^GLfio? apartridge. 

)J]^cd? a kind ofmilleL 
\&k*£oţ m. a handle, MU. 


^.? imper. of ^^^1 to know. 

[ioS.?, jfcoc^? rt. ^2k?. with )J unqueneh- 
oble, inewtinguishable. 

^? fut. y& J, inf. y£+&, act. part. ^k?, 
JjL^?, pass. ^*£? and *^5.?, )L., )&i— to be put 

out, quenched as fire and light; to be extin- 
guished, suppressed, obsmred; to be extinct^ past, 
at an end; \jjI y*}' ^? he vanished like 
smoke. Metaph. of Jiâ5 f amine, )l& cuw beauty i 
*axu»foi a lwresy, )isJo hope, &c. Ethpe. 

*f£ţl( same as Pe. Pa. ^£? to put out or 
qtiench; to extinguish, suppress, check, metaj>h. 

JI^aaS evil, Jfcoo*.» lom. Ethpa. *f£$l( io be 
put out, extind, quenched, quieted. Aph. «*^k?( 
toput out, qumch, extinguish; to subdue, abate, 
allay, assuage. Derivatives, Jaj^©?, ţacLX?, 

? rt. «*J^?. m. quenching^ extinction, 

y . 2 

«î * 

r ^f fut. iCi^ţj, act. part. -^? to drive in 

a nail; tofasten, tlirust in; to plani; -£? 

l^kijo Jooj he thrust his ştaif into the ground. 
Ethpe. ^tli to be planted, ingrafted. 

i-i? fut, joJ^jJ', act. part. ţ£f, lt^?. pass. 
4-^Slţ toprick, ştab. Metaph. to irritaie, wound ; 
jilr^l^. m* >CL^«J Jfl? Zes£ passion wound thy 

mind. Ethpe. ^f L< io be irritated, disquieted, 

Demvatives, J.JS.O?, )i-^?> )u> 8-N »ao. 

Jt^k? rt. ^.J. m. a smarting of the eyes; 
<m offence, vexation. 

fe*&! fut. fcokţî, act - P ar ** fc^i J&^!> P a ss. 
part. k^Jyf, )k-*-£? io sioeat, per spire ; to toii, 
labour. Pa. JWk? to sweat profusely. Deriv- 
ative, JfcJ^o?. 

\Âţ pi. ţii?, Jj&? or \&\ţ m. a board^ tabiet; 
a table, wooden altar; pi. the leaves of a diptych, 
of a book; }ASw|? Jâ? oars; [AJ+jţ )£? brazen 


Jia? pi. jl£i&? f. fe s&fe of the body or of 
a building. 

}H»? pi. J^lăo? or b<mâva$, iravelling 
expenses, provision for a journey. 

]ţ*Xs?, ţ*Z*lâ? hafoihiop, the laureh 
JfcLâa? E-Syr. tlie scab, itch. 

£ or ,?; see ,©? 

î? vi î? f occ ţ°? - 

ud? fut. &oJ, imper. .o o?, act. part. uaif, 
Jjs?, pi. m. ^JL.?, pass. part. *a*i5?, U-, j&l— to 
beat, iopound or ^ray in a mortar ; io break in 
pieces, reduce to powder; pass. part, pounded, 
mwmle, fine, sifted; slight, least; }.&*£? JLi 
Jlne sand; ? )&m a slight fever. Ethpe. 
mxi ?i/ to fo brohen in pieces, pounded, ground 
up. Pa. oaiS? io break to pieces, grind io 
powder; metaph. ^go^^m^K axe? 7*e made 
small steps, restrained his steps. Ethpa. ao$1( 

9G V»il 

to be brokm to pieces. Aph. *d?< act. part, 
*©£& ? \J$+j& to break in pieces, beat very small, 
Palpel &l&ţ topound, hammer. Ethpalpal 
&ţs>lU*to be brokm to pieces. Derivatives, 
)j>©?, U>1> Ut*h Ui»!, )M?> JM*». 

jd? 3 m. s. preţ. of usoj. 

m pi. )«0î rt. os?, m. d^ry puise. 

iD^?, Uu 5 ? pi- ţ«— 1 1 1 — f* tr - ' '^~ r ^* %0 '* 

5ma?Z, minute, light; l&'+si ]î^ light punish* 
ments; \&U>ţ the common people, opp. Joioi 
the nobles, 

JjSac? rt. jd?. m. apestle. 

]>aa?, JLW-d? rt. ^0?. butting, wont to gore. 

.ol 9 cu»? m, a decurion. 

)Sj>Î detiâ-n), ellipt. the tenth indict. 

Jlaio-JS? rt. ld?. f. minuteness, fineness; 
^3^2 icu^S? stone reduced to powder. 

■^jo? part. ^5sS? to sift, to clean. Ethpa. 
> ^?i( to be cleaned. 

JLo? pi. ţ*l- , \lmia. a palm-tree; \j&\s>9 
pL Ju— m. dim. a little palm-tree. 

Jls^jCuXo? f. pi. ^50*5, J90C^§. 

JS>.X. o? m, i^ ruv Tigris. Cf. Heb. 

^o?, Jii5? pi. JJui? m. ^Ae dim, «&? 6ear^. 

)]^aId? f. a cave or 6and of robbers. 

U-Loţ pi. )^- bearded. 

J^kiA? pi. JuL m. S£*cavoff, a lictor, beadle, 
runner; a fixed star; a degree=%6oth part 
of the zodiac. 

ssxs& Pael conj. of *o?. 

M^? pi. I— rt. *?. a) a/Mfthing broken 
small or feafcn îţp, }«cLio? ? beaten up yolks 
ofeggs; puise, b) a shallow; a Utile island. 

fut. »cu3*J and ^oj, inf. 

f ^ 

, pass. part* 
?. a) fo dig, break, pierce ikr<mgh. b) to ştab, 
thrust, gore JkCî^at^ with the horns. Ethpe, 
«?t( to be thrust througk Pa. ;i>? to lutt, 
gore, wound, metaph. *£y? ^& ..î^ -i ^^ 
«% to^we ^/rom infiicting wozvnds. Ettaph. 
J>1&F to fight, to thrust with the horn, 
Dekivatives, J*>o?, Jioo?, )^?, ]l&ţ, 

^?, )ifi? rt w3?. m. a ştab, a thrust \Zj»&f 
from a spear; J£o? I^oo? a wotwd* 


in aîl 

Jiu»! pi, jL«£ţ rt. ist. f. apiercing; plmrisy. 
Itjsttf rt *&j. f. j6«6 <£w^, scwdv&t) powder. 

*ţ act. part. >ţ§ pi. ~?l? «o^i. Pa. ii? 
«o jfyA* bravdy, strive nard, Jîs~Lcu* jfUi- 
)^«%|? W^ft *Ae Mw«i«nmte of deşire. The part. 
issometimesspeltMloo. Ethpa.i*?U «o^« ? 
sinw. Dîtrivatives, )>(?, )>?, )»?, JtoWf. 

>f, )£| pi. ţ>Vh \h rt. io?, m. a) eccles. 
a procession, cf. )»o?. 6) */ie c^rcZe or revolu- 
tion of the year. c) a generation, an age, a time; 
ii ii* in each generation; i?o ii* f rom one 
generation to another; ^.»? »*iv or ^-» 
m seculum seculorum, for ever and ever; 
in our age, in our times; ^»>? "%â: 
ages, always; )V\ »&* ages after, long after; 
^4lt )îţ± in time to come, infuture ages. 

)»?, HM pL r 5? or v îf, Jj? or )U| rt. *o». 

f. an enclosure, a place surrounded by a fence 
or pale. a) a sJieepfoîd, farm-yard, homestead. 
b) a court of the tabernaele, temple, of a 
palace, house, Germ. Bof, a chamber; taf 
)LoaJ^kM the royal court; i\J' k-~£t Jl»f 
a vestibul*, open court; Jln^. ^ without in 
the courtyard; )Z&\i ^3f)\H churchea are 
the courts of God. 

J>? or J>{? pi. J»? rt. »>. m. a wrestling-match ; 

wrestling, striving, struggling, contest; l&w 

»j ««©!£-? Jii» ow wrestling is against the 


J|? fut. jîJ, act. part. )>?, U»! to scatter, 

sprinkle; to uinnovj corn, cf. \UJ athreshing- 
fio&r; Y-^t to^. )&*» ©*! they sprinkled dust 

toward heaven. Metaph. to lavish; «©jcu»»! 

iy n ^Av thou shalt lavish it upon the poor. 

Ethpb. wJîL/ passive; Po» ^ao J»?fcJ»? ]»a^. 

cAof dnwn % the wind. Derivatives, Jj > (, 

U»?> M?, )fcwo»f*>, Mf*»i U-»t^ 3 Jj-»?^>. 
|i,j| Ar. m. a vjay. 

<%ree of a dial. Metaph. o «tete, condition, 
place, degree, rank, the order or degrees of the 

ministry ; oo« ^â-* Jl'w& «Jt* <% were 
al ffie point of death; 14»! *£&* ofexalted 

rank or position; \Oo»*4?f ^^* ^^ ^ 

were fiea<fifZ according to their rank; ^ 
Jt ^& 62/ %rees. Debivatives the following 

and J^o?- 

97 V^.1 

J? denom. verb Pael eonj. from <^f; 
to step forward, proceed, advance gradually, 

promote. Ethpa. a) <*J?W fo «fep ' w ? > > marc ^' 
forward; to rise or a«ai» gradually e.g. to 
honour or knowledge. 6) to be advaneed, 
promoted; to receive holy order s. 

J4j? pi. \l-m.a heath-cock, partridge. 

J&.o^jŞ pi. J£- f- « Zt«er; a eratKâ. 

)î»f m. a vt^ura. 

u»?j? to/owî/ ^îJ'C» v ee»Ii^o their filthy 

\ ! ,tf pi. ^Î!»!, 1^!»! m. a) a «Awifo. 6) 
ulmus campestris. 

)Ioj| rt. )>♦. m. a winnoiver. 

lioif, JJ^oi» pi. ^1, !C f. rt. y»?. 
a) a concubine, b) sucker, layer of vine. 

Jio'i ? pi. ii rt. ««.»?. m. a debaler, dispviant, 
dialectician, controversialist. 

fcJUo»? rt. *->?. adv. controversially. 

Jiio»? rt.*.»?. &ăj.argumentative,dialectical, 


J 9 ţ, U»? rt. J>?. m. a winnowing. 

r î$ or JJola-Ş? pi. 1- of. ^i*? « Aw«», 

a Persian gold coin namcd from Darius 
Hystaspes who struck them. It ia worth 
about a guinea. 

^ .i ? Pers. absinth, wormwood. 

^h or f h fut. ? oV a nd ?V 5 act - P artl 
t >», Uti, pasa. part. r ??, U*?? 5 Germ. treten, 
eintretm, io tread upon, to tread out as corn; 
to step or come out or upon; to arrive. "With^X 
io force a woman; with l^oJ? toforce or 
sfnife scions or layers. Ethpb. f W to le 
trodden, thrashed out; metapli. to comprehend, 
percewe; J?îs» ţ incomprelumsible. Aph. 
-îl^lo <A«m& corn ; «o cw«e «p to or omtw a< 
whether physically or mentally; to follow 
closely, overtake, come upon, seize; to find, 
amin, obtain; to appreîiend, waderstand; 

jii^s v s&r fc^r evii came ui>on them; 

JL £ -«oo»?r they found Mm still alive. 
With P or «to «o rcac?i or com« «o *A« e«^ 0/ 

^. ETHTAP«. W tO ** ****** 

&c. Deeivatives, U»oî, M»of, B^oH. 





\£*ţ rt. w>f, ni. a sfep, taking a step. 

ţa>?, jfco»? rt. «ij. f. ifo treading out or 
thrashing of corn; J&9?? JfolT ita o# iAai 
treadeth out ilie corn. 

«i? onîy Pael pass. part. f$ţ*o> k&Jţ-ao, 
) &o&a cunning, crafty, tricky. Derivatives, 

lâoij pi. J^»»f bpafia, afable, drama. 

tcuttyţ pi. «ttcuutt*; f. Spo/xov, a sor£ oflight 

Jb*ja»f? or Jţj&aojf m. pi. dromonarii, 
rowers of a dromon, boattnm. 

tcamj&»ţ rarely \rr ft ft ** ao j pr. n. Damaseus, 

\J*JLm&»$\ } jtjL«Jsu. froxn the above, 

^ij denom. verb Pael conj. from Jua*»? ; 

io steer, rwZe^- <a iafe a«y w &y *&• arm. 

liklf pi. ţ^>?, )*£>? m. ifo arm, iĂe shoulder; 
a sleeve. 

J»j pi. J$*ţ rt. *?. m. a wrestler, athîete, 
warrior, combatant, 

JLom rt. if. f.prowess; conflict; a contest, 

«*i» fut. jwoiţJ, inf. ^i»j» ? act. part. %*.»?, 

Jiif, pass. part. **>?, J^*?> Jl£***? (root- 
meaning to thresh or iread! out) io tread y find 

out or prepare a patb, wîth £i>*o/ or )LJL*,. 
Metaph. to practise, irain, instruct, esp. with 
JaSu ; with ţx& to dispute, debate. Pass. part. 
trodden, worn; common, trite; *L+9ţ Jj wi- 
trodden, pathle&s. Pa. *J? ^o practise, train, 
instruct; JJJ1? j-Uola in the way of life. 
Pass. part. *ux> 3 )£***>> j^jţ*? practised, 
trained, learned; Jotso^ — I jA^q^o ţ**?)>a0 
learned men. Ethpa. •*,*?!? io &e opm, 
trodden of a road; io 5e disputed, debated; 
to be exercised, trained, instructed, wîth )j>»4id 
to be expert in wa/r; ]Lcu£+;ţ )l s> ,,*»*> m i&e 
ascetic life. Dkrivatives, J*j**j©?, Uo»?) 

ijw>?, \L** rt. %*if . m. treading or pounding; 
metaph. with «x& or ^JLaaX a disptdation, 
controversa controversial treatise; Ji*f ls*^> 
pi. Ja.*? *#&> a gymnamim, school. 

jls-»,>î f. gome herb, perh. cyclamm or 

*,? 3 m. s. preţ, of *oj. 

ţiL? denom. verb Pael conj. from |i*ţ; 
io 5^w, gtrani. Ethpa. ^?l( io 6e ^m. 

JJL»f E-Syr. U*,? pi. Jl. Pers. m. a gf(/i. 

v^icf a double-edged blade. 

Ji? Heb. and Chald. an edict, judgement, latv. 

•:• vJ^ âiareh lAscn 




o» the fifth letter of the alphabet. The 
cardinal number g ; w? ordinal the fifth. 

o» abbreviation for a) cu o» i^ai &, i.e. 
J) Hcdldujah, âo â or \oto o» Rallelujah, 

)Ă the letter o». 


}o* interjection demonstrative or emphatio 
Lol BehdldJ often used in expressions of 
time afoeady, now, these; ^î* J2m^L»t \m 
ţ-*?-m-& W — ■£<> 'Ae«e eightem years^ 
years; in adverbial expressions of time 
fo>, U,o* )o* *& /rom «Aia ^yy it'me; 

•*.. y 


l&£ joi ţ& from this Urne onwards, hence- 
forth; \&& Jw ^» hmoejbrward. With h 
JĂ? /or behold, because, already; )« ÎJ inter- 
rog. — not ? is it not so ? 

ooi, *»©*, GLaot, ^o» imperative of verb 
o*, gft»i l^rf & c * 5 interj, of encouragement 
or exhortatioii, come. 

cJsoi denora, verb Pael conj, froin U^o* ; 
to bloom, Uossom; metapb. toflotmsh, glitter, io 
beshowy; act. part. ^£©*ao, pass. part. *»o^ 
florid, adorned, splendid, foaming as new wine; 
loo» o^^o» «chcl&I? li<^ *** conqdexion 
w/wc/i Âaci been florid; Joo» c»»op© *9*$d 
wreailied or garlanded unth leaves. 

' '.©» pi. •*!-, )1 ajlower, Uossom; |^=>« 
,_ s .owers of various colours ; \aj*ji \Jz£>ot 
verdigris; U^? saltpetre. Derivatives, 
as» verb, )k-»e», fc— J^sopo, JLcuxsope. 

COGNATES, U>i, \s^L 

^oot, JL&Ă m. vanity, emptiness; %a« 
, \^ ~ vanity ofvanities; ^.sâ wjl» % vain 
or" empty life. Derivatives, l,.. „ t., N ,. a oi, 

J1A« pi. ii- m. a Jierd, swineJierd. 

Jlâot m. a rare forai for JkAso* ; see below. 

JJKaĂ, llsU- pi. m- ^ *• Jl&- adj. from 
^£« ; vain, empty, pi. m. followers of vanity. 

Jiy.K^a from^o». f. «amty. 

J&»i>« or jfc^=»©> f. « Aerd, drove, line esp. 
of camels. Cognate, jk^»?- 

jj^ffl from M^=»«- *• a ^ oom J Uossom. 

He» imper. u^o» «o meditate with o of the 
subject. Ethpa. ^Jtlf to meditate; a) to 
plan or scheme with ? of the intention, with 
^jL or^a-o^ against; cu^atri?**» they 
planned this affair; wo.c£Lx ^o»ls*> Jlofow© 
7ie plotted rebellion against Mm. b) to read 
syllable by syllable, study, brood over; gram. 
to vocalize. Derivatives, U^°»> U*-^©», 

„^^o» not used in Pe.; root-meaning to 
dream, see visions in sleep. Pa. < SS ^ ! J>» t0 
imagine, fancy. Ethpa. «sg^ptU to fancy, 
imagine, conceive mentally, devise; *>«-*< 
jU*a* ucUm^ia <^4Ji^^ he began to 
conceive foul fancies. Derivatives the seven 
following words, Lj^^oot, J-i-^^k-* 5 » 
aud jioJ.^j^JjOD. 


■t; f r 

\*^J*> pl. \Z— rt. <q^p». m. an imagination, 
illusion, idea; |*aa^£ţo )>^^? )j« ) dftN . & 
this world of illusions and dreams; Y^^£* 
\.=>^Jo ţi»? ideas from books. 

Jl^g^oi rt. <^^£t. m- a phantom, apparition, 
appearance, illusion; Y^J* )o« )J t n ^ ram 
sacrificed instead of Isaae was no pkantom. 

the imaginative faculty, the second of the five 
mental senses. 

J^-^p» rt. <^o». ni. delirium, illusion. 

^j^o». adv. in vain semblance, 

)t&^£> pl. )l'Z- rt. ^o». f. a phantom, 
illusion, imagination; a vain fancy, sJww or 
pomp; the heresy of the Phantastiasts. 

\S^j», )lUL rt. ^ot. adj. fantastic, 
fanciful; a Phantastiast. 

J^iea^o» rt. PţfcO». m. ruin, destruction in 
the active Bense, cf. Jid^A,^^. 

)^4« rt. J^. m. meditalion; severe suffering. 
JLo*!*^©» rt. j^o». f. ruin, destruction in 
the passive sense. 

lil^ei pl. 11 rt. J^w. m. meditation, study, 
subject of study; reading by syllables as a 
beginner, a syllable; ^*î£ .a^^so^. M-«sa?» 
we began to learn reading; U^oi *- ^o^ " 
syllabic; Ji^â -3^1 trisyllabic; Jfc^oao 
JII^o» -? octosyllabic metre; U^«? J^ a» 
articulate sound; \&*J*s> \Oo^ in these very 

o^jO» fut. y«4s»°»J> act - P art - ?*£*> h**&> 
pass. part. ţ^ot to ruin, destroy, overthrow, 
break doum, hew doicn. Ethpe. js^lf *0 be 

ruined. Pa. «*J* t0 1}reak down ' ruin utter ty- 


t 4 

Cast,©», licLSCU^CH. 

^oi or ^« pl. |1- m. r,yen&v, 

a prefect, procurator, governor; Mgoumenos or 
prior of a monastery. 

)t J 

p 4 9 m 

f. fanovia, prinGi/pality } prefecture. 

U^o» pl. ^ rt, )^o». ra. reading, the art of 
reading; a syllable. 
\isjt va. a dromedary. 

9 9 

Ă pr. n. Ilagar; *4,« ^** or ^ 

Arabs, Saracens. Derivatives the three 
following, J-v^ooo and Jtoti 

O 2 




r r 

*^o*/ denom, verb Aphel conj. from the 
above; to become a Mohammedan, apostatize 
to Islam; JS^o^ perverta to Islam. Ethpa. 
U the same. 

Ut^J* pi ju ra. a Mohammedan. 

)L'cu£^p» f. Islam, Mohanvinedanism. 

jĂ (rare), )?©> fera. i7«sy **©* Jfoj ifos &; 
see jjo», 

)?o» fut. )?om, part. j?o» rare in Pe. /o 
lead, direct Pa. %•?©• io lead, direct with 
i* ; )?©c*>© ţX •*£$? UaXo everything that 
he hath corwmanded and directed us to do. 
Ethpa. «?«l( to be led, guided; with }ţ*\£ 
by the hand; to follow, with o or lo^x ; 
JîoikJ *J> Zei him folloiv my example. Debiv- 

ATIVES, J*?Ot, Jtcu?©*, U»?« 3 J^?Oot 3 JjUfO*», 

J : Iqll.?oj-2o, U*;©»ko©> Jlcuu?otboo* 

^^sTijo* a corruption of tbe Heb. harel — 
mount of God ; metaph. the altar. 

ţmofo» rt. tâoţo». inquidtive, garrulous. 
U?oi, j&L?Ă pi. ra. JJţoi f. j&l'ţo» rt. J?o*. 

a leader, guide, teaclier. 

t^?«> ^cu?w m. ]l£^cu?â f. pi. m. ^JL, 

i— f. Jfcw. iSw&tjj?, &imple, untaught, ignorant 

M-i ; .,. n . a» ofreading; } 1 4 \ dL^ unlearned; 
stupid, plebeian; pi. cojwmon people. 

&JJ^a*?oi adv. plainly, ignor antly. 

ILcu^Q-^fot f. idioreuz, ignorance, lach of 
knotvledge, want of experience. 

JLcufei rt. Jjok f. leading, direclion; way, 

Uite» pi. |JH;o» rt. Jfo». ni. a leader, guide, 

kJ (£*?©* rt. »}©». adv. handsomely, splendidly. 

Jlo^ţo» rt. ifoj. f. comeliness, excellence; 
honour; jl£ lo^joi aw honourable life. 

y?©*, J^sefoi pi. ^-, J>— m. a Z/wiJ, member, 
part of the body; \2UL }^>?ci iAe fomtfa a^ 
J*ftfl*> J^^> H?*^ 1 ^ internai organs; k»? oi 
J£îSl&, Jj-^cu ; 14? oJ *I»!o* &c. iAe genital 

organs; jooioi Aflp&S muiilation; «foi «?©» 
Kmft 63/ &*7?i6, piecemeal. Metaph. a ^ari of a 
discourse, a jw< 0/ speech, a word or syîlable. 
Derivative the following — 

«ţoi denom. verb from |^o;oi ; io dismember, 
cui in piece$ 9 pase. part. <p?o^o, Jj»? 

Jfclăo?o^o. Ethpa. «pfatl/* a) to be dismem* 
bered. b) to be formed in the wonib. 

u»f o» fut. u»o?om, inf. *o?o>J&, a^t.part. ^t ©* 
to meditate, hence io g#6 heed, attend, apply 
oneself ecvrnestly, generally with o of the object. 
Derivatives, Udo?©*, I^d?o». 

\J>iot rt. a»?o*. m. meditation^ attention. 

ifo» Pe. only participial adj. w?o», ;♦*?«» 
)iw?o» adorned, comely, acceptable t agreeable, 
honourable; )U^]j^L^aeomelyyouth; )*U" 
\hL*\~> ^*<xabeautifully wooded country. Pael 
*fă parts. same form for act. and paas. >ţ opp 
io adorn, glorify; ţoâ^f l^oN^nN |J/ iţopo 
/ g£w ^fory io iAe ^m^ of heaven; |XqA 
)îfi» shining garments. Ethpa. y;oii( io 5e 
glorified, konoured; to receive gifta as mar&s 
of high esteem, pay or receive Jionov/r, i|©jit 
)£aL» ]o4Jtto*o )Xoa\a> ^x&> thou skalt be 
konoured by us vnth robes and titles of honozt/r. 
DERIVATIVESjija, ls*i«*?o*,]ioi*;oft,|*j»?o£o. 

]»jâ constr. st. >?oi rt. >?«. m. ewcellency, 
glory> honour. 

)ioi?ă pi. £. m- v8pav\t$, some musteai in* 
strwment, perhaps a water-organ. 

00* m. *#« f. E-Syr. 00», «»ei pi. m. .«i< f. 
^*J? pron. 3 pers. he f she> ii, they; him, her, it, 
them; he himself she kerself&c; this, that, these, 
those; o©»?, hţojj who, which; whoever, whatever, 
whosoever,whatsoever, some, some— or otlier, any 
one, some one, anything, somethi?ig; the pi. is 
found but less commonly. .cu/ and «j^are 
used after active verbs instead of the pronominal 
tOo* ? ^•©»=iAew. In poetry the fîrst 
syîlable is sometimes dropped for the sake 
of the metre, ycuir* 

©o» and *#©» are often pleonastic but with 
emphatic force, esp. with ^*? but/ o©» can 
stand with another pers. pron. of any number 
or gender, )J/ o©» / myself When oo* follows 
an ( the o* takes linea occultans and the o forms 
the diphthong au, the * of the } being ehanged 
to * West-Syr.; East-Syr. keeps '; u â and \!L 
form the diphthong oi/ ©« and ^L m, «*« and 
\Z- ei; ooţ J&£ ţ» from the heart/ ootUa 
it is hard; «5* and )?©* make wo» ]§ o> E-Syr. 
but uo, )|©» W-Syr.; ]?©> «S» iAe Mim; ? **5» 
iAai which; U©» ^©f £&& twy; ^Ş» ^ <me, 
one only. 





oot often serves as a copula, the o» quiescing 
and tlie o* or Z coalescing with the preceding 

consonant; ooiJj?? *2?U? I <**»> *$H$ or 
©2»^jT «Aow ari/ ys&f %ph*£Î r #<>w «r«; 
**o» «*«? or fc*<w J©>? to&o ta, «;&icft îa/ kuo 
;e» ţ£j( whai are these? o« y>*» or 

*■ j 

©« dk»Za &Za«*e<Z «a &e; )£*> <&^ for ©« ^X 
to Thee, O Lord; ©ţii =00» Jl /te ia ow^; 
* y = ©o* ţi wAo ia ke ? who is ihis ? and 
= o« )ix> what is ihis ? Aow is it ? 
i*©*I^L; =wSj fv\^. is ia evident; wgjjJai i£ 
ia ^reatf. ©o» sometimes represents our definite 
article rfie; ©oj ©ot generally written cuoo» 
and -S «« generally ulo» E-Syr. a»©**, u*o» 
<Aa« ia io say, irf «ai, «fo aame, <Aa* *wy / cuoo?, 
ui o»? who indeed is, who or wkich itself. 

* r 4 « P - 

©o* «^ oo* m. •-»€>♦ 

woi f. pi. m» *o %o-Jo» 


. cuoi f. ţJo* j5 ţJet i^e same; oo» *£ oo»o o*- 
one and the same. 

©o. E-Syr. oo) or 6o» f. Jo>, pi. m. v cuo» f. 
~JĂ are derived from oo» &c, with Jo» prefixed 
adding demonstrative force ; demonst. pron. he, 
she,they,that,those; Germ. der, die, das; answers 
to the Greek def. art.; repeated one— the 
other, somesomej of ten used as antecedent, 
? 6a T r, ? -©» T l"as, as if, as tkough, in 
like manner as, so as, as one who, because, con- 
sidering that, inasmuch as; ? ~o*3 therefore, 
on that account; ? Jo» »&»•& unless; -« >&* 
after that; ? J&±, ? ««ik U*l±> so that, so 
far as to; ? k» 6 o* ^ on that account; 
\ w« ^-£ because of this. Derivatives, 
ji,o*-o», JlsuexjJi-o», ^«•a-o», k-U»©»^©». 

Joo» ; see JJ.00». 

|om fut. Joom, apoc. J&j, pi. v oooJ, apoc. 
yoou, 2 fem. ţ*e«L, apoc. ţ*âi &c, inf. |o»i, 
imper. «o o» (the preţ, is often used as an 
imperative esp. in the and pers.), act. part. 
lo«, Uo«, paes. part. )o«, Uo«, J^-oo», pi. m. 
MMi! Uoo», f. ţi 6 o. a) the substantive verb 
«o 6e, io eaiisi; to oe, remain or /ive ftt a j?;?ace 
esp. with adverhs of place ; to be sold for with 
o of the price ; with »&» to be with, follow; 
with -frS.- i t to be instead of, succeed; with ^ 
to liave, jwssess; to be for, serve as, be held or 
considered; with JCa^S* to marry ; «oot 
bewarel talce care! with Î,q^ to be mth, 

stay with; otiaJ i.&Sk )oo» ke was aîone; with 
ţ& io be for one or on his side. b) to begin to 
be, become, be, done or wrought, to come 
to pass, happen; often in exclamations with 
pron. suffix womoo» )xs© what is ihisî why is 
this? uJO«j> Jjo, «jo«? fl& what or that 
which has befallen me? f jo«L ţ&l'even if it 
heyppem that. The act. part. is uaed inaper- 
sonally, it comes to pass, takes place &c; when 
used with pron. 2 pers. pi. is generally con- 
tracted .eWo 2/ow a^e. Pass. part. »M»«fo, 
created; JIliaTo Uoo. crea^ and temporal; 
pi. 6em#s, createcZ ^mg'S, Germ. Wesen, all 
things that are or that may be created; cf. U©«. 
c) as an auxiliary verb Jo«, with o» quiescent, 
a) with the participle forma the imperfect 

^a they 


tense ; Joo» "*>ţi he knew; 
wereserving; Jo« Joo» there was, Germ. es war; 
$) with the preţ. sometimes equals the aorist 
more generally the pluperfect, )o« \%( he had 
come, d) after Îs-/ impersonal, there was, there 
were, Germ. es gab, es war; )oo» is used with a 
pi. as well as with the sing.; )oof is often otiose 
a) after another preterite, joo» «U- he began; 
9 looi D not that; (3) before another Joo» or 

ooo) : v^ before impersonal loo». Aph. «oo»/ 

«*v * ^ r 11" * ' 
to give existence, to create; ^a^.? Jfce*a» 

JS-oo»/ i '0 i)i« power w/w Âasi grâm e:Bis«- 
ence io aZZ things. Ettaph. „oeillf to receive 
existence or being, be made or created. Deriv- 
atives, J»o«, Jia-oo», U-oo»jo, ]Loi*oo»jo, 
Jx*oo»tls^a, )louoo»ils^o< 

v o)^o»^{oo» pi. U^o^lo»» ^ayyi\t0P, 

gospel; usual spelling .o*X^o/. 

)4^po» rt. ^55,0». m. apretence, a counterfeit. 

J-i/ * rt - ^°»- m - niediiation > study, exercise, 
practice ; syUabification, the addition of a letter 
to facilitate enunciation; a reading or spelling 
book; K&* «*£/«» oU ir«v «« #« i>''°- 
n.Mnciai'ioîî o/^^»io. 

Uipi, or IJ^o'o, 1U4, ph ^ m. a 
dromedary, a strong camei. Cognate, U^o». 

JIfo*o» pi. tf rt. )?o». m. a rule, direction. 

oToo» rit. abbrov.; see o» J/allelvjah, halle- 

«o« interj, of grief or sorrow, generally 
repeated, Alas! alas! woel 





woo», \loo> pL JJ rt. Jo©>. m. generation, 
genealogy, being, birth, origin, existence; omoo» 
Ix^kţ — )t*j*=>? the coming into existence of 
man, of the world; metapb. accession of an 
emperor, of a bishop; ojloo» m»o*, ^o from 
itsfirst beginning, from its origin; U oo*i£ )iV 
ii came to be, it came to pass; ]Ioo££ u»k-»( 
io bring into existence, create; pi. substances, 
things or beings al/ready in existence, primary 
elements or existences, opp. juoi i/iose things 
or &een<7$ which derive from them. 

cî. o o> contraction of 001 o o» i.e., that is 
to say. 


rt, Jook f. iAe creation. 
whence is it? 


^ocH with ţ>& wtience ts xtt ^001 ^> 
&j/ ^raoio? wlierefore art ihou sad? 

|oo» or }[©©* pi. IPow, *flo)Jo©» or *ioi£o©* 
f. uXjj, matter, material, the material part e. g. 
of chrism, of baptism ; }J©ă sC&£ £/*e material 
world ; pi. material impulses, temptations or 

&£*&. DeEIVATIVES, Ul\oo> ? jlcul\oo». 

jl^loo* pi. jJL rt.^oj. m. jyraising, a shoui 
ofjoy, a chant or hymn; a hulăla=one of the 
twenty sections into which the East-Syrians 
divide the Psalm s; a hallelujah, a chanting 
of hallelujah after a psalm or portion of a 

ui^Looj, )ii— , jl£J— pi. m. JI— f. Jlsl^— 

from ^oo». of or p&rtaining to matter, material, 
carnal; pi. material things; Uiixoo* Jtf im- 
material, noi subject to matter as angels or the 

mimstry of the Church. 

jicua^kOo* from JJoo*. f. materiality; with JJ 

too» denom. verb from JJ©Ă; Pael only 
pass. part. yoopo, Jioo**>, )^Joo*Jao endowed 
with reason, raţional, intellectual, wise. Ethpa. 
*oo*m to come to onds senses, regain reason, 
maşter oneself Palel ^Jow to mind, be 
mindful of act wisely; '%S^ h*J-JOot she 
behaved wisely towards. Ethpalal *Joo*t( 
to understand, be undersiood, be mindftd of 
with^Jfc.; to regain one's reason; U^T jago 

how long is a woman required to observe 
tvidowhood for her Jmsband ? 

p _ r 

jjoĂ pi. ţ^"oă, |jo« constr. st. E-Syr. t©«, 
"W-Syr. «o oi m. a) the mind, reason; op ©cm ^» 

*JLt he has gone oui of Im mind; Jl? — U© 
ojoo* uo*c££-S» /ies reason returned unt o him; 

JJooi <llii> intettectual, able; JIuo Jiooi natwral 
capacity; )Joo» jlj irrational. b) sense, mean- 
ing; an opinion, dogma; JLj©? )ioc* *Â6 s^se 
or meaning of the toords. Derivatives, *c©# 
verb, jxJjoo», ls*)s>oo*», jiajoo^o, l^»jij0o»fcoo, 
Jjjoo*ioo, fc^*)jJo^îs^ ? Jiaucot^oo. 

jj^foot = Ujo* an axe. 

Jluoof, J&JL— pi. m. )!«. f. )ls^— adj. from 

Jjow. o/, to or m i/i« mind, existing in the 
mind, intellectual ; J&Jiooi JlVs-» i^e adîor- 

ai?W of the mind; )JjJoo» U^X^>a revelation 
to the mind. 

)3oo» pi. ]&oot m. a breath, breaihing, pwff 
ofair; avapour, odour; inbreathing, afflaius; 
jk 'vii» ? )ao«5i iAe 6reaiA of wisdom; "^Jk. 
iâow It*, jXaao the divine afflatus rested upon 

JlaT*3ooj pi. JJL speît also To&o}, joSco*, 

ÎZsoo*, vTroSiaKovo?, a subdeacon. 

u^tw^m o* 1 cl£> o o* aud UY^mlo-SOo» viroQeatî) 


J*A*^io3oo* adj, hypothetical, condiţional. 

ifloa^soo» and *ca^3ow pi. unZ^âoo» and 
Q.^6ft vttotos, a consul, prefect, man of 
consular rank* 

♦3oo* f. iAe o^tce o/ a subdeacon. 

"ioof or 

ooi vnareia, COnmlship, 

office or nm& o/ a consuZ; consxdar largess, 
a scaitering of money amongst the populace as 
consuls or emperors were wont to do when on 

a progresa 

9 * 

^o«, U£oot pi. ,!_, ]L rt. yâo*. m. 

a going or turning back, round or dW*; 
hence a course or revolution of the stare, 
a revolving in the mind, deliberation 9 contro~ 
versy; a manner or tea?/ o/ &/fe, conversation, 
converse, dealing, often pL ; jli <*âoo» answ&r- 
ing bach; legal, JuniiJ ^©o» disposal or 

demdng of wealth; gram. infieclion, conju- 

Eft. vu . v aaoo» virofivrjiMaTa, acts, records. 





Jb^Iâoe» pi. J*L îmrjptTtjs, an attendant, 
inferior officer. 

Mi&oot or usooJ> pi. jl- or oâ;âoo» wrapxo?» 
a prefect, procurator \ governor of a prcmince* 

ţ*£*âoo» pi. «fioJJw. or uxu^tf'Oo» cnapxta, a 


Jicukiioo» pL |ZL. E-Syr. subdeacon; see 

^flooiooj Homs, an Egyptian deity. eSpc*, 
a soutli-east wind. 

jlooi pi. Jgoi, JLooj f. an a&yss, deep; great 
cavern; )L'oo»o l£â \^Jo J-iio/ a way jWZ 

of snares and chasms; )hJJâf JLoo» the deep 

wherein the dead obide. 

)^ţoi pi. JI- m, a £m<2 ofthorn, a bramble, 
«*£» pers. pron. 3 p. s. f. A^e, for, i7wsy 

see oo». 

Joi demonst. pron. 3 p. s. f. she, her, that, 
the; see 00». 

« a governor; see )jcL^a^o*. 

JLo^js&^S aprefecture; see jLaxaa^ot. 

m^I*o» adv. of time, ai that time, then; 00 
«*-» L« o» henceforth, after this, afterwards ; 
*^3^ot same as **Z*o>. 

ţ^I*o» contr. of *-? uoi, adv. of time, tfta», 
at tiuit time; ţ***o) ^so or ţ**»o* >Jsa ţ-io 
/rom that time, henceforward ; ţ***oi jj^^x 
or ţ*»Z«o»X until now, hitherto. 

uJo» contr. of wot <*Of £&a£ is to say, id est; 
4*15? tohich is or whicli itselfis. 

Jlic* and )]^jJIot; see under J^©*.^©*, 

Jta*io>from ulot f. state 9 condition, identity, 
essence, liheness, mien. 

JL'cuouiuQi from «oi »5 **©> f. identity, being 

> m Kfe manner, likewise, in 


Y m 

by the same 

♦i **« 

£&e rami ; with 
the same way; 

\L&JL+c*, ]is*Iot*a*ol pi. )JL_ from 
«ţoi adj. sam£, 0/ 2fo «ame nature, identical, 
equal, generally with )^o) motion or move- 

^jUiofţJLo» adv. t» the same or Ztâe 

^a*«, jkuoi pi. |,1* m. apalaee; a temple-, 
the temple at Jerusalem; Jiţcua^iuci the holy 

temple; a chwrch, JJs*j£|jo Jls^aua| Iţa-*©» «fo 
Chwrch of the Beswrrection of the Lord = the 
Church of the Holy Sepulehre. E-Syr. that 
part of a church which is for the people=Eng. 
nave, see )LV^- Metaph. Hota* ^JLă the 
temple oflight—lieaven; the B. V. M. is called 
jo^U? o»Sa»qi the temple ofGod. Hence — 


1/ denom. verb; jfcLVv» )o^L^ 

its^ots^ ţ^^iucilS^? <?0# 2&e TFord who 
had, as it were, a temple prepared for Him in 
tlie Virgin, 

JjLoi and J[cuS same as ^ooj f. maîter, 

ş-zsL^oi act. part. ţJ&-**&>, W*\ »ooo, 
) tşA^aCfc » pi-a&j pass. part. ţâx»o»^0 PaieIj conj. 
of +Jo( see p. 19, to believe, havefaith or cot&- 
fidence in, to be faiihful 9 trusted. 

|1ol*cuĂ rt. ţ^o(. f. In the 0,T.,fvrmne8S, 
truth, faithjulness, an qffice; )tq 1 aft >o»-^> 
fcrnZ^ faithfully. N. T. and later, /a&&, <Ae 
Christian faith, religzon, doctrine, creed; 

tJfckLâcue* ohjectively oz^r rdigion, our belief; 


<«*>t ji'cti w»oi <Ae orthodox faith; 

ucg-*?|? Ifcca^cuĂ Arianism; xLc*$unbelief; 
a&*o» lo^»l» iyawJ q/ 7 /aî/A. After another 

noun it has adjectival force, JLolxuo» yw> 
a ^rtte or faithful friend. 

[oo* adv. Aere (rare). 

IodĂ another form of tod( «5, so, iAiiS, 
likeivise, as many. 

^s*gĂ WOZ0, </^w, iA^5, so, therefore, for. 

^5©j 3 }ioo* so, ^Aw5, m iAis t^ay, o/îJ^r <Aîs 
manner, likewzse, in like manner, such; \jJdc» 
U5o*o such and such; Uaotf UxdL a nation 
like this or such as this. With preps, this; 
ţoo» «**i? »*nSS#| â& 5t>r<, 0/ tfftis opinion, 
these; ^o*=» «i this, in this, tliereby, thereat, 
herein; ^ao* i]^> ajf^r i/ws, henceforward; 
^00*0 ţOD* il^s» a/ier such a time, after a cer- 
tain time; ţ£o*^> to this; ţăot?^g^2> on this 
account; ţ£o»^£ about tJie matter, on this 

)*9&£a3ot; see j^^ouaoko/ exile. 

"^oi ; see ^,i^ afar, leyond, aforetime, 

^.©j not used in Pe. PAEL%i2oi to praise, 


ckant praises, sing hattelujahs. Ethpa. 
^^&o»Lf a) to chant, intone; l) to deride, 
scorii. Aphel ^©i/* fut. ^o»JJ or ^om, 
part.^Ă)o« or"^o*£ to deride, moch with o 
of the person. Deeivatives, JlX o ot, U oX^o», 

k-JiXo^, U^C*S>, Jfc*^W, j^Xol. 



<v 9 

* 9 

*o_»>o», ^Xcw unusual forms of «cu o* 3 m. 

pi. ^ey, </iem, i7^xi, the; see 001. 

&- jio-^oi rt. <Ao*. adv. swiftly, speedily. 

ia^oj not used in Pe. Pa. «^oj a) ^0 #0, 
^0 otî, moî?e forward, jyroceed, walk, travel. 

b) used of time, Jlxi ţ r f^^ &i ftfitf y^aw go 
on; of business, of judgement, Jl*? ^Ă iAe 
sentmce is pronounced or carried ovi; of 
leprosy io spread. c) to act, behave. d) to 
make walk, lead. Ethpa, ^Lo^( to be 
traversed ; ţ^NĂl^Ă Jj J*dl^ pathless 
mountains. Deeivatives, k-JsoSwoi, Ja^w, 

|££â, 1&^£ P l. m. \L, f. )£L rt. ^«. 

one who goes on foot, walks, a peripatetic 
philosopher; Jlila^ko» JicLlJl animals wldch 

walk on the ground opp. jl&Ui» and J&i^ 
those which swim or fkf; )k*2&Qt \%^eo a vine 
trained against a prop or tree. 

JAXĂ rt. u^ o*, m. a going, way, walk; 
J^Xot !s*s> « «?al&, pas&age, corridor. 

j]£a!£ot and J&i^â pl. Jîs_ rt. ^ok 

£ a going, walking, ireading, mar cf ling; pl. 
goings, steps, ways; jj£a^*Ă J^*£=ki^o* fc^o, 

^b&ă to praise; see^oi. 

fuCL^SĂ Heb. hallelujah, crying of Jialle- 
lujahs; |£ cf V£ c* )$aâoJja hallelujah psalms, 
i.e. those which begin, Praise ye the Lord. 

[fi^â pl- îx&Ă na. usually in the pl. carved 
ornaments on the inner waîls of the Temple, 
perh. gourds or jlowers; lattice or fretwork; 
jLZ^ }ja^o* fretwork, chainworh 

\*ooi not used in Pe. Aphel i*»otf £0 turn 
away or avert the eyes. a) to dzsregard, 

negîect with o or ^; aXTv i S ţ&, ^£» 

JlabJ> io neglect prayer. b) to allow; to 
delay; J^be^^A* +B U( while I delayed 
a Utile. Ettaph. *Jqo£1{ io neglect, to be neg- 

lected, disregarded. Deeivatives, Jxoo 

j£â, U*-ioi rtfiipa, a liquidmeamre,ahin; 
a vesseL 

ţoeâ, U^oĂ pl. Jl Pers. m. a beli, girdle. 

Ji*ioj pl. m. J* f. Jt J oMpos, a Jiostage, 
envoy; apledge. 

JlsL&o* comp. of )«, ţ^, and \L, hence; ^ 

Jjiioo» on that aceov/nL 

ţjaoo» f. death or the place of the dead; *£t 
JkoaAZ ^j»Ă| JIocl» he brahe the bars of 
gîoomy death. 

m*Loc», UaI&oo» or ă»o* pl. ]2mm.a nechlam, 

hâ&jtto» fut. hfioojsoop, part. uaft,v>o» ; im^oot. 
a) to meditate, muse upon 9 think upon with «a 
of the object; Ulx* 00 *aoj£Ă |? <Aat which 
the mind does not perceive, inscrutable. b) to 
seek, study, attempt with^. or ?; ţnmapoi 
gl»oaOO^ i/iey 5^€^ io show; ll^Od tâsozioojf 
no one ma^ attempt the abrogation of these 

, Cuaojaoo* \Oom9 

canons. c) io attack with o, wu^gi .« 

r i^e two wild beasts attacked each other. 

Derivative the following — 

ţ&aoo* or )mâbo» pl. JJL rt. ua&âoo». m. m^z- 
tation 9 thought, thoughtfulness, a thought; 


yĂ, M« m. ?â, )?» f. ţ^£o>, pl. c. demonst. 
pron. thÎ8 y these; him^ her-, itself; )Jo^ o^S, 
)?o>a o»â jb this very . • . , in the same . . . ; ) ?«, 
)jg) *ţ*\l, ţ^i£oj mchas this y suchas these,ofthis 
sort; o£ S$ )jo» and )Jo) o»^> 50 v^y, so great f 
so much, so greatly, all this, to swcA a degree. 

Mo» fut. JJomj part. Jjoi io fee agreeable, 
gratefid, pleasani; to afford phasure, pisase, 
Ethpe. uJofi/ and Ethpa. ujoii( io ^am 
proj^i or mjoyment with o or ţ». Aph. 
yJoif io profîty avail, benefît; )JL>c*i jii 
Jteb^ţ ofwhat good is prayer? J-Li mJo^a 
Ju^iîj waier benefits the earth, Deeivatives, 
JJ*jo», fc^^o», 3loU»o» 3 and Jlcwo», U*jo», 

)aj« m. a^ axce to hew stone. 

OţjĂ or Hjiâ Jniîa. The river Indus. 

Mo^Ă f. jliLo^â pl. m. U, f. }An2 an 




Ethiopian, Cushite, Nubian, a Hindoo; adj. 

J^fi^jei cV8e*arrj, the deventh indict. 
Ijo^jdţjo» see Sţj/ aw indict, i.e. a cycle of 
fifteen years, 

cu & contr, from co»)jo»; see ee». 

«.cu o* another form of >c&o» ; see under ooj. 

.cu o* ; see eoi ; deraonst. pron, 3 m. pi. tliey, 
them, these; the, that. 

cJoi, lUjoi, )Î-Uj« pi- ni. jl^îc* f. J^o*, 
J&jot rt. Uo*. sweet, fragrant, pleasant, grate- 
ful, agreeable; }JL»i 4*Joi sweetsmelling ; woj 
yS> <&ras ti please you, do you like? **h*joi 

\&1%-*flk% Ui cu (contr. for uo> II^Ă) sweei ts 
repose to the harassed. 

JLoJuJo) pL jLo&Te» and jL'cwo» pi. JL'&Joi 
rt. Jjo». f. szoeetness, pleasantness, pkasure; 
7« uA^y pleasu/re-îovers, phasure-seekers, 
luzwrious; Joi U2L9 hmwy; j LoJ*Jo»2> ttaaâ. 
iAey «fepi sweetly. 

fcJU^o» rt. JJo». adv. gladly, willingly; 
w«o^^ loo* )Uk»ft» îsIjJJi sAe listened 
gladly to his words. 

Jocijâ pi. £- ^toxof, a charioteer, driver. 
Metaph. a clierub, \Zj££ Jocuuâ y*X «#</* iAa 
cherubim who căli upon Thee. 

!ffti ,ifn,- i*^T fjvloxos, a constellation, iAe 

Jjo*, UI» S rt. JJo*. m. use,projit, advantage; 

»jj o» JJL& ^/tat groocZ & & ? wâat is *7w wse ? 

©►AjaJâOr, m^Jâoi or 53o» inaKrai fjfiepai, 

epacts, intercalary days, 

jjâo»; see *§o*. 

Uac&o» pi. JJL. rt. yS«. m. changing, waver- 
ing, overtuming, upsetting, ruin, perverszon; 
return, reversal; astron. revoîution, retrograde 
motion; logic, inversion; yls>Q£>oJ>in inverse 
order, inversely. 

Jjfc^cia« pL ILrt. y&o*. pervertea, contrary. 

) jciâot pi. J* rt. *âo». m. a babbler, praier, 

^jLsuSo» rt. «£o*. adv, adversely, crookedly. 

jl'o-D^iot rt, Mdof. f. retrogression, reflux; 
jliL5ii icuaASoi retrograde motion; icux^So* 

j&uiot fero. emph. participle of ^3©* = 
Bubst. an overthrow, rever se,ruin; an onslaughi; 

J^C^aSo* J^^ ai Oîie onslatcght; pi. conira* 
dictions, con£rariety,frowardne88. 

j»asopmp.^â,£m3o» &c; see J&CLAttuSt ; 

a«- overseer, bishop. 

Kfâoi fut. ^^Sop, inf. o9o^, act. part. >*âof, 
ioâw, pass. part. *+*§©*, >— , Jîs— . a) io «wrn, 
change, rnove, retwn; ^aoSo»© ţ^H ^owgr 
a?id coming i.e. continuatty ; Ulxu* udo» «^ 
suw wwii down; ^o^om? Jl?î ] f?tfw wîiwe ^Aa< 
begins to turn; \\\lir%\ yowl^oa**» J^aSoj <Aetr 

Iove turned to hatred; with o, Ji? 

)^, Ş y^-k — J^^sojftjs <o retract, breah an oath, 
one's zvord, a promise; with ^ to retwn, give 
baok, restore; raetaph, to turn, be a pervert, 

convert, JL'o'Jj^ io Islam; Jl'o^c^o ^ 
from Magianism; with )>^.cna>^ to turn bach 
or away ; with ^£ to turn bach or away from 
often fig-, U^â ^ to tem /rom folly, ^S> 
}^4« /ro?n «in, Jfcoa-1 ^ to Zea^e of from 
anger; with^jL to cliange within, return to; 
to turn upon, attaek b) with ace. or ^» to over- 
throw, ruin. c) yâw preceding another verb 
agreeing with it or with ^ before the governed 
verb, has adverbial force, again; i«^o ^9 01 te 
sentagain; el( <&&<»ikegwmeback. Particîpial 
adj. changed, inverted, upside-doum; perverted, 
perverse, contrary, JfcoXăo» \&( averted facesj 
\Â'£<» J^îaScu perverted doctrims. Ethpeel 
**âo*ir «) refl- to *wm, <«r» ro^nci in bed, 
sjyring back like a bow, to bow oneself, be moved, 

change, often with )a£ the mind, Jo^, J^^ 

or Jj*L-ii the bowels, 6*i2>*%JL c^o&-J oaSotL/* 
Aer bowels yearned upon her son. b) pass. to be 
changed, transformed,\£&otk*&ţ U& ţOĂritelf 
arsenic whm it is transmuted; of wine, to i^rw, 
aro?# sottr. c) to Se overtvrned, overthroum, cast 
down or out, Uâo»l«£> JâiJ Nineveh shall be 
overthrown. Pa. ^âoi to twm, change, over- 
throw; with ojZ*? to stretch his hand out again, 
i.e. to Zay //awfe ow wore, continue to seize; 
with |bo to exchange words, converse. Era pa. 
^Ăifto l«Wi with U^ or ^ of place and 
person ; to turn about, back, round; to over- 
turn; to go about, do, have to do, be occupied, 
employed, deal, lire with o of the place, oceu- 
patioT), or mode of Hfc; \sut£* ^$30*^ J2J. 
merchants are busy wtth gain; ^A^-SotftsiO 






KlUiX we live loosely; also with o to recevoe 
usury ; with o»a££a to turn over or revolve in 
his heart; with p& of the person, to Jutve to 
do, hold converse or intercourse, be intimate 
with. Aph. «âw/^a) io turn, change; to îead, 
bring or move from one place to another, e.g. 

h^^ajtoch b) with \&ţ often also with ^o 
io tom one's ^/ace away from = io to one*$ 
back, hence to kw or fail, refuse, forsake, 
io flee; to turn away, forbear. c) with ^ 
or*^jL to turn onesdf towards ; to translate, 
d) to overthrow, upset, subvert. e) to bring, 
send or put back, to resiore, retum, cause to 
retum. f) esp. with lec^J^â to retu/rn answer, 
ansiver, retort with loC^ or^jJL, with Vio,* 
he brought forward an objection in the form of 
a question, he retorted with a question. Dekiy- 
Atives, laâoo», JwOoSch, Jjfcooâo*, fcs*Ja*3©j, 
]ioiu3ot, JfejXftâoi, Ja9o#, U&o>, loÂot, fe*4a9e*, 
Uo9ot, jicwi£>c» ; ]lsa3ot, Uaâo^o, jLaLaâo*ao, 

ySo*, \£so* rt. y&&. adj. corvtrary, rebellious; 
pi. f. J &£â oj perversions, perversities. 

yâo», \JlBo* rt. *3o*. m. inversion; with o 
forms an adverbial expression, vice versa, on 
tlie contrary, in an opposite way, contrary to, 

ydot, l^tâo* rt.. uâot, m. a) inversion, )iâo» 

jlci °ugp? iwoerse order; J3f <*3ot averting the 
face. b) overthrow, ruin. 

Îs-*U°jw or &*.»ţa£o» rt. «jâo*. adv. bottom- 
upwards, topsy-turvy, inside oui, in reverse or 
retrograde order; preposterovsly. 

^ JliâĂ oftener ^>Ă, j&L pi m. ^ 
>*— pi. f. ^_, Jfcd— - rt. ^3o*. pervertea, per- 
verse, retrograde; adverse, contrary. 

Jl ft »a g »o> rt. uBoj. f. inversion; an objection. 
ILkă f. J&iM pi. m. ^, JI_ f. J*^_ rt. 
y3ot. perverse, bending, bent. 

jfc^oSĂ or Jfclaao* rt, *9o». f. a retum or 
eoming again; U»aT? jj£a3<£^ <7ae ?i€atf efczy, 
tf^ day after, Jiaiî Jl£a3o» &e year following, 
the next year. 

JJsa3o> pi. JfcsaSĂ sometimes with a vowel 
over the first letter from carelessness ; rt. udo. 
f. a retum, a conving back or again, a turning 
aside or away; j&âo» *»«& to turn, JUe; 
a retort, objection in arguing, usually folio wed 

by }>AJaâ the answer or \li*> the solution; an 
op2)Oslte argument, an answer, an antiphon. 

JjoJlâoi ân\jj Wj 9 sale without warranty. 

fcma!^9oj fm\m, simply, Imstily. 

♦io* act. part. *â«, J&Ă, pass. part. ;-*§o*, 
)', )t to babble, prate, brag. Derivative, 

Jo»Jâo* or |i^o), tâ&oâfj&o» or ^ocio3«h pi. 
IiSîSĂ, see Ijd^âoo»; tTrapxos, the governor of 
a province. 

]LdlD;i>o* f. tfAe governorship of a province. 
^o^sâ and ~?^3ch pi. %a>J^o*£>ot a prefectv/re, 
province; cf. ]^^oo». 

io* fut. ioiJ, part, no» to barh or yelp; to 

quarrel, fight, with yuL. Aph. foîffut. >Ă)J 
or ioj, part. ioijj» or y c^i fo do îiarm or /Wr£, 
molest, annoy, irriiate, be ai strife; with \xi& 
to whei tJie tongue. Also pass. to be hurt. 
Derivattvbs, )>io», JUoi, U>li<x, Ujîo&>, 

^o» fut. ^*o*j, inf. i^Jocî), act. part. ^w, 
^iĂ io mw ^jp(m f op|% tfo mind, dweU 
upon in thought often with ]l^L^ thonght, 
jl^S^itmind or the like as nominative, with o 
of the object ; to strive after, seehfor preferment. 

Us*Ă pi. K- rt. *%Jo>. m. study, musing. 

•p „ ^ 

oomx^o»Joj heretics; see ^iw. 

«of o), poofâ pi. ^iL, ţZL m. aprnfxa, sweet 
spicC) fragrant herb. 

Jjliaooiâ adj. from the ahove. sweet-smeUing, 
fragrant, aromatic. 

jL'cu&ooyoi from the above. f. aroma> 

aromatic gualiţy. 

$& imper. of verb j£o* «o rzw. 

M^Jîâ or *flocui*Jioi pi, J^Jjâ, g»aa— 
or cua,— alpt-TiKas, heretical, a heretic. 

J*Aa^*o>, !ls-^- adj. heretical. 

ţi**^9o»; see |a*^j «. 

Jof oi from ia partide of place and [o; adv. 
generally of place but also of time and cause, 
Jiere, herein, in this place^ now; ooijiioi, 
w^ioi here is, it is here; ioic^X hither; J& 
)ifo> hence, henceforward ; M>o^X [r fc ^ y ^ 
/ar 3 hitherlo, hereunto; |i»o» like our here below, 
îs often used to express in this worid, in this 
life opp. ţ^r» 




ţa&dlot same as ţ&to>« 

ţmoeta or Uk.-i*oi pi £. m. the korse an 
instrument of torture. 

J^dLeo*©* m. jîs^cuiftiâ f. pi. m. £■ f. ) JilL 
heretical, a heretic. 

f^cL*âo9o> f. heresy. 

io» pi. uxiAttyct f. aîpcvts, an opinion, 
heresy, sect, faction. 

tioi, Jf»w pi. r rk *«• quarrelsome, con- 
tentious; ]S»o» â*mo ofrap ( opposing elemmts; 
legal, a plead&r. 

JUS pi. Jin» rt. 9o». f. a squahble, brawl, 

quarrel, dispute, dbjurgation, controversy, lato* 
suit; ţ ţ . S k, )TiĂ fo strive, contend, brawh 

ţ&fto» ihere, thitherj see jiiĂ and ^ot r . 

tibo), J£Â from ţj&l )j« this hov/r, this same 
or very hour; adv. of time, ai present, just 
nov), n&w, lately, not long since; ? ţ*ot now 
thatj as — already; )jlotţ of to-day, of the 
present, tliat which now is; jJLo* — jJL©* aoww- 
tfzm^s — sotnetimes; l£« ţj& ^-om i7m *&iw, 
henceforward; U.o+X Ice*:^. or JjLot *Js* yrf, 
tmtâZ nou?, tţp to ffo present; \Â,o> «*s before 
this time. 




iio.s^=3 .rsoâ> •:« 



o the sixth letter of the alphabet, ol o or 
©o Vav or Waw, a vowel- consonant, as vowel 
u, as consonant v or w. The number 6 ; o? tJie 

o copulative conjunction and, also, for, but, 
yet, however, since, because, tliat, in order that, 
then, or, even, again; o — o both — and, when — 
then; )Jo or o — J] neither, nor, not even; Jjo — 

Wo neither — nor; Jtfîo otlierwise, else, if not; 

cu^hjo att<2 z/; <â{o ălthough, nevertheless, so 
aho; y&\& not even, neitlier, nor; Jz\£evenif 
o is used very freely and often need not be 
translated, esp. when with the act, part., or 
it may be translated by while, as, then, ^o\6 
saying, then ke said; )l\o coming or as lie was 

olo or oo Vav or Waw, the nanie of the 
letter o and of the conjunction o. 

Uo|o, Jfct*o{o adj. from the above, having 
a Waw; Jîslojo JLaS words in which there 
is a Waw, 

JLÎ5, Jj|o or Jjlo # veil; see JLo. 

]ţ*h pi. ]*, also )Wo and U*©/ only Lexx. 

spawn, fishes' roe. 

f&o Ar. m. imagination* 

Juo»o*o, J^CaI- adj- from the above, imagin- 
ative, imaginary* 

Jîo or Jlo seldom JlTfo pi. Jîo f. « goose or 

Jt*7o Ar. m. vizier, minister of state; vice- 


jLot+TS f. tiiziership, tlte office of prime 
minister or vizier. 

Jjjo pi. 1^. also JJjo/ m. a cistem or 6a<A 
generally of s tone, a font; \jio h**& tlie bath+ 


«*o 5 )io a) interj, of anger, menace, or 
lamentation =ȣ?, Ah/Oh! woe ! alas ! gener- 
ally with ik, and when expressing grief with 
^ and the pers. pron. suff. w^ «o woe is me I 
alas for me! so with other persons sing. or 
pi., often being written in one word Jfcl^U. 
<J*iLo? a generativi on whom be woe, an 
accursed generation. b) subst. with pi. Jîo, 
a woe, misery, misfortune^ dewunciation ; o$* 

V 2 




Uo with & or ik to mourn, make lamentation ; 
to denounee woe, ^jL \1 o KLbcm fot us heap 
maledictions upon. 

ILo pi JL5 also Jj(o &c. with pi. Jjţo or 
onixo f. vefown, « wi7, covering, curtain, hang- 
ing; metaph. oo»JL3 \l^ the body is a veil, 

JJo act. part. m. J)o f. l^o, j&Xo a) defec- 
tive verb, used impersonally with i*, it is meet, 
fit, right, proper, convenient; it ought, it should, 
it must, it behoves; with ^ and pers. pron. 
BufP. I ought or must &c, o££ Jj© he must; 
^ii jjo we must or should. The fem. has less 
direct verbal force and needs the addition of 
a demonst. pron., ? w^J^o, ? jţo» J^^o, 
**©*ifcl^o it is right or fitting that; ţ& ;riN, 
Jk-^o unsuitably, unseemly. b) as adv., with 
prefix o, fitly, rightly, of necessity, jîistly, 
fittingly; ©»J&Xaa, ©«{fcLXa^ according to 
its merit, asit deserves; c) as adj. ţ-j-^o? £&•« 
"^oUo^. things fit for food ; d) as subst. that 
whick is right or due, Ji^JjS.6 ^-»cn^Aa 
obedience tw o# $w Twaiters, so jfar as ie 
proper; hence i) dues, customary offerings 
or pţ^ esp. eccles., }V*S>ş J&L^o ^ dues 
o/ ^ Ghurch; j*^? jfc^o *Ae last duties 
to the departed, funeral rites. 2) projp'iety, 
decor um, deccncy; Jls*\o? JJadLl f^_< gfotf 
wfo'c/i transgresses the limits of deeorum, opp. 
JJs-a^.o i^J observing deeorum; jî^L*J\o JJ 
indecorum, impropriety. Etiîpa. J^oifto 6e 
j6#m0, «o Sesem, ^ JJofcJ fet i* be fitting 
for us. Debivatives the four following 
words — 

ts-ţoko from JJo. adv. fittingly, becomingly, 

jicLXo or jiaL^o rt. JJo. tfitness, deeorum, 
propriety, accordance with propriety. 

U^.o from |o. adj, right, fitting, proper; 
with JB unworthy, unmeet, unseemly. 

J&Xo ; see under JJo. 

ua&So pi. of JLo. 

\mo pi. )— a stoching. 

Uuqdo m. a captive, slave; a heavy burthen. 

9 4 

Jiaaaoo f. bondage, slavery; JL 
the yoke of bondage. 

^o denom. verb Pael conj. from JJj^o; to 
appoint a time or place for meeting, to meet, 
gather together, <&<&u *cuf ♦-£©? J»ct£iw the 
disciples met at the mount which Jesus had 
appointed. Ethpa. +&&U with i*, taS» or 
pj£ to meet at afixed time or place, to come 
together, assemble,joinwith, bepresmi; o*£olf 
J^tx££ ^I^flo/ wJLii ^ Children of Israel 

assembled to war; «^oi/ uapofopanaN, ?ie 
wo5 present at the counciL 

]ţJ^o pi. J^ m. a) an apjyointed time, signal 
»^o fcwo a trysting-place, rendez- 
vousj with o^* dormer rendez-vous, to agree 
to meet. b) something agreed upon or pro* 
mised, an agreement, a pledge, U-oXcl^» ]*-^o 
l± LaftA* ^ pledge of heavenly promises. c) a 
place, space, term, boundary, approach, Jlxo 
Ijjj&^f entrance to the port; jţ^oX i^^?* 
^iL«f / shallfind access to Thy mercy, with 
o or i». nectar, close by, towards, fc^aj Jţ^-co 
ţ w^ k near Bethlehem; ,^ ? v^\ ca^oi ^A«y 
w/e^i towards them, to meet ihem; ? J^o or 
f j^a^ nearly, ăbout, ţ+tii ţ^illTl J^o 
a space of two years; Iţ^aJ^. ) '\I )4^° 
ţ^I*- J» ca JkUlTf iĂ6 boy drew near the term of 

twelve yews; ^lii JJ^o? jj«^a^ ăbout 100 

\&o perhaps oyfr, Stvq, speech 

&go Ar. a pious bequest, mdowmmt of a 

)?io pi. JfjfS m. the rose; )?io iii rose- 
trafer, m? Jfio anemone coronaria; chem. 
^ms or skms forming on the surface of a 

^Jjio adj. from jfio. rosy, rosaceous, of a 


j»oîo m. merops, the bee-eater bird. 
Jjio pi. J* m. a wild boar. 

J^»o Ar, pi, J^ 1 m. a vein; a root or fibre 

of a tree. 

U*o or Jfc^iS pi. Ji^Ş £ a page> Iea f or 

5^e*/ U>U? U#o «7^^ oftifoer. 

rd*«aaat- rfcoArClAa •;. 


•:• »etancw-i-ţ-A 


in.3h.ct vyicm 

-2^A\r^ %^h\X±^3\ 

: ^tfivVu &uai.i ant •> 


t the seventh letter of the Syriac alphabet, 

Zain, spelt variously *»1F, Jf, *#î, ţ*w, and ^*î ; 
the number 7 ; I? <Ae seventh ; T 7000. 

UJiF or JbS#î pi. UJiT, fc&J-lî or 
J^)u»^jiî; see UL^u m. inquiry, accusation, 

\&\l pi. ţlalT rt. <ao>. m. fraud, toile, deceit, 
dissimtdation ; \&\îl counterfezt, fraudulent, 
deeeiţfod, sham, false, simulated, —\J*£» 
J^|7? )lcuL*a*Ă false Iove, sirrmlated faitk; 
\Â\Tţ }iftN,«& teachers of false doctrine. 

UÂll JlsJ- pi m. £. f. ItfL. rt. «ol. 

counterfeit, forged as coi n; metaph, /a2se esp. 
of teaching, with ^ guileless, unfeigned, «k» 
)»£* aŞ^ )Ji{T fo jpttfs the false for the true; 
\1Â\1 1 )i^ a sincere lieart, 

V-U^lT; 31» lî or SLJ rt. aoJ. adv. fraudu- 
lently, deceitfully. 

jL'cui&l? rt. sSof. f. dissimulation, deceitful- 
ness, pretence. 

wiaîî, Joosl?, J&i— rt. 30J. adj. worthless, 

tcseless,dishone8t, clandestine; with | imfeigned, 

JSÎ pi. uaoSl and *coJ£f fa/3a, a coa< 0/ mail, 

«i>j to endow, give a dotory. Derivative 
the following — 

Jţoj pi- J^ nu a dowry, marriage portion. 

)Jas5 pi. ţi. rt. ^=>J. a buyer, pu/rchaser. 

Jjq^j or3j pi. ţj, J* m. apa*n,paten, dish, 
jar, vessel. 

JLS) a bashet made ofrushes or pălm-leaves ; 

)îsi^>? pi. jfc~— rt. *£>>. f . a pur citase, posses- 
sion; sale, price, ransom; ]k*±J>l* acquired 

by purchase opp. ]lol<I; inherited; ]Z^~*> 
]j> i*.^}j> dfeetfo of purchase; JLu»l? •j^,i»,a> 
ransoms ofcaptives* 

^»J 3 Jls) m. d!w«^, excrement/ a dung-îieap ; 
jI4? |»î «w manure. Derivatives, verb 
^>, JUol. 

%£? denom. verb Pael conj. from J|5>| ; io 

dacng, to manure. Ethpâ.*^2» jf ) ( to be manured; 

)L>;]h& ULi( manured ground. Aph. '^Sjj 
same as Pe. 

^=>J fut. J>)J> inf. ^ajJ», imper. ^âf, act, 
part. ^£î, Jiaj, pass. part. ^Sj, U*£f, JJ^x^Sf 
iobuy, but] off, ransom, redeem; «oo»j£*&J aij>f 
M><w? 11^5 ]&4£ ifoy paid six measu/res ofgoTd 
for their ransom; *& ^L>T I^MNiLao ^*? k^ 
l^oaîaj? JlOaiC Ghrist hath redeenied us from 
the curse of the law; past part. ţ*£> j^v. 
lÂcad a bought slave; |oo*^ Isi*^) redeemed 
with blood; cf. jfcou^J. Ethpe. ţS?>/ to be 
bought Pa. ^> to sell with ^ of the object 
and o of the price ; to accept a ransom. Act. 
part. selling=a merclmnt, (ja^Jf fcJ^J^D 
a seUer ofpurple; jl&o&o ^Joo a îiay-dealer. 

Ethpa. #p|n to 6e soZdî, ţir>ţjJa ^*^ţ ţ*j?*^î 
^xa)o are wtf iî^o sjwrrows sold for a farthing? 
Derivaţi ves, joa^i, j^ju-»)) JLx^J, U^o) f 

jiatsol, Uxdj^o, )ojjȔ)jso. 

ţ£j, IL>} pi. ^JS?. JlIdT m. «iTne, a s;>ace 0/ 
time; an age, epoch, era, JjţSe |aST itwes aw^ 

seasons; Jisî Jfcoo? «*o^ il^s Ae rematned 
a while in that place; ţJU. fe^Uf jl^J^K 
toit/tin three years; juL^yf )-Laî eventide; 

)■ ? ' ^ , J season of Nisan = spring-time ; 
ULl^t 7 autumn; )IaT 00» Jl^ Âe w younger; 
|as»T «Aiii 0/ ^ «aww a</6, cont&inporaries ; 

âur£l=>t 110 

)ii. cu )JL>f the Noachian era; JjlSj ţ& }Iiî 
m swcessive ages; jlS? ic£i£k*aj& a clironicle; 
often = 2/ie present age opp. the life to come 
and so JJLaJj temporal opp. tt^^X? eternal; 
Joaj? ţlL £&?s şwesmt life, Jj^T yi^v.'v ^ 
temporal world, [i^fţ )l^s£ secular rulers; 
U=>j ji»? tempomry; Us>î *.n>yi <Ae tabernacle; 

gram. **ÎS^J© «iofo dx^? U^T^as^/w^ew^ 
and futwre tense. With preps. ooj M.^J^ ai 

ihat time, then, 9 U^Jo w/teft, o oi U=>J^ ai 
anotlier time, again; o»X2>Jo or ©*_l^J-X tw tfoe 
season; liz>fc> J^?o U=»îo i?i a?w£ ottf of mason. 
Adverbial use, Js) formerly; ţi>j Jk) often, 

frequsntly ; 

y . ?• 


V . Y 


and then, occasionally ; ^*^o Jo^J^ soow/ 
A^ always; U^Tor J^z) *l£s> afterwards^ 
after a time; JoS? »J&» long afier. The forms 
Us>? ? Jl^ia) W-Syr. Jl£i£ J pi. ^ÎS jJJ^isT, when 
used to express an indefinite date or repetition 
of an action^regenerally fem. ; ţ-JSj kLo often, 
how often; *=>J )*» or Ji** juLJ once, JZl'it 
+j2&j twice, with j prefixed /or £&6 secmid iirne, 
again; so with other numerals. )}&£) first, 
formerly ; J Isii! raany times, sometimes ; 
jfcli^l ^jx* or jl^xil Jţ~ *^a^ eacĂ &'we; 
^*Ijl© Jl^X£>t once and again; fc^Lf Jl£ii>J 
for tlie third time; JfcCiST fc-^l thrice; so with 
other numbers. Cognate, ţzc t . Deeiyatives 
the three following — 

ls-»L^> rt. ţi>J. adv. in time, iemporally; 
with Jj not concemed with time, eternally. 

KL*1, J*Li*î pi. m. tfL. f. )&'_ rt. «£,. 

temporal, temporar y 7 iran simt, transitory ; 
pî. m. adverbs of time. 

ku s > T &c. same as UL*T but less commonly 
used; opp. Jliolioo eternal; pi. m. human 

)îs±2>t ; see end of ţ£j, Jiaf. 
Jj&=>) oftener Jj£a?. f. ^c^y a fo^'s histle. 
^4Jj r^J m - a b$k a mortar. 
J m. vitriol. 

U4sP^| pi- J*— ■ m « <* glass-blower. 
JfcC^a^j pL JW— £ gtfass; a gtfass wsseî. 

Jjci^J pi. JJa^J and jfcwa^J m. dim, of 
]^. a little beli. 

♦4>J f^t. ic^J, inf- i^^, imper. ici^j, act. 

* 4 

v 9 

Tt T* 

part. ^, ji^J, pass. part. *4^ ^0 5/m< w?>, 
Ac*Z(i in, keep from, confine, curb, restrain; to 
hinder, forbid, Jind fault. Ethpe. ^JU to 
keep oneself from; io be kept back or u/nd&r, 
to be con/med, compressed, closed, restrained, 
Jdndered, forbidden. Pa. *^| to keep back or 
under, curb, restrain. Aph, £j( same as Pa. 
Gognates, î^d and ^0. 

^o?» pi. U— a Saddueee. 

ja*?T, U*?T, Jfclcu?? pi. m. £, jLf. ţL, |1^— 
rt. J3?J. upright, rigkteous opp. ^- a «iîmer. 

&^Uuff rt. *©?>. &ăv.justly. 

cux*?î, jLcua*?} rt, j»îJ. £ rigkteousness ; 

alms, benejicence. 

J3j> only act. part. *©f î, [ojî pi. ^5?î, ^«5Î 
usually impersonal ; i« is right, it ougkt, it is 
due; JUo *©?! «i is meet and rigkt; od?!? »#f 
as 6§^5, as ts n^Ai, worthily; ^o?J? «*-#/^ 
yl^o; o^Ăcu^ as beseems the Lord's Day; 
with ^. and a pers. pron., d âr rt^Af for me t 
for thee, I ougM, thou oughtest &c. ; ^oîîj «« 

.oa^ iAai which you ought io do; 
&ţ) Jjj he is unjh to live; Jjd?Î o^ 7 u^. 
tooj it belonged to me, to him, it was mine, his, 
by right; Jl'c^^-Ji'cU Ue» U?î c^ the 
inheritance, the kingdom was his by right. Pa. 
*o?) tojustify, to declare righteous, give sentence 
in behalf of, to adjudge, attribute; to think to 
be right, judge right, approve; io give alms; 
ţj>?)L>ţ ^^^ fJ> Christ rose that He might 
justifyus; Uculo ţJS?ko? y+Fas the canons 
declare; oX^ol* ţ^îî^sof ţ-^*r those who 
judge, hold opinions, Uke him; jiVS^. jJo* 
^uBţ^oo ţJ^Uf we adjudge this as the right 
of the Ghurch. Ethpa. ^3??)/'^ be justified % 
declared righteous, aequitted; to be adjudged, 
assigned } attributed; ) f^vy> ^jjX^o |^ ^r\ 

the tithe is assignedfor orphans; metaph. \^L+, 
©♦ÎS *c??h Yu S & ţ he is rightly ealled a brute. 
Debivatives, U*oţi, *a*ţj, 1^Jji^?i, Jiao^t», 
U?!, ^.U?l, U*V> l^îl, U?oj, Jtajj5??|iD, 

\&Vj\£v ^t. u>f I. m. that which is right or 
due, hence a n#fo, îaw, ruie; a righteous act; 
a due, portion, allowame, appwrtmame, iate t 
tribute, debt; a rite, service, alms oftener J&o?î; 
<**V f*(duly, according torule ovordinance; 
Uf? ţ» ;£*» unduly; JifU n>Â%, accar<^ 




ing to right, as it should; \J>}\^ J^J unlomfvXly, 

wrongly; JJoi&ţ J^?î tJtepriest'8 dus or portion. 

J^TJi>?) rt. jdjK adv. rigMly, duly, deservedly. 

*jM, &>{h J&^ofl rt «fift» right, lawfid, 

J£o?J, ]&»?? rt. *af )• f. a£ms as the right or 
due of God or of our neighbour ; see Jjâ?J. 

Jo»l Pe. only participial adj. Jâl, Uo#î 3 Jî^S) 
pi. m. ţ-*â), )Jo*J f. emph. JlsIoJ. shining, 
splendid,glorious; noble,distinguisIied, honov/r- 
able, reverend. Ethpe. 4*5? l( to be purified, 
triade to shine, glorified. Pa. *#Sj imper. Joj? 
to purify, adorn, rnake to shine, mahe to bloom. 
Ethpa. i*o»ţjf to shine, glow; to be purified, 
shining, resplemdent. Deriv atives, fc**U©»J, 

«oo»? ,\^oo^rt.fOihstrong-smelling,stinking. 

%J2\lo>f rt. }oj>. adv. nobly, honourahly, 
worthily, chastely. 

Jlo»o*T rt. jo*J. f. splendour, glow, resplm- 
dence; excelîency, lionour, virtue. 

h>S\i*o*1 rt. iojj. adv. warily, circumspectly, 

ol**), Jloţ+o») rt. Imh f. watchful care } 
prudence, caution; an admonition; safety, 
guardianship ; JLot*oîJ Jj cardessness, heed- 
lessness, imprudence; jL'oi*otli» wft& «prad care, 

*©* } root-meaning io be greasy, dirty; to srneîl 
like badfat. Paeii pass. part. «o»ÎLae stinking. 
Ethpa. «o»;)/ Zo befoul, evil-smelling. Dekiv- 
atives the two folio wing and »oo»J. 

I^ochÎ, )1sooo»T pi- m. k&©»> pi. f. ţ&'&U 
J&oo»? rt. *c*).filthy,foul, rank. 

JlcuttoJ rt. ipoi). f. a stink, corrupiion, 

i«J fut. io»Jj i) «o be clear, transparent, 
bright; i©»5? J-^f cZear honey. 2) partici- 
pial adj. ;-»o»J, ]£«ej), )LV*o>l rt. >©*). «ţ/fe, secure, 
8we,cirmimspect, prudent \ vigilant; **k** 1*-^» 
)£»©>> a www* s-ure Aope; with JJ imprudent, 
dangerous,unsafe; )£»a»J JJ ]Â\JL an imprudent 
onslaught; )lt*o»j JJ Jîsae?— )i»io( aw unsafe 
road, dangerous place; with o eareful of, 
intent upon, watchful over, attentive; )♦,*©»* 

u^S watchful over thysdf; Jt*«J? J!*?<£^£ 
ţittaax^ 2/*e râ vjhich restrains the horse; 
o& iooj J£*o»J I^ULacţ Jloa-^j the grace of 

Ghrist kept Hm safe; with ţ? or IhL\$ tahing 
heed, provident; with ^ao avoiding 9 heepvng 
from; <&Jz &* ojţajL ^«ji ^e carefidly 
kept the matter from her ; )|mi& *-Ă *»*o»)ţ JX*/ 7 

whoso keeps far from abominations. Ethpe. 
io*?l( imper. *©ţ? j/ fo ia&e Aeerf, 6e eareful, watch 
over, guardykeep; to beware, with o of the object 
eared for 3 esp. with oihî^ o/Ais soul,ofhimself, 

with fcio of the object to be avoided; i*?^ 

zi»aicA over him, guard Mm; oigt?>( 
JL'cuusou**? jl^cu^l^> take Jieed lest the 
faith be defiled. Iroper. with i*. and pers. 
pron. sufF. cave tibi, take care, take waming, 
take heed to thyself &c, 3?A. io»? to warn, 
admonish, caution; to take precauiions, provide 
against, make sure, keep safe. Ethpa, io»?l( 
to take care, watch over, guard, guard against. 
Aph. fttitif a) <o «7im€ brightly , flash, lighten; 
J>o»^i Jjwcu «#f J^aljîj ]J^iol tJte path of tlie 
just is as a shining light; metaph. io»A-i 
)1£^*>aS illustrious. b) to warn, admonish. 
Dekivatives, ^o*i, îs-î^wj, )io^o*|, Ji»j, 
J^.io»J, Jiojo), )j>oi)jio. 

J>«? pi. J>w? rt. iojf. m. a) brightness, 
brilliancy, splendour, fiashing, jicu? of a fire; 
(jifloaj 0/ ^ stars; ^ojca jd^^^o J>»^? Jjwl 
©*i£ **^>ctf>f God sends brilliant bea/ms of tlie 
truth to those who Iove Him; %-JîLţ MA«aa v. 
)fo»? 0*^ unbroken gloom; 00 l^ii? J^k,>{ 
)>chJ a Zan<2 w^^A nofiash of light, a gloomy land. 
6) afiower infull bloom. o) Pers. venom. 

i*5©0, ji»?o$J pi. J* rt* i«J. m, a bright light, 
ajiash or 6eam of light. 

Joj act. part. Joî io «we?Z. Ethpa. **o?j/ 
^0 6^ swollen, distended. Pa'u «7oJ <o su'^ZZ. 
EthpaXjP. Jia^rto be puffed up with pride, 
behave haughtily, swagger. 

JL^oJ from JLaj. m. spreading dung, mantir- 

jlaol pi. [L rt. ţ-^l. m. «aZe. 

ţ^oî denom. verb Pael conj. from l^oîj to 
join togetJier, unite in marriage. Apiiel ^şif 
to coupUjjoin with anotlisr. Ethpa, t$Jj>ttt io 
bejoined together, united in marriage ; to marry. 

k^oT, pi. ţlS^T» U^fi m. Cvyâv, a yoke, 
ţ^^o) ***^fî * w couples; esp. with &, l£ } 
«Ii a yokefellow, companio'ii, ivife, equal. 



associate; \££±m,9 l^t *£ a fellow-worker 
with tlie Âpostles; o*^pJ uiS /iis eqitalsj a pair, 

cowple, klj? l^' **W brothers } ©te? )^©J double 
Waw* Also a charige or sm*2 of clothes con- 
sisting of an outer and an inner garment 3 
a chariot for two horses, a couplet, distich of 
two |^a<4js^ ; an evm nv/ntber, a balance; 
gram, a conjugation; two even j>oints. 

Jl^oJ pi. JJL m. a fledgeling, esp. ct young 

Jii^py pL JJ_ from l^ol. even, double; U& ?Ă 

Jli^Jiî iAe double menibers of the body ; ]|^o}jc 
ţ*i^p> a rhymed poem, rhyming couplets. 

foj Pael fo) io supply with provision for 
a journey, to make preparation } equij>, prepare 
or send on a journey ; metaph. to dismiss with 
prayer before a journey or on leaving home, 
to provide with 7 load with; ţ*7oteoo **juJ»ss 
arming and equipjnng; s^jT fZJio jo) 

1 o ) same as 

j^oJc^^ he dismissed them icith blsssings; 
\&j{ Jo) JsJS- fie îoaded them with contumely ; 
7 ©£* ^yoi^c? ]îs^>i^ the dowry wjiere- 

-. Tt ? 

with tJieparents of a bride furnish her; ?©J^o 
[îîft jx£ equipped with a knowledge of lan- 
guages. Ethpa. fo^fto he furnished or to 
furnish oneself with food for a journey, io be 
provided, mpplied ovfumished with; metaph. 
to receive tlie viaiicum when dying; qa^Zos» 
?o?J-i mdued with holiness ; jfciaiko •ojofjJ 
fcftns ua* Z»fo/ let them be provided with commen- 
dator y letters. Dekivative the folio wing — 

jfoj generally in the pi. J?ol m. provision 
for a journey, viaticum, victtcals,food } support, 
often metaph. of the Holy Communion. 

yLfoi pi. kI?6j {Adio?, a sign of the zodiac; 
see W c£o o the Syriac word for the same. 

J^fo) rt, odJJ. m. an adjudgement, sentence; 

an endowment or provision for religious pur- 

poses ; pi. alms. 

fo>of, jx»©) pi. J* rt. to*>. m. a caution, 
warning, admonition, provisio?z 9 prohibition; 

ksj^^h 1*4*?°' pl' J ^ rom ^?f' m ' marriage, 
coition, copulation; J^oo) Iculil a second 

marriage; t^şol io)«^o şwlygamy. 

joj, )}of pi. ţ!7of, )](©*> m. a) a corn equal 
to a quarter shekel of Jewish money or to 
a Greek drachma or Arabic dirhem, worth 
nearly ten pence; JJol ^fi a didraekma s 
half shekel — the temple tiibute. b) a measwre 
of weight or of liquids, a dram = one-eighth 
of an oz. 

4#7oj Pa c li conj. of ]o| to swell. 

jâjof m, the zizyphus or jujube~tree. 

<**oj, u*1 fut. y*op, act. part. w»i>, U+*l, pass, 

part. w**7 io ^>wi in motion, to move, ştir or 
arouse oneself io action, to rise; often with 
)i( to arise and comg, also with kJL> or other 
verbs of motion ; pass. part. borne; fcJli J» 
wLcu*Lf ytejLafti»»» vj/?6!^ 3%y şxtifulness 
moved Thee io descend; Jtjjy lo&Jl o»^S «*S 
wsid^, iAe bridegroom arose to come unto 

thee; Jooi u«7 J^j ]Ia^)o A« was borne with 
great honour to the sepulchre. Pa. «-IÎ a) to 
move or K/£ up any one or thing, hence to carry 
solemnly or in processim; to bear to the grave, 
bear in the womb, to accompany, attend upon 9 
escort; rit. to lift up, elevate or bear vestments 
or vessels, to solemnize or keep a feastday. 
b) to celebrate, esetoly laud, glorify, adorn. *%£, 

«*o**2s^**J ^-V-sSso Tliou didst bear the lost 
sheep on Thy shoulders; onJg^N JojLă o^î 
angels bare tjie bier of the B.V.M.; tio& 
Ui^ um Jj© tltepriest carries the chalice in pro- 
cession; Jjjî/'^jC Uo^ăX **!£» Ae w^s *Ae 
censer overtheholy elemmts; t+zuis o j fcJLT? ] 1^ 
Me Church which celebrates thy feastday; +£ 
J>cu^> Jialao i»^X ^o^l^î when ^Aow 
didst glorify tlie honourable likeness on the 
Mount of Transfiguration. Ethpa. m3%\t 
io be led, borne or carried about with pomp and 
solemnity, to march in triumph, go in state or 
magnificence, to be celebrated, highly extolled; 
¥fDl&>&»ţ <J^âiS^i JJ e was borne in 


the Virgin' s arms; uJ?ji& .o«JU» ^^\ 

}£âjj JicuaXi ^ )o« 5"e was eaaftei /ar 
a6cwe «A«m by the teaching of the Prophetss 
U« U-f^ UĂ iîo \ „ ^ ^ jfo^ir. Păgânim 
which was highly exalted in thw age. Dbriv- 




U*o) rt. u»o|. m. a) a solemn procession, 

a train or retiwue ; )k^» Jt^^t l**QJs> wiih 
a great train of servants. b) pomp, magnifi- 

]L5ţ*Sj pi. |^« a) a window. b) a batilemeni 
or tv/rrei. 

**iot, Kla1 pi. \Zm rt. y*oJ. m. a) a pro- 

cession, a solenrn ceremony, e.g. at an episcopal 
vi5itation,consecration, or enthronement,hence 
ihe qffice then used ; afunerăl procession; J?)w5L 
kL&ţj Uioj? the festival of ihe procession of 

tfie Cross; Jjjjî *„lot the procession of tJie Ilost 
b) ihe tranşfiguration or appearance in glory 
of our Lord, U^olf JîJjJL the festival of ihe 

lÂloj m. winnowing of corn. 

J&5Î pi. ţloî, J&llol f. a corner, angle; 
jfcLolj j&Jo a corner-stone ; used metaph. of 
the four corners of the earth, the seven zones 
or climeSy the four qtuirters of heaven. 

fojXof, Jîo^oJ from Joj^î. m, wtmt, Zac&j 
poverty, failure of harvest, insolvency, bank- 

jLlkQ) rt. %J. m. meanness, ignominy; 

]Â^Loi rt. a\ ) . m. adornment, ornament. 

«ol, Jk&oJ ra. a) (o>/ioV, broth; kcoj 
broth-makers. b) the hv/mming of gnats. 

It&o) ph J* rt. *»J. m, psalmody; a psalm, 

chant, canticle, esp. between the Epistle and 
(J ospel. 

yoj, J fut, toK>, imper. .ol, act. part. » Jî, 

Ji*f £o /eerf, grcve /oocZ <o 3 provide; to support, 

supply, sustain; jLgm „«ĂN *o| /^<2 tfAe poor ; 

^*^&«* laftS, "h * ţ) j^> iAe >SVw sustaining tJie 

ages by Jiis Body; \&'j J^Jff w-oji the whcel 

of time provides high degrees for sorae; « r » 

**S©t*L &** )*»^? Ji^a^ fcJîf i&tf which 
the grace of God lias given into his hands. Pa. 
^iy to supply with arms, to arm, equip; act. 
part. ţljoc, pass. part. ţ^jco pi. ia. ţ^Juj^ao, 
U^j^o armed men, soldiers. Ethpe. ţ^?J< 
imper. **?)( toarmhimself, be armed, equipped, 
accoutred, fortijîed, ready to attaclc or resist ; 

of alhvrcmmts armed against ihemind. Deklv- 

y. y 

JJoi, wJoî pi. ^Joî 5 *fl>)Joî or *mJoî f. £6w;, 
a zone, girdle, belt; with ^mâ to unbelt = 
degrade, disgrace; Jlcu? Uoî </fce empyrean; 
Jlţ*Ăl «Jo| <%6 torrid zone. 

JwoJ pi. J fcovaptov, dim. of *Jo5. f. a girdle 9 
belt, worn by monks and priests and Christîans 
generally ; jo^ri^-? Jtîolf J?ki the festival 
of the girdle of the B. V. M. (West-Syr.) 

>a».o), ^xî fut. VkOp, inf. ^.JL^a, act. part. ^mÎ, 
^^*î, pass. part.^f, )oLî 5 jkowT, pi. m. ţ*^?, 

f. Jîjo^J. rarely *^*Tf, k&If, pi. f. ^kII? 

to be in motion, moved, sluxken to and fro^ 
agitated physically or mentally, to quahe, quiver, 
totter, tremble, \>î^\*( ţ r ^-'S? *++(o&£ **J his 
heart quaked as trees are shaken; «fc*J*J ^.jj© 
«■■nM?» thou art beside thyself, over-excited ; *^> 
U(qjw i/te qicestion was moved, tJie subject was 
agitated; ^*S^\ ^? \2oăJo stable habitatioTis ; 
pass. part. made to quahe for fear, scared, 
ajfrighted, timid; fearful, terrible, horrible; 
Jj/ ^J I tremhle; wL»7 Joj-i terrific appear- 
ance; JJ*^?o Jl^Î JLb fearful and terrible 
sownds. Ethpe. ^Tilf a) to be moved, 
agitated in roind or body, in a good or bad 
sense; to be shahen to and fro, disturbed, 
trovhled; to toss to and fro in bed; with 
jJjLsaJÎLa to be moved with anger; kjL*lil( 
\jL*r ihe earth quaked; with'^jL to rise or 
be stirred up against. 6) to be moved, impeMed 
\i* a»o by Iove, \L^+*by ihe Spoirii; to be moved, 
brought forward for dîscnssion, debated, deter- 
mined; gram. to be vocalized, proiiounccd'with 
a vowel. Arn. ^J)(to move, set in motion, 
shake, affect, disturb, disquiet, terrify; to ştir 
up, rouse, excite, instigate as J*3o?f 2>^secution, 
)*»*•> mercy. With jfJţLto let fiy an arrow, 
Jling a dart; with o»AâJ to affect himself; with 
j^i^as to discourse, discnss; with ltcui^f^ja 
io move an accusation =s accuse, cmmre; with 
J1.0 to sound, give forlh sound; with h^to to 
atlaclc, charge; gram. io vocalize, give a vowel, 
U*i s^lx* or ^wiso l^aoA, a noun tliefirst letter 
of which has a vowel. Palpai, ^JL>J to shake, 
to make to sliake or tremble, to move or drive 
away; Jo^^î^o UaXo* vmstable, unreliable 
teaching. Ethpalpal ^S^hf t0 be greatly 
moved, stirred or dishvrbed of animate or 


J^o) rt 


jîs^of f. no pi., rt. n^cJ. quaking, trembling, 

&oi root-meanîng to clip coin, utter false 

coin, not used in Pe. Paei, «alj usually 

metaph. except in the pass. part. a) to utter false 

or counterfeit doctrine ; to demonstrate teaching 

to be false or spurious. b) to charge or convict of 

falsehood or perjury. c) to suhom witnesses, 

corrupt or falsify; ţiăuî )|« JfcL^ij&X we 

demonstrated tiuit this opinion is false; ş*3l* j^o 

J»l*X corrupting tlie truth. Pass. part. forged, 

counterfeit, false ; \Â+h* Jîoî false coin; 

Jfclaljoo JJ \}$^ r £ unalloyedJcnowledge. Ethpa. 

âuflf Jfo 6e adulterated, corrupted; to act 

fraudulently ; to show to be a sham, worthless, 

a mere counterfeit; h*js±-> £uîj^£> *5 JţaaL 

w adulterated with water. Ethpalan «&- f > / 

denbm. from Ua(7 to be cunning or t#e7^ a 

Dbbivativbs, fah> U$h> fcJuaîl, jUi&tf, 

A*Ot 114 

inanimate things; to struggh, jostle. Dekiv- 

ATIVES ? Jj^Oj,)^JJ^O^JV^O^Jj!^ 

^o), jokoî pL JokCf rt. ^wof. m. a moving, 
shaking, quaking ; d) physical, an earihquake, 
thi vibration of a weapon, tottering of the feet, 
staggering ,the stirring of ferment — «taeal I2L of 
Ma^u — jcksââţ diurnal, stellar, solar motion. 

b) mental, motion, movement, invpulse, e.g. 
)ta&£? or j£^>? a carnal impulse; J^*? of the 
2)assions; ^«j&ţ or j^iaJ? 0/ 2Ae mind; pi. 
the powers or faculties of the mind, i. e. JJooi 
)^.rtA«c fc o JoitoSo Jj?©»cl^o J^tJ&o under- 
standing, apprehension, meviory, discrimin- 
ation and consideratton ; ţjJLoI **,ZB sanctify 
ov/r powers; ^a^cu} k£oI * t» 9o*j(enlighten, 
our Lord, tJie impulses of our thoughts. 

c) a popular movement, sedition. d) adjectival 
use, Jj£oJ» or Jowo? Jbo terrible. e) gram. 
a vowel as moving the consonant to which it 
bdongs, hLo) Jjud having a vowel opp.U^JL mute. 

^JJ^oj 3 K^JJ^oj rt. ^.oj. m. a violent dis- 
turbance, a whirlwind; \^L j^oj Jjj unshahen; 
without disturbance. 

|oa^,oî rt p-^J. m. faultfinding, blaming. 

). m. railing; pi. angry 


Jiol f.hyssop; y£ojj iLaj»;^ fc*i3! cleanse 
me with the sprinTăing ofThyhyssop; metaph. 

a fuller'8 sprinMer. 

*a£âoJ m. a white heron or egret 

»6f, *î fut. iojJ, act. part. *jî, JU to *& 
tightly, hold tight in the hand s to tahe a handfid. 
Derivative tlie following — 

Jtol pL jioj, )UoJ rt *S}. m. a handfid, the 
hollow of the hand, palm of the hand, a blow, 
siaj); ameasure; ]j£»iţ jîft *v yiojS îsS+a( 
Thou hast measured the dust of the earth in the 
hollow of Tfay liand. 

Jjaioj Ar. m. a boat. 

Jjlol pi. ]* m. a cake made offineflour, oii, 
and honey, offered to idols. 

Jjcu»), Jj£Xcu*'i short, dwarfish. 

j^î<x-| pL jCidLj f. scarlet; U<t~*\ 
jlil*>cîLj? a robe of scarlet; V^gV*-*» j^ifa-l 

U^^Tobes ofbrilliant scarlet. 

]L*î pi. Jl«l m. a crawling locust, a locuM 
before its wings are groum. 

xx£f or ta^Jf denoin. verb Pael conj. from 
Mcl^7 ; to investigate, accuse, blame; jtxu£**7 
«-^ ^vl^J^ao; the charges they bring against 
me. Part. joa^Jjtt used as adj. cu2p>able,faulty> 
torong; )j^xi^Kx> Jl»oj;*>m^ a wrong optmon. 

Ethpa. f^Vi to be blamed, found gutlty ; to 
find fault; «i^ţjioţ <jxJL heavenforbid that he 
be guilty. 

jJa^T and )ui|^7 pi. Ju2^J7, for other spellings 
see U&^h and U c u j^). m. C^jr^a, an inquiry, 
hwestigation, impeach/ment, accusation, charge; 
a fault, misdeed; ^X^X yţf^ii.»y ţ» Jli^?* 

^o-^»î / mZZ 6^?âce tffose accusation^ from 
ţhy thoughts. Deeivatives, verb «u^J, 

*#>, %A or ^*i to, the seventh letter of 
the alphabet. 

i^l Ar. a calendar; Uo^iX <^»7 a calendar 

for beginners. 

a»j, ]a#7 pi. Jcu7 m. shining, brightness 
esp. with IŞ/ 7 or )&o\J* brightness of cotm- 
tenance = cheerfulness ; \i*> * * * * - * 
changed, his cotmt&nance fell. 

<^Ju7, ^ju7 also spelt 
quicksilver, mercury. 

7 Ă& ?00Ă3 

) and jşcuf m. 

f£lCUl 115 

Ucu J rt. .ol. m. one who feeds, supports, 
eupplies or sustains, a guardian^ pres&rver, 

sustainer; ]ţi*Zd^a£*> }&*&» cu c«? ti cuî 
He is the Preserver who supports the whole 

jJl^xdLF pL Jl. rfc. ^o). timid. 

UJLr pL JJjuf m. Ci^wuiv^ usually pi. tares f 
of ten metaph. of wicked men. 

%J>] Pael conj. of t»of. fo 6ear ?ra stofe; 
to extol, &c. 

U**$*f ; see \J*£1. 

N^Jf, JoLJj another speîling of ^J the pass. 
part. of *&0j. scared, fearful. 

JXxL) pi o»JIacu7 f. Cw«°j ton», injury, 
misfortune; ^-£- J»J>L }IU^b *tt>*iLI7 
} ?f y ^ .fn ^ gnanjf calamities which befel 
the Christians. 

**7 Zain; see J. 
*I7 Pael conj, of »©>. io arm- 
ii*? rt. »oJ. m. ar?ns, armour^ weapons; 

fumiture, trappings, ornaments; U-7 uj)j& 
engines ofwar; Ji-7 k-o a» armoury; often 

]SsxIî rt. *oK f. a repast, victuals; ]£*/ 
*j£il1 Ui-» make lawful, Lord, the food 
Thou hast provided. 

T or k>*Zi, \^L1, Jfco^f pass. part. of 
j. fearful, &c. 

U^l) pi. \Zm (when written without vowels 
Las a poînt above tlie Yod, while JoL7 has 
a point beneath, \^+ f) trembling, fearful. 

1 Pael conj. of *soJ. to falsify, &c. 

jl( ; see under 3©J. 

%Z\l\L+) rt. âo), same as fc^Jasîi deceit- 

JjLT pi. 1317 m. «) violent rain with wiwd, 
rain falling in great drops, boisterous wind. 
b) a shooting star, metaph. radiancy; JjxJ 

J£^j<xo io» ^ JJj'cu jwry shooting star 8 li/ce 

lances; ^io^T *sLcuoo.i? J^*k> enlighten 

me with the radiancy of Thy splendour. 

JÎN.C.J £ same as \Jul ii. 

**7, J£»7 pi. J£j m. a crescmt-shaped on % na- 
ment worn by women, ftll o by camels ; a neckl&ce. 



yy iVto be 

Jl^*i pi. ^^î, Jfcslf m. the olive tree and 
fruit, ©&*?e oii/ JlCî h-+& or sîmply )jC) aw 
olive garden; Jl&î ^Li 5cww or leea of oii; 
)ls>f JfcLJ the wtld olive opp. ULX; jls-? 
or VA.^ <%e cultivated olive. 

Uj fut. U)j, imper. ^î, act. part. J5|, U©î, 
pass. part. Jâ), )J^5, ]!£*$*• a) <o conquer, over- 
come; Ji>Jj? |ia*/^ JS5 o ^oaj he went forth 

conqttering and to conquer; ©»fc*-oJ? JI'clsÎ 
^ vtN <N tke victory that overcometh the world. 
b) tobe free from guilt, blame or punishment, 
tobe declar ed blameless or znnocent, to be clear 
or to clear oneself to show oneself in theright f 
to justify oneself or others, opp. 

or befound guilty ; \£ ys£\ mj v* 
)o£Lf y ţiî> &o«? eaw. a man be foundjust with 
God? Ethpe. ugfff io be conquered, van- 
guished, overcome, overpowered, metaph. by 
temptation, pleasure, sleep, a bribe, &c. Pa. 
w^>7 a) to grant victory, cause io conquer, 
overcome or predominate ; ^L lăXăc; oo# Se 
who giveth thee the victory. b) to hold or 
pronounce innocmt, to acquit, justify, clear, 
opp. *£L ; jmSlj \o)l ţ do npt justify thy seif; 

)£*? oii .d£ ^U U^i? mm^r 

t, if the Mng hold him innocent who canfind 
htm guilty? EthpA. ^ojlr to be pronotmced 
innocent, be justified. Derivatives, JiasJ, 

M M )t&\ pL vaoî, )L'&{ rt. la fc f. a) rfttiy. 

<Ae reward of victory; )i*cu.j JLaoJf )^> >aaJ 

the ruins of Ephesus are a great sign of 

vîctorious desolation; |J-i;~S? JLcloi *aj»{? 
^ ş?\ Ş f7^i / «iay receive the prize of the high 
calling. b) justijication, acquittal, innocence; 
oiiao J^. Jîo^» witnesses to prove Aer innocence. 

J^cual or JfaJ*? pi. J^ rt. &L m. c& diviner, 
necromancer; pi. familiar spirits, demons, 
spirits of the dead ; Jlckts» or JScloÎ ^ut^to 
bnng up a familiar sjnrit — to divine by one ; 
J }^^ one who summons a spirit to divine by. 

J>1 \ltf pi. ^7, ^7 rt. k». a) victoriom 
an epithet often applied to kings ; 

l| ţJo we are conqiwrors tfa-ough Him 
who loved us; JIoî Jîo*» victorious martyrs; 

Q 2 




9 9 

Christ is llSj? )i& the Lord of those who 

overcome. b) justijied, in the right; vtvnocent, 
guiltless, blameless; JIoj tabj innocmt blood. 

JLcuoJ rt. )&h f. innocence, equity. 
*oj io use magic arts. 

^f futWjJ and^JJ, aci parfc.^jî, ţ|J, 

pL m. ţ^jl, f. £L\] or ^£j ; participîal adj. 

^^m^I, \>Lm, Jfc£~ to vieigh light in the bălăuce, 
thence to be of Utile weight or vahie, less than ii 
should be; to be desjnsed; to slacken, become less 
of ten with )IcW^r> in the scales; \$*&& in 
tJteeyes of anyone; J£*bo£? )is& ^L] the talent 
of Dives icas found wanting; JL'a-jxIL I^i£) 
our penitence tvas ioo slight; ţ& udjâ ^i? 
oCx* ? my %)ain is lighter than his; o»»k> m^N 
^l) Jjo *]>!* JJ lie looks noi back nor slackens; 
part. adj. of light weight, value or behaviour; 
cheag, base, despised; luxuriant, luxurious, 
loose, debauched, licentious; JlJL\? Jl^-S^ 

luxurious fu/rnitu/re ; Jf-oi? M"\f jâiox tlie 
licentious embraces of the dance; f, emph. pi. 
loose v)omen. PA.\iSi to lessen, to mahe light 
or frivolous, to corrupt; «o* 

Z. 4 

\9 9. 

^^jbo dancing mahes those who pursue it 
frivolous. ETHPA.%iC?j/ 7l a) to think little of; 
to become or be considered of little value, con- 
temptible; tsjf%&9& $£ *c&J y?*^ 
thou ari ihought little of because of thy youth; 
v*iZ^>'%&i t 1{ w^o he was very contemptible 
in my eyes. b) to be luxurious, extravagant, de- 
bauelwd,unrestrained; ioţ^ij^ *cuiO*.?jJ JJ? 
J %Zx& lest they become extravagant and spend- 
thrift; ţa^ , ^i£ ♦.o wlien the peacock 
wantons inpride. Aph. %Jf a) to hold in no 
esteem, to desjrise, debase, c*£sij ^Jokj *& Jie 
who thinks lightly of his own soul; ^ILâ^V^?/' 
Jie Jias despised my Jwnourable things. b) to 
seduce. Derivatives, J^JL^r, Jiai^j. 

)p m, a rush, reed. 

<^t not used in Peal. Aph. t^Zlfto shine 
forth, be radiant, effulgent; ^ <^k& *+&> 
jn*-? ojio*cu tlie light of the truih broke in 
brightness upon me; h^\)Jo J^*^^ shin- 
ing glass. Ettaph. «^jlLf to be enlightened J 

illuminated ; *jlÂj£> Jjj jîs-^-i jfcL£Ja*j 
o^^jllS^,\ sinful souls are bynature incap- 

oble of enlightewnmt. Cognate, j£±L DE- 
RIVATIVES, k^wJ, Jio^.|JaO. 

}^M pi jCL as JjLM. m. the brightrms of 
shining of light, the sparkling of fire, sparkling 
rays; pi. meteors; often metaph. splendour; 
a comment or gloss; Uw?? i^>7 the ray s °f 
light reflected/wm gold; |ua ^ & ^rn . q^ f ^^-^ 
dazzling splendours ofroyalty. 

I^XT to cut slwrt, said of time. Ethpaial 
fofX?J i to be shortemd, esp. of time ; to come 
short, be reduced, fail in quantîty, strength or 
wealth, to be bankrupt; JJcu^f |o*^?J^o +& 
tvhm the purchaser fails, goes bcmkrwpt; 


F 4 

5 }o£±ţu the harvest failed and 

caused dearth; ©fc^j<£ao )c+X?h his con- 
stitution was broken. Derivatives, Jjo^oj, 

1 fut. v^CLi).), imper. w»ci!iwJ, act. part. 

1, k^\î, pas3. part. u**^J, I^L, Jfc^— topour 
oui, slied or cast abroad; to sprinkle, bedew, 
moisten with ik. of the accusative and with «a, 
e.g. ţjso«Jfc with blood, |:&xC,=» with tears, 
lî&Jto^^ to envelop in flame. "With \1L to 
grieve, topain, with K^^^ to apply medicine 
or salve, with U.^'^-x to blame, with )t^ to 

cast sliame, insult, with loo i to spit. Particip, 
adj, sprinkled, scattered, covered with; Jjjoo 
U&J$ i^A^.;ţ a vesture spotted with blood; 

1 perfumed dwellings. Ethpe. 
U to be poured out, sprinkled, shed, cast 

**wwS.J pl. E ma Nj in. a thin plate of metal. 

^*\?, }L, JfcL- participial adj. ; see%J. 

^JLXj rt. ^J. adv. lustfidly, lasciviously. 

}I q - \ » ^ j rt.^j. f, luxury, license, licen- 
tiousness; baseness. 

fc^i»-s^J rt. jaX>. adv. obliqudy. 
ojso^J, jL^cuio^^) rt. jl^). f. obliqueness, 

obliquity, oblique jyosition, slant; jjLociL» ţ*$L 
cx^Ia^)^ two points placed slanting; metaph. 
JftsA^ÎTj Ji^osaA.J mental obliquity, 

U*M pl. \Zm rt. *a^>. m. a ray or flash of 
light, dazzling, flashing or twinJcling light; 
]£&£ wiCL\î the ray 8 ofdawn; metaph. UlM 

Jl^*o^{ Jlwf ^te dazzling glory of the viston 
of God. 


*T Pael conj. of ^?. 
fut. «cu^kJJ, î>ass. part. vsA.f, ka&*2sJ 

j]^^ n \f to make croohed a line; to tv/rn 
asidSy pervert; participial adj. oblique, slaniing, 
unevm; p*^>f$ k*^o an oblique position; 
astron. jfco&A^j ]JsXfoi an oblique circle; 
obliquity often ellîpt. ; gram. a letter having the 
vowel Bevotzo or Zhma; \ik+Ş.) U&* a verbal 
noun; k*a*\) Jj^cu points placed obliquely; 
metaph. distorted, perverted, depraved; JL20 

j)^.vu^? permrstOTU ofwords* Ethpe. *£*?>< 
to be tumed aside, distorted; to tv/rn away. 
Derivatives, ţwUA), )tcu *^j , k*C£j, 

Uk&) pi. \lm rt. f&U m. a) Zlama, E-Syr. 
the vowel — = "W-Syr. Revotzo ; *A*is£ Ua^L } 
IÂJ& OT~\£+î} y )f>i l<mg e, U*| U& 
JJad or = Jui5 )ţ$i short e. b) a fault , 
Ctooked writing. 

aX? rt. ya^J. m. twisting, xoinding; per- 

^Li fut.^wO^Jj, inf.*^Jj£>, imper. ^clX!, 
act. part. >*2£î, Jok^I, pass. part. xmX} to draw 
water or yrme, pour oui; metaph. io empty, 
wask away, o^ ţ& .oof-uao ^cf-XjJ? 
«ooMîâj» who can pwrge tliefilth from their 
books; pass, part. mingled, infected, jl«J& ^& 
[„^.-■N.f Uo^f mingled or infected with serpenis 
poison, Ethpe. •^Lţn to be dravm up> poured 
out, toflow as water ; to be exhausted, wasted; 

?Jj£ JjJy watery partîcles 

are suspended in the air so that tliey do not 

flota away in either direct ion; Jj Jia^^t fjxu 

**&})( the Bea of tranquillily ia ever fulL 

Deeivativb, U$^l. 

)>^M) pi. P- rt. n^J. m. a cu/p, bowl; the 
drawing up of water. 

^> = a^ 3 fut^aL^jJ, inf. ^jJa, act. 

..- y 

-w y 


part. a&J to drop or trickle dovm, to rain or 
pour water in drops, to bale out water. Debiva- 

]!^J pi. Jl£â^> or JfcCaSf f. an oyster, 


oyster-sJtdl ; a measwre of weight. 

uaXj Aph. j£SLt( to shine brightly, dazzle; 
jIşU-V )uo^)oa Ijo^^AxiS </ieir colour dazzles 
the eye8. Ettapii. «Ai£jLl( io Se illvminated. 
Dkiuvatjver, Jjx^J, \s£±U 

117 tea* 

M&J pi. kL rt. u&J. m. a flash oflightning, 

<p] fut. <pjJ, act. part. ipjî, pass. part. f+&t, 
fjguaSj. o) io sound, rescund, buzz; J»c£^f i**^ 
oooţ ţ-o^l) iAey buzzed like wasjys; o££o vT 
m iAe ttîAoZe a£r resounded. b) to tie or iraitt 
a tree ; pass. part. sounding, sonorous. Palp. 
ojbttT io mafe resound 3 make a bubbling noise. 
Ethpalpal «)j»aîJ{ io be rumoured, buzzed 
ahout. Aph. <fîFto ring or sowwZ as metal ; to 
noise abroad. Dekivative, Uxaoj. 

jJJX^) or U^wĂ) pi. UX!cS| m. a/uK^ 
a pruning-knife, penknife. 

l»*xl m. vfirjyfia, soap or anything else 
used for cleaniag clothes. 

ţ+£>i t \i*£>i 7 ]j£±-oSj ; see ^&T. a) invited, 

bidden; aguest. b) ready,a2>pointed,destined; 
ţ*Lj£) yOo^ţJ+^îthestripespreparedfortJiem. 

) L P ^i j, pi. j 1T rt. ^» f • f. a chant t psalm 9 hymnt 

song; jtiâ? ji , '^iol the melody of the cinyra, 
sownd of the strings; j&-o£j il^x» the Song 
of Songs 3 called also ţ*Z** Umi and Î!sm, ^ ^1, 

J^^îi,i; Jo?? Jli^oJ the Psalms of David, 

oftener J>cl»^, 

JI^a^o) f. hoar-frost. 

J-scuii rt. fU m. a) a buzzing or ringing 
soand; the sound of a trumpet, hum of voices. 
6) Ar. a ring or wooden Ut in the nostrils. 
c) the tie of a vine. 

^2>î denom. verb Pael conj. from Chald. 
JL1»| =r Jkls>T ct fixed or appointed time. to 
summon to an appointed time or place, to pre- 
pare for the same, hence to Ud, sunvtnon, catt, 
invite, attract, induce; silversmiths used lead 
ţ£>h Utiltcf U?^ to induce the fusion of 
silver; iQj/ • *n»Î JL'cLail^ /w caZM them 
to repentance; \UL 1sx»^îo )i» îoorrfs calling 
io peace; 

J).a^V^ «av^ 5y ?/i^ cro^s aî^Z bidden to 
the Jcings house. Ethpa. ^»?h ^0 be mm- 
moned, bidden, invited; to prepare oneself be 
ready, irninineni* See *oo), Jju-ttj^o. 

i^J fut. *.ijJ, imper. ^ij, act. part. ^>) t 
)L&>] to sing, chant, play on a stringed instru- 
ment; Jo^jj Jfcl**ctajwi 'Joi sing praise to 
God. Ethpe. ;-&?)/* to be chantcd, mng; 


y -% 

o i=»A\^ YsL?& 



«&?las? pf^S harping; Lo« )£aof JjSd? *»« a* 

was said by the Psalmist. Pael same aa 
Peal ; also wiih regard to David, to say in 
the Psalms; iJ& Jo#? oc* i/ie Psalmist = David. 
Ethpa. *£;){ to 6e chanied, sting. Deriva- 

TIVES, Jî-aoO>, Jit*J0!« )^»T, Ild&l| Jio;«»J, 

jtiT, JtwW pi m. Jc*f f. JLwtf «) rt. mh 


a singer, flute-player ; when without vowels 
Ji^b). b) sieel grey generally with l£l£», pi. 
f. ellipt. steel grey eyes. 

)i&1 pi- \* rt. t»J. m. music vocal or 
strînged; revelling. 

J^-iOj Or ]^«J&J pi. Jr^* 3 ' m - <TMapay8os, 

aw emerald ; often with prosthetic Alep, 

Jto^T rt, woj. f. music. 

*J, }Jj pi. ^3), JwJ m. sort, kind, way, 

method, manner, jt^w? Ui a Az?wZ of vrine; 
)La2kl wi ifo wa^$ or customs of shepherds; 
J3i JSt of various kinds or sor^5, divers, 
different; UjJ ji*S m£, ofevil ways; ia**S 
woiGj) his uncked habits ; ]^) u&Msx* chastity ; 
gram. mood, jţcfaft — jaioloo Jjj iAe indicative 
— imperative mood; U^*îs^d lf JoMAe infin- 
itive mood. With preps. JJjo 6y way o/, tn 
i/i£ manner of in some way, metaphoricaUy ; 
Jijlaj UjJi 6y a parable; Ui lu\S inwhatever 
way; JJI«< Uj^ tw another fashion; ţ& *La 
+pf in some way or other; JJ^aa % aZZ 

means; )J) y^j see JJ^/C Derivative, Uuj. 

Jjj fut. JjJj fo commit whoredom once. Pa. 
uJ) io <?o a whoring habitually, commit forni- 
caiion; to accuse of prostitution. 

ţ %*Sat) ]LÂ>) pi. J— Pers. m. a basket,frail 
of figs. 

\^1 m. the noise of a chariot, of arms, of 

Jţj?, )p) m. sleeves or maniples worn by 
Jacobite prîesta and still worn by theChristians 
of St. Thomas in Malabar. 

]^j > a tumour. 

Jf, Jtff f. J&ff or Jfcjf pi. m. ^î f. J£tf 

rt. [ii. afornicator, whoremonger, harlot. 

Jlct^î pi. JtaUÎ ri JjJ. fornication, whore- 
mongering; J&J£^> JloU/> bodily fornication, 
opp. ) Ş'- '»<=>« 7 fornication of the soul which is 
JLal»t£ sorcery and JLL>Â M> . S f JLofria* 

DJl m. JOjJ f. only pi. ; frora .}. various, 
diferent, of many sorts. 

jx> j fut. «&cu>jj, inf. *ojJ^ io $Aoo£ an arrow, 
io /mrZ, sling, hence to cast ojf, out or away; 
to bind; ^t»? ^& wJ^oliji JU ca^i me not out 
of thy dwelling ; J*cu? Uo^H woj-f^ *ajj A^ 
hv/rled cmd cast him into the furnace of fire* 
Derivative, Uuf* 

\Aj\ or \£/) m. a) xt. oii), a bit, bridle* 
b) (ayx 7 !) long boots. 
Sfcj; see %.ol. 

Js^J^a^î rt. A-V>, adv. angriîy. 

*c^i, Jic&kf pi. r 5c^j, ji«L^l m.; U>c6k», 
)l f i<x^j, pi, ţiîd^j, Jl^>cu^> f.rt. ;JM. adj. 
ZfiiZe, Zess, hasts small, feeble, short; younger, 
junior, opp. ţa|; icil^jf ip^£ a very smaU 

affair; itx^j^ ^y )>Loîx considerable wealth; 
io^j c*t$ Ji^î a wry ZfiiZe while; i&^t 
)r<yj,a&.,>o» of feeble faith; \J>&S Jckj cZe- 
sponding, discouraged; \11'Â2>, J&aacij* ia^j 
«Aori, yowng; ]îsii'co.? ^Ii ^S rery yotmg; 
]>q^.J oj£» At« youngest son, PI. jfe&>, opp. 
)J,I^; jfcCIScu^) i^i» soonafter; J&»c&.J&m 
^w? words, in sJiort, brzefly, concisely. Metaph. 
inferior, low, base; J&SclX) tkingsofnovaltce. 

hsZU<&KJ rt. ;^j. adv. a ^'£ffe, feMy, in 
a small degree. 

]lotd-Xj rt. ^. J. f.feumess of years = youih; 
feebleness; ^^J ioiabk) fainiheartedmess; 
Uo> ioicuxj failing breathj <*Lo*a^j wy 
feeblmess = my ^e5^e 5eZ/. 

Uict^j; see J|«J^I« 

^JUicL^I rt. tJS.>, adv. briefiy^ moderately, 
a very Utile. 

î Paîpel conj, of ^ol io 5ÂaAe, &c, 
J rt. âJk). adv. angrily, torathfully. 
Jia^-wXf rt. â^|. f. fiaring vp of fire or 
anger, indignation; JlVfa^AjLa» indignanth/> 
opp. U-io gently. 

p&1, fut. yc&jj io^î^ /awfe. Deeiva- 
tives, Ui^ol ? jfcoajK). 

«•. ^ 



)&x>.VÎ rt. tt^}. f. reproack. 

A.X) Ethpe. <â-£;j( to be toroth, indignant. 

Derivatives, J^aj^oj, fc^j a u^o, jl o^v i. 

aa^J or jwkJ fut. j&cl^Jj and *o^jJ, act. 
part. &£$> lo-^t to caii, shoui with the voice 
or with a trumpet. Aph. tiL&tţ same as Peal. 

ţ*!2oio hASk|Ă crying out and saying; 
&£)Je> he proclaims. Ettaph. «o^tU?"** fo 
declared, noised abroad. Derivatives, jk- a . S .f, 

j^lo^i rt. a^J. f. a sAowi, outcry, loud 
noise, clamour. 

%JL\ fat.t£jJ, inf. i£L\& to lessen, diminish; 
to becomefew or feeble, be brought low, be redwed 
in strength or value ; with U&5 to be faini- 
hearted, despond. Ethpe. +&ţ1t to be closed, 
hemmed in. Aph. ţJLifto mahe or do lesa, 
to bring to nothing, to reduce, think Hule or 
lightly of. Derivatives, J*q-*J> k->|»a^f, 

JUfCOkJ, K~J»*0*tf, kJj^Jjtf. 

]â y U )*&*} t a bristU; cf. ]h^>i. 

*^.o*T or J^â? some, so much, so many, as 
many, such and such things; Js^I* ioo ţ^si 

so manymeasures ofwheatj £±&io ^Bf and 
so on, these and others, and more besides. 

i-31 fut. «J>jJ to stinh as a fox or goat. 
Derivatives the two following words — 

J£âT or J£âf pi, J* rt. t^J. stinking, evil- 
smelling; ULl** \î&) U&»£. foul strangled 
food of the heathen. 

jlo*3j vt ţdj, f. stinh, evil smell, e.g. of 
onions; usually raetapli. of sin, idols, &c. ; 

Jlb&J Jm£=>î? jLo*a? iAe sft"?^ of foul sacrifices. 
)M; see^T. 

Jfcla? or Jl£»} î.pitch; a bristh, \U\~\ jfc^l 
a Jwgs bristle. 

JJ>Î, JJSj f. a wmeshin, Uathern bottle. 
IJqjM or J&^cu») pi. J&Lj&j f- a cwrry- 

jâdloj pi. |^L rt. *ajs). m. a cruci/ier; 

delivered our Lord up to tlwse who cruci/ied 

J*oLcj pi. J* rt. t^J. m. texture, web, cloth, 
agarment; JJjfelâ Jjclj^j alinencloth; j»cuoj 

* ►• 

jK**^***? a scarlet vest. Metaph. a compositiort 
in prose or verse, a freatise, volvme. 

J»a-oJ pi. J rt. wJ. m. a weaver; metaph. 
one who plots or contrives. 

Jio9QJ3) rt. ^oj. f. weaving, the textile crafL 
JIqjdJ pi. Jlaii rt. JS^J. f. a groad!. 

J&sW pi iJ>U>U JJ^-d^T f. a ring to hold 
a bar or staff for carryîng a litter, the ark, &c; 
ring-shaped handles of a eauldron, bolt-rings 
of a door ; rings or linhs of chain armour. 

jÂ*Bi pi. kaJLS) rt. <aj3j. m. <Âe cro55; 

Jlcua-JSj rt. ^oj. f. a) crucifixîon; metaph. 

tJie faith of the cross, Ckristianity ; 
jleLft*5j| ^ sign of the cross; JlS-ao^ 
JlakJSţf ^oocZ Friday. b) the rising, surging 
of waves. 

â^) fut. «aoojJ, inf. <a^^ă, iraper. amj, 
act. part. v2ldÎ, lÂoî, pass. part, »a*5>, ]La*5!, 
j^ r pj a) to lift up, set up, hang on a tree, 
on a cross, crucify. b) to erect, hristle, stand 
up as the hair. c) to rise up, swell as the 
sea ; metaph. to storm, fall upon with violente; 
gram. to add the vowel Zekofo. joCsLi &&) 
\^£if*%JL J?c& God set mountains above the 
earth; ))&Jk±& *%£* ojâj^T he hung an 
earring in ilie ears; «#+m£? )U.. îv«t iau>f the 
hair ofmyjlesh bristled; )jc o ci*o a_o) a tem- 
pest arose. Pass. part. set up, hung, poi$ed> 
erect, vmbending; lifted up, lofty of waves, 
swollen, puffed up; in the N. T. crucified but 
in other books l^^t Î3 usual; gram. having 

the vowel Zekofo. ţ-*2u5f Jlij ^ y tJiey stand 
erect like palms ; "^a^gJ^ y cuX a »a^Sjf ^so 
\lL Jie who stands Jlrm daily against the 
passions ; \Jil£ I )|djtfL& sxvollen jloods ; 
)}&£) yOoihJxmZjo their turgid thottghts; 
*s&r>& } JJub uplifted voices. Ethpe. a£f 1/ to 
stand erect, be erected, to stand on end as the 
hair, to rise up, swell as the sea ; to be hung, 
crucified; metaph. to arise, be stirred tip as 
war, anger, &c. ; to surge; o*ÂJ> k&JS>ţU 
Joseph's sheaf stood erect; fcJLofu Ifc J^^ao 
a ladder was set up ; )s£Bt£ oaSf j/ 00$ were 
crucified. Pa. *a©J to make the hair stand mi 
end. Derivatives, J&cua), \&.+s>i, )i a^*o >, 

&jat 120 

ij, ]ÂJ>) rt. &&}. m. a) a stake. b) the 
vowel -l o pronounced Zekofo by the West- 
Syrians, â pronounced Zkâpâ by the East- 

«j>J fut. icuojJ, inf. -J>&, imper. »<&>*, act. 
part. ;£$, ]£o5 3 pass. part. i*Sf, )*, Jl* to weave; 


metaph. fo compose; )Jjo© y£o) women weaving 
garments; Jlţâ ;J>5 fte composes a parohie; 
ţ+ls>] )&sJ*r JL'aLi^ 2foy spin out a long 

prayer; o££ & }i*g Se formed a body for 
Bimself Pass. part. woven, textile, Jt*S* Jf=^ 
textile work, fabrics; U>c*l£> *>u£î h&& cloth 
interwoven with gold. Ethpe. -Jztfl tobe woven, 
composed, formed; ;J>?J( Jfc^â? U oiQ J> 
)&i&*%L&r within the Per son of the Logos 
was formed the robe of huraan limba; J^aoJ 
^o?)j» JL**» ^£>* music set io words. Debiva- 

TIVES, J*Oi5}, ]>Od1, Jioiaoj, )'+&L 

JfcJ>j fut. Ic-ojJ, inf. kJ>jL& 5 imper. Ic-oJ, act. 
part. fcs.3?, JfcC-ol ioprick, goad; to ştir the soil, 
dig; metaph. to vex, provoke, goad, stinmlate; 
io be urged or goaded on, provoked, tormented; 
•^£jwSL o££ Lclo) urge on thy beast; oil^l 
(jaAu envy stimulated her ; ? ujfeJ») ţ^o+Xo 
everything urged me io; JXi? ioX %<jJ fcJSj 
clo^IÎ^ ¥^£? tfiow art goaded onto a conflict 
with heretics. Ethpe. JS-£?h metaph. to be 
goaded, urged ort; to be stung, tormented; 
fco>?Jj*> jo^.r^J£Ui' uAiicL^2> he ivas urged 
on by tlie pricks of the Iove of God. Pael 
%+&j to 2>rick, wound; o££ o©« ţ^îscjoo )ţ-*^ 
they wounded him in tlie loins. Deeivatives, 

JloOj, \%Jţ 9 }hJ>U 

j&s? pi. JfcsD) rt %J*1. m. a rod, goad; the 
bow of a musical instrument. 

Jj£oj rt. &J*L f. tetanus; spasm or rigor of 

»s>j fut. c»o»jJ, act. part. o*î, M>i>, pass. 
part. ou»*>, ) — , )Js— *<> _pres5, urge, constrain; 
to contract, hold in the breath iu readingj to 
thrust oneself forward, thrust back, resist; 
ţ*£rt kaajq.X jl£.|ji£ they breathe shortly 
while reading; ©*!aX ţ*Mo oo? **£iî iAsy 
pressed upon him, thrust tJiemselves upon him; 
|ffiw$ v^^ !S^>*Î /ear constrained them; 
pass. part. compressed, compact; constrained, 
oppressed; )JL>h ty*J a torrent straigMy pent 

in,hencerap)id 3 }ieadlong; Ka-ilo Jt*^( h»*®i 

a narrow and straight path; j!s^-»'J J^f-r** 

a wei ofclose meshes; Jls.!^.!? JLaa-Jj» ^^ >) 

constrained by extreme poveriy; )%*su>i) P^ 
compact haiUlones. Ethpe. &hu to bepressed 
togetlmr, to be compact, condensed, crowded 
together, squeezed, crusîted; to be urged, pressed, 
constrained^ compeUed; to be in straits, străzi- 
ened, perplexed; )i+^s> *x> ţA&iţJ^o con- 

strained by violence; t*3j| omo^ o&>£ oi?J( 
" ^jsN all his inner organe were cncshed up- 
wards; Jf^W ţ& J®S? o>?J»& he was urged 
by the ambassador. Debivatives, U>*h U*oif, 

\J>i) rt. ^jj. m. presmre, hcrden. 

i^t fut. <^o*Jj, act. part. ^), ^|) to glisten, 
be red with wine, said of the eyes. Derivative, 

J^jj pi. Jl. rt. i^J. m. îrnwe colour, a coîour 
between yellow and red, a topaz, amethyst. 

)?>> pi. V m. a coai ofmail. 

JJ^o'if pi. JI— rt. â9 J. m. compression; strait- 
ness, distress; il^o'i)Ă in straits; yoo^Soi} 

)ll!Şk,( IK^iiia» waters being gentup in narrow 
ways; ]Is^xju9 l^ooij shortness of breath. 

jw^oiî j>1. JL rt *^i). m. a ww;6n 
ri) root not foucd in Syr. ; Chald* to gird 
on, arm. Derivatives, )UîU %>*Au$), \ioU*U 

a^*5j, J!aa*5j rt. *aif. f. compression, con- 
densatton, impeius; o*i*-^»'? \&\*+ laâ*»9) the 
constrained foree of his mind. 

]^A*ij ? )ls^— rt. oij. f. a whirlwind, hu/rri~ 


l+fi, ) , ]t vt. iii. brave, valiant, strenuous; 
ready, swift, diligent; )!£* &&» MJ valiant 
for the truth; )UH JIS? valiant conqu&rors; 
\J>l£z> w**Sj ready in handling the spear; Jîa»i 
jj^îj sioift pinions. 

V-J.J-* J rt. li|. adv. valiantly, strenuously, 

readily, diligently* 

Jicj-ir rt. ;>j. f, vaiiantnesSy readines8 } 


r & jîî pi, of JOf. 
^>j ; see *^f ;. 

]â+tf m. a giraffe. 



l*I|&Ji rt. »&H adv. viohntly, by force. 

JL B dS&*5i rt. &if. £ violence. 

JlsSuîl, jl&Lrt. *aij. f. violent rain, downpowr. 

ox»?J ; see ^o j J. 

%5>TETHPA.^Dif rf**o toalk proudly, struţ, 

*p3iu ^Aji? dpaewKov, yellow orpiment. 

*Jf fut. WijJ, inf. ^H&, imper. N^oif, act. 
part.^iî, Jo*iî, pass. part. ^?J, U£*îl, ]&»»?J 
to spread abroad, scatter, hence to scatter seed, 
to sow, beget, generate; metaph. to implant, dis- 
seminate, propagate; lo^ll? i+&oS&^9lasower 
ofthe words of God^apreacher ofthe Gospel; 
kaoaâ *y-> **£*** dispersed, dispersed among ilw 

Gmtiles. Ethpe. «Jiţ 11**0 ^ scattered abroad, 
dispersed; to be sown, planted; disseminated. 
Aph. •*Ărf y to farm seed; to sow. Deriva- 
tites, U±oi1, U^ff, l^o^t U JJ^>»J> UâA&i* 

sjf, U*? pi. U>1 \lUft (rare), rt. ^*h 

m. a) seed, grain, a cornfield; UL*1 %^a land 
fit for somng, but |»a£fţ lS*£ means also amo9ţ? 
£A« comfields; \lx>J*} — J£=*i? ^^ wei o/ 
procreation. b) young or immaiure offspring; 
birds* rijgy» or nestîings ; JLcUJlj }-^»J <fo 
ymng of animals ; J&f&ff U^iUhegrubs of 

bees; fc&flf J^tf focte***' tgyi. c) o? 

? k£>? £&s seecZ ro^a£, royaZ 

>A «p&ax. .* *»*Ckaoi&3 rc'avjusorw 


\j ct^iT pi. C- m. dim. of Jj&tî. grain» _pwfoe, 
cfo-y vegetables opp. IJcăs^T gram pot-herbs; the 
germ opp. Jj^iJ tfAe ew&re fi€e<2. 

]&*£.»! pi. )& P .£.9? rt. %£& f, generally used 

in the pi. descendants, family, offspring; 
u*aj? Jj&L^îJ the descendants of Noah. 

jii^iî, J&o— rt. ^if. adj. g&mrative, per- 
taining to procreation. 

&i) fut. âdtjJ io sprinkle, shed. Deriva- 
iives, U»JsuiJ, JXaduffj jl^fîui;. 

J^ij m. a s&m disease, the scab. 

^fj fut. «ooţjj, act. part. usiî, wî, pass. 
part. *i^5j, l>o*H J1£a*5j ia scatter, sprinkle, 
disperse; Jfcl&o» JjSjÎ )fc!â^ciJ acloud sprinkles 
fine drops; JloUl &91 he squandered, his in~ 
heritance; jfJLaao )Jx»9f L&'fe^ scattered and 
dispersed bows. Ethpe. uai?*/ to be scattered 
about, dispersed. Aph. soili* to scatter, e.g. 

^oi), Jl£o»1 sky-blue, blue-eyed. 

Ui, tif ? JlTiî pi. ţ*57, jîf f. a *ţxm, the space 

oue can stretch from the thumb to the little 
finger; a J1M equals ^^P )lseL^X'it twelve 

fingers, and ^>î ^*llt y make one )&&(wM& 

•:• »co^m rcSttutO ooa*» v^ft«» 




* • 


v ie. ^ (7/wrt, the eighth letter of the 
alphabet; the numeral 8, wîth ? prefixed the 

\\L pi. ^p& irreg. and rare form for \2L 
preş. part. of J*** to live. 

]LoJ£ confctr, st Loţ^ f. thichned milk, 

• *9 

clotted cream, buiter, Jl^f ]LoU Suitor ?no<:Z^ 
/rom ^oa^' miiUb; jt o aa ^» iop? ] 

&oo/c called the Cream of Wisdom. 

)5U pi. )î!^ ; see )U m. aw a6ya& 
* U* act. part. ; see ycu» and ţ**. 
\j\++ nnripe dates. 


\Â\Z pi. }SJ>« m. a) iAe rushing of water, 
hence an owse< 3 irruption; impetuosity, eager- 
ness, vehemence, violence, turbuîence; )*$yS* 
)Joooff an irruption of the Huns; \Â\S* 
jiV*^? tliepassims or </w turbuîence ofyouth; 
JI^J»*? JaJJI turbuîence of the wicked; \&\Z^> 
impetuously, hastily, vehemently ; with oscu 
or ^aa <o rush in or w|M, io hasten, to do or 
#0 eagerly; o»lotw? kk»J} ţ*» ^ J&W ţ.* \ , o» 
eacA hastens eagerly to tjie land of his tnherit- 
ance. b) a cock-crow, )J^*^ Ji^? w*» ^*^ 
ai ^acA cock-crow. 

wi>JJl or ^s)^i coli. gnats. 

\ilÂ\Z, \)*J)Â\Z> adj. from Jâ)»*. vehement, 

]i]Z (♦*) pi. T; see «»U. 

fcj{»U» rt. &. sAv.freely, of his oum accord ; 
with JJ basely. 

]Xo%\Z or JlcuJl rt. *L. f. a) freedom, liberty 

opp. ji 

servitude; the being free-born f of 

gentle or noble ewtraction; raetaph. nobility 
of birth or mînd, good breeding, good manners, 
politeness, generosity. b) continence esp. the 
period of widowhood to be observed before 
re-marriage, )lo>£ o^ **;jjt ^ZvT ]; <*> - £ 
a woman after her husbanxTs death s/to2Z Zceep 
co^meni for ten montJis; ©»lo»JJl î^jj^jj^ 
a woman who sells her chastity. c) JLoijJl 
\*&jţ power over oneself; Ji.^*? Jl'otJJl usually 

ellipt. freewillş jioi)"^. Jl^L Jj God w'ZZ woi 
compel freetoill; Jd «Zio J?om»? *oo»lo>|Jl^ 
<^,Ni* nought can subjugate the freewill of the 
rnartyrs; JLofjZ? ]L'o& voluntary death ; with 
o or ţ^ o/ ft& o«m accord, wittingly; 
w^jo JJ?o »co*Lo*Jg3o oftlieir own accord and 
without coercion. 

fcJ)JLo»JJl adv. rt. &.freely. 

w9^ > U»)J1 f. jkLjJJI or \&\Z pi. ni. ţ^i>JJl, 
ţ+i\Z or ^J*U emph. ]îU f. |UU rt. *I. 
free, tcell-bom, noble > afreed slave; ZT po^âo/ 
iAe #ar& of the free, J£*L»l^ Jiis 
JIjJJL iife raises sfcves io ifo dignity of tJie 
freeborn; \J*?UZ* kx^-^aL*. seZ/ empire; 
Jl£**JJIo Jit*Z* )ţs\^2> in frank and open 
language; f. a mistress, a lady; Ji»).- KjJ 
noble ladies; IŞ^ZU )jJ-H i±£ site was freeborn ; 
++Î[Z & 1?£.V ^ Jfa* w#<Z ass; pi. emph. 

nobhs, primea, men of rank; ]'i\Z & is con- 
stautly used for fc#f}--. 

]il*5)ui pi. )fcli5)-i f . a ditch, trench, canal; 
a fosse. 

<sJ+ fut. ocuJ, act. part. o U, U-l pass. part. 
and pai'ticipial adj. ^. S™ and oo-, J , )*■ 
to be kindled, set om fire, bum fiercely; 

Jfoj the fire raged in or anzongst; 

V 1» 

ÎS^* tsi^ ^« j*QJ 7*^ ^^^ ^i io it from beneaih; 
ofcla b t ^- ? - )2^^c^^ coaZs are kindled at it. 
Part. c**£** glowmg, shining, whitehot; <*+2u + 
loved } beloved, dear. cherished; a friend } nea/r 
relative, c^mSu *+( \£*s%L \J&j he was dear 

to him as his oion soul; 

^ V 


by nie. Pa. &&*» to Iove vehemently, embraee 9 
caress; to keep warm, cherish aa birds tbeir 
e gg s \ ) ?t**^ Q^^L they embraced each other. 
Ethpa. *skLLt( to be beloved, cherished, em- 
braced* Aph. **Z( fut. c^JJ or Cfc^J y inf. 

«Ki or ciiM.v, act. part. 

*)j£ or 

•?i r 

io kindle; to Iove; ţ**^ •!. .o^*.r? that ye 
should Iove one another; cJl&? ^a^o tohoso 

loveth. Ethtaph. eZJXl to be loved, beloved; 


)A*»L^j» )o£i% beloved of God. Derivatives, 

JL 3 m. s. of o cu*. 

m» or )o^ pi. JaZ m. a measure = T \ of 
a drachm. 

JoocJl pi. ii- rt. aL. m. anything quickly 
set cm fire, toithered leaves or twigs, dry stîcks, 

ţlâo^y» m. rt. ^w. mixture, commingling, 

J9C12J* m. smo^e, steam; uaetaph. ^j « 
^lioQuii iAe fumes of ihy wrath. 

U-a^-i, jj£*.CL^i rt, Ad^. containing, com- 

prehensive, convincing. 

U,arw pi. }Xg^w m. apple, peack. 
îs-JjIo^w rt. AâM. adv. comp&ndwudy* 
^oam , Ua,osm pi, Jll rt, oi^au*. a) a $%e, 
blockade; imprisonmmt ; with &**£ written or 
understood, a prison. b) a burrow, covert. 
c) the life of a reduse; life in the oloist&r; the 
cell of a reduse; with W> the dwdling of a 
reduse; U*,cuw? Ijttâtherukoftfoclwstered 




•* s* 

*7i ? 

Kjfe; OM^oa**? ^>r^ls3 he opmed ihe door 
of his cett. d) metaph. distress, straitness; 
\J+JL0 uă/ K ^î Jli oa** distresses for Ohrist's 

\\£ m ^r>L pi, Jî," f. an endosure, cloister; the 
ceU of a reduse; a prison; a stronghold; 
JiV"? ) &»- ^ L the doistered grave; *o« 
o»]£ji»a£w )f lN>v ^ £fo compression, i. e. for< 
confined vapour, o/tâe cloitd renâs it. 

^Ju* fut. ^oâj 1 , inf. ^i^, act. part. £iw 
]^sJL, pass. part. £>^*» ? \— > )^— ^ &#** dmmi 
like hail, io cudgel, batter, with o of the in- 
strument and^£>; Jo« ^.^** J*^ '? Jf*^ 
tâi Aoe7 <jf wrath beat down; *%£» \&*Z* «o 
o£ JL beating her breast ; Jf^^- &*2"*f K*=>»£ 
a vineyard beaten down by hail; ^-^** l*&*a 
beating rain, viohnt rain; to thrash corn, olives 3 
walnuts ; to match away as a torrent. Ethpe. 


Pa. ţ£^ 

to go on kicking or beattng the earth ; c+£ 
)j£*J) |j[^Si he dashed the jug to the ground; 
fc#o*a^^J )ooj V^t-y he kept kicking his feet. 
Etapa. sJsLtr to be thrown down Iwadlong. 
Derivative, l^- 

l^A** rt. ,V^- m. a beattng, eJiaking, ]I^»3! 

* r 

: see 

^ ŢţJL.X?! r t. ^. adv. kindly, ajfectionately, 


)V<xaJLL rt. *aJL. f. hveliness, pleasaniness. 

tsJ^-3** rt. ^" adv. confusedlyj witlwut 
order; gram. contracted. 


> < - 

rt. 4*2**. f. commmgling. 

jjffjŞto&w fem. empli. part. of ^>a~ = subsfc. 
iferf rfcA w twisted; metaph. o>&^*£**ţ J[iî£ 
£%g ro/>es or snares of his pervwsiiy* 

)L£- rt ti^, m. et sor£ o/ oaAe made of 

flour and sweetened wine or honey. 

\_X\ *5u* rt. .a«*. adv. having ihe vowel — . 

\&L+, HVttfto f- carded ioooL 

ttkj Â% f* } }ff>-"r- m. a prisoner; a reduse; see 
under aa« Peni. 

jta**&«* rt. »*^*». f. beleaguering, siege; im- 
priscrwtent; the life of a reduse; i 

4 «* 

* r 

J^*!** £&e s%e o/t/t6 c%; JL p o*aS*.5 )& £ .»» » 
a city prepared to sustain a siege. 

]l++2k** m. a reduse, a monk seduded in his 
cell; cf. **^** under *^j». 

)liu^ f. a doister; a reduse; eee a^m. 

J&JLi or )tJM>5*i f. a liquid measzwe = 
Hcb. 6a^/i, about 8 J gallons ; a wine-cask, huit; 
jl^ ix» )|C*â*î aw empty buit, 

yiLi fat. y^jJ, act. pait. ^i, U^», pass. 
part. ysi-, |L S lîs— ^o mea;, m%Ze esp. of 
dry things ; ^o jom, timfe in intercourse ; <o 
confuse, eonfound esp- of confounding the suh- 
stances; gram. to join letters, wrîte «w;o letters 

or words together; ]fţZ& 1^4» aa ^* ^°^ ^ es 
c/o* mingled; [Ăx£* 6£i -o» ţJta£ sfee «iia^ 
among the croivd; \U£* lS-a^Â*» ^ *5 J^&-> 
^e $ow/ w/ic« i< is wc» fongrer mtased wp with or 
uniirf «o Atf body. Ethpe. ^-l/'pass. of 
PEAL 3 with o or wiLj uaa-U i m^ş of ţ^; ft 
fAe iwo substances were confownded. Pa. ^ 
io intermix, confuse; U»J!o ^v<^ y z*Lx> he 
confases one affair with anotlier; ULilţ U^^ 
^ ^v> the colour of ihe earth is a mingled 
colour. Ethpa. yLLt} to be interTnixed, con- 
fmnded, amalgamated. Debivatives, U^-j 
Ud^*, J^J^a^»*, jloruiWj ki=>cw. 

\Â-L^ rt. **a«. m. conibination. conjunction, 

mingling, mixture. 
*%>L» fut. "^siL-J, act. part. 

pass. pari. %a1«, \L, Jj^ — root-meaning to 
twist, writhe esp. in the pains of childbirth, 
to be in travail, to labour in birth; metaph. to 
be twisted, permrted; to conceive in the mind ; 
to be pregnant, ftdl of consequence ; «2» U**W" 
i3Sflj&& j t^A ; the travailing one toas near 
delivery; oJ^^i VÂ-! t -^ om of per- 
vertea mind. Pa. ^5bu=Jl a) to travail, be in 
j)ains of childbirth) labour io bring forth; 
metaph. J!$&%££ |iix a doud bring s forth 
rain. b) to twist or falsify a rcckoning; to 
spoil, mar, corrupt esp. to corrupt a codex by 
mistakes, a place with herepy ; Jj*5 ^a^5 
)5l§ h.'&kZ-x* hailstones spoil tMfruit; )i»Z* 
)1 a^ ae marred wine; %aL ^ )i^5? ^^i ^ 
^irf not breah tiu seals of the septdchre; *%&L 
vm*Jk * J$ he corrupted his compassion — 
cast forth all pity; with \J^£> to pervert a 
covenant, make. it useless or void by false 

T. 9 





teaching, JtoîUj q^slm i. e. Mscoie+a they 
corrupted those countries with false teaching. 
cf. below under d; otii^i VxIîc one of 
corrupt opinions = a heretic; )i-wv» JJ wn- 
corrupt. c) to become corrupt, depraved, *%&L 
Jll^\x&. to sin with a woman. d) to destroy, 
to spoil, ravage with o, bring destruction upon 
with ^C, said of war 3 famine or pestilence ; 
io ravage) devour, tear as wild beaats ; ^a— >j ? 
JIqjLJJ» — ULi\J± to ravage, make havoc in the 
land, in those countries; P&i^S. o££ Is l^sw J> 
Jerasalem wlien she had desiroyed those of her 
own household; c**&J "^oJl he desiroyed lwm>- 
selfi Kthpa. ^£Li( a) to be formed in the 
womb, be broughi forth with travail; *$-^m 
♦i£*i{o^iJlUo he was eonceived and broughi 
io the birth and broughi forth. b) to be cor- 
rupted, corrupt, esp. with heresy; jiV*i«L ^*£ 
o^>JLLl( they were corrupted by laxity oflife; 
v ooisSJL 'jsh> p\4\Ll\i **i£*( those who have 
hst tlieir reason; jioL»*©* ^"^iLUL/ ojoo* 
his mind was pervertea from thefaith. c) to be 
destroy ed, jja;^a by lightning^ Jioua by fire, 
l^al a^=> in tlie sea; to be depraved. Deriv- 

ATIVES, JUL, UL, h£, Ui~ } JUdL, U&*, 

"^iw^ jlsw pi. ţi, \1^ rt.^^*». m. a) a cord, 

rope, line, noose ; esp. a measuring line, hence 

a portion of land meamred out, a portion i 

allotment, tract of land ; fl«w r> *XIm he was 

hung with a rope; ot£=*L o»SI^ m>\ o£&x«.d 

he destroyed the destroyer with his own noose/ 

©♦ioi^I? Jl^I* the lot of his inJieritance ; JL llaJ» 

one portion of land ; U*k! \^ coast-land, 

maritime district, b) a line, row, series of 

persons or things ; ),?ĂA6 l^şo/^iliw \"\^ 

seven lines or climes; lootof Jl^L a line or 

row ofvinesj *||>a ^â^ JlSil jliki J&i*a 

fonfe which jly in lines or straight fiights in 

the air; IXc uâLi f — JXijţ JL^L ^7te Kn« or succes- 
or 6 9 

sion of propheis; ^& ooo» ţ,»âNco j»cu? Jlii 

»oo*X^cua /tne* or rays of fire rose from their 

jl^, )&J>L pi. m. J^, f. %L, vtr%*~. 

a destroyer, avenger; a corruptor of youth; 
adj. rapacious, devowring, destructive; JSJŞ 
^m rapactous tvolves; |mă*<** mrmv- 
<wot«5 animals, JV^S» Jfc^iS fezrd!^ of pi*ey. 

JU-i pi. 11. ri%^w. m. usually in the pi; 
thepangs of trnvail; jli^l? I^ig ^ sorrow o/ 
^ra^'Z; J^dif ţik^ or J^.1 uiiiH «Ae ^W/^ 
pangs; metaph. tiwpaim of death, of Sheol, 
or any great pain ; Jfcliw?! \s^L thepangs of 

*%>k~, }K» pi. \L rt. %a*». m. corruption, 
hurt, harm, destruction, desolation; adultery; 
Jl^** U? incorrupted, incorrupiible, immortal; 
incorruption ; JLA-* ^? \\2L immortal life; 
jLL** JJ? ^o.aa ,J1jL*^ ţ*i>.9;Jt*» they are soum 
in corruption, they are raised in incorruption; 

^cm mayest rededicate its buildings after their 
defilement in idol-worship. Interj, woet de- 
struction! »\ to^au» woe unto me! 6^^ ^ Z 
wOfioj? woe to Edessa! 

ţ^u* not used in Pe. Ethpa. ţiwtf and 
u&*mL{ to be slothful, lazy; to hesitate, falter ; 
j|o^ ^x^r.ts^f .c&ot <Aey w?Ao are slothful 
in thismatter. Derivatives the three follow- 

ing words- 

^i^-, ]SÎĂ*» pi. ,1—, |1- rt. 

fey, negligent; JJli 

j>- r y 

. slothjul 9 

9 9 y 

ţ-*îiA^? ^ wry laziest of all the lazy. 

fi P y 

adv. slothfully, negligently, 

JtcujJL** pi. Jt ?p £ rt. ^ ->■». slothfidness, 




imper. pa- or ^c^*», act. 

part. j&£, J^w, pass. part. ^«*, ]*, Ji^o^wsA, 

shove; to crowd togetlier, throng, push or squeeze 
through a throng, to 2>ress onward; oojo-^cw 
p S&* heep him outside, shut the door against 
him; ^ci^jj .ii hepuslies his way through; 

MiiJJ ooo» ţ^T^ *^y puslied people aside, 
squeezed through the crowd; Jo^jîsX l£&£ 
JiaVi/ p ^ a ever^ owe crowded to the door; 
metaph. topress <m, urge on, hastm, be eamest, 
eager, cmxious; ^J|i? %af AL thou art in 
a hurry to be off; a^ll? l!ixi $he was eager 
to learn; ^c*^^ ^>jL .Kxs^ri hastm to 
reiate tlmr affairs; »&ou£& J»* he urged on 
his sans, exhorted tliem; gram. to give tlie voml 
Hvasa -l . Ethpe. jiuirrefl. to t/trust, presa, 

throng; JfclaoU» l^kLlf 'she pressed against the 
wall; pass. to be pressed close togeth&r, corn- 




pressed; to endecwour earnestly, to take great 
pains; gram, to have the vowel — . Deeiva- 
tives, lr****> fc**L***» ; )^Z, Jj^— - 

\lskZ rt. -^**. m. a crowd, throng; J-aJl 
)J^m^î Uio? a ^row^ ofrobbers. 

jlsu* m. rt. r"^" a press, throng, crowd, 
2>resmre ; [cci'o ? j !i^ thronging cups = a 
carouse ; ) Am % ^^» orc account of tJis crowd; 

gram. ifo i?ow?Z Hvasa — , l^-Tn ~ ^n^ 
Hvasa, i.e. written with i* as in **S ; lIpH 
short i as in Jl'^S West-Syr.= j-sa^J East-Syr. 

Paeii ;^~ a) fo jfa? the eyes, with 
upon. b) with wjL io associate with, be 
a companion of, \*S>) JJ^oîoÎd y ..xuL ;JL-j JJ 
i/ie i&nme of tJw wicked shall have no fdlow- 
ship vnih thee. Ethpa. ^L'i/^o be intimate, 
be a companion, to ally oneself with ^. 

DeEIYATIVES, J£=w> )i^*; JloiA*», U>*-=*~- 

^, )UL f. JtU~, pi. m. )*, f. JL", rt. **~. 

a companion, comrade, fellow, an intimate 
friend, neighbour; another, the other; equal to, 
Iile; o*h>L ^>X j*j| h-*[ J* if « man hem 
anything against another; o»l V £* X l^Jg fe**S 
between one stone and another; ©C£ Joc* fc*»£ $ 
)._-^x \ ^ )f-^Tr there was noi its equal in tlis 
world; ot^L\ J>? wo»aJ^j one generation 
sludl teii it to another; rit. an alternative 
prayer or lection. an alternate chant, jM*£ 
e£iiL+Q respondvng tones; ]kl*^o»x> 

iL^L* ţi£ the fir st part and the following part. 

)IAL pi. J* m. i. rt. ;a*#. a conjuror, a 

charmer. II. a efeep jwfc, a pitfall, deep dark- 

ness; j£^o Jâ^â* precipices and abysses; 

t ^^y* J^-.XxS j^^il pitfalls leading to 

Jlol r 


rt. ;j**>. f. felloviship, bocm-com~ 
panionship^ a partnership; JJjoo»*? JLo*a« 
i&e synagogue of the Jews. 

JJiuJ. pi. JI_ rt. ;^~. of or belonging to 
partw-ers; jJjy^w Ui** swzte between partners. 

J&L* pi. jr fem. of t&», J£a& 

)&■%*» pi. Jt 5? f. a bruise, sore; JL*JLj* 
>^-2** running sores; metaph, aw err^r w 
a mânuse lipfc; Jii^**6 ).^ai )Lao full of 
blots and bhirrs* 

lut. **.CLa**J, inf. ufc^,*-o«, imper. aq^m, 

* ^ 

act. part. j t ^J^^ ^. pass.part. oiaSm^, !— , Jls— 
io shut in or wjp. a) Y=* tai or ellipt. <o bedege> 
beteaguer, hem in; to corfine, imprison with 
^JL of the pers., «gia^x jliU*!» yD M he Jcept 
htm besieged in the city; j*JL* Jîiiww^ iici»^. 

«cu/ darkness imprisoned them in terror; 

Ji*i»( 1^^£ 09A^ he shut Mm up in prison; 

QtA&ZsQ ]l+T<L\* ot+u{ he seized the vizter and 
imprisoned Mm. b) to enclose, with JJoj or 
) i^lxx^ io net fish ; metaph. a*^* woţo^jsad 

he caught him in the toils ofhis own words. 
o) with Î^Jll to shut up close, make mhjeci % 
bind; Uţoc.* îs^L o»aSu «h^m 7/-e bound Mm- 
selfby a promise. c£) to Kve the life of a reduse, 
tive the cloistered life. e) metaph. to contain 9 
comprelhend, include ; JI^ că 

ever^/ iifo sides contam an angle; JJs^ciL 

? jfl cZe&i which comprises 

*Ae î^AoZe o/ 7^5 property; J 

)kLio)J U'ţoc& i/^ ^"m Commandments com- 
prise the whole Law. f) to restrain, convince, 
confide by argument ; pass. part. a) besieged, 
imprisoned, a prisoner, ţdtliL» J^â a prison; 
J£^& aaL»? )od w;Aen ram is held back, 
denied; )J^.»-£ Js-^«1 Jg**^* suhject to blavie. 
b) a reduse who, though living in a monastery, 
remained in his or her own cell and refrained 
from all intercourse. c) emph. a cloister. 
Ethpe. ut ^ rrt,/ a) refl. to shut oneself up 9 
to remain tndoors; to give oneself to tfie 
life of a reduse; *£*»feJ? ^ jw» kooifcj 
it is our custom to remain indoors during 
the fast. b) pass. to be besieged, imprisoned; 
.^ m îl/ . ft £ nr )|* *^o ^ver?/ one who is be- 
sieged is as good as taken. c) geom. to be 
contained, induded; IcxaaL^i ^£ \ vi g *y / 
Trt^^jy y afigure is contained within its bound- 
ing lines. Aph. *A^#/ r to mafe subject, to shtU 
up. DkrivatiyeSjU-cl^**, S^-U-oa*., ^Cl^** 3 

JXo*2lL, }l^cui^ pL m. |^-, f. }i£l+abeetle; 
a leech; jfcoaoo/ jl^I^CL^a^ 6/acA- beetles. 

JJvC^ = I^qam rt. dL. f. stubble, brushwood, 
husks, dry rubbish; .jyax^k jls^** V 
o*iC \U>1* if slitbbk cmne near the fire, it decours 
it; metaph. Ua^cu? J&J* rubbishy teaching, 
state trash. 

9 )» 





.J> 3 m. s. preţ. of verb <^cu*. 

U^> pi. Js^g» m. a feast, festal day ', feasting ; 
a festal assembly, hence afair, any assembly; 
a ccmpany, a dance; )lo«I*© \^» feasting and 
mirth; liiLoi \^L a spiritual feast; K^* 
jLoâx»? ]£aJ*x£ the gloomy feasts of heatJien- 
dom; jcUţ? \^ ţjzf ^$ eL^£&irthe crowds 
of devils divided themselves into bands. De- 
riv atives, verb *s^*, A^-n^j U*^*> **^p**> 

U^L or |^» m. hedysarum alhagi, a thorny 

^ pi, Of JfcnQ~. 

*^» denom. verb Pael conj. from J^L. <o 
&e?> a feast; ţL^ooj j?JjSL the feast we 

Jla?*^* from \*^L f.festivity. 

jlcim*^* f. halting, lameness. 

^^* fut. ^.o^J io surround, go round; 

might erect walls round the cities; o» tai» **$«** 
o»-*2»J )!<*« Io o*l /<ts so^ s/aaZZ wander round 
&& grave. 

^^♦, JJ<^ also llţj-, pi. JJ^ corn. gen. 
but J&N^y a Ae» partridge; a partridge; 
Jl^lf )«^pf # brace of partridges. 

m. Ar. a cupper, a surgeon who applies 
a cupping instrument. 

Ui^fr adj. a) from ţ^», festal; &tcuiL£ 
ţ*£^Jt m ^/estaZ assemblies. b) from jfcl^i. 

Pe. only part. W^_** 7iaft, Zame 3 

P 9 y 

maimed. Pa, 

Ti y 

to be lame. Derivatiyes. 



j^M pi. )— m. a coney. 

^g* a) fut. *^*?, part. ; 
fo £a&, limp, be lame; c 
halted, limped. Participial adj. »*^*, ] 
halt, lame, criţipled, feeble; of ten usecl as a 
nickname ; J!*^* %cl^»2> Pharaoh Claudus= 
Pharaoh Necho ; with Jjuiî or JLo stammering, 
of halting tongue ; oti«u£ *^^*? jî^** a 5tom- 
mering child; metaplu deficient, feeble; Jt^*** 

otll^r icb*. too weak to carry oui his will. 

• y 

b) fut. iot^J, act. part. *^, Jt*»*» tr. io 

hinder, restrain; ţ^o 4-^Jc 

Jfciaax& that which impedes and jyrevents its 

rising; ţ+l^* ffîkj* Ujf Ş «^ H is noi 
the habits of the body which hinder. Ethpe. 
;^Lft*t/ a) to be or become lame; metaph. to be 
or become feeble, be imjwded, fettered; u^t( 
woioo^o he was fettered by his sins; ^o 
ţ-I^lJis.» [rkl )ţa&> they are Mndered from 
good works. b) to stammer, have an impedi- 
ment in his speech; U^ii? o»]^\j2> ]i^*îs^ 
his speech was impeded. Pa. *^# to lame, 
cripple; to impede, fetter ; tohaU; ©?£^? J-us 
natu/re which Jiath denied motion to it; a 

he prevented his entrance; ot 
jLoyJ^k. he fettered freewitt; ^aD^J^j y 

those who still halt between two 
opinions. Ethpa. *!^*t/ tofall lame, be crip- 
pled; to be stopped, checked, impeded; ţ+o«# 
♦^*m Vil &•**£? the serpent which on account 
of A dam was deprived of feet ; *^o (^ţ*V^& t^ 
oj^so a dog when it is ordered by its maşter to 

stay still. Aph. «^g*^ a) to lame, to restrain. 
b) to be lame, feeble; metaph. to stumble, waver, 

be unsteady; loX Jj^d fr^*a& rmture is im- 
potent, restrained from; »oom>I» ^i *^**& 
}aăaj3 halting on boih knees — doubly irre- 
solute; o ;<^» ( J IşXiIa ai they stumbled at the 
Eesu/rrection, were not firm in tbe faith, 

Jl£^ pi. J^^ (uncertain) f. the shrine or 
fane of an idol ; K^~* \^> ^Z^L t ă when 
they make feasts in the temples ofidols. 

J&s^l* pl< Js^*» f. a thorn. 

•-L m. j^** f. a) one, each, some one, any orie; 

used as indef. art. a; JL IqlS.? )^4a/ a ^ ter t° 
some one, to a certain man: J* — +X» or *Lo — «Jl 
one — the other, each; Jţ** )ţ» f. or ţi» J+ m. eac^, 
ewry, everyone, several; ţH^D m., jţ«*^o f. 
e#cA one severally, several; ) ţ** ),^."%n^ zw eac/t 
andall; ^ix£> JL JL each ofyou; *& )t« )t- 
JfcLo^ )^ t i ,i .U»r ^ J^^i each 
one of the several gates was of a single pearl, 
Apoc. xxi. ax, b) with preps. JL=> JL each 

one, one — the other; J^j single, singular,' 
)i*^?© •-•? JJ&^s» verb of the singular and 
of the plural; \jujL Jţ*,j one-eyed; ,i? JL of 
each other, of one another; J&, J* oneanother; 
JL ţ& JL one from anotlier; 







**» y*_x ţ*» one towards — one with — cmother; 
]*— JţA* "^«i. separately, particularly. c) +L 
with a number aud o denotes double, treble,&c, 
)&2*{ ]l^ JfcCbs© a double portion; ţ+'*l +L or 
^Ifcc* tLdouble; \&>i\£ JLfourfold; )&*&*£ 
sevenfold, seven times. With ? or ^» before 
the number, a jpari; ^i>i|£ or sd*ifţ& )l** 
a fourik part; )+*> ellipt. for *£j Jţ«*, is used 
adverbially with o or X mice, e.g. Jisj^ Jţ** 
o/ice a year; J^wJo — )£** or ţlUlTfo — ]£** 
firstly — secondly ; cu^t^ J**» °^ c ^ *** fe& 
ihousand times; ]***£ ai owee, directly; }IjJ* 
i&\ && k in one word; ]*** ^» offcener contr. 
j**oo directly, immediately, suddenly; j Jţ*^ 
as soon as, ai the same iime as; \,^dn JL hoio 
nvueh more, how much rather; t+hZ \tt\r> JL 
how much more; )j U&> ♦*• or J£*«u* Jjbo •!• 
Aow; mwc& Zess/ |>vnl *L or )ţ*> seldom, some- 
times; u*£fe*j^£ loftV£ «Jl «i is rarely found. 

U****, JtcuJţ-», ♦aoJw, )>•—, J^cu., verb 

]*** or i^I» fat. )***?, inf. )***-&, imper. wZ*», 
act. part. )ţl> } ilj*, jî^LlL intr. /o be glad, re- 
joice } with X over or ai; io welcome, entertain 
with o ; \££ uT^L j/Zad o/ foari. The imper. 

and infin. are used as salutatioi}a=x a *P € ? X a V €iP l 
*£$ 4*7*» hail, maşter; .p^o o*— rejoice in our 
Lord; J UoĂN greeting; o^£ ^owoli Jjl wZ~ 
i^ow s/iaZ^ noi salute him, shalt give kim no 
greeting. The act. part. is often contracted 
with a pron., \jZL I rejoice, ^*ZL we rejoice. 
Pa. «ŢL £o gladden, make glad, rejoice trs.; io 
felicitate, congratulate; ţS^^cf «^o* cawses 
of gladaess; ©j»ojojj> «ZI* /Te wzacZe ptfad w/iA 
ffîs %M Ethpa. «Zii/ io 6e gladdened, 
made glad. Ajph. J^+( r to gladden } f^S* f' r ^y 
rejoicing the heart. Dekivatives, )o^ 3 J1o#-** ; 

w^tţ— = wo^ )L# f. one only, once. 

M>J1 or Jo«^ pi. JZ. m. only lexx. chicory, 
cichorium endivia* 

UJL& J+ Sunday; for special Sundays see 
US+oţ, Jlţ-, jfcs^i^, &c. 

jţţ^i from fL. each other, one the other, one 
wiih anolîter; ]*J+9 of one another, of each 

other, mutual; J?U? )%£J^ brotherliness to~ 
wards one another. 


o*» or ooim« contr. of oo» *** m. one only, 

Jo JL const st. io +L, with suff. i p, %+hoJ+my 
gladnesSy with the other suffixes it is regular, 
»loJ» i% ioy> &c; eraph. JioJl, pL JiolL. 

m. and f. rt. )+**. a) gladness y mirih, joy 3 re- 
joicing; amerrymaking^festivity^dance; JJJoîb 

Jio^j brave apşparel, festal raiment ; joJ^"^o 
înnN JoojL all joy be with you; \£& loţi 
joy of heart; JioJl U^? jîs-Z— u aS Î ^S^ 
)Laa^k o»^Jx\, /iae'Z «o ^7iee, joy ful one, who 
barest the joy of the whole world. 5) subter- 
ranean granaries, pits for storing wheat or 
barley ; |^o 1^*1 l^^^p Jloiil under- 
ground stores and 2>its of wheat and barley. 

I^pţ»*» pi. J^ Ta. thefriend of the bridegroom, 
best man, maşter of the ceremonies at a wedding, 
a wedding-guest ; JLo1^a&; \îmxsJLx>o l^o*-** 
the guests and attendants of the wedding- feast ; 
m^o» JJot^jJ woia^pî-" i^ guests of the 
Spiritual bride-chamber. 

J&^p*j* pL jlil— f. a friend of the bride- 
groom, esp. $Ae women who made Jcnown to His 
disciples that tlisir Lord had risen; ojl^oZ**^ 
Idjiâo *m1 Mîn-I»? As an^eZ beheld thefriends of 
the bridegroom. 

jloU f. Ji'ioU, pi. m. 1* f. )L", rt. »,-.. a 

vagrant, mendicant; }foJ* ls^£ i^e beggars 
dish, the name of the constellation otherwise 
called Corona borealis. 

jr>Oţ^ a) see above ; 6) a door-hinge. c) a 

LoJl constr. st. of Jo»-*, emph. st. )io«^. 

IIjIo^ vt. J«-*. toăjtjoyful, glad. 

\J 9 fZ+L m. pi. )&j^«I» f. pi. from *L. a j^w 7 

a veryfew, some; )^om Jj ^^^X t< fs granted 

to few; Jîs-oţt*^^ m a /etc instances, in some 
few cases. 

i*Z** ; see verb ]#-*.. wlL Pa. of the same, 
io gladden, &c. 

Uyi pi. JJ^i or ]Lo^ m. i/w breast; jfclXoVj» 
)o^/^4^ ^-^ o^f*^> iA^ Virgin bearing on 
her bosom tJts Son of God; UJ1 pi or l^a 
« breastjylate. 

kU.-U» 128 

H& J&£ pl. m, %£, f. j^, rt. IU 

glad, cheerful, joyous, mirthftd, tnerry; of ten 
with \jk& heart. 

k^\£J+ rt. )+**, adv. gladly, cheerfully; with 
£o w?eZcowî«, <o receit^ hospitably. 

f. rt. ***. solitude; union i untty ; 



* P* 


P < 9 


jls^jus jl'cuţ** natural union as that of the 
element s; J loiale» \£<£+l+* unity in action; 


* - s ?*. ^ 

fco& JJ j If cu* ^a* inexplicăble unity. 

y t 9 

ţj-»** contr. for Ju* »-***»• we rc 0°^ ce > see 
Jm* act. part, 

jio^Z** rt. iţ*>. f. S^wp' surrounded; io»*»*» 

UZi conte of Jo/ Jli / aw glad; see J***. 
fcsljuţw rt. Jl. adv. singly, singularly, with 
special lionowr ; in the singular number. 

?* \9»9 1 |ft p fi**P* » . >* 

w^, U>*~ pl. m. J , f. J^***, rt. ♦-. 

singular, gram. in the singular number ; uj*** 
Jciof having only one vowd; U^â îsU*** 
monosyllabic ; Jjculo uJ^ follounng the same 
rufa. Metaph. unique, ]o« Uî£** Jtcu»^ 
cni^J? he icas singularly esteemed as a j)hysi- 
cian in his time; \Ho il!o*** those wlw assert 
that there is one only natwre in Christ = 

jLop*jţ*» f. from Z*. oneness. unity; singu- 
larity, the singular number; \lo£L( r \±*q IcujL* 
the wfhity of ilie Divine Nature; JJus Lo*jţ*. 

the doctrine of one sole nature in Christ, 
Mon ophysitism. 

*-*• m. j»m,2K»<» f, comp, of J+ one and 

ten; eleven. 

fU* fut. *o**jJ and u*J, imper. io***, act, 
part. îJL, Jn-i, pass. part. ;-»!*», )', JL'. a) to go 
round or about, to encompass with o or ^. ; 
iocîjb jo« il-i fo wmt about in the market- 
places; a^»\ »*■* Ae groped about, spied all 
round; ij* J* all round, round about. b) to 
surroundj beset,vrith J^tus fo besiege; ^SS - jlY 
o*> Jlo &e cawe against the city aw<£ &ese£ &, 

c) io 6e^y ka.j*i£ o££ î+L he begs his bread. 

d) with another verb, again; ^<£âoJ u+*j let 

him come round again. Pass. part. compassed, 
surrounded; JJjsq-S Jt-Z-* surrounded by 
waier; &£L y-I«? l*»cua i/^ villages lying 
round about; with Jj>£o2> or J^^o ţ& SeseiS, 
besieged; jLJl ©>ik ;-»!** co-m2>assed with armies. 


Ethpe. f^*#ir^ &e Z^0wd o/. Aph. u^ r to 
enclose, Io make go round, to set a wall or hedge 
round, to encompass with an army, guard 
round about, gird; «oo»X 9*^oc }x*) Jta p'irc^ 
iîAewi «rf<A armou/r. With other verbs; again; 

owi; o»^ ooj i+**( he gave him back 9 gave 
him again. Deiuvatives, J90«^* 7 |lfOj-*>, 

>•*♦, J>ţ*» pl. j 71 m. rt. i^.acircle; vagrancy, 
begging ; pl . czVc3«9tt/acm2 jAaces, suburbs, sur- 
roundings; x^S^lolf 6*+fl» the subwrbs of 
Jerusalem. The const. forms ij-*, «vi>M» are in 
common use as a prep. round about, sur- 
rounding, hard by; )&£ >£** im^? 3 « gardm 
adjoining the house; uJAax ^fl** o ta- sf^y 

eneamped round about my tent; <*$»*•? )Hi 
ţJ?icL <Ae country round about the Jordan. 

]lfJL pl. )Ljî^ f. rt. 9»**. a circuit; corri* 
dor; a surrounding outer wall, hence an 

oui-building \ 

L«a* Pa. tJL a) to make new, bring in un* 
authorized irmovations, new teaching, institute 
new canons, construct new buildings, &c, issue 
new i.e. counterfeit coin ; clîL \l^ls^%ţL e ft <s ş, 
heretics brought in new teaching against Christ; 
)i^L'io\^ L^oof U&^J thegools which hefirst 
constructedbeside theroads. b) to dedicate f renew> 
restore, repair, revive; \S,itoilL they renewed 
or dedicated the gates; Jl£i*.lj»f omjojw flL 
he rebuilt the walls of the city. Ethpa. l^LL/^ 

a) to arise newly, be new, recent, gain new 
strength; )**£« V t Ll( a new custom has arism; 
oiţ— M? ^ocuoj newly-decreed laws; ţ& «cu 
o»I n ,i ^\v> Jiyilioo loo» «cu his doctrine gained 
fresh strength each day; )VjJkl* )o« tlLj^S 
y> o * ^ a a* he daily grew in beautiful virtues. 

b) to rermw, restore, repair. Debivatives, 

l^, IL'jL f. 11^ pl. m . Jl- f. )U- rt . t^. 

new, recent, fresh; Jioocu* %.« Ji'Jl the scar 
is fresh/ jlf<«& il^ ? Ji^ ^ ihe new Ufe 

beyond death; jiţl» often ellipt. for uăTVJ? 
J^U the New Testament; Jl£ \£i} novicea, 
tir os; pl. f. novelties, innovations; i*&kĂ 
jU^L novelty-mongers, longing for something 





< . r 

%Z\u+** rt. 1***. adv. lately, recently, newly, 

JLotJl pi. jloiZL f. rt. L**», newness e.g. of 
clothes opp. ji»cu^w£ freshness; cjlolJLa w/^w 

& was neto; ^fco^r? J©4~£ v Loi^ ^ 

wMe owr freshness hath not been made dld by 
sin; Jl ru\ . v > iolj. a newreign, the beginning 
of<i reign; ]>om»? djlot^ *Ae «ew> moon; ph 

Ja* not nsed in Pe. Pa. wcw, imper. JaJl, 
i*&»,0(o*», ***cuf to show, make manifest, mani- 
fest; to declare, demonstrate; to show oneself 
appmr, generally with ©**&? ; <o mafe a $/tcw, 
ecchibit; to pretend, profess; to discover, to 
puhlish; J jXx& aL( «qL s&w -w$ *Ae wayin; 
]ii+ţ *jo\cu> show 7ne a 2)efmy; wa 
prove me to be goodground; ) j^oo J * r 
wfo weZ? declare that they are free = wAo «aK 
freetkem; ţâd£s*;olTţ^ )SJIjf <iio< A^ wzay 
declare^ expound, your religion to us; Jl^J? 
©££ Ja*#j» fo declares him a Har; }a^j» ) Yin 
Uo £&e wawt^ indicates tlie nature of the thing ; 
Jk^Jfcoo ]£&» «*cw **a-u* Enoch discovered 
books and writings. Ethra. *<wZ/ io be shoim, 
related; to show oneself to appear; to be made 
manifest, spread abroad; to be discovered; 
UaL&oaţ *f+r<i8 îs repoHed, related, Dekiva- 
tives, U*a-, U*d*O0, jicuucuoo, Jlucw^oo,, l^o^L 

oa~, â^ fut. oaw, inf. o^jc, act. part. 
o}*» pm*. a) to be unequal, unequally matched, 
weaker, with »& tAem, hence ^o succumb, be con- 
guered; to be powerless, of no avail, to fail; 
o*^Okj? uJLL his vÂles effected nothing; **& *sJL 
ţ* i'oikl ţUkJ / Ae VM8 conquered by a few men ; 
^oam^aLo ţj£> JjJiij Jl£^& fcsjLl human 
speech is unable to utter His praise; ţ*£LJ!» J] 
j^£a^ unconquered in toar. b) to owe, to be 
guilty; ^îao coi J^Ai / owed a myriad 
talent8; with Jfcl^aJl to commit a sin; *\ h-^'r 

I am guilty; ©££ h*££ I am guilty before him; 
iflu al ac& fc ţ^Ll JJ? jltLkâj sowfo w;/;o o^jfo not 
to grieve. Ethpe. cauHUr^ be fownd guilty, 
to beowing, due. Part. uged irapers.; |A n rJ,^y 
it is due, incumhent with^ of the person to 
whoin and with %jL of that which is due to 
Le paid or observed. Pa. âll to premii; with 

^ with or over; to overcome, surmount; to 
confute; to jind guilty, condemn; withjljoooi 
to bind over, muse to take an oatk; «ool?? 
>*ajf o^a— y oai A^ j o mae they may conquer 
and overcome the passions of the souL Ethpa. 
c^'l/ <o &e worsted, convineed, confiUed; to 
be guilty, convicted, condemned. 

ocw, \^QuL pL 1IL rt. ocu». m. a c?e6< ; esp. 
^saL jlic a creditor^ usurer. 

oa-, J»^g*» rt. *^. m. Iove, charity % affeciion; 
o©» Jeft^M r ţ^ J^cu« Zo^6 is of God; Jj^dL* 
Ji P cu*|f brotherly Iove; M»cw li? without natural 
affeciion, heartless; \Js 

9 4 

unwillingly ; 

mp frimd; witli pron. suff. 2 p. 
a tit]e of regard or conrtesy, <*icu^ imto 
thee, BeJoved; «oo^cu» dear or beloved Sir. 

%SU>&*+ rt. oL. adv. affectionately, amicably. 

Jtlda» m. gloom, thick darkness; fi^cu* ^ 

^309 )-^bk he came oui ofdeep gloom inio life. 

j^a*» rt. ^xm. m. mixture, confusion. 

Jiscw pi. ţZ, )— rt,"^su». m. a recompense, 
reward, remuneraiion, compensation, interest, 
usually with •*.&, yioj, U© or k&f ; ^3 )Ă 
ţ&*cu» ţX behold how they reward us ; oooi^ 
y££ Jlio-** ^oo^ they have retoarded evil unto 
them; *o©*cu*)| J.^^ JlScu» c^^S theyreturned 

good unto ihtir brother; l^-o?*/ )|i>cu» ^» 
I am overcome by that which I owe i. e. by 
gratitude and affection. 

9 * 

9 4 

JLacu* rt.^A*. m. corruption; destruction, 
desolation, laying waste; torment, pestilence; 
passion, adultery; )Icu oă ţ^& J-£i^L*f ILsck» 
the slaying of men by that serpent; )L^ 
J1a*©>? the desolation of the temple; JLi 
)La^> »*»^k a deadly pestilence ; J1jCa2u? )l^cu» 
tlie destruction or corruption ofsouls; jlaol* 
jl'ţjSo comcptions in tlie Ghurch; «oo^ UxJl^o 
JL»cu^ )lJ»cw^ it transmits the passions to 

îs-4.uacu* rt. ^L. adv. lovingly, amicably. 

}is^^L pi. )1^— rt. ocu,, f. a ^fi6^ pi. dues; 
J^cxi J^fc a creditor; o£& t e i ^ *, «H^oi 
he forgave him the debt; metaph. ^wa7i, sin; 

(^•, (^ act. part. t^ki) )^^^> P as9 - pftrt- 
ff> describe or f/ra^y a circle, hence <o 



encompass, go about; ^Z o»&q*»&»£ P^ 
t*£oio the sea is encompassed and bound in its 
Urnit. Metaph. -with \1L& to stammer; with 
*j*> to avoid, stand in awe of, hold in reverence ; 
io refuse from modesty, be modest, retiring ; 
«ioiliJjso *j2s Mk he revered his virtue. Pa. 
ţiSa aJl to surround. Dekivatives, )^ţ^*, 

Ia^tcu* m. pi. idol temples or shrines. 

l^^L* pi- J— r ^ «^a?-*** m - a târâie; i^pu* 

juLlo? spiritual circîes i. e. angelic choirs. 

JI^cw from )^j*. fiii ihe celebration of a feast, 
festiva l~Jceeping . 

Jîs^ci** pi. J&^cu* rt. (5:50^. f- a compass, 
circle, orb; halo round the sun oi* ihoob; 

>l?'|JĂî JfcUţ^ tkis encircling ăir; J> Ji©#i» 
]]^i^Lcu* )»:*-£ £7i€ moon when itforms hălos; 
|w^B> fc**L<£* $* «iVcfo of tlie firmament 

Jljfcl^cu*, JfcCJ rt. <î^u». adj. or&edî, round, 
spherical,)}^^^^ J ta**^jfc, a curved surface, 
the plane of a sphere. 

j?cu» pi. ]* m. a *!*ara, head-band, head-dress; 
[â'SjS** )?Q*» o V Ae wnm a maîc&r of regal 

]*jcu* pi. ^ 3 J* rt. i#-M. m. a) a circle, cir- 
cumference; globe; j»9cu* w^.aîo the entire 
circle; Uj'c^ }iţd£** the meridian circle; Jtfcu* 
|I*w brazen circles for takiag observations of 

the heavenly bodies ; 

? ]*?o— 2Ăe whole 

world; \SajL) or ţ»*jisx*, J»?a** iAe circle or 
course of the year. b) a circuit, course, series, 
esp. $e Khudhra i. e. the book of proper 
anthetns and other variable parts of the service 
for the festivals of the year. c) a circus, 
Mppodrome. cZ) a company; l&Z&ţ ]»?a** the 
company of the saints. With preps.; j»fcu*2> 
round about; )??cu*X all round, round about; 
j»;cu*^ţ (Ji'cus tfAe circumjacent iowns. 

Jjoiţcw pi. Jl- m. dim. of ]ifcu». a Zittfe 
czrc/e, circlet. 

]^*ţj?9cu* rt. 9m*. adv. in cir cumference, all 
round, on every side, circular; in an orbit or 
course; 1S-|j*?cu» *-o£( *aff **/ abottifour 
cubits in circumference. 

ţiJtfcu*, J&j rt. *♦**. circular, spherical; 
arranged by course, revohring ; ]b**J*ţcu» |^kJ( 

&otâ f^V jf Jl?cw tâe feast of tJis saving 
»oss; MX* l?o^ or U-^ It^*. Ucw <»6 

130 J^aw 

*#oj the earth is round; ţljjiţcu» ia^( n^*-j 
jl^iA, \hS!^jC *? nt«e thousand- revolutions in the 
course of the year. 

}L{c£» pi. )t?cu* rt. l f «. m. a) a waK«^ 

new, initiating, fmmding, institution, dedi- 
cation, consecration, esp. a dedication or con- 
secration festival, anniversary festival, Germ. 
Jahresfeier; ILxJa i?cw dedication of the 
altar; jUa~? )?)-£ the feast of dedication; 


renewal of ihe holy leaven; the designation 
of a bishop ; the founding of a kingdom ; an 
accession; JJcuiif ]L|clL* the institution of 
canons, establishing of rules; a noveliy, inno- 
vation esp, of false teaching. b) r$>uiJMng, 
restoration; pi. repairs; jisufcs^D i?o-^ the 
rebuilding of ruins; metaph. renewal, restitu- 
tion, restoration e. g. to spiritual life, ylTf ou» 
mir being mode new at the resurrection ; 
JtttCLjfiJt ojl?oîi* the renewal of tJte law, the n&w 
law i. e. the Gospel ; Jl£*Z2>? Jlfeu* the renewal 

of creation; ^i^a > ^r>? or ^o? jiţcu* ^Ae 
restitution or rmewcd of all things* 

JIocu* pi. ţJocu* rt. )cu*. m. a demonstration, 

)>odL* pi. J* rt. ia**, m. wkiteness, white heat, 
tohite flame; JJ*Ji<xi jJj^s «joâX? Jioa. 
i/i^ excandescence ofheated iron stakes; 
|îoo« f/^2/ pwi ow wAefe L e. white clothing; 
chem. blanching. 

]loo^ pi. of UoZ. snakes. 

s+JL** tobe glad; particip, adj. uuă M , \ 9 9 jl' 
cheerful, ready, apt, prompt, spirited; **om 

)och u^cu**o 7w5 countenance was 

radiant and cheerful; ^JLâ*» J^ioJ spirited 
horses. Ethpa. u*oLL/^io 6e cheerful, ready, 
p-ompt; %SlUa w*oI»i( Ae z^aa mdy anei 
trustful. Deeivatives, l^^cu», Jlcu^o*», 

)^cu* m. a thorn, thorribush. 

£<i**, §L fut. ^cu*j, inf. ^o£, act, part. 
j^U, 1^-uL, pass. part. ^JL, )^ Jl. a) to sew on 
or -Mp, to stitch up, piece on, patch, mend; 
««aiL** jl©;&i£ o»c^l they sewed Mm up in 
a leatJiern coat; |J£ Iţajgţ |j3*j» j^^*^ wwd 

- *.? 

* * y 





less garmmt. b) to dig. Ethpe. ^JlU^to be 
sewn on; metapli. tojoin, conte together. Pa. 
&1L to sew together; metaph. to join, piece 
together; }\X^> Jb& ^iL^o^slZ he borrotved 
and pieced on many expressions i. e. he plagiar- 
ized; xL^aoS »*aa Lazarus was bound and 
seum v/p. Ethpa, &**»W to be sewn on or 
together, Derivatives, )^cu, l^cu, ty^* 3 

JJ^m or Uoau mu lasciviousness. 

J^cu pi. \Lm rt. ^cu. m. a thread, string, 

measuHng-line; a filei; "^^> Jj )J^^? Vl*^** 
■«^^^ a threefold cord is not quickly broken; 
J^cu* e£&.x u*l£ao cui wAo stretched the line 
upon ii ? 

\Â-£ cu rfc. &^»». m. seizing or carrying off 
by violence. 

^cu, j^cu. pL ,-X, f rfc. «£*» m. a rfa^ 
roci, sceptre; a pastoral staff; Jubw'f l^*^» 
a shepherd's staff; JlaaXij J£^cu £&e sceptre 
oftheMngdom.; jia^xioţ Jv^a** i^c^^X youths 

are the staff of old age. 

)i'*^cu f. a hump> )^4j a cameVs hump. 
w qJ* Pael conj. of j &*» ; £o show, &c. 

Ucu pi. Jloai; generally m. a make,serpmt; 
metapli. #te <ZmZ; heretics are called \i$2 ujb>. 

JoJcu* pi. JI- rt. o cu*, ra. finding guilty, 
condemning ; condemnation ; J^i cu» julU f 
i^ jooj t#7ta£ condemnation shall there be? 
^^L t j^iAla*. fo corxlemned, passed sentence 
of condemnation. 

jt^cu» rt. ^ja*** ni. an enclosure, place of 
safety; a vezi* 

J*icu rt. **». m. a uniting,joining; jimction, 

union, unity ; \yeoA P-£? *** a**r» a£ jTA;?/ v.nion 

with fiesh ; J «4 <u ţ J L c£X * prayer for unity. 

lS^ţ*L*cu rfc. u*cu, adv. gladly, cheerfully, 
readily, willingly ; o >.a.\ &L*. ( fcw bL. 5**» 
i£DaaI|j| 2Aey willingly became subject to 
Ântiochus; ^V%n.v> ts^kL*cu «Aey gladly 

cumOm, j Ucu* cu pi. Ji" rt. u-q.«. f. efteer- 
falnesSy alacrity, readiness; o*.* a La ^-ixi» 
ţxaJ; *.©»? ) Leu* cu Ae «^ #/arf in himself at 
ihat which he might possess ; J leu* cu? ua?) 

Ho*» yglu&U* J?â LâX J*i&*£? *foy •fc»*W 

s^ore wp in <Aetr mW readiness sujficimt for 
this; a***cL*£ gladly \ readily> willingly; 
aTiftS! » a*** Li «ftey cordially assented. 

)^ia«* pi. ^_ rfc. ţ(cu. m. a patehing together, 

JUcu» from^N»-. m. strength, strengtJiening, 
help, comforting, exhortaiio n; Jil eu* ) o>ii V 


t^o^JIaoţ (?ocZ </i« strength of wwr weahness; 

]t'oa*l,^£ţ }Ucu* exhovtation to repentance. 


'? 4 

I ^ 9 y 

rt. *a**. m. a f^M bandage, comprese. 

pL J>SaL m. a weaver. 

pi cu», )^aocu* pi. 11- rt. yiru». m. a contriv- 
ance } subtilty, cunning device or comjyosition; 
pi. guiles; )bo iq^cu*^ w«<A cunningly devised 

phrases; \1ăj( U&acu* Jmmanwiles. 

Ucu» m. a com7non or unconsecrated place or 
tliing ? opp. iJLţoo a consecrated thing, and 
j^o^I» a devoted thing. 

]A\.oL or U^\cv»» pi. )— m. a thorn; 
a goad; a chisel. 

jţ^cu» pi. j* rt. t^-*. m. a «zoZe; feu^f J j&» 
jl^cu* *ţ+} r thou art blind as a mole. 

jJ^XuL rt. i^i. m. a mingling, com~ 
mingling, contact ; wieeting, intercourse^ ac- 
quaintance, intimaey ; confusion; oti^N cu 
)>o»oj p-V? )ia*uj tfee mingling oflight with 
darhiess; aa^Soij Ji^ia*» *-» l|^^ loathed 
any contact with heresy, intercourse vnth 

JJlXcu rt. wX*», w. must, new ivine. 

*^£q!m>, Jbicu» from%2£î*. m. a washing or 
cleansing ; JJj^^^Lcu* £&6 washing ofvessels. 

Jl^cu* pi. J— rt.^*». m, ajlssure, cavity. 

js^^oJ^a.A» or ]w^.JAcu^cu^ pi. ţ— m. a 

^mpiXcu», jî NnXcu» pi. )JL rt. o^». m. 

convalescence^recovery ) healing Jiealth ; *%£*&* 

Zi«/e ^Aey ZeatZ i/iem io convalescence ; jJSoo»a» 
)Jo^r}il^^vcu ^ăy the gift of all divine 



ULa^cu, %A — rt. pX*». healing t whvle- 
some t salutar y ; ^î»Xcu Yi\&ivholesomefruiU; 
JtsIiacxXcv*»? jîSOkp f€ 5ceV«ce o/ liealing 

s 2 

)f ' I 

cu» 132 

U^Loi- pi. \mm m. a cavem y a Jiole, hollow 

or cfe/i in the groand ; |;d^ ţ££cu* caverna 
in the desert; U>>i\J* \Ş"**\ & \ «X. cu» deep 

^.cu, ţa^a» pi. )— rt. .aX»». m. a) a 

change, exchange; jiuaoî? l^cu an exchange 
of prisoners; jtaa-^k â^cu» a change ofabode, 
migration. b) a changing or succeeding in 
course t )jOkf la&cJL succeeding times or 
seasons. c) the narue of soine shrub, tlhe 
unllow or a reed. d) =££**» prep. for. 

J^> cu», J -^ cw rt. Jx*». in. a sjioiling, robbery; 
a spoil, the prey. 

K&cu* rt. jxL I. m. Aeatf, sultriness; U^« 

the dazzling Jieat of the desert 

Jl^ooci** rt. aj* ii. f. a broom. 

Ucoocw rt. p*» I. m. luat; -S ţ^ Jjci»? 
ţ*»^* - paj&cu* bees swarm after hot weatJier. 

Mjqo v a** rt. > ffl*> , m. endurance, constancy, 

-ăocu*. J-sccu* rt. «*w. m. shame, bashfuh 
ness } modest?/; j-^ocu* 1Ş shameless, immodest. 

)t»cw emph. jtV»cu* or Jl»cu»** pi. 
ţ^woG**, Jsaocu* or Jliaocu* f. a Jead/ sfrme 
of a necklace; a vertebra or joint of tlie body ; 
a socket ov joint of a column ; a berry ; JHaaaL 
JţiUA* precious gems; J-** yj^j JL^cw or 
©cu* die vertebrae of the spine; «**Jttcu» 
1-4^ ifo berries of th& deadly nightshade. 

loocw pi. H. from ^*w. m. a) afifthpart, 

afifth; U^Scw ^ ii twofifths. b) the loins, 

yOw, #~*» fut. i^mJ, cf. *J*. to have pity on; 
}^*^ Isju»? grace which takespity on sinners; 
yUp^cuao o*xL the Sultan had pity on him. 

y&L show us; imper. of verb «SJ1 with 
suff. i pi. 

jJS-^Jo** rt. ^-1**. f« a mixt/are of spices for 
embalming the dead; t*o»cu^a^»f JfcL^jc£« 
>;aft\ tlte spices wherewiih tltey embalmed our 

uaoo**, «m«* fut. woscwj, inf. uxi^a?, imper. 
«acu, act. part. ux>)J», ţm*£. a) Io pity, have 

pity, spare, have regard; with"^^; ^*x «r 

.au | o*£» /^ 75TiS spared not His Son; aaocw 
^-^.-d "^.^ sp#re i% slaughter i.e. 6e noi 
slaughtered; jL^ ^Jw teoa.** şpare £&# 
^e^A. 6) to spare t hence io use sparingly; to 
refrain from with *&, ubcw )*ta^o)^ ţio 

abstain from calv/wmy ; ţaft^f »-*? Wxoi*l Z/or- 
5ear î^i . . . usw is coostantly used to express 
deprecation of evil, generally with ^ of the 
pers., God forbid, far be it from me> let it not 
be; prob. optative use of perfect ellipt. for God 
save usfrom doing such and such a thing ; 
Jowi JJ© God forbid that it should be; ^ 
far be it from t&s. Deriv atives, Jo^d 

s*i»cu*, Ucca** pi. |— from U». m. a) atone- 
ment, propitiation, pardon, remission. 6) the 
breastplate worn by the high-priest; the mercy- 
seat, hence &»cu* &**£ the Holy of Holies, the 
temple, c) eccles. ahsolution, the giving of 
absohition; I^edcu»? ixka^ the rite or office of 
absolutton; pi. prayers for pardon. 

jâ£ocu* rt. <*£cu*. m. restraint; *&f \AA a** 
tliat which you deny yourself. 

^»al>, Ufocw rt. aoQM. m. a) pity, tndtd- 
gence, lenity; ^cw JJf harsh; ţjo ţoa M ; Jjf 
ţâocu* merciless amâ pitiless; \x&>$Z> 
very pitiful. b) sparing, frugality ; 
sparingly; Z2 Jj? without measure. 

jjLxxtcu* pi. ^L. rt. ţjxu*. m. strength, defence, 
)h> i )Xc0aM»d oji-jii( ^2/ ^^^ trodden 
down in the defence of the flock ; [Locu* ks*2L 
Joi^U? Jflitfloo wwder ^ defence and protection 
of God. 

JJ^flo cu» pi. )Z- rt. wm, m. waw^, /055, Aarw, 
damage, ruin; afine, penalty, confiscation ; ex- 
perne; ^Jtacu. j<^î? ot^*.?» Iv^m ^/ear 
0/ (?od t5 no loss; ţ^ f )Jia>cu» ^âolboo 
ţixD? U>la^ #j£ «Ae «?anf5 of all of us are 
supplied by the advantage$ of all of us; 
Jjo^? jj^od* unjust exaction; *%JL ib/^ 

fooţ «^lUft wiiMCu* nor rhrl J10. rm^A a .^A«.a<i 

m y 


wor (»eZ he mind expewe. 

â<u., a-1 fut. âcw, act. part. aU, \ÂJ. 
to sprinkh, rub, chansej li^A^ ^«^nT 





^Jdcu* pi. J-L rt. &*&**- m. exkortation, 

encouragement ; jK&tl ^*&t !>£-&cu* exhort- 

ation io almsgiving ; i^^Xcts? I^âcuo 
through the imoorking of the Comforter. 

uâOM, ţl&cu* rt. )><w m. a) covering over 
or hiding; jfojxoţ Uscu* a??, eclipse of the moonj 
fcoGoj o**âou» iAe occultation of a star. b) a 
stake or yrojp for a vine ; *ar£& heaped wp roimd 
the stern of a tree. c) gram. £& passing over 
or leaving impronounced of a letter. 

li&cu* pi. ^1, £- f. properly */i<3 handsbentfor 
holding, theliolloxo of the hand, palm of the hand, 
a Timid ful, with JL» fo j£W <Ad Aand! 3 £a&e hand- 

fuls; )oâcu* Jaâcu* 6?/ handfuls; \£So U&'j 3 ) 
**o*fcjaoL=> ^ $e#2 Ae&2 together in his hands; 

rit. «c40jl3cu*X \raâ ţ& U&C&o ]t^iV aau 
the priest sAa& fo&? £fo &o<2^ aw<£ Woo<2 /rom 
£Ăe cup into his hands. 


the jyaralyzed ; -**&> )*&££ Ae strengtliena the 

weak; gram. doubled; jL'-Llx»; JLoL/' %s 

J*at9f lo^. ewry fetfer strengthened Le. having 

Teshdid in Arabic. Ethpa. -Iili/% befwmly 

bound, elosely pressed ; to be thickened, strengtfa* 
ened, become firm; gram. fo 6e strengthened or 

doubled; Lo^o+a oCw -*I*£sJ© ^ioîsJ? )i^( 

JJj;3 so tf/ia2 fes strength may become hard and 

firm like iron; )iLo»$ .o ^-iS^lşJo .o^Îsj? 

that the swift may be strengthened and en- 
couraged* Debiyatives, J^cu*, Keu*, )-«#, 

««*, _** im. *a**J, imper. *cu», act. part. 
AL, )LA, pass. part. -Jl, )!*£, Jll*2. a) tobind 

fast, press elosely, hold tight; U^a> iGu/ ^ 
|lS^**? fc»s*&ai Satan bound them fast with 
the cords of sin; o*Z.£ JL he held his hand close 
=zwa8 close-fisted. b) with J£iiS to play the 
cithern; with )!& «o toucA tâe chords; with 

Ji^i £o 6e swift. c) metaph. to compelj to 

strengthen^ grow strong; 

till he grows strong and gains health; \i 

* wn ^uMMOif 2&a£ fffâft <Ae panoply 

offaith he may make strong the preaching of 

the Gospel. Participial adj. close, dense, solid, 

jwm, robust, vigorous; swift, ptressing ; i\f 

)*r*Z dense air; jffeJcdo )t— ^? Jfc^asjo* 

ţ& solid food and better than milk; 
J-*2 \sux> a robust old man; )-»Z J^oji swift 
running; ji^J ]**Z thy combat is hard; 
\<r*Z **£^? JlS^io a very pressing edil; Jbo 

JliU^o )V^L pressing and wdghty words; 
gram. a strengthened i.e. a doubled letter. 
Pa. jaL to bind together, to strengthen; ++'Lm& 
[Â^ţ undergirding the ship; )i-J\ oJL 
yOoM»o« %J&* \J**=>* they bound tîie yoke of the 
Evil One on tJveir necks; metaph. esp. of giviug 
fctrength to the paralyzed; JJ-Jbo JL strengthen 


, )tOj^ ? Ij^mOo. 


. m. the spathe of a palm ; a palm 



rt. *s 


m. boldness, impudence^ 

frowardmess ; persistence; Ji'aLt&o \Â* * 
imţpudence and audacity ; Lcu^.(f jâ*ci^* t^l 

he checked the wantonness of the oppressor. 

uşa», &I* fut. ^o a^j, act. part. ioLm io crack, 

creak; )tcu îsa^* the fire crackled; \£iX &\L 
the door creaks. 

uşa— , ^aL m. a sfcmv J^\^ff>? Jldcw <^s 
5ie^>5 of the staircase. 

ud cu* pî. JJâaJi ra. a K«e, wrse, meaning; 
fdfiof ^ojcudom^ }p»*.>! y»»Ag> everythtng 
that is expressed in the lines of the book; Juil 
j^ls^î }£cui ii repeats the verses of Scriptura. 

icu* fut. 90mJ 7 preş. part. i cu* <o 6e or become 
white; to assume white i.e. white clothing as 
apartybadge; Jlocu «rff oio** «ojoJ^j Ms 
garments became white like light; i$JL omoL 
)6of he turned white. Pa. io& imper. i&Lto 
whiten, bleach, clean; metaph. to make white 
or clear from the stains of sin; ioJlo^^lL 
]hJ*> he cleansed and whitened garments; ioil 
b clean away our stains. Ethpa. 
i( to become or be made white or clean; to 
beblanched; to be tvhitewashed ; *>cu#io lUiL 
«Ae churches are to be tvhitewashed. Aph. *a*./ / 
ii)f. oicuoo, act. and pass. part- i^Jo, f. 
J»omu3o <o ma/ce w/itte, blanch, to cause to appear 
white ; ) $ o*+&> ? ) fel* 1^3 sidplmr which ivhitens ; 
part. adj. white, with l^;^> «Afite or pale from 
leprosy ; \^j±X m*| io-^ w/wto as 5«ow. 
Deeivatxves, Jioa*., ]^a^, J>o»cu*, Jici 






ia*., JL fut. iaw, inf. jjlao, imper. ia**, 
act. part, iji, j£*i. a) io £oo& ? behold, gaze 

with ^, **3)j or lai* to looh at, regard, have 
regard to, consider ; with o to give lieed io; 
with *^S to beware of; &*&£& «^J delightful 
to bejiold; l>a\ *^a^ !£** / considered every 
work; )Jo»vî\ Ji**i? ]&»( a w«Z£ «rfiA <m 
eastward aspect; <*£> fco( ia** ?oo& io thyself, 
be circumspect; J**io/ ij** a watchman. b) to 
Zoo& /or, eaşpeci with ace. or ^; to regard, 
concern with ^ or Idi*.; yi^wcl*, HXj£> i^** 
o»a«*v iAe 7a«# loohs for tke end of his affair; 
? *ofco/ r *-*Z*** }Jiu( 7*02# caw yow expect 
that . . . ? jo« ij-* juV i) J^-£* *w> <ww regarded 
the wJieat i. e. crops were neglected in time of 
pestilence; iiJ>i<xS joo» iLL Jwluld ia.X 
salvation concerned mankind; *«0£*ţ; jOkO^A 
cS ţ*Z*** Jj? 7*e who seeks tvhat does not concern 
him. Ape:, •***< a) to cause io looh at or 
regard; to show, direct; )%^±^L'i\S> «oo^ »a*oq 

j^LIXoQAâ t09c£j*~» yţ he wuidfe iA€m Zoo& 
towards earthly ihings lest tJiey should regard 
Jieavenly things; w6»o^£*£ ^ ^(direct 

us in God's ways; o£k ^Jl^o J^ţcu» id^» 

j&Ssaeu^ he addressed his words io the Jews. 
b) to urge. c) to see, understand; *JL» Jl 
^ii^r.rrt^o joc* Jie did not see and wnder- 
stand. Deeivatives, Jioi*, jidl, Jid**, j#— *, 

io**, ]»o** pi. ) rt. io**, m. a) sigM, a sight, 
asj)ect, looh, appearance; JiaL *V*i> a spectacle; 
J»OmLo Jooj JfcooaJ* j^â-i. his stature and 
appearance were pleasing; ) L>Z£> Jjal a bitter 
or sad sight; meteph. a liheness, model, copy, 
example; JJooZa j^LviNT? j»a** iAe example of 
the fir st disciples. b) a Iamb of the fir st year, 
a yearling. c) a cUider. d) the white poplar. 

jia** rt. ia**, m. an envious or gluttonovs 


9 Ti |£ 9 ** 

ia**, J»a**, Jl*a** pL ra, *-* , f 9 & y, ]l , 
rt. io-*, white, silvery, clear, brigM; )£*&-£. 
j>ai wr/w*^ wool; ]>Qj*-i? 6^J»â-i )ls*oo*â 

a white or whitish spot; JU'a«£ U^aof t/;7iefe 
ro6^5. Special meanings: a) jfcoJâ ia-i i7ie 
«t7wie of an egg. b) m. various trees and 
plants, such aa the white alder, white vine. 
c) white metal, tin. d) silver coin; )'i<Ll J#x*? 

?.* * 

■h r 

siher dinar 8; ]'$cuL i-I °> ^r J 

500,000 pieces of siher. e) pi. white gar- 

ments ellipt. for JjfoM }Xi2_i*> ; J$a£? JlS^A. 
the weeh of white i.e. Easter or Whitsun 
weeks when those who had received baptism 
wore white for the whole week as a symbol 
of haptismal purity ; J*o*^f ţ-**^? Ui*-S second 
lesson for Maşter weeh f) pi. f. white hair, 
old age; j^CaT )i>'d,£ )j&â^& careproduces white 

hair ; \Ia*\$ o* li di his honourable grey hairs. 

J>d**, >d** rt. icu*. ra. a looh, glance; gazing, 
consider ation } contemplativii; aim t intention ; 
|J*£*0 J»d*# a sharp glance; *%>&\ ojid** î^xi 

sheloohedup; j?o»ISX *J^ ţ-*r^ Jj>d** t-^'f* 
)ot^L( ^^C? w?to considerations leadus to the 
contemplation of God. 

J*a* pi. f-SoL*, ]j<w rt. >^**. m. a ^e, 

aperture; ^o4a>t? j»cu* a^ a^)'s 7toZe. 

joiou* pi. }1- rt. â^M. m. a) a desert, plain, 
loaste place, hence pr. n. the Arabah, the low 
desert tract or plain of the Jordan from the 
Sea of Galilee to the Red Sea; U*o*. JJlf 
a desert place, b) emptines8> solitvde, desolation f 
devastation ; laying waste, ravaging ; J 17' 
J^icw? Jîs^J^ the abominable sign of desola- 

tion; jpL&*,»o{? o^icu* the laying waste or 27*e 
ruins of Jertcsalem; )l*fS,? M>»cu* iAe laying 
waste of churches. c) a storh or heron. 

^xaaicua 111. hellebore. 

)?6ioi- 3 )Ud»o** rt. ia**, adj. whitish; subst. 
m, pi. Jidjt'cu* wjftife 5?>ois iix the eye or a weJ 
of xohite obscuring the sight. 

jioicu** rt. icu». f. whiteness ; metaph. 
wantonness of the eyes. 

l^io** rt. {£♦**. m. cutting, lacer ation. 


^>9o** pL JwL rt. ^^**. m. parching ; JoJLxi 
JJjjcw "^o U£ / cooZ a?Z parching heats; 
metaph. ardent prayers ; astron. occultation of 
a star by reason of its passing near the sun. 

Uaicw from a©^. m. wagging the tail as 
a dog. 

|»o*. pi. Jl. in, a kind of vetclm or tare* 
used for foclder. 

"jia** rt. j^^*. f. a ecratck, gash; 




l^A^oioL* m. the service tree, sorbtos domestica. 
}ij»cu*, Jl&J rt. *cu*. whitish, grey; Y&H 
Jîs>J»cu* tvhite clayey soiL 

JfcU'&I* f. tf&e w?Aite poplar, also <Ae 5/ac& 
poplar or aWer. 

J39cu» rt. &***. in. a s&arj? ecfr/e or point e.g. 
of a sword ; JT!? j^icu* <7*e points of the nails; 
metaph. ihe highest j>oint, extreme, best y vigour ; 
lin*vu^-Nţ> ţâ*cu* the height of youth; J^icu* 
Uogj»,? Jl«xXţ tlie extreme fier ceness of ihe sun. 

ojcu*, ţttMcu* rt. ua^*». m. generally with 
I^jlX gnashing ofteeth. 

JoAfo** pi. (u—rt. kOi*». ro. a Urnit, definition, 
ihat which is determined, an established pur- 
pose, aecree ; *~u*j< *~*?clx> J^Jio? ţxafa** «**< 
owr confession is according io that which is 
determÎTied by Scripture; o*-Loicu*^> }l&I»-2» 

ţÂ * Vv ţ-o*ii-*? lUagj *-*©mo*^* 27^ creatures 
by tlie decree of their Creator hold their special 
order; »oo*u>»cu*X o*Icu* JL^i© MLîLco God 
showed their pwpose to be void and vain; 
with «j-c predestinaiion ; JXaycu*? |>i^î ifte 

apjmnted time; \SliLţ Siiicu* a j/Sa#<2 or 

appointed number of years. 

»»a**, J* *a~ rt. ii*, m. freeing, giving free* 

dom; ]}^Sj^^^&)$f<x^freedomfromfear; Meu* 
«*+;£,£ £%£ manumission ofthy slaves; Meu* 
)**Âo{ the release of prisoners ; \h\ T x> ii cu* 
exemption from tax or tribute; exemption of 
memasteries from episcopal jurîsdiction, a 
monastery so exempt and directiv under the 

U^om m. the ptwm-tree. 

\kS cu* pi. C« rt. <*£*>, m. quinsy, sore tlvroat, 

olcu», l^jt&** pi. Vl_ rt. oau. m. rec/coning, 
thinking, thought, idea, ojrinton, intention^ 
design, couneil; ^cu*X -j «*S.»? J^icu* . oc+Xo 

wiay a27 </*y inlentions be successful ; Jjl 
» {? JAflfif> wo^aruLoÂio Ae <&?es not judge in his 

secret thoughts; ]f\,Z xs> JJulcu* a noWe thought; 
K=l*cu* o,r*Lv <7tey ioo/c coumdl; JAjIcu* Ij? 
rashly; anobjection, ).£jLcu* uâoot solutiwi or 
answer Io objections ; gram. <Ae ^pari under- 
stood in an elliptical sentenec. 

j» ^ 

V fi * 

Cuw » , Q** 

l^ici., JJkii<fL pi. m. £., f. )£&££. 

rt-. cm w . adj. mental, in thcuglU ; gram. under- 
stood, not expressed, 

*. ■*» » c u*, Usk*vcu* pi. -wJL, JI. rt aam. m. 
o) a nvmbering, rmmber, fixed or appointed 
number; an account, rechoning; arithmetic, 
calmlaiion, computation^ enumeration, census; 
JlSiaaoj yi A» cL* a^ accowwi o/ ifte money; 
*wa^* â^ao money according to compttta- 
tion ; ),ii*vc-«^ ^3k| beyond calcuîation, 
innumerable, immeasurable ; *,A«,.cu> Ju ? m- 
numerable, endless; with o^au ^o <«ie account, 
reckon; with oo»« or >svX to grzVe account; 
}i<LZ U^jk-Q** a w7itfe pebble [Gr. ^J)$os]. 5) Ar. 
a small cushion. 

cu*, J^lilcu* pi. )JL rt. imam. na. ^56/ 

*,1a**,'» 9 the uses of the law became void at the 
coming of our Saviour. 

la*» imper. of verb %*»j to descend. 

]fcLLicu* pi. I— from LV*«*&»**. m. ticlcling 9 
itehing, longing ; enticement, allurement ; 
%$0ăbA&bm£t&f jlVJlia.^,^ with itehing ears; 
lls^? 0)1^*1 iciMâ h*jj •*+^*ţ 1&& so much as 
thou art disturbed by itehing deşire; JlS-**tcu* 
jtoicJLj )l£sjâ Jij the S2>eechless longing s of 

c]iitdhood;))*J^ţ—\U^'9 — Jîo*vc4sJ )^^ 
tlie enticements of the body, of sin. 

jJjfcL^icu* inciting, infiammaiory, enticing. 

«LV**, Jooicu* pi. JI- rt. vlS-w. m. the end, 

conclusion; yt*4J Jj»L ? cu* «A^ en</ o/awr Ze^er ; 

]»CLâoX^ «t ? cu* •£* to the end of the psalm; 
usually rit, the conclusion of an office, esp. tlie 
fmed prayer affcer the celebration of Holy 
Oommunion, the conclusion, obsignation or 

final benediclion ; pi. concluding versicles, 
dimissory hymns or prayers, sometimes jicLii.» 

^ LV*#? ; k&icu*! jl^oico tlie final or dimissory 
blessing; the recital oftlie tvhole psalter ; ^cuo» 

fc*Zau^. l^oL'cu* J* l^o.n» "^as? those tvho 
each week recite the whole psalter to its con- 

tio», )Ucu* rt. *V-n*. m. firida) pomp; 
)i\Z uîiiX jUcu* ;?n'<Ze w dear to tlie free; 
pride, boast, honour, glory; )>ooa*vo J>loi 
..ilsf ^7ie p'K?6 and 6oas^ of our nature 


- 5* 




JjL. fui )Lj, bt }Uâj imper, uU, act. 

part. JU, U*i, J*LU, pi r U, Wf , £ ^Jf 

Jfcliii, pass. part. JjL, Uji to m, a) to per- 

ceive, consider \notice; )%L\x*A.o^*ţ*i l|\^N , 
he takes the shadovj for reality. b) to provide, 
)&£*& \U*r)U IttTflW will provide a 
Iamb for the bumt-offering. c) with iâf Ki 
to see the face = io appear before, visit. d) to 
look, take heed, watch; *fL JU* look to thyself, 
beware; l&flT oJUo o^î go and watch the 
doors; pass. part. ^£ JÎ~ ţ it did not seem to 
us; as adj. visible, respected, remarkable, well- 
hnoicn,Germ.angesehen; JfcLî** JIV^ the visible 
Church; I&&0 J&&? notable and remark- 
able; jtfl'iL [*j notable women. Ethpe. Ji**tf 
a) tobe seen, to be visible; )L*lS& (? JwSm the 
invisible God; ţ»!&r^& «oo» ţllL^o» ^*i£©* 
~j&!s^£> Jj? w% Aîiyi faw &ew* being from 
fliose which are invisible. b) to lei oneself be 
seen, show oneself, appear, hence to seem; 
^, u^> UjXîs^ it seemed to me } io us, &c. ; 

c^. JUXT I think, I consider; UjJl!s-& \i 
if it seems good, if it is approved. c) to show or 
prove OTieself hence to be strong, victorious, &c. ; 
col^o fcv cuL*lle they were weak andfled; 
Jl*>U lift? **©»o£w3 ^ooC^so he was victorious 
in all his wars ; jL'aoi o&S> U^fco*)? coi he 
on wkose side was the victory. d) to receive 
sight with ^. and pers. pron- suff. Ethpeaual 
JiQuXTto obtainhonoua* or glory, io distinguish 
oneself; to make a show or spectacle of oneself; 
to boast; Jtc£k-£ yo>oji**fio! ţ**X2eţ ycuot 
those who are wont to make a boast of their 
prayers, to say prayers for appearance sake. 
Deeivatives, JoJu* 3 i-*oU*, ^joU* , |— jJ», 

UU, fc-)-W, RcuX-, jl^*J~, jt)~, U~*>, 

)ii or YjUL pi. jjJI or ]\\J+ m. a depth, an 

abyss; \oUf o^lU or b£*i? JΣ «fo 5ozoe/5 
oflheearth; y*& *>*£ *^e^ tosoundthe 
deptlis ofthy heart. 

}^|Z pi. JH m. a barrel, tub. 

JoC pi. **oj£, JoU rt. Jj*.. m. a) appear- 
ance, farm, figure, JoJ-£ **⣠of pleasing 
appearance; JoJ-i -J>^a good-looking or hand- 

some man; Joj-£ Ş? sha2>eless 3 ill-favoured. 
b) a likeness, a vision (\o£ is the usual word), 
JLjJ )o)-i aphantom, apparition; )o&* in a 
vision ; also openly, in sight. 

Uofc pi. J^ojLl rt. )w. m. a spectator, seer, 
prophet (fii- is the usual word). 

ţjgjfi, Uo^ pi. I- rt. ÎJ-. m. generaîly pi. 
a) visions; \3ojZ wii seers ofvisions. b) re- 
markable or notable doings, szghts, shows, public 
games or contests; iT££ \3oiZpagan spectachs; 
)Joj& ^-a^ a gymnasium, theatre. 

âej&, InAoJLm rt. âj^*. r^w^ shaggy as 
camels' hair. 

jL'e&ojI» rt. iSl-i*. f. hairiness 9 shagginess. 

1&0%L pi. )I- rt. a&V. m. a) a wayfarer, 
traveller. b) a membrane, the diapkragm, 


Jlaol** rt. oJL*. f. setting out on a journey, 
ajourney, departure esp. from this life; Koo? 
\JLX} r \ko\*£Liti8lik6 afarjourney; \&ji<& 
UooW? viaticum. 

U&oju» rt. *dJ—. adj. o/ or for travelling, 
\1&oU* f ^>^^( travelling raiment. 

fo^ flolJl pi l* «) ^ appk; other round 
fruits; ]^'in$°£apricots; U&jloiLthe 
citron; jJo>3 )»cjJ* £/?e peach; \sM> ioji is 
used to translate potmgranate in the Song of 
Songs, iv. 3 and vi. 6 ; but it may also mean, 
like firfiov, the round part of the cheek. b) a 
poppy-head. c) the capital of a column. d) the 
bowl of a candîestick. 

jj-*, \Yu» adj.m, scabby, mangy. 

\\UV& or JJbLfJ-* f. a) scaby ringworm. 

b) lichen. 

»lL, H& pi. \2& rt, )|*». one who sees, 
beholds or contemplates^an eye-witness, spectator 
at the theatre, looker-on; a seer of divine 
visions; adj. discerning, wise; ^L£âo;Lţ ^IL 
the witnesses of Thy wonderful works. 

\lU* rt. )u*. m. sight; omU *a-ZH sharp- 
sighted; \Lh* -U blindness. 

^u, jt.u, jiwiu pi. m. r, & ir, m. 

a) a Ao<7; Jis ^1** ^ vMd boar; ksc^î )t*i« 
a 6oar ()/ fAe woocî. 5) f. a «ow; f. pi. sorea 
or swellings on the neck s scrofula* 


Ui*X**, jfcL.' adj. from the above, swinish, 
hoggish; jJ^*£.X** \Axl a herd of sunne ; ic^j 
U*-»A** U&+B swinish gluttony; J^t*I«* ]î*oţ 
hoggish manners. 

Jlo^JL» from }u*U* f. hoggishness, svjinish- 

xt+U* Khaziran, the tenth Syrian nionth, 
answering to June with us. 

)kJiL pi. \X 9 f prop. act. part. fem. emph. 
of }U* ; subst. the eye; )&*& **^> tears; **>o^ 
U^=> ţ^ oifcsim Aer ^î/es «ofire cKm «?£*A weeping. 

oJm- pass. part. )-^L.I**, jî^i^X** ta stop the 
ears; Jfco&-I** Juisu a cfoZZ or deaf souL 

s3W root-meanîng to be rough, harsh. Pe. 
not used în 3yr. Ethpe. ssîL*i^the same. 
Derivatives, lâoju», JLodoJL*. 

a^ fut. jsoJuuJ ? iuf. toWa, împer. xo)-*, 
act. part. *oJii, ioj^, pass. part. ua-I~, \L* y jfcL- .. 

a) to #m£, ^£rJ «#> or <m, 5tn<? on; a»JU* ]>i*j^> 
%oj/ 7ie ^îrt ifom z&îjA armour; \JL odoJ-** 

t Odţ**2W?lf g'irdJ wp ZAe Zom£ o/ yowr minds. 

b) to gird oneself for walking, hence to walh 
abroad, go, go away, go on a journey, proceed, 
travel, depart, depart hence i. e. from this life ; 
\&*Zf J*UJ *sî** he wenî to a distant country; 
ţ^cfţio *aj*» hedeparted tkence; \J+io\js *Jz'iJ* 
wayfarerSj t/raveUers; \££x» fl& &V*ţ )t^W 
an ambassador travelling to the Mntfspvesence; 
soyl* 1^I]L\£» cso( a cowrier, svnft messenger; 

teol^o loX ţAi»J*»L gfawa $Aa& depart hence to 
thy Lord; pass. part. J[ii^> wJLî-i 5otttt<2 wftft 
cords; HSm»oajm» *A+ji> » *5 »jL» «oto.1* Aîs 

loins were girded gloriously ; u^cu* 
Jja- î** bound or enslaved by deşire of thy Iove. 
Pa. a?jl». a) to gtrd! round, Germ. wmgurten; 
to girth a beast of burden. 6) to grcrcZ for 
a journey, sencZ away; to arm; <ajlIod pĂ* 

weR girt t active; Ji-îo }^X*oo )îs*Ia.& a for- 
tified câmp; \\&s> ^&£>\ \%^oc& hexon 
stone8 bound together with iron joints ; metapb . 

1* j _ \? r u \9 9 y * -y ) 4 \y vr, 

ţ*«J»? <»fr*Ai? Jţ-^^a .Ocvw( C^JjiJftA to 

Btrengthen tfmr hands in the worh of the house 
of the Lord. Ethpa. &ÎLI( to gird oneself, put 
on; to be girt round, equipped, armed, esp, with 
\3U? garmenta or )^£a wj)oqS armour; to be 


girt with strength, strengthened, to be ready, 
often metapb. ? «£^ J&^/'J&a^J» J^jJ 
ţ*5 &hJo the just are armed fully mth divine 
Iove only; «oi iJ>IUT| Iţ^^ <% «w« 
no« rearf^ /or «feecfo, dU2 noi carry ou* <Aei> 
worA. Derivative?, U©***, Uooj-*, Uioju, 

^oW rt. .a JL*. ra.agirdle, belt; a bând, bond; 
Jjiw? ioj^ «^ ^«oto of acord; jtaufiuoi )oo»L 

o»JS-iă?? ).«).** faithfulness shatt be the girdle of 
hie reins; JLoţ*£^ţ ^J— cu o cm? j^cu Iove 
which is the bând of perfeetness. 

JAojs^u rt. to £*». f. settzng forth, a journey, 

JtA** m.^ow, esp.Jlournot cleared of brun. 

J>^ from ^X* m. a stoineherd. 

J»A*» pi. ) m. a furrow or &ne ma& m samZ 

fii>-* or \1*£ from J*J.-i adj. floury y farin- 

bL— pi. IdMMil or JIoaÂL as if from a fonn 
]h*»L m. iheplum tree and fruit, 

]3is^Ci*w» pi. JJ^— f. the plum or damson. 

JlfdU constr. st. tUi, pi. ^Ul, JtLi 1 
a rowmZ loaf or ca&e; J^k^of ji^*-l 6arZg7/ c^Aes. 

J>oiw*L pi. j m. a moliei for beating flax 
or hemp. 

^L fut. ^cî«Jj inf. ^.-1», act. part. £\L, 
\^Z>, pass. part. j^^.**. a) to dig 3 dig oui; 
o*^-mo ;a** )>J^ he hath mode and dug a well; 
jk-ujojl^iw ţ*^*jL ^/tey dig oui the foundation. 
b) to sew } patchy cf. ^cu*. Pa. ^\L toplough, 
excavate, with \Î2jL to gouge or pluch out the 

eyes; ^^oo Ut^! Jl^aaLa furrowed with the 
2>lough$hare. Ethpa. &^*U to be dug up or 

ploughed; J^Jl&o& J*Swfi the earth is dug or 
ploughed. Derivatives, ^q_^-» 5 i*^^*> 

J»^.- fut. i^J, inf. J4— ^> acfc - P^t. i^, 
|I^» root-meaning to miss, hence to sin with 
^ of the pers. or with o of the deed ; J.^** 

Jc*^*. he committed a sin; uJ-a,^.^ J^-**( Ş 
/ twK wo^ sm teft wy tongue. Pa. u^*» to 
doa^ &e arrogant; to give oneself to sensual 
pleamre* Ethpa. to behave arrogantly. Aph. 
J&**(to cause Io sin, lead into sin; to count 




sinftd; %Jia^)J J$*>{ fie triade Israel sin. 
Dekivatives, )>£*», )©*&", U&*> h-U&», 

lţ*» rt, ţţ*». m. (rare) sm; o£** 1^4, &*> 
«Aey committed open sin. 

)^J# pl. of )ls^. grains ofwheat. 

o^aa, )<h4"** P*' ^ **• ^*" m * ***** a s ^> 
fault; o>^** ^? sinless, innocent ; metaph. 

a sin-offering, )o^> lâ^A* the same; >.£» 

j©*-^-**? «?&ter of expiation, lustral water. 

J4°*-£-** pL I— r t- &**• m - a furroio, trench; 
JJoA-mJ» jiaj jts^*** «• grain falling into the 

furrow; J^cl^-a*-?»? »+/')£=*£ Q^> m graves as 
infurrows; metapli. J^ CL^Ji? U*9 a; striped vest. 

©c^, U«^, Jj&<£^ pi. m. n, f. j^i, 

rt. â-^-j*. adj. ravenous, rapacious; ţJh&JşJ* 
J5J hawks are birds of prey; subst. cm earfor- 

tioner, plunderer, ravisher. 

JL'clSo^iL rt. 3^*.. rapacity. 

JuScl^-a. rt. â^,**. m. seizing byforce, rapine, 
râpe; the spoil; »*Ixao Jiscu^** »**>? JilaJ^ 
weallh which he gets together by violence; 
jaam:£>9 }*£q^a* <7«« spoil of the ]>oor. 

\lâa.^±*, Jls^L adj. same as ţda^Ă*. 

jfcu^», J&dt^i rt. *£**. a carder of cotton. 

îUct^J. rt. ^*. f. a) the hump of a camei, 

6) J^kjJ? jiW-^J* a mound, MU. c) a carder *s 

1^^a# pl. U- rt. ^a». m. a weft. 

ţ*4~"> i^^* rt - ^**' a sinner; [l^L jl*^ 
a sinfal num/ **©» Jlts£< «« JlS-*£-** </«* woman 
is a miner. 

JjJJ^i rt. )^**. adv. dnfully; %2\Î^L \ 
apart from sin. r blamelessly. 

cu^I#, JLoa^I» î*t. 1^**. f. sinfulness; with 
pers. pron. suff. wlcu^J* = / a sinner. 

]L P a^£.A* rt. A*a*. f. a hote, excavalion; 
a furrow* 

jju£~ pi. yL rt j^. m. a fault, slight sin; 

omZ awtf 6oc/y /rom ewry w»« 

&^J&*J*» rt. a^.**. adv. violently, hastily. 
]LVa*!L* rt. «a^A*. f. rapture, ecstasy. 


JfcLJ— f. no pi. rt. J^*#. m 

|L P liL^, Jj^L rt. k~. adj. Mf^/W, o/ «m 9 

JJjIs^aa iii. suferings caused by sin. 

^a. fui ^o^*J, inf. aJ-aĂ, imper. ©4", 

act. part. &ţA )-a-^; P a£S - P art - ^-4***' H"* 
) ts— io toit« % /orce, cZo violence, violate ; to 
setze, snatch, catch at; with o » . S°>>N tousurp; 
Jlooiki o^iai^ ^.^-** Ae usurped the kingdom; 
<ţJL ot^i »aX** &<? <oc*/c or usurped the name 
of \ . .; to ro&, plunder; gram. fe dVati? &ad&, 
attract, e.g. the^OA^» ietters attract the vowel 
from tlie iniţial of a word to which they are 
prefixed ; )j»gl2Aj c^a* <7wy violated the law; 

âc^** Jlcu a^£ snatch them out of the fire; 

JtsiX a-& *^a!^o âd^); to snatch a Utile tirne 
from sleep; jJjj[? JIaX a j ^ JînN . to aZZwr<2 

£7^ey se^e o^ «Aa« expression as a pretetvL 
Pass. part. ja*^*. Ji'a» sudden or violent 

death; Joot a.^.*. 



J m 


my tvhole mind %oasforcibly attracted to Christ 
Ethp:e. *al^*l/ to be seized, pillaged, snatched 
away , carried ojf, caugh tup; ţ* ©Ci*s »j*a^A» L ( 
u^*ţ all my goods were forcibly seized; \1S*£ 
)is>T «Ca ^Aâ^.**lsio? boys carried off pre- 
maturely by death; \2lSJ* ţ*2L^%J& \Âlţ) 
o>-^io)J the just are caught up in the clouds to 
meet Him. Pa. &^L to take by force. Ethpa. 
«a^*.i/ to be dragged or carried away by force. 
Debitaţi ves, j^Su^cuu, )3c^a», ]Laâo-^A* 3 

^d^.A», IsA^ax^AA, jloa^A.. 

i^A» act. part. »^ ? pass. part. t*^***- to beat 
with rods, to cârd, î^a.? Jj»a5 »Nft.N carded 
cotton, Ethpa. *|Xt/ to be beaten with rods, 
carded. Deeivatives, J^a**, I»a^**> Jlio^*». 

JlV^i» t» the hump of a camei or bull. 

}1s^a* pl. i^Ji f. a grain ofwheat, wîieat; 
J^? Umca*. the fot ofwheat — the bestjlour; 
J^Ji? J?-aa wheat harvest. 

vaIa, \iL, JIsaJa pl, m. abs. +<+)+>> ţ^\^ or 
aIaXj emph. JIaa', pl, f. ]&£ rt. J-^., a) K%, 

aKve, often used verbally, \j{ vJl / Kw/ uL 
ooţ Ae Zru^s ; îs olive; \m&& ^L whose soul 
Uveth, Le. although his body be dead; the 
formula of an oath, \j[ uL as I live^by my 


life; >JL&!> i*o»)>Z** as thy soul liveth; og* uL 
Juţ^o as <A$ ZonZ Zwet&. b) living, olive, life- 
giving ; Ij^S-x ui* .fie wAo lives eternălly; 
«*** *d «i/JUZg alive, in his lifetime; ţi** the living 
opp. JlsoS the dead; Jls*** )Jk&j a living soul 
= an animal; j&J* )l^X^a.2> viva voce, with 
the living voice, opp. !^^r^ in writing; ]Uâ£D 
j&Jl <Ae life-giving Gospel; Jll* )lo jJ^I* *j© 

of life do living voices speah, and by means of 
living voices life is given; f. emph. a midwife. 
c) metaph. Uve, living, intre; raw, imrife, 
immature; \Z1* )£*xo raio jflesk ; ]&** ] 
Uve coals; \1L jfcCÎ unripe olives; 
U& ^a^. Jli till thefruit mature in the vineyard; 
\JisLo o©» um ji^n *( $/" the wine be unmixed 
and strong ; ]1L \lso living Le. perennial, 
never-fatling waters; y£LS. w* the plant 

|1»* rarely (£»», rt. Ju-*. only pi. m.; takes 
a verb in either sing. or pi., )ow l'+L o*,» m -Stm 

oo#-»fcL*( Jl^JI *Ae Zi/fe ^as 

^as KjfejT ]>ojo-j 


light; life, salvation, J.1I* «jL^ao JL** Zi[/#~ 
working power; JIiSj or Ji=>T? U** temporal 
life, ihis present life opp. JJ*W or )ilL \*L 
2Ae wew life, ilie other life; j^i* "^cu the web 
of life; jill* iolS-3 the altar; **o*c£** yx£«L he 
died. A formula of swearing with pers. pron. 
suff. and of ten with JJ or o, by the life of — . 

JJL* fut. \Z\j or \2J, inf, U»\& or \J+&, 
împer. wl**, part. in.JI**, f. J-J», pi. m. *J}^* or 
JLL and anom. jl*** to Uve, be alive; to revive, 
recover; to be saved, to Uve again; ţl cul& e/ 
©^ )*»)Jf a cra/î 5î/ which he may Uve; }*** 
JJojioo *J& 7ie recover ed from his illness; )Z\j 
I&Jb let the king Uve; **L* y £sL&\ Uve for 

ever; j^ocus&j cu** o clsxmJI/ ^ Zaws «;#rg 
revivijled and revived; J?o* Jts^**v t~& ct*** 
Ifrf ^a^v* $#*# yourselves from this froward 

generation; **£** ooţ |I^uM.r> we or« savec^ 6y 
Âope/ xx&o )I**o J^*-a5 )gi**JL5P a/ Christ boih 
died and revived and rose. Aph. u**(^ fut. 
\Z\j and JJU, act. part. \2Jc>, \Z*a&>, fem. constr. 
ÎnImjic or 2^1**}.*», pi. m. ş*J*\j&>, f. ţ***jo&. 
to give life, save, keep alive, save alive; to 
quichen, restore tolife; Jfcloo u**( he gave life 
to the dead; Jtl^J^o^JIa^t***/^ he leftneitlb&r 


nor woman alive; ţâ ++1ş£ \0**{1T} 
yO«Aorf <Aa< ye ?wa# »aw ra^Aer tiîwtn destroy; 
U£ J*l^o )J( }JIi / give life and I slay; 
*%$ U«5^ ooo» o3â <A«y denied Htm toho 
giveth life to all. împer. with suff. pron. ist 
pers. ţJLţ, wO*#r interj. Aha! Âlas! Ethtaph. 
u**ll( to be guiclcened, to be saved alive. 
Deriv atives, U+>, &** or \*1», Îs-U**, )a**», 

]LcuA*,)oic.A A * ? !^)jta^*; },*jLcumJ1Sam.Ua*oo, 


îslj^l» rt. )!**. adv. alive, raw; U^^X e^ 5 ^ 
IS.IJi** </w?y ea< jpZam honey. 

Pael conj. of oq** <o condemn, &c. 

,, )^il* pi. J.L rt. o a**, guilty, condemned; 
cmiquered, vanquished; a debtor; Jto-i cw* 
condemned to death or deserving deaih; *a*** 
o*jiaJ seif -condemned; t a**( %*& » XÂ** * «;e 

are gitilty concerning otir br other ; .*,!*& ^]^o 
*X«^J* ^ |TW «^ harassed bat unconquered; 
fi&ţ J^**j )JJ**X> )^ij yZ=» Uessed be the 
victor who came down to lielp the vanquisfied; 

■|Ş L c^a**î oof ^/t?/ debtor; *ja.z**v *.j- 

^,^" P ^\ ^5 ît# a?so Aave forgiven our debtors* 

Verbal use with pron. or joo* and^, ^o o^e, 
io 5e dW.; irnpers. f< ought, it should, it is due; 
9r ii must, he ought; U/ *^** -^ ought; 


yoifi ought; a. 


y - py 

yOÎsjJ *^a 

we mws^ understand. 

$£s*J& rt. o a**, f. a) <Ze/ea«, row< 3 opp. 
Jiaol victory; metaph. *jao J*-*? J^cx^***^ 

I^NbcW ^ ^ ie defeat of any lust. b) loss, 
liability. c) condemnation, guilt, opp. Jio.s) 
innocence. With pron. suff. »lo^«L = I a 

)^*> pi. ^*~ rt. ^**. m. a going round, 
j)erambulaîion, circuit. 

♦II* act. part. £**>, pass. ţll^o, other forms 
JtUil^, JL'*I£j!0 are the same for both parts; 
denom. verb Pael conj. from »**. to make one, 
unite, join, adjoin; *^I**lao JJ^**^ ft^*» ^^2/ 
fem J&&2 to field; pcua ^*oo? 
2>ooZ5 connected with the sea; ]h*£o& i? 
an animal wAo^ /<?<?£ «5 «o^ clovetx; JI^j !• 
a web-footed bird. Ethpa. fS&ţ te be ttnited, 
joined, with j^L ov^ ; \pţJlU ^oVjr^U 
ye ălso shaUjoin with ns. 

T 2 

y 5 1^. 

* i y f 

T .y 





9 ţ y 

9 *» I P* v 

}£***, JioJl pi. Jicui rt. )U**. a) f. Kjfe, Uving, 

are devoid oflife; JioJl feocu** Zow oflife; 
J-*£u? j!s-^u»o» Jtcuil /Ai spiritual vitality of 
the soul. b) m. and f, a Uving creature, an 
animalf&lsocoll. animals,beasts; %S&î\* ]L'&m» 
Ji^î quadrupeds; Jiail» Ji'cuL or J£=>j or 
)U> Icul* a t0#<2 animal/ opp. Jll^ # domes- 
ticated animal; J îsJ ai^ J L'cw foaste ofburthen; 
))^js£x^dl* )LaJl a dolphin, whale, &c. ; L 
l^aio a Bmi, esp. a forc£ ofprey; jtsi**^*» \\ 
a raţional creature, a h/uman being; j^^-î i 

a zoopliyte; \1Z IoaL a carnivorous animal, 
savage beast. 

Uo<xJi rt. «âoa». piiiful; UaJl J| pitiless, 

pitifal, benevolent, ready to pardon; ţ+ţZ 

J^^^ ^io jţlSJf d*-î£*L J^JfclflocL^ woman 
is more pitiful than man. 

h*+)jl*+a>c*L adv. rt. *aocu», a) piiifvUy, 
hindly, courteously. b) sparingly ; o om 

ţ-l+ze *do IslţJtşlttaJl Ae gave 2>arsimoniously 
and grumUingly. 

J L oj ku» a-J[# rt. a»o-a. f. compassion, 

benevolence, kindness, indulgence, solicitvde; 

]J^.o^( J l cu îs£o &.J* fatherly indulgence or 

v l<w, JJlaJl, JJ^Ji'oJl rt.Jg^. adj. animal; 

metaph. brutal. 

Îs-Jj1q^I* adv. rt. }***. <z/&t <7*e man^er o/ 
animals, brutally. 

UjLo*** ? JI^aJ rt. k**. adj. animat vital; 
brutal, bestial; J£jL'cu£ jllL *Ae animal powers ; 
Wlciw^* j**^* beastly customs, 

§+L Paei/ conj. of ^cu* «o s^w; together. 
&"> &** P ass - P ar ^ and J4*£ f. act. part. 

of j^CW 20 S6W. 

^.Ji rt. j£cu*. m. « toiZor. 

J^aa* rt. j^o-*. m. a seam f suture; tyL* 
Ja* j ? £/*e sidure of tlie head. 

Ji'a^-J* rt. ^a**. f. tailoring. 

», jLi pi. ţA^I^, J&l m. might, strength, 
power, force; a) with **£*& or j£» <o jyrevail 

with, ov&rcome, to be able; with **Iaoi( to 
maşter the power of anotber, prevail over; 
JiJiiD %*2 «l»l( /i€ had 2>ower over ths angel 

and prevailed; Jlx>t( &Je±d *%*Z* Tie conr 
quered his appetites; *%# "%-Jl j^ao and^o? 
kV " omnipotent, almighty; JLL tso^^ strong 
; JLJlf ]£a^^ron^ or a&fo we^/ ^-Ji Jj] ? 
powerless, impotent; )LL .oo»\ fcsl/ they tvre 
able, tJiey have the power; 


9 y 

or y.f 

a5 / caw, as thou canst — according to 
my — thy— power, &c; o*i^ ^£>*V^X beyond 
his power; e£w» o^io ^ wf<A allhis might. 
b) a host, an army; 1LL o> a captain, com- 
mander; ţoo£w o^o \l*£ul the heavens with 
ăll their host. c) pi. the fifth order of angels, 
power 8. d) -a mighty work~a miracle, in 
this sense generally f.; H r oUo JfcL mighty 
works and signs ; Jl^. ]i±mţ faith which 
works miracles. e) potentiălity^ posstbăity. 
f) farce, sense, import; J&4J? JL^ the sense 
of the letter; otfc^&f jLL the force of Ms 
speech Le* hisforcible Bpeecl^eloqvsnce ; oaif^V 
cjN^so? jLZ* they did not apprehend tlte import 
ofhiswords. g) abundance, wealth. Deriv- 
atives, JLo~, verb "^m, )Io\m^ IjV^a**, 

)i n\^ . \> ? ttN 1.^0 , Jicii\^v>, verb Vx, 

*%*** denom. verb Paei, conj. from 
to strengthen, comfort, confirm; o^IHf 
wojo^JJ those tvho strengthened his hands; 
Uc^U» %**t ^li strengtlien tliem m thefigjti. 
Ethpa. %ZZ*ir imp, E-Syr. sanie as Prei 
W-Syr. %Jli( to grow strong, gather one's 
strength, be strengthened; to be strong, tahe 
courage; ţ*^*lts& ]A^ tiaJ** they are strong 
in a good hope. 

)1 <\\ *L pi. Jio^Jl from%*i. f. strmgth, 
power, force; pi. companies, hosts; miracles; 
JlfcC£f |^r the God of hosts; )t ? d^i 
ilao*,? heavenly powers or hosts ; \Z£ )tk£L 

powers of evil, evil spirits; i||f )V*£Z> the 

powers of the air. 

V^, Ut^Jl, JtCJfc^t; pi. m. ^JL, c, 

f. ţ^, jls*-from'^A^. strong, mighty >poioerful; 
a mighty man; ^^ UlsXi. the mighty 
Platp; U*lf Uls^Jl the miahtv afiJm l<md_> 



|Im3$&J1 JicuXj a powerfid prayer ; jJ&w 

as> omnipotent; Uîs^^ U*j& is the Peshitto 
equivalent for Heb. Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord 
of kosts. 

fcJT)Jj£^*L from^AA». adv. mightily, strenu- 
ously; virtually; ţ*2£ot &J»|i&^^ 'JL+mjţ 
* m0 ' that he may strenuously endwre that 

whick befalls. 

]l'c6îsiw* pi. jio from ^aJ^. f. might, 
strength; ability, intrepidity y courage; Mo&j* 
oCx.? )UqjIs^w^ i/ie srm era Aes strength; 
)&JLLoi ))!&îsSJL spiritual strength^ forti- 

J!L denom. verb Pael conj. from JiW. 
a) to perform the duty of a kinsman or Goel. b) 
io connect, ally; pass. part. o*ao^> ioo» )j*jLso 
Ui«J^ she was related to ihejudge; JJtxcu» 
wcnoI*iţJ^ Jo« fcl^c* an act akin to that of 
his brotlier. Ethpa. ţ+Ll( io be cormected, 

aUied in marriage; to be near of hin, alihe, 

j-Ifc* pi. J* rt. iOm. m. a swath, bandage- 

cloth; UîsSţ )**** a linen chth; gram. the 
doubling of a letter. 

lyj{t*2 rt. *cu#. adv. closely, vigorously, 
robustly, actively, speedily ; îs^jLli u*lx> s£n£e 
hard; oji\$J*l.{ ts^yl^ ♦->£-* *£ w/am £/^ 
Aaw fought very strenuously. 

ItoU P l. JL' 

9 9 .. - 


o-aa* pi. jj,Qţ**fr rt. «qm. f. compactness, 

the cwrdling of milk. Jfetaph.j'?r?w^ss, tenacity, 

mental demeness; lAsuf jioSZ ^3^? wAicA 

weaken the forces of the soul; JLo ic 

vehemence of a sound ; jio-A-»AO strongly, 

«—a, ]♦**♦ pl. J^sa* rt. »oa». m. a segrAi!, ZooA, 
gazing } aspect, countenance. Metaph. appear- 
ance, presence, attention; \Jx£ ? }Ha* atĂ^ regard 

of the heart; \XL^* &+ discernment; Jj& jjooi 

©» w* *axs* the mind when it collects itseîf 
With verbs, ^ j£L Jxq^ to turn the eyes 
towards; ^ j£L pli/'to Z00& up; with ţu» 

or ţi tofix the gam; J£X* ^Ji straight for- 

jit*Z or )U*** f. a sheph&rds' câmp; a man~ 
dra, conveni. 

&*aI», JJjIaU rt, U**- £ a) îife, jt&ao tsll. 
resurrection of the dead. &) aAfaey a midtoife. 

k*A** Ghetk, the letter im. 

^ act. part. **U>. to rub, scraich. Dbbiv- 

ATIVES, ţâ^A», JaS-Oa*. 

>Oa* contr. from \AtZ, m. the palate; ;^ v* 

J^£« ^ î> Ji«er îfo ^g palate; \A2 MY>â', ^ 
larynx; Jja-^fjioi/ the palatal letters ; metaph. 

Ji'cT*^? ch^ ţ& u ifcQiT ]^«Z^k{ / ham 
delivered myselffrom the jaws of error.* rt. ţu». m, coition, sexual inter- 

yx+şL ^vn ş**, )ls v\ > nr >pl. ^aZ-, JIL, f. aJL, 

jîs— , rt. pa*». w;ts^, prudent, intelligent, sensi- 
blej learned, sldlful, crafty, cunning ; a toise 
man, sage, magician; )J£&> )**£*» wise-hearted ; 

ţvi»;w Jufio^a shilled physician; U&&0+ c»§ 
chief of the magicians. 

aSpaJ^Xa^aa adv, rt. ^i**, zoisely, with under- 
sianding, prudently, sensibly. 

JicA^gunl» rt. «lo«. f. a) toisdom. b) coition. 

\Ă£u* rt, ^a*. m. iteA, sca&, mange, 

^Oaa fut. figu»j, inf. fâHAA^ s act. part. ¥*£*, 
V^a Aâj pass. part, yug»» only in sense 6, See 
ttAgţAA, o) to know, discern, b) to have sexual 
intercourse. Ethpe. juL^li to be hnoxon 
camally. Pa. «xa^* to make wise, grant 
wisdom or discernment, to instruct; yuLL 
şj ITo^cu ?o».X ^ra^i wisdom to our ignorance, to 

ustoho are ignorant; ? *X a^ÎqaaOO j^lso &oo^ 

instruct us that Ethpa. yaixjli/ to prove 
oneself wise, act wisely; to become toise, learn 
wisdom, be instructed; to be cunning r , make 
artful or guihful attempts, conspire; fficififc> 
*aj/ aa^ls^ a maw leams wisdom through 
trials; o*i2^*> '^-i jaiu^i/ A^ contrived his 
murder, Debivatives, )jaj>gua, Jwj» 

JX^JXaA, tS->)>N^.A O », )ici.^-A.A.A# ? J 

JajIs.W'W, Itooa^AOo, UâOâ^âD > ]l cuscru* ts». 

l^ftfflJS coBst. st, fcocLw, emph. Jîs^loa> t 
pl. a^ooaa, )lş,»AA^y rt, tt^AA. f. the meaning 
differs somewhat with the forms, the abs. st. 
being used in a more defined and restricted 





sense. a) abs. JusaaZ tvisdom, counsel; a scheme, 
plan; )aa&j»» cunningly, artfully. 6) emph. 
st. wisdom^ knowledge, science, philosophy; 
ju*-*b? o*J^m? .) I^baS dfc*5 the fear ofthe 
ZonS zs i^e chief part of unsdom; \lx> oi^ 

jlijSw w7?o 7/atfi numbered the clouds 

\ )£sl J&^ the 
Wisdom of Solomon^the Book of Wisdom. 
c) skill, art; J^*a fcooiC the art of war, 
generalship. Often used as a titîe of honour, 
thou who art wise. 

in his wisdom? *< 

* y 

iTî 4 



}f? ţsfv^* jj£j rfc. yaru*. adj. scieniifie, of I 

science, of the vjise. 

Jl£a-£ rt. «***. f. sca6, mange. 

*%L root-meaning fo «rnfer mto ft hollov). Pe. 
onlypart.adj.%*X~, )!•, ]&1 — hollow, concave; 

â&^'^^w î* was hollow; )l&^V* l^^W 
a hollow pipe; subst. a hollow, hole, burrovj; 
a dug-out, boat, ULîlţ o»*^ v^ <Ae hollow 
placesoftheearth; JL^** o*Jk*+tlieydugahole; 
JxJ 1T; JL^.** i/te serpenis burroio. Pael , %i^** 
<o was£ awa^ cleanse, pttrify; &o+x±jo'%Z£mJ 
Jt©|f ^P ?e£ 7mra cleanse and rub away all 
dirt; *%&* *x££ ^so^ purify my tongue 
with thy hyssop ; ui^w purify ?ne. Ethpa. 
^^dtr^o &e washed, made clean, purified; 

c?ean and! his soul triade pure. Palpel"^m*^,« 
fut.%Jl^L> to move to andfro, shake violently ; 
rV^.S^Nft i/ie monntains are shaJcen; 
pass. part. ^J^Joo hollow. Ethpalpal 
^^wl/I a) to be dissolved; JUo^wfc^ 
J^^ <^e SoeZy toastes away and grows old, 
b) to be holloioed oitt. Aph. %>Z(to infringe, 
breah, profane the Sabbath. Debivatives, 
Dc^, JLXo**, Kcu* 3 U^cw, JJoiw, ]Ja^, 

%£, Jll> m. vinegar; jtaai* JL£* vinegar 
madefrom wine. 

^i, ]L^ m. sand } gravei; ţ&> Jti? JlT?^a 

^vm ^âii» fl grain of sandfrom the sea-shore. 

Jl^ pL JU1 m. « mothers brother, maiernal 
uncie, opp. HI OM wwcZe on thefather's side. 

JLi pL JUi m. a) dustyjîne dust; ui^S? JL* 
Jj/'ţ&j /*Aa*e of dust fr om my feet; )L 
tfi^j? **< ^ w5i ofconflicts. b) a garment of 

fine linen. c) \3Z&9 Jl£ a tvhite film in the 
eyes, catar act. d) jl&^-£ a scabbard bas pi. Jl£. 

)L* 3 |i^w, Ifcl*^** 5w;^^/ see iA~. 

ai^ fut. oo\mJ, imper. d oV act. part. 
a£L 9 pass. part. o-N~, J— 3 )^~. tomilk } pres8 
oui or 5^c^ mt7&. Ethpe. la^SUlf <o 6^ milked» 
Depivatives, )u=i^I*, )^4La^i». 

curdled milk; \k\L &}* <*> suclcing Iamb; 
Jw^J^J- ^-s suching, a suckling ; metapb. 

milky juice or sap/ lS-( ia^ jl JJ{L s*â^» 
^7iere ts milky juice in fîg-leaves. b) yielding 
milk, giving suck. 

oiL*, l^S-Z m. fat; membrane, the dia~ 
phragm / ^e^, ?'znd or shell; JjxJsj )>r^\x 
afine shin or membrane. 

\llk^L, ) liLi— rt- o^m . adj . milky, like milk; 
jl^»iri\I» )^J^ milk-stone. 

)lILx^w, JliUL- pL m. Ui—, Jl&u— from 

)A!iwi. acSj. fat,7nembranaceous 7 k>«î-k\Z })£JL+Â 
)sL^insects with transparent tvings. 

JJ^Sa^Jj f. galbanum, a fragrant resin. 

*iw fut. ?a^MÎ, inf. Î 2^Ă, act. part.. *^w, 
)^-i. <o cr^ep, cratvl, glide; with l^fM* fo 
burrow, to drim a mine underground; xaetapb. 
to insinuate or thrust oneself in; to lie hid, be 
latent; ]£&«&> ţ*Z^J+9 jloai snakes whieh 

cratvl hz the dust; jfeoo «o 2» t^S-i they crept 

secretly into hoicses; ţ*Z^w )ja&âa^ib)^f 11^* 

forces latent in the elemenis. Pa. «2£*# to creep 
or thrust oneself in; to move in or through; 
•iw? Ji*J&*> the leaven which moves through. 
Aph. f'^s^to drive or screw in. Deriv atives, 
JţXcu*, j!s.^«^* 7 ]?cv\a*. 

JliUZiw rt. *Xm. f. gangrene; ^oih^&o 
)^Ziw y+itheir speech is like gcmgrene. 

];cu^w rt. «^m. m. thejerboa. 

I^cqJ» rarely |^ cv\*» rt. i-^**- m. oi mixed 
crowd, rabble; a swarm of insects. 

^d^*», |<x!Sa* pi. )»— rt.^j*. m. a San^w^, 
supper, esp. a marriage feast; a banqueting 
room; ţaX* !s*^ U^ \tfthe bridegroom 

came to the marriage feast. 

Jj^âdtiw pi. ]l&— rt. â^w. £ a blade, kmf& 
Uo&L* or Jjo^*» pi. \Z. m. sheMJish, esp. 




* * 

i/te Tyrian murex; JJo^^wf i^b^i M^£* 
aye<2 Tyrian purple. 

*%>Z>\L Palpel conj. of ^£. 

^£*» fut. g*£*Mj f inf. ^pC»&, imper. 
j}a\**, act. part. ^iw, }<&^~; pass. part, 
^A», l^/X,, ]]^^a\** ^o mix, mingle with; 
act. and refl., generally with ace. and o or 
«xJ^. ; to add, join or itfufe ; to take part with, to 
împart; )*-*J5 v^S« they who mix or knead ihe 

Euckaristic bread ; Ua^.d JJL& &~&J* headds 
water to the oii; t oom^xL? y\,£ iOo^ ? jO£** 
he mingled their Uood with tliat of their fellows; 
o^pw [j&Js Jui? they ham added blotid to 
bloodi.e. slain continually; MJaaS*> uj^^^J 
woioâ^ţ Zei jffim aJcZ we io fefte number offfis 
chosen; la-saj )Jj <*oie£l ^ ^SL» He infttsed 
His life in us that we should die no more; )£»jl 
jfaao o*£ ^-^«? ««we mingled with myrrh; 
Jîs^iw iu JtojfcJlso ^mr<e virtve; &JL •î^"* 
tempered with. Ethpe. i»iLy,l/ a) io jom or 
ia&e jpart w&A. 6) io 6e kneaded, to be alloyed. 
Pa. £^w to ttzî'cc thoroughly, to join, mingle; 
^ajLîo'j Jwai ^w L s ^-^* ^ ow? ' ^oices mingle 
with ihe voices ofthy angels; pass. part. A^w,**» 
mixed, alloyed; |^oc ofvarious sorts. Ethpa. 
£iwl< imper. E-Syr. same as Preţ. W-Syr. 
i.^i.1/ with o or ytJL to be admiited, havepart 
with, be together; to mix with, have to do tvith, 
make alliance; l;a.£ ^wlS^&theTigris mingles 
with the Euphrates ; ^ZX\ \^£lLs> Ephraini 
had dealings with the nations; ULI-b? ]?o!^j>? 
^SJLltJ that he may be added to the choirs of 
the saints. Derivatives, Jo^^cu*. U ^x.^ 

j£^ 5 lS-^- 3 J^â-^ jl^iw*. 

J^-X** pi. ]~ rt. ^X*. m. a) a mixture; 
j^^w % o^iji JJ thou shalt not sow mixed seed 
i.e. two sorts together; J^J^j jw^o^^i 
ţ*a*fesâţ a garment of mixed materied and 
colours e. g. of interwoven cotton and silk ; 
l^iw Jj? unmixed. b) spelt, rye. 

u\* fut. JLJ, act. part. Jli, \i^L, pass. part. 
Ji**, U\+* 7 ]k* \ s», to be or become sweet; io speak 
fair; Jlio o^« the waters were made stveet; 
wwctUfc*^ JLi it is sweet in odour; part. adj. 
sweet, soft, pleasant ; Jl« U»j ^» sweeter than 
honey; Jj!iw JLo sweet scnmds ; Jojui jl« sweet- 
looking; ţ*Jc£> ji*# q/* ilîustrious name; pi. 


emph. fena. ]kuiw cRfcory. Pa. «^L to 
sweeten, make sweet; ^oo^ft» JLLns sweetening 
their bitter flavours. Ethpa. JkLLl*fo Jecome 
sw^ei. Aph. oXi^same as Pa. iA**? r )XcuiO 
^I^fi> Moses made the waters sweet. Dekiva- 
tives, U^Ou, ^aiw, J1g-^* ? Uwo, 

jla^^M rt-. u^a». f. a) sweetness, pleasatotness; 
Ji'lkS? JI^Oa!^ the sioeetness offruits. b) sweet- 
meats; )oo» %3/ 5 J^ JiV#^Jl he did not eat 
sweets, c) must, sweet wine; ţL&oir'f Jlo.iw 
sweet wine or juice of pomegranates. 

)JoJ*i^*» shellflsh; see )JoJiw. 

ISl}^^** rt. ^\m. adv. confusedly; with ]i 
without confttsion. 

cu^yJ^** rt. ^-^«. f. minglmg; communion, 
tntercourse, sociability. 

%^*», ]L^^ m. a hollow, hole, cavity, burrow, 
boat; see part. of *^>**. 

jl'o^^w rt.^**. f. a cavity, hollow; hollow- 

ness, eoncavity; \3L9\J* k*+? }&>* )io^A** 
iAere zs a ^re«i cavity in the earth; JAo,^\m 
U*ji? i/ie hollow of the bosom. 

JS-Tiacu!^.« rt. ţ^^M. adv.ît'<?Z^ mighty, entirely, 
firmly, stoutly, bravely. 

jla^cu^** rt. yOw. f. 1iealth> soundffiess, 

firmness ; jlojjfluoi icco J^>m a right faith; 

jfclX»? JL'aacuix» i/^ ri^Ai or i?w sense; 

IklIiAaj )tox»»\*» strong resolutions of the 

scul, fortiUide ; JkL£ir icua*^*** tipriyhtness. 

L,*iw rt. .^w. m. a) a §K^ to hold liquids, 
a &oii& ma^e ofhide; \r\\»ţ ]-^ \ m a s&m 0/ 
wz7/i;. Z>) strong, valiant; an athlete, com- 
batant; see under J^**. 

îs^J-A** rt. Jiw, adv. strenuously, bravely> 

,? * 

JIo-aXm rt. ţiw. f. hardihood, stoutness, 
courage, fortitude, steadfastness. 

Vîl Pael conj. of^Jl to purify, &c. 

Jbw pi. JJL rt. %«. m. a hole in the earth, 
a cave ; a iunnel, trench, breach, mine; *»: " 

)fc^ Is-^t J&« i/«>5e «?Ao cZw*7 trenches tinde-r 

the wall = sappers ; Jii*** o 
a breach. 

they made 




pS I~ fui e a!^*J, act. parfc. fS^, U*&** i 
pass. part. yu>w, ji-, Jfct— . to dream; pass. 
part. a) dreaming* b) as adj. «tfW 5 healthy, 
whole, sound; ^\^o JL +£ alive and well; 
Jjooo fc» *&*■§*# o/* sowmZ mwtdj ]ci> or w5« 
p^ far emil; metaph. sound, wholesome, 
^rm, strong, cor rect; JJ.&jjsuoo )*•«*» yzrm 
iw <fo fmtht orthodox; Uo^« )lo** correct 
opinions ; J t-oc^N^ ) ^j» | ts*v # sivre foundation; 
\s£^ Sk yu^M# )tw a strong-winged eagle; gram. 
a s«r<m# vex*b; l^ia*. ISoL^*. ending in 
a strong letter. Ethpe. <£wi/ a) io be re- 
freshed with sleep. b) to recover heălth, be 
healed, cured, made whole; ipi^ii» fco/ )i»* 

wilt thou be made whole? Pa, v&^w to taa£. 
Aph. ţaiw( to AeaZ, cure, restore, &c. ; y£&+( 

heal ou/r stri])es; y££**( )Z*^*i£ 

rt » ^ 

he healed the lame. Ethpalal ţ^j so^mI ( 
to dream ; to give forih seed of generation in 
sleep. Derivativ es, Jj^clXo*-, ki,vvN cu», 
h^ \s\ . N „, )i nvi » N„ , U^ ]• » i Na N ■», 

t£w, l^^w pi. )L* rt. «£w. m. a dream; 
hitâ»Z& in a d/ream; c*lia6 po^w2ţ o*k**£*T 
2Âe narratioix of a dream and its interpretation. 

^^jsvS^ = w^£.^ ]il* lit. vinegar salt, m. 
pickle, brine. 

\lx n>N^>, l&i— rt. vx^m. adj. dreamlike 3 
arising froni dreams. 

\lfcLL, J&u— from iii» adj. sandi/, gravelly; 

l&J^w M^lf r AM^y aşi!/ )*iS&y wS£a gravei 

\mS*Jl f \A\Z* or |>a^L+ T Ar. iu. a £>a<Z, 

j^v^Ş".. pi, [_ m. tfAe 5eard! of an ear of 

a^w fut. &<\.\mJ) pass. part. ^, Jl., 
J !£— . a) to eocchange, substifoite. b) to pier ce, 
shear. Pa. &^w to ckange, escchange, renew; 
ţj\^» a^L wo*dJ)^ ĂS£j» /te changed clothes 
with his servant; k-*go? r Muactă iiJL.S*Lap 
\SÂţ£x> money-changers; ţ±+Â\»x» | J&»ţolf 

we «ttH TiOi change ourfaith; %oo»^m taa^uj 
<Aey «&aZ? re?zew <AetV strength. Ethpa, A^wl/ 
to fo changed, exchanged, bartered; to be re~ 
newed; to change in turn, do anything m turn, 

succeed; ©»Lojk>* hJ&JLlj his likeness was 
changed, he was transfigured ; 

m* ,<r> 

9 r 

.cy <*\L }^Î semn seasons skall be renewed or 
shalî succeed. Aph. &S~} y to sprout or grow 
%ip again, to succeed sometking of a different 
nalure; to try diferent ways, change one's 
methods; J-£Io &£&+£> l±&+l a tree sprouts 
again and sîwots up; \k£±*+x> Jk^* deşire 
springs again. Shaphel âiw*. a) to 
change, alter ; to convert, pervert. b) to trans- 
late, turn from one language into another; 
U^f o^ad 1s^£î &*£***> he changed the 
word of the Lord i.e. disobeyed its conimand; 
J^U£ tftN v^^ he aliered, interpoîated the letter; 
JfcLfolTţ» yCuf>£&+JL he perverted them from 

ihefaith; Jl^vi &&&**+» the Evangelists 
give varying genealogies; pass. part. as adj. 
GL&mM&j \Â!^uJL» different, various, diverse; 
t^N^jj»; jfr^o^-» vartous versions; JJ jLo^a*- 
]|^ft!< ^I^ equality not differing. EshtaphAl 
^L»)&,r a) pass. to be changed, be turned the 
other way. b) refl. to change, be transformed. 
c) to change an opinion, to turn or be perverted 
froni the faith ; «&^«!£m Ui/ yi^. Ae changed 
with the limes. Debivatives, J^aS, cu*, jk*3 o^w, 

â^w rt. A^m, prep. takes the suf&xes of 
a noun in the m. pi., for, instead, because; 

lîs a-X ) i V» * L» ^.^„o instead of unity 
oppression; **vl^5to£ »iaoo?©fc>a» A^mj Ae con- 
tendsfor the Council; ? »a\** W4 the place of, 
on account of; j wo» A Nit because, on ac- 

covmt of Genn. c2o/$£r rfass; JmIaajxo â^L* ooi 
Antichrist; gram. \xu>, ^Lu pi. )o^cl»L â^** 
a pronoun. 

\b^LZ another form for \slSJ* 6. 

J^^L rt. a^ii, a) impious, pro/ane. b) a 
reed, willow. 

> ftS£ rt. a\» , m. exchange, barter; ? 
= ^j prep, instead of, on account of, on 
beluxlf of; JI£jl? Jai^Z* in^earf of silken 
raiments; yoo^o^t HM^ on account of 
their sins* 





. f. impiety. 

jfelâ^w rt. ^\o. £ something given in e%- 
change, a substitute. 

J&» fut. *c£iw, act. part. Js2£, )^w ? p^ss. 

part. y^Xfc*, J— , Jl£— - to gird oneself set brishly 
to work Part. adj. a) girt; metaph. strong, 
strenuous, valiant ; Jt*^** )Xofcot r a hard 
fight; YJ^*> Jf slack; subst. an athlete> a 
combatant; ji'c£^j£ ail?j{? &^** combatants 
armed with prayer. b) chafed or 6are, said of 
the sboulder worn by constant friction. Etbpe. 
^.^tfto gird oneself Pa. Jiw to to&e spoit, 
seizej to commit sacrilege; l >, ft . \ i? jU^-o» 

JlL? ţ.^) oX" ihey seized many ships from 
the Arabs; U^ojd Js^S «JSJLv» robbers of 
churches; J£ai> ^CsJoo sjioilers of tombs. 
Ethpa. .S^"t( £o fo spoiled, pillaged, to be 
taken by storm or by force; with ţ^ to be 
deprived of; Y*^JL%J* Jf inviolable, secure. 
Debivatives, iJ^o_« ; ]ţ^2M*j ^A-*od, 

uaiw fut. iscl^mJ, act. part. &S,t*, \A\L>, 

pa ss. part. «fi^, l^-j )lS— ■ to allot, to determine 
by lot or fate. io destine; oaiC-o ^*T ţ+ss he 
foreknew and foredestined ; cj.oX^ J^ocuo 

*-. r 

the stars determined and 
apportioned for Mm death; pass. part. fated, 
destined; ©££ ^^** yl* as fale decreed for 
him; ţ+ooJ ţJuŞ~ ţ*^£o> these things shall 
come to pass by fate. Derivative, J.a!^*. 

)>q>w pi. J.L. rt. a^a*. lot, portion; fate, 
destiny ; pi. casting lots, oracles, aurjuries; 
]o£x{ y +& \s&£ uaâj $0 ^ went forth from 
God; \^J±=> JZL\jLs> \s£±Z.& »i*L augurs and 


denom. verb Pael conj. from the 
folio wing. to wealcen, enfeeble. Ethpa. *£&**i( 
to be enfeebled, discou/raged. 

+&., U^, }lU& pi. m. J^, f. fcLfrail, 

feeble, enfeebled; weak, mean r unwarlike, faini- 
heartedj unfortunate, u/nlucky; \Lv+=> &&x> 
\J^LL a feMe apology ; U^I> ţlio our feeble 

nature; \J>^LL \jf I who am f mii or unfor- 
tunate; with *& laching, vxintmg, devoid of 

)L3c^ ? Jjafe^l ^ \&&> *Sj one lacteng 

the discipline of the learned = untaught. De- 
riv atives, verb »*iw, Jld*^. 

JLoa^** from **XL. f. weakness, feebleness, 
frailty, loto estate; )j£ ^.ţi wioaiU. I know 
my frailty; ^ialai^L^sX vwyi/ have mercy 
on my low estate, on me who amfrail. 

l^'^Z pi. JL1 rt. ^**. f. a sheath, scabbard; 
^o»/^ «liliwix )(»âq>tt\ he put his sword 
back into the scabbard. 

Jfcliw or Jfcl^i rt. "^**. f. a buchet. 

\)&l pi. J&&: fem. of JU. the mothers 
sister^ an atent on the mothers side. 

Jl^*£s^Z f. laserpitium, silphium, assa- 

pi* fut. «wJ, act. part, y\L, UaJ>, pass. 

part. jp^^acurt and jfx*j*w 3 )._, )îs — i- to 6e Aoi, 
^rt>ro warm or Aotf, said of the sun, of the 
heart, of teemîng animals. Part, adj. yu » m 
heated, hot> glowing; fervent, violent; y^*xil* 
u.o^> )oo» Ae w;as stirred in spirit; J-2>Ln 
jli^^ăaL a tor rid region; \ x ±* r ă.A * )^>ct*. /er- 
vent Iove; \Jx*£& U>)& fever; UL* v LL Ubu^L 
hot or new bread; U&lxLL Jli hot springs, 
cf. )&a.o5,r». îi. to s^eep, Jfclo J.JsLi sweeping 
the house; ki>Iaoo p^^â-* s^6p^ and garnisJied. 

Pa. jx*LL part. UL^cL^d. to warm. Ethpa. 
tt^ciilirto 6e îfam, to feel the lieat, to become 
hol with deşire, zeal, &c. Aph. fl} r to warm, 
scorch. Palpel ya^Lacu» pass. part. ^*^> 
parched, arid. Ethpalpal yuocu.L/ to ir^ 
up with heat, decay for lack of moisture. De- 

BIVATIVES, J^SOCU*, jlS^OCW, ^»3DCW, i ^ * ^ *>> 

}^>U*>">^»> )U^ft»?ci^ jfcoa^w, verb 

<w 3 U^ pi. iireg. )o^L^ with suff. ^ 
ojcu»-# &c. m. a father-in-law, cf. [ 
f. a motJiei'-in-laio. 

<w pr. n. 5am, 

U- fut. U~J, part. U^, ^^i.. i. to 
witJier with the heat, to fade; metaph. tofad.e 
aivay, growfaint; JlR Uu. «7« «m^ ^«^ 
ia wthered aivay; \&L *£ s * *x& K^Sa^- y\ 
it withers away suddmty like the grass; ^.^ 
[JiL \^S. it yusses away as vapour ; Ua*J 
o»jij>o? may its remembrance fade auay ; 


t ' 


U*LL? l^âCLAr cmneliness which passes away; 
\1xlL JJ? unfading. n. to sweep, ^cţ k» o oi 
* » xw iOc**l£r> that which they sweep out of 
theirhouses. TP&.uJLlLtowarrn. Aj?H.u-aă— l*to 
dry up, wither trans., cause tofade; \Jjxx*Jo 
jl -t vw^vbX. jlc^At» advancing age makes 
youthfulness fade away. Derivatives, 

Jo*-xu* pi. of jx2, |4fiUi a fatJier-in-law. 
JfcOkeocu* or Jl£o>a.2tt** f. lapathum, cress; 

)\9 4 V f 4 * „ 4 

jtt^tt-, Jj^^cw, JJţoafe» pi. m. ^_, }— , 

f. ^— , Jfc — , rt. -^i», sowr, unripe> harsh; 

19 4 V \9 y ^ . i i 4 y I P v y 

.QJU&** J^som sowr unite; U r " 


i*_* * y 

Jlejobal» rt. -sa^. f, acidity, sJiarpness, 


yt\c oo Jlj Ul'ţC&aaJl, jfci-J rt. «sa-*, bashful, 
modest; Jl^AjLajAJl a modest woman, 

Jljaicu» pi. Jg^ocu*, Jl-t^cu» f. a globule; 
a round stone ; a gem; ajoint; a berry. See 

j^a** pi. i_ m. aw imposf.hume, şncstule, 
breaking out, the head of a sore; a^JL>j &&» 
epft j MS^fr <Ae pustules which come out on his 
body; l^a^ţ U^'cud smallpox. 

Ji^a.*» or m-^^cw m. outworks, rampart. 

l^a*» rt. k^l**, m. drying up; going out as 
a fire ; sweeping. 

JIclXaJsL*. rt. % a a * », f. «As ingathering, 

jts Xo gt** rt.^jscx*». f. a row</& ouier garment, 
rug or wrap; a cassock. 

f*&L 9 \L, jfc — ; see yiL 

Ju-sL-ii* rt. vi*», m. Aay, <fry fodder. 

hSy M * £±ă * rt. vxm. adv. warmly, fervmtly, 

jicvjaxocJ, rt. jp**. f. a) foatf, ^Zoe^; fervour, 
zeal ; jJ^iJoa*, Jl^acujJLil soZar A<?aiS; 
]o*i£)-£j chI ci ^ia ^ lI A/s ferveTit zeal towards 
God. b) sweeping, cleaning. 

)j£aft «j 5J£ pi. Jfctl- rt. «&*». f. Aai springs, 
warm waters ; a baih. 

Uoa£ m. a father-in-law ; cf. yw, k*L»; 
«*ko&«*Q uAofiu» myfather and mother-in-law. 

m y 

9 m y 

in. leaven, leavened bread; 
cf. ^sctfi** pass. part. 

JlâLSMâoJt» rfc. xjocl^. î. fermentation, 

iL», )X*^5u* pi. J nit leaven; leavened 

fcJlUoa- adv. from j^ajsoi. fivefold ; jfc^*.? 
Uo« lsJ)Xoa** jfear arises from fim causes, 

\lL.xL*, )lsJ- from l*:cu. BâŞ.Jlfih* 

{icu^A^o,»* from U-^« f. <Ae number five; 
dividing inio five paris. 

î^ool., jlSuOaL angry; see j^apq». 

^jsa** fut. \qxJ, inf. ^aa.^, împer. 
^oicu*, act. part. ^»i l^-^> pass. part. 
Vi*#, J , )ÎS— . a) <0 gather in esp. corn into 
a barn, <o amass, lay up, lay by, put away; 
to take up f gather in, collect, comjrile; J?*of 

^** ojik o o o* > >N* vvi» jI^cloo a quantity 
of barns stored up wheat for him i.e. were 
heaped with corn; ja&iîJ ]î^> oooj *.^\.,n>^ 
ţ*a-.I^scL» )J9 infinite wealth was laid up in 
the treasuries ; **l*£a ^oagu» gather in thy 
cattle; lsXxbio ^poclS il^^W-^^e jn< 
opened her mouth and swăllowed up ; \1 
u i X^n.t iĂe ioriZ AaiA taken me up; 
yOo»A.Su <A«y recollected themselves; JpAoaX y 
^a^uJ 1 *L ^JiCa^ iAa^ fo m^/rf coîfeci glosses 
into one booh i.e. compile scholia. b) to with- 
hold, restrain; ojj^p;.:* wo»aacu»i ^ 
witliholdeth mercy in his torath; J.*LifcjL lisj/ 
^Aa^j^qjso** do thou, Sun, restrain thy 
rays; ojia ^S . oCiiCLL he restrained his tongue; 
% +&&* * o*X she restrained herself Ethpe. 
"^a^i/ hajmJ%*6&ra) to be gathered in as 
the harvest ; esp. with )oiffl4& to be gatliered 
to his fatUrs, to die, be buried; %aa»tr 
}i*J>9 c^oîa he was gathered into the quiet of 
the tomb. b) to gather togeiher intr., to go or be 
putaside; r <£ok>L> )J^S |UtS ^^il^jĂ 
ţ-.Si.o wild beasts betake tliemselves to their 
dens and are quiet. c) to be urithheld, re- 
strained. Pa. ^jsâi a) to wrap up, cover 
closely; îo enstvroud; Ji^oo jooi^aL^f \& 
when he had covered the Eucharistic vesseh. 
b) to Imn in. c) to toithhoU, withăraw a book 
from circulation. ETHPA.^^Lfto be gatiwred 
in, brought in as the harvest, to gather 




-n y 

together or stand up in a keap ; io be mmmed 
up; to be Jield baek, restrained; 
jiM^îsi the Old Testament is gat 
complete, in Him ; JJai> , ^acu*lSJ?£ 
may be restratned. Debiyatives, 

^ ^ tttj JL»-» pi. |>— rt.%3***. m. ingathering 
of the harvest, laying by; }bfc*»! J?M**-£ the 
feast of ingathering ; JLaaii k*J* a storehouse. 

Pael coxij. of ţaL. 


u* Pamel conj. of ^«, has the same 
meanings as the Pael but intensified. a) to 
graspfirmly, hold fast with o ; ua-^/ *XsL*iL 
o£ take hold of hîm fivmly ; o£*J* ^c n *o .» j J* 
Ae *AaK îw>i retain his strength. b) to be very 
strong, powerful or brave, to put force or re- 
straint on oneself, to endttre, persist, persevere; 
to resist, hold out against; Jjfc^U» ţcnvw 
he held out bravei y, was strong in combat; 
J>ot£ţ «iâ^cua aiaLaa£ they were steadfast, 
Md fast, in the doctrine of our Saviour; 
coilL*^ v o*im^w JJ let us not endure the 
sight of them. c) with r j to remain with 
anyoue; vriih ^ to abstain from ; to remain 
away from. 

k>JL+ fut. koo^J, act. part. <*JLL, U>.x$J* 3 
pass. part. ^jcl** and <**ocul, J*, Jk — to fer- 
meni, to leaven, to mix; ^xso-** 
dough set to leaven; yOo^f J^ail* J* 
)co» v > *&» heathen leaven wfa'ch had leavened 
and penelrated- them; Ui^Lo J^J*^? a maes 
of elay tcorked up and mixed; k£oâ-L JJ jo^-X 
unleavened bread. Aph. <+xL*l r to cause to 
ferment or &e leavened, to leaven; opoa**( 
Jl*j£~ii £e leavened it with leaven. Deriv A- 

TIVES, jo^-OO-**, jl a***» *»* 

k &a£ or Jj^~ m. a pomegranate seed or 

^u* fut. -ao-^J to tom sow, inir. ; -aa. 
j;_xw fe$z *Ae w'ng te acr'cZ. Pa. -aai to 

malee ashamed. Ethpa. «aeuli/ to blush, be 


ashamed, be confused; }-3i~fto© ţî )6oa-> 

unabashed Iove; ]S[ -a^fco© Jj Uj£. «^ ^ 
wo r/î/m nia/ces me ashamed. Avu. *^*"( 

a) to turn sour, tr. )& Joc*© «»**& JXjaU yT 
z/ tJie wine be tvrned acid and made into 
vinegar. b) to make ashamed, to shame, ţ*^£u»& 
ţ.*£wc*ao blushing a/nd shamefaced. Debiv- 

ATIVES, J-SOCU*, JjOaX*., JiojQJO*», Jjlj 


I* *7* 

■aou» or _aa*» pr. n. nemeşa now 
in N. Syria. 

Jlaxi pi. J* m. a) small puise, \ 

b) bean meal. 

j &LS& jflJ» f. <A« autumn crocus, n 
saffron, colchicum autumnale. 

im- Ethpa, pal»if to ferment. 

VL+ IUL. or JU: pi. ISiL. or j| ^ 

c. gen. but more often used as ma^c. while JJLV 
is used for the fem. a) an ass; J&^o? )*-^** 
a she-ass; qk» Ucfao the burial of an ass; 
JtsL*? )?io <Ad ^^. 5) metaph. ^e ferice 
of a cithern. 

t»« pi. jţ or p#Jaa^ m. wtn^; J^scu* 

aAa W? 7«îf5^ unfermented juice of the grape ; 

" ) f .yi m p-e «rfwfi i.e. unmixed with water ; 

]hH>as?î );.»!* înea^; U^? ; 


mingled with honey; UaJ±£ 

pornegranate juice. 

)i+LL m. jt^L f. a wine-seUer, wine-mer- 

JJcttfL* pi, H m. dim. of )t»«. a W& aw. 

)J!^^- or )aii^.» m. «^ ass-driver, 

» .. *• * y 

«mes; ila&Hf thefifth; J£ia*afti "W-Syr., 
JiiÂiâb^ E-Syr. Thursday; U-ia-? o^ia a< 
dau»? o« Thursday ; JJJL=>*sal or ).^ol ipa- 
)?{>» i/w jî/ÎA cky o/ //ofy ff«*i Mavndy 
Thursday ; %4k.m& « jfef hundred; ţ-Lacu. 
^2/; , >^r. < .r^f. byjîfties. The collective 

)ls*^i is used with suffixes, ^Is*-^. we 

^w; v c'om&&m£ thosefive, thejîve of them, &c. 

Deeivatiyes, Jo*ioo^., ^^A-oa-*, K*-*-oa-*, 

JLca*ott«», verb •mzbu*. 

j. from IÂsclm. 

to take afifih part, divide byfive. 

D 2 

^ y 




* y 

■71 7 

, see *»xlL, UtthJl. 500, 

jL^al and ^j^&^a&L m. JS 
[gmajbei» î.fifteen. 

fcocu* denom. verb from JfcoaJi. Pe. to 5wr?a 

with anger, part. adj.fc^scJl, J&JLJl. enraged, 

angry, usually irapers. with N ^£; o*^ Iffvw 

ţf*Vit ^^ &Q w&8 angry because Joseph was 
sold; ts^5-« +0 ua&j hewas angry and went 

out; usually impers. with ^,^X oC£ J&*££ 

he îs enraged about . . . Pael V^y f to enrage, 
to anger, frovoke anger; Joi? koaJLsao ^k& 
he provokes and enrages the judge. Ethpa. 
Incult/ with '^L of the ohject, to rage, 
befurious; toprovoke; \X&\&]&^Jt<&justice 
isangered; ocl./'^X o»î^p» ^LLlHiis anger 
was kindled against Jdb ; .o^ ,\^ %£ j^aL.*, 
kofcitf tlhe tumult raged against them alt Aph. 
Î^L^^to provoke^ anger, vex; \J±£ KaL*/* 

>&^° k*^ * ^* ? I s hall vex the hearts ofmany 

J&fc£ pi. }&£! rt. ^. f. lieat, j&; J&^ 

the heat of the fire; metaph. a) rage, fury, 

passion, ch^o>? }&&JLjierce anger. b) venom, 
inflammation from venom. 

JkotL-w fem. of %±j1. a mother-in-law ; 

uscuaci** thy father- and moiher- 

yfcoa^, U&s^, J&Jl£saJi pi. m, J2. f. 
JfcJ— from jfcoai. ir ascibU^rathfid, passion ale, 
furious; JlTiĂ <*J^*> jJ*oaI JU^a wrathful 
man stirreth wp strife. 

fcJ^JJîS^o^ from Jfcott^. adv. angrily, 

ţl> 3 m. s. of verb ycu*. to havepity. 

ţZ> fut. yo^î, inf. ^&, imper. y-cu*, act. 
part. yU*> pass. part. ^J*», )i*I*#, 1. to pity, 
spare, to be gracious, pitiful, to havepity or com- 
2>assion with ^ or"V& of the pers. ^V^aj cu* 
W<^* Ku.? have pity on me as Thou hadst 
pity on the robber; w^XU^ ^Jcw pitifully 
hear my request; JLlL \ ]^j&T souls who have 

f» fi y 


obtained mercy. 11. pass. part. ^JI see below ; 
to smell rank as the body from sweat and dirfc. 
Ethpe. ţL» L ( tofind mercy or favour ; *x** l /* 
^Lâ Aa obtained mercy from thee. Ethpa. 
fju*l( to seek favour or kindness, to make 
supplication ; u£f ^d£u& Uf ^»JNâ / beseech 

you, brethren. Dekivatives, ţ-^x**, juuu», 

U** fut. )XmJ, act. part. joij JuJ-i. ^0 bend 
a bow, io ia^6 aim, aim at, hit the mark ; to 
have regard or look to the end, to notice; to 
încline towards an opinion, tv/rn towards a per- 
son, come near, agree nearly; to have for an 
aim> bend ones mind towards, to attain, appre- 
hend; to wpiily or acconwiodate to a purpose, 
of ten used with \*J ; 000» ^1L fe&ito they 
took aim with the sling; ^;|âo ţ.*ÎL aiming 
and missing; J?ţ^ ^ILo ţ+ţL t o shooting 
and aiming at each otlisr; ©mLJ Joo* \2JL he 
bent his mind to that aim, had for his aim; 
Jut*lX M-" Jte attained the aim, hit the mark; 
U.o&^ fL»l Jjţ yij^ i<w /oo^ ^ ^owr aim 
lest you deftect, fall aside, to error; * ol^^r| 
Uf \1L \Loi\ ^^? ^0 woi think that I aim 
only at gold; )*U& \SxJL ukT? which more 
nearly hits the truth; jioaLa }^v4 U^ â verv 
nearly agrees in nwmber ; \IL )ISX\ W* V\ 
it is in accord with the will ofGod; «l^w Jl 
Uxzi ), ^^\ , the pool of Siloam ^z^ tw>« answer 
the expectation 0/ ^e mti Zaz^ there. Ethpe, 
**!*•!( fo 6e inclined or disposed. Derivatives, 
U**, Ucu**, jlow, |wO- 5 J^J^I**. 

U*. pi. >_ rt. U*., m. a bending, hence, 
a) the hollow of a chariot, the lap; *%*& c*juc* 
yoo^ Ăe takes them in his lap. b) the privy 

<^~ root-meaning to groan, pant after, Pe. 
only part. adj. ^I«, |uL 9 )]^ %i%, 5a d, 
mournful, doleful, miserable, lamentaţie; V^ 
Us^L> sad weeping; \!^L* \k&* with a sorrow- 
fidheart; \Aji JlJĂ ^1* \J> of oh! what 
a lamentable history this is; Jko-JS or J£»l» 
^J M a lament, dirge. Pael ^L only 3 p. s. f. 
impers. o^ fc^i it grieved Mm; £L 
it made us groan. Ethpa. t^LLlpto gr 
sign or <pant after, to Ung for; *axJkx> Jf_ 
^LK^jc )j£ this I deşire and longfor. Aph. 
v^-r to came to pant after or long for; to 
make doleful; <^Lo£ JL\a IJl^DI *A« 
crow/% r(m56s ^Ae ^e^Ve 0/ athletes. Deriva- 
tives, Jfc^, UK^i^, Jlo^t^ 

f »• 




JlSs^** pi. l*s^** rt. *^*** & « «fjj&i groan; 
jl£^L£ci Uni toeeping and groaning. 

keeper; a huckster, seUer of herbs, greengrocer; 
j.£jL& |^ai-i Joo» ^a5L »d wAzZe /&e green- 
grocer weighed the grapes. 

IU&JL m. a young pig, moking-pig. 

(icixi pi. Ju— rt. -nu*, strangling, sttfling, 
overwhelming ; \&t£lL ]io»o*j rivers which 
drown people; }#gju, ^LaaS lsjail#t( &7ie «;«$ 
drowned in the overwlielming waters. 

jloox** pi. J>_ rt. >Ai**. m. strangling, hang- 
ing, drowning; o&la %£ j^do*>f JLV tS*i£ 

^re is no mark on his neck of his having been 
strangled orhanged; rnetaph. distress, anxieiy ; 
JLta&i J^ocx** mental anxiety. 

Jiaxi pi. )Io rt. Ja*#. f. an arched chamber J 
a cell, stall or booth; a gang or crew; jlcÎJui 
ULJS? the UachsmitKs booth; dicujjoij Jial-* 
gartgs of heretics. 

^L* fut. ^cuuJ, înf. &£*&, pass. part. 
^*L», )^«X», J^L^*!**. io embalm; ^ojal^ujl 

^Jjf nr> »)J JL(Lflo( the 2>hysicians embalmed 

Israel. Ethpe, -lsL*t( to be embalmed. Pa. 
^1L same as Pe. Derivative, JJ^jcu*. 

}JLl** pi. JJHu» rt. J-L**. m. aiTOj &e«2, leaning, 
disposition, purpose; \*.3\ UI** aw» ai a mark, 
dîrection; c*lL^î? jJX* «**( .c6/ waiS fe 

explained them aceording to the bent of his 
own mind. 

În- }-a— rt. j-u*. adv. a£ a ww^wre. 

^•i^Zâ* rt. ^**. adv. dolefully, sadly; 

9 ■ 

j>aj& «i! weeping and groaning. 

jtci^JL* rt. ^**. f. larnentation. 

ţ^lL, *— , Jk— rt, ţi** ii, adj. &£a&, inusty, 
rancid; **!!•? oor J-IjoSs rancid aii; )l£jLl5> 
t^o***** i**£o ţJllLo *Jw <Z£r<y a«c? jtfmZ 
ancZ evil-vmdUng bottles. 

)£iZ pi. Jl. f. usually contr. to \AZ. the 
palate; \AtZ ;**wo sad, embittered, nwrose. 

*.!** pers. pron. i c. pi. wc; afteraparticiple 
the iniţial #> is not pronounced ; a foller form 
ţl~j( or JL*fi& found in ancient MSS, 

ţi**, wi**, Jkai£ rt. *J* piti ful, tender, com- 
passionate, clement, with ^ unmerciful, pililess; 

? * 

* * 

i n n — j .— 

Ui*. ^ ^b£ IS^Sd / have besought Thee, Son 
of the Merciful One* 

9 199 . y m 

^i— , yxu* rt. ţ.«. a. pity, mercy, compassion, 
jritifulness, demeney^ favowr, grace; 

cu» by His pitiful Iove; ^t'oX uols=>I 
2%ow Aasi m y% jpt<y drazen me near 
to Thee; rnetaph. a compound of oii, dust, 
and water mixed with the relics of saints 
or with earth from holy places; this was used 
for anointiug the sick, for anoînting at be- 
trothals, &c, by the East Syrians; cf. Jici^*^. 


9 « 9 

rt. JL. f. pitifulnesS) clemency. 

? y 

denom. verb Pael conj. from ţ&jJ». to 
paganize; to twrn aside to idolatry. Ethpa. 
-aiLt/ to be profane, irreligious. Aph. &l**f" 
to ajwstatize; to pervert to paganism ; |^N^ 
Jj^as ^x«{ţ the world ivhichSatan had reduced 
to paganism. 

]&jJ+> jls&il» pi. m. \ZL f. Jlsl.. godless, un- 
godly, profane, pagan, heathen; a Gentile, 

Greek; ]1S^ \&±L the erring heathen; ^sclIIXcl» 

\£j!> Julian the apostate. Deeivatives, y^th 

ai**, ÎS-*)^i** , Jta2U*# ; \*&lm t 

k^\±L adv. from \âjL, after the Geniile or 
heathen manner. 

SLaîâ-u* from [baL f. a) impiety, godlessness, 
paganism, Sabaeanism, jlVlol^a? )X&liL the 
impiety of idolatry ; wo»cud( laaj-L *^ao i. 

jo^l^? Jloi-ao-iO^ he passed over from the 
heathenism ofhisfather tofaiih in God. b) used 
as a collect. noun heathendom., the Gentiles. 

JJ&lH, )%JL* from \LiL. heatlien, Gentile, 

ethnic; \ 

T> 9 ..y 


heathen nations; j 

* s 

^aBiL Jcoj it was a heathen citstom. 

toi** fut. jsai-ij, act, part. oxL^, \JllL, pass, 
pari iaJLw, J— , ])^— .. to cAo&e, 5rf/?e ? suffiocate, 
smother, with smoke, in water, under ruins ; 
to strangle, hang; rnetaph. to torment, oppress; 

o**&.f Jbis+hehangedhiTnself; »I^> « ©mJ cixiw* 
JL^L <Aa< rfwy m?f//^ strangle him with a noose; 
4>2»aiXL«o J^od oa^Sflp ihorns grew up and 
cholced the seed ; )J!a£a itv!» choked with tears ; 
ţZxxo ]j&aL* drowned; U^aX ^£,.7^ jmished 

with hunger. Ethpe. %ftx«l( ^o 6e choked, 
mffbcatedy drowned; rnetaph. tobe over whelmed 
wîth eares, sorrows or difficnltîes ; ©££ aaju.lf 



JTcuiA* ujJL^i my mind was overwhelmrd with 
sorrow. Pa. >a,u» to choke, suffocate, slrangle, 
ruin. Ethpa. dalii/ to be choked, suffocated, 
smothered, stranjled, drotoned; motaph. to be 
straitened. Derivatives, JuO j cu*, J^a guu, 

MlL* rt. jxu». usually in tlie pi. i&Ju* bands, 
bonds; J£Jj }^Li iAe coZ/ar of a yoke or ihe 
strings with wbich it îs tied to the neck; 
ihe neck of a vestei ; jfc^>.**?? Jjai** cu&mS» <A«y 
cwi ifo bands offear. 

>£clL partide of deprecatioii, let it noi he> 

Godforbid! ^ee u»cu*. 

J^a**, Js^jsxa*, J^w>tfv*» pi. m. )— oa** f. jfcvAm*» 

adj. a) hoit/, just, pure, \* ra *> JLofc^i just 
weights; n&il ^»> j^aw iAe i/o7y One who 
is from everlasting ; j-^m** )+**£> the holy bodies 
of the saints; Ji^oâl. ]!^i^f^>?ow5 nuns; J?a^ 
|j£IZo }SJLi*f JfcUiâaL the pure choirs of holy 
angels. b) venerablc, reverend, right or rnost 
reverend, frequently of monks, priests 3 bishops, 
&c. c) suhst. a bishop, JfcCuZ^o? e»&; \ZseJ* 

the bishop ofthat city; \lax^ţ ^oo4jc^ an 
episcopal sy nod. Deriyatives, Jw^cu*, verb 

WiXâ* ; J^J^m**, )jo^fft» ; fX^fft^V>j JS~*U*£a*O0, 

J^&i, J^-qcu» pi. J^~ f. a lettuce; YckL) \&i~l 
lettuee leaves. 

+skj» fui ?cLflw, act. parfc. *oxi, jţjaw. «o 

revile, scom with i^; J3o^4j>^ »*J< t^-" H 
/ei noi one of the blaspAemers revile. Pa. «j*w 
io scom, revtle, insult, tăuni, reproach, defy; 
onî&J «ooi? UajL a people (hat jeoparded 
their lives; ssxî\cc\ ^Ijijsoi? ojlo^xcJofciL 

* .. *- ^ 

Goliath hm come up to defy Israel; ycialaaJ 

i*î*JId1 Uessed are ye when 




5 P 

v -71 p 

men ^AaK r^W/e you; pass, part. 

nounces judgment before he heareth is a fool 
and put to shame. Ethpa, , ^ Plf io ie 
mocked, reviled; to sujfer blame or reproach; 

%f y* ^ e reproaehed for the name of Christ. 

DeRIVATIVES, )»-j»Q-« 5 )».rn *», j^J»..** »*N>, 

)ffla-i (with bard J) rt, ^m**. a shameful 
thing, shame, reproach, tgnominy. 

9 9 9 4, y t + 9 m 

9 9 s 4. .. y 

vertebrate animals. 

9 ~ r 

\*£aZ (with aspirated c//i) Heb. cf. J ? 
mercy, kindness, favour; J*aw 1s.a^ Bethesda 
= j)lace of mercy. 

]Sîso^££lL pi. )»!- rt. ^£*u.. parsinwnious ; 
abstinent, frugal ; ©©» ^i*âj^ ju iJJ^sc^a— iAe 
over-ftugal man is not liberal. 

JLoj^cun— rt. *ajxu*. f. parsvmony, avarice; 
rejraimvg, rpstravni ; ^o yx*j±. ^ cu xso ^ ■»** 
Jlc^4J '^ refraining of the tongue from 

jtJofco&âcJ», JlS-o rt. ttou», parsimonious. 

)j»aml», jl£— rt. ţaaa**. an envious person. 

laftâJto ra. cartilage, a tendon; J&^s^ 
j^ilic ).«a*#a»I* fc^i ţ^ f&s i/woai isfornied 
of three tendons. 

)J..L£pa.A>.m-L, JfcC^J gristly, cartilaginous ; 

crustaceans opp. »< 

ft*mL der>om. verb Pael cobj. from f-*v- 
io ma^e atonement or propitiation witb '^.i ; 
io absolve, give absolution, jncrge, pardon, con- 
done, spare, be gradous ; o^^cn^o om^-^o 
)Jca r ^.\. Ae sanctified and mode atonement for 
the altar; >oo»,^.^ i*xi? )<h^-^ ^X alaw 
i/^2/ waffe atonement for the sins of their nation; 
1+&J *%si jnfltt*fc&o ooj)^i? ti 'Î5 i/te 6Zooti ?/iai 
maketh atonement for the soul; 4*^ ai Uu. 
purge my guilt ; jtawo *coo**pity and pardon; 

Kcq-m^ o o» â( >nn«*.^» ţj£u^o umosoever par- 
don s shall himselfbe pardoned; uflwv» 1Sn»o<» 
wls-aoc^ ţio iAow 5/mZi be free ofany oath, 
absolved from it; [AlA^ ^y ţj£> J ^^ 
we a?-« innocent of human blood. Ethpa. 
^mT»l( io fo made or declared free from guilt, 
pure, clear or righteous; to be loosed or set free, 
to go free or unpunished; to have atonement 
made ; to be absolved, receive absolution, pardon, 
mercy, to seek absolution or pardon ; |C»? o o» 
U tj» ţ^ J^Jl ^j whoso prays may he receive 
mercy from the Lwd; i,-N "r^v^ ^£ umili 
i/tow ^Aa^i 6« clear from my oath; *^L/ X 
.aa&**k*; îsTUffli JIqa^oL ^oSu*>'; /Aey that 
Iove holiness holily shall bejudgedholy; 
I<h^*# ui££ thy sins are absolved. 

ÎS-TUcai from ^law, adv. piowly, mgktly. 

)ţ*o-j Jl Heb. cf. ){.âftZ. graciow, winning $ 

* p* 




full ofgrace; J**m*» mp .s. $Ae AoZy nation i. e. 
the Hebrews. 

)l*cuftw from UaiL- f. rigkteousness, holiness } 
venerableness ; ]*2>o? Lcuow holyliving; atitle 
of honour esp. applied to bîshops, **L' 
nour HalinARR. nour Re,vpsre,nc,&. 1 

oi honour esp. applied to bishops, y»cunft»» 
yowr Holiness, your Reverence, henee Ae 
eviscovate, ]Lo*axL **^9 a hierarch, a prelate. 

PsfflAi exempt; abstinent; aglade; 

)L l 

■ 4 - 

rt. **£&**. f. abstinence, immunity ; 

ţ*ii\5 *^*>? )tcA*âu> refraininy from all 
intercourse; Jloo 1*&ă £ < %o ţi© jiixa^.** 
fljwcu^lo freedomfrom all rtimours, noises or 

jldl^iSL* x't.^flft*». f. weaning, abstinence; 
Jioo/ ţj»? jlV^Am» abstinence from food. 

5xL 3 i—, Jl£— mighty, serious, in many 
senses; see under ţ.ccu». 

l^T^râr» rt, *ttu», adv. i-en/ much y violently, 
seriozcsly, courageously ; hZ\l^aL *%£&*( he 
wept violently. 

JlciiAtfw rt. fcttu*. f.fortifying; ramparts, 
fortifications ; jlsLt»*.*»! wlotumL tliefortifying 
or the fortifications of the city. 

»«âw lacking, less, xoithoui; see *ou*. 

O^ouj Ilogicii* pi. ]Lo rt. jffl*». f. yjant, 
need, necessity 3 deficiency, waning of the moon ; 
poverty, scantiness, scarcity, }îs£SJL io*. "* r 
failure of the crops, a bad har vest; io*. 

\S o o* stupidity ; ] L o. 

5 r 

i to^^xL folly, madness. 

ioi*m» scantfaith; 

JJSs^icu* emph. fera. of J^**, J*au» AoZy, a Aoty 

«■ra«» fut. **aflttw, i î.i f - yen**», iniper. yCutLM, 
act. part. ^aw, Umi>. pass. part. yJxw, ţi., 
J]£— . to Aeep back or from, to withkotd 9 restrain, 
refuse; to save up; with ^b to spare, preserve, 
set free; ooj JJ© ^ *o /te withheld corn 
emcZ would not give U out; u*I» ycînrwf / w'K 
preserve my life; Jifc*^» ţ*i u<L Ae spared 
Mm from slaughter ; )£>** *& u t a m L aagg me 

jfrm dishonour; )lx ţ& )JsJZ\ yaxL Jlai 
Joal. cfectf/t setsfree the debtorfrom his creditor. 
Part. adj. free from, void of apari, exempted; 
abstaining > abstinent; )o^** +& ***xâ** free 

from sin; Jl^J ^ >^cn» untrodden; [a 
UUis? glades, cowrts ofirees. Ethpe. ^m*»W 
«o 6e withheld, jwes&rved, free from; »*m-*L/* 
Jjoj ţ^ t* was Jvreproof ; ^şmL)^ )ti£L J2s 
seeds macfe proof ogainst vermin. Pa. - ? ^ r to 
reserve, store up, keep in reserve. Ethpa. »^r^ ( 
to be exempted, free from obligation, from guilt ; 
Jl^JS ^» >ugflftJHsj£ we shall be acquitted, 
unstained by murder. Dekivatiyes, J^uacw, 

)^l^oaocu», iLaj^am-**, )wulsr)G£CL«, )1 




m. m, restraint; 


L* fut. ^cuoojiJ 1 , imper. \aW act. 
part^sn^j pass, part. ^*jbu»j )>— , ]1^— . to 
wean; metaph. to refrain, restrain, to teach 
seif control, accvstom to abstinence; Jl^cl^ 
JLm*» a weaned infant ; ţ& o\j».â» j U£a£jL 
J.Ii <Aey accustomed tlie beast to do toiihout 
water; ţ^.(QA. > ^o ^5d o^o.B*^m** Ae re- 
frained his mouth from all questions; 


fv ^-— 

) afiuxu* *J» .oo»*âJ iAey reslrain tliemselves 
from envy; li^^Lj u^Â** weaned from lust; 

JL'c&a$ »^» > ^xa«w M>cw ibv£tâ separated from 
arrogance* Ethpe. ^£a**M to 6^ weaned, 
trained to abstinence; ]kJU5 ţ» > ^m*.J^2> 

weaned from evil things. Dkriyatives, 

11.CO** rt^x^M. m. being weaned. 

fut. yoauiJj act. part. ja«w, [.v^m», 
pass. part. yunrio, ^1-, )l^— with o. a) iii a 
good sense, to emulate, rival, contend jealously 
or zealously; Jj^ţ }J!A^o «îmi? emulous of 

good works; iOomPO^ Joo» ţnai» A^ emuktted 
iheir manner of life; pa)t. adj. cnviable, deşir- 

abhy happy; \SifaaJh% [ăcuiâ- )^L tlie happy 

race of Christians ; j&oo^Jcu*? om^S \So*'jo( 
JEdcssenes, sons of the desirable city. b) to 
envy, be envious, jealous; JAcusaj» *aaoxcu*i JJ 

be not anxiousfor death; ^ ţ*si\cf\l» )J;oâ»r 
the Jews are envious ofthee. Ethpe. <xox«i/ 
to be enviedj to incur the jealousy or spiţe of 
rivals; *VT)1*? ^«u.!/" Daniel was envted. 
Ethpa. ym^l^to &6 emulous, compete zealously. 
Dekivatiyes, joocum— , ^-. 



U m 1, Jls— pi. hl J^L. f. ]!^_- rt. yx£&**. 
envious, grudging, spiteful; JbomL JJoo» an 
envious mind; jk».>o.nrt*« )**/ a grudging hand ; 
]În^ Jixo kou«u> o©» £/*a< envious one i. e. 
/iafer o/aW </oocZ 3 ^ <fow7. 

Ija^m pi- )■— *'t. yaaw. emulation, zeal, com- 
petiUon, envy, jealousy; a grudge; with mJ 

ungrudgmg, generous ; J * «jai^ojci o 

envy and backbiting ; oO) cfcio^ «,f y v>m »» ţj*> 
owi o/ <?wvy the cîiief priests had delivered 
him wp. 

l^J)^m M rt. pgvw. adv. envioitsly. 

Ji'aaxoJl vtttkm*** envy, rivalry ; with ]U 
frankness, generosity. 


^ - 

; inf. 

* ? 


part. Uow, ţ-m^, pass. part. ţ*âî*» and ţ^aw 
1_, Jfcl— . a) mp*» intrans. io wax strong, in- 
crease of illness, io be extremely UI; to have 
hard îabour in childbirth ; to be very difficidt, 
be in difficulties; » oc*^J^ ţ-ao** iheir sickness 
was very sore; J^i ♦£ W»^ sJie laboured 
hard to bring forth ; i*. ^axL JJ fţ& nothing ie 
more difjîcult than. b) *an* trans. tobe stronger 
than, prevail over, subdue; to force a woruan; 
t-j]^o)o uj ts \ n-> » thou art stronger than I and 
hast prevailed; IkoctM^ Maa^^o^ to subdue 
anger ; ]^v^£i\ *J&+*ţ fc^»( sorne are stronger 
than hunyer i. e. when they fast. Part. adj. 
a) strong, powerful, mighty = Heb. El 
Shaddai, the Âlmighty; o»I» ţXâ*mI* l.xa^.ţ 
are we stronger than he ? ^cC±Ja ţ*mL o} r 
\J>)\ doth tJie Mmighty pervert justice? ^*2k. 
l,( [Lnw ke defied tJie Âlmighty; ^cuaJ 

\ ' u£ t£± otlcua^ Jesus by ffis death 
bound the strong man i.e. Satan, referring to 
Luke xi. 21, 22. b) violent, Jiard, difficult, 
sever e } serious, solemn, weighty; )&' i»trw )îs-uZ^ 
a strong city; \i+âxL Jlo a violent noise; U^fc^ 
JJ^ujxuI a violent north wind;» JJ&£jd 
a great vjar; jl&uml* jîsjicui a solemn oath; 
jjţcab ^JfoaL» î?/i€ commands are difjîcult; 
JLau* *j£ ţ*A— woi subject to corruption. 
Ethpe. ţA*»l( imper. ţsaLX( to be subdued, 
overpoweredy tyrannized ovev ; **&-*£( )| 

v r 

)^-^ t& ? ie was n °t overcome ty IvM ; 

those who suffered the tyranny of the devii. 

Pa. ^xo** to strengthen, fortify, secure, guard. 

* 4 

* r 

to take refuge; o»]££ocu*a *aw he strengthened 

<Ae &o/te of the c aurea ; «ilaJS. »^>^o axm^i 

to guard all his wealth; # **^l \±cn** ^c +**js 

y*2u fortify ihyself in one of the fortresses. 
Pasa. part. Jiuiâ^oo fortified cities; metaph. 
)lşirn^v> ^ \a&5 an unguarded soul i. e. lying 
open to temptation. Ethpa. ^mLXţ a) to show 
oneself strong, to be strengthened, confirmed; 
]hoo<^ ţXawţoo oaihs are confirmed. b) to 

fortify oneself, seek refuge; ibw^ QilmLU 



they sought refuge in holes and caves. 

c) to take by storm, to tyrannize ov&r with^&. 
For Pamel conj. see ţm.vw. Derivatives, 

W-aw pi. )— rt. ţmM. m. a fortress, citadel, 
fortification, rampart, oviworh; \lmZ %~£ 
a fortified place, stronghold; 4#o» 

^ y 

Jicui»; they broke down the ramparls* 


pi. )—— rt. frCft**. m. the govemor of 

a fortress. 

y ti 

V 9 I P 9 

fut. ^J, act. part. ^a-l 3 J^-^ 5 pass. 

part. +*£&**, } , Ji. a) to be wanting, to decrease 9 
fail, be insufficient; to be in want, to want, 
lack; ip*:2> ©w5w )* J?oJ* iheir provisions did 
not fail, diminish; ]£»£ o£& ;«i» tJie wine 

failed, came to an end; \mâ \™- <J if the cup 

be noi svfficient i.e. if the wine fail; o; 
Jj<u*r J» ă ., V i 0^ he had no other servants; 
}l\ ax3G& 005» o^co— they were wanting in the 
balanee, were less than the right weight; JyL 
©^ ^ax-1 Jie began to be in want. b) to lose, 
suffer lossy befined; to lay out, ewpend; ţm*o 
Isuaoj ji*> he shall lose 100 pieces of silver; 
Ijcl^ UşJ* JL+* he had less by the hire of the 
porters. Pass. part. a) verbal use with ^ and 
pers. pron, suff. to lack, want, ţ& )Lm*> J£** 
one thing thou lackest; *A* ^m^ M »Z» / am 

mc i J V" 

in want of nothing. b) in want of, laching; 
incomplete, UL*"£. **££ i n wa nt of bread; 
j».» aru » JIsa»- an incomplete year ; +£ )l«t^ 
***- &m waning moon; with a subsfc. it is 
frequently privative; )Joet i « C «fw/rtd; 


U*^i or Joeu^ yJa& lacking understanding , 
smsdess, mad; Ji'c&dcue» ^ unbelieving; 
]Le);& ^iâ^ Zow; 6mZ. c) Zess opp, ]L*%J1 
more; ;» mT > ^fc*T wiore or Zess; **m« J^aoo A? io 
much less; )*** ^ml* ^jS.2>$( forty less one. 
d) pi. f. emph. )l & * m Jl wanis, neeessaries; \Âfa 
jl^mit the Book of Chronicles. Pa. ^Ai «o 
suffer any one io 6e m tMnt, iîo injlict loss, 
Jme > damage; ^oo*\ l^w JJ «££ iAot* cftVZsi 

— „J 7.J jl . ... 7 . _T. .7 • i.l f £ * 

noi Zei iAm Zac^ anything; metaph. U*» 
ojȣ&a ^w iAe sore will waste 7ris flesh. 
Ethpa. yxJ+lţ to be fined y amereed ; to be 
damaged. Aph. ;A»r a) to allow to be in 
want; to jme> confiscate, deprive; ©£x îm*+xb 
©»ioi)JIi* he deprives him of his freedom. b) to 

do harm 9 to înjure; «i£ i&s+zo JJ fix I will 
do you no harm; jjj)J )£*&**& it is hwrtful io 
the ears; ,»cyim,v> U-3? ot^âiwl» iAe thoughts 
of the bad man do harm. Ettaph. ;awii/ 
io be finedy to forftit; to be exacted as a fine, 
penalty, &c, Jc« Jloj Joo%s ^a**ii/ Ae /or- 

feited all that he possessed; *J&*2 ;^mU( 
? oo» iAai price was exacted. Deeivatives, 

Jji-eecu*, J1o;*cyw, U^mJC, 

Jjsu. and u«Lu fut. MLj, act. part. JjLL \SslL, 
pass. part. )»â^*, jîs-JL* to cover, hide; )J*»o{ 
jK«JL* a secrei ^xziA. Pa. **âl* to cover, veil, 
obscure, hide from view, bury out of szght; 
§(& uiLL a swarm of locusta obscured the air; 

%**SlL a city fell and burtea its 
inhabitants; uSWfl o*j£** with covered Jiead; 
metaph, to cover i.e. expiate a sin, to give par- 
don; to pass over, omit; to surpass; u3uâ 

opcvj t - Ae concealed his name; \J>%*m.s> Iiiwî 
io ^>ass wer m silence; *s\i\Z \aa u2u* 
^oo^\a.\ Daniel reduced the Chaldaeans to 
silence in all the sciences. Ethpa. uJLaif a) refl. 
io wfl oneself; metaph. io 6e sA?/. 6) pass. io be 
covered, concealed , obscured, eclipsed, ruined; 
ţ*Su«lS-f Ja\^sv Zei i/^wt 6e hidden in silence; 
cuâJLLiţ |J)w-iX ruined ports. c) gram. io &6 
passed over in pronunciation, as a letter with 
linea oceulfcans. Deeivatives, ]u&cu*, k-Uăul, 

k-J~£ujs©, )icuau#jsD ? U*a*aoj jtcu*a~kj*>, 

l»»oA>» m. a bitter herb; the mallow, rumex, 
alfhaea, anchusa, malva. 

t m 

3» r 

j>oA*» rt. iSu*. m. a ditcher, a labowrer. 
J-50.A*. rt. ^Su*. m. digging, excavation. 
h*Z\^£& rt. Isu*. adv. secretly. 
%Z\*SlL ady. barefoot. 

^ii** Pe. only part. adj. ^.ău*, )^ 
) Is^a^** asniduouSj painstahing, diligent, worihy 
with o or^&wof the object; o ^*£** »o« iaA:e 
pains to ... , 6e diligent about . , • ; J^£*» 

ă^Jo? careful in teaching ; .^)L)^x>^L ^*â-* 

«^^^«^ j^ch^o diligent about visible things % 
negii gent of those io corni; JLoiKooJi ^â*» 
worihy and virtuotis; ©*.aotkJf joo» ^i-« he 
was worihy of admiration, admirable. Pa. 
&&*» io wrgre, ecehort, incite, encourage with ^ 
of the pers. and with^îk. or idik of the object ; 

o*£Lv£* $&»* Ae ^«i ?i into his mind; o^ai* 

aii. he urged Mm to come quickly ; 

*^o jlcuD^^oo JLowXj '^.sL he 

exhorts vigorously to abstinence a/nd poverty ; 
iooi )^â^o JLomXj his entreaty was urgent. 

Ethpa. ^HLlf imper. West-Syr. §-&-~U a) to 
takepains, to endeavour, bediligent; withanother 
verb, to do anything with labour or great care, 

dilige?Uly; jiljjas XâXtf be diligent in read- 

ing; jXo-6 — ţxroo — {,a.\o ^.£X1( he took 
pains to do, in composing^ to acquire. b) to 

work in, ^SlL^^o ^ J!<x& deaih workeih in 

us; ^ooj.=> joot ^3uLl^£j? Ja^tr ţ*»* the vnll 

of God which worhed in them. Aph. &&**(* 
same as Pa. Debivatives, i^9a«, Is-i^a-, 

t*sL* verb ; see \su*. 

l^l^iJLu rt. Xft^. adv. earmstly, carefully. 

a^*â**, ]L'a^*â-« pi. )lo rt. ^.a^. f. exhorta- 
tion, diligence, earnesl care; Jt^o?? Ji'c^Aâ*» 
exhortation to virtuou$ living ; ia^ţ JLc^-^** 
) Lo » fcvJL^o diligence in pursuing virtue ; 
jl'o^AâLM.^ toîiA 2 )a ^ ns t diligerdly ; jle^sL* 
jjl^.? preparaiimx for or celebra Hon of a 

J&Z adverbial form of the following ; 
tooj ^âu^of^o she was walhing barefoot 

w'sl£, \ZsxZ barefoot, unshod; *!&<£o^î 
naked and barefoot. 

y^ -n 





t going barefoot ; Ji 1 

9 4 * -*» 



t 9 

bare fetit* 

. rt A 

^°i» m. soap, soaping; shampooing, rubbing 
or brushing of the head or clothes. 

t ** I. fut. i c>a.#jJ ? imper. iaa**, act. part. 
., j(a£, pass. parfc. *JL#, )', JL'. to e&y, dEreva 
a mme, to burrow; to scratch or paw the 
ground; Uoj* )»iM> U*j£> ;.4^ digging afount 

in a thirstyland; IĂ*> JJ? Js»5ii» [^(x^wells 
digged which iliou diggedst not. n. fut. tfuiJ 
to WwsA, 6e ashamed; jJx^ )IJ*SJ* «JL*( Jtf 
Ineed not blushfor good works. Ethpe. ;^.^l( 
to 6e afo<7 wp or Mrfy «%9ul&»&f ţ£&+(minerals. 

Aph. ia— ( I. to «&gr or fereai through; \^V 

Joot ^©»ol£*/ ) ta— & anarch was broken through. 
ii. to 6e pwi to ^Ae blush, pui to sharne/ t*&< 

— t*^nia— i «Aow aH put to sharne; 




iulm J| your jfaces s/taK 7io£ 6e ashamed; 
^S&«ijfc juli=>i^* U**^ ^^ barbarian hands 
are ashamed, restrained by sharne. Deriv- 
atives, J»a&**, JL*cxâ— , J^Su», jj^a.*»fcoo. 

♦a—, )i&L rt. ^2u*. m. a ditch, trench, pit, 
pond, mine, grave; U»? JoiUj.=> j^aJi a^z* or 

pond in watery land; J]£*I^5ţ ]i&£ a sulphwr 
mine; &1&Z *%>2J$ he was buried. 

r**> Jr** pl- £*r**> Jţ** m ' ^ &>£n, </&£ bade; 
jJL ico( to gird the loins; with «3©»{j wâ«, 
oojl &c. to turn tail, tojlee; *%jL tcfcxftjaj 
.oo*iia-X )llS.? ) J* iAey $7*a?? foad i/z&V riches 
on the backs ofyoung asses; Jl«..^\ -— wâC )i 
he did not flee death ; jl£ w£^j <7&e rear-guard. 
Metaph. ifte &#£&, highest part, summit; J-sa-Ij 
J*&f — <A$ surface of t7ie water, of the sea; 
|Loa*-? )-»* ^£ ^ ^X a5ove the highest ridge 
of heaven; u*I?jl *»o»Jţ£ £ ^£ jtaiacuoi 

faîth shall be borne upon the voice, i. e. by the 

]-*» fut. )-»*> to pluch out 9 tear out the eyes; 
to £«i?c& owi a tooth; jy—l ^Ia_v •( if £&ow 
y;Zw<î; ow^ mme fl^fw; metaph. w^aJ ^a^o )!- 
an angel plucked out and bare my soul. Ethpe. 
JL+U and Ethpa. J1LU to be plucked or 
torn out, said of the eyes. Pa. <+ZL to tear 
or root out the eyes, the nails. Derivatives, 

°r ^r°°- 

»-*•, j^--i pi. \£ZZ earihen vessel with 

two Jwndles, a large wine-jar ; ţ^o ot^ao 
ft#o»a»lM Ae minghd Uf rom his wine-jar 8. 

?L* fut. fQf*>, act part. ?^i, J?*^. to rozp, 

cwi or mow down; )?—* of-**f i^^ fj72 they 

had reaped tlie crops. Ethpe. ?j*»m to 6e 
reaped, cui dovm; **o« wţ-Iit/ oo» "^^dch 
. ootksjvj»/ ^/br already their fields had been 
reaped. * Dekivatives, ]?•-, )?o-—. 

?L#, )»-** rt. ?-— . m. reaping, the harvest, 
a ripe crop; 1^1? )?**♦ wheat harvest; Jţ-— 

)2ikâ6? barley itarvest; )?•—? )j)^«J^ <fes feast 

of harvest. 

jfo^ rt. ?-**. m. a reaper; a sickle. 
Uo-i* rt. )--. m. a toothpick. 
\1+ZZ* Ar. m. a swaZî aa#. 

]^*Ja^^ rt. .©-**. adv. shamelessly, wUfully, 


jiaa*^L rt. â.** . f. 6emp urgent or pressing, 
persistenţe, obstinacy, wilfulness; JS( L^&*^£» 


J-»L# pi. J* m. a pebble. 

a.- fut. â o—iJ rare except in part. adj. £u Zi, 
\^m,))^J}old J impudent,shameless; ))^J m JL\Xsu 
a bold persan s U *JL J^£*Ii \^wf a wOTnan 
with an impudent eye, shameîess look. Pa. &ZL 
to act with impudence or insistency, to be im- 
pudent, persistent, to ^persist in, insist, be 
insistent with ^£. about or upon ; -^ i N fi 
o£±> wxxi &~»^ every one urgently mahes for 

himself; *allao j»^ a*j£ . / if any man im- 
pudently impugn the truth. Ethpa. ⻣l/" 

to 6ear oneself impudently, behave shameUssly. 
Aph. &~»( to be bold, persistent, urgent in 
act ion with ^ of the action; offcen with *j&/* 
to «pea% boldly; with Jâ/ r to §e« or harden the 
face; jjyţo-^.'^Jk, âl*j&j one who begs im- 
portunaiely for ' 


heîp; âp» Uţfic^ an urgent 

a t>o ,. X âL»r | (io woi moleşi 

Derivatives, J,Is 



r 1 

iaj^ pi, |I. m. a) a^ ewrthen rnssd; IA 



Jti£* a$Qttei>a vessel; )£•£» tfU» an earthen 
veesel b) a shell; U-£ ^î— univalves. 

\%£Z, jfcLJ from \&£ earthen; Ustaceous; 
pi. shell-Jish. 

K 1» pi. )* m» ^eo&te, shingle, 

Ji-2 f. a) «Ae Utile Jinger, the Utile toe; Iii 
)Li a nng' <m «fo littîe Jinger ; ©>*«** »*-* «te 
«ip o/Ata Utile jinger ; JLS jbo ^*> as mwcfc 
«;a««r as cZtngr* fc> *Ae little jinger ivhen dipped 
into water ; JI&? #L2 a Ztttfe cZrop of water. b) 
a$m; \&±£j ) tel )u»«w trial of a quill pen. 

with jU>J> m. iAe ca«£. 

fo hound* 

. io boundj 

9 jr 

• * li* 

>£u. ; same as ^ 

\Am fut. ^oa* 

*%£*>, $*L pi. J&U£ f. thejteld, iht open 

couniry opp. Jl£»îfi; a field; k*>1 *%a» 
J.ceZaa?n<z, *Ae field of blood; J&*£f ţ-»-^ 

iiL fut. Jaa*J, act. part. jAi. fo fe*$ empty 
talh, boastfully, to vaunt. 

•JL to be dry or husky of the throat; 

*o &e dumb; ~U^^ ^ w 2/ ** r0 °' ** 
rough. Pa. **£ to manumit, set free slaves or 
captives ; to exempt from taxes, from episcopal 
jurisdiction ; jc&s^s» yOc*=> ţ ţ»s Sumţ )Mo? »i— 
j^f?? Constantine exempted the places where 
bones of saints were laid from taxation ; 

\Lîo J£»oL ^c£> ţ» ^ Jl*l»! Jt'«M 

orace wAicA sete «s /ree jVom aW guilt and 
judgement. Pass. part. iVLsofreed, free, exempt 
from tribute, jurisdiction, guilt, anxiety, &c; 

free from Iove of praise; ^o h*~j&) ^joj-o 
|i^>.a- an invariable rule. Ethpa. jjXL/ 
to befreed, set free from servitude, prison, &c, 
to be relieved from tribute ; to be disencumbered, 
cleared out by the removal of rubbish or debris. 
Debivatives, )»)-** (i-a>), fc-*l»J—> )*»o*K*»> 

Jloj-**., *»-{*♦-**>, )j>i-OD. 

li*, i. not used in Pe. Ethpe. JUtf a) to 
gainsay, resist, contend, dispute, strive, quarrel 

with y^L or%Wâkj Uiaj ţo tîm%± 

shall not strive nor cry; JJo }£**k^»» 
.^.5 ? fco» a gainsaying and disobedient people. 

b) to contend, strive, attempt in a good sense ; 
jJ;oo»T ooot ^.E— tsic fmaaij â^.*» the Jews 

contended for the law; \a*JJ Jv**V-» U»î 
lk'J.v>> "N time strives to destroy ancient ihings. 

c) to stick against, obstruct, otU^^» Ji~,i( 
)Joj <ol^ s ajîshbonestuckinhisthroat; %S^i(' 

\&±rtfa ship stuckfast, ran aground. Aph. 
i*W io malce ready to ftght. Dekivatives, 

]t»» ii. imper. «I- to mute as birds. Dem- 
vatives, )loi- 3 )-•*», )-i*-'« fc**»« 

*!U fut. oU, act. part. oii, ^i-, verbal 
adj. ck.U», H-, J^— . «o «oaste, dwindle; to be 
laid waste, be desolate, destroyed, ruined, 
ramaged; to lie waste; f&Jel &•£*£ Jerusalem 
was desolate; -i^io oU )>oJ «Ăe rwer 
dwindles, and dries up. Part. adj. ravaged, 
waste, desolate, used of buildings or pjaces 
whereas }o-L. is said of human beings ; )1mJ.Z» 
j^A-s*. J ţţn- J£x> )3^î« cities ravaged and 
full of corpses of the slain. 

o-- fut. aeWj i^f. oL*^> 5 act. part. oii, 
Ji»ii, pass. part. *+l~, \L,)£—.to waste, lay 
waste, destroy, ravage, make havoc; to slay 
with the sword, take by force, massacre, rout; 
llîaca^ JccJL oi- Sapor laid waste Syria; 

\&z\ M,^ v c6? oU^. iA^ J> tohen U 
had made an end of slaying ihem with a great 
daughter; J£-î~ the slain. Ethpe. oî-M 
io be slain, cut down, put to flight, routed; 
iSiJ* ot-î«r they were utterly destroyed. 
Ethpa. oi-lT to be brought to destruction, 
utterly wasted, disper sed, exterminated. Aph. 
<A%Jl'to lay waste, destroy, make havoc of, make 
desolate; to dry up, empty or consume as water, 
treasures, &c, ^L*- oW he destroyed our 
tranquUlity; JÎU^ •»*-/" ^ rmw^Msl «A« 
treasuries. Debivatives, U>ia~, *>U, U^», 
U»^, Jooi*., Jicooi-, Usot-., Jî,«x^-^-, 

o^, |Â^, )fc^>i- rt. a^.. desolate, waste, 
uninlmbited; walcrUss,and,driedup; metaph. 

X 2 




forlorn, destituie; empty, vain, foolish ; J 
Jl^^L an arid toilderness; |J»^« Jfo^j a 
dried-uj) river ; ^S-J* JjScui desolate streets ; 
i^iZ* %+oicJcţ^Jris dry bones; i^>^ JocmL o»L? 
Ze£ %tt habitation be desolate; ]lS-^Z* ţ^S> )****• 
destitute of knowledge ; M»*** »com»J!s3 £/wir 
vaw idols ; )l^^'%SLafiLaa a braggart. Fem. 
emph. = subst. a waste, ruin, solitari/ <pla.ce; 
«££*** o (ţ ©»l£=>sll £//e wîw o/ Jerusalem; 
)&>;jl£> j| cux *f+?*as an owl in the desert, 

U>£ rfc. o;-**, corn. a) a sword, blade, 
dagger; JJ*§; j^*£ a ploughsJmre ; metaph. 
war, slaughter; laying waste, ravaging, devas- 
tating, destroying, ruining ; J?ţ££ )^;-l^f 
»c£vjJuT <o encounter each other in war j 

o*&dif ţ&l£ <A^y waged war; o«JLx )>£> ]^w 
<A«y macfc griaf havoc, ravaged near and far; 
ji£+ţ? J^U* £Ae ravaging of monasteries. b) 
desoXaiion } emptÎTiess, nought; 
\^>J+ your works are of nought. 

laz»*» rt- o^#. m. demolition, destruction. 

}&>CLâtM or JfcLJSa^jJl f, a bution-hole. 

i^^ fut. ^^«J, inf. iţs^io, act. part. <^i, 
14^-*** pass.part.^jZ**, i— , Jl£~ . to rub, polish; 

]?*^ .oofl^^ ţ*^M fishes rub iheir sides 
against each other; part. adj. polished, elegant 
Pa. «^j£ to rub hard; )ţiZJi ţ*^uoo \â\o 
U2L&L ţJLao stones rub against each otJier and 
become gravei. Ethpa. «^**m to be rubbed 
hard or violently. DerivativeS; )w^—, 

U^p* rt. <c^-m- m. rubbing, rubbing against 
something; tocnl&^f J^J-mo in tlie rubbing 
against each other of 'iheir Jins. 

JI^L m. a large wingless locust; see ]_a&.£>. 

Ijţti* pi, JJL ra. mustard seed; black mustard. 

JJa^t J* dimin. of Uju* m. wwW mustard ', 
white mustard, 

}J?^ pi. I— m. a limrd; JJL=J* JJţw 
a Z#ra2 crocodile; ksxl? U?**» a sort of cra6 or 
crayflsh; JiaiiJ )J?;J1 a crocodile. 

oo^», J^l-, )^— rt. oi-*», adj, (rare) waste, 
desolate, dried up. 

\J>o+L pi. }— m. the Zocws^ or <?aro& tree, 
ceratonia siliqua; also its &w$&* or jw<2a which 

are used for fodder; oo« ^*^av? yC&ot M>ew 

JL'oae't** rt. o;**, f. devastation, exhaustion; 
|iao> j£&oţ*» being wasted with hunger. 

JI^oIm rt. ow. m. desolation, devastation. 

#ow, U-, JjL- rt. *ao^*. AarsA, c<7ar^, 
rough; }i&&* U>c*U* )^^d& a coarde wooUen 
cloak, a shaggy cloak. 

jLaoao»M rt. *tt;**. f, coarsmess, roughnese, 
harshness ; R*»^^? JIqaoo^** hoarseness. 

Jjio\« or )j£oj.£, jljl— rt. x>.;**. yellow, pale, 
saffron-liued ; \&o-JL oja^ <Ae yellow hue 
ofgold; )^c^ U^n arsenic ; ^o^H? %^ioi 
<7^e sunflower, 

iOol^ ? }i3o^ or |ioii», )i^— rt. ^>;**. rough 
or harsh to the taste, bitter, astringent 

jLoi^o^ rt. a^m. f. harshness of taste, 

Jiot** pi. }* rt. ^*. m. a) generalîy pi. 
emancipation, manumission, deeds or toriting 
of manumission; freedom, deliverance; oc*I 
^*»o^M **^ JJ( I grant thee freedom; e&kj>l( 
yOOMfOi-* <Aeir deerfs of manumission were 
drawn up; o*-»-X^ j)>o^* «âJ^» 7ee wrought 
dMver ance for his people. b) a hole, opening, 
perforation; the eye of a needle; tfAe ceZZ of 
a bee ; */te pores of the skin ; ]Iş,X^j»j&? |ioU 
^Ae orifice of the ear. 

U,oU», ]1^— rt. iD^». hoarse. 

]UaVo^ or llofc.0 w rt- a^w. f. hoarseness, 
a cold. 

I^jLo^j Jî^.^. rt. a^m. hoarse, rough % 

jlS-^-ot-i rt. **«*», f. <Ae throat, 

Jloţl» pi. jlo^I* f. a branch esp. a palm- 


fio**» pi. jlo*-* f. iA6 upper part of the tlvigh, 
the hip-joint; JL*oţ**ş JX^ sciatica. 

jic^A» rt. Ji-** i. f. ea:cr67nm^ dung; the 

)X** fut. Joi-J, imper, Jou», act. part. f£i, 
]î^, pass. part. J*£», JI_, JjL.. root-meanîng 
<o perforate for stringing together as pearls for 
a necklace, hence «o Aa«# as a necklace or 
chain, <o ^>Zace, arrange or ^i m onfor, eq>. 



with jiai to st ring words together, to compose 
a discourse; jl&^JLX *?xL&& o>L* they hung 

achainronndmyneck; ^o©>»iL ©?**> ţO©**âj 

)^ \I.I-s tlwy associated themselves with them; 

sfor?/ cm to ii; part. adj. strung, composed, set; 
Gt&u5> Ul**\ )£*2âWa bashet whiehhung on 
her arm; jltUiU J^JaS jul** set with precious 
stones; ţ*ţ*£*> j&jalâ kJ^k-=> arranged in 
three vols.; \Zm$m* \s%jmL» ui** includea in 
apostolic succesdon; gram. inserted, as diacritic 
points. Ethpb. iţJLf^to be pierced through; 
to be set or arranged in right order. Demva- 
tives, J;-*, jj**», Jto*-*-*. 

I^i rt. >♦**. Ar. m. an amtdet, charm. 

))£** rt. f&*>. m. perforation of beads, &c, 
a row?, series, arrangement 

y*4** part. adj. u**Z** ? juLî-*, JitU^î** planed, 

*L£ to wag the tail ; to growl, snarl, begin 
to bark. 

£U fut. jJ©W, act. part. rfU, pass. part. 
iwl^.. )wi~*£«», )fcl^*I*». fo scrape, scraich; 
%eo£&f **&**■** ^ ?r / aces ^ere scratched. 
Ethpe. £l~ir to be scratched; to gash or 
lacerate oneself. Pa. ^ to scratch or tear 
esp. with the nails; ţO^ţJLj Jj yoot^m-a.^ 
jfctJjcu* ifoy «ftaK îioi mafe awy cuttings in 
iheirfte&h. DERXVATiVES^ia**Jl^icw t ^w. 

I^Jl or ty& pi. C rt. ^*-*. m. a gash or 

U&&UJL m. ^ snout, j>roboscis, the trvmk 

of an elephant. 

Ixtto^»*», Ux^i- or Ua^Jt** pi. I— m. 

«w a) see Ji** i. for Ethpeal anei Aphel, 
b) eonstruct state pi. of JI*i. 

^$£pl. )»£«» rt. }**» ii. m. dung, droj>pings; 
\j*Z ww eZcwes <&m#. Metaph. j^M& »*£*• 

dross of siher; JJj*9 v*t** i>w& slag. 

oJi~ and *&**«*; see oZ** and ov*>. 
Ji*a:x*I** rt. oi-- f. devastation, desolation. 
jLo^-l** rt. v^^. f. polish, reftnement, 

]LoJ»Z** rt. J*~. f. arrangement of words, 

UIw, J£s*ljJ* rt. };** i. quarreUome, c&tv* 
tentious; a heretic; IJLlţJLţ }&cl9 ţAflp 
Ji*©o£fc.Jj ţn.^.ft T*.*)? «to^ </^ mouths ofhereHcs 
who investigate tlie Divinity. 

jLc^l^ rt. |;-* I. £ strife, contention, dis- 
pute, litigation. 

) l'dja > T— rt. y^**. f. red-heat, state of Seing' 

ţ-tij |i^w pi- ^— rt. ]«-* I. controversy, 
dispute, contention, strife, schism; Jk» ţi^ 
contradiction ; )ii^? iJt^ciflo a matter of 
dispute; Ui^î Uci^lsâ a aaottr o/ rfnj%; 
ţ^^ui J^? wiihout dispute, asswredly. 

%^s li* ^-« rt. ) ^m i. adv. contentiously^ 

\lxlj?> rt. ]i-** I. jwlemic, controverdal ; 
Jliliul |»â»i matter s of controversy. 

\JLSU* rt. *^^*#. m, carthamu8 tinctorivs t 
a sort of yellow thistle. 

la^w and )iuL* ; see a^* part. 

ÎS.-*la.*»X rt. â*y». adv. swifily, suddenly^ 
ardently; ;^,< ]^la*îl*? Uii» Ughtning which 
passes in a moment; %^\^U» )icu? «Za» fo 
6e^a^ ardently to confess his faith. 

)1 Vo>> 7!1 rt. »a^-. f. sharpness of taste or 
voice ; acuteness of bodily or mental senses ; 
swiftness, speed, rapidity, celerity, velocity ; 
fervour; .oomSm? Jt'ofluîia a* iAe rapid 
motion of their xvings ; \ %a* ** » } )lc^Jl^ the 
swiftness of thought ; ]îsJlo }lala-.£I# natural 
acuteness; )&aL 1*^1?+ irascibility ; Ioă-Zm 
JIj» sharpness of speech^ sarcasm; LaA-^Il 
JJi^J fervent zeal. 

jiol-Zl. rt. ***. f- huskiness of the throat, 

*il*> fut. *oVj*j <o 6ww, scorch, singe. 
Eram ySJLT pass. «I^j» ^ )&^ )i« ţs/' 
lS^ii»L/ wo< (Wie Aair o//«^ Aea<i was singed; 
mtmtFfy J-^>? |W ^ mystery of the bush 
which was noi consumed. Pa. yl*+ to bum up y 


parch, dry up; part. \oi 
parcJied, dried up y burnt up, charred; o£â( 
ţPWJ» UTt ff \ ţ her face burnt with the mms 
\2d* Jfo/ oftontd Jmrirf5. Ethpa. yS^l?* 

<o be singed; to be heated, warmed ; astron. 
<o 6e Afârfen by ra,ys of light ; ^i~fcoot >4,«^ 




* r 

îieated vapow\ Dekivatives, Joicu., Jt 

|i^ rt, *$**. m. touchwood^ iinder; some 

U,c^*L pi. ^— from Aâ^M. m. flattering, 

to favm upon, to wctg its tail as a dog. 
Derivaţi ves, Uoicu*, U^^. 

id^m Ethpe. vÎA+ti to be excommunicated, 
anaikematized* Aph. ip|**( in O.T. io separate 
from ordinary use> to devote to God, io destroy 
utterly; [I^cuX «oo»julo ţ^c;.ui' tf/iow sA-«ifi 
devote their substance unto the Lord. N. T. and 
later, io excornmunicate, to pui under a curse 
or anathema, to curse, ban; pass. part. ipL*», 
f&iuJB, }%*£&*»&> accursed, execrable, under 
anathema; ]c&\> vl,No ay£*oft^> ^1** «^Z»ot 

then began he to curse and to swear; %m+â>ii 
JfcooL*-£> an execrable heresy ; j»g^^b }+*&{ 

susp&nded from office and excommunicate. 
Ettaph. «L-il{ io be anathematized, excom- 
municated; to be threatened with excommuni- 
cation; ]l%jjF%JL UâfcJ? j£^^^UUo£> «i 
the man being commanded under pain of ex- 
communication to return to his vrife. Deeîva- 
tîves, the six following words and jiapş^j», 

fl** y [ji i-i pi. KL rt. «w. na. O. T, a devoted 
thing either given to God for use in His 
service or to be destroyed. In other books 
a votive offenng; a curse, anatliema; excom- 
munication, death; k-oo jo&lf )?c^i Jf? f U* 
\Â*£ţJL cursed be he tvho denies that Qod died 
on the Cross; y>l±* JooJ 1 let him be anathema; 
JooiU «£mo j&J* Godforbid that ii should be. m. 

«L*j K&;J»; Jio^il. rt, «w* under a ban, 
accursed, execrable; savage, fierce, ferocious, 
often applîed to birds of prey; Jfco©*!. ***(* 
loo* Uwbsl site sat like one under a ban or 
curse; jL£>;Jl Uoacug a wild storm; Jfcob^L 
JicD-5 k^oi© ferocious and carnivorous birds. 

k**ko*** rt. «;*». adv. savagely, cruelly; 
ua&ajlf k-.ta©*£ he was crtcelly slain* 

Jiaaojl pi- Jlo rt. ip^**. f. crudty, ferocity, 
barbarity ; savage or inhvman deeds ; Ji' 
Uc6&Ag} the raging of the tempest; ]£ 
\ ^fN» i a| Z^arsĂ enactments of the Law ; 

i? ¥ 

(Jo^Â^Df uaoJJcu»? jLaj5o^** iAe outrageous 
violence of the Council of Chalcedon. 

M&-JL pi. JI_ rt. «;**. a) with [Icul or 

ellipt. the basilisk or cockatrice; Uabţlţ )U \ , o 
crotoned with a basilisk. 

94* r 

]1«qjJo±L rt. «^a*. f. harshness, 

JJZ** pi. m. )J^— f. JiCL»-» rt. {-*/. another, 
the other; see ţ»*** /. 

ixsd^a* fut. «cdo^mo io roughen, to liarden by 
rubbing. Derivatives, Lcoo;^, Jicu»©^-*, 

)^tt>^ rt. *flo;-— . m. sca6, mange; Uo^I 
).âl^.i? a thichening of the eyelids. 

}lo.£c^L rt. ^coi-«. f, roughness. 
jxrnw pi. )^- m. rock-dwelling jîsh. 

-***;*» fut. ^^o^mJ, act. part. ^U, pass. part- 
U^w, Jfcl^*I«*. a) io be cvmning. b) to be 
yeltoiv. Pa. ^IZ* to sophisticate ; m^^w>» J|? 
J fcs L^d unsophisticaied simplicity. Ethpa. 
^i( toact craftily,deceitfully. Debivatives, 

^O^*, U-W, U>*~, 1^»J^W ? licL^^. 


i ) astute, crafty, hnavish. 2) yellow, ydlowish; 
Ul-^-Lţ U*£> saffron-water. 3) carthamus 
tinctorius, cf. I^LL»'. 

&s~»£^,w rt. ^.^». adv. craftily, knavisMy. 

jic^i-i rt. ^.4«». f. 1) curming, crafiiness, 

knavishness; jto^w? jo\,^ cro/iy comisei. 
2) biliousness; |^L^9o J^aod^ooîţ jlcc^^l 
biliousness, heartbum. 

a*** fut. âo^j act. part. â£i, Jâ^ 3 pass. 
part. âuZ« and adj. A* w, ^L, ]i'. to mix drink; 
J^i'oi IX^J e££ ^L* Âe mixed greatflagons 
for himself; metaph, j^P? al« jjjk© Uo? 
ip^oliţ oi^. S"e mingled blood and water that 
He might cleanse that which was dejUed; part. 
a-Z*. a) mingled; JsLw ţ Jl*w widiluted 
wine. b) a drinking-companion, tabh-c<ym- 
panion, guest, J^Z^^o^îj Uo| ^S' ^V-.nT 
Jj£ ^7i«i / way enier Bis pwe feast as a guest. 
Part. adj. a-JL s/iar^ ? suddm, swift, acute; 
bitter, severe; J&auSL \)ti>,r<m acute or «e-were 
fever; )1&+îL ]h4 tâarp nails ; j^suiL]^^ 
a sharp sicMe; Jj£6> A*w a^7e, quickwitted, 
acute in body or mind; omJu» <sl+IL he is 
keen-dghted; Uii£ ua*5L rea<?^ 0/ speech; 



- r 

i-** prompt to answer ; 


}4*7* }Lcu&^<*]£a^& a sudden change; Jlcoil 
)!&&*& swi/fc reptmtance; math. l&-j£ )^ a ^ 
<ro acwte angle; i&^lL Jia& sAn'K ?wrfes. Pa. 
lâiL a) to mia?, to infuse. b) to sharpen; to 
stimulate; \ÂJx> â&oo sharpening bis sword; 
\ÂX3<x^m( &l*L&ţ hursger which makes the 
stomack keen. Ethpa. â*Cif to be stimulated, 
made eager. Aph. .$£**< to sharpm; to egg 
or urge on. Deeivatives, )â9cu», Îx^Sl.^*, 

}&^ or }a^ rt. *3^**. m. a 5Zac/e, sword. 

}j£s;Lor J|£au»f. a patoA on a shoe ; ]kl3^ 
•ţ jl r ** a wew #atoA o» a sandal. 

\j['J» m. omithogalum, an umbelliferous 

Jfcl^r^l f. half-frozen hail, sleet. 

«ai*» fut. oao^o, mi iov**», imper. gaot*., 
act. part. &ZL \J>J^ f pass. part. *a-I-*, K-> 

j|£ root-meaning to cut; toJtx t settle, appoint, 

destine; to conclude^ with ^ao io abdicate; 
with fZB to predestine; JiJI*»? ]£**¥ jjL* 12i 
appointedprinces over the angels; J^ocuX tao*x 
]o^Lf *e£*»? ooi %fttâZ £#a£ day which God 
determined; ^-^o^o yl^cu^ ^so J *©*co* ţxJ5 w 
j wop J9o»cu u*e conchide that the moon derives 
Ught front the sun from this reason . . . Part. 
adj- determined, destined, appoint e.d,Jixed 9 defi- 
nite > expo'ess, obligatory; şJ& "%-i. Jja.*w \jx>£ 
)]î q£xxL* a* *^» ^4 vCD ! the curs & determined upon 
whoso turns aside from the faith; o©m< 
yţaa^hfl *a*I** *ol#*J»? if everything be destined 

by fate; Jl^oV^ ţjcuî**? ]La&« pray&rs 
mjoinedonall; ~Ji*S«? \25>U> at fixed times; 
jJs*^o*,iU fjl*w IjI-V tfAe canonicul hours, 
Ethpe. *o£*#L{ to 6e appointed, decreed y deter- 
mined; with ţi^o to be predestined ; Jk— ?cl 
fcJawL/ j©4«? )1a2>cla^ Joo*> Jo? baptism 
by water, appointed for tlie remission ofsins; 
cy&»Lf Jo&{ ^&? **?©• ihings which were 
instituted by God. Pa. oal£ to gnash the teeth, 

* -r m 

to sharpen; .oo^^w ooi~ $Aey sharpened 
their tushs ; ^Cv ^^5^**^^ yOo^lxjw </te// 
gnash their teeth at us. Ethpa. udwm to be 
cut } cut throtufh, Desivatives, U'^«, Jxoio-* 3 

^^ pi- ţ~rt.«ftt**. m. a) adivi-sion, section; 
b) an end, Urnit; \£+Z ^^ *\Jo he set limite 

to %U c) a divine decree, destiny; \L+Z %~£±. 
\,&\Z st there is neither destiny nor fate. 
d) pi. a necklace. 

U>U* rt. »ot**- m. i) gnashing the teeth, 
2) ajudicial decision, enforcing. 3) an army. 

\&s>£> m. the heel, tJie anhle; thepastem of 
a horse. 

■ji y 

^D4h** pr. n. Heraclea a town of Syria. 

jJiic^, )îC— from^ow. adj. ofIteraclea 9 
Harkleian, according to the Harkleian version 
i. e. that of IX^w l^ooiL Thomas of Heraclea; 
\%J2*&l*M )%£l&2& the Harhleian version i. e, 
the recension in a. d. 616 of the translation of 
the N. T. from Greek into Syriac by Phtloxenus 
about 100 years earlier ; )JLi£fi;Jl ift^ o / 
tiu Gospel according to the Harkleian Version. 

*,u* 1. ^Wj fut. ^Imj to be silent, dumb> 

mute; with l&feQgţ* to be hoarse; \1*£ i*.w 

his tongue was tied; JUS +*%** the harp was 

mute; .oolS-^lo ^L-i? o« U^T ito iime when 
I shall speak no more. 11. t****, fut. «*,o^mj, 

pass. part. )uLl» to ^îoy; )£»{ IsX^i? )ht^i? 
^Ae •zco?/' vjIw sleto the Iamb, Ethpe. **,£** 1/ 
to become deccf to stop one's ears. Pa. <*,*** 
1. a) to use enchantmentSy magic arts, to en- 

chant; omL*** %& beivitched Jier; jtX*QQ |*^^> 
|X^ Ae practised magic arts openly. b) to 
silence^ mahe dumb. 11. to butclwr. Ethpa. 
jtl^l( to emchwnt; to become deaf. Aph. **!«*( 
to silence, to cause to be dumb; «*tio **.£**/ cuLao 
w;Ao Aas silenced thy harp. DerivativeSj 

U,ti adj., U*;A ^iX, 1S-*^^-, )i< 

^^ s U^, ))UJ~ rt. ^^*. ^m&, rfea/; 
a deaf mute; jk*il»** ]i'olL c?^m6 animals; 
|Iw Joct^r dumbidoU; U^J^X **£** speech- 
less darhiess* 

*,iL 9 )jLw pi. C- m. rt. ^w. « magician, 
enchanter, sorcerer, wizard; ^*l£ U-^ U-" 

wizards cari dissolve charms; \LUL ^ 
>!?m<m *Âe Sorcerer; %+&> pi. Jl^XiZ* J^T 

f. a sorceressy witch, enchantress. 



\kJL or \L-J+ pi. Jw rt. *»***• m. aft enchant- 
ment, incantation; magic, witchcraft; o p V 
)*/»>» ifoy worked enchantments, performed in- 
cantations; U^*>* ^L an enchanter, magician, 

îs*U-^ adv. rt, *.;*». stitpidly. 

JLo*.}*» rt. 1*4**, £ dumbness, deafness. 

)La*& pi. ]Lo*v& rt. *i**. f. magic, sorcery, 
witchcraft; J1J!* )t^i»? ]Lcl*v£1* tvonder-working 
witchcraft; pi. incantations, charms. 

IL* fut. io***j 3 act. part. LZ**, ]L';Z. i. to t% 
ow£, kollow out, furrow. n. <o 6e hoarse. 
Ethpa. m»t^ pass. of both meanings; Ib&frf 
JL&U ]io 


**?: * 

</re eariA is furrowed by 
rivers. Derivative, }l£*. 

iii. 2 pers. mase. sing. and l£** i pers. eoni. 
sing. of verb io** to behold, &c. 

JLt*» constr. IIX, pi, )!£>* for jlw( rt. ***/. 

f. iAe Zaiier end!, extremity, furlhest part; tke 
term, event, residt ; remnant ; the stern of 
aehîp; )ts*^o Ji;i* an evil end, evil event; 
JloLao^? }tu* i/ie ^erw of 6&ss, the highest 
UisS; Jîâî» jl'*J*a M i&0 fe*i itme, ai the last; 
}L'**h2» ai Me end, in the lowesi place, last, at 
last, at length, finally; *~*oj^>? ]****-> last 
of all. 

]IU+ pi. Jl£** rt. Lţ**, m. a furrow, hollow 
worn by the drip of water. 

)li** m. vitriol; ţâJulif )!£** shoemakers 
vitriol; jit«» && wi& 

am fut. **w, act. part. *l**> f. U-J-i or }***, 
pi. m. ^JLj-i or ţ**~, f. t-i'N* or *-*w,pass. part. 
«aAm and ***!*, ^L, j&! — a) io suffer, with *-2k> 
at the hands of any one, to be sad, sorrowful, 
with^L io^feeZ sorryfor, to pity; Jj/ *,U JJ 
IdonH care; «Iclso* i*U JjJ Ae t"« not grieved 
at his ovm death; o^sSuiL *J1 he sympathized 
with him. b) to be sorry, to regent; «Z& J* 

. oo*Io^** \p3 ooo» ***Jt** they felt no com- 
punction at all for tfteir sins. c) rare uses, 
to be offended; yOo*!» *S&c&l Ijj *** he was 
offmded that tliey had not expected htm; to 
suffer, be obliged to put up with ; cl*I>; ^â* cub 
the haste to which they were compelled. In 
versions frora the Greek *!> answers to ndtrx^ 
Gram. *m,\J+ passive opp. JLjL active. 

Part. adj, a) ***** conscwas of cognizant 
of privy to; guilty of, deserving; ^Jg JU 
Jj/ aaI» wfcftis / know nothing against 
myself; JlaJL» #-JLJL* JJ they hiew no guile; 
©>^3*.2> i£k JLJL» 2/e «J€re privy to his murder. 
b) \JLJLL suffering, diseased; sad, sorrowful, 
fall of feeling, pathetic, sympatheiic; ^cjo» 
\£Lz> ++2+ZZ*f those suffering frora sickness; 

\Ji**Z*9 )ls^o tf ? the part affected, the seat ofpain; 


qomX-V. Jooţ 

r he felt for them, corn- 

l=±£ a feeling Jieart; 


passionated them ; 

\2Z2Z* JLo mowrnful melodies; VLSZ* JLȤ/ 
sad Jeremiah. ApheI/ *if r act. part. <aZ\Jo 
or <ju^. io ^a^îi, sadden; to cause pain or 
suffering; \i^.^ «ojo^jL-Jj iftai A« might 
afflict the body; Je&r ^*i**^ Patripassians, 
Theopaschites. Ethpalpal **JL*ZX( to be 
pained, qfflicted* Deeivatives, j**» 3 U, 

\±***Ua or (oau^. 

^a^o ***; see below^oaji**». 

|U— pi. }JLU rt. **♦. m. a) pain, suffering^ 

disease, sickness; k^i»? )*C paralysis. b) 
sadness, sorrow> mouming ; sorrow for sin, 
conirition. c) the Passion of our Lord ; J^ 
[AL* \JJi or Passion week; \1L$ Jls^o 
Good Friday. d) passion, deşire, ambition, 
affection; \2xAău \£Z mental passions or 
affeclions e. g. pallor from fear ; grief, anger, 
fear, gîadness; )o*^^^4^? U^» a passion 
for God; ^*J? Ui o*^ )c« ^? « m 
amhitious to reign; l£2> ţ& o&£ ^ he keeps 
his heart from passions; .cwli» u^ oaa^ 
to satisfy their passions. 

\ĂL or \jLL m. the herb thyme. 

oi** fut. oqaJ, imper. qqju*, act. part. 

, pass. part. oJL*, Ji-, )ls a) io 

nurnber* reckon. .c^ul^* «^>Ju* iA^y 


s 4 r 

Ti 9 I * ^ 

reckonedtJie value of them; }isâ" * * ' 

r - » 

i/te co^i, reckoning the expmse; v cui*Jotd 
chronologers. b) to enumerate, recoimt c) to 
take account, reckon, regard, thirik much of, 
with J) io make or tâtn£ nothing of . . . ; 
Uo> ^*( o^*w Ae thought she was drunk; 
j Uvv\ » ^*» ţ <^y ^*nĂ nothing of death; 
K»*^s ^^ >^qa> Ka*** Me takes account of 




9 .. r 

*Aa stors a* <Ae Chaldaeans did. d) to charge, 
lay to the, account qf&ny one, ascribe, lay the 
blame. Pass. part. highly esteemed or reputed, 
imputed or veckoned; JJ . • . |^ cfa ai S ^^J^o^X 

]&L£*» low MLJL» WNtâI *Ae ?« - . - «i» was 
«o* imputed; Io<m )AjL* JJ tf «eat *wrf reckoned, 
was thought nothing of; \-\**.** JJ of no account, 
not thought rnuch of; *'&>» or *.^. fra ^ J L» J-uo 
what is it to me ? = it is nothing to me. Ethpe. 
■ajL»17 a) pass. to &# numbered, reckoned, im- 
puted, accounted, wiihţ&& amongst; \LmL)^Sa JJ 

ja&Ti&. !&4« î?* v^°^ fe < noi ***** ** 
5e imputed io you before God; cajL.k.2© Ij? 

innumerable, inestimable ; Jjj u.rJx* J &*****]■ 

» of inestimable worth; J*I»jv? ^h^so 

£*»!/ jfor <A«y «we counted faiihful. b) refl. 

to tâzni, meditate, but in tliis sense the Ethpn. 

is usuaL Pael -.^ * ," io count, Ethpa. 

*sJLLlj to think, reckon, have in the mind; to 

plan, ăevise, design, purpose, ploi with^A. 

against any one ; with G&&2 or M*S"to to 

purpose in his heart 3 think to himself; wiih 

Jîs^JLwji) to make plâns, invmt design sj with 

]fcL& to jpfctf, Za?/ a plot; with jl &\ . £ to invmt 

a pretext; Vi J)£jw> )^JL*i QAmJmll 

they have taken evil counsel against . . . ; with 
)!&**£ JJsL&ilTtlie same ; «ojc^^J? c*£.«i/'Ae 
*A ougkt to kiU him, planned his mvrder ; «**i£ o* 
oJu»!î? those things which hepurposed. Aphbl 
only parts. a) act. &JL»& one who computes, 
jlSJl )*-*£ u A »JIjo astrologers. b) pass. 
reckoned, computed. Deriv atives, ).^*cu*, 

, I V^» , ,» , JicLSa-JA-,, 
, U^JA*O0, jliOLAiNOO, 
ioK^âM^, )j-ia.>froo, JLoL=LJwfco©. 

jj£*i** pi. ÎJs^jLI rt, oam. f. a) thought, 
a ihouglit ; )l£\j& «*» J &»*«#- a~£ «©•JL^.? 

thought is easier than speech, b) a dirge, 


gram. abbrev. for J^a*** pazsvw. 

]L &»<&*£ rt. ââ U . f. a) âe OTtrtrf, powers 
of thought, tiTada*^ iojj( enlighten ou/r mind. 
b) comjndation, aritlwietic. 

U&>a*JL, JiLJ rt. oam. thoughtful, having 

the faculty of thouyht or reflecţi on ; J-i^J 

JlilJîs^crA^o lts^*\j^ «/^ £0ttî endowed yrith 
reason and thought. 

JL'cuI^so.aL doAM. f. the faculty ofthought 9 

tit * 4 m 

logical power. 

«oam, ţdQAM, ]1soo*jaJ1 rt. uAm. a) adj. dark, 
darkened. dim, shady; in the dark, in darkness ; 
turbid, foul of water ; Jîxoqa^ ).ttv. a tfar/s 
cloud; )iooA« Jkl^jS a dar A ceZZ; «ojox*jL 
jlsact^A-** ins azm eyes; ţAdOA**} »aj( *©*j( 
J «6'i7Z ^iw Zig'Ai to jftoffg wAo are vn darkness. 
b) siabst. darkness, ^omZ ^ or *5 eo/ttZ^ i^ 
was yet dark; J^cik^ţ JldiJXL iAe Ao5i5 o/ 

rt. ua». f. darkness, obscuHty; 
\}&^Ji JLobcuhM ^/ie darkness of sin. 

\U>£mJ>, jiC^L rt. ^.ja-*. rfarA, obscure; 

ignorant, blind; \tofXjLZ }»A.S. works of dark- 
ness; jfcLia*2 *m^»)^ «Aady Tartarus. 

JJtsDc^Aw rt. uam. shady, dark. 

]L'gu>1^o«m rt. uam. £ obscurity of mind, 

tyomJ!* pi. )!• rt. %aa*« a worker in metal, 

)J&cu*» pi. J— rt. %ju#. m. same as JJcaj». 

U,^, J^_ pi. m. 11, f. Ifc^. rt. 

a) passible, capable of or 2m&fe to feeling or 
sufflering; .Laa^)JL©*£ r/KAre passîons with 
us; \£qaL U impassible, not subject topassion; 
)&,aLL JJ JiVo^r^ fforf/trad ^o« «tt&jeo« to 
passion; )^oUL )ImI^» anxiety pertaining 
io the passîons = temporal care. b) sympathetic, 
pitiful; \L**Lo U^- \imfif*î r a* a wise 
and pitiful physician. c) gram. passire, 
in the accusative case opp. ]?a:x£ act&ţ 
nominative; M^ uja,q-a*» Jopa*, 7iowî?s o/ 
2)assive form. 

iwUcuAi rt. oaa*. adv.^as^eZy; withgrief; 
gram. m the passive voice or smse, fn <A^ ace, 

jiVjA.a.Aw rt. oaa*. î.passibility, sensitiveness; 
with Jl impassibility^ndifference ; JIoa-ga*» JJ 
j^W freedom from temporal affections; 
gram. the passive voice, the government of a verb 
or noun. 

wi.* to fte /^ suitable, useful usually act. 
part.^iU, U^, Jls-J^- «) vei bal use, inipera, 
t* {* suitable, useful, needed, ^eoM^ oan^ |-1a** 
the lost sheep w;«s wanted to complete ths tale 

&UKU&X4» 162 

ofthem, b) adj. useful, serviceable, profitabU, 
suitable, convenienţa in ordinary use, common; 
mJLL c^ most useful; \JuJ* JJ useless; JLo 

]t£JJLL projztahle sayings ; j£io*^ io©» J^*.jJ1 JJ 
the land was not suitablefor a settlement; pi. 
fein. emph. ]&l«i> necessaries; gram. common 
words, ]}£JJiL9 JJ>&> a vocabular?/. Ethpa. 
wiLi(' to be used to, familiar with; to use, 
employ, do, deal, treat, behave with o ; to have 
to do with, hold intercourse, treat with jaX. of 
the pers.; )oo» *J£kj& j^Iioi» ).!£&> he was 
familiar with the Syriac language ; )J/ u***#1^d 
)|*^oa / use violence; Jl^o-sa.2» ţ+JL'iU )* 

)j££ we used no enticing words ; *-*i~L< ]*sL»ţ:> 

jjfcuNa..^, pX he behavcd merciftdly towards the 
inhabitants ; ţx£ }J?c©** ^J^j^LIs^d i*^ ]J 
^Ti^uL /or 2/*e Jews have no dealings with the 
Samaritans. Dekivatives, |g**.a**, k* 

ÎS-l-l-ai» rt. W âu, adv. usefully , fitly . 


xmju*, Jie~^ also cu****, JLoj**- rt. 

f. usefvlness, utility, advantage; q,mam JJ? or 

©*£ lS-^£? useless, of no use, no good. 

\1LmL, Jl£t— rt. uuu*. useful; gram. t*$tfcZ 

/br iAe safe of elegance, opp. J*rW' necessary 
to the sense. 

)ts»>i> pi. JVLmam rt.. u«jh*»< f. a) «se ; utility; 
ihat which is necessary for use, needed esp. 
necessaries oflifej JJs^.Xo jîs^.1^2^ /or ws« 

and for ornament; )£&&»? lls^li^ things 
necessary for food; J&Ju*j jJ*X*> ordinary 

salt; jj£,i.Lrif [îs^liLl* Mose things of which the 
poor have need ; ]L^f chIsm,»» £##£ of which 
the body has need; .o«l^jL*i£ cu\j£» ifey 
supplied their necessity, iheir needs ; )îs~i** 

Jicui*? j J*-i*^* </*e menial work oftlie monastic 
Ufe; |jLf l&JL. o^ JUu? f ?£ V K^ fc^ 
we Aav6 nothing to use for digging (lit. £Âa£ we 
may fuljil with it tlie use of digging). b) legal, 
JkL*Ju*. J^o»cii usk fruct, c) gram. ws^, 

dialect, phr use, Jfc^Ijooa j&L«Ju»#^nacjpArases J 
Syriacisms; Jfcl*o»i©{ ] j£~JL* tâe Edessene use, 
Edessene dialect 

\AJLL obscure; see a«*. 

Is^ U . JÎ .l rt. «*•. adv. sadly, mournfully; 
urith contritim, sorrow of heart. 


94 *£ rt. «*». f, sadness, sorrow, mt\i%JL 

\i 4 m r 


** y 

of the cause, )j£*£~ N ^ ? "' 
/or sin. 

jjj/jn^il rt, <*~. of passible nature, subject 
to pasdon. 

yl** fut. ^i*J, act. part. jlL, ]AmJL, pass. 

part. yJL#, J.L, )ki— ; part. adj. yJ»i r t—, Jl£~. 

io </7*oz« dar/c towards evening, to be darkened, 
ech'psed, obscured, dimmed; jtoM» ^so M^a*. 
tJLL the sun is eclipsed by the moon; ^ooiZui» 
)JS^aj> ţ-& ţSjLJ* their eyes are dim from 
weeping; )%*sum** \±jjL a darkened eye. Part. 
adj. obscure, under a cloud; in darhness, 
ignorant, \Â*2J* )jaoq^p a poor and obscv/re 
man. Pael <**H to darken; il( niAL they 
darkened the air; to do anything at eoeniide 
opp. «Zo io do anything ewrly; ^LmJvdo x>+ 
coming early and late, at morn and at even. 
Ethpa. ui^t( to be obscured, made dim or 
weak of apprehension ; «oca^C ^jl*»1( their 
heart v;as dulL Aph. *JL*(to tu/rn the day 
to night, darken; metaph, with JJXx. to sadden; 
with \A^L to darken the heart = obscure the 
mind. Ettaph, «i*»il( io 6« obscured, dark- 
ened as the sun in an eclipse. Derivatives, 

UCUU», licUDO^-, UdO^-, Ulfc^Q^^, 

JIojKooa**, ţa**», MAâ*» , i»nm f |n> w y, 

f>aji M pi. ţ~- rt. ^a**. m. darkness, an eclipse; 
|*j$o»fiD lâîL* lunar eclipses; metaph. darhness 
or dullness of mind. 

pi. ţi. rt. ^, m. a <farA night, 
moonless night; pi. vertigo. 

y+lAj kZ t jîs-J rt. uam. (i«r/t. 

^JL* fut. ^cJ^J, act. part ^JLi, JUi, 
pass. part. \nLj J— , Jfcî — to found, cast or 
/or#e; e.g. )^o»? gold; )U$s> a key; |i*î 
armour. Metaph. to frame or devise; to cause, 
contrive, plot; with }ltL*J> to devise evil with 
^jL of the pers. ; with \]\i to intrigue, con- 
spire; ţ<x& ^wLl o&£ his heart worketh 
iniquity; U,m,> oCi %SmZ> A«oI? )Ll^> 
JosepKs coat caused him to be envied; with 
ţ^<^° *o /^^w pw« Ethpe. %JL*ir to &e 
founded, cast, forged, fahricated; metaph. to 
invent, contrive; with ]]\i to be resolved . . • 
Pa.%a£*o frame s makemd of metal. Djbbiv- 

9 9 ■% 



JLiL rt. %a«*. m. a goldsmith. 

)\ m m m. a decoction of wheat a<nd barley, 

fl^v rt.^jfc*». in. worhing in gold, the gold- 
smith's art. 

]}^m1 pi. )fcll rt.^Mu», f. a) any graven 
work, a graven image, an ornament of metal 
work, generally of golcl; ;*§o( r ţ& jÎ ^m Z 
graven ivork of Ophir ; k£>^? Pi**** )k^*~ 
ornamente and vessels of silver ; Jfcs-oX-sL 

casting or graving of metal. 

p*j» Aphel. x>JL*( r to mp, dine, take food; 
to eat, use as food. Derivative, the following 
word — 

JîjL^L. or J*L*LWpl- J*^- rt p*~. 
f. supper. 

\{i^ pl.)l. rt. .**•. liable or subject topassions, 

carried away bypassion. 

%^\iHL rt. **♦. adv. passibly, in apassible 

manner; mournfully, patheiically ; Is-Ui*» y( 

£#m as a passible being or w&ft human pas- 
sions, but if He be above passion . , . 

ffi jj rt. «im*, adj, pertaining to the pasdons 
or desires, henee subject or wWer $Ae dominion 
of natural passions or desires; pervertea, 
criminal }_f î » - }*\*£> depraved counsel; 

* ewfl âmi pervertea 

-7» ? J> « 

Ti «* 

fl ? tf ■ 

s^ n Şp>!l frora a- and^xa. adv. accord- 
ing to; clearly, evidently. 

%&JL*£ some plant, perhaps Solomons 

fcjl PE.only pass. part. = adj. 1^-^-, l^^**» 
)U**fcJl. a) exact, accurate, approved, found 
correct as )-iI»t codices ; JLfc^l^i ţ^ aa* » 
a correci version. b) true, faithful, steadfast, 
sure, real; ihat which truly is opp. apparent; 
j&k*i llicu» «ft« ny/rf or true sense; U&istao 
IC^* faithful iramlators; Jifc-»^ J&fe? 
tf*e truefaith; J&b*£ UjS« thorough heretics; 
\l%*+}fJL JL'c&ii jowre heathenism; Jl£*ki»? -<» 

4*0» Jfo* t/u ^rwf/i ts £&a« . . - ; Iţfe-*!^ ^ oia V 
a «w ouară; J&lsJl l^a* </*e reaZ ie. the 
4wy»w>* n^M. O ram. reaular* womr ; Mo*, 

* 4 

)JiL.^i a proper notm; JlJs—kJl ji 
a regular feminine i. e. formed accordtng to 
rute. Pael LlW £0 seW£e definitely, exactly, 
to ratify, prove. Ethpa. «o 6e rattfied, con- 
firmed. Debivatives, b^|ls-l^* 3 ]io]^-J^. 

Jî<i for ]t&[ fem. of lift pi. Jloift a) a 
«ttVter; o^2»?*l£a o*l^i Aw step-sister on the 
mothersside; \k\\ o»I^i— U>î? «îsiajpaierwa/ 
— maternal aunt b) a relation, companion, 
c) a sister, nun; JLoiif ]t#? a conveni, nunnery. 

J£S or JIU pi. irreg. ^^, jKi or JilS^ 

f. a ^ 6c#; lĂcia ^jl i*^ k-i? |lV-i 
a sctc/c «ntC& «^'0 openings. b) a plank esp. 
one resting on piles or pillars, hence a plank 
bridge, wooden bridge. 

fcJikJl Paleel conj. to excite, entice, allure, 
solicit; U—<^ i&~fcJo* jîs^oa^ mth 
laughter-provoking speech; ^ Js^*!^» v * 
|.2. If Jiacii^ if a fair face attract us; 
iCil^oo )Il^.? a g armeni mticing to the 
eyes. Ethpalpax lsili^il( , to be enticed, 
allured. Debivatives, Jfc^LaM, U;l^«la**, 

jLVLk*. rt. >k«*. f. pride, pomp, 
Js-*{fcLlsi rt. Vu*. adv. accurately, exactly, 

diligently, truly; gram. regularly* 

jLofeffcJl rt. 1S-. f. accuracy, exactness> 

sincerity, genuineness, essential quality, charac- 

teristic; gram. regularity ; U*u> ILofctJh" 
)i •£»? tAe extreme of accuracy, the greatest 

postibk exactness; ^-£ v oo*^ )oo» ^i» 

O tf m ogţ JloJ^Vi Ae p-m?^ </ie sincerity of 
tîieir heart; )Xeh~$S>a carefully, diligently, 
truly, exactly. 

« £~ fut. ?oh*l împw. f o^ 3 ^ ct - P* rt * 

a) to seal, set a seal upon ; to attest, confirm, 
sign, ratify, determine; )&*l&> ^°^*J 

Mi )ifco! R'^i^î M^ seal not the "ţ^Jf 

0/ fAcî prophecy ofthis booh; t^jj^ Jsx>h*~ 

I signed in Greek letters; $& Iţ^^ f °^* 
Uâ&îf confirm by action ihat which thm hast 

said. * b) with \L^x «P re8Bed or understood 
to make the sign of the Gross, to sign with tU 
Crasa; \^f> ***î f &» ** wo*«d /««weî/; 

Y 2 





)jUo o*^oo oţuJLa y&+* he made the sign of 
the Cross over the whole congregation; then, 
because the sign of the Cross was made over 
the congregation at the concluding prayer or 
benediction (cf. UoL^-»*), to Jînish, conclude, 
RaX* cu»fcL» they Jmisked their prayer; 

fco&fcjl )h&U& ***kJ> I have brought my 
histoiy to a conclusion in two discourses ; 
oq^*T? ^ojix^? JţiJ f&* Benjamin was 
the last-born of the sons ofJacob. c) to close, 
seal, stoj) up; to close a wound ; )+&}£ oP©!s«»* 
he sealed the vessel with lead; U* »l£^ w o» o^e k*** 
}&}a£ they stopped the gate with stones; fcs.a©ls*~ 

oJ^2>^-£^ \jL* falie earth closed above hirn; 
y^ y _rf,vl\. ,q^\ ; Ji £.:*-* sores which are 
difficidt to close, slow to heălup; ioa + ţ^ )« Jî °; 
J£d]t£ eyelids sealed tvith lead = heavy with 
deejf ; •$\ s \\-* ^3L.ÎŞ-** each phrase ew£$ ut 
Alep. Ethpe. «IsLW to 6e sealed, signed ; 
closed; .ojcocl^ clî©3&*L( JJ the baptized wer<s 
wtf signed with chrism. Pa. ©îsl. a) to seal, 
sign, subscribe; ruetaph. to prove, certify ; 

CL2el£Jl ţsto^Âţ Jl£wO© î .J> JIsL^k^X other 
events besides have proved ilie foreknowledge of 
our Saviour. b) to sign with the Cross. c) to 
bring to an end, finish, conclude esp. divine 
service; to read through to the end e. g. the 

Psalter; ^a «£!*>© ^s jUL» ) a « X » the 

Cross begins andjtnishes everything, i.e. every 
rite is commenced and eoncluded with the 
sign of the Cross. Ethpa. fj££lf a) to be 
consummated, accomplislied ; to be read to the 
end; ^^hS^Jo )fclxi>î Jl~ J^aai'^îa the 
Psaltns are read through once in each weelc. 
b) to beprinted. Deeivatives, j^ola*», Uol^-i, 

|»j£>lS-^ pi. 1-1- rt. vis**, m. a seal, stgnet-ring ; 
a seal, token or sign; the healing over or cicatrix 
of a wound ; Jwi^ s V£- ~?c*ax£> they witness 
ii with their seal, tJiey seal it; \^)^L 

j&LfcbMJMOf the seal of baptism ; Joois- 
JlLj receive the sign of life. 

k*>!£~ pi. Jl. rt. «V-*. m. often used indiffer- 
ently with the preceding kaîs-**. m. properly 
sealing, signing, making the sign of the Cross, 
obsignation, jfcL^ci^-v^? boit- the sealing 
or signing ofba2)tism. 

J^m Ethpa. ţ|M»i? denom. verb from 
jjfcJ*. to connect with oneself by marriage, to 
marry; to iaîce in marriage, be married; to 
intevmarry ; metaph. to beuniled; euftwfc o o ^ 
©iL;J> %Jk> ka.^a.^. to marry the hings 

daughter; aj^fcoaX \is^£ IV^L£ the bride 
came to be married; om&j JJîiJlioc at the 
resurrection to each body its soxd is united. 

jJ^Jl pi. |— . m. a connection by marriage, 
esp. a son-in-law, a brother-in-law, a bride- 
groom; <»i«J> ^&a oJJiJl his daughter $ 
husband; othiL^^JL ojîsi. his brother-in-law ; 
oi^ls*^? Jo« \3h*** he was a connection of 
the house of Ahab. Deriyatives, verb \t**»l/, 

l&ulsJ» from JjIsm. f. espousals^ mcptials; 
Jicu^X? jXcîA a nupţial ga/rment, wedding 

&%**• Pael. *sl^L to break, bredk down; 
\)9{&i£mă&\ which breaketh the cedars. 

ils*# root-meaning to shake, vibrate; to be 
tremulous with pride. Pe. only part. )£*^hj* } 
]LV*K** swolhn with pride, pvffed vp with 
pride, haughty , provd ; **il*fcw := Jţ^Ţ \\Jts** 

thou dost glory. boast ; )jAL U*L*, [ acu*l 
o^ ]t»^o loving fair fame and glorying in 
it; \oh*iJ ţ*!*lş%*fr yO^JC ye are pvbffed up. 

Ethpe. il^ir and Ethpa. i^Llf to step 
proudly or haughtUy, to swagger, be ţniffed up. 
Aphel fâ*} r tQ puffup, mahe proud. Debiv- 
atives, )ila** ? Jlo^W 3 l^i^M^o, J*ofc^.L 

jiUi ; see Jls^. 

•> niLiîkAjLw.i K11A4J0 rdli*i^?3 rtl^K" AusoAx. •:♦ 


* J^a r€*ca K'i.v».'! rtfa*a\a v\^ Q-ii\ A 


"^ , fc^j Teth, the ninth letter of the alphabet ; 
the number 9, with ? the ninth. 

o\l fut. ol£?, inf. c4^>, act. part. ojj. 
impers. and intrans. to be good or well opp. 
,*,}£ to be or cfo m'Z; usually with ^ ; o^|J 
v oo»l it shall be well with them; with y>+s> or 
Jfcj$& to please, seem good; Avith )c££ to be 
cîteerful, glad, merry. Aph. &\jX a) to do 
good, deal iveli, treat well generally with ^> 
of the pers. to or with; *»c» n 1 *iN ♦.a-â 
v cu^)aj Şc )II^»wi^ ycuaj^? he charged his 
sons to deal well with the Christians and not 
to wrong them. b) to malce or do better, to 
amend. For Debiyatives, see o«^. For 

•aj^'or c^?> see aîso Aphel of ^. 

o& mi and 1^ pl- l&tf «d %l ■*■ •* 

m. a) a message, news, tidings. b) of ten pl. 

rumour, fame, report; o»^Jl^£ oJ^J ^Ae w««;s 
of his arrival ; Un4^ ©*£)^ yckkfcu? fc> 
announee Mm to the emperor; o£ty — y*^ J^o 
«;/ia< îs the news of you — of Mm ? how are 
you ? how is he? what is said about Mm ? 

.a^JJS <> r v^^M c y c ^ amen curopaeum or 
leontica, leontyietahtm. 

jj»o^ pl. JI-; see )lia^ pollution 

fcâoo)^ Wajy, ai &as£, onZ?/, directly. 

• a^cusIi-iU TtrpaîrvXoi', a butlding with 
four gates. 

. cuaaoU ta$us, the yew-ftree. 

^i> Wî see%j, Jj^. m. dew; metapli. 
\xL»9ţ JJJ^ the dew of God's mercy ; JJJ^ 
{Vcufioi; </*€ c/ew ofhedling. 


a bivalve shell-fish. 

{Xi&)j pl. JJL- from JJJj. adj. dewy, of dew. 

ţlfc£)jofteiier Ui^J rt.^J. shady, skadowy, 
dim, uri/real. 

ui& )&*y pi- /•„ iitf& J*^ and 

otlier spellings, see taa,J. impure, unclean 
)&A% Atm. the body of a shirt 
\&ll"> see \~*l a thin plate or layer of metal. 
djj fut. o£î, part. **^, M^J, ]&^,$ 
io mafe inquiry, inform oneself be inf or med; 
part. adj. renoumed, illustrious, celebrated, 
famous; memorable, remarJcable, j , ^ » ^ |a(jO 
the famous war; [ÂlL^ \£U^ illustrious 
heaihen. Ethpe. o^l/ to bepublished, spread 
abroad. Pa. *a^i to publish a report, spread 
ahroad a ruiuour; pass- part. oS^ . v» , Jat^so 
celebrated, notorious, Ethpa. o^jl( io &e 
pitblisfhed, spread abroad; to acquire fame, 
become or 6e renotoned. Aph. c^/ and o^Jf 
to 6rt?^ ntfws, rej)ort, teii, say; to malce knovjn, 
to spread a rumour or report. Deriyatives, 
bU or U*£ t ]iwM^« 

Jljlik^ rt. oQjJ. «) adj. ^rootZ opp. .**£ feati, 
evi7, valuable, <precious, worth usually with 
a value specified ; cultivated of a tree or plant, 
excellent, honourable; kind, gracious, benevolent, 
benejicent, favourable; ţj& o^ better than; 
IŞn^ ftr^&l |?mâr 7.t£wt« brought up in good or 
ea^y circvmstances ; )fc^4 ^^2 a precious 
stone; \JL% JjlU-£ jmcious ointments; c^? 
j|^ wort/t onelmndred; c^? J-» 00* the value, 
the worth; ^4 ^^ a good olive opp. ]i*1 mtd; 

chief men of the city, nobles; used impers. 
*^v o^ or ipL oo» c^ & is good, useful or 
advantageous for you. b) subst. that which is 
good or dmrable, excellence, virtue, goodness, 
kindnes$> benevolence, benefit, prosperity ; JA^ 
UJ?ţ.o the chief good; with ».^ V, or ţ JLm 
to act or treat kindly ; ))^^ ^L a benef actor; 
with ^Xb to retu/rn good, reioard; with w?o( 
to be gratefulj to ihank; with w jo!£a.( to make 

9 9 

good offers, promise advantages. c) *a^ or *a^ ţ 
adv. -ye/'y, much, greatly, exceeding ; us^oo o^ as 
mtit-A as possible; »^Jf JU^o wry many ; \>2>f 

9 9 9- ~ 

cil y ver^/ great; ^ c^ very much } very greatly, 
exceedingly; ^2 T o though, although, however, 
neveriheîess ; ^o *aJ above, over s more y niore 
ihan, raifier; \*Z* ^ o^ Jict» deaih ratJier 



>« i?* y v \*9 

* % 

fi y * 

thanlife; ţ^io? ^ ^ }»fcs-oo? j&*s? ajfar 
better sacrifice ihan that of Cain. 

news, tidings, fame, rumour, report ; ]A^ y£j 
ifo/ /a/r fante. 

lS-*ki^ rt.oa^. dAv*well,rightly, virtuously; 
lW fc^kx^ ii doeswell, it prospera; K*k=J| aX 
H k*+( he is in the wrong. 

Paeii conj. of CkJ. 

cik^, Jla^ţ rt. oa^. f. goodness } kindness; 
with »aL v , and <eiX of the pers. fo aci kindly or 
«>eZ£ toivards any one, <o 6e £Ooc2, Jh'n<2, gracious. 

m. tabularius, the coUector or 
registrar of trihute. 

w*^ fui wJa^J io sZa^, strike; —^ \Â*Jt> 
J&i3 a sword which slays evil things. Pa. 
wm^J to strike down, baiter, crush. Ethpa. 
ufcaJl/ io fte crushed, battered, Deeivatives, 
the three following words and J*oa> 

\***> l ph J— rt. w-a^. a butcher y slaughterer; 
a cooh 

ju-AJ rt, u*â^. m. ij^e shambles or market; 
V+=^ k^lh a Mtchen. 

)lcu*^{ rt. w»â^. £ slaughter, slaughtering. 

or jl&oi^ f « c^oe, a gazelle; meteph. pr. n. 
Dorca8 9 Tabitha. 

jlcJAnâj rt. AjJ. i r&novm y eelebrity; Icua^aJ 
^iA^ reno^w o/ At9 family, his rmowned 

•n * 


d ^*^, ÎL, )fcl— ; see ^c^. 
Ji'co^J rt. ^^- f sunkenness, lov> state, 
a being sunk deep or imm&rsed in eleep, ia 
thought, in sin, &c, )iio* ^»\ - < ? |ial» 
)Jt^^ ^l^y.^yv joojj way i/ifi Iove of the 
spiritual world awaken mefrom my absorption 
in the cares of this world; ^Ta S ^ ^^ P+W ^claI 
♦/C5W5 Aas raised us out of owr abasement. 


^2^ act. part. s %>^ Jl=x^ denom. verb 
from )|^- to drvm; oooi ^A^j jlii^ iA€ 
drums were drwm/ming. 

JLs^J pi. £. m. a drum, a tabor; ]|ix^ ^.o 

i/te 50w«£Z of iAe tabors; metaph. i/ie drums of 
the ear. 

j^L^-ai pi. ]^-*— f. tahula. a) a tabiet^ plate; 
j^lii» <>\^J^^1 IIş^aJ coffin-plates. b) the 

fiat top or swrface of an altar, aw a^or, 
a wooden portable altar opp. jJoţjtf» aw a/iar 
of stone. c) arith. a to&Ze or column of figares. 
l^ifnN^j crescent-shaped. 

)i&4, )Wi cr JfcUd, pi. I^J or J2 

m. tabellarmSj a runner, letter-carrier, postman. 

*^j^ fut. Nh^J and ttO^J, inf. ^^o£j 
imper. <**»c£a^ 7 act. part. ^^J» j.^^j ? pass. 
parta. k**â% and '^^J, J— , ))^ — a) intr, to 
sink, be swik, immersed, swallowed up, set; 

9 K 


9 r 


to be drowned; ]&lm.* to be sunk 

in deep, be in a deep slvmber; JJSs^^p* to be 
given over to pleasures; l+mZ ^^ the sun 
sank or set. b) tr. to imprint a seal, to mark, 
sign* seal; jlsjd^a with a signet-ring; "^J±£ 
)^^*? )?o*^ he signed this will. c) to imprint, 
stamp money, to coin; jjol m&L*& )o« **&£ 
he isstced money stamped with his name; +iLx 

he issued paper money printed in red ; pass. 
parts. both forms have the same meaning 3 
,s ^^ is most nsed, ]&*3 > >-" l or ^-* 1 
sow?i€? aslee]), in deep shumber; J^LîLJLa» 
oo« ţ- S ,* r^j ^oto^^s» his feet were held fast 
with fetters ; fc**co» ^-^i ^ ^ V ^ y JuJÎa 
I was immersed in worldly cares ; f^^w^^i 
WfcAa > seaZed miA sevew seafe/ I^aSJj jliiXao 
a sealed-up jar; JJsc&tt JLa yjSUâ^ mmked 
with the same spot; \&Jk£ \Âmo coined silver; 

? Mo* o©) Iji t< n that wke which 

*.. m 



toakens tlie sleepers or those immersed in worldly 
cares. Ethpe. ^^i^M a) to be plunged, im- 
mersed, drowned; 1,»Ij > -*JL£L{ e » J S2 %£ 
Pharaoh's arm^ was drowned in the sea; 
jfclL&jas faJSfc^lf i/ie $&eps sanh; with JJj&S 
J^fo^N»? to have been plunged in the waters 
of baptism; jjjLa^Nk^ .ci^ajkJ Zei them be 
plunged in thejlames, b) to be sealed, signed; 
metaph. to be assured or confirmed as with 
a seal; pafrcufta to receive chrism. c) to be 
imprinted, engraved, coined, marked, impressed; 
]£LZ^ **cL^fcoo? l&^fe? Ujscu tke image of 

tlie king imprinted on tke dinar; oCx "ftaiJLf 

|,aN4^ •MjxJuf ojicui^a it was impressed 

on him in his youih that he was to serve the 

king. Pa. ^=^ to plunge, dip, immerse, sub- 

merge, drown, sink; metaph. to submerge in 
sin or trouble, to swallow up, to imbue; ioficc 

deep, tofastm; U[ **&&& )« )•=>&**! ţaa ls 

lo 3 I sink in a sea of $ins; ipjjj V.&^j Jcu* 
Eve plunged Adam into troable; )&^£XflâQ 
k ■! i ^ J - JilijtJ» ţ-^iLkjîO building stones 
strvngly jhxed with lead. Ethpa. hk^I/ to be 
sunk, sttbmerged; to be imbued; to be sealed, 
with «olaâo? jj^^a» to receive chrism. De- 

BIVATIVES, U^ 3 ) U - V ^, U***£, Jj^2^J*. 

jjkaJj pi. JI- rt. **^< m. a) a seal, signet, 
the gem of a signet, the prinţ of a seal, a sealing 
or 6rnij7 sealed, signature; metaph. the seal or 
sign of baptism, of chrism, bread signed with 
tlie Cross in the Holy Eucharist or that pre- 
pared beforehand and marked with a Cross ; 
j^ifc.jj tt-wâi JL *%>JL *£ place the oblates 
above each other; seal or token, ţ^~L*J^ *o 

otlo^cu^? \"^*4 the tokens of Jier virginity 
being preserved intact b) a siamp, mould, 
die, the impression of a die ; metaph. character, 
style, authenticity ; U>a£ *^jL o».vi». ools-^? 

JUl??o Jlolf that his name should be inscribed 
on the dies of the zuzi and dinar s; j^a.^ 
ULtOi^a polished style; odfl^I m^o; fc&Jka 
in the metre or style of Saint James. 

\j^I> M^ or )J&% ra. a frying-pan. 

^^j denom. verb Pael conj. from U>^. 
to broil; pass. part. J^— £•», Jj^j^ao. Ethpa. 
f^l^i to be broiled; metaph. to be tormented; 

\j[ J^fco*> j&J^^cLa / am tormented with 

Kd, »WJ, **M or UJ pi. H m. 

rijyavov, a gridiron, an instrument oftorture; 
metaph. pai/n, torture, 

♦*^£ Ethpe. *^£m to do harm, deal hardly 
with o of the pers. ; to strive or brawl with 

tt£ of the pers. Ethpa. t^Jic the same; 
.oL^li juU> ^ do harm io none. Deriv- 
ative, Jt^O^. 

«o^ denom. verb Pael conj. from Jjsdojg^. 
to bring into relationship, make io berelated; 
)?U^ \*Q± yĂ^? Christ îs a mediator 
to bring those of both sides into rdationship; 
]l*L»o*-|-» a woman of good family. Aph. 

«o^J^the same; «?/' ^-^t^ v°o^ ^o*Ă^ 

\o£Lf y ţ*j£ sJie brings the sons of Adam into 
rdationship with God. Ethpa. fo^li to be of 

kin> related, like with o; Jooj foJ^U | * LJfc ao 

^lI^Do/ • - ^ *** Christ was ofthy race and 


)>o^ pi. )* m. noon 9 midday; \^^o Jj<h^ 

summer noonday heat; J*c*^? jioti the mid- 
day meal, Germ. Mittagsessen. 

U»c*j>, jftU* pi. m. )J f. jtli adj. meridian, 

of noontide or noonday ; U ' o*^ }>?&*• rt* 
mendian circle; U'o*^ J«-ii woo^^e foc^; 
f. pi. «oo^iwZfi Acai; jîs^»©J^» a# woow. 

^j{>o^ from jio^J. adv. a< noontide; as at 


Jd^ pass. part. 1%^, \S<x% to be parched, 
broiled. Pa. i*5^ to roa$t> broil, bake, scorch; 
|»cîu aft^? roas^ with fire; )Jo^so ]£*»( 
roasi Za?n6. Dekivatives, J-c^J, jls*i»*c^c. 

ogJ voot-meaning ^o 6e <700cZ,cf.cognateo|^. 

Pa. ol^ pass. part.- c^jao, ^|^o to get 
ready, make prepar ations, prepare, provide; Jao 
j^L»* *a^i»f when he dresses the lamps; oa^ 
U^? of^io/ prepare ye the way of tlie Lord; 
\L3> c^l t/iey made ready the Passover; 

oI,J he made prej^arations against 


v r 

him i.e. prepared to go to war; pass. part, 
prepared, ready, at hand, present ; 
^c&jij? reaefr/ <o kill; c^.^ yj-^. 
always ready; .a-aX joo» o^^of M-( •"« 


who has been appotnted for you; 



^a^jid? those who were present; ţâb 




l^^o one of those present; jliLao Jooi »aI^o JJ 
fo u'«;s noi a£ 7eome. Ethpa. o^i? imper. 
"W-Syr. OaJ1( a) pass. £o 6e prepared, incuh 
ready. b) prepare oneself get or beready; 
to be near al hand, be 2>^esent, be found with 
ld^ or **î of the pers., with o of ilie place ; t o 
wfeZJilaa» •*•* o*lLf tohenhe was with Socrates; 

tirnes over has this been presented to me; âUlif 
) ? ^vi ^ /*e î#as m ifo moscjîie; igoo»uam 3 
fo was present at the synod, attended the comicii; 
JjĂ ţj*-& )©« J^*^*? ^ *5 on some occasion 
when he was not present ; o^fcosa j *^o whoever 
is within reach i every one toho is there; +z> 
[ALţ jî^ji IS^Jm on the eve qfGood Friday ; 
l^to cJ^lioa toar is imminent; but c^L{ 
ii uăX to make ready for war. Dkrivatives, 

U*}^» or U^Jso, Î^U^o, Jio^JbO. 

*>*£> ^^ pL r Sc ^ J ^^ rt oa ^' m ' 
<7?o^, good things, a) the fruits of the earth, 

choice produce, b) blessing, bliss, blessedness, 

beatitude, with pron. suff. or with ^ to be 

bîessed, i#<*oii&^ l o^c^, .co*J>ct^, ţ»«oc^ 

bîessed is he, she, blessed are they, &c, «*asqJ 
*£L blessed ari thou; l>cţ][, ? U-lj oc£^ 
)^^4^ blessed is he who; l*<£$ Ji» most 
blessed; I^gl^ «îsLXl (Arte* blessed; joi 
M>q^^ worthy of congratulation, felicitaUon, 
enviable; with oom fo mS blessed, to deem 
happy or blessed; jl£s;Jk. **\ r ^ V ? J-^^t? 
mo»1d all generations shall căli me blessed; 
Uc^' the Beatitudes Matt. v. 3-12, 

ţ**=>OţJ rt. v*^, m. the crusher, batterer. 

w^ciţl a hind ofred dye or pigment. 

) j ua>oj adj. from the above, coloured 


ţLJlaa^ = U*JJ o^ Blessed be he who, the 
name of a Syrian chant. 

U=>c^, JfciJ pi. in. JIL f. Jl£L rt. ocijj. 
blessed, the blessed generally used as a title of 
honour of apostles, martyrs, prophets, patriarchs, 

bishops, monks, &c, JI^cl^j JLâ liii y*/* 

wod according to the saying of St Paul; 

r r 

y^tx IfcCJu^o-^ the Blessed Virgin Marp* 

Cf. |JV30^. 

)Lo1i^cl^ rt. o<x^. f. beatititde; oX^JL 
jLâOdo^f jînaZ J/m, <A€ extremity of blessed- 

ţj^aJ pi. l~ rt. ^c»J. m. overwhelming, 

subniersion, \lx±£ drowning ; JISoa^ heavy 
slumber; Jl^jllic? U^a^ ^ swallovdng up 
or destructicn ofcities by earthquakes ; metaph. 
baptisraal imTnersîon, absorption in worldly 
affairs, torpor ; ^v.2>a_^ ţjĂ y©*-AJkll^jy 

J^CLU^soti? <Aa< <A^ w-a^ 6e aroused from 
dothful negligence. 

Jj&*cţ{, IlfLS rarely jfcU pî. m. )mL f. JliLL- 

rt. oo^. adj. blessed, blissful used lîke U^cij ; 
^^00^03 Ij^o^ blessed Paul ; ^a» JJtLacu^ 
^oo»o?alî }a-.Z^ ^ mo5< blessed saint Diodo- 
rus ; U^JL l~+ o^x îs-» (5 că ^jc 00» )J]^q^ 
happy is he toho leads a quiet life Le. the life 
of a hermit; Jkl-o&ia^ J&w blissful rest. 

J Leu J&sQ-ţJ rt- oaJ. f. blessedness, beatitude, 
used as a title of bishops and patriarchs, 
)o£Li ţ2» iiAlio ţcklcul&ac^ î/owr venerable 


w^o^ f. fo^ay )ljl*îcw)? w^a^ a scarlet toga. 

M^jy im. an tron cAair in which martyrs 
were scorched; see U^^. 

J^o.^ rt, *^£^. m. rebuke, reproach, brawl- 
ing; prejudice; n\ v i^ Jilo^? 1 ' )S45^^ 
hearîcen unto godly rebukes; ji^şl^ ^? «/^ 

Jwu .cu^^o/ o^ aj/ if any one will read 
the whole Gospel without prejudice. 

Uooja^ pi. \Zm xa. race, stock, family, lineage, 
descent, origin; l*ao©*cx^ wii or ellipt. kindred, 
hinsmen; Jjsoojc^ t^ăX or \s>l \&m&l & 
of noble birth; |j»o*c^ Icoi ^'g-A or noble 
birth, nobility; UL*\ţ J^ojo^ the races of the 
earth le. all nations; )&i*a? Jo2>o»c% Jfcl^i 
ihree Mndsofbirds; Uajj o^ojc^J ^Ae origin 
of the soul. Derivatiyes, «o^, )I»o^». 

\***i pi- >— m. a moment, an interval of 
tîme, slightly îonger than jIcJ. 

****** °rf rt. ^. m. disturbance esp. <A« 
surging of the billows, a tempest. 

^ Q ^ Ethpa. uJc^L/^o ma^e «^ZicaftV». 
Derivative, l-^o^. 

^}c^ rt. ^a^. m. supplicati&n. 




JJsLJaJ pi. )!&'— f. a smoli bunch or cluster 
of grapes, ]&>JdU>? J&a-Jc^ <* cluster of 

Jj£j rt. Ia^. m. roasting, ţ£££»%5Tto ^* 

c^, l^xici^ rt, o)^. m. preparation, 

9 _* 

readiness; \jS^^^<x^prom2>titude; with« 

* * 


to make preparations, prepare 

*£&£> Uoo^ pi, £. from ţA^. m, a device, 
machination y trick, gxtile; £l*\ U^°^ % ^ou 
shalt use no guile ; ^ia^ )j? straight-for- 

<e*Â e£i km^oJ pi. JmL from tttAj. m. 
a) ordering, arrangement, organization; regu- 
lation 3 instruction; \2&*\ia U^^ raţional 
arrangemmt; \ZoJL ^aioa^ the training ofthe 
novices; )&*xL*X unsa^ the regulation or 
ordering of church Services, b) ordinance, rule, 
precept; jlîl^x JiaaG^ ecclesiastical rules or 
constitutions ; UicuL* Kcaicf^ <Ae onfor of divine 
service as prescribed by tlie canons. c) a com- 
po8Îtion, tract. â) assisting at the Takhsa or 
liturgyj communicaiing. 

\a,J root-meaning to be long. Pa. ^*^ 
to walk to and fro, pace up and down for 

Mi£>aJ m. from A^ rejuvenescence. 

tâfŞ tjtj. l &jŞ. est rt. *a^. eminent } excellent, 
superior > oble, distinguished usually with o ; 

7, \ c£j a6& artificers; ); 

ţjx^oi a distinguished tor/ier. 

) I/q ft \ c£{ rt, *^^- f. eminence, excellence; 
Uo«? Jl'cîa^c^J greai ability. 

|, Sfr N tt * j Ar. m. sq/S squashy bread, doughy 

|j&£cţ{ rt. VS^ m. Amv# sfeejp; a sojtorific. 

\&'S.r\l pi. J— m- a iroop, ierni, câmp; 
ţ4\^f al^flA. <A«y moved câmp; )?Ji? k&^c^ 
a iroop of demons. 

)s£L£l rt. ^j m. ewcZ, passing away } 
destruclion, annihilation ; scattering, dissi- 
pation; }f<»£o i/>S. ci! 7 £&6 waning of the moon; 
]£&) >jb£& qJ £%e dissipation ofriches; \J&L<x£ 
JJX? *Ae ending oflife — death; oJ & L&2 )ocw 


4 r 

DiveB incfcd in &%eaZ. 

k» 4 

JiXcuJ m. an iron Za<2& or frying-pan. 

U\â,{ pi. 1^-. rt. a^J. în. a «poi, s/am, 
dejilement; (j^cT^ )J» unspotled, stainless, un- 
defiled; jtai «#J» )^Xcu^ «ow sori ofwhite 

rt. «Jh^J. m. tA€ plast&ring of a house. 

jULL^olj, )fc^J — rt. «*^k^. adj. impure, 

Jl&i^a^ rt. a^J. tpollution } defilement 

J1A4 pi- IU<9 or Uoj^J pi Uolj rt. J^J. 

m. pollution } defilement 

\âi&<xl pi- j^ttâeaJ and «rt^m^c^ m-rd/xoff, 
a fome, i?oZwme, docu/ment. epistle; j UaJ Pftj 
«QiLZiCLn a synodical letter; yo-jj? |> gix* oj 

Me «o?n€ or Z^«er o/ Pope Zeo to Flavian ou 

jJua^ pi.)— Ar. m. a rope, corcZ esp. a ^en<- 
cwd; metaph. JJot Uai^? «ojQ^a^ fAe coris 
wliich hold fast this world. 

j»cua^ pi. u»pa^, uscua^ or jxx>g^ m. 
roVor, a ^one in musîc; a syllable; Jl^cu^oja 
*mcJoJ ^^sk-j mi heptasyllabic metre. 

|Jkj<& i*t. *£u^. m. pollution, defilement; 
\&^>l by blood. 

fcfiti^, u»^ fut. *ma^j, act. part. *a>h£j )^-^- 
a) fo ^ on high, circle in the air as a bird of 
prey; )i*3 »«( ^ he fiew mightily as an 
eagle; \a^o Joioil^o the ostrich rouseth 
herselfup ioflight. Metaph. UL* >mj mere?/ 

the mind cir des rotind times and seasons, i. e. 
is auxious as to coming events. b) to fioat; 
hm$ \-&±rthe ship rode on the waves. 

I^doJ pi. j-xoc^ m. ra&s t apeacock. 

vZ^otl rt. J^iJ. f. a) error, mistake, false 
worship; ulxa^j» by mistake. b) forgetting, 
forgetfulness, oblivion; ul^c^o |^W sî7e«ce 
a«c? oblivion; with *£&*>( or oou and^fco ^o 
^iw Ofer io oblivion. c) deception> deceitfulness, 
Itio^î of riches ; J^<£^s> by guile. 

&*&> *i fufc - âQ V' inf - •l* 1 * act - parL 

a|^, J.^4. a) to fioat, swim as anything lighter 
tban water, said of oii, eggs, the ark ; hence 
to sail upm> set sail for; 1Sm| s * &^ a^^o^ 
)Iiţ .oo^ci»-li> lS^5 <o «rfl courageously 





on the billovjs; J.1» ţĂ %^iw QA^ corpses 
floatedon the toaters; togoabout.go round, ;.*&.*. 
JfLJJi âd^î? iA. send me away to go about the 
land, h) to rise, overflow as water, be in- 
undated; *A*f ^« , ^&^ ['*&> aâ^ tJiewaters 
rose above my head; Jjom ^â g»ai;^ h&i 
Tarsus wasflooded by the river; Jl£â^ U*G9 
an overwhelming ivind. Aph. &-*>-£( «) to 
makefloat; |l»a^ &*$* ****& Mulm made 
ironfloat on the water. b) to make overflow, 
to overflow ; overwhehn, deluge ; \.iL 9 JJ Jj ? 
p . v> ^ft.lj lest the water $ ov&rflow the earth; 

metaph. JfcLwî£5a~£lS-& o^^Ok A .« - . ^ t 
otiaAa^,.*a.:> 7i£ deluged the whole earth with 
his teaching. Debivatives, jLSa.g, Ubcu^, 

Jâo^ or }sd^ (for pi. j^a^ see Jfctso^) 
rt. <âo^. f. a) sailing, course, avoyage; \Â^( 

J 11**1 J^^ ^^ )**?lW& )ioaîm:> a s&îp ts 
guided by the rudder to a straight course. 
b) a raft. 

• culftea^, .ouâîj&a^ or ycujsc^ roira^iov, 
a topaz. 


aaaJ adj. rvifitopiKos, tempestuous. 

•flooâoJ or fcaiSa^ m. run-or, an ecfo^, m- 
perîal rescript. 

Uso^ pi. ţi. rt. aa^J. m. a flood, deluge, 

inundation; jj&a^? JlIjS) ifo water s of the 

flood; J-L5*aLi Uâo^ ife J^y deluge which 

will overwhelra the later world as ©o* Uso^ţ 

Uili ^a2 watery deluge covered the earlier. 

figure, likeness, model, monld, example; xxLi 
jjj^o jl£*iS? EmBoJ he drew the outline of 
a boio and arrow; )ţ^J *-i**? \CU( )mâaJ 
*■ oojiisi iAey are an example which we shonld 
follow; ? [aâoi»a in the likeness, in like 
manner, like, as; geomet. a flgure; gram. 
a mood. Deeivatives, the two following 
words, verb >m^ ? and JLtâi&^j». 

îs-.Uca3ci^ froni JucaSOjJ. adv. typically, 

J^S^J ,\tU~ pi. U- ,)îsL- from \m*<x£. 
adj. typical) symbolic. 

J*»c^ pi. lâoj rt. *o^. f. a drop; uSa^ 

]tţ& or ]*Ui^ Uij raindrops; \Â<4 
[Avf. ţ a drop ofmtlk; gram. T^'&ut points. 

i<x£ only found in act. part. »l^, }i^ ţ pi. f. 
Jbj to fly. Aph. ^/ r to make fly, Ut take 
flight; UvolvtK ^J^L ^j turn our regard 
heavenward. Dehivative, Ji^J. 

jto^ pi. J* Ar. from a middle Alep root 
meaning to go or turn round, m. a space of 
time or distance, a moment, interval; meamre, 
size, quantity; j»a|*:> in a moment, at that 
moment; ^i or JU^» Jfoj a Zo?igr time, 
a great distance. 

>d^, ]>c% pi. ^5a^, Jjdl^ m, a mountam; 
}Ch \f*& the Mount of Olive s; ţjvgf )>^ 
Mount Lebanon. 

]A£f<fy pi. )— m. a thistle. 

ţAifa'-ţ m. i/ie wo^e o/ ^i?id m f^ belly; 
a like sound from the depth of the earth, 
a rumbling noise. 

U&itâţ P 1 * £• rt * ^^' m# see thiKg> 

ebullition, raging of the sea; metaph. of perse- 

YMl JtfJcţj pi m. P, f. )& from )l^. 

mounlainottS) of the mountains; a mountaineer, 
an ascetic living in the mountains; J-Jjcl^ 
J^îsjuîco hermits of mountains and deserts* 

V>i£l rt. ]^J. m. an assault, attack, shock. 

^jgJ corn. gen. Pahlawi turek, ajackah 

)^o»q^ ; see J-i»»^. 

u»ajio^ m. râppos, a turners chisel, a lathe 

chisel; rfocuia^j* )ţ*^ Ji-'*i^> a candlestick 
chased with a chisel. 

Jud'cuţJ pi. [*L rt. â^|. m. a) tossing to 
and fro of the billows; weariness, ecchaustion, 
toretchedness,ill-treatment; |io»%î — U&df }â9cu2 

exhaustion from hunger, from thirst; \Âi&l 
Juliol? weariness from the journey. b) vexation, 
agitation, anxiety, trouble, [&L? Jajc^J anxiety 
of heart; UaJ? or J-lo»? JaJc^ w^a«eaw o/ 
spirit, c) the stripping or shaJcing of of 

U&ci^ or i-d>a^ pL Jloic^ rarely 
and uttMgi c^J m. a ^wrA. 

U^îcx^ rt. a^. m./oo<2 wA&& wasforbidden 
dwring a fast e.g. flesh, eggs, and milfc food 

mm 4 




ac^, *ţţ fut. j*-o£j, imper. <*c^, act. part. 

*1b» k**r$> P ass * P ar * # ***?» ^***!!* to b esmear ' 

rub on, daub, anoint; JjJ-^^w Jj^-o k^J» 
fcjiii they besrnear iheir arrows withpoison; 

metaph. io fasten upon, ascribe; *oo»:> >*£ 

ULm, Jj<* he nicknamed them; ^©lobo^S *£ 

ocvq.nT h»^jsr-> &e palmed offhis compositions 

as being those of Mar James. Ethpe. *a+%U 

to be besmeared, anointed ; *%JL *-A^io 

J^Ok^io/ Ut the salve be spread on a rag; 

metaph. to be falsely ascribed to. Pa. *>&£ 

to defile, pollute y profane; %^^> JtQ^*> blood- 

stained, guilty of slaughterj Jl&Lc^o U**£ 

poUuted hands. Ethpa. a^|1[ to be dejiled, 

poUuted; ţ& j&^Zao »ofcoa& fcJLc^|L( JU 

wJ^aJ the city kas never bem profaned by 

a false faiih. Derivatives, jl^o^, j^, 

U*d^, WLty or JL+otţ rt. )**£. f. lurking, 
lying in hiding; vJ^ot^a J^^ \*&* ^i 
if any hide in secret places, Jer. xxiii. 24 ; 
]&1*^**; JJU.o.1^ secret sin, sin which Iwrks 
secretly; JJjwcl£o or *Z*,£^=> secretly> in 
secret, in conceahnent. 

JkuwQjJ rt. ^a^. f. polluiion. 

Iq^ fasting, used adverbially, Ic^J K=> he 
passed the night fasting. 

Ijso*^ corrupted from rplrato?. a tertian 
fever or ague, cf. J^si-I^. 

^ pass. part. ^ JL£, )i_, ]]^— . troubled, 

disturbed; t %2l<&&+, y+(»++Z>£ <+^*>? disturbed 
in sleep as Samuel. Ethpalpal «JLaJm io 
6e troubled, confused. Derivative, U^**ajJ. 

Jjcu*^=U-l^ rt. ^**^. m. grinding e. g. of 

]?o^*.ţţ pi. J rt. ^J. m. pi. jp#es, hemor- 

rhoids; ^00^*0*^? jn&Si» models of thetr 
emerodsy 1 Sam. vi. 

ILiJ pi. £. m. «&e OTtft, spleen; somethnes 
the lungs, kidneys; yoo*^. • »^ *2? ţ**^-M 
% o o»I£L^ fi&ife 0/ iAe spZeeffc, suffering pain in 
the spleen. 

Kiw^ and ţll^Liţţ pi. }1» adj. m. splmelic, 
sick of the splem. 

^ fut. ţi^J, aci part. ţîj, }Lj> pass. 
part. **^» 1— , lî£ — to grind ^pound^asticate; 

U^ o uij^ U**J maao ta&e ^Afl grindstone, 
grind mealj >a*#» *j*^ *cl*j&*. Sawson grinda 
at the mill; said of the ostrich grinding up 
naila in her stomaeh ; metaph. ^*L*J? *S\4t 
M>)&); )t do c t ^, those who grind up, i.e. per- 
vert, the word of Scripture. Ethpe. ţL^lj to be 
ground. Pa. ^j*J to grind up, pound hard. 
Djebivatiyes, |jcu^^, U**^, U^. 

W4 pi. m m. ]J^ pi. \tL.t rt. ^4. 

a grinder, one who grinds; jfclL*^? Jla ^e 

sound ofwomen at the mill; )l&J*£ U>»£ the 
molar teeth^ the grinders. 

JXSj rt. *^. m. grinding^ mastication. 

iZ~£ fut. >ci^j, part. u+£> )t^- to sw^fer 
from constrained bowels. Ethpe. *-*^m and 
Pa. JL^ same as Pe. Derivaţi ves, |ia^, 

)|*iJ rt. 4./-J. m, tenesmus, a straining at 


vcoa^^j'; see ^aX^^ 

)t^j ™ rra P a > fov/r; yo-j^^orjt^j, 
^d*^^oj;^^ or yO*^^^^ TerpacuayyeXcov, 
a coefeaj containing thefour Gospels. 

rerpciyto^oz', a qxiadrangle } four-sided rectangle. 

JJja4Ji^T$ and l A * J <x^t^ the eame; 

j^^Ja^J^^ the sun forms 
a rectangle wilh them. 

l^-ftft&ţS pi. ^Lr^TpaSiT?;^ a teiradite, a heretic 
who believes in a quaternity of Persons inatead 
of acknowledging the Holy Trinity. 

^î'+hJ* T *™P rr l> thefourth Indict. 

1 .0 ti 

* B 

^o3;^ ; see ^oSj^. 

[Bil^l or ^uo»I^4 P l *°hi or -»U»8^i 
rerpâpxtit = Syr. J.'^^> ^* I»- « teArareh, 
gov&rnor ofthefourth part of a country, a petty 

JLooil^l f. a tetrarchy, a principality being 
the fourth part of a realm. 

\*X\ for %J$\ adv. in the Arabic language. 

^4, )V^4 pl. ]1.'<§ ri oa,J. f. active 
goodness, kindncss, lovingkindness, grace; 
afavour, benefit; )<M? &*+&> by the grace 

7. 2 




ofGod; U~2x> ^o»2 ^wo? JL'cuxj the grace 
of our Lord Jesus Christ ; hence the doxology, 
jyrayers which begin •with the doxology ; with 
t ^^ to deal kindly with o or ţxX of the 
pers.; with «mo io confer a fa vour; wîth^^^o 
to thank, be grateful, hence jLco^ Vaa 
thanksgiving, see under od ; } , t ^ .. ^ fi w JJ i 
J&*?oj )V£*£Jf ^ Aave fo retum thanks for 
great favours. Special meanings, a) a gift, 
bounty, thankoffering. b) holy oii; Jj*^ 

)lcfr»*j* tJie florn °f oii of Extreme XJnotion; 
)laa ^ | )i c tt=x*J baptismul oii i.e. the ehrism 

of the grace of confirmation. c) same as Ux» 

which see; k&oţ! l*^î )Lca*J tfc grace of 

St.Thomas i.e. dustfrom the grave of St.Thomas 

mixed with oii and water. 

EJIoaJ rfc, oct^. graciow* 

U^j seeU^J. 

i^oo^*^ and ^p^, Ar. a quail. 

JâQw^J pi. )— rfc. âa^. m. a) a swimmer; 
a sailor, seamăn, mariner, seafarer; jiol^ 

JXXf UlaS^â* *j2S Ae brought seafarer s unio 
the appointed haven. b) the adipose mem- 
brane, the cavi. 

\i4 pi. JJLJ m. Jl'fcJ pi. 1J6J and J&j^ 

f. £Ae fundament, anus. 

ty+£ only pL J^lJ m. wAefe spote <w iAe eyes, 
a deflicxion in the eyes, blearness or soreness of 
the eyes* 

Jji^J, J&i^*J pi. m- £-. f. JfcL'_ adj. from 
}w^w^ blear-eyed, suffering from the above 

> - 

&^.*J or aBu»fr*J same as the following — 

»ioca^ or taQAA^ Ar. ţaifawa, all 
these forms are corruptions of Sans. titHbha, 
a sandpiper; this name has also been con- 
fused with psittacus, a parrot, and with t€tti£, 

a cicada; Jbo fc^ a& L so ]K**Iâ 4 o» ^oa*^ 
iM tittibha is a bird which picks up words. 

*& <&&£*£ pi. ciiw^J m. titulus, a titie, 
superscription, inscription. 

J2J, jJ^JJ pi. m. JŞJ f. )j^ Ar. an 
Arab of the tribe of Tay, then any Arab, 
Moslem^ Moharnmedan ; %Ji£ *f \x> an Arab 


ţ**r&! the Arabs of Egypt and 

- r 

Ung; JI^j? — !sl*£ according to Arabic chron- 
ology i.e. in the year of the Hegira; J j\xi . » 
or ]lil \jJ*& the Arabic language, Arabic, 
Debivatives, the two following words — 

ţ*^JJLLj[ adv. in ilie Arabic language; 
fe**UJLj[ o^L^ol tJie explanation of ii in 

Ji'cwl^ f. collect. the Arabian people, the 
Arabs, the Arab dominion, Islam; jloJ^ 

197 4 


%^ Pael of^c^. 

\jtk*3 or wJL-J f. but mase. in the pi. i ^Sl j 
or )f vS " 7 t^, aît honour, vakie, fee, price; 

}j&? u»^j ^ jprtw o/ bhod; )^o*? "^fcJ? 

o»^ uAv^ Km^o he offered <o grîw ^oZd a«d! 
yield fortresses to ransom his son; }v^J Wk ^°° 
and i^alj ^ăT costly, valuable, precious; %<~J+i 

JJ u,aaIJ priceless, of inestimable 

* ccifi^ or icuaa»^ cf. • gloci^ rapnuov, the 
excheqwr; .a-oo^X oi&sUs» JooJ Ais Aow^e 
sAa?Z 5e conjiscated. 

*Lj den om. verb Pael conj. from }st*^. <o 
smear with clay; cover with clay; &-i^? )J|^o 
^ i?6«5eZ «Aow Aas^ smeared with clay ; ji^-S 
jl^ilxao a pot covered with clay. 

^*J, Ji*J m. mwc?, m^j clay, dirt; jJLJ 

)îjcx.Io ^*(? mire from ploughed land. 

wIkJ, J^LJ adj. of clay; nmddxj, miry; )&£ 
|Jo*J a Apta» o/ cZay. 

JI'cllLJ and ji'ooLj f, a swelltng or t&&&- 
«€S5 o/ iAe liver or o/ îfe artery. 

\&l J^J pi. m. H f. jj£L rt. Ac^J. 

a superficial or shallow person* 

Jioa-^ rt. ^a^. f. floaling, swmming on 

the surface. 

jl^j pi. J* rt. >o^. f. a Ură, esp. a ţtYtf o/ 

)i*J act. part. of verb >o^. <o/y. 

)^t? pl- l^J m- « i>î«ce mrrotmded with 
a wall, an enchsure, encampment for flooks, 
pastoral village, sheepfold, Metaph. a 'mandra, 



KL^Ordfti \\ 

tomrminity of monks ; the Church, j!s*ap? 1£J^ 
iAa 2rw6 /oZ<2. 

>^, ^o^J and U^ Pers. iAe ^ores of 
a shirt. 

) 4 - * rt. ufc.a-J, m. smearing; metaph, 
)j^N-^%t^J }-**■&-=» byputting on a false veneer; 
covering his real meaning by a pretence. 

V-J f. Teth, the name of the ninth letter of 
the alphabet. 

%fl rarely **J rax«= Syr. tis. perhaps, now, 

•*1a5 «o murmur^ resound, swell as the sea. 

ţăJ denom. verb Pael conj. frora U^- 
«o ex&rcise art or cro/%, io 5e skilful s ingenious ; 
\l fi\sn \îuL svhtle or cunningly devised tor- 
ments; JfcHiJ^ llWfluUT ingemme proofo. 
Ethpa. ţoJl/^usually act. io exercise ort fi, 
act cunningly, contrive skilfully, devise, plot 
against, execute ingeniously. 

JlaJ pi. **— > I— *"• ^X 1 "?* craft, device 
generally in a bad sense, cunning, artifice, 
fraud, guile. Demvatives, Usag, verb ^. 

JJIÎaJ, ]*U- pi. m. H- f. )£_ adj. 
from )la j- crafty, cunning, cheating. 

■ir-^ denom. verb Pael conj. from |>£&a^- 

pass. part. *m£^jaD, |aa|jo, l ^ m a^ . a) io 
onfer, sei or place in order, arrange, assign, 
to lay out a corpse; Jjsocu%£ **a»^ tflftajŞ 
ţ^r-S^ ]£&*N- Jim^lTiirAe assigned to them a 
daily portionoftwelve pounds ofbread; metaph. 
to keep in order, control, restrain the passions; 
ualâJ \*msLl compose yourself, be orderly; 
©♦fc^aa-i uxoi,.^ controlling his anger. b) to 
ordain, confer holy order s; to set over, appoint 
a bishop or a secular ruler; to institute, con- 
stituie, ordain laws, canons, festivals; to 
arrange, appoint, compose hymns, prayers, &c; 
to iake 9 partake of the Holy Communion. Pass. 
part. a) placed, arranged, ordered, orderly, 
moderate, modest, self-controlled ; with jjl dis- 

orderly, urvruly, jma^ ao J| If^oi immoderate 
anger. 5) appointed, settled; )mn| v> Joj» 
£%6 appointed season, time determined; sta- 
Uoned of soldiers, ^jLacLâ oooj uma^c; tajo» 
ifose o» dWy w Egypt. c) composed, written; 
^. jftflA^a \£xL<i& a commentary by — ; 

)U m n^, To JL» well-ordered speech; *»; 
U^.^ ^i»t ii^aLo a subject set forth or 
arranged under Uoenty-Jive heads. Ethpa. 
joaji/ a) to be set or arranged in order, 
placed, ranged amongstţ ranked with; *e&iL3l/* 
j^ojţ? JIjcojod ©££ a golden throne was set for 
him; of ten of burial; JLV&» ©»£^> -nv^H/ 
AÎS body was laid in the church; with ixsL 
JoJLa> io be reckoned with the angels; metaph. 
.oc**JI.SxS=> *A*aa^fco& they became temperate, 
well regulated. b) to be ordained, receive holy 
orders, be consecraied; to be instituted, con- 
stituted, ordained, appointed to an office, of 
kws, festivals, &c. ; ©o» fcoo*^ Joo* *floJL^[L/ 
'^JuaLij he was appointed to the comraand in 
place of him who was slain. c) to be drawn 
up, composed as a lexicon. c£) to be received, 
consumed, said of the eucharistic elements. 

lm£$ and \&m-£ pi. ^^i^ ; jrnnj m. râţis, 

order; |J xo |>. m . n . ^ the order of nature. 
a) series, rank; ^nnifcj ţ*ch'"iî in ranks; 

l>fan,^.a in the place of, reckoned as or amongst ; 
X *ik>» |as >N .vs>f KcoAAa he reckoned as 
emmies those who — ; i^^ ^© ţ&^ eirira- 
ordinary, unusual* b) rank, degree, station; 
holy orders; \Zjl+SL )JxJL£ eccl est astical orders ; 
ji 7 «£juL*aJoe? — UmS U*j \jkol the order of the 
priesthood, the order of the diaconate; \&L\ 
\£ jLi ? (mi^ i/ir^e orders of angels. c) a rule, 
regzdation, ordinance ; ] L ol t» ! ? Jj»^ monastic 
rule, the rules or ordinances of the monastic life. 
d) eccles. liturgical order, an office, rite, ritual, 
liturgy, takhsa; MLiLii +L ^oo*^J>? U^s-ţ u*/ r 
according to the rule on each Sunday, as is 
ordered for every Sunday; J^^j^j J>rao^ the 
Liturgy of the Apostles Addai and Mari; 
\tx\2~l ^j %*a£Q{ |mo^î U* sa â.s? i/i6 deacon 
w7io is serving at the office* e) furniture, 
apparatus, equipment, ornaments of&cial, mili- 
tary, ecclesiastical ; ^,">»x>f W»aJ oC^b aZZ 
i/i« array or furniture of an altar; official 
robes, vestments esip. of priests; )>NsaI*o Uo-^ 
a complete set of canonicals, f) officials, atten- 
dants; ot&Jţ \^^> j ^^ ^ s attendants. 
Deriv atives, ^moa^, verb .ma j. 

J^eU^ pi. l^oU^, ^U^ or ^<i^ 

m. ragewriîff, an apparitor, serjeant> magistrate s 

tyi» fl»^Y 



a) order, ruie, ordinance. b) degree, rank, 
official status. c) qfficials, public servanta, 

%^ not used in Peal. PA.^fc^j to cover, 

overshadow, shade; to roof îay rafters or 
planks; ^i^scî jîjLs a ceiled house; J&aoa^ 
jb-^S^-V) covered or shady trmches. Ethpa. 
^ii^i/^o be covered, shaded, roofed; ^O^fco» 
}£&£ fc,*£L shaded by trees. Apn-^J^part. 
^^jjJi or^jL» pi- »a^h^^& to cover over, 
overshadow, yive shade, with *^X; ţ..X~w 

^^j»? a sliady tree ; *%^£> kJ&>?*^£? \xs*Z 
a fortress overhanging tlie Tigris; Uop 
^-k.i? a cherub overshadowing the mercy- 
seat. Deriv atives, UiX^, Jl^c^, UjoS^, 

JJ^c or Jb^*>, U^, Jls^' **Ă^ 

N^ ? ţ] andM& HJ[ m. dew; ^^4 
half-frozen dew; also fine hoar-frost; of, 
|i*7i£. Derivative, J-o^g. 

U. ^PL <^, IttJ BL )*^ pL 

ţ*^3» JIm&J and Jl&3£| f. a) f/osm^, youthful, 
childish; jfcocal )J^ aw infant, very young 
child; t-*^ J-^J young children; 11^ *! 

ver^/ young; JJooo Jooj JlJ Ae «##s childish. 

b) a child from seven to twelve years of age, 
cf. )jamt a child under seven and JlsOmJsEx a 
youih up to twcnty-five years of age ; a child, 
boy, girl, rnaiden. c) a Iad, handmazd, servant; 
ltt£^cţ k&j « scullion. Deriv atives, verb 

U^, J-^O^, juJO^, UCUJ^J, lUo-^J, 

fc-o^ JI^J honey-dew, a sort of rnanna. 

|^m^5 pi. J* m, a) a door-hinge. b) a horse- 
shoe. c) scmddls. 

)*+sş~^l a Icaihem strigil or scraper. 

)*-N5s^ m ' a drinhing-cup. 

f <&4, UHkkl J&*<^ pi. HL H f. IfcC 

rt. yN7 07^ e/;/io zorongs, inju/res or acte 
wzjustly by another, aw oppressor^ tyrant; 
Cain was the k&cu^ Wof Abel; uiyttM, 
faithlesS) ungratejul; jkooa^ }a*]^? an 

t#ţ?tt*£ w£K>* jLor^? Jt&c^ţ one who is 
unmindful of benefits received. 

^ K 

tm y 

fc^UocL^j rt. )^^. adv. unjustly > wrong- 

JIViWiSfcj pi. )io rt. )^< f. injustice, 
wrong, oppression; ingratitude, faithlessness, 
perjidy, calvmny, stubborn unbelief e. g. 

Ji^cu^J pi. )I_ rt. )p^- m. injustice 9 
oppression, tyranny, violence, cruelty, calumny, 
iniquity, injury ; ) fcoo o^ "> )Jjso c\^ bad 
faith, perjury* 

\&*2£^>~l a rare spelling of )|jLJ^j 

a shadow, &c. 

\J>o \£ pL )._ rt. ua^J. m. a destroyer. 

]»c£^ m. Jl?aJ^ f. same as J&c^. aniron 
spoon or pan. 

jJlci^, JfcUci^ rfc. o^. slimy, clogging, 
clammy as j^o^C vwpov/r, )JLJ m^, JJoo» 
matter &c, J^aJ^ U^'ffclayey eartfa 

)Laiwa^ or JLoa^J rt. **^* f. stickiness, 


m^J imper. «.cui^ to beat out, hammer; 
part. adj. w**^J, k* *^ ? Jj^i^-M^ <fe*n, meagre, 
?nean; plane; flat Pa. w^S3 same as Pe. 
Deeivatives, ^U^^J, llow^^j. 

j^^ pi. J_ m. a Za#y, negligent or careless 

i*^J act. part. )y, pass. part. Jl^, denom. 
verb from )J^{. io 6e or become youvig, new; 
jy ţ*o»^ ]p^? h$ ^o iasfes ^em recovers 
his youih; )SXa~> IS-^J */iow art young^ offew 
years; >? "^a^ Jl^ having eîernal youth; 
ţ » ^ ! J^^/re«7i 6twe^. Pael v^^ to restore 
to youth. Ethpa. <*~^[m to recover youth> be 
restored to youth, be rejuvenated; fcs£sjl( o»aţ 
^Tcuu / whereby our human nature was restored. 

mi P l. J^| m. J^ pi. J^ f. from 
jy. (m wvmarried youth or maiden, afreeborn 
youih or maiden; but the fem. is used also 
for maids, handmaids; cf. JU> f NJ 

c^, jr«^ from |^. f. a) c^fcxl, 
boyhood) youth; )l~* ■« v | ^> ^vj t y> 
jfrom childhood to the grave; ţl'ol^J i^i^ 
^ «,^/e o/ % #<tt^A. &) collect. îa<i«, wr- 
vants; young pmpls; RcuXi tli^f Ma^* 
grieffor those who die in youth. 



? r 

JJgCShj dim. of }iX^. m. a Utile boy or £a<£, 
a youth. 

J^ocui^ pL }— dim. of Ji^. m. a Zt«Zi 5oy; 
l&oa^j f. a little girl. 

Is^^>QaX^ adv. from the above. childishly. 

ţlxpg^^ adj. from Jma*^. childish, puerile. 

ţlila*^ adj, from )*^J, puerile, of or 
bdonging io childish ignorance. 

fc^kl*^ r *« "^J* a< ^ v - thinly, narrowly ; 
^jJoisik- Js-i-l^J iAey feVjp, clipping their 


cf,M>.»\,j, )lftj*.A,NJ rt. wnIS^J* f. ihinness, 
tenuity, clipping the speech, pronouncing 
double letters as single ; a Zowy and narrow 
shape of the head. 

JuLlis^, JîS*^— from KNJ- childishy youthfah 

j ietacul^ rt. p^£. f- injustice, opşyression, 
calumny, false accusation, 

JjâmA^, ^«AncuXj or ioi^ffl.\j pi. 
j^&rifuN.j or jiâftoâSS^ reXeor/xara, incantations. 
magic arts, wonders worked by magic. 

J&^ a girl; see |i^. 
%^J Pael conj. of %£ 

^j, )bl4 pi C rt. ^J. m, sUde, a 
shadow; metaph. proteclion; }Lqjo v2££1 
the shadows of death, deep darkness; ţ*»f 
jl.^Lj lie grasj)s the shadow; **+( ll^Lfr-^ 
]i** J^Lfc-cţ^ Ae <ooA Me slmdow for the sub- 
stance; \&m£ş JLiL^ «*-/ r Jfcocui^? JlXj 
wisdom is a defence a$ money is a defence» 

mL£, j&L pL m. H_ f. JH£L. rt.^. 
shodowy, of or bdonging to shade. 

f£ty fut. f&SŞj, act. part. j£2$, Jjjo^, 
pass. part. ]p* N j, )*—, Jfcs— . a) to oppress, 
wrong, cheat, defraud, deceive, deal falsely, 
treat wrongly, unjy&tly; to accuse falsely ; 
with )t^J v to cheat ofhis wages; with jloau^j 
to act ungratefully ; with U?qÎa- to hreak a 
promise; yCi^\^J JJ? ^*&* careful to do 
no wrong. b) to wlthlwld that which is âm 
eep. faith owed to God ; to deny, reject, refuse; 
j-sl^.? .«aoţi^o jo£*JJ vo>ox>\| theyrefused 
to believe in the wondrous works of God; ţJo 
f&& ow u\ f^ty yciaikî he who rejecteth you 
rejecteth me. With JL'clv£ to refuse a request; 
with kvOvft, to refuse to salute any one ; with 


mSsu to feign oneself pretend to Uf lao^ă 
Jîl§ F&&1 » vineyard that yields no fruit; 
wA+Liţâ^, ţ^i^y ^j^L( r those who refuse 
to render a deposit entrusted to their care. 
Pass. part. defrauded, wronged, injured, op- 
pressed, calumniated ; \<r\ A^S^ ^j^\3T relieve 
the oppressed ; l*L P-^ unjmtly or untimely 

deprivedoflife; ]ioa*\^ £<!*, the slandered 
Susanna. Ethpe. j^ji^a) to be defrauded, 
cheated, tcronged, oppressed, falsely accused, 
calumniated; to be deprived of to lack. b) to 
be rejected, despised; ***?!(o ti£££if$ j!£* the 
truth rejected and trampîed on. Pa. pS'jj 
same as Peal. Dekivatives, j:*x\,ci^. Uocl^^, 

n-^X^ rt. P^- m. oppression. 

h*+ lb^5 r ^- ^t5- a( ^ v< ^w a shadow, figur- 

V&l or KfcCIi J*X- from )l^. &^ 4 
of dsw; J^Li^J jfclaa^ « dew-drop. 

V&î and mj£ HlU-rt^ adj. «Ao^f, 
shadowy; \JJL£ £ J>o»cu iwilight; mefcaph. 

a) seeming, apparent, wireal; ]&!&£ j&&^ 

a slmdowy good. b) shadowing forth tbat 
which truly is, figurative; jIlS^ J^liiţj» ttZ^ars 
wfecA foreshadowed the true sacrifice. 

))S-*I >C ^ pi. Jl^li— rt. %^. f. a) a shadow, 
shade esp. metaph, a figure, type; \ mcu» i 
yţ.*i^S? )^?^! ^^i^î ^ e ^ aw; was a shadow 
of fuiure blessings. b) a spectre, demon. 

J> riftA^ Tekccrpara, magie; see 

V^ Ethpe, ^QlfA) /aW mto a stupor, 
become unconscious. Derivative, j^^ai. 

Ifes AS&j pi. Jl^~ f. a marsh, watery mire. 

^^ ° > >^j pi. J— m. lentils; freckles; Ilicit 

Julâ^? lenţii pottage. 

JJcu*ai^ pi. )2. dim. of Ua^. m. iA6 jpand 
<jr marsh lenţii ; jJc^? )Jq^»A-s»J adi antum 
capillus veneris ; i§U>ş Ue ^^S^ freckles. 

JjmQiS^ m, chessmen, the game of cfoss. 

jlm^S,^ same as ] 

MB^Sj and ua^}, fut. &Z£&3 3 act. part. ^^, 
^4^ to be spent, consumed, used up, past, 
ended; to fail 9 vanish, disappear; ţ& **^4> 
-J15 \SS» he passed away from this life; 

9 9 

+ K 





ţ_%A ^Av .fS^ JJ? \&&mJm mdless darkness. 
Ethpe. *£&2l(to vanish, be dispersed loa©^ 
JJul Uke srnoke; to pass away, be destroyed, 
perish. Pa. *aSl to use up, to make or come 
to an end,finuh; to sţwnd, waste money, time, 
trouble, words ; to put away a wife ; to destroy, 
get rid of; &\J£± fc-^^? \*> when thou 
hasi made an end of speaking; ^x& ţ^SX^o 
)1 V^N the Body and Blood of Clirist put 
death away from us. Ethpa. &£%m to con- 
sume away, fail s vanish } perish as smoke, fire 
or by fire, Io be Jinished, consumed ; J*cx^£ 
(jiA^ţ ]lcua itx^h^>9 a heart consumed 
with envy. Deriv atives, Ja^Lo^, Jjx^ci^. 


)£Ll pi. J^m. talare, talaria, sandala = \J> 

aud jJjmie. 

ia^ fut. ao^j, pass. part. *^& U-, 
JlS— to be spotted, fithy, despised. Pa. a-O 
to infect a sheep with mange; to make slimy, 
dirty. Ethpa. +&%U to be defded, polluted. 
Debivatives, )u*^cu^, UAoj, Jfc*J^C^ s 

«i5 fut. ¥*&> root-meaning to stop up, close. 
Pe AL ouly part. adj. J^a^so^, jlioa^oo^ close, 
solid, opaque, dense; j&co£^ ot^ a blotted 
Tau i. e. written too thicldy, VL<3> jaaia^ 
JtaiLj&J solid bodies, opaque substances; \jţo 
^k':\^ J.3i£>© 4,a*»,j fcufc\a tyllţthehoms 
of stags only are solid, others are hollow; 

stones closely packzd; *.»«*£. j 
heart. Pa. ţ*^£ to stop up, 
block a well, watereourse, cavern; metaph. to 

repress, restrain e.g. }Uas> k*-^» the lust of the 
fiesh. Ethpa. yi.xx^l/ to be stopped, closed; 
metaph. to be repressed, coerced. Debivatives, 

\J&£ or ui^ to be unclean, defiled. Pa, 

\sk*l or \\j&\ infin. 0^20)^20 or a»jjft^ao, 

pass, part. jjja&^ao, J^-sc^j». to pollute, defile, 
corruptj defiour ; to pronounce or declare 

unclean. Ethpa. Uc^lf and ]K&jLr to be 
defiled, polluted. Aph. Jj^/'to pronoume 
unclean. Debivatives, k»o)^ or Jk»*^, 

1 -7I».* 

* V* 

\JLţ m. eniph. aud fem. abs. JU&jj rarely 
U| f. emph. ]IU£ pi. m. r Uj, Jl*J 
f. V J,.^, )liool^ rt. )^. unclean, impure, 
defiled, polluted; \tiM$ J&&J>*> unclean 
food; Jfco©)^ Jiarlots. 

&*& îi'flm pi. HŞJjK] wrongly spelt 
]Laa»Jj and }?âaj rt, Jjsa^. f. uncleannens 
esp. unchastity, de/îlement; an ăbomination, 
unclean iliing esp. forbidden food; 4#o>(lopo^ 
J&£f j^Uî J^. «A« /ear of God is an 
abomination to the wicked. 

\1j)jJx%, J)iU rt. i^J. invpure, polluted. 
}!y^ i rt. pa^> hiding in the earth; btvrial. 
«o^^qJ m. rapmw, the impenal treasu/ry. 
ts^Vaci^Q.^ rt. ia^. adv. solidly. 

Jfoiooâ^ rt. «1^. f. stopping up, closing. 

\li+xx£ rt. ^aa^. f. « loafbaked in the ashes. 

%jso^ pass. part. "%uoâ^ io pollute. 

^ayttJ j )feCm-»J iu tbe dialect of Tekrit. 
thefirst thread tied to the weavers beam. 

*xL^ fut. icoft^J, act. part. W^J, )t»^, pass. 
part. »a.^, J', )i ? root-meaning to rftgf deep. 
a) to Aicfo or 6wry under the earth, cover with 
earth; to lay hidden snares, nets, &e. ; to hide, 
cover, to steep in liquid; fc»c»*laaoJ )>^2> ccwer 
«< toit/ir a 6aK 0/ earth; JJ^î jLaa ^ ^ia^ 
JIşa^Lx Ua^? Hezekiah made a conduit from 
the outlet oftlie upper spring; t^-^J )&jJL»3£ 
ImIj^a^ she hid leaven inflour; met aph. ^ 
l^-fnT^X \ £ it! Z darkness cover s the world; 
oi cl^xJ )^cu* Jj£J( ci^a ^i(2e îoue m the hearts 
of men like leaven, 6) to bury under ruina, 
cover with a flood, overwhelm, bursi in, rush 
headlong upon; o^y'avi ^\ Ijjg^gO lS-^âJ 
the city fell and overtohelmed its inhabitants; 
u»c£w o*i-x±l the Mie covered it; ©»Li-*L^ 
]Lcuu|^ indolence overwhehned htm; ^jL 
Jlcs^df JU1 Q ^*? î^fti A^ rushed headlong 
among the Persian soîdiers. Pass. part. hidden 
or buried under the earth; jlioaj] Jfco^J» 
hidden treamres; f^K^qjaj» )o« ^3&jf jj£»î 
<^ 5eecZ which was hidden in the soil; metaph. 
hidden, covered, steeped e.g. }o^ZS in sins; 
^o£j )ioai U-lj *Ă»t( consider what is thâ 
hidden meaning. Ethpe. ^aŞilf q) to Aid« 
one&Z/in the earth, JfcoiCk^ii inpiU. b) tobe 

K'iw^ 177 

covered, overwhelmed by falling earth or build- 
ings. c) to be watered, irrigated. Ethpa. 
\ **${ to be covered with earth, buried in ihe 
earth, oveitahelmed ; Itxn^U J-^ *£ a vest al 
virgin was buried aline. Derivativbs , U * m*~l > 
JUo^, }v*4> J*»J, JftftUftJ, JUoaof». 

Jtaa^ pi. )* rt. ;^^. m. aw accumulation of 
earth; beingburiedaliveunder falling buildings; 
a kidden thing, my sterp; JL^fc^oai» wv^a^J 
secrete ofwisdom; med. aw obstruction. 

)UL^ aud Jioi^a^ rt. ^ac^. m. a thigh-band; 
girdle round ilve loins. 

^^l fut. *,cutt^J, act. part. *^, U^-J, 
I^a^I 2o c&p, moisten, wet, soak, Jlio i» 
vinegar, ymr\-> tn a cup 9 J*oco oj».** a ovi^ j; 
2/&o< Ae «iay efc)> his littîe finger in water. 
Ethpe. >A.xi£ir to be soaked. Pa. *j &J | 
same as Feal. 

ţ| fut. ţjjj, imper. ^, act. part. v ^, pL 

m. ^JJ^> pass. part. U*IţJ, J^^*^- t0 envy> fc 
jealous, to be rnoved or bum with jealousy, mal, 
zealous deşire, emulation, indignation with o ; 
}-!©*? itawoiCD of spiritual gifts; \\ k$J * 
\£l% ofgoodworks; \6ll\o%>+q& ^ be zealous 
tlierefore and regent; )> i4 , N q1j5> luSo* ^ 

Ilearned zealously; }t*il U !■ j ţ^^J moved 
with righteous zeal. Pass. part. a) envious; 
b) enviable. Pa. *1^ to infiame with zeal, 
provoke to jealousy ; JIZ^X o**i£aai> ^-n^ sfte 
aroused the zeal of ihe Arabs by her words. 
Ethpa. *a^m to be inflamed, moved, provoked 
to wrath or zeal, or to bum with wrath or 
zeal usually before a verb of action ; ţ& »jiJ/ 

^£ J*aJ*2 )i*»o fcX^lf P"j% a certain Arab 
inflamed with zeal threw a sione at . . . Aph. 
+kl r to provoke to jealousy, ştir up, infiame with 
zeal, Djeeivatives, Joj^, JjI^, K-Ux^. Jlcoi^. 

jŞqajJj pi. r Pers.-Arab. a tambour, tam- 
bourine, drum. 

ţfa Pael of ţ£ ) see above. 

Jii^, ]^xi^ rt. ^. m. jealous, zealous, 
a zealot; JJJj )o£m a jealous God; }oo» Jai^ 
Jc»-?£(ţ &e w?as zealous for God; }& 1 1 2 
JLaLâ&*o*ţ a woraan zealous for the faith. 

\xl£ rt. ^. m. jealousy, zeal, ardent deşire; 
Uiţţţ )>«u the fire of jealousy; j^cu^cuc*? Jjj^J 

zeal for the faith; with ^Tay ?*or y*ITi «o 

fie inflamed with zeal, to bum with zeal. 

bs^Ui^ rt. ^J. adv. zealously, ardently. 

Jiciu^ rt. ţJ. î. jealousy, emulation, zeal. 

<2u^ Pa. ^1^ to profane, pollute, defile, 
defiower ; \Jo^z> with blood; JfcLoj jlV^ 
) fcls ii^o o a harlot and polluted; EaiLao 
ILcuijia defiled by fornication; odu^ţ ^aiL 
Jjiill of^u*.a>o m'2 which has polluted and 
defiled the world; )\*Âi^.xs JL» polluted i.e. 
heretical words. ETHrA. «âu^i^ «o 6e defiled, 
polluted, corrupt ; to commit abomination. 
Derivative?, isua^, kaj^, jiciaj,^. 

taxJ, ]Âx^i )fclfti^ rt. Ai»jJ. defiled, polluted, 
impure, filthy, foid; J.âi^ J«oo o }j£ui^ fir^acZ 
awrZ water polluted by beathen rites; k£o*j 
Jljlai^ unclean spirits; )Î^Â1^ Jl:âb /owZ Zan- 

guage; l^îo^? Jl£&A^ Jt?' </te «zgrw. 0/ the 
abomination of desolation, Matt. xxiv. 15; 
cf. jrdkxj. 

j^okij pi. v4&i^, jia^x^ rt. Ai^. f. dg)£fe- 

ment) uncleanness; anything polluted, abomin~ 
able, an abomination, e.g. an idol, worship 
offered to idols, food offered to idols; JL'c^i^ 
tt4**^> $& abomination that maketh desolate, 
Dan. xi. 31; \^c\ y> ^? > qAx^j tlie abominable 
customs of the heathen; jiaa i,^? jio*- ^ ^. 
Uo^fo 2/ifi boTidage of uncleanness and iniquity; 
metaph. heresy. 

[mi or l»)4 pl- U^s in - a ) a '^" w 2 } ^ aie or 
gcafe, a leaf of metal; l^Jif ^fco writings on 
metal; U*£ ^.^l^Df U&6'La wizards who write 
amulets. b) a basin, cup. 

J^axsk^ a coin of small value, worth about 
four carata. 

s^axaJ Ethpa. *ra,»^l( denom. verb from 
JlbxJ. ^0 fie beaten into thinplates; )J a»o-i»?( 
ItttmJhoo adamant cannot be beaten thin. 

Uq fut. \£tf, act. part. Jj& |i^ 5 JftUSj, 
pass. part. |u^J 5 U^j, )fcL5^. a) to wander, 
err, go astray, fall in error, be led into the 
wrong way; UL$ U>+& a stray sheep; 
-Jty JJl^. ^Tţ^a alt we like sheep have gone 
astray! K coi)^Zi *&* v ^^ ?? test ye go 
astray after their idols; )'i\^*&>-£ UL$ )* he 
shot his arrow unerringly ; io« V^J o*a&j 

a a 


re^CUi A -.^ 

she was bewildered, had lost herself, was wan- 
dering in mind. 6) to be missing, lost, to perish 
as oue who is lost; *JLţ^ *Le ity Jj not orie of 
us is missing. c) to be forgotten, disregarded, 
escajye notice; to be unmindful, forget, err, 
mistake; <*1&^ lia^T how has ii escaped your 
notice; )lam.^, o»^^J & the stupid fellow for- 
getting, not noticing; +J(_ o»-L& P^^-J >•! 
thoughts which no man may disregard; \zL£ 
o£ r^ v ţ )), ft^>v \ ^Ş, Joash was unmindful 
ofthe Mndness shown him by Jehoiada ; Uty JJ 
}JL^oq*j i^odjoJ *^. / am noi unmindful of 
Roman latv; with \JLmZ ţ& to escape ones 
hearing, reinain un/cnown; with o*x»o..t0 or 
o*2âj to forget oneself; with }j£l**'9 to forget 
to be merciful, be unmindful of mercy. Âcfc. 
part. with jctaoo or ellipt. a planet, UL**L 
\1&1 tke seven planeis ; ^S.^ ]j? )^Sa5 fioced 
stars; J&^jJ JCJLosf tke sphere ofthe planets; 
i=£&* \j& 9 £$ of an erring heart; ţ-Jxţi JJ? 

ţ*^o the ignorant and erring; l&i^J Ju>o* 
an erring or wayward spirit; l+S*^ itâ^ci.* 
erroneous doctrines; J*Sj{o )a^i.^o deceiving 

and deceived, a Jieretic ; i^-^? JfcCXajJi 
congregations of Jieretics ; JJL^.^? )*£Lq 
«> Y Q e-»I^-»i S* proclaims tkat we are all 
heretics; pass. part. forgotten, consigned to 

oblivion. Ethpe. ^S^^fa) to be led astray, 
deceived. b) to be missing, out of sigkt, for- 
gotten, no longer remembered, regarded, or 
mentioned, J^fcJo? k^2? J^clsijI a for- 
get fiii hearer; )jş.S>»v> ţ-& **&£U U&*> *Z* 
one name ia the list has been forgotten, is 
missing; Ui*Je> ţ.» ad^i/V^y ham been 

forgotten f rom tîie womb; ^cui ţ& o+S^X( 
they are out of mind in tlie gram. Aph. *+S*l f 
a) to cause to wander or err, to lead astray, 
deceive, seduce; ©*2> %* * $ *£ ( J^jt^ţ y+ţ she 

led him astray lilce a child; a>-^jţ y ». i *.f Jjj 
jitciâuD? j^-A^jrfLJ* he could not lead me into the 
sin ofapostasy; k£fr& o^iâu he deceives him- 
seif b) to cause to lose or miss = deprive, rob ; 
yffi â^ cuSJ/^1J w# missed nothing by reason 
of them. c) to cause to forget or be forgotten, 

dear mernory cause my sins to be forgotten. 
Ettaph. *&£lira) to be led astray, deceived, 

mistahen; u^js>? )j P c6ta^ ^ ^ cu^lLf <Aey 
were deceived in tlieir opinion of me; o ţ^ji^a© 
i/iev/ err conceming, are mistaken about. b) to 
be forgotten, consigned to oblivion; wJ^lL/ 
ow | ot oA his mernory perislied. DerivA- 

TIVES, **^C^, JjCU^, U^j, U^, 1^-U^, 

J^oa^, )ilăocL5^ rt. tt„vj. a) fĂai w;AicĂ 

tastes, gustatory; J^ocvsj J^^j <Ae 56/^«e o/ 
^asie. 6) a grafi. 

i&cuv^ pi. (L. rt* J^J. i«- a) taste, Jlavour. 
b) a taste, a meăl; cxau J^ocui^ Ae ioo^ a 
mack; k&ck^X tr^ we we7 ^ *** ia ^f 0( >d. 

JJq-^ pi. )I- rt. Jj^J. m. ^rror, blunder, 
mistake "va coraposition ; oJcL^ %>rĂecorrecfe(i 

^{fi mistake; J^oÎnd? |ia^ ^ 6rror ofascribe. 

)Jc^, IftOcţ^ pi. m. )I- f. JC- a) rt. ^J. 

a bearer, carrier, porter; ^s> JlsJiS cu»Zxo 
McuO «>S[r> iA6 dead rotted for want of any to 
bearthemto tJte grave; ]&<£&£ JLcuJl beasts 
of bu/rthen. b) Ar. a pestilence. 

J&CLb^ pi. ]l£L rt. ^J. f. a) a load, 
burtken, a crop of fruit; bearing, ca/rrying 9 
support; JLsi^ţ Jl&c&^Ji Sorwe 5y camds, 
on camel-back; .od^Lif [1jjq%^ i*£>9 
a horse to bear your Honour. 

Uc^, \M*ţ pi m. ^L f. ]kCL rt. <^. 
erring, wandering, liable to err; J* 
l^-^^l infallible teachers, 

JtcL».c£^ rt. »*-^. f. with }Jo©» wandering 
of mind, mental derangement. 

Ua-cls^ rt. rffc^ji m. error, Uability to err. 
I^JSfci rt. Jcx^. m. a deceiver. 

JISj or ^^ pi. ^^ or ^1^ rt. UtJ. 

Zec? astray, erring. 

îs^JJj^ rt. Jjs^. adv. decettfully. 

jL^o^J or li'a o ^j rt. Jjs^J. f. a) erring, 
straymg, error; !e*Ş*f t)^^ jl'cujş^ <Âe 
error of polytheism ; Sk%&\ )i ? ciw^J «Âe /oZZ?/ 
o/ «Uafty; )i ? cL^4 c^ fc^Ji? )1Vi,.^„.& 
unwavering faiih. b) misleading, deceiving, 

deception e. g. of the devii ; foolish ignorance y 



I&liJI^ pi. )lo rt. ţ^J. f. produce, yields 
j)ss U ti'-Nj bearing fmit, fruitfiblnm. 



^ fui jukţj, imper. jx^J, act. part. jx^, 

idftAJ, pass. part. j**^, I—, 1^ — <* <«**«> 
ta&s /ood, <?a£ with ^ or ţ^ ; jx^j t* «**& 
he was eating; metaph. to taste, try, touch, 
perceive; experience; jf**^£ ^ }to& /ie eKd not 
taste death; \IH e-sx*^ they experienced 
torments; l^ J L v f )LI> ci».:&j */iey ^ 
experienţe ofthepower ofChrist. Pass. part. 

a) verbal use, Jfcoocu ^chX )ooj f^S^ Jf 
JJI^ «Aey Aad- tastei nothing for sever al days. 

b) adj. tasting of tasty, palatable; metaph. 
agreeable; sapient; \&<&S£ ^so ^^ ¥*~^ 
more savoury than all savours; yx*S>£ ^*> an 
acceptable or honourable name, opp. <**£9 p* 
aw insipid or wm «ame, Ethpe. J*^m 
a) to be tasted. b) to taste of, taste like. 

c) metaph. to heperceived, tried, discernea; Lao 
4kfc±3 p <^ ,& every onemay perceim. d) to be 
grafted. JţiiiPA.ji£%irtobebuddedoT grafted; 

metapk. jooi jii^fcJ J£^î^ ţ^? the Son 
of God -willed to be grafted wpon the Virgin. 
Aph. jdSţf a) to make to taste, perceive or 
experience; to acquire a taste, get a taste for; 
ULLi; ft^^^x cSâ p^Avild beasts 

from the number of those slain in battle had 
acquired a taste for Jmman Jlesh; metaph. 
\î:j>^& JJtidU MJş.^i having a taste for 
abiding wealth. b) to ingraft, also to implant 
firmly. Ethtaph. f&QU* to be ingrafted, 
inserted, fixed. Dkkivatives, U*oJx^, 

Jlcut*^, U^, lîs*^, )fc^x£^*>, 

K*Y.%^bQtt, JloJJSD-S^I^D, U^X^UoC. 

pS^ , JjsttJ^ pi. }L rt. jaJS^. m. taste, taUng 
a taste of; )t^L f^&* uhile he tasted wine; 
metaph. taste, per >cep>tion, discernment, sapience, 
sense; \ ^>1 IS^^» IU^jJ* a woman of bad 
taste, without discretion; ptxi^J >j? Jţ** an 
insipid life ; Uo*,?£^ U>°>+ U&Ă she gives 
discernment to the ignorant; h**i pnA ţ} M*> 
JfcJaX w£a£ smse î5 «Aere m ife saying ? 

Ixxjty pi. |— rt. yx*£ m. tib grafting, 
budding or inocuîation of trees ; po.^? U^J 
*fo season for making grafts; a graft, a sapling 
or shoot firmly planled. 

\, J&J rt. ţxvj, tasteful, of or î'n <?ooc2 
tosie, eomeltt) agreeable, discreet, vnse, witty. 

9 9 

WU^cu 1 ^ r *' f 1 ^- a ^ v - yoittily, discreetly. 

pi. )io rt. jxv^. f.flatour, savour; 
metaph. saptence, discretion; )JsC2xĂ ioiMi.'&j 
theflavour or wî* of bis speech. 

\lLsk.**%, JkU rt. ]p^^. haiing a strong 

savour, pungent; )% »i ao^j }.m^o fe^ro or 
sAar^;, $a&; metaph. pleasant. 

S&x&l or )j^ft^ pi. 1^ or jklaLq 
rt. vx.*^. f. a) iasie, flavour, sweet savour. 

b) the sense of taste, perception, senze, apj;re- 
ciation, quality, property; w« \£+*2> jJ^^i-V^ 
the taste resides in tlie palate; ţ&&&£ t?h 
©►^ ls*i the will has two 2>roperties, that of 
willing aud of refusing; )Lq1u«i-o}? odis^aJi^ 
the perceptions of faiih. c) a taste, slight 
repast; a taste, specimen, d) a graf ting in. 

ţjgj fut. ţ.i^J, act. part. ^£$, U^J, pass. 
parfc. ţ+S^, \L, j^p— a) «o feear, (^*&> *><*< 
wcmb; ]j}§ jSrMt*. 6) ^0 6e«r, tfany 'Vi 
JîsaJ^o on the shoulders; |»;^2> in a litter, 
\i$&u££> the dead to burial, Jiocu a stf^Aţ 
)L\^tf tidings, }i.î uî-SJ armour-bearers ; 
to bear on high, uphold, to bring, to carry away. 

c) to bear with, tolerate, endure, Jb&£ labcw; 
\£S the wicked; with }*^T to be patient. 
Part. ţ^J a) active verbal sense, ţ*^ ~?-^ 

Jli? ooo» ţ*î^J W'Aa^ symbolical meaning did 
the palms bear? ţ*I£S^ ţ.*ZiCu* ?a<fe% asses. 
5) passive sense, JfclŞJ^S %-i ^-^ &or«€ ora 
mera's shoulders. c) adjectival, answerÎDg to 
qbopoy in composition, J&*5^ \&*} y fruitful 
land; with Ji/'a standard-bearer ; withJL'c&i 

victorious; )h&J* %*$*£ h eav V with wim > 
\^L ~S£ )>?<w </i6 zodiacal circle as bearing 

figures of animals ; ^ojcj^îw }-«* ^aIa^^ Ats 
Zim6« werefull of life; £j ^5^ life-bringing 
opp. jl'oi ^*^J deathrbringing, deadly; with 
]L'*£tt amessenger; ^o» signifying; \Lşw 
earrying aknife, an assassin; )*ioV enriching, 
wealth-lringing ; )>\& fruitful ; )i^Lucifer; 
\J&iL bearing annoyance, anxiety. Ethpe. 
ţâS^LJ* ^0 6e cam^ Jome, endured; to be 
ladm, loaded; &dpJ& **■*■ 9***** 
to be borne. Aph. ^f «) ^ toarf, 2«^ 
/r0f^b f wafe carry; with U^^ fo Zay a (unien 

A a 2 




on any oue; with Us? to load the horaes; 
JuLî *^i. weteul^l/* )>olS*3 they made htm 
carry a tray upon his head; ţ&&( ty*^^**** 
ySj( he mounted them on camels. b) to take 

up, pack up, carry a load; c wxM ? »^f> 
/KW\ as much as they could carry; 
V^i V\q^ jtocu ţJLv^..& making the 
weight of a press bear gradually. Ettaph, 
^Lfll/ to be put into the scale; to be loaded, 
laden ; to be compelled to bear; ^L^\X( 
)|yi *y 31^ JW* body was made to undergo 
labours. Derivatives, Jj<x^, Jfcocu^, 

».>.?, jl.vJ pi. JJL rt. ţ^J- ici- a load, burden, 
package, freight, cargo; JL'a&^j M-^tf a cameTs 
load; Ji^a-^? U^ a foad o/ rome/ J^ >♦-£>? 
a freight of tron ; \SS^=* ot( paralytics were 
conveyed Uke luggage; with oau or^ja*, £0 
take care of, take charge of take trouble aboui, 
undertake; but ^» U^ "W Io relieve of 
abu/rtlien; (X^ţ ^.fti a proiector; \l.\^\J\+ 
care, pain, industry. 

)&-& rt. ^-^. f. a crop of fruit. 

ia.^ or A-i^ fut. i*^-J, act. part. >a^^> 
io ?ms$, err, făli, fall into error; )j «*>^*! 
+&$j tf7*a£ £&e Zame may not lose the way; 
Jo<* *&£ ! ]£au» # 7aope <A«< 7*as missed i. e. not 
reached fulfilment, failed. Ethpe, *~££l( to 
be missed, forgotten, neglected ; o*Lcu*J( 
).*j^^îs^ Jf I^ajoo? the human nature of 
Christ is not to be forgotten i,e. mistaken 
noticns sbould not be entertaiiied about it. 
Aph. *£^(to lead into error. Deriv atives, 

).a^ rt. *-2*^. full of error, erring. 

«a,£ Palpel »a^2i^ to flicker as a dying 
lamp for want of oii. Ethpalpal. &S£.Ihi 
to bubble, sing as boiling water; to flicker. 

\£ fut. \sl^j, act. part. Jâj, Jis^, pass. 

part. M^î i* a ^* a ) fe shut, close, \ll&. the eyes; 
\j£>iZthe door; metaph. ©»Ju^j +£( ^S \Â^J 
lei every one conifose his mind. b) to shut 
oneself up, shelter oneself, huddle. c) to lay 
near, apply eloseJy, J-^ r ^v %++( Uke a bandage; 
Ju£^*£ otlşxăj I pressed your letter fo my 
^yes. Pa. wJLf io ptress, embrace; to lay near; 
to include arnongst; to aitach, thrvM or fasten 

tn; ft »\x ^QMJLa > ^ )JaJjjQ tycL^the 

magpie sticks the feathers of other birds among 
her own; ojiolS^» wo» o . L - ^X Ja^j let us lay 
before his eyes, force on his notice, the fact of 
his death; with \16 to lay sorroto upon any 
one; gram. io pronounce with a close sound, 
to contract. Ethpa. »JL%li to be includea; 
to cleave or keep close, to shelter oneself, commit 
or betake oneself, be joined by a covenant; 
Jj< ju4,.^lş-j£ IÂ \.^a / trust myself to the 
ship; \J&^ls& oj£.JL^x> ofidi^*? KaXaLa 
ti^CcoU loo» his fiock kept close under the 
wings of his prayer for protection; )llL ]lL 
cuâ^L/ oc> new life is found in nearness to 
Him. Derivatives, Usl^, Ufy* 

ui^^J fut. u-â^J, act. part. u*£^. a) to stretch 
oui, spreadout; \iJnJL ^-La^ ^JU&âl my right 
hand hath spread out tîte heavens. b) to sparkle. 
Pa. u*aj same as Peal ; Is**^ Jklif o ) ity 
Thou hast spread out mouniains and heights. 

\yty and J4-^4 pi. T m. râ^s:, TdnrjTa^ 

a carpet. 

l&% rt. \&l£. m. th£ side Uo^»{f ofaptUar; 

J»a^? of a mountain. 

U&~1 rt. \&£. m. i/w; shutting or closing of 
a gate or door. 

jla- \ * 5 j rt.^a^. f, corruption of manners ? 

^a^ Peal only particip, adj. JLâ^ defiled, 
corrupt; JLâ^' JIJ depraved lives. Pael 
part. ^a^.AD the same ; %a|^o )J? JI^ aw 

innocent child. Ethpa. ^JL^L/ *pass. Deriv- 
ative, jlai^a^. 

^ fot. *m2t^J and ^aocia^J, <o take or *ee£ 
refuge, take shelter, shelter oneself, with o, 
mJcL*? ) o^O La with the Greek emperor; 
J?»^ behind each other; wojSsuaa under His 
wings; *»e»cu*w££> in His ntercy. 

I denom. verb Pael conj. from )£$*£. 
to typify, symbolize, signify,jigure, shadoxo 
forth; y*£â£*> \L2**\ cls^L jfl^^ 
by festivals we show symbolically the rest of 
Christ; .ma^jso Jiao what is typified therebyî 

tflaaj&r <A€ mystery which was prejigured as 
by a shadovj; gram. *> beformed. 

■ti «: 


1&4 pî» I* £ a ) afingw- or toe-nail; J*fcJ 
lîoit j horny membranes on the corners of tke 
eyes; *+ş\*+S2 yOOM^J *-* ^*£ walJdng on 
tiptoe; )&Lg» J*aJ ţ^ ot^^^he learnt it in 
kis tender yov&h. b) a hoof, claw, talon, the 
leg of a locust ; oj^aj»*a ^oo^*!^ )i&£ Ua» 
parting its hoof into two divisions. c) a sharp 
instrument shaped lihe afinger-nail. d) onycka, 
a spice, e) the onyx-stone. 

*J imperative of +&j to keep. 

)lţ and Jll fut. )l$j, act. part. li^, U^ s 
pass. part. 11^, U^ usually with o, i. io strike 
upon, beat against as the waves ; to strike root 
as a plant ; to beat back or off, drive away 
with ţ^ ; to come upon, befall, assail, to settle 
and sting as the bee, to light on as the eye; 
to allow or leave to settle &c. ; ţ&L Jty let it 
settle; *U Ji£ lei it coolj metaph. of con- 
science, doubt, fear, pain, perii; ^>*^i> yty 
he louched thee lightly; )i«£> o£ \i£ death 
comes upon him; ţr XL^ % Vx j&X li£ slumber 

visions which come before their eyes; y^jaC ^ O 
)^j ; ■>*■» ] T^ j aZZ ^Aa« assails or 6e/aZfe human 
beings. u. <o plaster, daub with mortar. Pass. 
part. smitten, beaten, assailed esp. harassed by 
evil spirits; )j5^ ^» ^^J )^co wwes s£rwc& 
63/ lightning; «Lc£i^[ ţ*> io ©5 U^ sAe /iad 
6eew harassed by evil sjdrits from her childhood. 
Ethpe. *-I^l?* 1. with o a) to assail, dash or 
strike against, to stumble at or against, be 
offended, displeased; to come or chance upon, 
run against. b) to be grazed } cvjt as vines l>y 
a spade, to be hurt, agitated oo-J^Z^ i» hia 
mind; %Z^T JJo fc^aJ she fell without 
bruising herself 11. to be plastered, daubed 
with mortar. Pa. Ji% intensive of Peal 1. to 
assail sever ăy, strike inpieces. Ethpa. Ji$*{ 
to dash, beat or rush against as floods, to assault 
in war. DEKiVATiVES,U>c^,J-^Jiau^fcoo. 

Tpayq>86s, <m actor, poetf, singer; U»o»? )?o^*^ 
David £/*e singer of the sjririt. 

?i^ fut. foi^J, act. part. ?2$, }?4> P ass - 
part. ++%~1, V, Jî». fo drive away, drive oui, 
&xpel, excommunicate ; with J&I?, JjU^ &c. 
fo ttg cwrf devils ; ooo» ţ^Z^î^î )i*£ te'rs 

181 CDCUlA^oi^ 

who had been driven away from their rightfl ; 
Jlţ-ZţJ Jfco*l£ troops of heretîcs %mi toflighi; 
)â)Jl2> i+*ty impeîled forward with violence. 
Ethpe. ?Z^m *o be driven away or <m£, eccjyelled, 
rejected. Deeivatives, )?;,{, U?o^, JL©**^. 

J|y rt. ?i^J. m. driving; )\^=> \tQ ^ 

±Z3( o?;^? the mules were tired from their 
having driven them so far; )o-£? ]f£^ the 
driving out of a devii. 

J^*^ pi. \L. same as Jk^o^r m. a afo'on, 

)fet& )?®^ or )î°h{» 1^ Bquinting, crooh 

U?o^ rt. ?^. m. «A6 driving qff, chasing 

away of insects or birds; | »a fi u» f o^jot^ 

driving off the locust. 

jJol^J pi. ^ m. rpovXXa, a ZacZ^; ironpan. 

JJo;J pi. ^*"j }^ m. a) rvpawos, a tyrant, 

lord, raler; a rebel; ffi&SSa Uo^J ft* îorc?3 

0/ ^Ae Philistines. b) as if from )J(^ hence 
sometimes written [Jo^. adj. hard, cruel; 

contumacious, refractory, rebellious; iO^J *a5( 

oMfc^i^ 0716 offlintysoul) a soul hard asjlint; 

Uo^Jo ]£jil Jloa^d-wM and rebellious hearts; 

}ii fcSb* IS-^cc JJo^J }o3 a stony i. e. <2r?*€cî wp 
jaw-bone. Dsrivatives 3 the three following 
words — 

fcwUot-^ from |-jov^- adv. tyrannically , 
cruelly, viotently. 

JLcuoi^ from |jo^ f. a) tyrarmy, tyrannical 

rule, outrageotos toays, cruelty; jlcuo^ ok^^ 

Jis-A^**î He put a stop to the tyranny of sin. 

b) rebellion, defeciion; JIaj? ))\f ^2L wl*. 

«o*o^x Jiwo^lo he began io forge secret 
conspiracy and rebellion against him. 

\J3 o +1 ,\ Is*j from )jc^. adj . tyrannical, cruel, 
violent, mitrageous; j^aurO )îs-oo^ )t-l^ 
*%*{ by violence and bribery he seized the 

udoDaSo^J pi. oa*§o*J TpoiriKos, the solstice, 
Jj|ijj — Jiolio» iWbfi-^îl the winter solstice, 
tke summer solstice; the tropic; ^ a c uS ot^ 
JJ^^j — ) aJ ^flof the tropic of Cancer, of 





JjjLJoLj, )&-*— from the above, solstitial, 

*^iJ3o;J pi. UiJâo^J rpoTtaptoV) a short hymn* 

y^J+^ to murmur, grumble. 

•*li$ Pakpal to seethe, swell, surge of fire, 
water,clouds; ofthoughts,feelings. Ethpalpal 
^*J$Tto be made to boii, bubble or seethe up; 
*|4kJ© U*& \l^l ţ&tff tixai thefrying- 
pan be filled with oii and heated; metaph. as 
Palpai of water, of an earthquake; \^Z 
hZ&J*hJ*Q *&|t|&J!B the sea surges and rages 
savagely. Derivative, |^»c^. 

^â^^, M&iţ pi. \— perhaps a corrupt 
form of flniîft craiicula. m. a fiai tron plate 
with narr&w openings for baking over the coals 
or for holding coals, a gridiron. 

0*^4 Palpel of jw^ to soil, blot. 

m&, J»|^ rl }*£. l beating, buffkting of the 
billows; metaph. ji'ilt? \Zi£ the buffeting of 
eonscience, ii. daubing, plastering. 

JJclx»^ pi. £- m- tribunus, a tribune, offieer 
of the envperor. 

v aJc4^Z^ or v oI^^, U4^hJ P 1 - *»«W*4 

f. rplycovovy a triangle. 

]loţ-L2 rfc. ?^. f. expulsion. 

Ji-*& tt**& 4*y or ^4*^ p l )J^y 

rpirrj, the third esp. ifte third Indici; tertian 

jdL»I^ a) corrupted from depfirj, fever. 
b) a pear. 

• r^vvw; f rptfilaiov, a corn worth three 
dirhems or about half-a-crown. 

li+Zl or jii ^ Pers. m. a tray woven ofpalm- 
leaves or osiers. 

|au^, Uxi;^ or Uii^J m. tofay. 

JlisuxuZi Tpio-KfX^y, a tripod } a three-legged 

lfa£&L*tl rpmovs, rpfaoSa a) a poem in three- 
foot measure. b) pl. J*2u$^ mantlets or sheds 
to proiect besiegers. 

^iiJ, Uii^ : Jklai^J a contentious, mischief- 
making, malicious or s/y person esp, tâe W; 
IJi^J fc» fc*&ul?*Eve was beguUed by the 
misehief-maker ; U*cl^ *&& Ui*j i&a'fi 
a contentious tongue causeth confudon. 

%+\&l adv. from the above. %Zy, cwmingty, 

JL'c£i£«j pi Jto from Jiii^ £ c^m%, 

unfairness, knavery, 

)j/ r jy.^ ţ J or j&£©*n^ pl. JftCL f. wfe*, 


i£ a coin; see ^ » i ft oeu ;j. 

i^ cf. «JiJ «o *ot7, şp#, &Zo« writiDg. 

.1^ denom. verb Pabl conj. from Jj;^. 

fo har den, indurate, petrify. Ethpa. ţ*gM 
to become hard, indurated or petrijUd. 

\ji% pl. ţ+ m , \— m. fiint 9 hard stom, rock; 
]Si^f \â[o hard rock, fiinty rock ; jj^ Icuajd 
the hardness of fiint; )J£|? )£& a heart of 
fiint; \ k& yi^f \x*F he whose heart is hard 
a8Jlint. Deeivatives, Yerb ^ J 1 qj ;^ , Uj +£ ■ 

\a^^ a sort ofmanna. 

JL'cu«J| from U+£ f* fiiowy or excessively hard 
nature e. g. ^floldoifl? )Loi i] *Ae extreme hard- 
ness of adamant. 

liil% 9 J&J from U^flinty, rocky, hard. 

«3iţJ fut. âo^^J, act. part. &î£, tÂi$, pa&s. 

part. «^»ZJ, Jw, )li^ to smfte, bujfet, dash 

against; to clap,flap, wave, move "with^ji, 
oor\; oM»i , %X ă!j$ smitinghis breast; 
ifj£3i**$JL *9o;^ smiie upon thy heart; 1^^ 
^L ^jL •!» t-^*4? wings which touch against 
each other; said also of billows, wind, &c. 
Pael ă!^ a) to buffet or smite repeatedly, 
treat rpughly; to shake to and fro, shake off 
leaves, strip off leaves ; to clap the hands ; 
^ *d^2c tottering on their feet, 

minoing; ©>£•£ *oo^^J!^ &^& ^ e shall wave 

Ms hand against them; \&*.L ^2^-j? \& 
he must strip the vine of its leaves. b) usually 

pass. part. to shake, harass, agitate, vex by 

fam ine, war, plague, troubles ; \Â^^£> 

fcwullsâo the weary are at rest; o»fc£-> ^s l^c 
smitten in his heart; JKs^js»? owdb the 
relurn of the shattered Chtirch to God. Ethpa, 
â^ji( a) to be shaken to andfro, ill-treated, 
harassed, agitated; afflicted; with \£&j or 
hLo't his spirit was harassed } agitated, 6) to 
be weary, exhausted, worn out, disabhd by 
hunger, thirst, fatigue, disease ; metaph. 
o» fc » J& a Ă )o« d^fco» he wore himselfout in 



prayer, c) to red, stagger in drankenness. 
Aph. tot^fto smite, shake violently; metaph. 

to harass, vex ; l^ooi *£>l^» *&J] J£[ I smote 
my face with my Jiands ; to wag the fetii. 
Debivatives, \&î^ \&i&, U**t&> )*>&*■&> 

\â'4 p l &4 rarel y ^*4 m - a lea f ; k*4 

\£loţ a cabbage-haf; \ix£ţ \â$ a grem reed, 
fresh reed; M>*-^ ^-sJL sţnnach ; metaph. 
a) a leaf of a book. b) U?{? \&$ the lobe of 
the ear; !U»£? ls*% the lobe oftlw liver; J.2>«^ 
JLJLi? the cartilage of the nostril. c) \Â^ 
\****\c\} or )^**? brun. 

\&ll rt. »9*J. m. a strohe^ blow; the strohes 
of a bird's wings; )&*£? \&iţ a beat of time, 
a moment; Jal^a»? y+] y a$ at one blow, as in a 
moment, very suddenly, 

]jaâ;^ a skiff. 

I4~kh{> J^-^% P 1 ' *— m " r P a7r *&V, 

a money-changer. 

\ f.î.ci j.5 rt. *&;J. leafy } mode of leaves; 
\Sj %1 J^io^â girdles of leaves. 

\milk îl pl. J^ m. a corslet, cuirass of mail. 
)&m*4 pl. )^^ or jft^asj f. leanjlesh. 
jj£3^ pl. J]£L. tfinejtour. 

*°%> ^*4* J^hj» c/a«/, excellent, best of 
its kind as the bravest, most valiant, wisest, 
most shilled; expert > vigorous, valuable; h^^ 

%**] <*!& iov^? $J \£$ tliere is none so good 
but that there may be a better ; %od u»*^ 
excelling, best of att; \J>$ \&j} 9 the best tin; 
Jj^i^ \Sji£o — U*+£ Jlâocxro — ]L>S.2> a slrong 
or valuable beast, horse, muie; \s>+£ 1?©t~ wgor- 

ousreap&rs; }lsO'+% )^^^ T(m 9fi re ^ U>+1 )**£• 
Jjfcla^oo imtchful, valiant (md brave; mSs^ 

[IţSiSţ the wisest of the Chaldaeans; \j>*£ 
\U^o%f the bravest oftJie Greeks; U^'iA &l£ 
the greatest among the prophets. 

k*+y>4 f rom *'+&' a ^ v ' we ^> wîsttyi excel- 
lently^ skilfully. 

Jitti$^ from js^J. f. excellence, pre-eminence, 
.oom^o?î Ji'cu&^ the excellence ofilmr way 

oflife; \£>isdk \J>'^ JLoj^ the valour oftJie 
valiant is shown in war. 

ij«^Oi^ m, traetatulus, a little treatise. 

C+^k11 .o>? 



ram», treating, negotiation ; io« 
J^^id^ they toere sent to negotiate* 

U,A£>!^ or 11a\o.^I^ pl. \HL m. rpinXlviov, 
a dining-room, inn&r room ; U*^!^ -*. ? the 
p*e$ident of a banquet, maşter of afeast; +*** 
ţ*^x9? \^'iof U^iLi^ ^£ m one of the 
great bangiieiing-luxlls of the palace. 

u^l^ fut. j^o^J, pass. part. «a-Z^, f— , Jk— - 
io sca^^r, sprinkle, splash; metaph. to spot; 
.fr i^ ft ■ c \^ s «**^J? J'^J ^ «wl ^ splashed 
on tlieir bodies; )^)o oAi <p **^ >! ^ 
there being no spot of false semblance in thee. 
Pa. +,1% withJ^i)o to dash against theground. 
Ethpa. ^i^l/^passive. Palpel *^^ to spot, 
sţwtter, soilj sully, stain, pollute ; **^^î© 
J)a-£a — Jooji spotted with blood, with evil; 
e&& JLaî jfc^in^-so ^i?e pollutes his heart; 
used esp. by writers in expressions of 
humility about their work ; ţ.m**j jo^f 
f^Ş^ ^XĂ 44? ^ <5 God, pardon 
thy servant for sullying these lines. Ethpalp. 
i*J;Jif to be sţpotted, stained, dejîled; yC^Mj 

6reai i/te fast and begin to pollute themselves by 
eaiing prohibited food. Dekivatives, W>q^, 

)JLil and JjL*IJ m. a barren oale; a shrvb* 
Ml or *2£ fut. \>£§3 9 act. part. Hj, pl. ţ^, 

pass. part. U^, J*L^ ; tlsJ^- to ^'^e, conceal; 
to hide oneself; lie hid; U^o &i** he jled 
and hid; pass. part, Mdden, concealed., secret, 
occult; JJL1 JiV^-»i» concealed in a cave; 
pl. f. emph. JkULiL^j Mdden or secret sins, 
treasures, &c; also hiding-places ; Jj^i^a 
ooo» âiT^,,^,, iA^y Zay ^ secret places; gram. 
understood e. g. in an elliptical phrase as J.45 
ILxxq a handful of flour, wbere ^i of is 
\jL2 )icc>r a conjunction lying hid or under- 
stood. Pa. uiJ io &£<&, conceal; to conceal 

or excuse a fault ; ~î**^ ^iţj ^i-^. ^*^ ţ* W> 
wii Ijoom wi5 Cain, Achar, Gehazi, Judas 
concealed their wrongdoing ; U*|**> = U^.^0 
Jj/ / conceal; &*&*> jkoa^i /tzcZ^w treasure; 
also jli^i|^ ellipt. the same ; Jl&^? jfc^i^so 
Mdden stores of Jmowledge; jfcLi^o ]b<ijk» 
a secret saying i.e. one in which the sense is 




hidden ; fnN^ţ JJisJL^-» secret eounseU ofthe 
Mitg, secreta of state; UJu^-^o ^fcLS the 
Apocryphal Books. Ethpa. wi^if to hide or 
coTioeaZ oneself be hidden, lie in hiding; a-u t^i( 

hid themselves among tlie trees; a**^M Jli fAe 
wiater disappeared in the earth. Aphkl i*i^( 
to hide, secrete; to conceal, lay Mp or store in 
a secret place; ^L&> U^' wiic& foy vp my 
commandments in thine heart; pi. f. emph. 
J&LftAj& hiding or lurking-places, places of 

concealment opp. Pa. part. J&U|^o the things 

conceahd; .ow^ia^i? ja^i-* the caveswhere 

they lay hid; jftLIii.frxi* ).«x aa a x L Ae 

suffocated some in their hiding-places- Deeiv- 

ATIVES, Jl**C^, JicL^, jk-^J, ^J-aA^O, 

JL^cua^ rt. U^J. f. hidmg away. 

)l£*^ rt, )u^. f. <m exlinguisher ; )|*tii>? 
of a candle* 

4*Vj^[ mountain dialect, indeedf reallyl 

* r*hft»,i\n Ă\^\.i rdiro t*î*J*> AuaoA^ * 

* r^^oîAu^in.i KLnOco. ^ox* #VSr asxu ^jwoj^A rCir? r£nr£* 



w i. e. ?o# Tm?, the tenth letter of the 
alphabet; the number io ; with a point above, 
J, ioo ; with ? prefixed, *#?, the tenth. 

& interj. #0/ O! Oh/ 

JU or HU, JiU, JfcLj: pi. m. ^U, pi. f. 

ţ*U, Jl£*U preş. part. of a verb no longer in 
use ; fair, comely, becoming, seernly, suitable, 
meet, rrirtuous, noble, honourable; Îs-*U con- 
traction of k^ r |JU m. and ^fcjjl = ^feu^U U 
f. i&ow art fair &c. ; Jls-U Jks^* # virtuous 
deşire; »©;jo ))u & is meet and right; im pers. 
with ^, it becomes, beseems, befits, is due; 
)f^ y\ joo» jjl? )to-/ *Ae honour due to his 

labours; ]&»aa*L UU o« o££ praisebefits 
him, is comely for htm; \i 4 i \ gl*^ ]U? 
\ £ n \. ~ things which befit, are in accordance 
with, sound doctrine. Derivative, JLcuU. 

&\Z fut, oJj , act. part. oU, Ji>U> pass. part. 

cJU, J^lU, JI^aI)^ Pe. hardly used except in 
the parte, both of which have active meaning, 

* * 


«o jpaat ajfter, cfc&re eagerly or fervently; io 
long for; o£x **»SU© ^Jao tfAey hunger and 

pant after it; ]?o^ Jo« ^]1 he longed for 
this ; jl^Jjtl )&C&AdIT fervent supplication. 
Pa. *aJJ^ pass. part. olj-Iao filled with longing; 
full of pasionate deşire. The Ethpaal has 

varioiisforrrisoUM ? cJ)IL( 3 ollM andooii/ 
to long for, deşire ardently; ţ*£L*)^}SJ£ ^*Jw 
^^IL\ iAe skeep eagerly deşire ihy pastwre; 
U^*X^ «^ l^aoiir uAaJ my soni hath desired 
thee in the night. Deeivatives, h- t\~% } - / 

JlcUi-J-, UJCU, U^i'O^, U4-OC, Jloinl^l^^D, 

llo^-Uîsoo, Uj^Ufcoe, WJjl^-U!^», 

J^T)^I)u rt. o}-, adv. eagerly t with deşire. 
J IclsJH rt. ^J* £ *eager longing, earnestdesire. 
Jl'cuJI rt. JJ^. f. beauty, grace, comeliness, 


* *r 

seemliness, honourableness ; ]L'cuU i 

)J)i in the dialect of Tirhan. nightmcm. 


ţ<t&xeK» jasmine. 

* ". fut. 


Pael &2&, fut. o£l> . a) to maJ« ajm/ful 
noise, sound a trmrpet, llow a horn. 6) to 
shotd; to howl as the wînd. Derivative, 

a) puberty, adolescence; 1sj*>cu> 
$e 5<afe of puber ty. b) ?#«, $0 iW*- 
JLaVJ*! rt. a^. f. dryness : droughi. 

^a- roct-meanir.g to /<ntf. Pael ^£1 

a) to do anything hy course or m suecession, 
to hand dotvn, transmit from one to another; 
^şg^r m»^ Ji^i^ 7 have related in 
order of time the empire of the workl; m\$ t* » 
\Lţ tkose v:ho wore the croivn in suecession. 

b) to bring, e°cort; to translate; to follow in 

order; »oo^ ooo» ^Xs^-» )&+«&( )!&*&! 

the prophets who had brought the divine xvord 

to them ; t*J£& ş&xs&ţ that they may bring 
ăccusations; *£&!» ţ^SZzo thy hours pass by. 
ETHPA^^siTWct) to be kanded cloion in suc- 
cession, tranmitted, perpetuated ; JLcuua-o» 

%£e£XT J^l ^ f aifk wll ich was handecl 
dovrn to us. b) to be deri'ced, generated; to 

taJce <mes origin, descend from ; ^lĂ? ^aii.» 

** ŞaZ %Jp the Hngs who talce their originfrom 

thee. c) to be brou.ght, eseorted, accompanied; 

J>UI )jL} r on his jovrney he tvas eseorted 
from one place to another. d) to be translated; 
iNf^ lfHLJ VJjg* the last line has hem 
translated from the Greek. Aph.%£©( to 
hing, had, talce, carry; to admit; to receive, 
.ckll&j fî&Zş Jidkx a^W carry corn 
for the f amine of yov/r hovses; Jîijiao^Saj 
fîî- TAN a people shall bring offerings to the 

Lord; \ioi<&^ ^Uoif }&>*o} wnys lead- 
ing to salvaţi on; «*«<££*» ooo* ţ*^2>cu*> they 
received his words; o»io!^a N ^X ^cuf \^o( 
he admitted them to his talie. Ettaph. 
*%£*£l?*i0 6« kd> brought, earried, removed; 
to be translated of a bishop ; to be driven U^ 
Ja^o hitlier and thither. Depivativks, )U», 
JLL>, JUa~, U^sa-, }Ucoo, UXsa.5o, 


%2J, JbJ rt.^A». m. a) a stream; &w 
JbJ %£ il+x* a tree fîrmly rooted hy the 

stream. b) coucfograss sometimes )LoIlf Jl 
UA.*y JL*I seaweed, squill, rush. 
)LL» rt. %a**, m. a burdcn. 


^AI a measure eqtial to two skins full; 
a great water-pot. 


m. a wind. 

9 J» 

y>^T denom. vei'b Pael conj. from )oq-=sI to 
marry a hnsband's toidoio, io fiîljil the part of 
a brcther iu raismg up a son to continue the 

fathers narae. 

ţi^I, JoorJ m. a brother-in-law, the hnsband's 
brother whow duty it was to mise up heirs to 
his deceased brother. Demyatives, verb yi^> 

fjhgft^- const. rt. fcoo^T. pi. 
a sister-in-law to be taken after her lusband's 
death hy his brother. 

H=J pi, \1^ m. a buzzard. 

U*oV^ pi. J^- ni. mandragora, the man- 
drake, love-apple. 

^2 rsrely **+l fut. a^JJ, infin. **\So, 
act. part. mzii U^i, pass. part. U-^I, Jk^A-Al- 
a) to be dried up, arid; to dry up; to be 
stanched; &?/'ţ& 1^ **£+ the waters dried 
up from the earth. b) to fade, witJier; to be 
shrirelled as trees with eold; to droop, lan- 

gw*hs *£*l °£^ ^o U-/ o^. £ in 

one night it sprang up and in one night 
withered; Jl&^? ^ *££ shrivelling from 
fear; part. fidj. U^ÎI, JfclA-^ it. **^-. dry, 
dried or bumt up, withered; having withered 
or u-asted limbs; fem. eir.pb. ellipt. for \*Lil 
IfcU^âl dry land. Pael «al to parch, dry 
up tr., desiccate. Ethpa. jJLSU to become 
dried np, farchcd. Aphel «îeT^ dry, dry 
%ip, sfori vd; i*£©f )jaâ&I He dried up the 
seas, i,e. turned the sea into dry land; )>oo 
.£aJoj )^cclmo j»2»oj£;? the cold whirh dries 
up and the heat which bums up. Dekiva- 

TIVE9, |aa^, )icufcxi*, U^», U*A» 9 U^î 

\a*Z rt. a^*. m, dry land, earth, opp. Kaol 

KU,)]^Lrt«a«. terrestrial t )&i*: )l'^ 
land animals, opp. IlU^aS» Jlo^ ajwKtc 

p p 


. m. drought. 




iluLau, Jfclux— rt. Ji^+. terrestrial, livhig on 
âry land. 

Isj^ not used in Peal. Aph, u^©/* to send 
or drive away, to fflspe% reject, remove ; J &1*!&^ 
U^Z ©►!& he will reject evil things; JJ? 
y U JĂ» ţJ& ^l^^pV lest ihou drtve me away f rom 
onverse with tkee. Derivatives, U*^uo, 

i^* Shaphel fe^i. tofling, hurl, to throw 
domn or upon; J>aî* ţj» ţ*?^jLaof Jiits^ 

ifo which they hurl doivn from the 
rampart. Eshtafh. ^oj^f to be hurled 
down; to be downcast, abject. DebivativeSj 

V m ţfi V 

• 3 jt^* pi. ţ*"*, r ra - a ^ap o/ stones, 
a barrier. 

Z emph. JJ*£ constr. *♦£ pL ^I,/, JZl/, 
)*»*£, jiofţlf (tins last form o£ pl. is used for 
inanimate things), constr. JZh i. a) the hand; 
J pftflo f — M »vv f f o***/ Ai$ n</&i, 7ws lefi hand; 
j&oocue; Jţ,,/ iAg right hand used in taking 
oatks; jL'cko^o* Jţ./ ©££ joo» fc^ he wrote 

agoodhand. b) thejîst; jţ*Jo» jJLtwo^J'' 

pugilists. c) ihe paw, forepaw ; ihe axle of a 
wheel; the arm of a seat or throne ; a handle, Z the handle of a boit; ihe clapper 
of a beli; -MJ3? \^Z[ ironhomds an instrument 
oftorture. d) the side,bank, skore; U*o(' Z 
the roadside; UoT Z the seashore; JLj Z 
JLoiop — ifo 6ara& of a iorrent, of rivers, &c. 

Metaph. a) power, dominion; JL***/* Jţ*/ 
a mighty hand; [1+&9 ©»£*/ ife famrf o/ 2fo 
Lord; ^ooo©*** )**/ <Ae Roman government; 
help, opportwdty cf. prep. below and o©*!; 
•*£ ja:»j oom *-S» as opportuniiy offers; 
bounty, liberality; %*\ )i*ţ the same; ***\* 
j.ii^i* jţ*£ according to the bounty of tJte king. 
b) jlSoo» J**£ a high hand, haughtiness. c) 
laying on of hands, ordination; JLcuo»i? Jt*^ 
jlobo&JL&oţ — ordination to the priesthood, to 
tJie diaconate; cf, J+Tacutt = )++( jiisx>. 

Adv. «*oi©Z*{ or uZlţ ow. e«ery Aewwî, on 

every side, round about; J^Jo )£*/ one ajfter 

anotker, in order, successively ; ]ţ*j£ Jţ»N=> 
Ki<& 6y Z?ii&, gradttatty, in order. 

With prep*. «JL*, f ]?-*)«-£ ^"<^ w^Jwâ 
tkrough, by, by means of by the help of, with, 
by reason of, according to } throughout, during; 
)q£±(Zs> by ihe help of God; tOoMţ-lS by 
their assistance, by means of them; iooj JJ 
i#^)o ii was not in my power, it did not 
depend on me; ++*+( ls+& by our help, through 

ns; JfCL^J Jlioocl **s/or afew days; — ? #-o» 
j uoi ^> on ihat account, therefore, because^ 
that; uoOmI^ in deed opp. oCccJ^.2» inword; 
Z fcp» on account of y through, from ; t+Z£ »^£ 

J.«o> through the wind, by the for ce of ihe vnnd; 
Z %£, ? )t»( ^*£ %> *w«r, tîvrough; Z *%JL 
ULiZnear the gate; with «»..o opew-, outward; 
]^»/ţ»«j3f ' , ** , ®*i: a ^ obvious or superficial theory; 
with Js.aJH under thepower of, subjecl. 

Z root-meaning <o Zove, Pabl ?^T. io /ow. 
Ethpa. ?«IL/ «o &« beloved. Deeivatives, ]«*«*, 

]♦_• not used in Peal. Ethpa. J^Zlf 
variously interpreted as to be strengthened 
or to prophesy. Aphel «tfof to confess, 
achnowledge, profess, assert, affvrm with o or 

^Jbw; vOcmq^m^ uţc^ao »d confesstng thetr 
sins ; generally of faith <o beliew, believe 
openly ; k *J£ ^fta ^ ? oi <Asy believe in Christ ; 

wo£ confess one hypostasts in Ghrist; }fcu2» Jl 
• U^( Ae i*5 «oi o/ owr faith/ cu;o{; .qjo» 
confessors. With ^ io gtw thanks, to praise; 
)o*iC]J U/ ]?cl» / yît% thanhs tmto God; 

M±^ -.*^cl«^X }şo( I praise Thy mercy, O mer- 
ciful One. Ethtaph. w»joLL( to 6e confessed; 
to be acknowledged, declared, accepted } recog- 
nised; tobepreached; iobepraised; JLoLlC^l 

UfeLls& ]^»£&C^lţ the Trinity praised with 
a threefold song ; Jţoi^oo ]t»I*' accepted as 
true; ţ*?oi!feoo aΣ ^o ^© ji^I» i^ey v^re 
universaUy aeknowledged eoceellent. Eshtaphal 
«jo]^a.( a) to confess. b) to consent; with 
jpx io league, make alltance with. c) to promise ; 
d£. yo^fcsj? JiunS cujol^/ iAsy promised 
to give Mm momy; *?©j£»4? J^ y+fa&ke had 
promised. Deeivatives, Ja-jccc, l^|j^fuo 7 

U?ocu,, )V-!oi, LjW?oL 



UL& or ULcJ* pi. )~ rt *^ f *. m. a wizard, 

Uc^ Ifttoţl pi. m. J- f- )*s- A «**•• 
a) fn^rwcfed, leamed, experienced, shilful; 

with ţ ignorant; \&oll *%**<» mf*î 

JJ^icis? inform we now such as are dis- 
cerning; JL&eţlf JJui& y}" according to the 
computation of the learned. b) intimate; an 
acquamtance ; ^ojo-^o.-. ^o **-Jf o^# °J 
Zw* acquaintances. c) U©t* a soothsayer. 

JL'abtO** rt. ^.**« f. «) divination, sooth- 
saying. b) Inowledge with J| ignorance. 

}J]^0>+, J&J rt. ^**. a) intdligent, in- 
tellectual, ivise, prudent, disceming ; ^-X 
JJoSj^ JJfcUoU? |«Mf Ic ^s^of the perfect 
way of life of wise ascetica, b) endowed with 
intelliyence or reason, reasonalle, raţional, in- 
teltigible; }J^&oU J£& natures endowed with 
reason; ]j£Jj£^o#I \+&j a reasonable souh 

&*+U&&,Oţ£ *'t. ^«-. adv. rationally, intelli- 
gtnily, learnedty, skilfully; with ţ fcolishly. 

)iVj&*tOţ* rt- ^ţ-. f. intelligence, reason, 

\'JZ rt. .-. teîwerf; ]£? ţ^*? Jfijp*f W 

bdoved Fathers. 

\\iZ m. the hoopce; perh. the centipede, 

jioft*!! rt. **. f. friendship, Iove. 

SoLZl or l^yl some insect ; see ţ^L»?T. 

J^I^ZT rt. ^**. adv. clearly, evidenily; ex- 
pressly ; with JJ secretly , tia*/< owi novice ; 


jio^fT rt. ^**. f. *A«* «?Aic& wa?/ 6e known, 
knowledge, science, learning, renotcn, repute, 
the epoch when an autihor Jlourished ; with )j 
uncertainty; obscv/rity. 

Jj J pi. )J^ m. and f. a %ewa; J& J a *A«- 

^p also ^~£, fut. ^Şj, iiif. ^ y +&, impar. 

^|, act. part. *fcŞj, J^t*> P ass - P arfc ' ^*t** 
|^L.IT 5 ]&**£. io know; toperceive, understand, 
beable; yiaJ^? know thy seif; ^^ ^Z& yj 
z/ 7a« A^ov; for certam; ^^? %ţ*{ at his 
discretion; JJ? ^.~ Jj *oo ^£i J> wittivgly 
and unwittingly ; with kiâj or ÎJooi to be 
of a sane mina, have posscssion of one's 

facultzes ; act. part. contract ed with per», 
prons. li^Zi I fahow> h-&~ m. «I^ţl f. thoti 
knotoest, ţi*S. £ we hnow y «o &•**£•! youknoiu t 
**S*f~* they know; Inowing, learned, 
skilled, cunning ; acquainted with, an acquaint* 
ance; l^*Ua<* ^■•^ knowing Greek, acquainted 
with the Greek language; }+/. \kţl JC^^a cun- 
ning hunter; i'octflo w£il practised in under- 
standing. Pass. part. adj. a) well known, 
notable, noble, famcus ; Jo>UZT k&©»c^ a noble 
race or lineage; jfcfi*Zio? U&~ the notabîes, 
chief rnen of the city ; with JJ obscure, mean. 
b) eertain, fixed, a certain thing or per son; 
with Ji>©»? cr \l\lx> afixed or certain sum of 
money or tribale; J^J&ZI Hi*, sever al years; 
Jl£.X.Z*/ J1^jX2> in a certain year, in such and 
such a year; ţ-ojiab Jfco£-^ certain ofthem; 
with J^>cu or J&.& afixed or appointed day 
or feast, a special or solemn day. c) particular, 
private, special; )î^-i*Î9o J^oLX^o Jl^i^-.? 
t ft'S r*\ things peculiar and private and 
special to each. d) manifest, evident, clear, 
with JJ unknown> hidden; JliO^ZT JLic* the 
express image; fem. ahs. impers. it is evident, 
obvious, Ethpe. ^Lrl/ imper. W-Syr. 
>^ţ^i^ E-Syr. same as preţ, a) to be known, 
recognized, ascertained; to be under&tood. b) 
to become known, be well known, famous, to 
jlourish; \Zi*'*> U^^ ^PU? U^j£> 
famous Syriac teachers; *#♦*& M-^î mo*-^ 
Jow ^^.fcs» j^lmj/ at this time Mar Isaac 
Jlourished; ^^i{o JIL leg an to le renoioned. 

c) io be knovjn as, be called or named, oaa^»» 
ţj^ţfad ^.CVa»} Jacob surnamed Baradaeus. 

d) to be made known, dedared; to be Tneant, 
indicated, signified, )&L$ ]h> ^Şllo icho 
was declartd the Sen of God. Fem. impers. 
it is known, clear, manifest; Uo r I ^» J^Jîs^ 
it is clear io one uho can understand. Paei* 
s^Z to inform, indicate. Avu. ^ţo/^to make 
knoivn, to show, point out, sliow fortlh tell^ 
inform, instinct, announce^ reiate; ^i*.^?ojd 
J^il we reiate the affair; ţ&t ţ^?^*» they 
say there, gixe cut there; %Jw J?o* k^?o.» tMa 
rdates to, refer s to. Etxaph. ^?oil? to be 
made knoton , ann ownced, reia ted, told ; 
^A^îoil^o ţ-jiJ^ they are known and 

B b 2 



f<io « 


acknowledged. Siiapbel ^w?q£ to waJb ckar, 
explatn, texch; to tnean, notify t indicate, signify 
ebp. symbolically t to symbolize, typify ', prejigure, 
predicii with^jC «o r<?/er to ? indicate; Ji*> 
yofcuâo; MfiUfc > ^?aJo© w/ta* rfoes <Ai exjjres- 
sion myrrh signify $ \XsH *.£ • oi» anncds> 
chronicles; gram. Ju*w fco£jajL*> expressing 
passion i. interjection. Eshtaph.^o&j*/ 
to knoto, reeognize, wnderstand, to see, perceives 
wot y^»? »» k*^fc3 ^?ofc£*7 ^ee ţ/" £&& coai 
be thy sons; o»l£x&? )IaL ^J>oJ&»J ^Z*« 
ojloJ^^io Ae finS then appreciate his power 
of speech and eloquence. Debiyatives, l^o*!, 

Jfc^~, verb ^*>, te*?», UlXţâo, JiaX?coo, 
Ux?ax>, )Iolx?q.jd ; JfcO^fCOD, UX«CLAJ0, 

and U?oga. 

^«1, &^sometimes^Ţ*rt^*.m.a marh, 
sign, note; iai^%& ţJLJx>9 Jfc£o ]SiZ 
h+*i oţ signposts and milestones by the roadside; 
any point, line or sign iu writing opp. ]Jlbc6 
fwenfa or dote only; Jo£o? ^^1 vowel-points. 
Also tJieJlrst words of ahymn or canticle givex* 
as the nanie of a chant or tuue. 

kLZ or l^LZl pi. JZ. m. ajlrefly. 

h^-UL^ rt. ^ţ.*. adv. leamedly, shilfully; 
by name. 

JJJ^P often J&^ pi. JIU? rt. ^~. 

f. a) Information, hnowledge, doctrine, jfclxZl JJ 
ignor ance; j&kţl Ic îivscno foreknowledge ; 
Jfes X ţ ^â jJj ignorantly, inco'nsiderately; un- 
expectedly; J&XJLâ ]J?© JfcOkJ^Jâ wittingly and 
wnwittingly ; JfcCxJLj J£^-4* l^med mm. 
b) = povs } mind, sense, intelUyence, understand- 
ing, apprehension, ©)l£xp ţ& jaaj &e wm£ owi 
o/Aw wârf; J &S^Nip jfcLxp /o^ic. c) a note, 
indicaiion; \&ui%&% ]!£*>£ a notice of the 
patriurchs h e. a table of their names. 

om the name of God } Heb. Jah the Lord; 
cm om îs sornetiuies found for Jahveh. 

shl interj. Oh! enough! tooe! J^L om woe 
to theel 

oom rarely ooj or oo»I bas no futm*e forai 
and the infin. ol^ is rare, the fut. and inf. 

forme of *^1^ are borrowed, fut. ^I^j, inf. 
%.^^, imper. oot, ^oă, o»oi, ^X^o», act. part*. 

oom, 1^, pi. ţ*âoM, ţ^, pass. part. cx*^T, 
\L. , ] jL- . The imperative is f urther shortened 
by the oinission of ot in pronunciation eep. 
after o, o* o^ o» o u — wu and give it to him; 
in the fem. o» ie always retained. a) to give, 
grant, allow, permit, concede, offer; to yield^ 
give oneself up ; io apjfby or devote oneself; 
^L o toi? u^2>oi grant to me that I muy 
offer to Thee; JJ-i>î ooU %J if time allow; 
+J^l) — J^LafLT ^.X *-^o^i V the seas 

\t> / V. m m r 

do not permit thee to imss over; o»om? #-i 
o££ he to îohom it is given. b) to pui, place, 
set, lay upqn or by with o QV*%JLî ţ«Lo^ 
I^mp finding favour ; withw^o to set before, 
in sigkt of; to entrwt, commit 9 bestow, assign, 
appolnt; ^.!s=>oJ Uaaax? Jj^cuaX Jo( the 
father of a multitude of nations have I mode 

thee; y( oo*- J)j»|o •)&jg ^*f fâao oom 
lon.An Solonion made silver to be as stones and 
cedars as sycamores for abundancej «*X o om 
\±*j he set me a time* Idioms 3 befbre another 
verb to betahe or take to; ji)J ? o om he was on 
thepoiat ofcoming; *o »\.^\ o^om tliey tooh 

)î-*i ^^* to give the hand as a sign of good 
faith, to promise; to give help, AngL a helping 
hand; to alhw, give leave or opportunity ; to 
give way, suhmit. 

J»m o om to give ivay, make place, give 

JC^k^^. o»I to give ia marriage. 
Jio oţnl to cry woe upon. 
JţM o om fo iwrw iAe back^flee. 

^ fi^Q^ oo^I to pronounce or co22 blessed. 

]2s^so o o>* io greVe aw answer, pledge ones 

jlc a^io j^» ooj.^ to ^îeZrf obedience, submiL 

\ oU^j o om io devote or ^*w oneself up to; 

to yield oneself. 

)'i\& o om fo 6aar or yield fi^uit. 

)js^^9 o om io answer. 

ÎL» o om to crv/ out, proclaim, make a noise, 
give a sound. 



I f *l 

&$oo* ooJ <o sfo>tt> 3 exhiint; to promise. 
\ ^Ş* o«.I <o salute, to bidfarewell. 
£ <o correct. 

Ethpe. ^yr» 6e yw, granted, per- 
mitted; io be yielded, surrendered, delivered; 

was given me of God; j?o» oomII kt ihis be 
granted; o^ţ?*)lo&S. '*« w« delivered to 
death. Derivative s, J^»oom*, JLclooc»-*, 

M>oom, JKooom rt. oom. m. a grfwr (opp. 


' 4 f 

a taker, receiver); esp. a KfteraZ gwmv 

Gewr to those who give y grants gifâj 1&*H 
]i\âţ J&>o*om the earth giver offruits; gram. 

JloooWi tk o o*-, t giving, alleging ; 


4 -C 

JiadooM l&x*y*acfoaming0nhafb; Icooom 
Jl£s.£ allegaiion of cause, l 
jj^ol Lcooom ornamentation. 


kJif©o£ adv. Judaically, after the manner 

of the J&ws. 

Ujoo^ and U?oom m. a •/««?; ]&?o©*I f. 
a Jewess. 

jt'cufoWl f. Judaism; collect. «Ae «7<w$. 

«o^i m om a sliout of joy, hurrah/ huzzaf 

1s*)>^«om rt. o om- adv. m *Ae rfaft'w cas£. 

]Lcua»OM or )Loa**J[ rt. oom. f. giving, 

assigning; a gift, donation; }iaâ Ioa»om 
division by lot; J*»osu? JLoa»eH ft* 0wni^ 
o/ifo Law; )^i Lgl&*g»I Mfft assistance. 

^£T, ţo^ pi. r " £■ com. a) propeiiy 
a tribe of Ârabs. b) a troop, bând, coltort; 
il$>&t \£ bands of Kurda; UL^i %£ 
heavenly cohorte* 

ISLei m. J&fcsUT pi* f. from Jo». adj. 
gregarious, in troops ovjlocks. 

cu contraction for Uîcu (?m& i.e. aceording 
to tlie Sepiuagint version. 

Joi cu rt. ol*, m. €a#er longing, earnest 

JJolcu pi igMcu rt. ok. gram. optative. 

ojacu», JJLacu» rt. cm. in. «/ie Mnm2 of a 
trompet, a sîiout of joy, shouting, bawling. 

> H 4 

a-* adj. o/ <fe Jubilee ; Jfc^ţ-*- 
l^-Scx.? </ie ye^r ofJubitee. 

^=>cu, Jlicu pi. H- rt.'%^». m. a) a course, 
serieSy succession; jlanXv»? )|^cu succemon 
to the empire; )^^£of | ^ Li^jfc> )L^cu Apostolic 
succession of orders. b) custom, trudit ton, 
transference, translation, version; Jk^ss^^s a* 
verbal tradition; Uii&m^ Kua* ^d Jpcu. 
a translation from Greelc intoSyriac, c) chrono- 
loyical order ; J-a*-? ^=»^* or Uiî ^oa* 
chronology ; a dividon or seclion of a chronicle; 
koisJS iloa- ^?'5« seetion. d) JAl^? J^^--? 
Jl^*i.' s5 %>ocu or abs. getiealogical succession, 
descent, line, posterity ; generation, jprocrealion. 
e) right of succession. 

)££*cu, Jîs. 9 _ adj. from jUo*. of tradition, 
tradiţional; genealogica!; genital; etymological, 
an etymologist. 

\ %A Ltf r from yx^I m. a levirate marriage, 
mafriage %oith a brotliers widow. 

**&* j u 9 um > an acre °^ l an ^- 

)^cu pl.^w^fu and )'4^u jugerum, ajuger 

or ac?-e of land. 

jcu pi. )?^ f, Yud, name of w the smallest 
letter of the Syriac alphabet; ajot, the tip or 

paint of a letter; J^^w Jl cDJ- ?<^ cmejfo* 
or w fe&Se; )L^ J?cui confused or JarfZy- 

written letiers. 

!^*Îjcl* adv. Judaic, after the manner of the 

Jlţcu 3 j&fcu adj. Jewish, Judaic. 

|ijcu, )fc^?cu from jcl.. gram. written with 
a Yud or formed by the insertion of a servile 

JîoT or )lo* m. the panther, cheetah. 

)Jai or )^cu f. iira, Greek {. 

)lm î-Na- pi. )^- a Julianist, a follower 
of Julian of Halicarnassus who taught that the 
body of Christ was incorruptible. 

Jia^cu pi. )1. rt. aiw. m. learning, study, 
scholarship, instraction; doctrine, a dogma, 
opinion; an ari, science; \ iÂ\ cu ^*^ a school, 
college; U*^*>! Ua^cL the learning of Hu 
Magians; UL^ Ua^ct* heresies; 
Uowiîo tt&> J)hysics and meiaphysi 

S £ 





Ui&^cu, j&i— from Uâ^cu an adherent 
of a doctrine, a sectarian; scientijic. 

»cu, k&cu pi. ţ-oScu, Jiiocu oftener j&ecu 
tu. a day, 24 hours from evening to evening (for 
the day,daytime opp. ^^ the m'ght see kaao*/). 
yp»? or U;j£>? o^aocu or )U*bo A-icu <Ac 
Lord' 8 Day; \J*jl> •£? Joool Sunday; kaocu 
ţ£t*f £&? Zasi (iay; ^o^â.r »*ÎZ afull month, 
enlire month; |1^q« *»«£fl or j&,*k*.ik. a^- 
vanced in years, aged; .&&&*? ofour târne, 
in our days; ^iâ uj»aJo 2# «Ae tâiM 0/ 
<ray one; «*&££ ^0 in my days; .Lca- J$ 
epheimral. Adverbial expressions, Jlboo ol $ome 
teme/ ţ*a»â+ .ţ.& m** orc*? tfay; ya«o ycu 
/rom *ia?/ io day, continuălly; Ucua Jjial 

eacA tfay/ «c£^d Joocu^d and ycuXo/fr eac& 
c?ay, daily; »^NaS!? Jood^ on £&e nea* rfay, 
o??. *Aa efoy after; |j*>cu >l£a iAe iieatf day, iAe 
day following ; ,LcqJ? ? |og<X*^ 3 ? daily j 
jiioccu^ a/iter some ftme/ <p&* *■& ycu or 
v>cuX ycu ţ-Ă /rom rfa^ #0 day/ jfcoâcu 

or J^oT «#j3 yesterday, lately. 

jJL&cu, jfcLoîbcu from o cu. cfatţy, dimnal ; 
\lxxZ ? )*c£> ol k£ o > £&£ diwrnal motion of the sun. 

ţ-aocu, JaJbcu from oa«. to-day^ this day, 
at this present time; \o*\o jXaocu ţ& fi-om 
this day forward; Jiscalf jceaT this day, this 
very day, tJie present time. 

Ulâbcu from *>cu. diwraal, quoiidian. 

.cu f. 'Ia©^ Javan, Greece. Dekivatives, 
verb ţjcu, &*-*)jcu, Ujcu, Jicujcu. 

JJcu pi. JJaT corn. a dom; Jjcu *£ pi. ^*xi> 
Ucu a young dove. 

J^«Ucu from ^ al. adv. m (-rreefc. 

JJJclT, j&u from «ol. Greek, a Greek; 
Hicu? ]&L£*cl*, /a&2e* o/£&3 Greehs; J 
]&Jcu iAe Septuagint, abbrev. ST; . . 
JJjcu? or contr. *o*? tro t/ie year . . . according 
to tlte Greek reckoning, according to the era of 
the Sdeucidae. 

jlaJcu from ^oT f. a) the Greek Iwnguage, 
Greek learning, Hellenism; jlcuJcu? )îfr\cu 
the teaching of Greek b) the era or computation 
of the Seleucidae. 

J^al denom. verb Palpel conj. from ycu. to le 
versed in Greek, to 'imite in the Greek manner. 

v y 

UU>a* pi. Ubcu m. ek&v, an image,Jiyure f 
likeness, pi. icons, iraages cf tbe saints ; a cojyy 
of a book; JtLZ» mah^J&f U^^? \x&<L 
the king's likeness starnped on a dinar; metaph. 
a figure of speech, semblance; gram. form. 
Derivative?, verb ţ£u, ) jAflUA p 9 f Lu o* v>, 
jicnii c\.ţoo, 

jfcljj&oî. pi. J— m. viIkivBqs, jacinth. 

}JLk.x£cu or flhlLocu pi. ^ILor U vaKtp$ivo$ s 
of jacinth, hyacinthine. 

Jtocu pi. ţ**, J 71 rt. ^ix». m. a burdm, a weight> 

chargej J^j&j9 Jtoo-. heavy exjyenses; j*£o* 
Jl^L^SLf burdensome charges, heavy exactions; 
©*!qh»-Jo? ]toa» <Ae weiijht ofhis age; joo»{ ^ 

»nJ/ ^jL \isoL I vnll not be a burden to 
any one ; heaviness, uneasiness. Wiih ^Ş, 1 
a) to undertake the care, take a charge. b) to 
bear hardsh'p. 

Utidcu rt. «~cu. m. scarcity, dearth. 

*i; 9 cu Heb. tlie river J or dan; metaph. the 

baptismul font 

od icu, lâ'cu, )îs-o>cu rt. Au, a) adj. tender 
greeft, greenish, yelhtoish, j>ale; j&>icu Jj£fc&( 
a grre^n lizard; k^cf ^»? ^*{ ţ*£>cL# jpaZe a^ 

/rom fasting. b) subst, a A^rft, wgetable, 
greenstuff, greens ; jisJ^j Jua» cu gardenherbs; 
green şwnd-weed. 

JLcî©*cu it. ud^. f. £rem grass; puilor. 

Jlolia* rt. i**. f. inheritance, heirship. 

\j Li cu pi. j^Lrt. 1^*. m. heritage, apossession y 
property; y\ t £Ş,\>* )Jl F icui^/or aw everlasting 


y»icu, U^icu pi. U rt. ife—. m. possession, 
property, use, profit, advantage, increase, gain; 
superabundance, superfiuity ; JtaL J^j m 
ww, io no advantage; JJyicu JL» or w^^ 
î;ery %}rojiiable. 

k3»1cu rt. ifcs^. advantageous, projitable. 

Jâoji pi. I— rt. ^^. m. a borrower. 

h~}sL*U rt. âj*, adv. as a borrower. 

jlaSuTl pi. ]lo rt. *9jb». f. borroiving; with 

* . r 

^^^T pi. )L misspelling of vaA^I Tătar, 
a royaZ mandate. 



<&ÎT ful *f]5, inf. âît», act. part, aîi, Ji^, 
pass. part, A*£> ţi-, Jl£ — to borrow; pass. 
part, impers. i*u& *&> \L& heborrowed from 

me; o££ joc» £uK H& «*fl< &a* ^ &<> r ~ 
rowed? gram. borrowed, adopted, opp. )JJi& 
proper. Ethpe. *jLL?" to be borrowed, 
obtained. Aph. *?ft? r fc Und, lend on interest. 
Deeivatives, \&oU. k*\&+}*, JLa&*** 3 \&l+, 

JijJ, jl^sÎJ constr. st. %•££ pi. ]&&! 
rt. ,3)*. f. a foaw, investment; GJ&>? poil 
Jîx^ll borrovjers who ham asked aloan; Jl^jl 
Jlilî JLnsLao tâ* scattered investment of the 
husbandman i.e. seed sown. 


î 4 y 

p], J* m. dense smohe, thick dust; 

a funeral pyre; \***wac> jls-* 

t, y^..y | * « y 


? * j" 

pofa jWZ o/ sulpJmr emitting dense 


ţM* from ***. Ethpaal *£Ii( io &e united; 
sometimesbymistakeforţlwir. Shaphel***o*. 
io fcave Ioneli/, separate; o*i2u ţ-*a^ 7w «#»< 
a^a?/ 6y himself Pass . part . •!* cJLao , J ♦.« oi» , 
)L ? *Loic solitari/^ separate, deserted, desoîate; 

is separate from both the high and low in rank; 
**7-iaJco Vf i-\« ; %cl>oi the entirely deso- 
laie; Jt^oîL» J^^^a solitary or desolate 
widow. Eshtaphal «Jlo^L*/ io fo Ze/i 
alone, left solitary; with ţ .& to separate from, 
abstain from. Derivatives, )•—*., li^t*****, 

^il part. f. j^, pi. ţ^i io cast its young, 
fo abortive, have a miscarriage. Aph. g^w-e-f 
io cawse abortion. Derivative, }J^*-- 

JA^J pi. J^lT often misspelt )^J1, rt. ^*. 

m. a% abortive or still-born child, a premature 
or uniimely birth. 

\L*Z or J4-- pl- 1— m - a networh veil or 

}**-!! or )l*Z**l pi- J* fr° m !***« m ' <w% - 
begottm, only son with j£» expressed or 


Js-lţ^ or U*]ţJl*/ from ****. adv. singly % 
a&>n€ 5 opart, by oneself, solitarily, as a solitary 
or hermit. 

)LoţM** from ţ^*,*. f. </Mf« w.»/weA iv c/Zon^?, 
o%7^ or sole; JL'cojL* to^JU monarchy t absolute 

Jiţ-Jll, Jls^' from *jx*. a) so?e, onZy, <&e 
only-begotten ; \L( r ţ&ţ il'UZZ the only-begotten 
of the Failter; lî^U-lT ]LV& a«- on?2/ daughter. 
b) alone, by oneself solitary; a solitary, hermit, 
anchorile but also a monk or ?vem of a com- 
munity. c) singular; gram. opp, plural. 
d) of one's ovm } special, specific opp. k-uaj^ 
generic, e) f. emjA\> prop&rty, fmlil$~)}k*£**ţ 
the word used by later writers. 

}io!*UH from •-^. f. a) unily; the being 

one or being alone; uicuţ*M>I <&0U ow?y, *«o« 
6?/ thyself b) the solitary or monastic life; 

f/ee way o/ <Ae solitary life. c) a properiy, 
special quality. 

^m** ÂPHEL^Zo^witb^ «) «o enfeeble, 
render weah, to relax; jlşr^m^v ^Jio/ fo g'fw 
occasion io remissness in the observance of 
the sabbath; ^Z<xJco*%!La£> ]*sa+,o^it en- 
feebles and debilitates the body. b) to become 
enfeebled, exhausted; with "^ or ţ«& to be 
unable; with ţâ w%& to despair; ^«*o( 
\ju^(\J>t£> *& we are exhausted from constant 
war; '^V^ojo *=^ he failed and grew weah; 
^jL hJ&»etl despaired of rny life. 
:vatives, |ic^.**ciiD, llai^«aaD, ifeJWeL 


f 4 

m. alcephalus bubalis, the buhale, 


a specîes of antelope with short horns, long 
heacl and heavy build. 

*■ same as po?* to be or become bîack ; 
I became black ; ţ-& JvJ^o^Ji ţţc&l 
]L'clcu£*.&. w;fca« ««,rf &ar% fer?i black with age. 

r Ş|; fut. f2£}7j i pei's. sometimes f^£, i«f- 
^JjS, act. part. #^1, }«&£) pass. pai*t. **^j 
) , JL". a) io &^ef, io generate; \j( W^P 
^U^LI U^>cu i/tow ar< m?/ 50?^ 3 iA?*5 <&*# Aaw 
/ begotten thee. b) to bear, to bring forth; 
]t=> ^ vfSCtL «Se shall bear thee a son; to lay 
eggs; ţ^I U^dcu Ua^ the cackoo /ays m 
a strânge Pass. part. ^î ^f^* ^ or,?/ °/ 
women; ţJLZ^X*? ^c are 6om; '^^ t*^ 
\7**jî r born in the purple; %J* +*Ş+ torn 
in the house i.e. a slave; Uo* ^ «t-^-£ 
6orn o^ fAff Spirit; IţAJ jtaal Mftmj 

*.L 192 


beauty, inborn grace. Ethpe. +£ll( to be 
begotten, borti, brought forih; with *u»? ţ^o 
to be horn a<jain, be regenerate; metaph. to rise, 
wa& of the moon opp. ySef to wcwe; to be 
cemsed, derived; \£+m •^#io? that a schism 
shoitld arise. Pa. j£* to help to bring forth. 
Aph. ţ^So^a) to beget, procreate, bear, bring 
forth; aLul+W ^o^ *>o»W Abraham begat 
Isaac. b) to act as a midwife, give assistance 
at childlirth. c) to make bring forth, to cause, 
(ffect; arUh. to give the resvlt; #Xo< M-O- 
\ÂmZ a cloud caused darkness ; t i£oi ]LL 

JI^ vivifyîvg ferce. Ethtaph. *^£oil( to 
receive the help of a midwife, to be broutjht 
to the birth. Debit atiyes, J*^*, U*^*> Jlţ^j 
JioţX*, J?«^J> J?<^, J^îfoX*, jlofsxij, 
)io?o^i, îs^lţ^v*, Jto**X*, l^tl», Jj^QJiO, 

♦^£1, Jţ^J pi. )ţSZ rt. «X*. m. a) the act of 

bearing, brîngihg forth. b) birth, natirity ; 
\t£>9 o^sl the birth ofour Lord; J*^>I fcw^ 
the N< tivity of Christ, Christmas ; a horoscope ; 
)Xţ* Y^lnew birth, regeneration ; )ţşAjiJlaof 
results, tendencies of thought. c) that xohich is 
brought forth, offspring^ a brood, produce, frmt; 

Jl'ţ-X? omX^ the children of the Church; *^SZ 
JLVaj) bastards; jl^**Is? j*^ cin insect, a 
fledgeling; L-axc? )ţ^+ & brood of locusts; 
pi. inhabitants. 

Ji#^LT pi. )lţ£H rt. «iw. î. a fertile rnother; 
a midwife. 

)t^£L pL Jlţiii, emph. part. fem, of »*£! = 
subst. a travailing wornan; a rnother; l»\I 
Jo*^.i* she v;lu> has borne seven, a rnother of 
seven; Jo*^m IţXl TlieotoJcos, Deipara opp. 
kLJoo iţ-^J Christotokos, Christip>ara. 

j L© f^i rt . *^-# . f . begetting ; bearing ; 

)\<L£, \t)<t£ pi. m. \\ f. JL" rt. ^. an 

infanti babe, sucJding; ) c \°im.s* )Lf 
as a crawling infant ; jlo.1 x±*o& Jjg 

infaith; o^l^Ă jfeu^r o» a>J l j££+* U*>* 
until it is weaned it is called a J»cu^*; cf. 
])c6w a newborn babe and li^JL a weaned child. 

^ J!^, JL'?^ pi. m. r -, )\ l Jl" rt. ^. 

a părerii, one who beget s or brings forth; 

&l$ 0^ a/'cJi îJ?V^J\ c^d?^ 

jjoJiwr babes 

v r 

ao whosoevcr hveth htm that begat îovefh 
htm aho tiuit is begotten ofhim; jIjcuXl \J+j<Jo 
U^cX? the East bringer forth of the sun. 

fcs*i?cuX£ rt. *^.. axlv. generative. 

Jloţ otîJ rt, ^J.infancy; JLef câjf ]M 
infantile ways. 

Jlofo^i rt. ^. f. generating power> gene- 
ra ting. 

lacuXi pi. \1- rt. a\«. m. studious; a 
leamer, pupil; J&ct^o UftX.!& teachers and 
pupils, maştere and disciples. 

k-*jac£sl rt. &^». adv- as a learner, im- 
tativety, opp. lS.*U.©jf masterly. 

JiofecuXl rt. «a^*. doallity ; with ^ «wiio- 

cility, unteachableness, carelessness. 

]^\l^\Z rt. ţX*. adv. by birth 3 by right of 

JLW^tl or jloţ^r pi- Jlo rt- 1^*- f. being 
bornov be-gotten; JLV^^T ^ îs the character- 

istic of the Father and"jloţ^T |is>? lî^Lî 
d^K*i the peculiar property of the Son is His 

being begotten; birth 9 race, origin; )*U r 
Jlo»..JS^f native cotmtry; ţ& ^lo r ^ V I 

c*-ls-£ kwJţJe / r^m ofeastern origin. 

&-ML^» rt. â^». adv. with ^ ignorantly, 


JlcfauN» rt. â\*. f. knowîedge, skill; with 
JJ ignorance. 

*%& root-meaning <o wwZ 3 cf. JJfj p. 17. 

lament, cry rut; aaoo o.\ K \+('ivail and weep; 
Jis*ţ&e Jfcls* )tt\t^I %^Lj^ crying with 
a loud and bitter cry. Dbeivatives, Jl^», 

Ji^I rt.^Xâ. ra. i^e hyena. 

I^vn: often i^.nsi: or im; j^^.: 

or J&^:, also !^^;, pî. J&&T or J^I 
rt.^>!^. f. wailing, howling, shouting ; a skout 9 

cry, outcryj Htof Jfcl^U^a baitle-cry, shout. 

&& fut. ^CjJ, 1 pers. A^/ 5 inf, A^U, 
imper. ^C?, act. part. ^^2, JiSj, pass. part. 
a^I or <&*^I, takes^ of the pers. and'^i 
of the thîng to learn, pass. part. lea&ned, skilled. 
Pael A^rfut. A^)J but much oftener Aixî 
and so with the act. part. <&i£)o5a and <s&£& 


to teach, injbmn 9 train; U>is> u S & jfc trainedto 
war. Ethpa. <&£&?* imper. E-Syr. the same, 
W-Syr. sCş+tr to be taught, instrmted; to 
learn, to inform oneself Debivatives, Ua\ cu, 

Jj*J pi. ţ^axaiT, laS-vu m. the sea; a sea, 
a laice; \J& &>& the seashore, coast; Jj^I 
Ujv^? the Salt Sea i.e. the Dead Sea; hx£ 
\£i the Great Sea i.e. the Mediterranean ; 

glass lihe unto crystal; JJ^araJ? JocJ »,r\X /ie 
mode 2/ie moltm sea i.e. tlie great laver for 
the temple. Metaph. «cioacu**? Kacu ^âoi Jj 
tJie sea of GocVs mercies is not exhausted; 
)\ţ **ş * Zf ]^LZ a sea of hnowledge; ktt- 
Jocuil£? iA« sea ofdarfcness, i.e. Geheima. 

Ideu, U&+< and ^oSl, fut, Î^Ăp, inf. J^o^S, 
imper. v.**»" and i^ăJ ; m. wjscu, f. act. part. 
|uaal 3 ji^oi. to swear; to take an oath, swear 

fealty; JlaL^J-^ fc"M£ ^ ^^ $/«»& ?w>£ swear 
falsely, forswear thyself perjure thyself; 
Ui& JJo Juoa*^ ţ .y£ v io|i Ş swear not 
at all, neither by heaven nor by tJie earth; 
s£± aa&I swar io ww. Aph. u^oor a) to 
majfei swear, bind by an oath; J\§ ^H? u2 **°* 
to cawse to swear fealty to some one. 6) to 
caK to witness, to adjure; »)&u? o££ J&cu& r o 
adjuring him to stop. c) to exorcise; ţ*«&*f 

Jf JjL.^& ^»oj»ţ exorcists. Ettaph. usooltf 

a) to &e sworn, put on oath; ycuJX^ol^ 
JLoI^î «c&saoltsJ Zei 2/te faiihful be sworn 
on the Gospeh b) to be adjured; to be exorcised. 
Debivatives, juacw, ja^jaooâo, jlaxoca-ao, 

JJLsH pi. C- rt. jvi*. m. a) one who tahes an 
oath, one who swears esp. habitually or falsely, 
aswearer,perjwer. b) of or pertaining to an oath. 

fcfc&*, M**&I pi. J— f. Sfo npA*, esp. *fo ngto* 
fond, rarely with Z, U*s&£f o*ţ. £ fas ng/rf /umeZ 
opp. Jbcu» tfAe fe/fc, <&6 fe/i AaraZ; )lc&I? <*j?( 
ftfc rogr& ear; [uxt+ţ \Ă^the right side; U& 
UaJ&I? the right cheek ; \itfBu *ao on the right, 
on the rigid hand. Metaph. a pledge, promise, 
compact as confirmed by the right hand ; )x*&I 
)vt!^A-; a compact of peace; Ucu.» ţ*xu the 
right hand ofmercyi.e. strength or help given in 
mercy, ef. «I ; }Iojo*s? U»xu ordination to the 

priesthood^)t&oti>ţ \\+h \LjS& and }baâ 
are often used with reference to Matt. xxv. 33, 
li-v\r v* one who is set ai the right hand, one 
whois approved, accepted, blessed. Debivatives, 
kwU»w», ]utuax», verb ţ2*+, U^&^t, UiicuL 

^]U*a5l from eCft#. adv, from the right 
hand or direction; rightly, well. 

\il^, JfiLi-pL m. U_ f. JklL-from ^j*u. 
a) at the right, on the right hand or side; 
jHL^ w )lj^»3bo <Ăe deacon who stands on the 
right. b) judgedfavowrably, approved, righteous, 
blessed, esp. with reference to Matt. xxv. 33, cf. 
above : liloâ- Ji^o? conduct such as will lead 

to our being set at Ghrist's right hand opp. 

>^Tin> J^ao?; ^-*?o HMXa X i ţJfi ju-> 

) fcf"s{»AĂ loii. /ar from blessed courses and 

cast down towards those which lead to rejection; 
ffi^ T Jl^KJick gracious recom^ienses. 

\.4\^1 and )jCL^ r m. a hind of laice fish. 

ţjtxLxu, J..sLttu irreg. pi. of U&I ; see above. 

JJLaLȣ, )h^- pi. in- \HLsk =gul from Jw^. 
marine, maritime, of the sea; aseaman,mariner; 
\Ux^l U^^s» sea-green; )feL o a.. vi .+ jt'c£*-L 
a marine animal. 

.*£* denom. verb Pael conj. from )JLoâI. 
to to^e 63/ $e n^A< Aan^, to handle. 

\&s£ pi. oft.vfil, )ilacL2aI f. a lake,pool, 
swamp; U^c? j^ Ki . ^ salt pools. 

)n^ţ~ corruption of ),o«rv>o( a% alemhic. 
,cu»cia* ; see 

Ucui pi. J«L rt. au. m. a suchling; suching 


jiaeaii rt. au. f. suchling, giving such 

\&&xîL rarely \&c&ox* pi. )«- m. vcomo-kos 1 , 
a youth. 

toîJ or J3X»( fut. aaJJJ; act. part.^all, |Ai-i. to 
^wcA; U?i iJiuinfantsatthe breasi; ^-L( JANil 
fee sucked milh. Ethpe. JwLţf to 6« suckled. 
Pa. *aIT grfw mc>î; or m%7&. Aph. jxL/*Varely 
5o suckle, to give such or m#&; ţ*i2*/ 
&? ifeose ty^o g'ive «wcă, nursing mothers; 
)&ail£> JL««k4> w*t7di camele. Derivatives, 

Ui: or UiT m. JftUiT f. pi. m. H, f. J&L 
rt. oiirf- « suckling, sucking ehild. 

c c 

9 p .. 



- ;* 

ftsAAl or J&aJu rt. *ax 

lactation; j&aJu? Jla? the peri 

UJfcLalI, %*j rt. tftx*. fo „ # ... 
Jfcs*J!Sjxu of l^iao^ relationship by birth 
or fosterhood. 

asmin, jessamine, ^mjxuŞ U**^> 
jasmin oii or safoe. 

»axa* Aphel &&>&( to addj increase, be 
greater, do more opp. *-£ to subtract, diminish; 
^©oîfiO*X^- .cx^\ .a&flocu the fruit-trees 
sAaW yield an abundant crop; «a«a£? ţJo 
mie who 2>uts on more to the price; **o* JsLi 
J*2> ţj« jai£ >ami? Jl^a^oli^ jiifloai? why 
do they add in theology tlmt the Holy Spirit 
receives from the Son ? Adverbial use with 
another verb, again y more, abimdantly ; 
&*tm vi \ c&£o( they hated Mm yet more; 
]jlo &XO o ( he answered again. Ettaph. 
.aseollf to be added, to be given in addition; 
with *i^ ^>£ to be added from vnthout i. e. to 
be extraneous, non-essential ; to wax as the 
moon ; to be swollen as a river ; to inerease in 
volume, in honour, in riches, &c. ; âi»olli^» 
}++\S j**JS it inereased by Utile and little; 

Jkx.Zacf oj^Iiâ they ran and swelled iheir 
number frmn all sides of the city; gram. Hol/' 
^-4-oDoil^oj additionaî i, e. servile letters. 
Adverbial use same as Aphel. Deeivatives, 

^*?*m. for ^w|?^flDcu eccles. the seventh 
Sunday after PenteeosL 

Ui anei uSl fut. Uk, inf. UU, imper. 
u^I, act, part. \£Z, \!±i. to shoot, sprout, bvd; 
to spring or come up, grow as plants, human 
hair, birds'feathers; l>amv U£ ţ+ŞJznowwhen 
the grass sprang up; **£+} )£&;/ trees which 


hadgroion up; metaph. fel l&y* fş vu r f « v* 
JLa^ou^k, out of the Iove of money sjwings 
covetousness. Aph. ^JLoţio make grota, to bea/r 
or bringfortk as a tree ; to sprout or put fortk 
asfeathers; ^o .J*sLt/^o jo££7*lI»j& u£©{5 
ţ^L/ and out of the ground made tJie Lord God 
to grow every tree; (ooii |-^oi? fi 


9 y 

? r 


p*o before it 


they shall put forth wings lilce a dove ; Ux o> 
)kL»cÎA^to Jloa*?? Uwi the Lord will cause 
righteousness and praise to spring forth. De- 

R1VATIVES, lUA>, |xAo^ 7 jlp J»\.a3D, 

JuiC pL }£>* m. a quail, a sand-grome. 

JfcL£I pi. jl£~ rt. L**. f. a sprout, shoot, 
blade, herb, plant; Joo* jj£> jJ&aŞck Jlsli^ 
Adam after the fall tended thorny plants; 
metaph. a projection y battlement, parapet; 
J*cl*? II ^aJ SJ the battlements of the wall. 

Jl^I pi. )— m. tlie mountain goat, ibm, 

) wj&iL» and J .,mo,x rheum ribes. 

^£1 $ JLx^nT, j^ fj - v T avaricious, covetous, 
greedy, grasping; \Z& <s£ş?> \h£ )t^ 
an avaricious man stirreth up strife; jio^c 
JjjsI insatiable death. Dekivatives 5 verb ţ^., 

ţ.^ denom. verb Pael conj. from Ji^I. 

fo ma&e greedy, excite cupidity; . ooj^x ţ y>» 
yOo»^»f ^? ^pf^ yC u\ jta a J? evil passion arouses 
covetousness in them so that tltey take what is 
not theirs, Ethpa. ^Sif to covet, greedily 
deşire,. with^L, oĂ^i ţO/V V ^^> 
yCoOL\? ^2© «Ae Sultan coveting what they 
had with them. 

\s*\**Z from JixI. adv. greedily, gluttonously; 
J^-U^» ^aa-X ^£> J^j) o^,aj^ iA^y greedily 
seized their dues from the congregation. 

ca^I, Jiai^I from Jiil. f. avarice, wddity, 
covetousness, cupidity, insatiableness ; JL'* 
^oom»^? <Aefr insatiable bellies; JJ^L» 
JAooJ? {?ct^> JIviSnS sin entered tfte wwld 
through the enticingness of cupidity, 

'♦**- pL ţ*"> i mu a thicket, a tangle of 
thorm or briars; a sucker of a vine, a briar; 
often metaph. of sin, &c, J5<«o J«J briars 

root out the 


* i •* >* %■ 9 T. 


«Aomy growih of sins; JioialsSf j> 
thorny tangle ofiddlatry. 

\ÂZ act. part. ^Âi, rare for Ji^? «o 6o>fce. 

1^1 Peai, not in use. Aphel uSo/'' a) tobe 

oble, enough, suficient; \&f U„ Ij^oi î 

V 0eaufl ^4» v * 1 ' o»a»&*Cg the land wa» 
not oble io bear them beeause of their came; 


J»or»a»a& ml&£ «^*5» jpoor ?"s my tongue 
and wherewith shall I be svfficimt for thee ? 
b) to bring to an end, complete, consume, c) to 
come to an end, pass away, cease, fail, vanish, 
toane; uăo( JiJi «**/ it vanished Mke smoke; 
J k' y** Uâa& J> when anger has ceased; 
ţ*âo-i Jj? J^uqdco unfailing joys, pleasures 
which vanish not away. Derivatives, U*S 

JAi from rţnap (avctop) the liver of an ass. 
[Z£u rt. i&*. (rare) a baker. 

\ÂoJ* clear red> 

\&c\+ pi. JI- rt. e.*. m. a super intendent, 
caretaker, overseer, guardian; diligent, busy; 
) l£0 loj^n» %£? Mojl diligent in every 
good cause. 

\^)£ol rt ăj*. adv. carefully, diligently. 

v !s3©ti, JJfctso^, J&J rt. dj*. careful, 
diligent, zealous; an overseer, warden. 
jloJîsaotl rt. â-*. f. care, solicitude. 

JL1IT pL C m. ajoint, the elbow. 

and < 

»_* ttuu ia!--* ; see «a-». 

fc*.)>$LlI rt. -s-., adv. carefully, exactly, with 


t 4 _ -s* 

rt, a-., f. care, diligence, attention, 

r lu r 


seriousness; anxiety, gtcardianship / jLa&^~* 
]^_f|^^ v worldly cmxieties; Ja;*)5s* jl 
overnwch anxiety. 

-*_• Ethpalpal J Jir âenom. verb from 
)-*-.. to become a nation, to be propagated. 

jlJJ, jlT-T and JlZT pi. J* m. a jwopZe, race, 
naftm; )i*f> )U%* k&oc^ ^e oflowfamily 
and mean nation. Debivative, verb -•--. 

&5 fot. âjU, act. part. *p, k£J, pass. part. 
&JZ and «uţT, I—, Jfci — to be care/ui, be 
an&ious abotU; to tahe care, tahe pains, to mind, 
to be diligent, earnest, solicitous; voAţl* % 
^^î\ be not (mxious about your life; 
^- ©£&=>? ♦*&* ţ&'£ minding their Iwuses well; 
o&>o * J he wrote carefully. Parts, the form 
\&1Z haa the passive sense, caredfor, studied, 
sought out } exquisite; form ţsLlI active signif. 
careful, anxious, solicitous. Ethpe. ^j^si 

to fo sought for, caredfor, taken care of, attended 
to, studied, necessary ; )!^>? JL'okSoi *â'l*ls& 
the pleasures of the body are cared for ; aiC 
^^•^.Ă v-^o it doesnot matter much ; ^.Tfco 

&î£Jj*L let his needs be attended to. Paei, <& II 

to^e pains, attend to. Ethpa. 3_*L/ fo ta 
ins, do carefully; »owicLiIl^io^ «s-i/ 


too^ pains in their educatîon, instructed them 
carefully. Derivatives, ^o-^ 5 )^*^o-*, 

jî-Tpl. r Neo-Heb. xsx.propemity esp. towards 
evil, natural disposition; bent, inclination; 
jl-T iotam^w stubbornness ; ^i^>! oţiJ ^ 6en« 

qf owr nature; o»i J «âd !u? MJ^=> a maw- wAo 

does not control his inclinations ; o»i-* t-^»j* ^ 5 
covld not do what he totshed* 

t Âl or +&+( fut. fcDfJ, act. part. +s&, )t^ 9 
part- adj. y-Jăl, )', JL 1 ". to 6e 6wrnt -wp, 5ei on 
j^re, to catchfire; •s^V. W^=» wa-i^f Kjwa^a^ 
«.al Jlo ^<?re w^s shoicn to Moses a bvsh which 
blazedvnihoutbeing consmned; )l£i jfl^red- 
hoiarrows; o^L2) ^Ziu }J>*cu? o oi He from 
wliom seraphs derive brilliance* Metapb. to 5e 
infiamed, enkindled; to bum with envy, iove, 
faith, &c. Part. adj. burnt, bwrning, fiery, 

torrid, tawny; \^p )o« f*^ ţ^^ )^2> ^ 
cKd «o^ owr heart bum within us ? )So*~2> 

^.^âl parched with thirst; )l^âl uJo) the 
torrid zone. Ethpe. »A*i( to fee on fire, to 
btim. Ethpa. J&lf to be set onfire y kindled, 
burnt up. Aph. ^o^ to set on fire, light, 
kindle, bum up, consume; \ls& \&U ol" 
jlcoa» ţiîr^cJo come let us make bricks anei 
bum them thoroughly ; *So( ^ 

he burnt their city ; )»oaio y+ 
rny bones are vihite as if they tvere burnt 
Metapb. to infiame, excite. Ettaph. JiioLlf 
to be burnt, btvrnt uj>. Debivatives, J*aT, 

J^Ai, UfA*> JU**> JfC^-J 1S-I?CUX», )U?Cli^, 

JJaI pi. T rt. •.**. nx. a bwrning esp. a burnt 
sacrifice, burnt-offering ; \>. si\ »> Jffi- a whole 

\ls£ pi. T rt. t su. m.fuel, kindling'WOod. 


Y 0>CU* wOi> 

G C 2 



ii* * * * i. 

a fire, confiagration; jJli^X ]oo»l & sA«W fo 
burnt; )Lx*c» *•.*!* *Ae burning of the temple. 
b) firing,fuel. c) keat, infiammation ; )J*£u 
ţaoXţ a burning wind; Jfciil? jJ^jaT/ewr &eai. 

Ji*&t rt. yA#, f*fire, burning flame. 

j?c£&i, JL' rt. *&*. fiaming, fiery, fervent; 
)?cloÎ JJ incombustible; )?aal Joa^jl «Ae 6wm- 

engr nmâs of angels. 

K*îîacu rt. jA*. adv. ardenily. 

.f. fiaming, burning; metaph. 
pfow?, vehemence. 

Jwojsu or jycuai pi. J* vaKivâos, a jacinth 

or m&y; Uo^mdo ^^ioaao jijcuai a r^rf aw£ 
scarlet ruby. 

J«aa* or Jiaai rt.;ji*. a,ăj. heavy, ponderous. 

jlal or JLal m. a button-hole, 

•Ju denom. verb Paei, conj. from Uaa*. to 
stamp or imprint a likeness on a coin, to coin; 
to form, figure, represent, describe, esp. by 
similitudes, to signify ; *aiiocţ } JjLmPi i\ .cu* 
»4-^-? |oft& «a Aav^ JP*% ^^ ^ souls formed 
after Thy own UJceness; »-. *a,*,> ©££ ţ*7t9^a 
yJua^ao o££ ţ*?)«iL , ^o© aZ2 £Ăe Sacramente 
point to Him and all holy days are similitudes 
of Him. Ethpa. *iul{ to be stamped with 
an image as a coin, to be depicted, described, 
expressed; *^fluJSJ» |£J* tot*?©»? JtfccJL the 
beauty ofcomely life is described. 

h++l+J£ rfc. «jx». adv. a) wiih dijfîculty, 
hardly } grievously; u^ocL*! Is*l£jSl thou ari 
kard of Jiearing. b) with honot&r, reverentially ; 

rfc. ;ju. f. a) weight ; metaph. 
serious7iess, sobriety, dignity; lionour, rever ence; 
Jfcocw lo^fiu serious or severe anger; )iow5u 
Ji^o?? so&er or dignified conduct, b) heaviness, 
sluggislmess. c) fumitwre. 

m fut. ;i>jj, act. part. ;iu, Jtfti, pass. part. 

, J ? ji. a) tobe heavy generally metaph. 
to be heavy, weigJied demn, oppressed; to be 
heavy or dull with age ; tobe a bu/rden, burden- 
some, op2>ressive; o»i*\. «Ji* his tongus was 
8Îow from palsy; ^cualo y >£ yo^-ojo JJ? 


Itearts be weighed down with swrfeiting and 
drzmkennesa and worldly care; u££& l 

Jl^oo? )?Ă this place is wearisome to me. b) to 
be precious, rare, costly. 

Part. adj. a) heavy 9 ponderous ; deep, dull, 

âOOMjîi ţ^ « 5<o?^ ea heavy and the sand 

weighty but a fooVs wrath is heavier than them 
both; jL'ţvJS^ )fclx#v heavy or deejp *Z^>; 
\>k&. u vuSl ^w?Z o/ A^ar^. 6) weighty, honowr- 
oble, honoured; |^«o ţJu^Sai loot *^âl hwojid 
Moses was honov/red before the Lord. c) dear, 
beloved with'^C, w»o»a^^ joo» ^ăT? U* TJ t^SL 
a servant who was dear io him. d) precious, 
costly, valuable; )&f£ i^i's ^ l^aftA^ ]ttâl 
unsdom is more precious than goodly stones; 
]l*j^ţ JIv^ăT the precious tkings of the Church 
i, e. the Sacraments ; ^o^^» dearly, at a high 
price. Ethpe. «^a*L( <o be bu/rdened. Pa. ;xu 
a) to honour, treat with reverence; to worship; 




honour thy father and thy 

r* ■ 

mother; J>ai2^ iOfe^Ialj» ^e worship fire. 

b) to confer honour or public office; to bring 

gifts; ]oo* i Q* ao Uo«uaf j^ooţc» ^ q^tce of 
reader was conferred on him. Part. adj. 
Mfr apj ! ijaio, Ji^fto^ a) honoured, honourable, 
venerable; oio ;.q,*x> JXsi ))(| a sacrament 
so great and honoured; jşcu.v*o iJi» 1^4^ 
venerable old men. 6) precious, valuable; 
jlvvAdOo jlcuSţ valuable possessions, ILo^OQ 

)jl;Juâ o/ a valuable hirtd. Ethpa, «viuL/ 
imper. West-Syr. «aTI/ io fo honou/red, held 
in honour, accounted precious ; to glory, to 
obtain honour; to be adorned or jtww in honour 
of some one. Aph. ^o( a) fo waifee A^a^y or 
iJitZZ; o#-oo( .oo»lis3*sa*j» iAey Aaw wiaie 
rfwtt iAezr hearing ; \y&r> ofiaeţ he loaded 
him with chains. b) -wit]i%JL to be burdensome, 
wearisome; i^ooT )J *5/ <l *^jJL <^o y^oi 6e a 6or5. 

c) io pi^e honour, mahe valuable; to appraise. 
Ettaph. 4jooU( io be burdmed. Derivatives, 
]vuf 9 ]U*W and jltfiu, J^cu, Jj^cu, Jiaa*, 

jinT rt. ^u- m. weight. 
JîOi-cu m. ^ ioa^. 

|K(j£ and Ji'^/ rt. ^;*x». f. a bwrthm, cum- 
brance, belongings, family, children } little ones f 
foUowing, household stuf, baggage; ) £ST < 



» ooLvjBujIo v muSul^ waggons for y<wr toives 
and litth ones; oo^o yOoti^al ooâ ^ iAey 



fe/% iAetV baggage andjkd. 

o £ and o£»? cognate root to oi and )oi, 
fixt. ofrJJ, act. part. oll, Jȣ;i. io he or focowe 
^reai, io grota up, to increase in power or 
dîgnity; to be exalted, rise to high honour; 
\JJb JL2 & h*k&o hJ*& the plant grew up 
heaven-high; U^i i*SLJ» o*JJ kioj wow, 
Lord, Ut Thy power be great; u^o* o*m 

Zei 2%y nam« fo magnified; w^lJfcs^ k-W 
oî-»5 iAe phy sirian became famous and 
honoured. Aph. oW a) io enlarge, widen; 
f£^o90( Ae cnlarged Âmidj ,m*.m»o»^, o*o( 

LJoţjLi? Atf extended the heresy of 
Macedonius; b) to make great, raise to Iionour; 
to magnify, extol; Joi? ^o*^l£o } aSj& ^asiof 
emperors have raised thee to honov/r and made 
thee a judge; \l* ¥ ri\ *m2u ^iai my soul 
dothmagnify the Lord; Ji>>cu& the Magnificat ; 
ujţoo; oicu JsilJSo» Christ grant thee to be 
long remembered. 

Jl^Lco^ pi. \lm m. the jerboa. 

î2J, j?*-T pi. r m. a weZ/ or ia?î/c; 
• oom!**© v 00 *^^^ iheir pools and tanks ; 
metaph. tf^/ r yC&?*)£&> MLîo )r£ blessed 
toells are the divine scriptures. 

U©w rt. jat*. năj.pale, as%, &w"& 
J?o;l pi. r usually f. ajachal. 

JtoU or J>o«I m. a tree the sap of which is 
used medicinally, panaces, heracleum, feruîa 

lo*£, Jtoji pî. Jiosi rt. L**. m. an Aeir, 
inheritor ', maşter, j)08ses8or ; )t&o o«t*To*i <3( 
oo*)^i^D Ae is &oi& Aeir emo5 îord! 0/ i/&e wne- 
g/ard; ojlo^ fewo£? jlS*£ a Aoi&se iAe ovmer 
of which is dead. 

u*£, \L£ pL J* m. a month; 
afull month; \J*£ *+9 the new moon, the fir st 
of the month; }££<*? U^ Nisan, the month 
offiowers; )&&&&! 1>1«I iAe month ofharvest* 
The months answernearly to our own,beginning 
with tt-Z© or / ţ*Z*£ October, **£**£ or o ţ*t*Jl 
November, ]1£>JH or / *cui December, o «oii 
January, ^-^jw Februar y, iţ( Mar eh, ţm*7 
4jf>n7, ^i/ ^/«y, ţt»î* /ffne 9 Joaot' /«% 

« ., p- 

&l* AugM8b t *%.<£2±+ţ September. Debivatives, 

jian*;-», ls-U-^, Ul«^.. 

jicLw^T from w*tl. f. a monbhly cov/rse* 

îslUi^I from w*lT. adv. monthly. 

\1LL£ from w*lT. monthly; )J1L£ }.iA^cw 
a monthly reckoning. 

ULlS pi. }-L, same as J^jl or JcLZl m. 
a firefly. 

ULII, jlh^l^ pi ţ^-; Jl - £ <* hanging, 
covering, curtam, a teni, tJie inhăbitants of 
a tent, a family; j&wl y/ U »^ u*^o 
-ffe stretclied out the heaven lilce a curtain; 
Jt^Jo *^£? j^J^LZI haircloth tents; ^^f 
Pioi ^ JlioL^ U^?' 200,000 <ente or 
families of Turks. 

jjj^jols-^^ dim. of )jsm^. a Zeftfo ourtain, 

*tZ to be long; yll ^? l^c^â a dwarfoah; 
\ÂJl )JĂ > ^X l^N^xy o*i2 ^Xi dzscourse on 
this matter is lengthy. Cf. ţf( p* 2 9* 

H^» perh. a crocodile. 

i+^Z or *a*^.*I pi. J* Tătar. m. a royal 
mandate or diploma, 

&IZ fut. J5>)J io 5e or grow pale. Pa. ^ol* 
to mahe pale; pass. part. udU», ko*-o£>. pale, 
pallid. Eth^a. ^srZXi to become pale. Aph, 
fcOi©^ io mA f;afe, become or iwrn ^?afe; 
wojoă/' 'y&ŞoiMs face iwrnedpdle; toshow or 
become green i.e, to put forth leaves. Desiv- 

J3V*, f^o^T pi J* rt. *©♦*. m. a Aer6, gardm- 
or pot-herb, vegetable; Ji^î k&;* «oiZd herbs; 
\J^J )Jiil fresh vegetables; JoUwf K5^I 
medicinal herbs. 

JJa0*T pi JI- dim. of J^il. m. a «waZZ herb, 

*&£> \±&£ rt. «04^. adj. yellowish) pale 

\±£>J> rt. jdU- m. pallor, turning yelloto 
from ăiBe&m,blight,mildm; jatmdice; ablight- 
ing or withering wind. 

l£ fut. li)J, inf. U)jo y for act. part. see jlti. 
io 6e heir, to înherit; io takepossession,possess; 
U*9Î r lf\j oj^!il his seed shall inherit the land; 
.oiiji Jkoia»! \©ls* &^ V * lWW beencalkdto 




inherit a blessing ; [L\L U?^î U*>H o*îoU(i 

juiz&ţo ye shall take şxyssesszon of a landflowing 
with milk and honey ; JJ^ Lftf that I may 
inherit life. Ethpe. LlTii or lt»|i/% 6e made 
heir; to bemade to inherit. Aph. tte( to give 
or leave an inheritance > leave by will ; to divide 
an inheritance, cause to inherit or possess; 

î ti o (distribuie thy riches to thy 

•*y y « %. y 1 1 y i 9 K is y 7 

sons; wo»q12> uidX lf&x> J^J j&^a good 
man leaveth an inheritance to Iris children's 
children; '^sltsoZ^ ct+ifcJ oo* he shall caiise 
Israel to take possession ofit Derivatives, 
JULio», JjUcu, Jio^, JU-, JUt**, JjUcoo. 

Jl'ţ£ pi. Jlsi rt. Lţ*. m. an heir, inheritor, 
possessor; Jla^asDţ }l*i inheritors of the 
promise; o*IaoicăDj JLt* a bishop's appointed 
successor to the see. 

Jioi^I pi. Ji© rt. L*** f. an inheritance, 
portion, lot, possession, property ; JLoi*i »-aii 

fellow-heirs ; with -»^L io redeem an in- 

\jZ but pL Jj»I a rnaggot, hopper, a worm 
bred în salted meat. 

ctâj only used in Aphel aZoţ to move, 
stretch out, usually with ]i+{ and with o of 
the object and "%jL of the pers. to lay hands 
on, seize, steal, harm; >^;3l^ J**£ cxicf he 
laid hands on Tabriz ; ©*•!•£ oiof \ A 
ahzL* )l+jJL±Jî> if he have not laid his hand 
on his neighbour s goods ; Jţ./ w©soi£^. oajLo^ 
ihey laid hands on him, handled him roughly. 

\l£ ojJ pi. }L- from ^a^T. o/or belonging 
to Jesus, a follower of Jesus; )*•,*£ ct*I )-icu> 
Iove such as that of Jesus. 

^*-» not used in Peal. Aphel ^-Io/^o 
hold out, stretch out usually with )++{ and with 
o of the object or ^jL of the pers., j*&»f 
\^9 Jo^w ^5& AfioJo ojX#( SjHqj lest he put 
forth his hand and take of the tree of life; JsXo/^ 
JJ»..a£^, \2^& (o «♦*£ / will stretch out my hand 

andsmite ifieEgyptians; JiiL^lso o»£*/ &*°/ ? 

Je^aâJboo ),^\\^ **p£(" ,, ^& the destroyer laid 
his hand on the powerful and renmoned; J++1 

JLotih^^o J^ttaoJJ Îsj/ X,*,a& thou stretchest 
forth thy hand to heal and to do wonders; 
Jjyţolx ^ăLc^hebroughtMp; ţ*^*<a& Hj^ 

* y 

m y 

qoo^s t —\>hy\ */^y wldress questions to 

their supeHors ; o££js*©( J»j^*A^JlciaoA<s#2W 
him with an arrow. Ettaph. ^oU( to be 
offered, presmted ; toadvance. Shaphelx 
tomakespring forth,causetoadvance; )l 
U^^cla-»o fl t r\\r i }^*,qJq heat makes every~ 
ihing bring forth and shootup; l^ ţjxae ; U+io( 
Jo^/"la^ I^jwcml^oo the path which bring s 
near and leads us forward iowards God. 
EshtaphaIj ^X©)£a7 to reach forward, stretch 
forwa/rd, offer ; to grow v/p ; to advance, make 
■j)rogress, succeed, be ad/vanced esp. in dignity ; 

reaching forward to the things which arebefore in 
labouring unto virtue ; J.aifeoio joo» ^JLofcUsa 
he grew taller andstronger; ^jto]£*& \±&i o 

as time advances; j^t^ J 1 ^?? ţŞ* [<&**>&*& ty 

let him not be advanced from rank to rank. 
Derivatives, k^-*^», )»-^jlcuik or J^a,OCL* ; 

>^j&I pi. ju— rt. >-»-•. tn. the throat, guliei, 
windpii^e ; ^^Tf jţCIiuL medicines for the 

windpipe; metaph. J^S^^ y*^! i&*^ Ji^l^J?© 
ţocu* and that the throat of thy soni may be 
sweetened by the taste of our Iove. 

o&m! or ]&*T m.jasper. 

kJ, jfcsl eom. a) being, essence, existence; 
material, matter; with Jj non-existence, nothing~ 
ness; Jl£X Jfcll ţ ^ ,X ^%^} r He broughi 
us into being out of nothingness. b) archaism 
used like Heb. eth as sign of the accusative ; 
U*?Vo \L>U U )l^nt=> God created the 
heaven and the earth. c) tîie seif; with pron. 
suff. ^Isij *i>j££ tliyself; ojl^I himself; .om&J 
themsehes; o^îsî ;^^ 7«s ow^ 5o^; A*^. 
olisl beside himself cf. o»lsi^ i-^** possessed 
of freewill; ©*)&o Ic^J^i self-empire, seif- 
control; J& 1<^^JL selfdisdain; ^ \)&& 
ţ* ooj ^omI^^^ 71 ^^ 5007 ^ 6 ^° existence by them- 
sehes. Demvatives, U.^1^*, J-j!^ verbiV^. 

okJ" fut. oISsj, inf, oli^ or oLU, ituper. 

«ţ, parts. oC, Ulisi andc^&J, M^N.*. a) <d 
^'i <Zoww, &it, be seated, repose; to incubate; 
with Jb«il ^iL &c. to ride; with \&$A* or 
Ijsoaa «o tafoi g^; 3 embark; with U»9cu> ^£- 
on ^e fArone or elîipt. to reign; U*9&* ţ*^^i? 
i/^2/ w?/iO sei m ^ gate •=^jvdges > chief mm of 
the city ; with oJLsu «{ to 6e în one^ rigU 


199 OÎ**V- 

mină, have possession of one*s faculties. b) to 
rentam* obide, settle, dwell; toencamp; o^I 

/or a ytfar aw2 «a? months in Gorinth; tolie 
as snow; ţâ] *£*?' )î^*£ *C * % 
fourjmgers deep on the roofs. c) to be situated. 
Parts, a) •»& «ttM*0, situated, placed ; seiiled, 
inhabited; ftfcJftS U^? a oity t» «Ae ;;Zai«; 
ţit^î JfcX>> inhabited cities; see also as 
subst. below. 6) »=»-kJ *&fa?, sea«erf; Jl 

o«e iat/ M&e» Nur-eddin was sitting where 
thou ari sitting. Pa. o&I *o cause to inhabit, 
people, re-people ; pass. part. ofcLoo, p»k~o©, 
)l£=>î&oo situated, settled; with ^ uninftabited; 
metaph. «e#Mi composed, occupied; U*^i ©( 
J^I^o O firmly-set mind; \J>%S^c )J©o* 
a composed mind. Ethpa. +£llf to be in- 
habited, settled; to establish or settle oneself; 
to settle, subside; to re-establish, re~people. 
Aphel olo?'fo make dwell or inhabit, to emise 
to be inhabited, tofound; torestore; to place, 
set, keep, station, appoint; ^ojsLcJ ^J*? U>ao 
ihey shall make desolate cities to be inhabited; 
$J& JI^Z: ola£ )©&?' God setteth the 

solitary in a family; jl£l£o©J \+j ©2>l 
to taJce strânge women to dwell with, to marry 
strangers; )*ij? ol©?' to appoint judges; 
jy^iao^X ol©? y fo set on the tlvrone, make 
Ung; JJa^J olo?^o station a guard; » 
)&L*~ T %2 vSIqj» kings founders of cities. 
Ethtaph. ol*bll? to sojourn, settle, dwell, 
inhabit; ^< gl>LoLU»^ )\V 1w came to 
sojourn with us ; *&)o loX^^Af }LZ=> Jo? 
/ an insignijicant person dwelling'in Amid. 
Dekivatives, ^=>fc^ io&>> l^fc^j Jla»^-», 
Jfc^>fcJ, Jfc**£, Jolcco, U>toi, JUdUL 

i^hZ pi. *-" 11. rt. *&Js*. m. aw inhabited 
place opp. j£s*£. a dwelling-place, habitation; 

seat, site; Jj£>{? jo^I ©£&> w aB the in- 
habited. part of the country; ^oo^JS- «aa^c 

their habitation is situated • . ,; )ot lob*-» 
jlaa^ij #ta sea^ of empire, imperial palaee. 

&£, )l^C pi. H, ]£- rt ol^. a) adj. 
inhabited. b) subst. a^ inJwbitant, settler, 


?*r r 

\£%1 pi. J.L rt. oJ^. part. emph. = subst. 
aninhabitant, dweller; o^t^i? |io «oou»» ^X 
^fi wickedness of those that dwell therein; 
)Cd*j& wo&si dwellers in the desert; h=>%** 
\*%iţ UliX v oWt )o^ cimîl^ ttftfer* 
established dweUing-places that dwellers therein 
might have rest. 

\t&*%Z rt. oW- f- « J*w» °/ «j/oumingr, 

Jlslals; or JJolff rt. oU ft A»V, eacre- 

jlssfc^ rt oV-»- £ « ^^ of habitation, the 
habitable earth. 

ULo%S m. spurge, euphorbia. 

^£j, Jt.^:, Jl^^I rt. *15^. adj. a) grrm^r, 
overmuch, superfluous, surpassing, especial; 
]t»lS^ Jjacu* mp&rahwidant Iove; )i+^ IL? 
greater condemnaiion ; JlV»fc-* jla^ *& w >a wi«A 
emeoeal care; ]«#VJ }^ioct* wry wany days; 

^ ^s. K &» ju ^ v c&r «fi*r 

)XJI Ae j?J««id «Aem «ew «irnes 6e«er «fta« all 
the magicians; )i>^ U^i-^ imdue familiarity ; 
)L^Z \Ji». a nickname; pi. fem. emph. swper- 
jiuous or needless cares, words or deeds; 
superfluities; great or virtuous deeds; j^3J 

iLLjU» '^h&jSvf anxiety about needless things; 

' " ™ „ ^ , _ y .>• 

adverbial use; ♦*•* «-£« and ^au* *-&-* 

more or less ; J^a> ţâ t*^ sfc'S «o«» 
especially; **|«j» »*|m wore ani «ow; w^ 
Jis-,^ wkw* accurately, b) odd, uneven opp. 
)qjw ew». c) /ar o/, strânge; )hlSo p«aai 
.y. ăA 11 fr& g&a jb t, we are noi strangers and 
unaequainted with our law; »»o»X )Lt.k« io« 
Jliti^Eve became estranged from that garden. 

fc^.it»^J rt. i)S-. adv. more and more, 
increasingly, especiaîly ; tlie more, the rather. 

eUfrl, Jt'oV^ rt. *JS^. f. a) the best, 
excellence, advantage; oj-ţsl=»! y»f*« a &e«er 
wa2/, more eccceZZmf manner. b) abundance, 
swperfluiiy ; \£* }^[ U^! Jlo**^I» )og» | 
a man's îţfe consisteth not in abundance of 
possessions; e't-fcJ ţ& mperfluoiis, needless. 
c) secretions, 2»'oducts ; )1^j*mxa jj.os-5*- 
animal producte i.e. milk, butter, eggs; 
joio io*t-I^ 'was/e jrroducts, excrement. 




«fcJ, l^l^i, )}^c%Sbereaved f desolate^father- 
less, orphan; Al^lţ \£>%£ ]SjS my or2>haned 
children; l&îsZţ Jl^oi education of orphans. 
Deriv ati ves 5 verb «lS->, Jlaao!^- 

olC denom. verb Pael conj. from k&fiM- 
<o bereave, mahe an orphan. Ethpa. »J£*m 
<o 6e bereaved, orplianed. 

JL ? c£*fcJ from J^JsJ. f. orphanJwod, father- 
lessness, bereavement; h*>{ ^&? «loaolis* /«$ 
fomgr motlierless. 

fc^U^I from J&I. adv. o/ ttotf/, 5^ fa 


)iJtsI, J&o from Jfcli. essentiat 

JtofcJ pi. r ffî> « sfoei, roK, taSfat, cotfe#. 

i£I or *&>/, fui ii|J, împer. *l£J 3 act. part-. 

)&*. io 6e Ze/i twer, io &av£ ow a%eZ a5we 3 &aw 

profit, advantage; to gain, be gained, win } 

obtain; J&IX o*jl& ij£if y>^» i^< wfe'cA 

remaineth of ii uniil the morning, ciN>n». 
c»t£-? »^2> llţB they tooh up the fragmenta 

left over; Ko*? )J4sJ"° li&agfl ^ **$& o»l£^ 
JXJo i/*6 Ar obs won from the Greeks a quantity 
of horses and arms; il£I k^o ţ+ih Ji^J» 
a merchant maJces twice and a half profit j 
J?P? Jij-*£ ooo» o*$L*oandtheyhadgreat2)rofit 
from seeing each oiher. Pa. $]&* fo ma/ce io 
abound; to increase; ,»c^g» il&*J© ta^a&j 
♦J* Lo^ Jl the Lord wm&e 2/0 w io increase and 
abound in Iove one towards another; *l£* 
uoo o£L? ]o^m^ ţ^-vjo fe increased and 
intensified his sin 6y... . Part. a) *&*», J*£s-oo ? 

Jl>îs^3 grooi, excellent, especial, best; ) 
\2Lz>lf the finest fruit ; \lx+Z+l K*»? >l£-oo 
autumn honey is the best; ^* i îslsc *o^i( J ©t Jf 

y oooj» %oJs±iare ye noi better than they ? \j( 

jffetJjâ? }JU©/ .aâL»aJlf 00L / sfom> 2/ow 
a rnore exceîleni way; — )ji<a^3 o+2i Jow ifcs*so 
f t v\^m ^ he surpassed him in voealtli, in 


power ; a title of honour, j*k*o© o( O excellent 
man, PI. f. JţJjdo JllfeJao the most excellent 

things, noble deeds, virtues; <fc£if Jii'ls-lao 

.jj&tt^j; .ir^L.p .. .pas . ş *i ^r 

[d JL'cxâiâj <Aere arefowr virtues pertain- 
ing to raţional being, prudence, fbrtitude, tem- 

perance> justicej J S!s-oo ^i» ^*^J^- a man of 
distinguished virtues. b) from j>k-T. supjMed 
itrith a string, strung; Jl.9^00 j!s*£ a strung 
bow. Etiipa. >1^L( a) io fo mac& io abowid, 
to have abundance, abound, superabound; to 
be increased^ to grow in power, digiiity &c. ; 
to profit; o££ iîs^^Jo o^ oom&sJ io &m 
5/1 a?^ 5e given and he slwll have abundance; 

jtcLA*^ lifc^i/ ^ra^e abounded; Aîs^ii we 
increased opp. oil^Lf they decreased. 6) io 

e^cee^, ea;ceZ, surpass; Jţl£ao iJ^r^J A^ fi^aZZ 
exceed in wickedness; Jo^^lsX-Z^ ifcCll/ 
lli\a!oo Ae excelled in godliness and in 
leaming. Aphel ilTo/ a) io /taw over, have 
enough and to spare; to leave, let remain; 
iA^soij fr! r ef ^ Ae î^Ao gatliered much had 

nothing over; Jfici^? «^ iĂai ^?At"(5A £â fe/i, 
the rest b) to be ofuse^ hety), profit, advantage; 
to help, avail; $La& or flTo^JJjao wAai «se 
z> ii? ilT©( | ^*^> A« gained no advantage, 
Deeivatives, jj^ia», Uila*, ^V^, ^{^U*, 

)icuiîS-K^, Jfict. 

- if 

il^I, )>li^r pi. J* rt. ils**. m. the string of 
a bow, of a musical instrument; )>&•! **a5>/' 
oţ^ipLo o^ţja^ A€ jpwi a botostring roumd his 
neck and strangled him; JJ^^S? Ji^-T the string 
of a bow; a sinew; the diameter of a circle; 
a beam; jl£-oi? ]>lsl a beam of a Jwuse. 

i£? denom. verb Pael conj. from fcJ. to 
give existence, constituie, establish. 

r^AZnMXSn ,ÎJ» K'rio^ra 7.1 rffoo&K' £\£oJbt* 



foy&sa >iin^- r<&r^ A oaSkK^ KîAo >. 

Ă^_saA K^f< r^M*a.A^so relata ,is» •:• 




»d usuaîly thus written double when stand- 
ing alone, for ^,the eleventh letter of theSyriac 
alphabet, âao or sai? Jlol^iAe letter Ooph or 
Cap; the numeral 20, ji 21, âo 22, with a 
point yâ 200, ]î 201, 00 202 &c. In words 
adopted from the Greek ys> stands usually 

for x a- n <l ^"^ f° r & e - S ) icu ^ X^ ' %£0 1 ^ l0 

|i in Heb- and Chald. adv. of place here, 
and so found in the Jerusalem dialect and in 
Modern Syriac, but in Ancient Syriac only 
in compounds with »(> ^ } ţ& &c, as jJuiw 
hither, U» on this side, kence #c. DERIVA- 
TIVE^ \L>r, U^£L>i, ]&&><», k>*« 5 U\, u^&- 

)U for )\o, fut. flftj, imper. w^ 3 inf. jU£, 
act. part. )J£, Ji!i. io rebuke, reprove, chide 
with o of the pers. or cause ; with Jjf to f orbia, 
)3? o»fcoa^j> }\â in Ivis anger he forbade . . .; 

\&xL .oSo 1-?c£o ~te refoi&e i7i<3 Jews aud 

reprove the Gentiles; )U£ l^ilis*^ 00 !S«*Hî 
JljupL / rebuked him privately and very 
severely; \K£>\& ^ UJi justice reproaches us. 
Ethpe. wlşir^ be rebuked, reproved, admon- 
ished; ţ-|ăl^£> Jjseeing the miracle^y w€re noi 
admonisked. Pa. «15 fo reprove gravely, rebuke 
severely with o ; %*,]£> ^0^! ^pa J3 Aqr 
Tiave wo power to rebuke the fever. Ethpa. 
«loirfut. «loliJ and uIoIsj rare; pass. of 
Pael. Derivativei, )IU>, jl^o. 

o)o fut. o)oJ, act. part. oii, Jao, pass. 
part. &JS, JA-Io (rare). Cf. Coqnate oos. 
io ^am, /e^Z j?am, suffer, be sorry, grieve; with 
^ of the pers. and ^ or %,£ of the cause ; 
00»? U*^ J*lg o£2L oU mffering from what- 
soever disease; )&£**> u^ kLs my hurt pains 

im; uJUjC Jj^pi *» It&jS «rfw ey* «afc» 

fromfretttng; o££ &$ he felt sorry ; impers. 
.00^. l^)â d grieved them. Parts, suffering; 
grievous, painful; sad, sorry; o»la**io fc#ojj^o 
Ă€^' wownrf is grievous; .00^. ^Âa.oJ ^x.( 
■ oo ^mLj <7w«e wAo siQ^er ^rom i^e spfem; 
ţj&ftL ţ*al»a .J^i? U»oi a sorrowful spirit 
drieth up the bones; U^j o^IJi J**^ »^^ 
*ad 0/ 50^2. Ethpe. ââlif to g^roz^ *7wn or 
&an. Ethpa. 0^1?% 6^ /mrt. Aph. oB/' 
and oS(lo 7itt7**, grieve, offlict, pain; os>^S( 
U, ? cld j JJ* 04^. *7iey /iave grieved tlie Holy Spirit; 
act. part. m^> 3 jli^^, pass. part. oja.^ 
UJua^) or Uok^>, %»VbJb mk t sorry, suffer- 
ing ; U>ţo Z£\Ji£> mffering from illness ; 
\AB\Js> o"oi that sick man; ML.5 ţ^)ai 
auffering from headache ; •]Lom'!a J?« w« j^i( 

JI5C2JJL& e/".]^*.'^ <7tt5 Mttft is sich and 
tormented and diseased. Derivaţi ves, \^>\a, 

siekness, disease; ^viî^ţ JJ»)»2 excruciating 
pain; Jţ^I? ^J^ *^a fW» oftravail; \.*>U& 

io , %s Jiealing all manner of pain 

.. ; U^rolg pleurisy; U^fold 

elephantiasis ; Jo^ o^o dysentery ; U^hQ 
\Ji*xkL fever; )iL &\d htmbago; &L» o^a 
dysentery; \£j* l^lg smallpox; ^a^cii? }.2>[o 
ca?«c; ^5 oJ>5 headache; )&£ o^o |^©«fc 

Ua)^ pi. JL. rt. 0)0. m. painful 

Jj£4g pi. 1— rt. oU. m. painful; suffering, 

diseased"; \2fe\o JjJSo/ jwfti/W afflictions; 

JJJilSÎoo ]ĂI w ft* «e* a»d mffering. 



©*JCli>0 Ci 




JJ.5^ and JJ&S; see JLâS the ark. 

jiaiooU rfc. »oo. f. concealing, heeping baek 
property, supşyression of facts in witness ; 

.olS and yao n. pr. m. Saturn, the planet 
Saturn; chem, Zeaa?. 

H*U> ; see o)5, participle. 

ţ*i£ for ţS 500^ after. 

ţ*\& a fuller writing of ^g. 

i*lo or plo rt. *os. mftfy, heavy ; *\? 
A% *, Uî f/ie atr ?"s suffocating me y weighs me 

jJc^j£ = Jickcu2 a storm. 

hJo]& partide of affirioation, doubt, emphasis, 
derision ; forsooth, indeed, iliai is to say, id est, 
scilicet, exempli gratia; forasnmch as, as it 
were, as if in order, just as, just as if; ? k&\o 
so that; Jj?— ÎSj*U> although—yet; %J&\£ 
J£m2>^.c&JJ Umo^j as if a horse coidd eat 
fleshî )lV»î\,V< j£~ ţ? \*Jc\& as ifhe had not 
seen what had Kappmed. 

Ao or A\J> Tătar» ni. kkan, emperor, supreme 

ţjj[o, f. ţji§, JJ&îjŞ upright, right, just; t*u? 
oot ţ+\q my judgement is just ; ^i tiN \*o Jj 
ii {5 woi n#fo Zo my; ycuoţj )hJ)^X? tojudge 

what things are right ; ju^&4j^ ^ \fs ? *&> 

saying is not approwd by you, does not seem 
right to you; JJJ3 Jts*£ JI** dwelling amongst 
the just i.e. the bîessed dead; jj}i> are ranked 
next to J^oo^ the perfect Derivaţi ves, 

l^|j)^ from the above, adv. rightly, justly, 

cl4o, JL'cuţa or Jlo-io from J§- f. justice, 
rectitude, uprightn&ss, righteousness, Icuj J^g 
Jio*»cu^£» righteous dealing; l^pcNai:*; ji'ajţg 
legal righteousness; )Laj)gf U15 ajustjudge; 
U*? lcu\o just judgetnent; jlcuia^ of right } 
withjustice; justly, truly. 

}'J\£; see j£ a cither. 

&iq, \£\* pL ^Jj-2, |â)5 f. a «tone, -rocfty 
ellipt. for a «ftww «0RN^ column, idol, aprooions 

stone; )i|g%& yU? W* stylite is ons who 
stands on a colvmn; %*'& $>Ş deaf stones 
ie. idols; fiţâ Joo* he was turned to stone; 
J^J^S f^ifhe was stoned; &\q*%* <**£» 
he leaves no stone unturned; \$\o 'J* U 

9 4 

a roch-fish; )U=> **SJ3 hailstones; ^oi? *a)g 
chry solite; )UA &k grindstone, hard stone fit 
for grindstones; )&**£? M>)£ « whetstom; 
\L*h M\o a millstone ; ) $±Jx& \ l*\o a hewn 
or squared stone opp. )l ^ .j3Q ^Na>v ^ a whole 
stone i.e. wnhewn ; \â\S »*?£Â a jeweller ; 
Jlt^I or JfclS^ )^^2 precious stones; JiJ$ 
j^d^is»? 5^ne m «^ Uadder; yckja&X 
Jijo AS'mow Pe<er. Debivatives, ^ja^U> 

l^c^J^ pL f. |Jiwci9)5 from ]&U< *t&ny y 

lihe stone. 

K&k P 1 - l )&&\ă from W»- ad i- ^ one > 

made of stone; jlillâio uxLoJlâ — ^«^ — ^^W 

5<(me water-pots, tablets, plaques. 

J^iite, Jfc^J from tek>- siwy, roc%, AarJ as 


jlaoajg from J»aJ^. f. stony natwre. 

UjI^J^, ]liU from JaJ^. 5«o?z?/. 

>J.d act. part. i\o to vituperate (rare). Pael 
tîlă or »}o rarely >o|o or ^^ ; fut. ilij both 
parts have the same irreg. form iysxx. to re- 
proach, put to the blush, put to confusion, bring 
reproach upw%; J?cu» \) U*J1 \jJiLaD o»loL( 
o^ Christ's miracles reproach Mm who does 
not confesa Him; ojIqaaS^ i^a^oo ^a^ *5 
reproving and reproaching his wickedness* 
Pass. part. i).ajc for ijruo, JUJa» as adj. 
mi'sshapen, ill-favoured , xmsighily, rnarred, 
despised; j&o«;i> iiiâM» )LlMi an ill-favoured 

wornan; %o ţĂ lî)a^o .... Jk^iAco^ poor 
and despised by all* Ethpa. î\ol.( and >(pL( 

«o &6 ashamed, put to ilie blush, reproached; 
Ju» ilo^J ^? Ze^f we be put to shame; ^& 

oooj ţ^i)t5]Ls5o Jki\& they were reproached by 
every one* Aph. i\B(to put to shame, sentence 

to ignominy; ilo-Ai* >|a^God has put vain 

inquirers, i.e. heretics, to shame. Debivatives, 
Jiîc.3, Jiîocwa or jiooo, JUiJ^x», 

J>)^ m. a vînegar-cruet. 

Lijg for (jL^) l^g handwriting* 




Ji}£ or J&> f. i. rt. jji. reproof rebuke, 
cmmre, blame; }&**** ]\]â a feeble or *«- 
effectual reproof; jii^*! JtJ* S! ^ of the 
cmmre of conscience. ii. an uncultivated crop, 
tkat which grows ofitself; see J^o, jîso. 

JIJS f. a eZoi, Ivmp ofeartk; see J&>. 

yoUa Turkish a mltana, the chief wife of 
a ruler — jfcl=>* )kVs& a chief queen. 

^o denom. verb Fael cobi. from )i*B. to 
move to wraih. Ethpa. JLoU a) to be angry, 
indignant *%jL with or against b) to have 
excited the wraih of others, be detested. 

)^5 or )UB pi. JL'Uo f. the liver, tlw seat 
ofanger, gali, bile; )£»**& \i** Mtt&r wraih; 
) {>g ^& «©**-!» Ae sw?ote &w otrf of <mger. 
Deeîtaxiyes, verb »ad, U+**> U**^ - 

\jlzJ* from J£a£- irascible, irritable. 

U$lsJ>, Jl£J from ]^o pvrtaining to the 

Jjaao pi. J— »• a round cake l *Cu *^ ? o/ 

bread; it is larger than a jio^o. 

Uc^S or U«a pi. H rt. ^o. m. a) 

nightmare. b) j*U^ |lsâ*j ţ£&5 new 

cheeses i. e. pressed together from fresh cheese. 

U*rOââ rt. A^â. m. £fa storming of a town. 

JLoa£ f. cfomgr. 

HLr> usually pi. HAă m. #rcreme??2, <fom£, 
j/S&A; floft J^> cow-dung. 

J frf j . ^^ pi, J,il£Lo rt. ţjxâ. a) a Ztoo<2. 
i) a girdle. 

rt. u^frg* f. bondage, bringing into 

9 4 - 

subjection ; seif -control opp. ) l o^> o» 

%£s fiii%Qkaj g pass. part, j^Jib. to bind, 
fetter. Pa. ^*£S the same. Debivatives, the 
two following words — 

JUS pi. \L rt.%M- m. a bond, fetter ;*%£ 

fetters for thyself 

JLLd rt. ^ad. m. binding, fettering. 

+ r p i y ?> 3 < * 

^io or ţio tut. fcixaj and. 
^ act. part. ţ£o, pass. part. ^*^o, >— , Jft^— 
to gftrd <m, pw< ow with ^ioo sackcloth; U**s£t 

y.u-i.»v ? imper, 

»fc#f Islâo faith clothed them in purple; 
)ooojlâ — )Joţtt — |a» clothed in sackcloth, in 
fine linen, wearing a girdle; metaph. Jbo 
VâL A^kjaao ^tri with sad words and covered 
with mffering; U« ţ*io o^ţ^o Ac fcore mffering 
within, was mffering inwardly; ţ*£? U^' 2 ^^' 
thickdarhiess. Ethfe. ^>U toput on esp.l^w 

sackcloth; metaph. I^oio \11S~ ai^sif U^aX 
the heavens became blach with clouds and wind. 
Ai»h. ţz&r to gird, clothe trans. *in» ts-*jw 

my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness as 
with a girdle. Deeivatives, )lM^^> U^^t 

jjJLs or )Jio pi. \— rt. ţ*d. m. a) gffr^% 
on,putting on [&£>} of sackcloth. b) a girdle. 

JfcliAo or Jl^iâd rt. .ap f. a cZoa^, «Ae Aa6z< 

i.iu> fui i^tru, pass. part. ;*ăi, ) P , Jî» *o 
increase, abound UIxaSo jfcl^» iw wealth and 
2)osses$ions ; ycpAj} V?( wJ-» oo2f ^*-5* ^ s 
*coiIÎSolfc» v «^cJo a blesdng was pro- 
nounced on the sons of Aclam that they should 
increase and maliipLy in their generations. 
Aph. 'J*£>} y to increase, augment, mnltiply ; 
^a*I? )&ifc& ^2> o^oio c^L[ loaves 6rei 
aw^ multiplied at the word ofJesus. Deeiv- 
atives, )+*o, U »ai a» . 

i^o often written ^^ or i&r; when 
with ? or o prefîxed takes — or—* a) partide 
of doubt or hope, perhapa, perchante, doubtless, 
may be; ^a^ tyf unless perchance; Ui* 
v OoM^-? they may be, they appear to be. 
b) formerly, of old. 

]UJ> or ]U& i. rt. i&>. m. great increase, 

augmentation. n. = J*ao m. a bee-hive. 

JfcLI^iS or J&Iai> f- sidphur, brimstone; 
J&L»3? U-» </«« fi«wB ofsulphur; )&I*3 «^> 
mlphxvric acid ; soap or Zye from the ashes of 
planta, Jfoi»| J^Z^o /«Tfer's brimstone or 

JifcL^S pi. JL adj. from the above. sulphur- 
ous, ofsulphur or brimstone; \liUl^ U^ 
breast2>lates as of brimstone. 

$&î*â, )îsJ the same. 

D d 2 



Jjlţsxa from JfcLlao pi. ra. sulphuric or 
fiery bolts. 

jJLo fut. ^aajx?, act, part. *£d, \~*^o, pass. 

part. afcJ^a, ţi», Jls root-meaning io tread 

down, tread under foot, ojoa^o? l***Q( the 
path they have trodden, hence s a) to break up 
the ground with spade or pickaxe, to break in, 
subjugate, keejp under; oiiZ +£a Jj? j»j£ wJioso 
does not conquer his natural disposition; jl^o 
\ ^^y Q-^* ©*X*? he subdwd his curiosity 
in his heart. b) to subdue, bring into subjection 
nationSj countries &c, to seize, conquer, attack, 
fall upon; \^i^x=> *cu/'a^o lie compelled ihem 
to pay tribute, reduced them to the condition of 
tributaries ; *cu( jOj a n T? ^*j£o£lioo they 
make ready to fall upon ihem suddenly ; 

he sent forces to seize or stop the mountain- 
passes and to hold tlte roads. c) to take tnoney 
for ones own purposes, io filch, pilfer. d) to 
press Jiard upon, fall upon, crush to death, 
overwhdm as a flood, ruined buildings &c, 
k^fJJ oj2i A^âo JĂ£ao the ocean eovers and 
presses hard upon the earth. e) to crush in 
a wine-press. to inchle JL*=» in vinegar. Part. 
adj. d) doumtrodden i op2)ressed > subdued,8ubject. 
b) broken in, tamed as an animal, 05» **£& 
JL P cu J3 wfcL*i Satan as a Hon is ItMd in, Jcept 
vnder, by righteousness. c) subtracted, pilfered, 

Jooiy JJ 04 iii*âa m v*\ who has taken, pilfered 
all this money. d) pressed, preserved, JJil 
}ji2^ ^iJLÂaf figs pressed togeiher in a pot. 
e) astron. set between, intercalated, an inter- 
calary day, montli or year; J^**^d )&£ 
leap-year as having an intercalated day, opp, 
JfcLS* jl^ji an usual or even year. Ethpb. 
aSloU a) to be broken up, ploughed. b) to be 
subdued, broxtght into subjection, with JUCao,* 
to be reduced to paying tribute, to be made 
trihdary; JJL&oo*»? )♦■*( k*+Zl qarSoi/* the 
Edessenes were broicght under ifie poxoer of the 

*hP 7» 

Bomans; »A^ofcoc Jj ©iH^T his will is untamed. 
c) to be cruslied, squeezed in a press. 

Pa. ji£B to subdue, break in, bring into 
mbjection, tame animals, J* =m ;*> JLâa 
Ji^fj J&§ they tame toild elephants by means 
of one already trained; «^ado Jj? JJa^. an 

m y 

unbroken foal; metaph. io control, mbdue 
lisă the sdf \UJ* the body. Ethpa. *^oi/* 
to be thoroughly brokm in, suhjugaied, brought 
umder subjection ; 4*0*0 JLil&*** cu fc. a .OM his 
ihoughts were thoroughly under control. Aph. 
*JLal r to make lie down or sit down. Deriv- 

JjLsiS pi. ii. m. a) a wether sheep, old ram. 
b) sap of tlie mustard plani, c) the head or end 
of a bridge, d) or \JkAs a spindle. 

\Ăs>& rt. jl^o. m. a) an assaulty taking by 
storm* b) see ahove d. 

., Jîsfio^^ some vegetable. 

a) when, after; although, even if; 
because; while; c^ •£ when inâ&ed, although, 
nottoithstanding that; Jj — & although — not; 
+0 ţj£ from the time that . . .; )£âJ; wZ*- J> 00 
from the time that he began to preach; +£ ^& 
k*Sj£, from the moment she came in. «J> 
before the finite verb, and esp. before a par- 
ticiple or adjective, denotes present action or 
state wJ^>i( ? 5 while he was thinking; ju&a ^5 
while praying , in the act of prayer; i*mC *â 
bound, he being bound; ML*£o *B written, being 
written; <^+%Z +B sitting; uJl r B olive; JJ #i> 

J,s» &g{/7^ unwilling, unwillingly; ^J^i +£ 

■^.p Jj t^° U)ittingly and unwittingly. b) ♦© 
standing between two pronouns signifies iden- 
tîty, 00» ^o oo» m. wo» ^ă «S f. the same, * 
)^aJL=» o*c» *5 m ^Ae 5ame year; +£ ^*â 
fta o ^ ţ-*c+X ^Ăe fery 5awe words; +d o*x» 
J£^>? oil^ o/*Ae same 5o^2// o»«2SSh> ^ q»a^!x 
Jion\^>? touching this samekingdom. Cf. oo> 
and its derivative ji'cuSţiuw identity. For 

■* r 

o»o = ooj jO see below. 

o^o act. part. o^a ^o be false in word or 
deed. Usually Pael o^d a) to /i^ 5;^aA 
falsely, be false, break faith, fazi, deny with o ; 
with J££|ci or ]&Ll y y>i£, to be unfaithfd to 
God; ^#0 o»*tfca / have bem false to God's 
^mfĂ; U^as Jl'cojo 0J0 Ae wa« unfaithful 
to the Lord; ^s u nvv J^aSuJ friendsfail, prove 

these opinims 
are partly true, partly false ; &ţJLj \ A m& 
yQot*. oii shatt fail them. b) to aceuse ef 

false; ^ja» ţp^jo^ v , 

^ 7» 


m y 

falsehood, comict oflyvng; }ţ*i>*± 
they accuse true men of falsehood. Ethpa. 
olăi?* a) to be deceived, violated as a vow or 
promise; ţ^Ll"^^! %■& because w viere 
fzdse otkers were false io us; &&. e»fi>t< U**& 
the oath was violated by him i.e. Jie violated, 
was false to s kis monastic profession, b) to be 
proved false, convicted of falsehood or perjury, 
Aphel to mahe to lie or be false; %o & i ^X o,» 
«#c*oîo$a^ olaJs ,oo* J£a3 tkeir doctrine i$ 
ntad and makes its preachers false. Deriv- 

*£, \J>lB, jts*U> rt. o*d. a) lying, false 
as ]&*>o^> an oath, )}&>&> a speech, Uo» 
a spirit, ULszZ a report; Ji>ţă U^» fa^ e 

_ fit 2 *y ti 1? 

Ghrists, pseudo-Messiahs; oo* 0*0 ^â( et'^n 
if & be false, b) a Har. 

k*s\Ll£ rt. o*s. adv. falsely, mendaciously . 

)l!od«£ rt. o»o. f« a falsehood, lie 3 breach of 
faith, Preachery; )L'c&£? HâjT lying prophets, 

oti contraction of eo* J> d svMces, is enough, 
sufficient, more than enough; ^ o»5 t< sw^ces 
«5, ic aZZ we watt*; , ^&iMo £? *-*J( k*^L 
oii JtWU ^>l!o thereare ihree which are not 
satisfied, and a fourth says not, enough! 
ţ^Ăf oţ£ enough ofthis; »l£> *fiL oJS ftave 

enough, leaveme; ydîa^ — ua^ o*o J| are yow 
no« saiisfied ? is it not enough for you 1 saîd in 
remoxistrance. Sometimes added for emphasis, 

cf. 00» ; \Uo£ Uo«* ©^ )©<» &■*£ °t* ^ e ww&rf 
being of enlightened understanding, possessing 
great perspicadty. o^-oo sometircies closes a 
paragraph or narration, thusfar, thus much and 

no more, enough; \â£l£&* U***> Jji — JlofcJ Jj 
oţoo the nome of the patriarch only shall be 
recited; oio *#o*oţOi*^ii only and solely ; 
o* o #j£> or oJa& at Hiat very iime, even noio, 
already>for sometime; JS**> 0*3 <io? cw a » > f 
£ i/iey found that he was even now dead; 

already gone forth from God. 

JLouZd rt. %«a. f yoking, coupling, joining, 
Jj^3? jl'oula yoking to the plough; iouţo 
U,c£fc^ Jlmâ «;£? jll «£e coupling oflife with 

passible flesh. 

]Lot*ţd rt. t^. f. feeblmess, weariness, 

ţ*a fut. iO^aJ, act. part. ^Io, Mw» 5 pass. 
part. fc*£o, U-, Jfe^-. <o yofe, couple,join, bind 
J£Jl=> or )w J^iL <o «Ae y°^ e » li*** 1**1? if* 

o^JU? Ae saîrf, harness, and ihey yohed oxen <o 
his chariot; metaph, to bring into bondage, 
subjugate, restrain; \isxm* \sh-a oj^o they 
put their shoulder to the plough; with )iV. 
to compel to pay tribute; \% &&& > W*S / nave 
restrained my vjords; Jfa^ cuZo they formed 
a comj)any walkîng by couples; qj+q )Lojb*a^ 
j ^^ N y tftey yohed the simple to the priest- 
hood i.e. made priests of the unlearned; with 
JlAa^.I — )£eţ*&? IUI* to bring under the yoke 

of bondage, of the cross. Pass. part. J4?** ^f 3 
yohed in couples; )l^J-*Z^> JL'aXl* draught 
animals; metaph. )l P o#^^ ^ . ţJl* enslaved; 
)1 V 1 v?a ţ^Zo enslaved by greed; îs**»t ţ^t 
ţi»a^ij ^0 6e subject to the lato, under the law; 
with ţi£ joined with, united or coupled to; 
Jjom^-^ )o<m t-*Zo? jijL^a SnWgre of boats 
lashed together on tJieriver; l^^^^^* t^*? ? 
)>c6j a thronc io which fi&ry wheds are yohed, 
Ethpe. *Ifli^a) ^0 6e yohed, bound, harnessed, 
subjugated; metaph. with or without )U ; 
with jCaJ^OA^ io be brought into subjection; 
with Jfc£j^2ft*-l£a to be reducea to slavery, b) to 
be coupled, yohed, joined S^Jx^te or jLosialo 
in marriage, Dbrivatives, jLoi-»^, U*o 9 
)o?cid or U>?co, Jjj^ofcoo. 

Jjţo rt ^0. m. yoking, bringing under the 
yoke, subjection, mbjugation. 

Jjţo m. Jko^o f. a small narrow-necked jug, 

&> fut. ioţ^î, act. part. ila, verbal adj. 
uZo, r, l£ * 6ecome wea^ ? «tcH^ or wcary, 
jJo*> ^» ifO he xvas wearied with running; 
j£-Z-r> the infirm. Pa. ilă to mfeeble, 
i&t*Uyt %/o&& «iflj thou hast enfeebled all 
my senses. Dkriyatives ; )lmt*f» 9 JUi^s. 

JiViţa rt. i^o. f- violente, wickedness. 

op Aphel op/ y io biwriAfl ow* wind or fire, 
it> sigh. 

r 5^, H*^5, )J^^5 IMy abundance^ 
opulent, rich, prosperous, flourishing ; \^J V 




k»o*d^ lsLo*o a woman of a wealihy family ; 
ji*©,5 )i&*> a wall of great strengih; U**> 
\Lo& entire peace; }l£Lop \%*> prosperous, 
abundant or fruitful years; with o abounding 
in, full of USoa* \L*£ a city rich in de- 
pendent toums ; UL*< o » o JJ <*■&=> ^ o o» Juu o*s 
the city was given up to evil and impiety; 
Uk±&> ^u^o ^oT? )!^?6r the varîous 
confessions whick at the present Urne abound 
in the world; JLol^p )X»oP? u»;3 Per aia 
wkich is full of given up to, Mohairvmsdanism. 

jiauo*£ pi. Jto from the above. f. abundance, 
opulence, affluence, prosperily, well-being ; 

\^ p AskK< ) VÂ l! Zl* wnrldly prosper ity : LoJUsP 

J» y^v. an abundance of ' monasteries. 

yoio, Jjo*i pi. ^", £■ m. a priest; jl+* or oi 
JJ&i a high-priest; JJc*a «JL^a Leviticus; 
Uopţ ^P A-gyo commentary on Leviticus. De- 
eîvâtiyes, verb ^hO, fc^^o^o, JIojojo, U>c*s ? 

• o»5 denom. verb Pael conj. from %o*o a) io 
be or serve as a priest, to fulfil tJie priestly 
office, minister, offer sacrifice as a priest, y+( 
coo* fcjJojjkao J^ocf^aj they fulfilled tlie priestly 
office aceording to the law ; MJo»a^>? \aJo» 
U*j&; Ife^.v^^ those who minister as priests in 
the house oftlie Lord; alai» II cuoj.o? Jliiia 2&e 
ignorant when made priests did noi obide in 
their ministry. b) to ofer up sacrifice, with 
J?l^ to celebrate Holy Communion; iJs? 
\lxLo'i to ofer up spiritual sacrifices. c) to 
serve, minister said of a deacon, a preaclier &c. 

)tA^o( Jto/OiO ©oo* ţ*jQt&j&9 yOJ« those 
who waited on the preaching of the Gospel. 
d) io appoint, set up, tnake a priest. e) con- 
nected with jo*oti> to abound in ivealth; enrich 
or aid with wealth; \>£~* £** Jia-*©» v o»a*p he gave 
abundantly to ruined chu/rches. Ethpa. % q»0m 
a) to be offered in sacrifice, immolated, conse- 
crated; \jLJ> *%JL ;mar> yc*5t( Christ was 

offered up in thefiesh upon tîie iree; 
.©plioi? consecrated Eucharistic bread. b) to 
be consecrated priest. c) to be administered, 
performed. d) to grow rich, abound, flourish; 
£Ifc2** |»L/'e« o^ v o*SLf l aU that regim 
abownded in Syrians ; jo&f îs^-t^> %^o£u( 


she was compicuous for her piety. Aph. y« 
to offer up %»&%& a sacrifice; to consecrate 
the Eucharist. 

I^JJojd rt. ^op. as a priest, in a priestly 
manner, sacerdotaUy. 

]ic£o,i rt. yop. I a) priestUod, office or 
dignity of a priest, Jia>©ji? ^ the priestly 
order; JL'cujoj-a to!»l ^ high-pnesthood ; 
Jiajc*D? jţ./"^^ — idok Ae gww, Ae received, 
ordination to the priesthood; jlsxjotâ %+ l +t & = 
JJoP 2sX*Z^3 Hierapolis. b) coliecl the priests, 
the priesthood, clergy ; as a title 3 

)Uo*d ? )liU rt. *op. belonging to the priest 9 s 
office, devoted to sacred purposes, sacred, holy, 

\9 4 9 

consecrated; Jj£Juc»i )L&!£| prayers which 
might be recited by the priest ordy ; ^Jop »**> 
high-priesUy, pontifical; p^s )jUo the sacred 
vessels; JJsiîoP ltC^|o t&s sacred scriptures; 
\ljoiO \JLx>9 the sacred evening i.e. that on 
which our Lord instituted the Holy Com- 
munion; )ufcX? JfcLJ<*o jîs^X ^e JB^ w;ee^ 
of the Passion. 

cîs abbrev. ; see \A>&s. 

]oi, jl'co pi. ţlâo, Joi f. «w opening, 

apertttre, hote; a) a winăow, lattice; J]£a^j£ 
* y^^fi o**o5? an wpper room with many 
windows; ]fco>U?I <-»ol5 openings in the sides 
of tenis; }- w ri JaS i/ie windows or sluices of 
heaven; JJooi Jao <7«e windov)s of the mind. 
b) a pigeon-hole ; ţ*oy'l o r\\ t JJcu ^»( ^Zi3 
theyfiy as doves to their %vindoio$; i.e. openings 
in rotind towers. c) a recess, hole; Joo» ip|» 
Jţ** }da^ he placed his books m a recess; JL'oa! 
]J^»dj3ţ )5/^e recess or cupboard wîiere the holy 
vessels were placed. 

jcLo pass. part. Jo-o. to sear, cauierize; 
*o©*Uiîss mod having seared consciences. 

Pa. uoi io cauterize, brand, scoreh; } 0.020 
yOOiX^Jo )^a>{ <Ae physician cauterizes their 
hwris. Ethpa. «»o£1( fo 6e scorched, seared, 
cauierized. Derivatives, i»ad, ] Leu 00. 

J4joâ also spelt U^>U> and J^oa. Pers- 
Khowaja, maşter, lord, sir. 

Jf{o*0, j^îocwa or Jlod!a rt. $[o. m. «Aame, 

reproach, disgrace, dishonour, ignominy* 



t&ao, âo fut. o&&>, act. part. ^U, i^^ ? 
game as o|d. to/ee£ fwst» or sorrow; o&j 

* J * o££ fo ttnS wmw wt*& ihee; **©©» <^i 
Jia£ o« +& w>©*a£L& Aw e^s smarted, aclied, 
from $o much weeping, 

cao, U>& pi- J£ao m. a thorn; laao 
]i^To iAoms and briars; }£&; }jo< k**f 
ZaucZ bringing forth thorns; U>& ^X coftora 

n * J P* * I * * 

wooly cotton; proverb ţ**+& ^u»a-*^> joas 
- ofco/ ye foaZ oiw sores with tlwrns, iouch a raw. 

DEEIVAT1VES, JXSOO, Ui2>Od ; Jld*l2>ClD. 

)icL> a cup, goblet, vessel; \Jb\mS ^sas 
a sz'feer goblet. 

ţjoctâ pi. )I- from U»ao. m. a tAom. 

Uiiab, ]&J pi. m. UL. f. jC-from Ua£>. 
o/ ffiom, thorny, bristly, prichly ; ţ»ţaaâ 
\pe^OAD rfieir branclies are thorny; 1^9 do 
|jL^o fcJJ-2»& JL'cLJ* dl* hedgehog is an 
animal with a priMy skin; metaph. bristling 
with difficuliies. 

JLoosod from ţs>aa. f. thorniness; pricMy 
nature of a thorn or tliistle. 

*£<&, Ui>oo rt. ASkO. m. a) breaking up 
or ploughing falhw fană. b) subjection, subju- 
gation; )i^i of the body ; U^j *£<& seif- 

\J^<x0 pi. 1*2- rt. ^afl, m. a footstooT; pi. 
s^ow^ sedilia. 

jţcus iu. haemorrhage after child-birth ; 

]uL?od 5cwr butter-milk. 

&?«& rarely Ji?<& »- )&?<& f- pi- m « 

JlttîîM rfc. v *a. a muie; ^L 

>&*& JJLifao ţi <fo^ brought 
water on the hades of mules; Wfao c»Ag> 
niz«# a muie; metaph. f. a mofe mound; 

nwfeff over against the city. 

jif căo pi. f m. <z vulture, perh. iAe Bgyptian 
vulture, in size it is between a im£>to and 
&>? r ; )5?oo? J^pţS ^own# mltures. 

jl'?c&>, cf. )?&©. f. a tvoman lately delivered; 
a midwife. 

JJo»ao or misspelt Jj^ocid pi. 1»— rt. yep. 
m. fAâ priesthood, the sacred ministry; the 

p y- 4 

lit'wrgy, celebration, coneeeration ; y« 
\jo)&o all the priestly officea; )){>? (ootab <ft« 
administrationofthemysteries; ţiotdâ? ]t^âJ3o 
i/ie Gospel of the Uturgy; l*âoy? jJotcu? t7ie 
celebration of Eoly Oormtmnion on Mavmdy 
Thwrsday; consecration of a bishop, hence 

patriarchs consecrated with due form and 

Jjods or Jjţoao pi. H. rt. X&3 it a wam- 
ing } admoniiion, correction. 

Jioao; see Jfloo sAcrne &c. 

joi> fut. laaî, act.- part. J«ao, )5oi ^o sArmi 
with fear, shame or mocîesty; a) to quail> 
be timid, afraid with ţ& ; — )a£ — jioi ţ» 
IJL^-o^b — U^> it) shrinkfrom death, torments, 
fromjinding fauM, at tlie uproar. b) to shrinh 
from admitting or believhig; to abhor a heresy. 
c) to be shamefaced, bashful, ashamed, Jos 
• ooti^tt he was asJiamed ofthem; «V^w? ţ^o 
Io o* Jao ojjĂj^î he stood in awe ofhis name, 
Derivative, Jjqd, 

))Lq rt. Jo^. m. bashfulness, sIwinMng 

jcăs, Jîoo m. a narrow-necked vessel; a liquid 
measwre equălling the fourth part of a bath. 

)SS&* Ar, m. shivering. 

♦ioo, Jţick rt. «a*o. m* reverence, modesty, 
shame; ţ^ab )J! shameless. 

\$J*& 9 JliU rt. f*o. modest, shamefaced. 

JUab Ai\ m. itoAÎ, stibium a prepar a tion 
of antimony used to darken the eyes, 

JUco rt.%*o. m. <Ae vm ofhohl, applioation 
of kohl to the eyes. 

\i&D pi. I^oă rt» Jao. in. branding; brand- 
ing-irons; metaph. burning reproaches. 

JLoLqo rt. Jos. f. penitence. 

^..cs Jiawng tJis lower eyelid weak or 

JL'om-S^ or JL'qmcS» f« tcea&jw* o/^/ee ^o^-er 

JLoâ, JLclS, JJ^S or J)o*3 pi. )^ f. an arh 

esp! » ar*/ H-^ ^ ^^ ^ MBW 
owi o/«7w ark; Jiiicfe? JJ.&5 </ M ari of safety. 

ţiato, laicii rt. v cu> I. m. constitution, 
disposition; occwrence, chanoe, luck; ţjuaaa 



fortuitous, by chance; Jo^oSi [iloo a wondw- 
ful piece ofluck. 

U>cJ> or Joao uame of the ancient city or 
the site later occupied by Seleucia and still 
in use ecclesiastically as the name of the 
Patriarchal See, also for the suburbs or district 
of Seleucia; }3cS? JJj»*ck the See ofCucha; 

Church of Oucha> mother of Seleucia and 

\!LicZ a cornet ; \. 

•n - ¥ 


¥ ¥4 


q5, |^dq0, )&xooi> pi. m. ţ^oaS, J^oco 
pi. f. Jft&r⣠usually m,, f. the planet Venus; 
a star, flanel; )»**« lâao&arjţflţ — J^âA, c*oao 

*Ae morning star; ^âO0|^Sk|»t! k^saS a Zcrnce- 
K^6 sfor i.e. a cornet; US^ JaSoS wandering 
stars, planetei jiiL^ jcLo^o nebula; oiiao 

an- astroîoger; 

metaph. ©»»?? JjLooo $e star or shinîng Ught 
of his age; an asterisk usually ţjaaootd; 

^Soo denom. verb Palpel conj. from I^ldod. 
a) io «todJ or cover vnth stars; 
)l&a5ci aao a starry circle* b) to marfa with an 
asterisk. Ethpalpal <â£a£lf 2o becomea star; 
o5o©U? %a#5o/'0n7wi U'Ao became a star, 

jjaaâo£ pi. J2» dini. of J^seo m. a &#fe 
«iar, asterisk. 

m, somg unclean bird, 
perii. <m 0u& 

%*S5al> contr. for *^-3 o£a£ <%e planet 

\HLdq£ pi. JJL- from jj^ociD. adj. m. stellar, 
of stars. 

Jî^ooo pi. )j&— f. # sudden storm, tempest, 
whirlwind, snowstorm, sandstorm. 

J&b£o$> same as )j£^oai f, a barley calce, 

^oo, ^>£ not used in Peal. Aph. %-^/ s ' 
to mete, mxeamre esp. corn. Ettaph. VflU/ 
to be meamred used of superficies, quantity, 

extent or time; U*aJL? )^<ȣ=> %~gUj*! 
J*e*xa?o time which is measured by the emir se 
of the sun and moon ; ţ^A^oU^ JJ? I^J 
urmeasured mercy. Deriyatives, %&, IS-JLo, 

^ao, Jloa a fuller form of %â aW, «fo *fo. 

JJoa; see j^oă the arh 

l^Ş effj or )^N* pi. £- m. art aa», hatchet, 

J ^V^ QQ m, a worn pathy a rut 

\ll\ tf* pi. ţi. m, a foufel for carrying 
grapes to the winepress. 

u^w x°H ti** b % e > gaU=Byr. JtVi 

jiL<&, JfcL^ck pi. ^OO, )fcllSdi> f. <fa 

hidneys or reins; jJiC^ao l^«o thejlanks. 

Ji'cu^ci^ from^o. f. entirety, completeness, 
all; JLalaSo jl'ci^ao the whole and the paris ; 
oiisJz tcuiiaD «j>L wif^ ftts ew^Ve househoH; 
o»l a^ oaa> iw tto entirety, altogether. 

^iiao, Jbicto rt. ^5, B3. crowning, per- 
fecting, approving, adorning. a) the ceremony 
of rtfi£n0 crowns on the bride and bridegroom, 
a toedding. b) the crowning of a conqueror 
esp. of a martyr, «fte (Zea^7i or convmemoraiion 
of a martyr or other saint ; J£ u ma>? Jl^oo 
crowning or martyrdom by the sword; )%\S» 
o£&£od? the festival of his receiving the crown; 
ţ*I;j&? — )u^-"-N ft-f Jl^ao <7w festival of the 
Apostles, the translation of the B. V. Mary. 

JWUt&fifcâ or !^d from^o. adv, wholly > en- 

tirely, altogether; totally; on the whole. 

J&&, Jii^c&, )kU- or S from^. adj. 
entire, total; general, universal opp. j]^*j]S-L3> 
particular; jli^cuP )iJo ■ nfi 7 cornmon or 
universal temptaiions; \*£Lo \*snZ the ocean; 
eccles. catholic; \ * j.Kcud 6( |-o^lZ^3 f^e 
Pairiarch or Catholicos. 

]lo*A-^c>g or jioa^fcp from^o. f. <Ae e^Ăofe, 
aZ^, totality ; mtirety, completeness ; )Lax« 
jJo^f tOo»lcLJ^Lo </i6 5ea w <Ă6 gathering 
together of all waters; Jj^^o*? jiVni^cfi» 

absolute power. 

)^cu> pi. of oL\a A&olt/. 

U^ota from )>a,\o> calcination; mUL&XJ* 
JlSO^Jr calcination of earths. 

«O0 ; jai fut. pcău, act. part. «|a rarely 

jxTJi, J^Li usually with ^jL ; root-meaning 
iîo coz?er wp, concealj hence «) <o ^:^ep, Zay 6y 

or reserve secretly; to heep oneself close ; to be 
reservedy heep silent; «1d âf^A^ Mua - iA6 
tw«« man collects and keeps reserves; «]s Jl 
o»J^ju£ ^o f^e sownd of her songs is not silent; 


tongue shall not keep silence tonching my 
faith in Thee, but cf, e below. b) to take away 
privily, appropriate, used esp, in colophons of 
secretly taking possessions of books. c) to lay 
hold secretly \ fall mddenly upon ; ILoso ţo 
ţ+Z<J* *%£> %£ deaih laici hold secretly on all 
flesh. d) to make a fraudulent use of, defraud 
of, refuse to return or make good, to deny 
ţ iŞv ftl^/r deposit, Un\cL30 a 2>romise, \5J> 
the princijml. e) to refuse to give out in due time, 
to keep in or mpjrress till the thing is spoiled 
or eorrnpt, to fail to produce as the earth her 
seed, the womb a foetus, a tree its fruit : 
metaph. yS^j]* ^jSLâ ^\M*%JL ifyesup* 
press conteniion; ^S^ «cux> JJ .;^M? w/\^ o» 
)£«* ^ )$X} y grant that I tnay pass over, let not 
the, diffîeult place engulf me. This verb is 
sometimes confused with jxB, U&z, and ipi r 
DeeivATIVES, jiaaDoJa, )jaocud } ]lcu*da*s. 

o^Daa chemistry. 

^oaaob pL o*iai> ni. x^s, chyme, humowr, 
juice, \%S£ Mo/" o»co k^sf^there are 
four hwmours or fiuids in the body; ojsooo 
)JLV& bilious lumours ; jJ~ «flooLacoa the blood; 
)îj.§ţ oS»od thejuices offruits. 

}hc& pi. J* rt. i^so. m. a jprz'es^ sometimes 
opp. \SoJj a priest according to the Mosaic 
Law; ]t»o5 ***f or oi a Mgh-priest ; ]IS^*]j}o 

j^jsoos? hieroglyphics. 

JLolâooo rt. tiOD. f. priesilwoâ; Loi-aoas 
dDţj-A^i^j& fl^ priesthood of Melchisedeeh ; 
jL'ţJ^j ]Lo^âood IqjuÎ <Ae episcopate; k»J£ 
Jlo;-»or>? the patriarchal throne. 

Jit&odk, JiLL. rt ^»s. priestly; )J£^^d 
jfclitLttdo hieroglyphics. 

)L'^ood pi. Jt rt. ^xd. f. a priestess, temple 
keeper, one having charge of a holy place or 
foZy rites; Jluoda Jj*> deaconesses; jtî-aooa 
)lsXofcsj> a ves^aî virgin. 

%««>, ţd I. fut. \oai, act. part. . Lo, U*s. 
£o fo, exist, begin to be; eccîes. to come, fall 
on a special day, as a festival; gram. to be 
found, exist, occur; JlLd ? t|io*d\ Lamadh 
is fowad instead of Daleth. Ethpe. ţ<gUf 
to be by nalure, be naturalii/ constituted ; io 

happ&n,y occw i \m9&Gf &&$*U te was bort* 
a eunuch; «ftX^nS^, ++olX( )1 »\.^o Uio '^a 

jksj^ţJ every raţional being is by nature capable 

of leaming ; ^ k...î.*.r>iU» )k^>o? a place 

naturălly fit for . . . , t*i*aLLtţ ^j^ot natural 

objeets. Pa. Js to give existence or natnre 9 

to constituie; to give shape, elaborate, make fit; 

^â fcXscgŞ >i[ God fornis and ordains the 

nature of everything ; j)a3S. part. ^*a», U^ojaD 

inborn, natural, fit; \LĂx> Poo» yOo^^a a?^ 

created beings. Ethpa. £&l( a) to be by 

nature^ be naturălly constituted, ordained, 

formed je&/ r ţ& 6y God; )&-J* ţ **lJ>%*£> <h»! 

} y^ v rfft the zone wherein are formed lightnings 

and thunders. b) to be closely fitted, be in 

eonjunction; «S »ajuolsJ? «oot^k ^oă**^oo 

\J^ ^w Ui£ tfay trim the grafts so (hat 

the inner Jieart mayfit close to that of the stern ; 

) ?c*m ţuL ţ*Li>]^& J^scid s^ars «J^ra in con- 

junction toith the mobn. c) to occur, fall as 

a festival, a conjunction of planet s, the position 

of a star; to be found, stand, be exiant; Uţ^o 

tf is possible for two eclipses of the moon to occur 

within five months; \*L'i^j» )^>kJfcâ ţjuafeooţ 

Greek words occurring in Syriac books; )£$* 
cu^t/ histories are extant; uX*. ă LL> )*-*i ? 
whichever woman tt happens to be. Aph. ţ-o/ 
a) /o ^£tt9 existence, appoint by natural law, 
constituie, ordatn; «•^o JJ ţj» ţ^{ f . ^rs . x^ * 
God brought the icorld into existence out of 

nothing; Jo*£m ^gvf )I^? )1^*»cia>& **ojUi5 

)>j>jui.?!fc^ 6n^/ «5 ^Ae «pace o/ Zţ/fe appointed 
unto men by God. b) to give sJbape, elaborate 
a description, Pass. parfc. ţ-ojao natural, 
capable, possible see imder ^. Deriv atives, 

*cu>, ^o ii. root-meaning (o be upright 
cf. |Jk-o. Pael %ou£ <o ^e« »%7tf 3 correct, 
admonish, rebuke, convict, condemn; yOo»i.A** 
i'r^^N IJoAja *7w stV//^ of holy men is a 
rebuke to the beholders. Ethpa. ^BU a) to be 
corrected, reformed, amended; to correct, reforni, 
amend himself ov his ways ; (j&ă.) cu<xol( )} 
the impious would not be corrected, icould not 
amend their ways; Jls<ce»iai> yQjaslSJ \l 

e e 



ifthey would have received reproof, bem admon- 
ished, by former chastisementB. Deriyatives, 
)joo9 or Moaa, k>aa»ao, M->aok-ao. 
• a» ; see yoj.3 Saturn. 

wjoo, JUod pi. £- rt. Ua. m. a nammg, 

mention; a name, title, appellation; )k-oo* 
c£&* a jpfcw» called...; J3cu> icuais % 
*Ae same wwiw; Ut-? JXja*.^ « ™°^ *» 
«awe orcfy; pas? nwoWttffM wfom fee 
caftea" his parents, Hs adopted parents ; gram. 
anoun, the nominative; Uîas»? jk^kaâas the 
nom. case. 

uaaJaa pi. U— or ao_ , i»c£eu7& jp&tg 
a aVy measure = about three pints. 

*j as, UJ ao rt. •*'-» . ni. a gathering together. 
a) a collection of alms, amassing of money, 
LjSJI Jfcîab «* M «ftaf whieh we have gathered 

toqether remams for others; H**>» P>»? *jao 

•^ , \tt\ * \*» * 

colîecting the tribute money; ^Ha-y >*jafl 

)**a*. amassing unfair profit; )9)S <*Ja.D 
ingatîiering of the harvest. b) a summoning, 
assemblmg, convohing; Jt'cL^a *Jao ievying 
the forces. c) a collection of precepts, canons, 
law?, &c; j-uLm£ Jjfciao an eptiome; UJ'ao 
UlZis Jlo^j? caienae o/ *fte Fathers. ol) a 
logical conclusîon, reasoning, summing-up, corn- 
putation; jJLL*.? a chronological reckming. 
e) recollection, a recolleeted mind. 

J&aa usually pi. j£îao f. spt% rye. 

)tL fcJoa or }|£bJcâ» and contr. ) 
the navei, the passage of the navei. 
*a> os imper. of verb «msu t o slay. 

.g oto x° os, j x ^* a ) « aî *^ &) * tiguid 

measure — six sextarii, about three quarts. 

JijJuMao f. coriandvum sativum, the spice 
coriander, Jl'jJLcead? j^rf coriander seed. 

\Zm<& rt. Jmo. m. a) covering, conceăling 
any part of the body, [&}" uâod covering the 
face. b) a covering, wrapper. 

JfcLiaa pi. )&'— rt. Wo. f. a eo« 
(fo /iead, a conicalfelt cap, cowl, hood; JfcL» 
Jiija's? JLkLuo >»/ «A« comjZ is the symbol of 
the helmet of sahation. 

\m£m *a m. cartilage; the part of a bone 
which contains marrow. 

V *■ 

f - * 

J&»«&p1.)£L ta) am 

glass; j£&baD tauoo? <fe 

between the shoulders. 

J&»cu> m. a Jow, &ewa*, eurr»,' «o«- 
«*a%; J»?at- Js-iala «fte &ow or cîww of 
a circle. Derivatives, the two following 

words — 

com?<^ crooked, bowed, huncîtbacked. 

JJj&oGD hunchbacked, crookbacked. 

&<xo, ^o fut. saciu, pass. part. **$ same 
as ^5. «o Jemî, 6ow Ji*^a the faiee, ]>o^ <A6 
«^% U-? <Ae AmcT. Ethpe. uqftj*to be bent, 

âcÎD imper. of verb &S Io bend. 

<s di or âd Cop^ or 0a;>, the letter ^a. 

♦9<&, jtacu» rt. iao. m. a) wiping off or 
ow«; metapk the effacing of sin. b) a towel, 
dishcloth, clout. c) that which is wiped away 9 
Mii, ojfscourtng. 

Jia<i> m. i.jritch, bitumen; Jk^uâ»? J*S«& 
wfcĂ /or calkmg a shi]>. EL i£e henna-Jlower, 

]lîlâoD f. £fo blossom or m^ şf ^ garden 
pornegranate, a rose-ealyx, 

iao Peal doubtful, perh. «o &6 asharned, to 
fear, to oppress. Ethpa. î*£l{ tofeel ashamed; 
to grow hot, be svltry; metaph. to grow angry* 
Debivatives, ****)j> and i~***d, jia^, Mia-o, 

ioc, jioj> or Jjgo pi. f m. and £ a beehive* 

iai, Jlao or J»*xa pî. ^»?o» or joof'oo 
f. x™P a > country, land, neighbowrhood, district, 
esp. the country round a ciiy; jka**»^ \jo 
j$aao «ÎS whether in the tovm or in the cowntry; 
Jloo ^& Jtk^r a woman from the neighhozvr- 
hood; ţ* W * oo ţj£ /rom wm« ^Aer quarter; 

Exmm, &c.; JicLOuaxASÎ*^ chorepiscopus, one 
who ruled over village churches in the place 
of a bishop and appointed the lesser orders, 
but did not ordain priests nor deacons, and 
himself belonged to the priesthaod. 



jcă>, J ioo pi, ţ»$& rt. las. m, a fire, fwrnace, 
kiln,crucibU, refining-pot ; ^iiicfe? Jjod a cr$*- 
ctiZe /or separattng; j^caS.? — )Ji«co? Jjao 
the fwrnace of trial. 

9 ob 3 Jnă> pi. bi Jab, )î ojd Heb.a cor, a measure 
both dry and Hquid = io ephahs or 1 1£ bushels. 

Ih&Lţ — U=>!?— J^iflo?— \ll*i J><& a cor of 

wheat, of barley^ of honey^ of taine ; JiajLa 

2ry / have a fwrnacc and beehive, bushels of 
wheat too. 

)s&acaJk\i<z6chorepisco2)us; see under j»ap. 

^4jc&> pi. \Z-, Ar. and Pers. ni. kjbiirjin, 
a traveUing-bag , saddle-bag , pouch; a horse- 
doth, housing. 

m»diD, JîsJ~ a Kurd, Kwrdish man or 

loţias pL \2- m. the same. 

yĂios, JJoijoo pL ^*"' J k- rt. c*&. m. sic£- 
ness, illness,disease s infirmity,malady; metaph. 
harm, hurt, misfortune, evil, pain, mischief; 
oJo»ras ^& ^w fe recovered frpm his illness; 

) i-oyy» ]jo»900 a complicatim of diseases; 

j> iS,^ m v> Jjo>9Q3 a pestilence ; lli?? jJĂjci) 

diarrkoea, ) & L S a3? disease of the kidneys, 

)1& *is? dropsy; £s*J~? ]hs***ţ U©jk&> 1^»/ 

*- k-Jit < Aere & a grievous evil which I have 
seen bmeath tJie sun. 


J-Joiao, JI^aI— rt. o»*d. adj, morbid, per- 
taining to disease. 

jjioo, JÎJick or Ju»*cu>, Ar. f. a satcM, pro- 
vision bag, wallet, iravellers bag. Cf. J^iao. 

U*fao pi. ţ* m , JJL m. a hut, sked, hovel, 
cabin; a hermit's cell, a separate Utile dweUing, 
opp. Ik w ^L o a ceU in a nionastery; Ji^ooX 
U*i<£xz> a hermit's life. 

Km*9co im, one who lives in a ceîl, a kermit. 

J*9ad pi. f« from ]fcj> m, a ckorepiscopus ; 
see under J»od. 

U>i<xo pi. >_ rt. y&. m. a tuming, circuit; 
awrapping or binding rotund; enshrouding; 
eccles. a procession. 

W>iao pL JIqdjîclo rt. ^;d. m. a crane; 

perh. a sm^ or swallow so called from its 

ţ^aitoa ra. crovus sativus, the saffron crocua. 

JIc&oojod from the above, f. saffron colo f wr s 
ydloivness; metaph. pallor. 

\ix±oi& or jiLodioa adj. from J^idfcid. 

saffrorh or crocus coloured. 

JJjq5 or \j9<£p pi. \~, rt icta. m. sultriness, 
dryovbakmgheat and suffbcatingair,adrought; 
]*L£ o^ JJioo? JLx^f the season of excessive 
Jieat in August; JJyooo jjaoSa&L \£~& hot 

wznds and sultry heats. 

p »g5 rt. iao. adj. parclied. 

% l 4 

J^cvod pi. ţ*" JZL usually m. a) a quire of 
paper, section of a book ; later Syriae codices 
are arranged in fasciculi of 4, 6, 8, 10 or more 
leaves, tbe first page of each being numbered 
and thus referred to in the index, e. g. 72 *5b 

5 .frs3 guire 14, page 6; jj£*£*^ {.xotdâ ^ 
from the last quire; cf. ţ»&*â. 6) a pamplîLet, 
book; \ 1L 'L & '9 U^^cuo a Soo/c 0/ canticles ; 
jo*^a£j Ju3d9od a vocabulary, catalogue* 

(AfiDiao, l^co^ar» pi. *Q£oiiaD ? )i%aâD9Qâ m. 

a) a ^eaiî of state, chair, throne; JLoaX^ uxcias 
f7i6 royal throne. b) a bishop's throne or seat; 
llcoiaa îsLZ^s or ellipt. a cathedrăl cily, 
bishop's see, jurisdiction, authority. e) a sedan 
chair, litter or palanquin. d) the pier of a 
bridge, base of a coluran. 

Jk^oio» pi. )&mm f. a) = ţuttvaâ ; J&»9CLa 
)}£*!«•( /Ac Za^i gmre or pari! of a book. 6) a 
wallet, iravelling-bag. c) E-Syr. the part of 
the burial service for the day. 

ţstao pL [— m. an asp, a viper. 

Jlioo f. a beehive or a honey-comb; cf. )>od. 

i*od, a^ fut. aoaj, act. part. +,\Â S \JLJ>. 

to be tranquil, stay quiet, remain quietly ; 1L&( 

ţ-i^D momI^^ nor will they stay quietly at 

home; **& (o j^li a^ lei&ure, liaving leisure. 

Pael *Iâ to 7n«^e io stoy quiet Demva- 
tiye, U-cio. 

IjIcud rt. %*,cl0. m, tranquillity, the tranquil 

and silent life of a monk, monastic retirement; 

Jl£*^jS? )Xcls iAe tranquillity of the cell; 

U,©5 oCi f a,v Jt»aS^ he led the quiet life 
in the monaslery, 

E e 2 


)jlc&> pi. |>— = U^J. MU « spinale. 

Jjio'o, )&£<& pi. m. Ji. f. ]l* from Cuşh the 
son of Ham. a Cushite, Ethiopian, Âbyssinian; 
\xiq&1 fe^0? r JJ*L& 0» Ethiopian i.e. a negro. 

\i**<> pi. }~ Pers. m. a tind of puise, the 
bitter vetch. 

*a£*r>, &»& pi. 11 rt. *a*s. m. an «erw^rf 

prayer, entreaty, svpplicaiion, intercessory 
prayer, intercession ; Jâ,iaaS Jo*^.JJ JLq^j 
ola ))£jo he offered prayer to God with many 

supplications ; \L ? clo ? ) j£5 k^J> \&»> o £> ^^ 
about the intercessions and prayers ofinclining 

in the liturgy. 

ţâ*aa, |4Xal> or J£Xdfo a oovering, bkmleet, 

jfc&*,c&> pi jL r ' f. a coverlel, blanket, rug. 

]£jLc& rt. +M.o. m. a) prosperity, success, 
advantage, good- fortune ; **oj©*£a3 lo m^Sao 
his frequent successes; Juoa ^-^k? mr V 

fortunate. b) diligente, activity, vigour, assidui- 
ty; JiLilaD **cu* he showed admirable assidmty; 
JticLa.* aciively, diligently, admirably. 

lio usually lao/^prep. as> like, wi&o Jkw» 
stupid like me. 

Jloâ emph. state of jap f. a window &c. 

ItttD m. a refcVi prepared with vinegar, tasty 

ţ»L<â>, ILL&, jfcU»lcio pi. ^aLIciSd, M^lck, 

]&juL<& or jl^LaD from |j!sâ. f. a) a Zme» 
g armeni, a coat or tunic; J&»âţ U*iao a ftmj7 
coa« ttrf<& sleeves; Kab>? U*iab a eaai of fine 
linen; JL/Lso? )l£,Dk» JLa o JJLLcu» a ftmtc 

worhed in different colours ; \&*&9 U*ic&> 
« eoai of skin. b) a membrane, tegument, thin 
skin covering any organ of the body ; )&UiIlod 
\.i^L ? tfAe membranes of tlie eye. 

kclato con st. st.ipolSo (rare), emph. J^»ÎTc^>, 
pi. Jj£si>La-o rt. fh»o. f. a spot or mark on the 
skin, afreckle, apock,pock-mark; scab, mange; 
Ls)J> J&£ic&> freckles; metaph. marks, sjiots 
or scara of sin; with tiro fo spttf, defile; icu* 
J^sbiao 7/<s ma^e white our spots; ^jolcw) Jj? 
spotless, unspotted, immacxăate; ţf Jlckoa.«* 
jfcootao pure Iove. 

[9 m 

J$laj> rt. ils*j>. m. awaiting, persistence, 
stability, duralion; [olmZ^ )Uc&> the duration 
of an eclipse; wiloo )loao? U^ loveabiding 

in continuance, continuing or constant Iove. 

uh, \Lk> Pers. m. a JoW /pA^r, brave 
warrior, champion* 

o-d Aphel »J>rto bîow the fire, breathe, blow 
upon, pvjf, exhale. Derivative, j)S**s. 

J+d act. part. J^o, paşs. part. #-^o, )♦ 
IL'^.-^.forewr^Se^no^esi; pass.part. a) rever ed, 
reverend, venerable. b) reverent, modest. Pa. 
J*L to put to shame, rnalce asharned. Ethpa. 
J*Slf to stand in awe, reverence with 00; 
io 6e ashamed, modest, feel shame; 5^*2^00 Jj 
shameîess. Derivatives, Jt—o^, I^L^^eud, 

JIV^aILo rt> **o. f. reverence, respect; modesty, 

^Io fut.^dLaJ, act, pari^Ii, JLi, pass. 

part.^wJlo, J— , )l^— . «) <o paî^ the lower 
eyelicl with kohl 9 to pâini or anoint the eye$ 
with salve; jts^LlilD chaILx Aer patnted eyes* 
b) to gouge out the eyes. Ethpe.^-*#-sm 
a) to be smeared or spread on the eyes as salve 
o^ lotion, b) to be gouged oui, darkened of the 
eyes. Derivatives, JL* *<x*>, Ji 

Jl'a^cuo, )l y cuS,.JlD or JtcL^*i rt . 

f . the applifiaţion of kohl or of salve to the eyes. 

ILlo rt.^**p. m. kohl, antimony, cdllyrium. 

JfcLwi! rt. y*o. f. a breaih, siirring ofair, a 

light breeze. 

*£ a partide followijig and emphasîzing 
expressions of doubt, deşire or interrogation, 
now, indeed, verily, truly; ju£ wii h**[ now 
will any one? *£ M-/^ wi! )l*i r now wheref 
now who f \Js \xia how much indeed ? wo»Uac 
*»o* ]U( u5 what sort ofsign can it be 2 *5 \j*& 
fww much more ? 

kg or \la f f xi«> a fragrant gu/m, mastick; 
\+o ^»f )j^m^ mastick salve. 

o^, \L«s> same as ojg IMşjKtin; \&Ş *a*g 

jjicuo, J&_ pi. m. C. f, j&L rt. yoa» 

fraudulent, tricky* 

K'ot CLSfl CVii. 




Ji'ccsccui rt, ©aa. £ secret fraud, trickiness. 

\Jx+ lB pass. part of ojtf . 

*J!5 same as ^^5 sultry, heavy, 

JL5 pi. ţAi, Jllsi rt.*Vaa. m. a measure 
of wine, oii, grain, &<;•, ţ*±+S ^\ *a. ^ &?/ various 
measures; JLo^H? or }Ict£ JL5 aju^t or m?c£ 

measure; )Ln\ jl?' )1 God ig wo£ measurable; 
metaph. amount, quantity; fc*Â:saiLo»io'i9>Nv> 
JL*i>? *,» „lâ.) Ais teaching on the Prophets 
amounted tojifty homilies, vr&sjifly in> amount. 

%*+JLL rt. ^ao. adv. % measure, according 
to right measure. 

\o+*\s>3 or ţo ^J^o pi. )*— x l ^ a PX ns 9 a chUiarchy 

captain of a thouscwd. 

\Â^L5=\Sl^Z a willow. 

]h*\*2 f- a *&3P roc>fc, abrupt bank or ridge. 

JfcCXo pi. ţiilS, Jî&&b rt-%>O0* f. a measure, 
]lâc&kfo Jfclsi Jţf\»f» a greater and lesser 
measure ; J l£ N JLs o iL^ diverse measwres, 
Jfel^oo j^N^g tte same; Jîs^Jai according 
to measure; jfeC^xa ioova*f Ua& Jlft/Wr ti 
honour of age measured hy the nwmber ofyears; 
UIi&o Sîn^d JboUf k»*^- twi*# f/ie measure 
be fuU and the nwmber completed. 

& î, tbe conatellation of the Pleiades; 
lw*2? g»*ag,a>ao tfa setting of the Pleiades — 
September ; also Goma Bermices. 

* o>cu£, ^jokud or jjoaoj^ pi. J— ni. x €l t^ v > 
a storm, tenipest, rough weather ; metaph. 
Uâofif, JjJ^ol? )Jc6cu-o a storm of distresS) 
of persecution. 

-2 pL C-from the above. adj. stormy, 

&& *g, jjJoSud or *o£ »2 chemistry; JLouoo/ 
J|*jaoo; alchemy. 

ţio, Jio pi. ţ*îlo, U^ă rt. . od I. m. a) nature; 
natural disposition, instinct opp. Jut^T wâţ; 

juua£ by nature, naturally; o*L»oi; Jxo his 

natural or inborn strength; ^j^o^%j>, J&*%d 
every natu/re or kind of creature; eccles. the 

fip 4. 

Council of Chalcedon taught ~>lo )*& 


one Person and two Naiures in our Lord ; 
Jx*5 M#f i Dyophysites. 6) procrealion, the pro- 
creative member, privy parte, c) essence, sub- 
stanee (JJuo and UJS-/ were xieed hy early 

writers before the adoption of the Greek 
£»©(); J-l*^? Uio the nature or substance of 
oii; jIiîs-£=» (,lo created things or substances; 
Jlisjo JIo stony substances; ]IÎ&Eao sulphur- 
ous substances; Jj!s jâ*,, Jjjlo ls^«ii, consub- 
stanţial; juuo i^ of the same nature or essence, 
âpooiatos. d) as adj. )-i-o? physical, natu/ral, 
inborn; j.x*o ţ^ ^Lix jyretematural ; ^^^ 
)-to ^d supernatural. 

k*+\juO from }»1a3. adj. naturally 3 according 
to nature or natural order. 

)Uuo, J&o— pi m. JJL- f. ) 

rt. * cua i. 

^ ^J 

f rf * fi 

a) natural, physical; of nature, according 
io nature; o*i*.o ^o iâajq f »°> »? )Is * 1 »£> 
o^ils ţ^ Vjk.\o £Ăetf which is natural to the 
soni and that which is pretematurăl and super- 
natur&l; JJjuId )J..4\.cu or \&**xLd fto^^JT 
physical or natural science; fâZ&aphysics; i}£Â 
] fc- JÎJUO metaphysics; }XLo |s aao o-\*â a natural 
philosopher; jîs^xo ^-*L Vlaa,.'iD a physio- 
loger; ){sJjuo ^^jL olşajlo a physwgrapher. 
6) .Jy wa^re, mnafe, inborn, native, essential; 
\+Uo Jif a«. cn«îw brother, brother- german; 
JIjus JJoĂ native wit; l*&5ş )îP><uS natural 
properties, essential attributes; JljLilo JLo^jso 
o^ fcw/ ^Te is Z.orc£ by nature; )o{? Jyalo Jir> 
consubstanţial with the Father. c) gram. sw5- 
stantive, radical. 

rt. iClo I. f. «aiwre, natural; 

JLdLLo 1ci^\.»^o physjology ; ] Lcuj^d IcugX 

034*2, J^^o^S pi. )A*.2 m. a smaZZ Sag', pouch, 
pur se; jj')^>? J^ca^ a 6a^ or ^%m£ 0/ ciot/ies; 
ţ-*o*^oi3o ţ*o*m*£ ţ-w*^.f *A^r ^oas are 
£/&îr Tnoneybag and their belly* 

iJnm n n dini. of ţ»aa*£. m. a ZtWîe &a^ or 

^IjoJo^j JlJal^ot^ or ^Li^ots P 1 * 
%£o)mJq^2o^o f.x«/>orowa=Syr. Jwf ţ&*£0 laying 
on of hands, ordination or consecration. 

\m*jqJoI*o x n P orop ^ <rai > ordination; with 
♦JLs* ^o ordain; ordained, admitted to holy 

a) elected, appointed; with fţs* fore-ordained. 

b) ordained, consecrated* 




l£ţ or )Ul tlq pi. H?/ &f also ifta and 
Ud m, handwriting, autograph; with ^J^>, 
«&* or <cl»j y to subscribe, sign e.g- a synodical 
clecree or anathema, J^>( Uş.^ J^*>ls-* I have 
signed this with my owţh hand; ll+o** tA+h>& 
fc#o»op/ written by the hand of 

k**2 partide of explanation, scilicet, that is 
io say, indeed; usually coropounded with 6/; 

\A£ E-Syr. U& pi* U- m - « tooth esp. a molar 
tooth, tusk; )L§? \A£ an elephant's tusk; \Ao 
^*£lî a hollow tooth, 

Jfc^ck* pL \&L&Â and Ji£&i f. a ca^e 
of bread; \\ţJl& \}&&jLa bitter cakes i. e. 

flayoured with wormwood. 

jtşj^o^D pi. Jl£I*.aM f. a weasel, polecat 

or M^AP ra. spotted, speckled, esp. 
white speckled with black. 

y.lSr^* marlced with spots, speckled, 

jl£Xft,a pi. ll^^'vo f- a) « spot; JtaoJ 

beast. b) a pili, pastitte. Cf. pi. of jls^ * 

**.? 9 

liza pi, ^£ao, Jwi f. a talent = £125 or 
i2 3 ooo zuzi at 8 zuzi the oz. or 3,000 silver 
staters; Uc)^? )î&& javN» ten talents of silver ; 
jl£££^JO( Jşaii i/te talents spolcen of in the 

jls-Iao pi. )îsl*a5 f. a) a honeyconib; \*s>\ 
)^SI^sls> honey in the ccmb, b) a disease wJwn 
the skin becomes fuU of Utile holes. 

Jjo£âi> from )inS. weigjdng a talent, very 

*%£ root-meaning to complete, perfect. Pa. 
^&d to crown, adorn with garlands ; hsSiNa» 
J j io-> crowned with roses, rose-garlanded. 
Special meanings, a) to give the crown of 
martyrdom. b) to set crowns ou the heads esp. 
of the hride and bridegroom, to unite in mar- 
riage. c) to surrou/nd e. g, with a wall. d) to 
crown with praise or approval. EraPA.^^i/ 71 
to be crowned, adorned as a tree with foliage, 
a city with buildings; ^^^oîşj£ ^mKo^fla 
crowned or covered with praise; esp. to be 
crotoned as a bride, be wedded; to receive the 
crown of martyrdom, to die a holy death; with 
jic&a to be martyred byfire; Jlo?o»ia&2> to die 

as a martyr; ^Shif ji'culfcoo^ he suffered 
as a confessor; *%S& if **& >©k=> fareceived* (he 
crown of martyrdom at Edessa. Aph. %5( 
to fancy, imagine. SHAPHEL^£a£ to com- 
plete, finish esp. a building ; to build, restore; 
)>aî* An^?^ to complete tlie circuit of the 

walls; ^N^*>S )?cL^ ^^Lo*> Jj^i 
jj££iL&> a tower encircled with walls and 
crotoned with battlements; as£~{? y**o ^££aj* 
oog> he rebuilt that which they had ruined; 
^y^AJ^Q jii^>jL built vpon sand i.e. insecure, 
transitory. Pass. part. a) finished, complete, 
perfect, Jj^^&xL» j^jsoo^ perfect tvisdom. b) 
adult, full-grown; }l£\SS>v> ] IkJţjfa woman 

offull age. Eshtaph. ^Xol^r^ be corn- 
pUted,fmished> a) as the building of a hoxise, 
wall, gate ; to be built, construeted, adorned, 

b) as a boolc, to be brought to an end, ended. 

c) to be brought to tlie end oflife, to die. d) to 
be perfected, made perfect e.g. Jj&o^©*^ in 
spiritual things. Deuiyatîves, îiXas, 1L^>, 

^ko emph. st. j|a. written also ^os, )joo 
m, a) the whole, tlie xvhole world, the v#ii- 
verse, all; "%& +»Z( upholding all; *%& \&) 
all-victorious; ^a^ţi omniscient; Jlo? Uc^> 
the Creator of the universe; *%& *^of "^o the 
entirety of the whole universe, a title of God ; 
jLaiaoo JJod the whole and itsparts; withsuffixes 

wholly thinej 4*lZ*âi *+&So thou art altogether 
lovely; \j( }U&% uN^ J^i / am utterly wn- 
clean; o^^ "^o «ţj» ]P nothing at all> 
absolutely nothing; o££oo pjL o£&& entirely, 
utterly/ ^co y& ^oo the whole ofus 9 we 
all without ezcception. b) in constrnction with 
a pronoun or substantive all 9 every, each 9 ^o 

*aJ£ or ii„ , i\ , o every one 9 any onc 9 each; 
^nî^xDf of every sort, all sorts; yo»\ft* 
everywhere, in every place ; ym^O every Ivving 
thing; ţs>£xaa always, ever; J*^o, )ţ**\o 
every one, each one; ipcu^, |^cu2^o every day, 
y a ,^ \o f daily; yţSoSfcO aU f all thing$ s every- 
thing; y>» ?Ă>wo }J o» i^is universe; ^^L ev^» 
always; *&ofr\s> usually with *& preceding» 
altogether, entirely, at all 9 in emy mannw» 



unyhov), whatever kappms, ai all events; olT 
«flOQţâ'^a ţ& ^ToX corne to us in any case; 

with J| in no wise; J2sjX^>.o or UU^Aa every 
year, eacfi year, yearly; \v«No, ^I\as kourly, 
ever, ut aU times; $I>? nw^xo od?Î we ought 
always to pray; see U&, j&*X. c) in con- 
struction with relative pronouns and particles 
corresponds to Lat. cumque; *%&> f |dWf %»0 
ţ )\+} y who or whatso&ver ; ţ ^ack^o whoever, 
whosoever; ? ^»o ^>a so wwc/i as; as much, 
liow muchj how long ; ? ).xv>*o whosoever, what- 
soever ; as often as, as of ten soever as . . ., 
[£+{ ^d wlisresoever ; ? wfc*&( *%»$ whenever, 

Before numerals^s adds distributive mean- 
ing, ^*>I ^â «ac£ two, every couple; )\& "^-aX 
to every hundred; ţ*l* Îs*- ^o every sixth 
year, once in sios years. 

^a» afte? an adjective forms a superlative, 
^ad »*&£ mosf mse; ^a^ c£**ţ£ it is most 


& » 6 or Jţ — -^a n& one, none, nothing, no, 
no manner of, not at aU, in no wtse y *%a JJo 
nor any. Deeivatives, JIcu^od, fc%4i^<w, 

Jls fut. JiaJ, act. part. lls, j-^s, pass. part. 

JL», \1^>£. a) t& udthhold, forbid, hinder, restrain 
usually with ţi» ; to detain, shut up, keep under 
restraint; to refase, deny; with J*^* ţ& to 
restrain from bearing ; with )L^OQ,*a ^ 
to forbid or hinder from speahing ; with Jutâj 
to hinder oneself, be in ones own way ; with 
JjstL** to refuse compassion; with ţooX io shut 
up the heaven from giving rain; |Iai **a 
[.ao^K fewJSbD thou hast witkholden breadfrom 
tlie hungry; J^L JJs JJo o*iaa uu£s ask ofhim 

and he vriM not refuse y ou ; JLdJJd Jls ,Up of.aa.ia 
|j»?j God forbade in the law the eating of 
Uood. b) eccles. to forbid, prohibit e. g. )-^oo) 
marriage8 hetween near relations; il^J> Jj 
it is not fotbiăden opp. ^rnftNj JJ it is not 
aTlowed; ţ& — ]&fe.a£*l ^c wojofcL/ J£sJ> 

Jjiff }^xa& he is suspended from the minisiry, 
excommunîcated. c) intrans, to stay, holdback, 
pause; ^7*^)1-3 JJ he stayed not biet went 
quichly; oj &**?;-& \Z^J* hisjourneyis delayed; 
)%^io *%$ Ld^. )ooj Jlo ^ paused at each word. 

Ethpe. ^ ( ^©l? 1, a) io 6e withheld, hept back, 
restrained, htTidered, forbiddm, prohibited ; 
&xul ţ£> )i$£> u^trorHa&i tij^airtlie 
heavens were stayed from rain; )l££>â/ %£±a\l 
the roads were impassable; **h*Jf y \*!*$%J& %J 
ifyou are hindered. b) eccles. to beforbidden r 
prohibited, suspended. c) to refrain, refuse, 
stay, pause; JL*ai> from speech; JJ? few^pjf 
w*cuik*.l thou hast refiised to smd. Pa. u^£ 
to keep close, hold back. Ara. uSo( same as 
Pael. Debitaţi ves, UoXo, JIg^o, UAa , 

2d fut. ^KaT or oa^aî, act. part. 

j»* ^ 

den om. verbPeal conj. from )>aNj. to tehave li/ce 
a dog, le rdbid; c££o? ) ; aă ^Ae a mad^ c?e>^. 

c^>, )^5 pi ^T, r m. a dog/ )£*±£ 
pi. )L JJ> f. a bitek; jlas )..4^>p a mad dog; 

}Wţ I^So shwp-dogs; J-o^-â JaISj^ cZw»i& 
watch-dogs; U&*ţ U*Să a seal; 1^»? )»^N,o 
aît otter ; metaph. a sodomite; asti*on. the 
dog-star, Sirius. Debivatives, verb o^a, 


)A^I pi. )-« m. a dog-heeper. 

usually ţ^hOâ m. an axe. 

S 4^ v ^ rt. ci\,f>. aclv. rabidly, like a mad 

\jx>c\=*!s,%, \ls£o&2^J> in. and f. dîm. of JA^5. 
a 2>uppy, wJielp. 

\lA^o or |*14^o m. }^aJ^\B f. from \J^Js 
adj. canine. 

[iA^q pi. J_ m. %tiK0&pri 9 gum galbanvm. 

jlcuii^o from jk^fcp f. canine mature or 
behaviou/r^ hydrophobia, rabies. 

)&*5J> and )l£s^o pi. ]!/' a) fem. of j-^o. 
5) metaph. tongs, pincers, tweezers, nippers; 
ţXlX 1^^! It^J a tkree-pronged fork. 

tJf\B denom. verb Pali conj. from the folio w- 
ing word, to act as a Ghaldaean; cuZ^i»? J^oo 

cui*i*l( the more they played the Ghaldaean 
the more they were exposed, Aph. £Sm infin. 
Ofc^Aag to constdt the stars, consuli an oracle. 

J^S, y/ t \^ t )&**£>& a Ghaldaean, astro- 
nomer, astrologer. 

Jt'a*^o f. Ghaldaean knowledge i.e. astro- 
nomy, astrohgy; the Ghaldaean language* 


Uaa pi. Io2^ 

Uo»£? ©♦**> Jb>a-»? /fa w^re «wfo'c/t crowns 
a priest. 



}) ^\5 m. KăKadas, a bowl. 

\L &±J>, j & cu^â rt. JJa. hindenng, preventive, 
prohibitive; )î£.<£i»i Jl'cuL/ Hnship wiihin 
prohibiled degrees. 

o^fl, jl^a rt. )b. f. hindrance, impedi- 
ment; cl^o ţ? unhindered, without let or 

^ r.V* f. x^wit?, a tortoise (milit.). 

<v f 

?»> ¥ 

pi. |fcCI— f. anemone coronaria, 
colchicum autimnale, meadov) saffron. 
J&»^s pi. J&£c£^> f. wtta roses. 

J1o£Jj or jjcfc»© m. tfte chin. 

I or )yt\ Nl Vn a corruptîon of 

)^ajjw> a secretary. 
vSp ; see t^oa bile. 

Vio, j f-y» pi. £■ rt,^5. m. a) a ciwrc, 
garland, chaplet ; a circle or chaplet of gold 
pp. J^J.' a diadem; a mitre, turban; the rim 
or border of a table, chest, ark ; ilie finishing, 
compktion of a building; )£££} %^> »*** 
the laying aside of the crowns of the 
baptized after fclie octave of tbeir baptism; 
[l^ajol JLXa the crown of betrotlml ; 7 * 

a wedding, the nupţial rite; ţ& 
) ! *& tîte tonsure; \£**\'\J±b the crown of 
victor y; JtofoM»? IL^a^a he received the 
crown of martyrdom. b) a circle, company, 
e. g. Jf cfco4f of the perfect ; \&**X% of the 
disciples. c) astron. JJlao-i— J^^ft*^ **« 
Corona Borealis, Âustralis; JL^o '*^J? M» 
w/Aera e/ie Corona has set; [Z &SJa %*^a ^ 
ctVcZfi of the Zodiac. 

ţfK-N-A rt.^o. adj. coronal, of or lelonging 
to a croum or «o j&e eroww o/ <fte Aea<2. 

the ichneumon. 

)t'«k*^a f. *A« Khaliphate, empire of the 

) fc'.\.A rt. Jb. f. restraint, hindrance, obstacle; 

j Jl£^a «o/»* prevents us ? what objection is 
theref )|UM ţ? unhindered, finding no 
obstacle; «« ^ Jls^â & <fopen<fe onîy 
ort i/ow. 

j^g p l. J2. Ar. a raft; raetapb. a jloaling 
masa of ice. 

-*£&> Pael of ^â. 

^.a, Jfc^a pl. of ]&£; )ka 0. of 

Jv>a, Jil^a rt. Jla. m. a hindrance, stay, lei, 
impediment, prohibition ; £J> Jj? unhindered, 
unstayed; eccles. a prohibition, suspension, 
e. g. J&h&J» ^ / rdm adni ' inisUl ' in 9 -Dftwn* 
service; excommunication. 

0I &>& pl. Jjî^aa Ar. m. */j« JSM*/, vice- 
gereat of the Prophet Mohammed. 



- X* 

-"-», y^AS^, r ii^ 5 u noaaL a or 

uaal^a, &c, x*- a H*> 9 t X^ a ptâa, dim. 
X^a/ivhov, f. « mantie, robe. 
l^U^a î see fc-U^aD. 
"oL£b& ll^-i- from v oţ.â^5 Chalceden 


> V * 

in Bithynia, eccles. an adherent of the Council 
ofChalcedon, a Dyophysite, Melchite; % * 
J&Jo ţoO^i t «Ae schism of Chalcedon. 

*£& deuom. verb Pael conj. from 
io calcine, to whitewash; l ^N^f l^ 00 ' 
a u-hitewashed u-all. Ethpa. a^sI/ ^ be 
calcined. Aph. *&>l"tojitt or eowr «oftA «Aatt, 
j?Z? «»^4 chalk or î«n«/ «o plaster, whitewash; 

l^Zses * or J,IXi-"« )y->" whited sepulchres. 

*&>, U^S m. Urne, quicklime; | 
powdered eggsheU. 

)£±£ pl. ^Şâ , l^^a rt.%». f. o) a (râfojt 
}^\^ ^5 <7m royaZ 6n«fe; J$oKt# k^» &* 

bride of light. b) a daughter-in-law. c) the 

)\&2 pl. JteS rt. ^. f. a) a canopy, bed- 
curtain, mosquito-net. b) a piece of Unen, 
herchief vell mp, the covering or pali over the 
Eucharistic elemente ; a linen wrap or covering. 
c) anemone coronaria, cf. l^J cuS o. 

\Jio adv. how much, how many; f U*o as 
much, as many, as far, as long; g t gaaao } U*s 
as much as they con; ^Is») )jao how many 
times? ? Ji»J Uaa so long as; Jl? l^aaa so 
long as he lives; \,4\nK Uko how muchmore ? 
\^A^, J+ or ]ţtm seldom, once in a while, some- 
times; j^a,a for how much? J.*j» [ se t nA in 
how many ways ? 


>t - 

\jU*Ld pL )ZL rt. ţaoo. m. lying-in-wait, 
lurking-place, lair; an ambush; with o ou or 
to set ambuslies; metaph. wiles, mbiilty; 
by thy eml wiles;* secretly, 

^•UloaD rt» ţ^aâ. acîv. insidiously, treacher- 

pass. part. »» aâo. io fade, beflabby. 
fut. c^ool to 6e blinded, befogged } 
confused, usually metaph. Ethpe. o#-aw>t/ the 
same. Pa. o^aco io blind; jo»vi,nv> )<*&-** 
l^ai\ sm blinds the soul. Aph. ©^aasf to 
fefo'w?, darken, surround with darkness; ^sa^sL 
^C opaai? rfAe wor&2 wAicA 6&^s «5. De- 
bivatives, ©*aa^, Jloopa^ l^»|o»-N>av>. 

ch.ns.3, ]ot,:»,p or )o»„*x:> pi. m. J©pa_D I. 
llc^aii» rt. cHJaco. blind, obscured, dark, dirn, 

. f. blindness, darkness, 


i> « 


dullness of 

obscurity 9 skadoto; \sx£ I»©i 

JJcfcfiis or jJoaxs m. cummin. 

) loofto from Jjsxd. f. quantity, amount, 
sum; number; size, length; \SLLt ]La- 

* Ni 

* fAe average length of lifej j 

i * 

m 9 

jLcuooaa of small size; ţ~*MjabL; ]l*cu>-20J 

Ae jaw a swm ofmoney. 

pi. )» ni. a calce. 

%*+\î+j£lq rt. j aftfl ■ adv. mournfully, sorrow- 
fully, sadly. 

Oî+ x Ld, jio^^o or )io^^S,ă rt. ;j&£. f. 
sadTiess, mournfulrîess, sorrow, 

JJLajLS or }Jbai> alchemy; IjUn.â ^JL^a 

alchemists, chemists. 

*Ae charneleon. 


fut. ţ^aaJ ; act. part. ^sas, Uaoo, pass. 

paii* ţO&a, )i*a5ha and ţ*&£, ţi.m io Zay 
wa&, #e tn waz£ 3 in ambush; to be fitil oftoiles 
and deceits; \£&> JJaJ ^aao to plot secretly; 
Jj bctD ^oâd o» a^> in /«> A&xri Jwr&s ireachery; 
y&^sţ ^eţoo U*^£-o Jt£*^** $£n fces in wait 
in our bodily members; \Ljxlo \A\la bear lying- 
in-wait; [ă\la\ )lcu Ji*ii fire lies in wait 
for the trees. Ethpiî:. ^£&li*to lay wait, lie 

in wait; \\Ul& *%JL iâJbAf they laid an 
ambiish against Hie city ; metaph. to act 
perfidiously. Pa. ^»a to devise plots, lay 
snares; ©££-? pj *%JL ţj£J> he lay in wait for 
whăt did not belong to htm. Ethpa. ocloI»/ 
intensive of Ethpe. Aph. ţ&df usually with 
UK»^ and with ^ or^i. to set an ambush, 
lay snares, act treacherously. Deeîvatives, 

Jii^^o adj. from Jjsoo. relating to quantity. 

^ ^^^ fut. ^v^i, act. part. >aoj*aa. ^c Zfii 
fade or languish, to languish, wither said of 
fruit, flesh, the soul, &c. 

i-aoo fut. ^»ru, pass. part. mj£^ ; J P j JL'. to 
be sad. Part. adj. gloomy, dark, blach as Uix 
a cloud, ]L-J a valley, ).I^X ^/ie nif/Ai 3 )J c^ 
<Ae complexionj metaph. gloomy, sad, moum- 
ful; )X; n+nn i|"&-W ^ mourning garment; 
\1+j£lo \L-J1 the gloomy month of Fehruary; 
J^oLd w)Jcia\ /or iAe corn/ort of the sad. 

Ethpe. ^sooi( to &e sa<^, <o moum. Aph. ;jaao^ 
to ca«f a gloom, sadden, make moumful; âs£t*- 
^d ;^n.y? J^jqq gloomy Febriuzry which 
casts a gloom on alL Derivatives, ];^oao, 

jt.NTYO pass. part. |gLjaj. <o (?ry *w^, shrivel 
from drought as grapes. Debivative, Jj cueos. 

)Jqa.^o pi. |— rt. a^od. m. a grape stone; 
)!sj1s i'î JJc^joOhD </e^ 5<ow€5 ofraisins; shrivelled 
grapes which fall from the cluster. 

jjfcocii pi. P also Jil^&ab m. a pear. 

^S sometimes ^o and for the salce of metre 
^C and so, and then, then, next, afterward; 
soon, shortly, hereupon. 

Jjii m. a) the base, support, fundament; 
a candlestick; t+oia^^âi ^? J^ld a tripod; 

|XflS.y Ud <Ae base of the laver; kol» ^t^s^ 5 
)ijii> a tower with an ornamented base. b) the 
stern of a tree, stalk, root of a plant ; U5 U*zo 
to strihe root; metaph. jjii lS-£^£ I set my 
feetfirmly. c) geom. the base of a cylinder. 

\io Pa. ul5 3 fut. Jlaj. to </m a name or «i^e, 
to name, surname, nickname, caii; with '^^w 
cş.îo». to «awî€ t< a/îer him; o*Itoo — oi^ico( 
Ae ordained him by the name of.. ., ordained 

¥ f 



the book, gave a title to the booh; H4S xx * J 

\Âţ!j£SL o£lB Iu 

©jlisuf *i/ Joj if any one will caii him a 
teacher, count him among the doctore. Ethpa. 
wJdL? to be named, surnamed, called; ^^a* 
Joj^J* ulolîî Joseph who was called Barnabas; 
klxEir o*j*x* ^jL it was named after him. 
DerivatiyeSj J-joo, Jj^ldÎs^c. 

JS-Jis for J^tUJ^. aclv. justly. 

. the name of two months, / » cili, 

4. 9 



V v 

\l£>Jî or p+l& First Conun, December; o ycuu> 
or *>L*i Later Conun , January. 

jwocoi adj. from jfcooxo ii. regular, exact. 

]&ots pi. JliUj'cLLo f. i. the palm of the 
hand, sole of the foot ; oj& cuu> o>^=» within his 
hand, upon his palm. n. mvâv, a rtde for 

ruling lines or measuring, a plumb-line. 


* 4 <* . 9 

rt. r_ * a f. gathering together; 

T> .. y 

f )l^ - î lguLJ iAe nations ţathered 

}i*CLLd pi. jJL. rt. »*13. m. a) a convocation, 
congregation, assembly ; with axo io caK 
together, assemble a multitude; JUl^JL J^i-ais 
congregations for Divine worship, l*SL alo 15*-*^ 
2>laces of meeting for worship. b) a council, 
synod; gram. a plural, plural form, jo>-^i 
jfcL^ţ oo»)I*,CLLâ, ]<h^.-i* ts Af plural of 

f* * 

)i*LsLi3 perh. contr. of j;*,fc<Jci£ m. the navei. 

1*9 4 i «*« # •• * |i^ ^ < » 

&L*.OdLD pi. ţm,<XL£> OV ţ^*aX3, jls^aXO 

rt. -^ |Q f. a) a coming or meeting together, 
a congregation, a synagogue, also jfcotaio K*^; 
sometimes ^ Jews opp. Ji'tJ^. <Z&e Christians. 
b) a choir, company, congregation, chu/rch. 

jL'cLid usually JLc&ţo justice, &c; Jii 

wio Pael conj, of Ud. 

jţâa, JlfţJEb f. also JfJb, jij*2a f. a cake. 

feslţâoîo rt. *xs. adv. modestly, seriously, 

j 1, V#% Jfc rt. **is. f. digniiy. self-respeet, pru- 
dence, modesty; dignified manners, grave or 
reverend behaviour. 

V-»l**Io rt. *i£. adv. together, taken together, 
jomtly, with one accord, in common, universally, 

generally; \.*&o ©££aX fc*lU«£s JpFlâ&xu 

he calls the scriptures in general tlie law, he 
speaks of the law meaning the scriptures 

JIoaaIo rt. jlid. f. a gathering or coming 
together, jlocking together, assembling, joining 
together, union, conjimction, a collection, sum- 
mary; }l£? )La**Î3 a gathering jlood, alake; 
)Io*â ^2s k^»-» IckJb a recalling of the mind 
from wandering thoughts, recolleetion ; tfie con- 
junction or 6em^ present of all the essential 
parts of a eacraraent; arith. ^ 5ww, <o<ctZ; 
^,>î^^ together, added iogetlier. 

yi£ Pe. only part. adj. yJo, )JL, )1^. graw, 
dignifiedy solemn, venerable, reverend; moderate, 
modest, chaste, gentle; )>aL ylo ofvenerable 
appearance; \Ju£a )^i*? reverend monks; 
JfcCsuIs cAasie or reverend women, recluses; 
)l zt& JlOaIo ILlXcfe the bee carries on her 
modest labour. Ethpe. ^IdI? to bear oneself 
with dignity ,behave seriously , modestly; togive 
serious attention; ]ZM&£o&\*<** ^L>hoo he 
bote himself gravely as a philosopher. Pa. ^lă 
to render honourable; to praise; to recall to 
serious or dignified behaviour ; Jfc^JX y i ^ . v» 
^6 moderales deşire; pass. pai*t. dignifiedy 
honourable, venerable, adorned ; j L aA*Aa 
ya iajc jfeCft^âjL venerable from great age. 
Ethpa. *JLoi( to bear oneself toith dignity; 
to be honoured; to glory in, boast of Deriv- 
atives, ^ia^id, jiooao, [iaiav>. 

Jî^xin f. a ball of unspun flax or cotlon, 
cleto of cotlon. 

&1S Pael conj. and âld( Aphel conj. denom. 
verb from \AxB, to gather under the wings. 

£03 ? \Âi£ pi. |ao5 and ]îş4io f, the side, 
edge, outer part, esp. a) a wing; \Lxh IcuL 
a winged creature, a bird; &msJL usaâ the 
ostrich; metaph. covering, overshadouÂng , pro- 
tection; )^i5? )1^J the overshadotoing of the 
wings. b) tliearms, lap, bosom; %£&&*, o»aJAa 
she iooh her son m her arms; iJsaJS tîi/awfs- 
in-a/rms. c) the border, fiap^ sMrt, hem of a 
garment; o^aj^J^-ilwnderMsciîoaĂjr metaph. 
]u^n? o»IâJLO i^e <înds of the earth; )1« i^sLiS 

stretches or cm& of a mountain. d) a pinnade; 




ihe side or horn of an altar ; the arm of a cross ; 
abranck; the taing of an army. Deriv atives, 
verb Aia, jl ctSuasx 

* \ J£ia or J£5J3 pi- )* m. a fag, cttâera, 

J* * 


cithern, lyre; «otaiio ^JL«vţ )ud a seî?e»- 


[^ P Ti 

stringed harp; i.m\t ellipt. ten-stringed ; 
\l& v^p many stringed; metaph. Jx^So U^J 

)*^? »ooj^iSo the soul and mind and iheir 
Jiarp ihe body; S. Eplirem is called |^»o»ţ ) 
jijcus? ihe cithern of the Holy Spirit; U 
\Zr\mv> harps sounding forth praise. 

)lxo or J£fc3 pi, y m. ihe service trec, sorbus 

J^roZi^ ru, a harpist. 

Y p , < -Ti , , T>9 \ 9 9 

«*id fut. u*ci.uu, act. part. aId, |*xp, pass. 
part, jlSo, \mjJJ>* to gather together, colîect ; 

o^â^lS-JU om^o^ \Jaoţ ]t£s.<x^i£a Iten 
gathering her chickens under her wings; Ja©*? 
J^jlus; oo> tfAe j/ofcZ which you have brought 
together, amassed; lm£~ *lo; }££!* a sorcerer, 
mountebank who collects a crowd; q*JLjJ> 
♦-L jiaajccLd he gathered into one treatise, 
epitomized. * Special meanings, a) witli idik 
wojoo^s/ to gaiJier to hisfath&rs, io cause to die; 
o»Iol^. omLl.0 jti^f (?oi foo& /im £o Himself; 
also fa Za# 02^ for burial, o»o^5loo o»cuuo ifo?/ 
7aît2 Jier body out and buried her. b) to bring 
together, assemble; o ©o* ^JUo ) I V ' SS » ikey 
assembled the church; ^aoojd!» Loo» |jLL> tlie 
Gouncil was assembled; t-JLJbţ , objj£> cu,^» 

which of you here assembled ? c) to gather or 
coZZec^ one's senses; to hold oneself in; *JL2u 
«+-*-* T «jwoxd recollect yourself; iA*jbţ jJooi 
a recollected mind, ellipt. recollected, contem- 
plative, d) to curdle, thicken ; \s&!L\ o»Lcu3> 
wIo-mI^ \Jkio ihe liquidness of milk thicfcens. 
e) to sweep. f) with Jli to be dropsical, have 
ihe dropsy; && )o« j^^loţ jj-a^a man svffier- 

ingfrom dropsy. g) metaph. of time or mxmber 
toamount, come io; U&ţ±» or^ — «jao \SiH » A 1$ 
the number of yea/rs from — to — are so many. 

Ethpe. +2air and Ethpa, ^lol/* a) to be 
gathered U &JL l&\ io his people, )Ia£l^ to the 
grave or ellipt. io die; \&l^L ^ <jdoUlie tvas 
taken away from tlie world; \J£L*s> oaiol^ 
tJtey departed in peace. b) io come together , 

assemble esp. as a synod ; }i£ip in the ckwrches; 
jN-XdiZao o*X.3 % JLâS h( the whole city came 
together; U5o- \mi> qjodL/ theyheld a synod 
inSeleucia; Jjoj^jC CL»i5i/' , «Aey agreed on 
ihis point, met each other's wishes. c) "with 
ju&âJ ld^ to recollect one's ihoughls, enter into 
oneself be recollected; Jo<* i*î£l( vi^d^ ^2> 
he had returned from error to a right mind. 
d) in reasoning, ? *iofco« or jkI£hJ& it foîlows, 
results, we gather thai .... e) arith. to be 
computed, reckoned, to result, amount, come to } 
JâBcuX ţ£> aIoIsj^? )iîx-v? ^ number tohich 
results from multiplication. f) astron. tomeet, 
be in conjunction. g) to be collected^ compiled. 
Ii) gram. to form a plwral, be in the plural; 

ţ**i£^& \ they liave no plwal form. i) to be 
laid waste. Pâel * iii to assemble, caii together, 
levy ari army, convohe a synod; to collect moBey, 
tribute, alms; to bring or gather together, 
acquire; to compile, make a digest, epitomize; 
to comşmte, reckon; to gather a conclusion from 
an argument, conclude; to recall, recollect, 
su?nmon the tlioughts, collect the mind ; ^a3 
jtîajaoo wo»o*I( he stretches out his hand and 

draws it bach; u-iJol^ a T.oo !s.-»oc» \JSaxo( 
1 was a stranger and ye tooh me in; +jlo 
jioL^i* ]f-*^ Chiist brought together into oneness 
the Godhead and Manhood; U^£i^> *m \r\ vi y 
* ^îd which are brought together in the Lord 

our Lord; [Juaso )>oj a heaped-up pyre; 
l*tflv> iQfiAffi^o^! a lexicon compiled from 
otliers; [Likso Jl^jdbk^ epitomized; JJooi 
[aIo^o a recollected or thoughtfid mind. De- 

m1o } \.1io pi. &T $ \— rt. *is>. m. a gathering 
together of waters ; multitude of people ; a con- 
gregation, assembly ; a company of monks, 
pupils, a school; jtloA together, in common; 
gram. <Ae plural number. 

*xo, Ui-D with )Jjfc dropsy; in the lexx. 
sweeping; assembling; death. 

Jîs*io rt. awu). f. sweepings 9 rubbish; J^aX3 
];<><• «iws« sz^pi together; in the lexx. a Sa& 
o/ cotton. 

rf 2 




Uo, )tf» also )£i£ pi. ffiftSSB m. and f. 

a companion, fellow-servant, colleague; Jl&lo 
mg felloiv-servants; oîCls JXJLS Ats fellow- 

priest; an opponmt in an argument; metaph. 
like f similar } egual; Jj£oo»>ţ oi&Lo U^Si 
Ravenna the fellow of Rome; wood is the 
ojlsJLD of fire i. e, suits with its nature; JLală 
)«**£*? \ofco( 2/ow #re Kfo beasts. 

}£âd or jfcdo f. a) same as |xS. 6) a basJcet 


*tfxo fut. a»ftaj' and ^maJ, act. part. «xol-â, 
pass. part. ^m>m% Ijxuâd, l^fn^mo, a) io breah 
inpieces, nvtmch, crunch; J2^& ^lâ munching 
<?ry barley; ^.moo ;*£_S, ji^Lf aw uprooted 
and brohen tree. b) io blame, pui to shame. 
Ethpe. t cncn olf io Se reproved, blamed, found 
guilty, proveă to be in the wrong; convicted 
*au£*oo ofheresy; JU^J^» j£s£&.a of much 
wickedness; ? Jooj asam^l^J» Ae s#as blamed 
for, shown to be wrong in; loţ^a* — wot ^& 
l^amo^oo J?Ă **{? Jui^a*, by this text swc& 
wicked opinions are refuted. Pa. ^s to blame, 
reprove. Aph. maţ io show to be zor ong , re- 

■ ?- 

6wfe 3 reprove, convince, confute, with ^ or pers. 

ţ» or "^i. of the cause ; 
^ ^ wo» o * m aJ he will rebuke his words, 
reprove htm for tohat he has said-; p f +\ \ 
ip*aa^. iâaSU 7*6 m& reprove the righteous 
first; Ui^j U^c^ Jîift^ ^jj fe* 
ws reprove forsahers of the faith as being lihe 
robbers. Ettaph. ^11/* with *& to be re- 
proved, shown his faults, convinced of sin. 
Dekiyativbs, Ucnttjip, ^[i^Ays jiataxajtf). 

, l^txo pL lm£ m. a cup, beaker, drinhing- 
vessel; ]hV>9 iaxo a cup of eold water; esp. 
the Eucharistic chalice; ]£aai« ţ&> <wjbe; \A f* 
l^&o the mixed cup; \JL& *%J* * %S& he 

consecrated the cup, L e. celebrated Holy Com- 

Uko fut. imoî, act. part. \Aa, \ltno, pass. 
part. Uxk6, Jwoxxo, jl^ââ, to cover, veil, conceal, 
keep secret Pass. part. concealed, hidden, 
secret, occult of ten opp. \S^,^open, uncovered; 
l+mp K&fo* the internai organs; but )X*_x 
}&*£>!'? j]Ş>m^ the inner sight of the mind 
opp. Jl£l£=> \u& the outer bodily eyes; ineffable^ 
mystic; ***Şj^ .cc* ^ao ^Ajd? o o» \^j} r 

iQo^o^om^ ^*I&jSo 3%m iAai ari secrei m 
aZ2 J'Ay works and manifest in their workings ; 
U*o'ff ]im£ jL^îsZ. the mystic seăl of the Spirit; 

Jo£u? Jl^ioo the secrets ofGod, the ineffable 
blessings ofGod. Pa. umo a) to cover, torap 
up, clothe, robe; ujJok-*j»5o IS«*5<h jLî 
/ î/?a5 naîced and ye cîotlied me; i£&ţ fc^ 
J !s ^a» sAe covered herface with a veil; m etaph . 
gusts arose i&i^Ji o^Ja^iaj? io overwhelm the 
shtp. b) to hide, conceal; to cover, condone; 
^a» ^^ ^«0 )l tkou hast not concealed this f rom 
us. c) io stop up a fountain. d) to proiect; 
Uoootd Jj^I^jc» uiâo he protecied the camps 
with his spear, Pass. part. a) covered, robed, 
clothed \Âeo in sackcloth; jJa^j/^m purple; 
f«L*» um,^ t0£ft covered head. b) hidden, 
secret; ) i aia.5 J,jLj£ ^J^ij jJip c»>vaX beyond 

hwrnan beings, hidden from ihem; ^ma^D j )||» 
hidden mysteries, c) closed, sJmt; Isocis 
**Aii*>? a cZosed: mouth. Ethpa. wiol^o 6e 
covered, clothed, robed, arrayed; \Aa> u^oi/ 
/ie z^as clothed in sackcloth/ to be overwltelmed 
by waves, floods, earth; ^<Tv ULtfhSmolF 
^ooo^o the earth closed upon Ihem; to be hidden 
\±ZAL ţ& from sight; to be passed over, con- 
doned of sin ; to be sheltered, protected; \^-\-r 
ycusiiîfco ^ÂîS? lb^2> men shallfină shelter 
under the shadow ofThy wings. Dekivatives, 
Uaaas, Jl^AflDCLd, juma, J-uxlo, l^Umâ, jlcum^o, 

im5 pL of |lj!fflo. 

)im3, \]Ao or \Ld pi. JJino ni. time offull 
moon, the fifteenth day of the month; Jl«5 
\2&£ jull moons; ©jicu^fiL» .5 )Wao ]><h» 
<Ae moon at ihefull i.e. in itsfullness; »ma t v 
/rom fAe middle of the month; jc^i'? ^mq^ 
^kcu^-Î? atJuly or September full moon. 

\J*<uxxa pi. ^ rt. u*mo. m. apruner. 

yO^soacafl, y0^^mom.^wToî 5 a^orcA5«p- 
ported on pillars ; a balcony, an upper room. 

jicuKLO m, a Imckster, costermong&r. 

fut. u^ cu naJ, pass. part. u**m3, H. f 
J^— . «o ^rîme esp. a vine, io Zop; ^ f? ^': / 
yCc H * ft i- Vs> ţ^m'» trees with their shoots 
lopped of. Ethpe. uJ^l/" « be pruned; 

Lfcâad&Ottf mb^O **( as a <nrun,pA *n*i*<ii<**J 


v y i* - 

v .. y 

Pa. u*mă t )ÎmZj uwAaao perh. fiatnosed as if 
with lopped-off nostrils. DEEiVATiVES,Ucim0, 

Jg^flOD, U^d, U^- 

klm5, )Im*&5 rt. uimo. a pruner. 

l^atO rt. v*m-o. m. pm/ning, lopping. 

)/^g pi. U»S rt. u^d. «naW seed-bidbs. 

JI^S rt- jma m. hîdîng, concealmeni usually 
with prep. jlmr> w hiding, in secret, secret! y; 
JLli U^4^ &*3 ţ» ii shall come forth 
from obscurity and appear openly. 

\ 9 .^ pi. )IfiâD rt. [mă m. an outer covering, 
roof of the ark, of a tent ; the cover of a well, 
Ud of a pot ; )HIă IIiod natural coverings such 
as rind, shell, bark; &aa ǩ>o&Ȕ? i-W" 
l ^ V^ * the air which is the outer cover ing of 
the world; c*iooâ vj»dU f**> M**=» « 
<2me; some covering over his rtiouth. 

% 3& m .* rt. j-aua. adv. covertly, secretly, 
obscurely, mysteriously \ mystically. 

ji'axcoâ rt. \r** f. a covering over or conceal- 
ing; that which is concealed or unseen; that 
which really is } within, opp. Jla*££ or JL< 

externai appearance; jtcLST? yOttla-mo <Ăfl 

irue inwardness of thmgs; secrets, mysteries, 


]&&>) ţ*Z*£f\D or ţ&ll*£â f. «) |g/»°*> 

powdered drugs or perfumes. b) Ar, eZmr, 
«Ae phiîosophers essence which would change 
lead to gold. 

) ;S^s^ or IJog^a m. a) a basket, b) Jiuxc&D 
ţ iV * ? * wooden moulds for makzng bricks, 

JLko m. plaster. 

*jaa Ettaphal ţAsU^ or ţlflciotLf denom. 

verb from £eW, 2o fr-aveZ about; to receive hos- 
pitality, be entertained as a guest. Cf. \*i c* D( 
and below. 

\j£o pi. JL m. fruits usually dried or pre- 
served fruits such as raisins, wahtuts, almonds; 
dessert; bxxt )ilL \la^ fresh fruits. 

JifloS pi. £■ m. coraZ. 

MJ04m3 or i.^ !^^ f. ^evoSo^îo*', et guesi- 
house, hospital; cf. for this and the folio wîng 

Itfoqma or uoadOfau&a m. ^ofiox^? $* 
maşter of the guesls. 

f. a crust ofbread. 

* * 

pi. kflttx&ii m. the sole of a sandal, 
shoe. &c.; l^=> [ckcr\& worn-out soles. 

*' *U Omar commanded a census to be taken 


jl£mmD pi. jrornn and jls^mâ f. the loin, 

loinSy rnuscles of the loins, 

■q m^ 3 iitmo pL \pjffi\o m. stlver, money, 
a silver coin, fiece ofmoney; «KuSjţ j.a^aS 
fAe money he was bought for, his price; ^%^X 
jâjaoî «Airty yzec€5 o/ silver; )im^ jp^> 
avaricious; J.axa3 !^lâ*» avarice; U*> ajao^ 
a jpoS-faaî, capitation iax; a census 


of rt?Z f/w countries of his empire ; U-> 
Cfc-ls^ »oo>^qjL /te îs enroUeă amongst them 7 
numbered with tliem. 

;,fn /> Aphel ; oa ^/^ denom. verb from 
ffiamoj. ^o banishj exile. 

]&*&> )&*& or JfcUâ pi. )&L f. (cf. ^w, 
]Ao) an earthen vessel in which wine was 

mixed . 

)j£ttS pL ju»S and jilmo î.provender t fodder, 
forage, hay; Jl£a&3 ţ^î>3 a dedler in hay. 

&J> fut. âaaj, înf. â^so, inaper. *âoo, act. 
part. ^U, |.ai, pi. ni. ţ^\o or ^âo, pass. part. 

hnee; U*5 *Ae Â^itf; Uâu himself &c; with 
j ^Va «o stretch the sling; metaph. to bend, 
makeflexzble, mahe grntle; ^x*Kaă &a& ^ăow 
Aas^ brought me very low; «oaioţctis ^ 5 Za o 
bowing before Hm. Part. adj. a) Bmf, bowed t 
croohbached, distorted; ^So k»?oi 6eni or rfxV 
^orfecZ limbs; oi?l^ma^ *Suâ^ 6e«i! backwards. 
b) arclied, eurved, concave; Jil^Iiâ ]&J«i> 
| |g oi " 5 ^ n straight and eurved irv/mpets; 
\Â\o<ţ l^ a*&o Jl'^» <m arched stone cavern; 
o**** >gu&o jf )tlr a curved-headed nail ; jl^*3 

[y< ^T — )} q^» ^tsÂ^âa 6zrcZs we<A hooked beahs, 
taJons; )UZj &Jk£>hook-nosed. Ethpe. ââdl/ 
fo 6e &ett£ or 6owei cfoww, to fiewZ or 6o^ oneself 
usually metaph. ioi Jl *£&w tihebr bach was 
bent i.e. ^/i«y «îere no Zon^er inflexible. Pa. 

onese?/. Ethpa. Aa5L?*to&o^ in adoration, 
stoo^ from weakness, bend over, bulge e. g. as 
buildings from the shock of an earthquake ; 



io be bentj crooked, hooked. No Aphel, *ao/ r is 
Pael of a5( , see p. 16, col. 2, 

*ai! 5 \âJ> pi. J&J5 rt. âd. £ the palm, hollow 
of the bând ; a handfid, sheaf bundle; ]ÂB JUd 
a handfid; \J*^J&t Jl£u> a handful of salt; 

\2k&o ZsJ> bundles ofthorns; [&£ ^Aj io clap 

the hands; with ?-** or juo to reap, gather 

togetker a sJieaf; metaph. Jîs^i^îL^ \Ji-£ 
jicwX*.* tkebîessed sheaf,, of the 

\ÂB } jhs&o pi. JiLo rt. &lo. f. anytldng hollow 
or curved, a pan, boivl, saucer, snujf-dish, 
censer; a spoon, ladlej JIJjmj»? or Jjjjf }ÂB 
the scale of a balance; jtijuaoy \&o tJte bowl of 
a candlestick ; U&*& ? \&S tlie hollow of a sling ; 
tlie hollow of a vault, a vault, \a*±jL &&,£ the 

vault of Iieaven ; \ilS,9 )ls*&ţ Jl£a£ the arch 
of the rainbowj \&£ţ i^LiZ the door of tlie 

vaults; K*^! oj&jL£ £&q the hollow S2>aces 
under the arclies of a bridge; Ifcl^^o^)^ 2 ^ 
)K*jfQ.o, a seat carried on a cameVs back, on 
a muie. 

J^o = JaJ! rt. &o, f. a ladle, large kiichen 

\Âa fut. Jâ^J , act. part. \£J>, \Sb.o, pass. 
part. j&D, )*&£, Cognatb ai>. a) to bend, bow 9 
încline , curve, lean over; wifcli o**«J» ^JL 
to bow over on one's breast; with Jj£i( t&X 
or Uk$)*a ]*&( io bow down the face to the 

ground; 00 o* **&3 * ©o**&( ^>jL ihey were 
lying with their faces toward tlie ground; 
JtAâd o*jL*9 *^-£? u*.Xc?J cîfgeeâ recoiling on 
itself; &£jq Ijcfciciv )uL5 jÂo ^e deluge bent 
its head and kissed the outskirts of Paradise ; 
ooîcuâ IJLo; jfiL^aLo a waierpot with a 
curved spout. b) to over turn, upset; ]Îs^jl, 
<h^^ J^aSLo k^&¥ I ilvrew the soa2>suds over 
her, upset the washing-basin over her. Ethpe. 
tJHoir a) to bend with effort, străin, b) to bow 
in adoratîon, Joi oi y^i o©*cl£>*co3 ^a9i,o^o2> 
before Sim celestial beings bend. c) to be over- 
ttcrned, upset, JÂd^Jd? Jl&? JJJj» a ^;o« of 
water ttcrned upside down. Eshtaph. u£:>1£*. ( 
to be overwhelmed. 

Jfcu&s, JLtoAd rt. *&s 11. a) a» infidel, 
unheliever, heatJien, mg aii; pi. pagans opp. 

Jews but t/euw opp. Christians; Jjo^o )ogl£. 
U^tsţ tfAe unbelieving Persian nation; an 

apostate; ]'9&£iJ>ţ J^xcg.^*? JLm a ^ form- of 

absolution for tliose who have denied the faith. 

V) ungrateful, unthankful ; JLqj^^s )>a^a 

unmindful of benefits ; jî^X ^ma /«'n^ 
to i/ie thankless. 

t ^ 

rt. ^âio. adv. as aw infidel, per* 

fdiously, denying and refuting. 

JioiaSio rt. ^ao. f. denial, rejection of Christ, 
of the Faith; impiety, injidelity^ paganism, 
apostasy; also renunciation irtade in baptism 
of the devii and all his works. 

Ufa^iD rt. 3^. m. denial, rejection; in- 

fidelity, vmpiety; Jloo^if )^»cu2lo denial of 

theGodJiead; ]ou£/^ţ&; Uic^o apostasy or 
rejection of God. 

U,ct&â or JXaa5 ni. hellebore, helleborus 
niger or candidus. 


p tf 


f. crookedness, 

<. - 

J£*Zj &6m^ hook-nosed, 

ţ&o fut. ţ£Lru , act. part. ^ao, )lai . Io hanger; 
metaph. to hunger after, deşire greedily; the 
adj. ţâs, ji&i! usually takes the place of the 
participle; see below. Ethpe. ţÂol^and 
Ethpa. ţâDL/ 7 same as Peal Jlt<x,^\ ^£>iV 
he Jmngered after wealth; ţJLollţ Ji'cj» cZeaiA 
/or w7^c7i /^ had hunger ed. Aph. >^,^/ y io 
make to htmger, afflict with hunger; ^sLolT Jl 

^w Thou wili not leave ihe chtldren of 
men io be consumed with hunger. Deriv- 
atives, U&s, l^laas, jicaaa. 

ţAr> 3 \ 1 p lB pi. JJL&JÎ rt. ţJte. m. a) subst. 
hunger, scarcity, f amine; ţcc&aja )o> Uâo Jow 
) Lo il( a greatf amine overspread all lands; Ji&a 
^j» o^ lit. iAe hunger of a huli, Angl. wolfish 
hunger. b) adj. himgry, famished; J^ţX ^o»^ 
ihir sting for blood ; |iâi> J^Jf a ramnous wolf; 
Jlş i°in? or lxa.5? ^âj a kungry soni; \?&Z 
J teu }a^ ihir sting for justice. 

tsAi&s rt. ţâo. adv. -yery hungriltf, in a 
famished state. 

Jlcuao rt ţâo. f. hunger \ state of f amine, 
being famished. 


* y 

9 P 

Y 9 

\sotita m, monthly eourse, menstruous dis- 
charge; Maâaa J^»&slf )l%*i(awomanstaying 
apart for her uncleanness. 

j^nâi adj. from lm&£. unclean, dirty. 

UiAâ£, jl£*Ln&5 irora Uks.£ menstruous; 
>»i,fffc9i,r> K»?i the monthly cou/rse; a woman 
during that iime or suffering from an issue; 
JlSft Imoţn\ M , v>>> clm o^T He healed her who 
had aflux. 

Pael conj. of &£. 

)&Sl$ rt, &o* m. a) being bent, bowed with 
age, 1*1*. ; ySiAo being bent with years; c 
Jîs^-o? the being drawn of a bow; \lxxii 
the vaults of heaven, zones, spheres ; astron. 
a segment of a circle; ici^kâ ^aa o»? \ ÂÂa 
]j?cw a segrmnt Iar ger (han a half circle; 
|âas? JjfcJ* lit. the string of an arc i. e, the line 
dividing a circle into segments. 

Jl^aaa pi jlsasiii rt- *as. f. anything hollow 
or cwved; a coffer; the hollow part of a censer, 
of a boolcease; esp. a paten; } i^ÂÂB © Uiio 
chalices and patens; JL§ f î^J j)£44ă curved 
tusks of ivory, ivory platters. 

&d fui i<£aaî, act. part. *&£, J£a©, pass. 
part. **&£, j', Jl. i, to wipe, wipe clean } seour; 

Uic^? oC£? U-^%* c^o ji^X o^kl 
fo sezmZ the sword and wiped it in the body 
of the blessed martyr; ©*tcu*r +ite wipe its cut 
i.e. cleanse the part cut. u. to deny, renounce, 
desert the faith, apostatize usually with o e. g. 
ţlijab? JA*^.-£ to deny the Oross of our 
salvation; with l-Sa^ak to renounce the world; 


V T. <M 9 

the devii; Jfc^ 

P V 


*Aow c&fe renotmce the heavenly gift; 
J&5ir j?Ă* ^Lo^Uo ţ*Zao | they do not 
deny the truth ofthis opinion; with Jlo^Jp 
to be ungrateful; but y&&*J ţi> *c£&j>i iU &* 
no* 7% #race re/ec£ w. Pass. part. a) impers. 
*f* **âLs it is renounced as to thee i.e. / re- 
nounce thee; an-oa^iju* &> ;*£<> Diana is 
rewunced; \tf **âo ^I^Ja I deny thy gods. 
b) wifaithful, infidel, accursed, Ethpe. tkall* 
i. to be wiped away. ii. to be denied; to be 
disannulled, deelared rmll as UL1& a covenant. 
Pa. 3fl, i. to wipe, rub dry as **©*op£ his 
hands; JJcuo^ UiaSi^ tlie paten with the 

corporal; io wipe away k&»j tears; j&ooici> 
stains of sin; )U>}& ^ Uo> lia^oţ J1&3 
a fragment rubbed offfrom the idol; metaph. 
to disperse, clear off, blot out; Jii;i^ oj^aă 
l ^ QA \ . » , v jf Saul ded a^ay %t7A the remnant of 
the Amalehites ; Jo« ^ai» U-3? f^ Q .^ Ă€ 
abolisJied tlie traces of the Evil one. ii. to compel 
to apostatize, force to deny. Ethpa. *&£i/* 
to 6e wiped off, blotted out, effaced J^c^a»)^ 
w«^i a sponge; metaph. as sin in baptism; 

<co*j«âo? ^âoîs^ T^ay tke memory of them be 
blotted out; to be done away with, nanish as 
J&oa2 anger. Aphel ;luo/ ? ' io force to deny 


» V» 

<?od; to compel to apostatize +£> 
Jtct Cţ}.m*&fromGhristia?itty; to cause or com- 

mand to renounce, \JL5& jljoji o^ ^ n v> ^ 

priest tells the baptismal candidate to renounce 
the Evil one. Derivatives, J;âcu3 ; jyciâ.0, 

&2, )Isld pi. }&£ m. a village, hamlet; 
usually as part of a proper naine, ocu#J ;^^ 
Gap&imaum, the village of the prophet Nahum. 

ţjo*&£ pî. )2-dim. of )iao, m. a Utile village, 
hamlet, cluster ofhouses esp. in the neighbour- 
hood of a city. 

U**l&S a) hard white candy or sweetmeat. 
b) smoke, steam. 

Ji;âa f. an eartlien vessel, crock. 

V^a fut. io 9n? io boli, form into a pod or 
seed-vessel; fcJîo ti&o the flax was bolled; 
jfcuX kJio the rod of Aaron put forth ripe 
ahnonds; eJ^ăs $ J*J,a thefruits did not form. 
Ethpe. Mîoirto beformed as fruit. Pa. fc^âo 
to thicken, form into a knot. Derivative, 

UjJ uL lS-ao <Ae cyclamen. 

Jl^aă rt. <as. f, a kollowed place, arch or 

Jl^ao rt. h>£&- m. <Ae eaiâe of a flower, 
capsule, seed-vessel. 

UîfcC&o adj. from jfclaa. arched, vaulted. 

tJ> adv. of place, where, usually with the 

relative, ? ;£ tvJiere; ? J> ^o tvlieresoever ; 

f r^o ^a.^. whithersoever ; f ;a,\ thither 
tohere; ţ ^.o ţ&> whence, from that place. 

vault; j*cu? Jj^lâo 


or time; as soon as; U+oi o*J? *a ^£ from 
whatever quarter the wind blotos. 

J*3, Jîo fut. )î&j, act. part. )l& 9 \Z'+Â> pass. 
part. ]£d, )I*5. a) «o be short, narrow, brief; 
ţ^oSaT a»Zo fAg day 5 &re jte«>. b) to be sad, 
displeased, annoyed ; to grieve; usually impers. 
with ^; t^o*^ togi ^sli.5 David was sad; 

ţ*a»*>? ? +*£*(* %JL \QA±> U^o Joojt Ij sorrow 
notfor those that are asleep; £L Jlsi? o»?î we 

ought iofeel sorry; **©*al£x o*i£ hS+o hefelt 
pityforhim; pass. part. d) smoli, narrow, brief 

shoH opp. y+*(: ; j^jj-lls» abriefspace; ]SîiL 
)kSi& few or bruf years; ]lo9 U^i^the lesser 
gate; Jfcocoo jlo &«& of stature, short; U*i>? 
owoi short-tempered opp. o*-i©i Jt*^? ^«0- 
suffering, patient; music. jj&so Jbo sAor2 
^etos; gram. ]!& ULo) a short vowel; )mJ*H 
\i& short names or nouns ; adverbial, jj^şasi 
briefiy, shortly; }j£lvL* wJL*^»*^ a gram- 
matical epitome. b) sad, sorrowful f. impers. 
with ^ to grieve, be sorry, *%JL ^ Ju & ^1 
^iiioB we are very sad at thy separation from 
us; ^ \i£ (J U^Li ULd ULtf} <ţâ Ido 
not care how îong the journey may be; |i;o JJ 
M( "%»tlţ ^ I am not sorry to die. Ethpe. 
Jloif to be cut short, made brief o££ ^loif 
|j*»x i/ie moment was brief; ]^L «pl^i his 
life is cut short. Pa. JIS to shorten, curtaţi, 
contract, o»yJŞmvî\ Jjjaa w ţ5 ^ garment is too 
short to cover him } ]&&>cu wlo fi shorlened the 
days, the time. Ethpa. Ji&lfto be shortened, 
cut short as days, îife ; impers. to be despondent, 
despairing, yj'^±oU> ^ J^oi/*)! you did 
not lose heart in your trials; with o*Zq* his 
spirit was grieved, eourage failed. Aph. ^Id^ 
a) to shorten opp. y*©/*; ^£ 4 0omP? Jlof r 
Iie shortened their hands, held them baek. b) to 
sadden, be displeased, angry; with > ^w to be 
sorry for, to condoîe with. Derivative s, 

)l£ m. the socket or the higherpart of the arm. 

)i& or \!*'J> m. an tron pot for heating pitch. 

ola fut. oo^aJ, act. part. 0I0, \k&, pass. 
part. I^x.». to plough, tilliht ground, 00 ;s 
Ji»;p %oa\ 6reaĂ tţp yow fallow groand; 
metaph. to meditate, turn over one's thoughts* I 

Ethpe. o£sL/ to 6« ploughed, tilled. Deriv- 

ATIVES, U^>, î-^>^> 3 J^O*^, ^0;p, )^30;o. 

Joi^o or J^£o m. cabbage, caulijiotver, }t>9ţ o 
wild cabbage. 

\z>U> pi. ^£a rt. ow. m. ploughing, tillmg 
tlie ground ; fallow ground; afurrow } ^oili ]l 
JfcC^**j \&i& *%JL sow noi in the furrow of 

U-^U> rt. otd. adj, rustic. 

Jl&^ii pi. JfcliU^ f. a bird's crest or fcgft, 
esp. JJ^ir? o a cock's comb. 

\&*i.S pi. |JL m. jîwe cambric, muslin or 
lawn; \jk=>J> ^Jl^o a linendraper. 

o*^-o to st^er pa£n, 5e sarf, ^^a^r, iK/ cf. 
cognate J;o. Pe. only part. adj. o*-.Zo, Jouw, 
)io^*î!o sick, sickly, ill, diseased, weak, infirm, 
feeble; ©o* omZo he is UI; ]o*+lo k~£ a hospital, 
infirmary; %xx+>l i^-w> love-sick; \j\i 
JL^sd rottenfigsj c*+ls j£^> theflesh is wt 
JLo>-»îLo jlş^Jttufcap W?a^A hearing * )jlf^ 
Jomw raeffectual assistcmce; JLomI^ k^i^ 
unhealthy country; metaph. of wrong opinions 
]n*A o^Zd heterodox; ^q^Id Jcujy Jio^la 
cow A«r wrnds were disordered by the mis- 
leading of demis; gram. a/ee&^syllablei.e. one 
coiitaining a quiescent letter ; a defective verb; 
Jtoif om Zo a noua having a weak letter; J 

tf, - 

1» 5 

having the iniţial quiescent as j-a N. /? the 
second letter quiescent as )l\£>, ihefoial as j^s.. 
Ethpe. ot U>U a) tofall sick, be sick, UI, inpain. 
b) to grow weak, lose strengih, fail, languish; 
ysS. o»;al/ thine heart was tender, thou didst 
grieve; JiaisLSo vZalFhe grew weak in 
faith; ţ.«*okj« ^^s.? ^Li' those who 
stumble, are perplexed, distressed at this saying. 
Pa. oua to make UI or sick; Jjooo uĂ yoaa 
sî'cA m mtiui. Ethpa. «iSl/ « / a fl «^ 

nes*. Aph. mioft» cause to be ill or sickly, 
injure, harm; with oUaj «o /ee^« sickness; 

ruin» a?^ mjwres a vinei/ard so much as bad 
pruning. Debivatives, jj«>ao, V-.{o^.«>, 
jioo»*^, JlooiiAie, jjcn;ajo. 

Uo^ pi. ^.■, ^ r t. o;a . m< a cherub. 



\&m& pi. JL rt. o*©, m. a ploughman, 
husbandman; aplough. 

fj^eţd, JfcCJ- from M>c*U. adj. cheruhic, of 
or pertaining to cherubs; }l&oo»© )Is-££> $Ae 

cherubic companies. 

lo&, Jj©*£, Jt'jo;© rt, ft&, a herald, public 
crier, proclaimer, preacher, harbmger, fore- 
ruwner esp. used of St. John the Baptist, 
^|L J$o.!£a )îoU^. Elizabeth $7^ZZ ^tw KrA 
miraculously to the forery/nner of Christ. 

Jî©*5 or ]5©;© kJ)p u & m. a pearly shell, 

JL'olcua pi. jlo rt. );©. f. a) heralding, 
proclamation, preaching, message; the Qospel; 

ţj cu? jlo J©*© the preaching ofJonah; }i©t©*© 

^Arţ 2Âe message or preaching of the AposUes. 
b) eccles. a proclamation, recitation, bidding- 
prayer, litany, a commemoration of Hshops, 
patriarchs, &c, recited during divine service; 
f )).V?cşn\ <W.Nfc^ ihsy annulled the com- 
memoration of the name of ... . c) public 
prayers for the khalifs = public acknowledge- 
onm£ of their sovereignty; Jo^^ ^-xu*. 

^? }aS^ Joo. Ui JLoloUo «fte M$> 
o/ the Araba had only the name and proclam- 
atârn of kings, not real power; ^^j? \*s 
?©o{*^ )2âjo faNnri^f ©itojo;© Ae tvanted 
to annul the name of Mas' ud and şyroclaim 
Daoud in his stead. 

UJc£^cu£ pi. anlX^o^o ; see ilJci^o^o 
laying on of hands. 

li©;© or U-îi pi. £. rt. y+o. m, the piece 
of wood round which the vjeaver's tlwead is 
fastened, a weavers beam. 

\looiSi pi. JI©©*© rt. *f&. m. moving round, 
going or rurming about; circular or revolving 
motion; circuite, circlings of the wind, clouds, 
&c, a circU, circumference ; Jl*-^» J^o;o 

a procession in chwch; k^U5*? U©oi4> <Ai 
revolving of tlm firmament ; UjÎsjX ţi© o;© 
/Ae tu/rning or revolving oftJie year; ţ*o£*>© 
XOo^Dţ everytMng belonging to the succession 
of Festivals in their order. 

) îs-o ots pi. )&L. rt. *t©. f. a xohirlwind, 

J^*©o*© rt. *;©. f. a whirlpool, eddy. 

9~ * 

JJo*© pi. JL. m. a) a Aoo&, esp. a Itookfrom 
which a lamp îs stcspended. b) a stick vnth 
an tron hook for lifting lamps down ; a club 
hooked at the end, ţpolo-stick. c) a curved şriece 
of wood attached to the end of a cord hy which 
a load is fastened; a saddle-bow. d) JJ©^© 
)..sftj»>£f a twisted roii, twi&t of bread. 

U^Lo u>, ]%+*lm from JJo ♦£. deeply curved,bent; 
JJ^koV© J^aoe a deeply curved line; )h+ 
)î£SsLq;& very deep rever ences. 

»o^>, iiop pi. \— m- XP®P*h wlow; 
JlesL^^ JlaoA-ţ l^o^j» yf as the colowr of 
heaven in its cleamess; \£}*Ji£ [xo 4 iO varied 
colours, Metaph. a) colour of the face, corn- 
plexion, blushing ; kc© ^-D )J ? unblushing, 
shanîeless. b) countenance, aspect; boldness, 
impudence; Joco^ Ji© a set face, bold look; 

och I^jSqj*'! o^©»a to audacity is adamantine, 
Angl. Ae is brazm*faced> c) appearanjce, pretext, 
^Im q^o M»e»ai> m appearance and not in 
truth; ©^ ^X> «ttU U*U ow what pretext 
do they accuse Mm? d) style; Jjoo^ )£•?©♦ 

JJliocoiD, JfcU adj. from the above. bold, 
audacious, impudent. 

JLoS&eoU from ^o;^ f. boldmss, impu- 
dence; lasciviou£ne3S. 

^AJoh, °ZU> or jut© pi. QAJ0&* m. 

XpoviKop, a chronicle. 

]Lo«o ph a) of U^> a Aea^. 6) of Ji*o ^Ae 

UD Pe. only participial adj. jj-Z© or JJ-Z© 

2>roscribed, execrated, despised. Ethpe. )ioU( 
a) to be pyrocktimed, announced, pttblicly taught, 

preached; )ttftiN4ţ Jt'O- J|Ă »î*^*J 

^os^e? o/ «/te Mngdom shall be preached j ltaV-> 

teaching mtt be eeiebrated in all the Ea st. b) to 
be proclaimed, named king, bishop, &c. ; ilol( 
[4S.4 he was jyroclawud king. c) to have 
the name recitea in public prayer as being 
khalif, cf. )toV;i; to be recited, proclaimed, 
commemorated as tbe names of bishops, &c, 
at divine service. Pa. fio to proscribe ; with 
iVoltl ţ& t0 dtânherit, Aph. lla/'a) to 


proclaim by a herald or messenger; ot*S\* H&F 
Ud^*- proclaim peace to the city. 6) to an- 
nounce, preach; \Z&>1& \2Su ^o*^ ©?W 
*mto them the former prophets cried; John the 
Baptist Ka9cu»j> Joo» ttaJo preached in the 
desert, c) to teach, show, argue. d) io recite 
ţublicly or in a lovd voice, to promulgate a 
decree, with ? o»aau*i> to issue decrees in 
the nome of, by the autliority of , . .; to 
proclaim or make king, caesar, khalif, sultan, 
to recite the nume of a reigning khalif in 
public prayer; to proclaim a bishop, insert 
his iiame in the dîptychs ; to proclaim a feast. 
e) eccles. to proclaim, intone a JLo/oţd. Pass. 
part. 1 +-a& 3 fii-s^o proscribed, interdicted, 
execrated, accursed, disinherited, exiled; jj; 

iltJSL ţ-^o excommunicaled ; jiîa JJ? jf 
cursed with childlessness. Deeivatites, })o&, 

jito m. i, a?& earthen water-jar with a nar- 
rom orifice. u, a Jie-goat, a ram, head of the 

^oj;o or JLîiO pl. ju, ni. a sliepherd, ashep- 
herd's crook. 

w**J *i> pl. C* usually f. x*P T7 î s > writing- 
material, paper, a schedule, bill, deed; a record, 
document treatise; )^J;oj jfcia.£ apveparer 
of paper or parchment; 

characters formed on paper; ^yf ktfuJ s 
yOoM» ^ ^ ^lâ^o ţ^^B? ^azYZ 627^5 are to be 
rehtrned to tîieir otvners i.e. given back receipted; 
h£cu^+&=> o ^ a rf o ^ jrax^li^^» JL$>* he pub- 
lisJied a treatise against htm. 

Ui^a^io pl. j* x^T-ouXa/îtos-, a c?er& of the 
revenue, administrator of the imperial ex- 
chequer; jlVS.} J££c%u> ^per o/*Ae record 
0/ the Church. 

\Zj<x£+£ or j*j^ 

J^U;£ and U^E-3yr.U;3,pl. ^^> 5 J£& 
f. a ^'fe, Aeap esp. a Aeap 0/ threshed grain; 

&**U;£ rt. J*3. adv. shortly, briejly. 
\^]o^lo rt. ©»*s. adv. morbidly. 



15 * 

ordination; see ^0^5 and 

9 rf . 

J io om Ia rt. 0**3. f. sickness, sichliness, in~ 

firmity, weahness, impotence; |1^? ojIoomIa 

thejleshsubjecttosichiess; looM?ai> *ofcJ^Qji^ 

jiax^uo* #e wfire toss&i a6ow< through the weak* 

ness of your faith. 

cu;d, Ji"cu;o rt. J;a. f. shortness, brevity; 
JJţJkf — Ja^î? Jlci*io ZacA; of time; roetaph. 
sadness, anxiety, distress; pressure, coercion; 
]ho!L;i> ţ^j ip+f unwillingly; hLS> Ic^^a 

heartfelt sorrotv; *%JL Ji'dl>t-â to« U-^^ 
jicuuf the Holy Spirit jfeK ^y /or mankind; 
\Lsi lo^;o impatience> sadness, but med, 
juio» La»u> shortness ofbreath, asthma. 

k~>h&+& rt. ^4.3* adv. round about 

]ici£u^ rt. ^;o. f. girding, surrounding ; 
J^ijs loa.*Za a besieging. 

lxl^£&j>Zo, )k»*J ■ xP lcrTlap ^ s J a Ohristian; 
\V^j^Jv> )^LiâXt r u^cu^jH cuÎjsI/ îsliţ^ 
«Ae disciples were called Christians first in 

)s.*.i * fc m »Z^>, )is s t— adj. Christian; )JLJ 
J)^sA*^.Ku^a Christian women, 

h-> lx^££^lo or £j»Zd from the above. adv. 
as a Olmstian, in a Christian rnanner ; icujâ 
2^U^£&l»?0 as becomes a Christian, befitting 
a Christian. 

llcuu^fla^Z^ or ^.m^D from the above. 
f. Christianity, the Christian faith; collect. 
iAe Christian congregation, Christian people; 
)lai A^ fla*Ij o#^? ţ ; ^}^ to?^A i/w accord of 
the whole congregation, 

^Wj jq^ttuŞo or dtt*£>£o pl. va&AfiL*ED or 

^a&AfloJo f. xpw iS * a ) w^^> custwn, wont, ex- 
perience; . m^ >Za J?o*co experience witnesses 
to this. 6) testimony, evidmce, proof apassage 
adduced or C2*e<2 inproof a quotation, example; 
)£&> ^j ^oufloZo testimony from the Scrip- 

tures; )t£&\\ . m.m. p citations from the 

y& fut. ^.o^aj and ^lau, imper. uop } pass. 
part. ^*Z^, I^Llo. Jlila.îo. a) <o go round, 
encircle, turn about as iaacwi a boundary, 
J^c** a measuring-line ; to turn round, move 
round with o, ţ» or%&; jfca*^? Jlo*, 
y^d <p <Ae city wall all round; ^» <**£ Joo» 



J> ke went rotmd from house to house; 
)£*o»J %-& <*o*»âJ the subdeacon shall go round 
and see to the lamps; Jlcui «£ *J>*£ going 
about with wild beasts i.e. living like them. 
6) to place round, gird rotind s encompass, 
surround; to stand round about, to guard } 
to besiege; ?*Sţ* ^Ff^^ hang them round 

thy nech; wjod;o JJumL JSo* strong walls 
surrounded me. c) to roii round, roii up or 
together, to wrap round, bind, swatJie; fco;S 
eii > £• ) fctj&l&o she rolled up the plaits 

ofher hair; olaj^iis *C9^{ **0 Jie wrapped 
his face in his mantie; with j»eyj*£^ to 
swaddle; with )i2uo 4 to roii a volume up,fold 
up a roii; to bind up a wound; to enshroud, 
prepare for burial; j^A^bkl^» !^o;S o**Su 
she put on her shroud; ©>.L£> ţ-^2^-3 J^*^ 
jj*t-£? they shear the jleeee all over ; poo 
jXJlţ Uţc&o Jlo l'fif hoio much land does 
a bushel of corn cover? Part, ^.lo a) active 
going round, encircling; standing round as a 
guard, surrounding or besieging wifch ^ or 
*^jL 3 jjo*, ©^ *♦***? a <^y with a wall 
round ii; q>=^£* U->Zo )l£ft-£ distress straitly 
mrrounds her heart ; ^ ^a.£o? JJq,a*oo ^ 
billows tohich surge round me ; ^ ^^ J'? CH 
#iay honour adorn thee round about. b) passive 
fenced, surrounded with walls ; wrapped}? oi }&=> 
in swaddling bands; J&* <x±2> in a mii or cloth; 
J2£I^*S ^ Ir»? the erahryo covered with tJw caul; 
<*»?o «J> J-sJ^â a folded letter; [L^oţ \J*jo* 
if+lof a dog's curly taiL c) impers. u^ld 
o »co£^ Joo» <Aey wandered about in other 
countries. Exhpe. *£al( imper. E-Syr, same 
as preţ., "W-Syr. ^*J»i(î with suff. 3 ps. 
I. active = Peal a) to go round, move 
about, &c. ; Ji;l>fcoS JI^j» ţ*£s>»i; a city ivhose 

circuit isforty miles; o^£a^ ^cia* Jooj ^iifcoîc 

J^^c/es?^.s went about in all Galilee; \t£d*L( 

jt^*»*x=> / wandered abovt in the desert; 
. .1^^^ ^o^o^oâ <Aey ww£ about collect- 

ing . , ,; d»oisao "^L ^lat* we coasted 
round Gyprus. = Peal 6) £0 surround, mar eh 
rotmd, stand round as a guard ; to stand about, 
to delay, linger. îi. passive a) to be ttirned 
round, driven round as U^^# v)heel; to be 

moved or carried round; JLoUl **s^ ^ ^ 


inheritance of a Hebrew sAaW woî 6« removed 
from one trihe to another; to be stationed 
round. b) pass. of Peal c) to be rolled up } 
wrapped vsp } stvathed, swaddled; ^Isîjod? joîsa 
a rolled up scroll. iii. refl. to tu/rn oneself 
round, revolve; o»l£l% ^j£, yX^i^f i^Lf)* 

a door which turns on its hinges; to gyrate, 
circle, wheel round as a bee ; to coil, tunst 
round as a serpent, as a dog's tail; io roii 
rotind, revolve, come round of number or time ; 
ţ*2;irfco& +0 jfcooo* hL=Ji seven revolving days. 
Pa. **XB to bind or tioist round, tie a vine to 
a stalce; to go or circle round of ten. Ethpa. 
Kf.l£l{ a) to go hither and thither, walk up 
and down, go to and fro. b) to be wrapped 
rotmd, bound up. c) to gird, surround, besiege. 
Aph. *fî&( a) to mahe revolve, make to turn 
round, l»aftiiS& «♦Za-'» God mahes tJie Jieavens 
revolve; with \***i to turn amili- wheel; j^yfe^ 
a door on its hinges or in its grooves; ^^n-i 

o*ZL* he loohs all round; \l*»ts> Ui( «.taJ )* 
do not set a Hon to turn a mill-wheel; to make 
a stone revolve from a sling^ to sling. b) to 
roii round in the mouth, utler, .ad^oJ JJ? 
Jk.NgyS oC^ xQoa*£s that they sjiould not take 
the name on their tongue. Deeivatives, k>iar> 3 
U^?o-d ? Jloou), ^oo^o, JlS.^âo;^, JlS^o^o, 

U>i.B pi. ţ-^3*^ ? \£J> m. a fenced or walled 
city, fortified place. 

\i>& pi. Jo» rt. y ¥ o. m. a) a written roii, 
scroll, volume, codex; o>^k ţ» c^bo? Jo*S 

^o a roii written within and toithout; 

JîsA-^o fc»2Sa5| [oii2 rolls written all over; 
)Jculo? l^«-3 a volume of canons ; M>*£ 
jLojsa^X? writings of consent^ written consent. 
b) aneddy; \£& fc^o^T )t^2^ thou madest 
eddying pools ofrain. c) M»o»ţj \£& a roii 
or cylinder of gold. 

\£>U> ph )w rt ^^d. ni. a) revolving, revolu- 
tion, circuit, course, orbit of the sun, the 
heavens, the year; )£±+> J?o»? Jola^ at the 
turn of this year; )&JL J|î U>U continuous 
revolution. b) tepoterj, the woof 

)J^;5 m. a rhinoceros, a horn. 

§£iJ> to wrile badly, spoil icriting. 

Gg 2 



Jt^gio or J^*giS m. KepKts, 18a. a) a weaver's 
comb, sfwttle. b) the point of an arrow. c) the 
fore-arm, wrist, hnuckle. 

|Js^S;o f. the girth, buckle of the girth. 

yaâiO denom. verb Palpel conj. frora Joasiob 
to make yellow } tinge with saffron, turn pale or 
yellowish, Us*^ &*&>;&» ))L,y& a saffron- 
coloured bird. 

Jfco£o or JJ&d£d pi. JfctL. rt. *+&. f. a) a bând- 
age, binder, swaddling-band. b) a convolution, 
bend, winding. c) a tendril; k&;£? jfcoto 
a imdril of a vine. d) the slough of a snake. 

ip;«D fut. yto^aj to cui short, lop off; 
pass. part. Ucu£> cui off i mutilated esp. of 
the nose; stopped short Derivatives, U&io, 

fî*, U*+o pi. ţOovo, \&'di> rt. *;r>. m. 

a) a vineyard; UZ>i2> »JLSÂ vine-dressers. 

b) a vine; )ia£? \Ja+B make's vine, colocynth. 

K£>;o pi. ]c£±d rt. «^D. m. a vine-dresser. 
UJs+B rt. ^;s. adj. of or from the vine, the 
grape; JIăo;a [U&L winefrom tlie grape. 

\>*u îc >& pi. £. a thin calce ofbread. 
ya»cuj^ ; see Jo^ a chronicle, 

*£oIq imper, *floo^o perh. te s/mi; ^£> ^oU 
Zeaw off. 

>a>U, U*i£ pi. ^r>*o )&»*£ f. a) «fc 6^, 

the 2'>aunch; ]jnj> %*3Ub the intestines., entrails: 
k»;S ut* diarrhoea; Ux>iJ> ţ£> ,. Ş;\^^ 

ventriloquists ; metaph. Ji^J? k»;o «Ae &% 
o/ *fo jpo«; Uwf ]&»♦£ big-bellied vessels 
of brass; jtj? Uua a foWs crop/ IA+.B 
jfc^fco? ţfa &o% o/ a document, the middle 
part written on; c*»*a* fc***^ *to laughed 
within her, secretly; ameţite, hunger; îsxL>9 
|flo;o gluttony; k»;*» las» vainglory, vanity, 
conceit. b) tlie womb; o^/\a> w ^ from his 
motlurs womb. c) a cavily, ventricle, o^;o 
}is* '&x \£> the lefi ventricle of the heart; U^B 
Uo^ţ jiL»l^flftja the posterior ventricle of the 

\1L&;B pi. C m. a stalk, bundle ofstalks; 
Ijfclăţ JIsLaosa Jlax-stalks. 

Ul^flsZo, Ijw ji^^o £>, Jlou^fi©^ or ţă> îs ; 

\xâd>, 11*1*1— from |geot£ fe'g' bellied, having 
a protuberant pauneh. 

skIo, ULlo pi. ^JL, C-. m. the leg, sliank, 
shin oî cattle, sheep, locusts, bees, &c; often 
forms part of names of plants, )^>»if U*i& 
hare's foot, trifolium arvense; ]u»«j£. ^io 
wild basil, clinopodium; metaph. Jocu? \^Llo 
the shore or an inlet, arm of the sea. 

\jL+B or l^Lio m.Jirst milk after birth; also 
clotted milk. 

U&&1& or \jao&U> ni. parsley, cehry. 

Ji ? ;o or jlw> pi. jloSo rt. ]^. f. iA^ thumh, tlie 
great toe; ©^.(î jiio Azs thwmh; jl^J t£> i€ 
^reai <oe/ oji^^a yJL* he signed with his thumb, 

JL'to pi. ji» f, a leek Derivatives, 11(5. 

J1(d pi. m. )li£ pi. f. ji'LVo- adj. leek-green, 

JiinO f. a burdenfor the back, a load; o^Lm 
JL^a^. he laid doum his load, 

Jtol^o from ]LU> f. leek-colour 7 greenness. 
«ao not used in Pe. Aphel +ai*to drive 
°ff> fi a 2 y away hirds or bees. Derivatives, 

Uo fut. \2sj, act. part. Jgîo, U»o, pass. part. 
\a&, yl*S. to pile up, heap; "%^\ jâj^ 

o>jj» iliey piled stones over him; J&l 
vapours arose in heaps; )>cu "%^ \JLlo yzUnj 
let them jnle wood on thejwe; f™"£ Jt*£ţ one 
who gathers sticks; *%jL )1qaa^ Ud Ae heaped 
kindness tipon him. Pass. part. ]o o* ]y^| jl^ 
i^e earth heaped up to form a mole ; )^,y>^ 
io? the ireasures they had heaped up; 
yoo*X Miza «Aey Âa-ye piles of bread, 
pleniy ofbread. Ethpe. JmsX,\ to be piled or 
heaped up; ţ^ofco* )^>c^ <s^ P ^X.S . on 
you too, hot coals are heaped; <**£a» * cioto JI 
£?o no« Ze« your debts accumulate. Pa. wi5 
to pile up a great heap. Ethpa. uliiirpase, 
of Pael. Derivative, }k**o. 
U>vl*s> cnicus, bastard saffron. 

b^MP, ) ItLB or jlcio pi. ]2m m. a plank or 
beam; a one-plcmk bridge. 

£Jo fui ^cl^J, act. part. £i£, J^, pass. 
part, i^ls to slwot, aim, let fiy an arrow, 

£«*fc r 



with o ; to smd an arrow from the bow ; 
metaph. ţ^i ţJu^.»o |io,3 Lo^ *5 c££ 

*J^iso what we have written is not aimed at 
any special persons; pass. part, struck by an 
arrow. Ethpe. ^SsAT^A Ethpa. ^m&U to 
be pierced or wounded by an arrow. Aph. 
Xm&FsBme as Pe. Derivatives, l^^> ^*^ 3 

\^-*J> or 14-^=)^-*^ m. a bow, the 

J^*ă pi. ]lm rt. &*3. ni. an archer, hoţoman; 
astron. a sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius; 
J^.£5 )^qo a shooting star. 

J4-ia pi- C rt. £*o. m. a) J»)^ shooting 
with arrows, archery ; \^i^£t^> ;£ ««cx^io 
7w* backward shots. b) an arrow, shaft, boit; 
a shooting star. 

jl'c^*£ rt tyko. î. arcliery; the setting up 
of a machine for casting darts. 

k-jţţfipff rt. t*o. adv. diligenily, assiduously, 
strenuoudy, successfully. 

)X&j*3l& rt. i-iud. f. wccess, prosperity; 
dilig&nce, application, capability, business 

capacity; e»Lai*l£! Jo^J? *o?î #« owg** to s7i0^ 
wAat ifo îs capable of. 

JfcHi pi. ^, J£is rt. U*. £ a pile, heap; 
\jLJ>} ofwood; 1£J£? ofstones; )fti>? o/^e 
jZazu ; Jlii **is *'«• heaps. 

]£*£, UXab or ]£a*0 io. a pântA, binding- 


"^JLfl fut.^a*aJ root-meaning /o stumble; 
pass. part. usually with ia of the pers. or călise, 

* -i 

offended, angry, trate, y* yOo»U'{L 
are an offmce to their consciences; ţ 
ux>o«jjcua^ ©o o» <Aey too& greai offence at the 
synod. Ethpb. "%-Jbif with o or "^cJL to be 
offended,irate,scandalized; tosuspect; h^£*&U 
wls^X*!^ 1 was troubled in my mind; \^o 

«£U »»&>\\ Ili^Si Q^IaUg U^ «« 

dalized, suspecting that his father and mother 
hadput htm to death. Abh,%a3 J x to 0MM offence, 
cause offence, emise to offend or si?fc, scandalize, 
repuhe; J^o^xsoj oo jfc ^rnN yO^», ^ £ o ( ?/ e 
/^avg caused many to stwmhle against the law; 
ȣ JUai ^J *l r yt*l t*? sViflhyhand 

or foot cause thee to offend; '%*£& ]\lţ 9j Z*\ 
oiţâcufcA Joo» she was a cause of offence or 
temj)tation to many by her beauty. Debiv- 

AT1VES, ]Uo, jlftaaJO, jtftiNafljn, 

, ^£o > JU3 pi. ^" C. rt. ^*a. m. a stum- 
bling-blockj rock, reef; cause of offence, offence, 
scandal, scruple ; with JL( io take offence; 
with J^fci to put a sUmibling-block in the way ; 

^»\ao %a^. JJ^fcs^f )A^/ a ship which 
strikes on every rock; JU3 %2£jSL Joom JJ? fos< 
& 6e a cawse of offence; Jl*5 . ^ai? )1» toords 

which lead to scandal; ua?f ff^? ^^ f? 
«ov»r? 2/e ow^fe «o believe it without any 


«Sl*o root-meaning ^o ffpaA sofily y whisper, 
not used in Feal. Ethpa. JâJLoL/ i!o ^way 
m a Zow Dofoe, mafe mpplication, supplicate, 
deprecate; to entreat eamestly ; with^.; %£*&& 

cation to ilie Lord; >I^.N|Xo ^,j ^ *.oIş^? 
we ^;ray and beseecK Demvativbs, (â^ao, 

fut. iiaJ, act. part. ;ii, J£»o, pass. part. 
£, J' a JL*. to prosper, succeed, befortunate; 
to be favowăble, be of use, serve well; ;ao? 
useful, serviceable, profiiahle; j£*o ]Jj useless, 
ineffectual; %x±o ^f ^Nj£» rniprofiltMe, talk; 
JLo ^ y^aa^k â ts good for nothing, of no use ; 
jiaf )ţso..C wme 2/taS Aas turned out well; ]ii 
4,0* *^ ^*ij w;Aai îfi rfi«r« Seiter <M^ to . . .t 
Part. adj. diligent, industrious, active, assiduous, 
dexterous, vigorous, strenuous, often used of 
asceties; brave, excellent ; advantageous, useftd, 
profitdble, acceptable, ]!'***£ ]fc**>coţ ^Ae ro- 

dustrious bee; )U*B ViS^Î the energetic vnll; 

JlaXcu? JtJLs Jl^a<me tt?/iO laboursassiduoudy 
in imparting doctrine; \ \L*SJ> Io oi Ju-i 
of what advantage was it? i£cuâO ULd? ^C 
jy A ^,A\ [,a\^ cm <fe great advantage ofquiet to 

strenuous asceties. Pa. t*£ «o (io with success, 
accomplish successfully. Ethpa. «JLoLi a) io 
prosper, premii, succeed, have good success. 
b) to be active, vigorotes; to do or accomplish 
with zeal or diligence; y f ^ -X ^->m i-isl/ 
6e diligent in your doimgs; JLcuilp Oi*oI( 

* .. r p- 


i/iey laboured zealously in prayers 




and fastings. Aph. ti&fio have good mccess, 
bring to success^ produce good results, do well, 
ţyrospcr in work, in war ; to Jlourish as a toee 
or plant; ooch ţ*£*aj£> J^o they fougM with 
great success; Jkslţ JjL *o ivhen he saw he 
had gained the advantage; ^» \fkxL )$1]a 
$*&&* in a heathsn land who can do well? 
Demvatives, J«~jkxo, J^-Î^a^, jto*— *^>, 

IImo pL J* rt. «j*o. rn. a wise or successful 

)+*o rt. i*o. m. skilful or successful work. 

JS.3, jj£o or jiJhO f. i. that which grows of 
itself, a crop growvng from a former harvest; 
Jko l^o the uncultivated produce of the second 
year; î^Utf Jls'ilo „Jtf J?Ă %il %^*"%&? 
JlS-a k*o thou shalt eat this year that which 
groweih of itself ] and in tJie secofid year that 
which springeth from the same. ii. reproof, 
censure; see JUi. 

jl£S or Jijo £ a clod 3 lump or hali ofearth; 
a mass ofmud for smearing walls ; Jli-p Jfco 

<p?i? c*Lk£ $8 ftwfe lump ofclay of which 4efom 
was formed. 

o^Cd lut. ooi^ru. imper. oob, act. part. 

olio M>J^4 pass. part. ci*ko, J.L, JfcL.. a) io 
wnVe, tmte mit, copy out; todescribe, inscribe, 
subscribe, enroll; «otopjii o&o Ae subscribes 
with his own hand; ^£>mJL k£*J] o» ai tas 
^a^iLâ describe the land in seven divisions; 

)Uiă^.r om^lj oj£s 7*e enrolled hirnself as 
a disciple ; ji^J fc^o uaj a»! co rvrtte me tfow^ 
amongst the faithless ; too)>&& ol£s Ae s^m- 
monsd them by letter, wrote for them to come; 
rarely with ^jL to write of concerning or 
about, in this sense the Aphel is usual. b) to 
decree, ordain, assign in writing y leave by will 
with ^ or^V£; m*%&T £$ fc-{? fţ& ^i 
^X / will leave thee in my will all which 
I have. Pass. part. written, inscribed; %^} y 
c**£o9 as it is written; %j^X ^» *a*£o 
above-mentioned; j&x*fe*£ JJj£ a marhed 
sfieej). Fem. emph. = subst. see below. Ethpe, 
o!iol( a) to be toritten, committed to toriting; 
fcol? .oo^pJSj MSJ&> writings in tJieir 
handuyriting , codices copied out by them ; 

^oa?ir h-AOoi* Jfo» Jl^AĂxâ kJ»fcJi>L( this 


volume was copied out or put together. b) to be 
inscribed, enrolled e. g. as a so]dier; with 
J-jL* Aad» w /-Ae censusj l^a a iLa ţ*5^als» ? 
enrolled in heaven. c) to be described; J^IL^J 

falsely described as, reported to be Messaliani. 
Aph. ofco/*' a) io wfe, coimnit to writing, 
write a book, compose; with^X of concern- 
ing, about; with ^Locl^ against; oJ&j/'' 
^a^Jo^oo Uiij "^-i. Ae ^ro^ annals and 
a chronicle; )\l^Jc ^ «<»cOL^ o)b^» îwaw^ 
Aaw written about him; olso/^ol j^cjk^ Ae 
composed fooelve discourses; also io cause to be 
iuritten; JJo» )J>fcoX &£&}'' he had this book 
written, caused this record to be rnade; +XY 

ţ*ş Va» o candida tes for 
baptism corne to have their names written down. 
b) to issue a written decree, to inscribe, dedicate, 
tnarh; )>Uo jfcouZj© *^>a cuî£ p»*?. ^ ^" ş. 
j^io)» they began to impose tribute on each city 
and district; \l r *k\. o»*Su oIs!a^ ^ ,. ^v » 
henceforth (from baptism) he dedicates hirnself 
to the Lord. Act. part. as subst. J| j£» o&x& 
a writer of fables; }ISf oiia» a chronicler, 
historian cf. part. pass. Uă? o^Ca-v. a chronicle, 
liistory. Derivatives, )>s!io jfco>£s3, Jj osl^, 
J-oî^,£>, lool^o, JjaaoksP, jioaolio, V-.)c^V.o, 
jla^.3io, La-Js^, Jfcs^kp, UV»aâO, Usjb^iso, 
Jlai»)^ao, Uafco^s, JioAakflfcoo. 

oliLa, \J>\Ls pi. ^JL, JZL rt, 0^-0. m. 

a) writing, handwriting, script; \J} ]ti» 
? Ji&^? ^îsaS / begin to ivrite the book 
°f — / Wj? i»I^A» ooîsa write in convmon 
handwriting. b) mperscription, inscription 
on a coin, title of a book. c) a writing, 
book, record, treatise; UsT? JjL£o a book 
of annals; Jlo^îf Jofco the writings of the 
Fathers; esp. tJie Holy Scriptures, jL-âfcLa 
JiLţoL the Old Testament; U&> io?o»x» u*f 
according to the witness of Scripture. d) a 
written agr cement, a decree, o bill, bond; 
UtoaVf— Jfc£oî ? Ufco a bill ofdivorce. 

tt&o, )&2>& 9 rt. o^a. f. with Up/ a hand- 
writing, autograph; %£&i* W*Q* %Sl^ 
»>~l she wrote a letter with ker own hand. 

tf a»&> pi. £. dim. of U^i). m. a little book, 
booklet, pamphlet, scrap of writing. 



|Is>&> 5 JfcLi&o rt. ofco. a) adj. belonging 
to miting, taken pom a book, literary; scrip- 
tura!; )&&» J|^»-& literary language or 
style; liil&o \t£Zo \&<&£u natural law and 
scriptivral law. b) subst. a librarian. 

oefe*a, J^olsa rt. *afc*s. m. awriter, copyist, 
serile, amanuensis, secretary, notary; ooîsa 

}^ n Ş eJToUa ojii )i>ofcvO tJie copyists mistook 
the îetters ofthe name. 

JJc^olsi dim. of \Li\J> m. a litth scribe; 
JJcoofcs^ ţi«a. u^? -MU* remernher me 
John the paltry scribe. 

}La2>ofc*i rt. ofc*o. f. writing, script; the j 
writing oui or copying of books; tîie profession 
of a scribe; literary pursuits. 

J^-bo, J&>*^ pi. JlC- Peal pass. part, subst. usually pi. a) writing, way of 
writing, handwriting ; ojiL^o? jfc^-k» in 
the khalifs writing; \&L+^£J* $>o> Iw tran- 
scribed; ypo»ţ*l 1^-^a^ ^ocul a^N*. \Oi JL> 
*/*fi^ «AaK sen^ their consmt in tJieir otvn hand- 
writing. b) anyihing written, îetters, characters, 
the alphabet; an inscription e.g. on atone or 
oncoins; a letter, epistle; a bitt, bond; JkA»fco 
U^clf a btll of sale; a document, register s roii; 
holy scriplure. 


JLcux»fco rt, ofco. way of writing > script; 
oua*, IcuSw^s the inscribing ofnames; ţ& 
} \4> * iaa-»b-o from the way in which the 
name . . .is written. 

JJc^^o, JfcLl-rt. ofc^. adj. written, copied; 
scriptural; Jla^ka U©U *aâ-& a written 

jl'ajLtţ^D rt. A-fco. f. ececitement, excitability, 
perturbation, tumultuousness ; ) o o» ţÂjLx 
o*ia*#fcou£ he calrned his excitement ; J leu -ho 
Jl Vo, ! ?; • JL'cîLuLjLf <Ae raging madness of 

\£&&%J* f. cartilage, gristle; bone smatt 

enough to be eaten. 

«l£$ fut. «ofcsa?, act. part. yfco, pass. part, 
ip-bo. to mask, scar, make a mark. Pa. yfcJî 
fo spot, sully, befoul, deflle; JŞ. JJ/ fc^l^s 
[^oxLo I have spotted myself with guilL Pass. 
part. o&JLe, ţJdfcsJLao, Jîsj»l^AaD spotted } 

- . r 

defiled, corUaminated ; ^c£ţşa.^ ii«^> spotted 

with leprosy; lHoio «l£ic©? jgJj;J> a *n<m 
o/ impure tJtoughts; with Jj) undefîled, immacu- 

late, &a; bojxu-o o»ts*S>*lT Jj&fcAâo ^o nor 

u'as fo*s mind sullied by mvy ; JJ JLaL*of 
) ^ooj^-ajo uninterrupted concord. Ethpa. 
f&Sir to be spotted, sullied, defiled, foul; 
)&^J> with sin; yo%l£oi* \&%J>%J# their 
harrnony wasinierrupied ; c*DfcC*^>L uâD^dlL'lj 
JUjd» fl& *%&, let not ihy mind be sullied 
with envy of anyihing that wepossess. Deriv- 
atives, bolao, JicucfcsnOjsc», )ju»l^a*jD. 

Jj)^â pi. \jisp m.flax, linm, a linen cloth or 
garment; jJJio? b^*î linseed. Debivatives, 

UîfcîS ? }fcU~ adj. linen, of limn; ^ . iV< 
]1sIj1j3 cloihed in linen. 

L&>, W>U pi. ^l^, ţi^ ItSAfiS f. d« 

shoulder y the shoulder-blade ; metaph. i7ee upper 
side, side; Jt^Sf oi^fco ^e shoulder-pieces of 
an ephod; %J>1 Jl^SI? i^lso «fte n^A* side 
ofthehouse; \Â%J> J* yoooj? to invade wftA 
a united front; or Jioi^^&^&f )ils.3 ^S*/" 
J.^0CLaa| to bend down the shoulder to hear the 
yoke in humility or obedience. Special mean- 
ings a) the alternate part of a chant as being 
sung by one side of a choir. b) the part of 
a pruned vine which tvill netot bear frwit. 

Jl5u> Pael *%L a) to wait for, await, stay, 
continue, persist, remain with iaik of a person, 
o of a place, ^L of a thing ; ^Tg^k i)p> stay 
with us; e»Ifl09Od %-^l *£& he continued in 
his bishoprick so many years; J^Lcxao iî^ ţ» 
| jfc^olis3 iWB the B.V.M. after giving birth 
remained a virgin; $&a \J&j [ii^n^s [£+{ 
)VcJo where does the scul wait after death? 
]y f ft ^ iJjLrL» 1 w Schi the type awaits tlie 
realization. b) to wait, stay, delay y tarry ; 
^% h ^Ji 9&£u? that he may wait a litth while; 
Kia J»o*a© .JjL»X il^o the sun stayed and the 
moon stood still; jwM ţ-SfcJLao J| |A^>*o ţfţj 
dew and dro})S tarry for no man. Ethpa. 
Mtf*o remain, dwell; *1^1^2> ^ y«t» Qod 
does not dwell in, is not limited to, any place. 
Derivatives, jilcuo, JIojI^a», k»>^-aăo, 




jvI^o fui. *>o&*aJ, act. part. jt&o, Urfeo? 
pass.part. a*Ko, jui_, jfcC— . «o 6ea<, toss,disquiet; 
to strive, contend, fight; to debate; %&sJL 
wX^î Jt^l^d ]l*d .^bcu îsXîso a iempest tosses 
the sea, inquiry disquiets tlie mind; 6« <++?* 
jh,lsâ >JU? as one that beateth the air; **&& 
Jfcocu*;* quarreUing hotly. Part. adj. beaien, 
tossed 9 agitated; unruly, turbulent, contentious; 
J^LIIsj» JLŞ-^ tossing billows; )JLl^a J?£^. 
furious wild asses. Especially driven about, 
vexed or harassed by a demon, jgjaS )^ot ^& 
^A^ţsD iAey w€7*e driven about by sjririts of 
madness; \*1%**d ]*s^ bodies vexed by evil 
sjririts; JuLlKdo J^dcl^ priests and those 
fiossessed* Ethpe, t*,fcol< a) to be disquieted, 

he in an uproar, to rotw, rage; .A,liofco£>j Jlmsu 
iAe raging sea. b) to strive hard, make great 

efforts; ^^£»j? ^o» toX «jwfcol/ &e sifw 
£an£ io speak, Ethpa. %•,&£!( a) io strive, 
contend, struggle, resist, fight against usually 
with kl& of the pers., with &ZL+ or^oL of 

thething; U^xo jx£» jwl£5tf he strove with 
Satan; J*cu fjL *,j££kj£? U^J^ ^o* 
puddle it with clay that it may resist fire. 
b) to strive hard, endeavour painfully, tahe 
great pains; otîs^jl' »>ouţ joo* »*.j£oks» 
Ae strove to tranquillize his mind. Deriv a- 

}lkJ> ferruginous earth, iron ore. 

* v^s r^îao» yiĂju 

• * 

* * 

^j »■ *»"£ Lamad or Lomadli, the twelftlj 
letter of the Syriac alphabet. As a numeral, 
^ 3°> ^ 3 X > <*^ 32 &c, ^ 3000. 

i* inseparabîe prefix prep. a) of place, to, 
unto,into,towards, against; \L>J&^o }'>ft i3£V 
towards the south and east; j^r wNr }tf*Jte 
came to a city; ^ <AZ£m — iw^jr&e wewi «p 
against i. e. attacked. b) of pers. io, rafe, upon; 
%> /#?"> 0/ 0^ aceount of, according to, against; 
^ Ji£ ii/* / tfay mtfo «Ace; UiJsoX îs*^** 
/ kam dnned against the Lord. c) of time, at } 
on, to, until, after; ţoocu ţ^Zm^X on the 

tenth day; «cu^ «cu ^ from day to day; 

J-Lsoo^ ww^7 to-day; JJL*/ Ut-^ ai another 



- .. f 

ţ-oocL. ţ*^>ji)J a/Xer forty days; Jţ*. 

, ao>^ o?Jce z'« /owr years; . . . &JJ*si 
^-20? «^.CLSftii. t« the year . . . after the Urih 
ofour Lord; Do!i . . . kl^a în the year . . . 
of the Greek8, but IliaTj is commoner. 

Uses : a) sign of the dative ; u^» oot give 
me. h) after transitive verbs the sign of the 
aceusative ; ) t-v^\ V|-o he hilled the man. 
c) after a verb in the passive voice the sign of 
the agent; ^oji». c^^o—^Js^ or ellipt. 
ascribed to, written by David; )V^\ jxâl" 
tom of wild hea&ts. d) after neuter verbs and 
with pers. prons. adds emphasis ; ^^î get 
out; ^ *c& obide, e) after impers, verbs; 



o££ tâ$ he was sorry; with Ii— £ or Joc* and 
ellipt. to have to do, to be oble; k-f !$ţ^° 
oI^.ySS. ^ Jooj Ihad many things to write; 
j W o^ Jo« li—/ he was aho able to . . .; 
- ffliSi ţÂ\ *^t Îs-*? youmay learn; ^o ţ^ k© 
what have we to do with thee? *Z\ &**£ \±& 
v^v w&a£ Aaw / io rfo w*iA iAee ? . . . ^.o *& ko 
wAoi business have you with . . J f) sign of 
the infin., t ^\^N ^o do; >wa*^ **^ Aea^ 
o/ hearing. g) used with nouns or pronouns 
to form other preps. and adverbs, tlsJJ towards; 
q^., &±without, within; *.»^£ altogether; 
)}'inSi ai length ; \lJa^. at the right 
oftV )Jj&^, JcA^kf why ? wherefore ? 
hardlyj JloJX^Zjaa.^ in vain; 
fta^oft^, towards; ? ]L'cl!**?a^ we&r; Js— î^ 
within, &c. &c. 

]l negative and interrog. partide no, «oi, ?s t< 
-no/? ?©— ţ, Şo— Şo, Jb/ — Ji neither—nor. 
Formula of deiivinat, i L*s* H &?/ Ghrist, no; 



--• V 

J) 6y yowr &/e, by his life 
I deny. With ? prefixed, Ş? Zesi, tliat—not; 
without; Ş? "^-i? /«e feared lest; o&> ţ? 
without reckoning; *£k.«J& ^» without Mame, 
Uamehss; opLf ţî grodfea*, impious; ţ? 
)fco.Z«ă imprudently ; \Ş because — tfwrf — «oi, 
ăltliough — «of. 

jj in compounds=iw- or mîi-; U-j* ^ wvpos- 
siile; )Lo-«îc Ş unfaithful; for V-/ Ş seefc*£. 

)J1 or .J pi- 3 m. cuJ) f. Jjj or ţEj, 2 m. 
^klj), i 'c. <J, fot. %* or ÎJJ, pi. 3 m. v oJU 
or V (^JJ, ml JP, act. part. jjl, H| J&JJ, 
pass. part. Jj, i.% pi. <*«, 1Ş, J6~g. ft» ţ 

weary, wearied by lăbour, to îabour; o^^ 

weary; JjJI y^vS^ *la^ oTqofrne wtto J/e, 
a# 2/« 'Aa' labour; )Jj Jj? unwearied y indefatig- 
able. Ethpe. s^XlV to be wearied by labour. 
Aph. 4^ or ^part. Jţ^ s }ft& or ţi £ 
U)li. to weary, fatigue, troubîe; ÎS-)1^ » laa^ 
w.^. it% <Zo yow ^row6?e we ? Deeivative, JioJJ. 

mying, speech. 

. ak^JÎ legatwn, a legacy. 

K 6m, K d?| ' v 4.îî, r ??,U^ and v oJ^ 

Xd§fi^ov, grwm ladanv/ffi. 

yo]|m. Zeo, a {ton. 

JLo| or jWJpl. jUîrt, Jjl.f. Zaftowr, <ro«6fe, 
weariness, care, the re&ult of labov/r; Jloţl 
}u^9oiţ the fatigue of the journey ; H^pi? I^©i 
tf/iâ labour of thine hands; Jo£>!sI? ]L fi o!| <A^ 
care oforphans; \2*Ş1L$ )lo|? «Â ţĂ »Ca JI 
]JU /te (^oes noi j/hH ^ftori! o/ ^fe laboivrs of the 

a root found in Ethiopic, io scw<? a rnessen- 
ger, an envoy. Derivatives, Jfcsa*}bo, bJbo, 

laţâcll ; see )J)^S^ aport. 

UJI pi. )JL for Ua^ an oar; metapli. ~*>l 

l&t&ţ )V&i*i»$ l|| he holda the oars, Anglice 
the helm, of the Church. 

c^, \Â& pi ^, v o^2, )tt£S m. ^ 

heart; raetaph. a) the mind; the breast as the 
seat of intelligence and feeling ; ©oi£ o|ai 
sorrow of heart; \k& JJ? without under stand- 
ing, without energy, lazy, senseless; **!&> rit. 
secretly; ofcg ^» o/ /u> oton accord; by 
heart. With verbs ; o*a^ ^oL m^^/w con- 
sidered; U^ f£& to rejoice, cheer, make 
friendly; with jo©> to propose, intend; with 
o\o to pity; with jLc to be Mnd, sţwak Hndly, 
comfort; o^^^V^- >*£&» to be called to mind, 
come to mind; o>âS£a> ja^» io <A««A o/, consider; 
ct$^S> *JSf^God ;>wi wrfo Ais 7icart. 6) iA€ 
cewire, middle, bestpart, pith, tnarrow; \*& -J> 
the inner part, part near the pith or centre ; 
JU?? JJ^ i^e pith of the palm; )j«u? l^i£ 
the devth of the sea ; )£*£* — Jl*^? ^^ the 

p*» -n 

centre of an army, of a ranh; jfc**i»»(? 
rosin; ]fcl^? !^^ starch; \ 
mouldsfor brickmahing . Derivatives, verb 
a^ , oaA, 1^U^N ? ) U ^aN> V-U^^, 

^aa ^ denom. verb Pael conj. from \J>£» to 
encourage, comfort, console, exhort, inspirit. 
Ethpa. cS^ifto tafce heart, be encouraged, 
comforled; ©>&x£ ţâ %^o cx£&U he 
recovered somewhat from his sorrow. 

£±. act. part. &£, \U&> pass. part. t*^, 
j p , ]t to thicken; to make dense, Jteavy, opaque, 
compact; ^^[uS^lZofthewindsdrivethe 
clouds together; )'r&± M*-^ thick darkness; 
f'^N )$q* a heavyjvoa. Ethpe. fSHkM io 

h h 


AurCta V 

become heavy 9 to be condensed, solidified, coti- 
gealed; y?o*^sl^& oolo )*&2L%Jc \ ui 
clouds gather closely and disperse again; |aa.'^ 
jooXo^^C ţ-*Z^iil^ ? drops condensed upon 
bodies. Pa. to solidify, tJiicken; w7.fli.SJao 
tOo*^flft^ fitay feî tffetV &wV become matted. 
Ethpa. ţJa^tf to 5e condensed, become dense, 
opaque. Deriv atives, J»"v\. } )lo».»rt\, 

)t*£ rt. ? ^N m. condensation. 

|^ci,flfc^. or lJc£a^ pi» JJL m. an equal, just 
cr jfaî?' measure. 

U> ca^,^ J k*o c\^S, r t. y.V\ . restraining ; 
)l^c^ Jb^oi a conlrary unnd. 

rt. y,VS,. m. laying or Jceeping hold, 
grasp, attainment. 

)&<vV\ f. a) incense, franJcincense. b) Mi. 

ţ^âoas^ or Jl^fioai^ 
cf. j^aa^. 

A a a \ ? U,cl^X pi. ţ*Z-, JJL rt. jcl\. m. 

a garment, raiment, clothing; with cxau to 
clothe oneself, dress oneself. 

9 4 

an unevm measure; 


* v^ 

• * 

to instigate, incite ; 


* - 

? - 

9 m 

jjijJI u^ ÂlC ao stirrers up of strife; 

o»oU ici^j^o Ais countenance was excited 

and fuming. Ethpa. ţJ^£L/*p&&s. of Pael. 

DeBIVATIVES, J^**^, I^Q^k, U-^!X», 

\&*& or i^Ax rt. «j^X. m. incitement, 
e 99^ n g on to strife, brawling. 

., J&^âX adj. from J^. 
courageoics, bold, vatrepid, strenuous ; \Li}* 
t7te bold Hon. 

adv. from \k&. courageously, 

ji na «. ă\ froin ţ^£. î.fortitude, courageous- 

Jlcj^âlv rt. ?*-V £ congelation, opacity, 

Jlao*^\ rt.y^S,. f.appreJiension; )V ^V-^\ 
Jll^j? preoccupaiion ofmind. 

Jicf«*S\ rt. u>-vV f. putting on, clothing. 

yJs^x fui yo*a\,7, act. part. ^SX ; M^K , 
pass, part. yÂ\ , ja*£-V Jft*aJ£ly to fo^ AoW, 

•71 ** 


.fi v 

to&e iWd, grasp, sdze, catch, captwre; to talce, 
to liold) Jceep, retain; to take root; to talce 
possessionj to hold a bishopric ; |>naSţ Uao 
]*.»( as much as the hand can grasp; 

3 seized him 6y the beard; jfş-S^ 

Ji*dS*> /te toa& possession of a Utile 

licxXAci^ ySfcl& J^^X» wMcA equals 

ifiness of the deer; jl&ţJ* wo»^q^J 

ifoy Ae&Z tjieir former rank; with jtcuflo/' 
to regain health, Metaph. to Ao&£ to, retain, 
adopt thought, custom, &c; to cornprehend; 
to Jceep, last, persist; Jibk* Jjo» feJ>^ «Ae AeZcZ 
i/w> opinion; with Jiii.^ to Zk>2^ m honour, 
Idioms; with },-iio( to AoZdJ ©^ Aw way, set 
forward; with orl^oo? to succeed any one ; with 
jloa^j to be chaste; with j^sj to restrain, 
control oneself; with )felN.^ to m^e ^ oppor- 
tunity; with j^o* to &#m */^ ^btf/ with 

l^oi* to &tf out, start; with JLcl^m to hasten; 

with Jţjai to 6e^m to dance; with )o?l^ to 6e 
st7en<. Pass. part. a) active sense holding 
fast, Jceeping, upholding, ruling, being in pos- 
session; ^n^\f ţ^o» ^056 m autharity; 
y*al\ j^»f ruling tJie monastery^z being abbot; 

j»(? »â\ striving; )oo» m ^\ ch^Lx /be 
entered on his work; joo» ij ^\ )1I^ <Ae 

custom prevaihd; Jl^fo , ^ ^ N >? )|acu> 

i7^6 clironology whiclh many adîiere to; 
k>fco a libr arian; om&j ^aÂ^. self-controlled. 
b) pass. sense (rai'e) to&m, captured, held fast, 
boţind. Ethpe. ^a^l^to 6e sef^d!, caugM, 
captured, taken, apprehended, Jcept; to become 
co7idensed; metaph. with )i»)S to be held in 
honour; Jl^ ^ifor ^i/U^ ^ 
custom was adopted. Aph. ual( to gtw to 
Ao&2, deliver, maJce to take; to make to appre- 
Jiend or gras^, ptw to feam, toacA, dtrw</ 
J>^a-j U*iof ycu/ y ££± fhe rnade thsm layhold 
of the right way. Derivatives, 

) ^aA\. rt. ^=iX. f. a) a task, lesson. b) a 
handle or occasion given to an adversary. 

)^a>yV< f. ths wwda. 


^U^ adv. from \£&, in his heart, 




HcftASl f. brich-mahing. 

KUăl, J&.L- adj. from J££. of or from the 
heart, Iiearty, hearlfelt; \ i\AK k&? arterial 
bîood; metaph. jfcLiA;£ )&»o&*L — ]lo^.« 
heartfelt praise, earnest prayer. 
pr. n. Monnt Lebanon. 

or }>*'^ v adj. from the above. of or 
from Lebanon; V«iîA\ \JJ*j brass from 
Lebanon, fine brass. 

Jfc^X and eontr. jj££^ pi. JIS^ l a mm- 
dried iile or brick; k»o»?? )!£££ plates or 
ingots ofgold; ]Uj*â? JfclaX <m iron plate. 

adv. of place, owi, outside, out-of-doors; 

t » 

P9P ? v 7t 

rt. «a^. m. a garment, clothing. 

)&£± ; see j£±ă^. 

part. «^»^V stammering. Palpel 
io hesitate in speech; to lisp, stammer, 

prattle, ehatter; )£*£ yf jooi ^.^s , /«! 

prattled like a cMld. Debivatives, 

*** v7 

^ ,jj^ or jfcjc P i. ri&KSC 

<&>&, basin, vessel; a measure; JU-cu*? ]5^^ 

a basin of porridge; jj . flfffc . to or \'i 

a consteîlation the beggwr's dish = Corona 



see i. 


fut. «aaNş act. part. 
pass. part. «»£^>, U ^ N , ffe U»s&, «o jp«« on 
armour or apparel, to cZotâe oneself, endue, 
don; metaph. to tahe, assume, tahe possession 
of; \Lîx> ^o*2 v woX ««cw^a^ ^ y* 
ora *Ae ZonZ «/esws Christ; )) ^ck\ a* Ă\ JţJJj- 
dtawfe entered into many; )lo a£frj b .a ^\ Ae 
tooh possession of ilie kingdom ; U>9 )oio »*^ 
fo commenced a great war ; with Ji^> to 
en*Z«0 a &ocZy, become corporeal; with Jp(, 
JJo, (JLJ#, &c. fo grime, suffer; with Ucla 
«o assume a name. Part. adj. cZa<Z, clothed, 
enduedj&c.) -ai-^ armed, mailclad, corseleted; 
j!d-£ — ) v^ ^/ -ji^.\ cZocZ wa 5Z#c&, mi white; 

fe«*ţ*a^ fr*»^ ^ ma ^ e attire; ]o£L% +*5 ^ 
Qod-clad, having put on God, godly, inspired, 
cf. Rom. xiii. 14 ; U*JLax£ ^ a ,\ Kaving put 
on Christ; )J*Q9 u S » £N endued with the 
Spirit; Jtabj a.^ conqusring, iriumphant; 
\jlL *»5& Ka6Ze to natural pasdons; iimSS*. 

JL'oto subject to death; Jjc*cu uiXă,^» cZad! m 
%&; Jlcu **&*. Jj>^ white-hot iron. Ethpe. 
*â^tlf to cZoi/i€ oneself to be clothed; to 
be 2>os8essed by a demon. Aph. * -% , \ ( to 
cZo^Ae, e?idw€j ^>wi <m; to mshroud; metaph. 
)iV r* #> J ^Lx\i endued with grace; 
Jloot_»!do f * - fc*wdja^t ^7i6j? maie /«■ 

Uci^^, Ua^^, )U^,-fc\, U^^ot, 

UAX pi H rt. 

a heavy-armed soldier* 

. armed, mailed, 

\^& pi. )^— m. a leagus. 

U^ p 1 - of &^ i v^^ see 

prep. takes no suffixes ; inside, within; 


_ i-ft 

p y 

Ar. to «pea^; m riddles. Derivative, 
)>^^ m, an enigma, riddle, parăble, 

\4^X, K 4^S. P l. tffrp cf. v ^^^, 

Lat. legatum, portion of ari inheritanee, bequest, 

s<L*^L, Mos^ ph 
\J>oi r to )>o»w? JJcu^ ofcJlj the legivns of 
light descended from on h'gh; J^*£? ) 
V^^ $* man Jţossessed with the Legion of 

JIa^^. pl. \lm m. Xâyrjvos, a flash, bottle, 

i^s^ Palp. conj. of <^k. 

14^^ P 1 - 1— rt - ^- m - a st<*™™t rer > 

m. a bridle, bit. 

& adv. utterly, entirely, altogether; 

see i 

9 v* 

m. cynara scolynvus, a kind of 

J£^£ pî. \L m. Myapov, a cahe made of 
flour and oii. 

)&^ a) emph. st. of ^- b) better 
Jlil^ f. a seed-bed or flower-bed, parterre; 
a ridge or fttrrow. 

h h 2 



.^k, Ij'^L) yojp^ cf. icul?)! gum ladwium. 

o£± Palpel o»^o»^ to amaze, confttse } 
stupefy. Ethpalp. g^LcC^M to be amazed. 
Deeivatives, Jo£w©*a^., jlc^ko^soo. 

JojX, wo»X perhaps a Iiarder forra of **JJ. 
Shaph. wo^Jl part. Uo&Jiao a) perii, weary- 
ing. b) corrupt reading for ]l»ojjoo in some 
copies of Job x. 22. Derivaţi ves, j^c*^o ? 

00*^. only Shaphel o<^X to injlame, 

glow, warm, cîierish; ]JolM>f u-( oo ^aJbc 
glowing as in afumace; J^o*X«ao ) tc uaft * & .** 

glowing heat ; Jfco>o£fc£a» ]&m a buming fever. 
Eshtaphal oc*^fcC*7 to be glowing 7 to bum 
with fever; to be injlamed, exciied with zeal. 


\*a<£±a2& , )j»ao»\*.*p, U^o*Xk-*-2o. 

«^o*^ ^o^l( denom. verb Ethpa. conj. 
from Jl^p^. to be resolved or drawn up into 
vapour^ to be evaporated, io exhale ţio J> ]S& 
• d^o^fco j IToas* abil water when it is drawn 
up by Jieat. Aph. t^fe>(to evaporate, resolve 
into vapour. 

J^h^C pi. )— m. vapowr, steam } exhalation, 
heat; JI1I& — |,vu?cu» )^oC& hotfumes, watery 
vapours; l^©^ yY o£& U&&S* the whoU 

world is lilce a vapowr. Deeivatives, verb 

^4p>^ and )J£^o££, j Îs-J— adj. from J^££. 

vaporous, steamy; }l^l^^ )Xil^ 2 )ari '^ es 
of vapour. 

$o£± Ethpe. ^^xi( to be set onfire, to burn; 
J^o££Vj£ ]joj flaming fire. Aph, tfoiJW 
to kzndle, malce glow. Derivative, U c*X. 

J^©££ pL *— m. tJie heat or flame of fire. 

K*]uLo*X rt. i£soC\. adv» eagerly, greedily. 

Jl-oa*©^ rt. *©©£*•. f. ardent deşire, eager 
longing; ihe object of deşire; »*-*!£-*/ h*-*}* 

Ja c^A *» o J L QAi o*X îîAow ari deşire andsweetness* 

^o*X comp. of ^.oi demonstrative partide 
and i*. adv. of place and thne expressing 
renioteneas, a) ihither, beyond, far, far oţf; 
,0 "^o^ hither and ihither; «ooţd 
stand back; %>©£w ţ& afar, far off, 
heyond; ^^^ far from; %a ţ^^^ 
above all, supreme^ highest. b) beyondj thence- 

forth, from tkat time forth, long since; ^o 
^o*i*o \Lc* from this time forward ; ^o>^Ş> 
ihat which is beyond this life opp- to ^JL? the 
things of this presmi life; ^o*X? \x*} the last 
judgement; %>o^? }.v^\.£ the age beyond, the 
world to come. 

JJ^Lc*X or )££o£w adj. from^o^. of the 
life beyond ihis > |££©^ Jj&jxscu* the luippiness 
of the far-off land i. e. of heaven. 

*0o»X fut. &Oi&\j\ pas s. part. £uc*\>> UL^x. 
to pursue eagerly, seize greedily, be eager for ; 
part. thirsting, longing, eagerly desiring ; 
Ji^.n^. ţAJL*ot^, eager for the slatcghter; \l^i 

jitoifewoo^ ^cuiX a mind aihirst for virtue. 
Ethpa. too^l/ to deşire ardently, seek or 
long for eagerly > thirst affer; with Jjcuaxaa^. 
for wealth; with woio N v.NaX to listen eagerly 
to his xvords. Aph. ud^^ to devour with 
thirst, inflame with deşire. Deeivatives, 

^fi, . ^ oo»\ ; see ^.ft^^oN, a litter. 

1&& denom. verb Pael conj. from Jio*i2 
to breathe hard, pani; jl y >. £ ±& jlo^jo J> 
breathing quickly from toii ; *^lo££je* iCuoi 
asthmatic people* 

jLo^S or )Lo*X m. asthma, shartness ofbreath; 
i> l^fiAttâ )io*ix» panting and jmjjlng. 
£ contr. of 00* ^, negative partide no, 
noi; isitnot? doesitnot? WJ—o&not — buf; 
?On^£ ai£ noi only; J^az *£L noi many. 
The double negative Jj cCi makes an affirni- 
ative; ~Iao ţ o^ noi unable=able; c£L 
ip*j» )i somewhat In composition in-, un-; 
aii forms negatives but less commonly than 
J| ; !^ ^ \ . >n m v> a^ imperfectly; *^x> <£L 
very little, not much; wZ^> w.^» ^^s not 
much less t 

Ja^, w5X fut. )âij, imper. **oX, act. 
part. )o^ jicui. to go or come with, accompany, 
follow; ^ojî^.itfu j ^^^\ q^j j^x^ 

Timothy was PauVs companion; f£y jio^ 
o^lsUl^ ^/ a marCs shadow follows Mm; 

holiness, was his familiar companion; ^.^ 
o££ Jow Jaiij )o»illî GWs strength was with 
Mm. Ethpe, **o^,y* «o accompany, join; 
with iîe^a fo jom combat; o*^ Vlo^L(T 



-. ţ. 

j 1, W . ) grace went trnth him. Pa. 4*ăi£ to 
accompany, conduct, pwrsue; to fdllow to the 
grave; *fiL ) â^aa ^o^-* *% •** ever pursues 

thte; IşjT *W JW? J^ *~^~? U 
V-o^ISn» ^/^» thou fottowest the departed to 

the grave, rememher that thou aho wilt be borne 
thither. Ethpa. wc&lf £0 6e accompanied, 
conducted; to be followed or borne to the grave; 
to make or be a companion of, to associate with; 
to be brought tip togetfter, with o, ^ or ^x> ; 
) ^N *>V-* ţ2$dSJT$Mit were fellow-learners; 
\cl£U y ^)^} y Godbetvithyou; mSSAJ 
JjSjLi let angels accompany. Aph, k*o^/ 
to accompany, follow esp, to the grave. 
Derivatives, UoqX l*oi2, U&x, }h*+o2±> 

} ^-4 c^s. pi, \1* from \a£ m. encouragement, 
exhortation, consolation; J?t^? JJLacuiA <o 
encourage each other* 

J.Lda^k rt. V^i\ m. an inciting, rousing. 
J^Lo^x^. \oyo6tTrjs, an auditor. 

reasoning, speeşfa 
m. ui^l f. pi. oft^^w 
adj, 'hoytKos, raţional, 

and J^^cuiv Xoy«4, logic, reason- 
ing, eloquence. 

\JJu^^ J&i^from the above. adj, logical, 
of logic. 

j^^^V pi. J,L rt. <^*. m. stammering, 
hesitating speech, lisping. 

}j tfL ^*\ m. a 6ndffo, W<, ewîtf thejaw; 
* 4 * 9 lîol** t/t6 fto&fow ofthejaw. 

9 m 4 


- tf 

tOjaX XovSo^ <%6 arena, amphiiheaire. 

jjjolX m. XovSapw, a gladiator, player, 
a rough, a bad character. 

J!o>!c£X from the above. f. «/«? btisiness of 
a gladiator or plaf/er. 

JtţoA pi. Jt P ' f. a bând, coltort, body-guard; 

<?oc? is tlie guard of our feebleness. 

}o£»»ok£^ rt. o*^». m. amazement, constem- 

Uod^ pi. £. rt. )o^. m. company, accom- 
panying, esp. aMencfcxwce a£ afaneral, afuneral 
procession, obsequies; jfxl;-» wi;j»? omccuS. 

theburialofStMary; UocX? )tma^ or | 
2/i# funeral rite, bv/rial service, 

* pi- jfâA. m. t&e c&mond 
\^LL ])c£x wttet almonds 

Ti — ^ *^« 'Ti 

^ H «. . .... 

> p tf 

■ rr ^v f m *\\ pi. kio-^ £ a ia6îe^, writing- 
tahlet, writing, title; \Mo} Ucuik *a6fea o/ 

tables of the covenant, of the law; y2^? \ZcJ^ 
the tablets ofthine heart=thy memory ; \L<t^ 
JJLI^? a reading-boolc, lesson-book; JJ.G.X 
)ii^? a table of the lections; )U? U©^ toMrfa 
or equares of glue. 

rt. ţiJ ttX i m. a threat, threatening, 
rnenace, rebuke. 

Jufc^^ik pi. C- rt. aui^* muttering, whisper- 

ing, incantation. 

) ftf-..frN, pi. Jj^^. rt. *A. f. aw incantation, 

a charm, an armdei ; tohispers ofevil, detraction> 

dîsparagem&nt . 

^ 3 ^ fut. £<t±*, act. part. (J, %^L 7 

pass. part. ^A., ^4-^> ' i ^t^' *° ***** 

p. p. accursed. Ethpe. ^Ati( to be accursed, 
be the mbject of a cwee. Pa. ^£ to curse 
bitterhj. Debivatives, 1Uq\, UoA., U^k, 

^?)Jgu^, \carapiov, zizyphus lotus, the lotus. 
j^jG^cuik or U^cA ; see Ui^X a Ktany. 

uMciio^, ^ax^oi^ m- Xcotos, the lotus plant. 

%l*& pi. JJ^^: rt. ^oX. £ a cwrse, 
malediction j imprecation ; ) l£^ a^ ? h£i( 
an accursed land; Jl^a^. h~Zl accursed, 

„o \ irreg. imperative of JoA., used as an 
interj. Oh that/ if 'o?%- 

wS^I pr. n. LevL Derivattvbs, J-cii£, 

Uo^, lliLS^ pi. m. UăX, f. JC^, 
rt. ] n \ a companion, guide, friend, follotver; 
jljLâiS JzL )o«i IfclaaJXM maywisdom accom- 
pany you. 

Ui^ pi. gtt m. )HL£fi pi Jfc^- from 
i*S^ <x Levite. 

\ţ&\ rt. Joik.. m. a company, escort, mite; 
omo^ ui» &fo cornpaniom; a funeral train or 
procession, a funeral. 




}i P cucb£ from wSi£, f. the office or service 
of a Levite. 

jfcLo.^ rt. JctX. f. escort, attendance, corn- 
pany, companion*, companionship, a funerăl 
procession, fimerăl ; Jî^aX $a a companion; 
y.ts->n.\a Joom waj/ /ie Je one of yowr party, 
may hejourney togetker with you; J*cu? J$*& 
ţ-*oo» «.k— Q.ix angels of light atiend you; 

uaU>ou# ocţu ţ-^ot JiL&^ă wy thoughis 
journeyed on this wise. 

âi&I<^£ or *i&c£& Heb. m. leviathan, a 
sea-monster, crocodile, serpent, a tohale; metaph. 
2fo devii. 

J&icuik pi. JJ&L. f. a spear, a broad spear. 

j^XcuX pi. J &!?«*. f. iAe pomi of an arrotv 
or spear, a spear-Jiead; ţJLl^Xţ jj^lSo^X 
Jicui pm^ poînts tipped toith poison. 

koKA^kQj^ from above. sharp-pointed. 

JiiLa^ pL J* m. ce maher ofrough clothfor 
tents or horsecloths. 

jio^oiv f. $0 rnaldng of horsecloths. 

f^ ^ or ^ fut. f aliu, ^ o^î, pari 
wi, mbm ^w. io eZraw nigh, come near; J^L**^s 
om^o^^ ec&w +j( \{ a bird if any one 
apjyroaclws her young . . . ; l^L^L U J1£ijL 
^oomî^oj ta^> sZe^p comes noi near their eye- 
lids. Ethpa. «e£wl< to he brought near } agree 

K&oJ^* pi. ţJL, Umm. afarthing, tliefourth 
part of an as. 

Uk&£>£\ from |pNfft,V m. enunczation, 

^a^, ^ or ^£ fut. ^<&^, xnf. ^J^, 
act. part. ^Iţ, pi. ţ+£+ty or ţ*£&. to lich v$ f 
lap; yOoMf^l hljo ţ*S^ L lapping water from 
their hands; Joof ^IJP îicking up blood. De- 

J^oX or &cl& rt. Xk.oJ\, a) pond- 

weed. b) the jaw; U&JT J^cu^ tfe lower 

^o^ or Ju^cl^ pi. JI. the jawbone, 
the jaw. 

rt. u a^ » \ . m. chemng^ masticating. 
£«&, && fut. ac^j, act. part. *?., te*^, 
pass. part. A^, }iu^. tojoin, add. Ethpe. 

9 _9 4 

* * 

âu^ll/ to fo added } to join oneselj 
\{ to subjoin, connect, continue; ch 
ojfc^» «â^^|jjaik*f ÎTwnediately after the 
8alutation he begins his sermon. 

j.acu,\ m. a) sempervivum. b) pearl 
barley. c) the a/rum; Irnarnox J&c£\ anm 

)&<z\ m. a) a Utile idol, image, metal 
figure. b) perh. \map6s, sumptvous, wealthy. 

U^c^- some instrument of torture. 

^ ^ *ft*N = ţ ^y^ n „ Ş h rt. ^ax. prep. 

a) opposite, agaimt; with txo <o me or stand 
againstyoppose; jt^UZ^I^^cmtradiction. 

b) before, in front, towards; *£!*%mb>&^ 
facing, fronting, in front of; K <&\ i\J 

v oo*ixiDCL^ they shall go straight forw<vrd; 

M^of ^^ocj^ towards eventng. c) in pro- 
portion, in comparison, according to; «I& ii 

>« ^^ocC^. yQjf ttey are nothing in com- 
parison with this. 

y^a^ for k»?aftV». rt. f^a. first, first of 
all, before; «.jdc&J». ţjo formerly. 

*%° Q "^' P^- J— ■ rt. £~a^. m. gleaning, leasing; 
)£*)* \$a<£±. olive gleaning; food or alms 
collected by begging ; metaph. a booh of 
etotracts, selections, gleanings. 

j!ck>. pi. )Jcl^ f. \i P a, a lyre. 
)iaZL or ]i&L a) a sort of puise, b) a saddle. 
*,a^., o»^ fut. *,o^, act. part. jk,J), \£^L, 
pass. part. g^, JuL^.. to knead, to weU; 

welded iron as a rnan worhs clay; |jL^ *.§ 
kneading dough. Ethpe. *^llfto be kneaded, 
mixed; to be sofiened, moistened as flour with 
water, as food with saliva. Dekivatives, 

to^ contr. from the constract state of the 
wmsed noun \ti^. being with, association: 
prep. a) at, with, near, in comparison with; 
tolf Ick. near the door; JIU loX? ]L^»* 
the forejinger; \&& 1^ ^h thz Icmg] 
«lo^., yt'&^ at thy house, at his house, 
Fr. chez toi, cfaz Im; «la^, Jfâ*. h*+i 
Ihave, he has; ^ i^o U&± ^^ fc^ 
\&*a> you jiave nothing to expect from m 




but war; o»loj^î».cufc. ylTo^. fcwX we do not 

acknowledgehisrule; Loik ţ£> from being with, 
from the presence of; . . . ^ yOotLdX ţ*s wâ*. 
he lefi them and werit to ...; gram. f>l& ioX 
relation; fl£> !&*? relative j f2& lo^ in 
the construct state, b) to, toimrds, for, regard- 
ing; lo^ U»£*» as far as to; Lq^ JCiţJ 
a Zetter io . . .; tcJîk — jo»Xr to-^. Jw=»o— 
Jf^L Laiv. — ^ţ\a Uve to God, toivards all, 
to each otker; «Lcui Leu*, in respect of his 
death; ^otalcLV £*%*>? we say respecting 
them. Dbkivatives, verb lai*.(, IS-»ii aN^> , 
JIoLcl^», ]Uo^e,ljLa^.U^0, JLcuU^Uoc. 

Lcl*. Aphel iaX^denom. verb from io^.. 
to put together, join, add, unite with ^. or jiX ; 
JLV4a2k> «^ L&& U><L. Iove united to 
justice; gram. ta^j» in apposition; *-*»t 
Jiaivi two nounsjoined i. e. one being 
construct state; la^aaf 60* a noun 
construct state as iciaX» in yla 

Ethtaph. tai*.Ur tojoîn oneself; to bejoined 

1 ' . < 
together, added, connected, referred; K^ic"» 

.Ucl» «UL'il» loXlk*>? a line of con- 

Tiexion bettoeen two points; l«y JLaoN Jj -^* 
Jla^lUoo «a»fe*« & 6e referred to Glvrist; 
gram. to fe tn connexion with another part of 
speech^ to be in apposition, be placed in the 
construct state, 

Ulo^ pi. £- rt. y!^. m. guile, deceit, 
knavery,hnavishplots; rnalice, tll-wiUj >dIo^ 
liĂJls Fharisaic guile ; \sd£ J^LoIi* foul 

Jo* loX rt.f&^. m. a murrawr, murmuring, 
muttering, ineantation. 

& fut. £&, part. adj. ]LîX ji'juj^. to be 

importunate, tiresome, grievous; Jfcjk^ Ji^* 

iroublesome children; JLotd&dt J^A^. k^g- 
iAe ofensive feasts of idol-worship. Ethpe. 
il^lfto be importuned, pestered, worried, 
annoyed, disquieted, harassed; — U«J ^& 
l^i — jJs^J — U«*ck by thirst, sicknesSj deşire, 
2>a8sions; \U>ioi ^S> Vi££li she was worried 
by the solicitations of the nobles. Ethpa. l£Ll( 
to be disquieted. Aphel iS>i" to importune, 
annoy by imporiunity, be j)resaing, tiresome 9 

vexatious; yoj^f J&( even if ye be impor- 
twnate; J^»! umu*»!/ grievous heresies; 

]j\.*o }lo^a a prmmg requesL Ethtaph, 
J& Ll^fe ^ 6 molested by a devii. Dekivatives» 

Ytol^L rt. Jik. tn. an importunate persm, 
a bore. 

ţiojX ; see ?i0k- 

Jlo1-)X pi. Jlo rt. JX. importunity, annoy» 
ance, worry. 

şjîji^ Pers. lapis lazuli. 

JL'jik pi. )tfi£ rt. >^.. f. importunity, tire- 
someness, worry, annoyance, impertinenee ; 
J^tr tjj ? $J& ţ* he was cmstrairud by 
the importvmty of the Arabs; )ty^Lt ţ& 
)pftA; because of the pîague of mice; *oţ» 
K ^j)):£*Z^h )i'jt& ^? . . . they ougU 
to avoid worries and turmoit 

U^ fut. UiJ, ia£ U^£, pass. part. U^, 
Jl ^-i^N - to rub ojf, wipe away 9 blot out, erase, 
efface e. g. |j£>o» a blot; \Sj&\ iears; Jfcl*^* 
sin; fuojs a mistake ; UL» aname. Ethpe. 

lj* to be bîotted otri, wiped ojf 9 effaced, 
destroyed; fcLXfcJa? JJ^a-^i a wiped dish; 
jfc vft fcoo*? UlNliţ ^0 efface the place of the 

se2>ulchre; ycxru^^ v. *^^^ may youT sim 
be blotted out; gram. to be elided, suppressed. 
Aph. yS^^io blot out. Debivatives, Ucui^k, 

}i»i from root «^ and prep. ^ takes pi. 
suffixes. <m?y 3 aZoTie, sole, by oneself; wţcu^. 
/ only; ^a^ %^} y ihou alone, &c; ©ci 
9cu^ for ^oio|aU^a> A« only; .*Jr 

r < 

•7. tf 


a 5/wp fo/< to tfae^f i.e. without a helmsman. 
Debivatives, ?clm^o ? Js-Î?cu*^., ^?o«^., 

fe^tf^fcX from ţcu»^». adv. by oneself, 
separately> apart ; ^}&i* ^{î&£>> he bare 

sole rule; oî^i' ^i?c£*iw hefought in si?igle 


pfc Vs , jfeLfcL^ from ?d*^». only, alone, 
singular, solitary t sole; jiaa^ao^ K*;om^ 
sole ruler; llS, wfcL^ single-eyed; )»o? 
Jjj ix^oaS. solitary or unsocial habits; 

* .7 yfaA «A« owe ?naw of his Urne; %*|cwX 

IoAnJ u?cu*Xo jJ«a^ uniform in coîour and 
taste; gram. singular; U?dl*X )Jj£ itt the 
singular; sejmrate, absolute opp. affixed. 

Jicufcu*^ pi. Jio from ?«u*iw. f. unity opp. 
Trinity; a unit, oneness; solitude, solitariness 
opp. IajlS a crowd; J»j ldL?cu*^ s?w#& 

combat; Jlo;j*> icuf cu*^ sole ruîe; icuf cw^J> 
hJi solely, simply; gram. the singular nmnber. 

Ucut^k pL \1 rt. k#X. m. <me wAo erases, 

JlcLâOd«^ rt. ywX. f. adaptation. 

U>cu*^£» pi. ).— rt. *j*^.. a charmer, make- 

\JJ*^S, rt. k*^, m. blottmg oui. 

JicocuJIX rt. yiM^.. f. tAreatening, indigna- 



9 vP 

* V ^ *vy 

v . „« vii 

^**^ fut. ^qmX», act. part. %J£L 
to lick; loiasxa «JlX J&jL Âe Z* 
cfos2 itt abjectness; [&^L %JLtâH ti 
Zie&ed! wp Wood!. Pabl i*JliC to go on 
lick often or continually; e»|aa^. 
a <fo£ #c&s Ms maşter. Derivatives, ja™X, 

ţ-a.*»^ or M *^£ m. plantam, plantago 

)&* & rt. u^\, m. licldng. 

tofautn as a dog,fiatter. Ethpaal 
£i( to 5e flattered, wheedled. Deriv A- 

U^ ^ m X pi. ţ_ m» a faumer, flatterer> 

lift^tt a* ££ rt. *j*^. m. afiaiterer, Jcnave. 

Jicu^ciu^ rt. uiA. f. fawning, fiattery. 

yw^ fut. plij, act. part. jil^, ^ r r v? 
pass. part. yxJ^, )uacu^>, JfcooJ^. i. to ea*. 
ii. to *w& wftft, J& 3 a^m?; J?pJ£ ^^.r.\ 
a^ree with each otlier ; used chiefly in the act. 
part. impers., it isjitting, suitabîe, convenient; 
l^o^f Us>h> at a convenient time. iii. to 
menace, threaten; pass. part. active sense 
cH s \fcci , M\\ ooo» j-a.nLZX they threatened to kill 
Mm; )Am\ jLacuJl^, J»cu/w*e menadng sinners. 
Ethpe. jpj^l^ i. toj&, accommodate, connect, 
comprise. compact, form; kacL^CU i Jfcoo* 


j?cu*X ^& ojJiS a ^?ace mac/e suitabîe 
to it by the maker. ii. pass. to be threatened 
witîi^£ or ^; 6^*. jooi j^fc^2> *&l 
the ship was in perii ofbeing dashed to pieces. 
Pa. ttwX to jfa, adjust, adapt, do anything 
suitably, join fitly together, compact , compose; 
Jljoo^ ^Â^y^JMd fcfoy choose afitting place; 
JLo^k^ ^ m K » Jfc^» Zei us try tojlnd suitabîe 
vjords for prayer ; ^&o£>. %&&& Jfcl^p jU? 

you have planned your guiles ignor antly ; 
pass. part. fitly composed, congruous, well 
arranged; fâ .'ksI^&xq J^LoS harmonious songs, 
Ethpa. jiL ^ Lti i. to be adapted, adjusted; to 
be fitted, joined or fastened togetlier, to unite; 

' "vri * I? ■* 


on ^Ae mountain ^ squared in tfie quarry ; 
ojso^Xl/ |jâ.,& ^^ the twelve tribes-^rew 
into one nation. ii. to threaten, wam or 
command with threats; JL^jL» oj-ii ţa^Ki/" 
Ae threatened him with death. Derivatives, 

^ U^: P i. ^^^^ u^: rt. p^. i. 

m. food, vietuals, bread, acake or loafofbread; 

ULm ZLi *?}ik$ 2 °° ioaves; ) X^» f M-r-X 
barley-bread ; U* » X ? UJX mţiper-time; 
U*L*2L %&( to su]> 9 sit at meat; tfL \âx*& 

living bread, the bread of life; ţ>aa -S! Jo« 
JfesA5 o j \ a \ îi/etZ the flame, added fuel to the 


!s*UcLM.iL rt. yu*^. n. Bdv. fitly, aptly, justly, 
rightly; Mdm U% o^ Joc ^/ ]^U>X Jl 
/ie Aac? wo* rightly come to understanding or 
to Aî5 senses. 

)t o acx jw ^ rt. j^*^ ii. î.fitness, agreement, 
aptitude; \juaţ ji Va a ^ natural aptiiude. 

U «u^ j jfc^l- rt. j^X ii. op«, mitabh; 
Jî^aJ^-m^ Jl^Jic» a well-composed speech. 

fut. **,c u *^J and *Z *S j 9 act. part, 
^., 1 a *fc\. . to mutter incantations; to murmur ', 
whisper, speak low UfJL» m «Ăe ca?*s of any oue, 
to 5peaĂ Zow in prayer, to am^ sojfi!?^ as a 
lullaby; <^&> i^ *^ the devii whisp&red 
to her heart. Ethpe. aJM^o 6e toZoî secretly t 
softly. Pa. a*^ to mwmw ^Zy, to wA&per, 



insinuate with ^£ against any one. Ethpa. 
+Z & l}*to whi&per, murmur e. g. J L'&& prayers; 
)L?r^ ^jk^SXTthey whispered together 
against me, Debivatives, ţ***o^., ) V « »oi\ , 

I a Z Sl pi. £• rt. «A. m. a charm, allure- 

) k'_™ X m. a) the palm ofthe hand. b) the 
breath, breathing. 

J4^ fui \feJ to scrape of. Eram nţ&lT 

to fo scra2>ed off. Debivative, U^w. 

U,ai^ rt. nf\ in. on^ wAo sharpens his 

U^^>> rt.J^.. m. a) abration. b) ascraped 
or sharpemd stake> a spike; tyti&Ş Hfc^ an 
ir on spike; )Jji>? U|^ tliepoini of a reed. 

ffi m J%\ rt. j^X. f- tiu sharp point or 
edge of a weapon; metaph. jj^o» k&M*fe \ . 
sAarp anger; acuteness, mbtlety of speech. 

)v*fr ^ or i*i^£ m. thepistachio nut, nux 
pistacia or avellana, 

fat. âoî^J «o 5ar£, sAaye, unsîieath. 

?l^£ to chant, celebrate in song. 

u^^k fut. ^a&iJ, act. part. *|^> U&^> 

pass. part. *4»^, k*4^> J&»-*-^- a ) t0 

hammer, rub, polish, sliarpen, smear; with U* J 

to hammer ar?nourj with J >4 .* « > to sharpen 
a sword; ULi)l> \&jJ> j*^ the huli rubbed 
Ins horns on the earth. b) to provoke, incite 
with jfcoo-*** li^ — \U*Ş* io^ to anger, 
to Iove. Part. adj. a) sharpemd, dipped or 
smeared with poison; 1^4^ )s)^sAar/; or 
poisoned arroios. b) keen, acute, crafty. Ethpe. 
*4«^r împer. E-Syr. the same, W-Syr. 
gi^irpassive of Peal in all senses. Deeiv- 
atives, ţjta^», Jlcij^^ 1^j>. ^>v . x >. 

\ A_ A S. xty ? ace. Xftfa, a south-west viind, 
African wind. 

fcttuii—. uy^h'»^-\ — iO^ipA \tf36poros, 
souili-west wind. 

9 * 

y$\î .^, a»o^*\ pi. aiou^, .mNftA 

nr^ cyX ^-s.N., m. libellus; a deposition, toritten 

accusation i warrant, J&*f otTf *q ^a » X a co?i- 
fession offaith; H N^? an imperial warrant ; 
Jla^Il; a toritten recantation. 

- 1 p 

usually repeated <^^ <^X qu\ckly i 
Bwifily. Debivatives,)^^, fc**)^^. 

from ^X adv. stoîftly, quickly, rashly. 

from ^^ adv. sioiftly, rapidly, 

see other spellings under )^^ ni. A^âro?, 
a legacy^ bequest. 

) jA^Sfr pi. J^ legatariusy a legatee. 

JJa*^ rt. ^^. m. o?^e wăo curses, declares 

Is^Iik pi. Jl- rt. fc[aX. m. a swearer, one who 
cv/rses, jwonounces aceursed. 

K^JG^.^ pi. jaA^ 5 »a^XX€irovp)'{a, liturgy. 

)II^^. 5 js^jj^^X and see x^a^ f. Xtravda, 
a litany, solemn mpplicaiion* 

)l£-^ pi. ţ-", J^usiially m. but in the lexx. 
£ XiVpa, Zi6ra, a powid weight; Uţ»^> Ji^*^- 

theBaglidadpoundweigheă 400 drachmas, each 

drachma = i6 carats f grain, a Syrian pound 
equalled six Baghdad pouxids. 

AL^., ţ : ^^> Ua^., tfp o i a^ m. \tt>xf)v, 

p£, $&£& itreg. pi. of ^^ mghL 

|k^ or \3£^L ; see )I^. nocturnul 

ktt r\ pi. ^1- ni. the terebinth berry; the 
resin of the terebinth. 

.<s\ -, yi-,\ or fcA^n^N \lntT0Vy jii( 
^ v .^ . v 9 — Syr. \j£> o*^i L 1^5 borders, 


\*Li\ rt. ^a^.. m. tich'ng. 

ILŞ» U^ 7 U>1 or |iîS pi. H «ti aar; 
)»^X w^Joarsmenjrozy^r^; metaph. therudder, 
helm, l&uţaţ**! of government; U^kcl^? of 
authority; with J*/^«o *oM JîAe ^efo^. 

J^*ik or U*^ rt. A.o^k. m. tZowgrA, ^aste. 

UI^ rt. AO^k, m. kneading, mixing dough. 

JJdî^X dim. of U^ m. a wzaZZ bit of 
jyaste or dough* 

Is^L comp. of )j and îs.-/ (the i is always 
hard) indeclinable verbal partide ii is noi, tlwy 
are noL there is not ; takes suffixcs like a plural 
noun, «o»ol^^ he is not; ^oom&& they are 
not; mojoI^a^ \+x> there is no water; l**& 
yoot&c&iia thdr law does not permit; with 

I i 

ce cv 



1*2? © x P resses the past tense Joo» ^^ there 
was not; with ^ to have, JS, ls*^L I have 
not; ^r^k^iwehaveonl^; i^^i ţioi yT 

wchoI^a^ ifthis be not so neitlier will that con- 
tinue to be. Ethpa. *&~£Xrto be recktced to 
nothing, annihilated; to cease, cease to be; 
to vanish from sight e. g. as a star ; iliifc-j» 

îîs^&fcoc? jo£*~X it diminislm till it ceases to 
be; a cone jl^cu to^ jlC^k-» comes to 
nothing at its apex. Debivatives, Uîs»X, 

kaots^ Xiâos, stone. 

U&^£ pi. ]1 from h^&< non-existent. 

Jlcufc^A^C from îs*l. f. non-existence, nothing- 

7ie$8, awiihilation ; ^L Jie&**j[ Jlo^fc^^ *& 

h*+Ş+t(Thou hast brought us out of nothingness 
into beîng. 

kaX comp. of 1* and Ji. adv. of place and 
time hence, hither; UXo j^ Mtlier and 
thith£r;^%.^o U^ hither and thither, in all 
direction8; \A2\o <*isa Jwneeforth, thence- 
forward, from this time for th; *& \*\ on tkis 
side, within opp. ^o»\ beyond. 

abbrev. for oo> ^L to thee; 
y2S-**o$ ^amy on Thee do our spirits wait> 

r 9 _t 


» 9 4 

to Thee, OLord (first words of a liymn 


of praise). 

* *a ^ = y^±, fut. w»aa\7, act. part. 
»»i^ *, pass. part. u»*n\. to lick, lick up e. g. 
lisdi the dust; metaph. of fire. Ethpe. 
%**aXi( pass. PAEii m*a^ to lick, lick up as 
a dog, to such as a bee; c££ ooot 
\lLHi( lions gobbhd him up; 
loo? ţ& ke began to lick up the blood. 

U&& comp. of ^ ^a and J^b ; see \Ju> 
and JL. 

or *n«&a o££ pi. *tt£AaSS 
f. Ae&ff, a) ţpeecA/ diction, style; JL'oLJL 

!» _v* 

■■ v* 

f correct diction. b) language, tongue; 
a phrase, reading; j ţLco ;3 — J ]£*» { 9 f .*»»«£*^ 
ffo Aramaic, the Persian tongue; \*k ifa 
Jîckojjk? U&>? j&sa^. >m ^ a^> explan- 
ation of the Hebrew expressions in the Psalter. 

^ a . m , n , ^ or >aa^m.oo»X m. XffwcoV, 
a lexicon, dictionary; aaiab &«go( «< 

JL» a lexicon, that is an explanation of words; 
Mbtaâo iCLOAmn^ a dictionary compiled from 
others; Jft£&»aa ^afl^mn^tl a glossary. 

aimal denom. verb io w'ifc or compile 
a lexicon. 

jKaii a &&; see jl£^£. 

^£, ţ£ emph. m.[&£, pi. m. JJŞ., f. feŞafi 
rfc. %\. a /ooî/ foolish, fatuous, stupid \ dull, 
brutish ; |^oa^ ? jlS ^Ae 6rwie5 0/ </ie field, 
brute beasts; )b^ 

•^ 1 9 .r 


a brutish or senseless 
people. Derivatives, verb ^^X, )lo-\\. 

denom. verb Pael conj. from )bi. to 
make or pronounce stupid or foolish. Ethpa. 

%i£U/; %£WV tkaOTft be or Jecme 
foolish, turn stupid or ##&/, make a fool of be 
infatuated; !iwit»£J^ u»^js-j^ +J> ILaJo 
"^C^kj» a /oo? ^e^ Ae & irritated behaves 
still more foolishly; %^&}*J& ^^ai tfţf 
Ae conlinues to act foolishly, if lie goes on 
making a fool ofhimsdf 

JL'<£^ from JLi£. f. folly, foolishness, 

nonsense; )L» l&£x foolish tdUng. 

*^, l^i pi. ţX, v i^C, JL'fcCX m. 

jp^fiu/ u ^S ^ C or 4^ \\ a cfoy a7^ night; ++9l 
f***-*l *££& two days and nights. 

l^k, JIU^, JL^., |i^, ^4. or 

k^A., f. Jl^*l_ adj. from f-i»X. nightly, 
by night, nocturnal; ]&J&± Ji'^^i a night- 

f7^ w?gr/i« am? day ; f-î -,N,N ]lcu-2 rfarĂ 

]k~^i£ from u NX f. lamia, a nighispeetre, 
a phaniom or demon in the form of a woman. 

y£L partide of explanation forsooth, to uÂt, 
namely; servea instead of inverted commas to 
mark a quotation or oblique oration ; )^^X 
Jo£*.( o*^ +x>(y£iLfor to the sinner saith God; 
o^motlâ» ©>£a jfx£ cu 001 f V&Fhe gave himself 
out to be the elder son of Chosroes. 

y£± Palpel jpi£»i£ to speak, enunciate. 
Ethpalpal yfţvrfX pto stammer; to enun- 
etate. Derivative, }>a.^..^^\ 

comp. of X and U#. a) interrogative 
partide,, h*J? r l&j )J>\ art thou a propJwt? 



6) negative partide — J*axik? that — not, lest; 
kj^ijo^ **j|[ l^^- **î*» ^ thou teii no man. 

yţjâX or ^U\ ; ^J}j»iw pi. \lm m. Xi^v, 
a havm, port, karbour; metaph. )J£ ţ»\ ^ x \ 
the haven of salvaiion; \ 2."J7.a J>^n\ tlie 
karbour of the saints; U|j5\S JS-^UjoIj 
JfcLik^r? / Aaw come /o f%£ end! o/tfie afory; 
Pl^v* oj^oj )bii tke week ofentry into the 
havm = the week preceding Palm Sunday. 

t»Sft.\ fut. ?a»!iJ, pass. part. ? ocv\. io put 
together, compile; to accord with ; op©©» \^\ * ~* 
t 1 **^ m his tone of mind does not comport 
toitk solitude. Pa. ».»,^ to bring together, 
cormect, compile; J^aftS&ao Jj disjoined. Ethpa. 
ţ^K%{ to be connected, related, inserted, set 
as a jewel, to music ; — *^j£ j*3au£fco&? J&-*5 

a chant set to certam words. Taphel 
to mahe a disciple, teach the Christian faiih, 
eonvert; p&sXţ **©* j&Io the city which 
he brought to the Christian faith; ţ-^\L v 
][T^r^V »-*a,Mo he taught and baptized many ; 
Joo» i v> \&£> l\J>*«^ ,\,/ cusJJ Ae was a 
pupil of Âbulbarcat. Ettaph. ^ftJ!\llf 
a) to be instructed, taugkt, educated, io become 
a disciple, pupil, folloiver ; uaoo niffl a ,^ !/ 

iXi ^-^^u™"*!! ^ l&mnder was a jmpU 

of Aristoile. b) to be instructed in the Christian 
faithj to become a catechumen, disciple, eonvert, 
] i oju ^-ixx-ft Ia. ^ £o Chris tianity ; J i n ivw o*^. 
to the faith; )»;Ă v ylls-& catechwmens. c) to 

embrace Jicut»?? )-lioJJ £fo ?nonastic life; 

) ioooiSQjA^K &o?y poverty ; 

he left the world = became a monk. Deriv- 

ATIVES, )jQft\.koo ; Jj*.^t^lio£>, j^O^ol, 

* v? the letter Lamadh; see%,. 

adj. from the letter ».aa^ gram. 
preceded by Lamadh as an accusative, an 

rt, •■fflâ*. adv. hardly, with 
difficvMy, only just. 
%*££ m. felt. 

tfhxxUL, yĂ»!S£, ţiîaa^ emph. )*, rarely 
»m»5 vi?£ pi. ^*", J* m. rarely f. Xafnrâs:, -â8a, 
a) a lamp 9 tor eh, candlestick; j»c£* ? a burning 
torch; J*©ja;j a lighted torch; inetaph. splm* 
dour, brightness, shining; \~L&J!Lţ J# 

> r*,* 

theshiningofihesun; JfcL^i^^jî^c^*? JUb»JI 

tifee brightrms of Divine Iove. b) a flash, meteor, 


fe**ţg*m^£ from U^mX. adv. m tife manner 
of robbers or freebooters, marauding; *%JL 
U^o»! )>l^ fc^.]^aftiC ftfi mode marauding 
incursions into the country of the Greelcs. 

denom. verb Pali conj. from |uAaa^. 
to rob, maJce raids, maraud, commit piracy. 
Ethpali uJjunSEif to be seized by robbers,carried 
offbybrigands; metaph. ^»^mS[lf jtor>^I^â 
the Patriarchate was unlawfully occupied* 

J4^£ or )i^.fla^ pi. |1- XTf<rTr}s, a) a robber, 
freebooter, brigand, pirate* b) adj. piratical, 
pvedatory, thievish. Derivatives, Is-l^aX, 

Jlcu^aii froto U^.flft^k. f. open robbery, 

fut. ^fci£? same as ^waX, \>i£ to lick. 

part. cx^ii to be greedy, gluttonous, 
intemperate. Ethpe. c*,xXL( a) to seize 
greedily, ruah greedily on, to give oneself over 
to pleasure esp. to be gluttonous, indulge the 
appeiiie, l^gL^to with delicacies. b) in a good 
sense to be eager, delight in. Derivatives, 

l^\, i-k^, 5 lico.^., )^>a^.. 

J.^,v£ ? jJ^^sK rt. c^v\. greedy, gluttonous, 


^ f f^.v'sr rt. ca-^X. adv. greedily, immoder* 

) lob ^S* rt. ai>\. f. avidity, greediness, 

^D>, a )^4^^> Jfcl^sX perh. mimetic, 
ef. jjsi^. a stammerer, shiiterer; — Ji^a& ^ k \ 

1 1 a > y hesitating in speech. Derivatives, 

verb (^»X, 

^^ denorn. verb Pael eonj. from 
to stutter. ETKVA.ii^^irtotakeiosttUtering, 
begin to stammer. 

)L'o^^ from i^^fc. f. stanvmering, stttiter- 
ing, faltering S2)eech, hesitation in speech. 

r Ar. m. dialect, saliva,, 

l'a- ^vV^ m. one tvhose saliva nins down. 

\\&±£, jL'lo^^ rt- X*^- of indistinct or 
strânge speech, of a foreign tongue. 

I i 2 

9 * 




U^k fut. l&&>, act. part. y&L, JuX 
pass. part. J»»,£,\ to make indistinct or soft 
sotmds as birds, insects, serpents ; to sing, chant, 
sound, give forth a sound Jî£uo? of chants; 
]&Sot; jlip sounds of lamentation; to lisp; 
to speak a foreign language; to whisper softly 
said of tlie Holy Spirit, of grace, faith, error ; 
ţ_*X^O£ JLo they utter, pronounce y )fL*> 
%*Smb* U*l\m&ţ the truth proclaimed by tlie 
Jposths; Ji*Jl i-LocLA- ţj&r oJL^X angels 
sounded forth a new song; gram. to ex2>ress. 
Ethpe. Jia^if to sound, be sounded, be heard 
said of sound rather than of sense ; to be told, 
said, whisper ed; gram. io be pronounced, said. 
Demvatives, Jja^ik, jj-y\,, )LjL^^. 

\k\. ^ pi. J rt. JJ^X. ni. sound, speeeîi, 
tongue, twittering esp. inarticulate sounds as 
of birds and beasts ; foreign speech; dialect, 
way of speech, utterance, pronuneiation, )J&£ 

JJUoj pleasant sounds; \fc£& IvJ^.~ j^Jcuaj 
the stveet-voiced swalîow; }ÎS^L JJ4**? otlier 
tongues; ^ > \a \)J±Ş t prophetic utterance; 
JLoSttt mj JjţJ? ]}S^ whispers of mysterzes 
i. e. of holy things, not made known by lips. 

) *y \ X rt. Jwb^v. f. speaMng, sound. 

^ O k S » see ^S. ; upwwrd, above. 

or tttia^ fut. fcfiftjfrJîMj imper. 
act. part. uai^i, JjaaJ^ik, pass. part. 
>m » Js . ^ 3 root-meaning to chetv, 7nasticate but 
usually to iake food, eat; ^Lîsio *Xu£o>.ix 
we eat and drink; pass. part. impers. ^n^\ j] 
U^oo* *i£ we have iasted no food to~day; 
yoc^ u m la. ^. ^, *d a/ier ^2/ 7^adî eaten. Ethpe. 
un,;C\i/ to 6e masticated, eaten. Pa. ^rS^X 
to «ai hungrily, devour, gnaw. Aph. ■*» >\ / y 
to ma£e swallow, give to eat. Derivatives, 

£ same as âoii, aii to join. Ethpe. 
M to bejoined or woven together. 

I r> 3 ^ prep. according io, in proporiion, corre- 
ypondwg; ^oomi lo^^» tcu&X. according 
to tlie abundance of Tliy mercies; Uif loSaX 
J&^Xao according to the differeni seasons; 
f la&X because, on accouM of. 

\^&& or J^9o££ pi. \y£± \c7tt6s, a small 
thittg, smail coin 9 obolus, farthing. 

\Âsl^ rt. &X an envelope J&LI? of a letter. 

)tsaX a twrnip. 

\.&\ ; see \Â*S, an oar. 

U?^ ; see «^ocuX. 

I^on^, rt. XqN>. m. a gatfterer, gleaner. 

ts^kL^A.q.aX from ]j^a,cuo adv. verily, 

\Ls£L m. iĂ€ confînes of a city, esp. «Ae /amZ 
and villages under its jurisdiGtion, a suburb, 
region, su/rrounding country ; a monastery 
>m*m> OH^xCisf m tlie region of Sis. 

^ja^. fut. £Ăs£±j, act. part. ^SSw, l^-^* 

a) to gaiher, piele, pick up, collect, glean; 
JI^CXod)^ * c^ja^J tliey shall gatherfood L e. 

manca; )ku^ ic o* j^^ 5^6 gleaned in the 

field; ţX*cîjfc ^ct.o^J' 7ee we7Z gather lilies; 

\b£j> l^s&L picking up sticks; JjSLÂjL &&*L 

a gatherer of sycamore fruit. b) to pick v/p 
as a bird = eai5; with Jbo to pick up xoords 
as a parrot. c) metaph, with jîwdj to collect 
commenU, ewplanations. d) chem. to collect 
particles, attract, absorb. Ethpe. ^ oNl^ 
to be gleaned, gathered, collected. Pa. Js&£ 
to pick U2> arrows, gather in sheaves, gather 
honey, collect, select; jooj ^a^Lap cmLc^\ 
K^ooy ^£ his clothing was all patches; 
)Li ^ jS S s^p a babbler; l^A^so ]^»)io sdected 
sermons. Ethpa. ^.^^1^ to fo gathered 
together. Deriv atives ? j^al, } 7 ^ ^v 

\-^J£x pi. fL m, an embroiderer. 

J-^a^x rt. ^J&X. m. Saei, crumbs, food; 
J£j£ I^i^/^'n^&a^y ^si ^Z^f ^^^^ 
Pki/ crwmbs or 5azi scattered on the ground; 
metaph. r ^Jll^ JJLa^c^f o^a^ J^i^ a/' 
Jio^VX *Ae heathen too are enticed by teaching 
and entrapped to repentance; wX iol4 j jMa^Sa 
the world sirangles me with its allwremmts. 

^^j K|^ rt. ^aX. m. ingathering, 
gleaning; jCf ^aX dive-gathering ; J^i^ 
î^4-^? Aw ghanings. 

^*V^ or 144^. pi. £. dimin. of |^ 
m. a Utile collection; gaihering, ingathering 
of fruit. 

td!i ,ni\yn\ 



jj&fra^; pi. £_ adj. from yA^ft^g a beast 
trained to draw a litter. 

*^JLjLf££, iCuL and ^a^oX f. X«crk«M', 

a K«er, a bier; a pyx, por table altar. 

%Z\JLB& rt. jiciN. adv. late. 

gjJEk » J&l. rt. .tiN. adj. late, latter 
©pp. U &»aa early; said of ram, of animals 
bora late In the season, of plants fiowering or 
ripening late. 

Jl^Vr.AftSTs. rt. n^V f, lateness, tardiness* 

Jifi!& or Jiai£ pi. ** - , P-f. XfKav7, o fcmn, 
bowl, laver, dish, plate, vessel? Jfc^M U^ 
a washhand-basin^ foot-baih ; \jl4*a % \ t . ft . X a 
brazen laver. 

^ v Pael a£^ ; fo bring forth late offspring 
or fruit, io gatlter late fruit. Debivatives, 

}^S? rt. i.w a\. ■ m. fete prass, aftermath. 
^Jfa %j& tom xaX«îriff 3 copperas,flowers of 

]$*!£ ni. dialect, a #rea^ sac&, sachfor litter. 

ţas^ pi. }L AÎ7pos 3 m. senselessy foolish; ^*( 
&co JJj^^eu? l»*^a$ a foolish person ivho 
talhs unceasingly. 

\ft& m £S L f. ttffe taZĂ, nonsense, babbling, 
raving, folly. 

[Zxd^L or Jitt££ = faj;^K 

> , 2nT denom. verb Pael conj. from tfJ£ £> io 
pronounce, soimd; yol( ţ^o*X ^ X * ^ ao ^ 
i! [i^ cvq not pronouncing those letters ai all. 
Ethpa. JiilXr io be pronoivnced; 
IXtZS& Jg <fr\ } *Ain which sounds Mice Alep. 

Jl&, P*S! pi. ^*", H- m, a) the tongue ; 

UJL2fcf )toiT lingual letteTS îe - %*&4lî 

b) speech, language, pronuncialion ; 11AS. 
)Jiî? rftafecC/ ^&*? U^ Highland dialect 
perh. the language of the Assyrian highlaxxds 
opp. JlJtDii^ ifo comrnon speech of Mesopo- 
tamia; U$oom U^£ &* JW* language. 

c) a people, nation; }i±£ J> speaking the 
same tongue. d) metaph. a stretch of the sea, 
of a river, a tongue or spit of laud ; J -*^( U*i£ 


a narrow isthmus; ^»c£**,f }iii£ <Ae- moutk 
ofSheol; ]>&) ]iJL& a tongue of flame; ll&g 
po^m o/ J-=>o*? ţâo a wedge of gold or silver. 

e) names of plants ; ]i»P ţj& plantago, the 
plantain; \r%\& ţJt£ cynoglosşum, hounds~ 
tongue; jlşaNS ţ-ii^ lolium, darnel, cocMe, 
tares; UM> jiiX plantago major; jSa? 
fraxinus ornus, a sort ofash-tree; J»ol , 
borago officinalis, buglosmm, borage, bugloss. 
Derivativbs, verb ţ*^k, t uii , ji cou^ , 

liiiS&j )kCi— adj. from \i*!£* loquacious, 
garrulous, talhative; eloquent. 

) IVi î 1Ş* frnm f i ^\> . f hquacity, taVcativeness. 

\) 9 ts r \\iSţ_ from ),Ia\, f. language, idiom , 

1 ţş^S f . a button hole. 

ţ y v -n 

r l? u 

^m||C^ 9 fc^I^X and ţ* Wls^ adv. fcZow, 
ftea^A, doumwards; \lx^L ţ& î^**bC\,? i^i 

3 waters under the firmament; ^ lifco? 
J^mI^, which Scriptwe mentions belota. 

^î£x fut. ^o^siJ, act part. ^Js^k, ^1^. 
root-nieaning ^o 5toMt, pollute. To agree } be 
convenient, fitting, suitable, becoming, worthy ; 

\ becoming to each; \J+s>&& 

*ol£^ commands miiablefor children; 
^U[ţ J^alsXî )li^» a speech worthy to 
be listened to. Ethpe. yifiklrfo &e gw&ty of 
devise or aci with guile, ill-will or malice, io 
consjnre with"V^ or^L?cu^ against; JiâJ 
)j^ 3fca> Ip^XL^? amalicious soul; jl a^Ns» 
■ ft f\n ^« },sîsX!^? the confusion of which 
all alihe were guilty. Pa. ^fcX «o rf^e, cow- 

taminate, Jiîs&so )oo» )ima *^s> Ae w» 
defiled with carnal passions. Ethpa. j&&1( 
to act with guile or deceît, to be defiled. De- 

RIVATIVES, ÎS-^K^-^i JlcLD^i^O. 

<*j£^. m. a dry meaaure, a half cor, halfomer. 

«1£X fut. «oj^îj act. part. f&L> U*>h^L. 

a) to speah, pronounce. b) to pile tip, bring 
together. Pa. «]&& a) to murmwr o» U&fl*s 
between his lips; to disparage. ^c) to bring 
iogethe,r, compile. Ethpa. «pl££t? to be coupiled, 
fastened together. Derivatives, K»i<i-^ 3 



r*?.4s.ixjsn m Juza .1*3 ooA> * 

,v»i .• ^axSo* 


f, yx*& Mim the thirteenth leitei* of the 
alpbabet; the numeral 40, 5 Jt^ojj» Discourse 
40 ; y> 400. 

k& c&) interrog. pron. whatf J&o «1^ )c& 
wAai Aatu / fo cfo «o£A thee ? b) rel. pron. that, 
that which, what ; when, tlien } afier ikat, when- 
soever, as often as; fcj/'dMf U> U[ J&l Jj 
/ do not deserve what you say, I am not worthy 
of that vjhich you say; ? ^? Jl» but when; 

f Kao= > . v i ^o , J-so^câ whatsoever, lohichever, 
whmsoever, whenever, so often as, c) partîcle 
of exclamation how! hoio much!*%+Zf J^ fam 
terrible! *=J &> how goodf d) JL\&: see 

■ *» »i v> . Derivatives, juaaa /j Jj&X?, «?, 
ka^u>, k*s, Jia^is, jj^k, rt .v> } j^^, 

k», many participles of ),S verbs and of 
Aphel conjugations have alternate forms, with 
and without Alep after Mim. Nouns derived 
from such participles have the same alternative 

JU, JIU, jttj£ pi. % ^ or v &», 
)Lo}& com. gen. a Jmndred, a century ; ~lji 

or ,r ^ 20 ° " J H? ^ l or Jte> fc^i 300 ; 

JIJ&W400, and so on; jjjoi^t or JJ^i 
v oi» 800; Jlojj» «JL.S or vij centurions. 
Uoi^Ua ; see J^o**^» « C o<?/fc. 

)lau^& ; see jlou^o and k> ahove. 
Jlift* or JLJtf ; see J#fi. 
U*o^o for iuo^o ajachal. 

jljj» /iS^W, barley-water sweetened withrefined 
honsy; barley cdkes mixed with milh 

*%H\£> y yl\j& vf%>t(. m. departt&rejourney- 
ing; Jul^âe ||Joo <7om<? awcZ coming; ^Jjio 
^Jbocu *** <m6 day s journey. 

)}&J)\£> pi. JJ^L rfc. ^k>/. f. a departure, 
journeying, pilgrimage; with %£ a military 


Jf*£ »^ţ& rt ***(. m. grasping by the hand; 
metaph, AeZp, assistance. 

cia^i|}^ and cfors j fra» ; see Jjia^^c. 

v *^& pLJHU, Iţ^l*;- see vQ v^o 

JicuJ^> from Jjj». f. iAe nwmber one hundred. 

hk+ZUo or ^aIx> rt. ^cl». slanting, tottering, 

bending over, ready to făli; | i tjj &f \&m( 

a tottering vjatt. 

jis^Uo ; see j^ljc». 

jicul^o rt. yUo. f. sZctfA, laziness, lassitude, 

negligence, rductance; JLqLlJU»! )j^a» a 

«jear?/ tw^&ţ, distasteful hurden; JIcluIj» JJ 

strenuousness; )X<&2\& jU ? indefatigdble, active, 

VJU:)o© rt. ^U». adv. Za»%, slothfully, 

^k», ^)j2> or fcjai m. IM.ti, Ji^Tli, 
JfcLXi f. rt. î.oao. eZeod; kJj& fcoa^j d« ^ 

jk^^U pi. Jfc^U rt . ^.o/. f. yborf, 

victuals, provisions; pi. «dw^ dependent 


U*s>Jj£>, JfcU— rt. laj. noaâous, tnjurious, 

harmful; see [î^ y 

JI'oÎudU ; see \1'<&U&. 

see J (j». 

r^ţa l&f&s* 



J ! wa'^ii^£> rt.*%£»f. m. backbiting, calumny, 
an evU report; a backbiter, slanderer. 

%>U& and JLaa© rt.%d^. m. food, victuah, 

*i>k£, )oi}^ pi. JiaiglJ», ^ocJLlok», 

«tt ctloji, uoîak» , S^ or oi& f./w?x a, ^> anengine; 
a stratagem; a amning or ingenious device; 
J> y& & Uxl"? J^Jd a s£<me hwled from an 
enginej metaph. )L ? aj)^? ^mido»^ means of 
justice s= <rwe argumente. 

ţZ\LcnD\Jb rt. and. adv. 63/ way ofr^rocf, 


JJ^)j», J&J from liS^deijying.making 
divim, inahing to be a partaher of the dwine 
nature; divine. 

P&c&Up from J^'f* deification. 

.&£*ji& and rarely yo^k» ; see ^o SN y . 
adv. raiher. 

|ja»)i for |Jc6q^> manvmon. 

diction; a discourse, sermon, Komily, esp. 
a metrical komily; a treatise, a division of 
a book; a projwsition ; with *i^ « dis- 

v l& fut. v ^xu, act. part. JJk», pari adj. 
ILLi, )j^u|^>. to irk, bore y be irksome, tedious; 
to be reluctanty umoilling, weary of; witt 
\JLău his soul was weary of abkorred . , .,■ 
usually impers. witli i^ ; iCop ©££ fcok» 
he was weary ofthem; Z^s* $]& j* it does not 
annoy me, I do not mind. Part. adj. slothful, 
inactive, lazy, negligent. Aph. ^&¥ to be 
careless, negligent, sloihful,indohnt 9 inactive; to 
neglect, grow weary; ţJjJ paa a J| ţxu*l(? Ucu; 
ofi we ham received mercy we faint not. De- 
eivatives, fe%*}ju}^o, JIcluJj». 

V U>, UU or Jli pi. ^JU, )JU> m. 

a vesseZ, utensil, implement, instrument; a gar- 
mmt s dress; clothing, an outjit, furniture, 
baggage; } ţ» £ f — }Jîs^? Pk» cotlon, woollen 
clothing; J-LL? )JJj© cosily raiment; Jj]j& 
JL>{? mourning; U>o$* \jI& golden vessels or 
ohzaments; wwojUo^ajI his armov/r-bearer. 
Metaph. )J*=>i? Uk& a vessel of perdition; 
Mw>ţ mM* vessels of mercy. 

]o^oJ)^o the viscera, entrails, boweh. 
\h3>+& °^^ vmmIs ovfittings oftlie alt r. 
J-L? vjjjis weapona, arms. 

^ -1 



)^k>Î uJ)u2o f^e organs of reproduction. 
ItaaJa uJ^i wine-vessels, wtne-skins, casks. 
Jt^? Mlao carpenters' tools. 
)U*&ţ Ji'J^o pobtew? vessels. 

\x> vessels of ilie sanctuary, 
euckaristie vessels. 

Jjȣo wjco arm^j weapons. 

Jt^*jGjfc,lf JJj-i sacred vessels, vestments. 

uJ}.i> and ^oi the heresiarchi/aK^^ a, d. 240, 
founder of the Manichaean sect. 

J^U>, ^U> 5 see ^o5© money. 

o^aj)jo for ^li Manes. 
\1LJ \Jq from mj)^o a Manichee, follow&r of 

\£)Jo or JiA£ ; see )juAâo j?5re. 

)1^>)^) and )1^)^> ; see JiJAa» a balance. 

iaO^»)^c ; see u;^m,y niastic. 

jiifiok», ll^JL. rt. f»/. healing) therapeutic; 
a healer, physician. 

jLouceJjk rt )u»/. f. healing. 


i^ojjb ; see )fr«i*o a 5a^. 

jtas^ rt. w»«. wu a bând; )JL 
a girdle, belt; the waisL 

\JulmUo] see «ol^mâo and Hflu^jaso. 

Jt^mJ^ pi. JJsiwD^ rt. +£of. f. a handfuly 

bundle, burden. 

]Xim\iB tlie elboiOy bend of the arm, a mbit 

%Jo\£> ; see %J L» 9 jli^aj». 

)Is1a§)j» rt. \&ţ. f. baking; a bakeress. 

K°i^ * Bee ^i°j^* 

^aojok = ţştfrj o the poppy* 

^x>U or >©sojo£î /xaK«p, wace. 

. dl^o)-i ; see ^aiiai. 

]i)Jo or );.» m. pdppov, a mattock, hoe, 
a rnallet. 

»U), )»U> act. part. of ^ ; i U>> Jtoo act. 
part. of >oao. 

^o>)j»; see uopo. 




jLoike rt. wo. f. bitt&rness. 

Jff»M»*adjiM»; seeJJil 

j)tf!»U; wejltttt. 

jl^fjj» rt, i;*. f. must, thejuice of tke grape 
as itjlows from the winepress. 

M^H^ sweet, juicy* 

yfjjso denom. verb ; see *£&. 

J-o»M©; see Ko^o. 

JIH&; see Jl'«&. 

JicuIjdLs© rt. jjtr. f. conftdence, reliance. 

Ji)j*> emph. st. of JJj*> one fmndred; ţ*L)c& 
dual of JJ^ao. 

JlJ^Jb or jlL» pi. jljLao or Ji&£ ; see Jfcoo. 
UiL^iwiJ-i fiadffiartKoSj matliematical, 

jiljj» or Ufcoo rt. jif . m. coming, arrival, 
advent; ţflo^â? omU& <Ae coming of the 
Saviour; ^oo*^ &J/ &^p Uj> ^i]c£? w/iO$e 
onslaught is hard to resisL 

J]£.lk& and ]fcl»£*& rt. )l(. f. a) coming, 
advent , J-iaJ l&X? JfcLl)oâ coming to himself 
recovery of consciousness ; JJLJLacî o*Îs,*LJl& 
Jk-Jllji //ie second coming ofChrist; ]&LlJt& 
J^xcicLaX accession to the tforone. b) an attack, 

yl\M, U*l\J> Aphel part. of pU< 

ţjU=oo, J&J rt. jj«^ a comforter, consoler; 
comforting, consolatory. 

ţX^Li, )j£)&& rt. Jtj^>. noxious; an evil- 
doer, malefactor. 

JIqojI)^& rt. **,jo. f. Iiarm, detriment; 
toickedness, evil conduct, iniquity. 

U * ^5^ p rt. ţ^« clamorous. 

)loj f ->ov> rt. ^. f. uneasiness, mental 

Uoov» , jj£J rt. *o*». Ae or £%a£ wAtcA 
showsfortk, dedarea; a prophet,lawgiver. 

Jiojj3*^oo rt. *Oţ£>. f. a) a declaration; 
legal, a deposition. b) restoration, rebuilding. 

rt. i*s. adv. disper sedly, Tiere and 


*« r 

Jlonioo rt. $^. f. dispersion, separation; 
v Loi *JL*> we t#A<? are disper aed. 

ţJy*JLao, J&L*J a scatterer, spendthrift; 
a medicine which dissipates swettings. 

iTcuDojib© rt. udo^. f. glittering brightness, 

It&jfo&x* rt. *o*a. f, pi. tf lattice window. 

Jjlo»^&, )&J rt. Io**, causing skame, bring- 
ing to confmion, JjL'o»&a» Jtf J£^j» Aop 6 **&wfc 
maketk not ashamed, 

Jiajlo*-^© rt. 1»o*j». cmfounding, con- 

, U<£*£ pi. ,-JL, £. rt. 

ra. a spring, soiwce, fount esp. on<s gushing 
forth abundantly ; Jj^a u^aiLi springs of 

* y 

* r 

rt. ***3. f. investigation, examin- 

water; [ÎL sk<ux» a source oflife. 

l±L)Ăx> pi. J— rt. u*iĂ. m. a scqffkr, mocker. 
jiai^J^o© rt. w*J^>. f. derision, mockery. 

h^UiJL)JLx> rt. w»^. adv. mochingly, 


rt. u*^j. m. barhing* 

ls2\im^\>es or ls-T)> juUăjLae rt. ^^^ adv. 
subtilly, sophistzcălly ; with a^ vnihvut dis- 
crimiTiation or examination, 

Uii Ax» , jfcU rt. ţ^. a) cwe w^o examines, 
disctcsses, investigates } tries. b) trying, dis- 


| îS^^ , JliLl— rt. %^2>. ^ or Maf wAicft 

makes to cease, aboîislies, conjkdes, destroys. 

^s>.i o rt. y< aa. m. ow^ zoAo discerns, con~ 
siders, examines, 


^J ^aLao part. of verb **&**£. 

Uifcs^ao rt. jţwt^. domestic; gram. primitive 

opp. derived. 

>, jkw rt. J^a. sad, plainiive* 

kJ] p ^Sfc ji o rt. "^a». adv. m confusim, 

confusedly, disorderly. 

3 J^J rt.'^a. one «?Ao confuses, 


-. astouTidtng, 

rt. « to, f. discemmefat i p&rcepti(m i 

99 y 

from w 


JftL SotS ft irf» rt. -^d, f. the gullet. 

Jt'c^isA» rt. ^io. f. a tubercle, small 
ulcer, esp. jXo£j ow <A€ e?/e/ JtoL 
Jî^js^ţ a Jiemorrhoid; laxity of the anus. 


>, J&I— rt. ss£k&.unexpected,sudden. 

\ £U» S ]&o— rt. U*. a builder, fowider, 
restorer; edijying. 

ţ ^^jynS^ rt. .^^^ -*. torn, rewi/ dissoluie. 

{jj^axaLaa rt. W. m« a despiser, scorner. 

ţ 7 ) t f ^ ^^ rt. J-ca-3. adv. carelessly, 

\t<£ £n ăkS8 rt. J>a&s>. f. negligence, contempt. 

jfr -'.Ţ - rt. y^ «) ow<s w?Ao 
prej)ares perfumes. b) e&hilar ating. 

jolmiLas, j&J rt. ^. a scorner; scomfal. 

jşTfî fm . f » rt. ţm». adv. «rf*A contempt. 

v y 


or muie. 


%Z\$im&» from J£mi». adv. carnally. 
])**ftţ **£<*% rt. was). f. contempt. 

JlcutoaiL^ from )?r*^- f. incarnation. 

\«l~*& Aptei part. of ^aj. 
]) ^,\^v> and {rcuoN'tf rt. *io. f. distanee, 
remotmess, a far journey. 

j&I— rt. ^». « Tcicking horse 

rt. -^aj. m. ott€ wfto powrs /oriA, 
sWs abroad; ua*£*ci? t i^aJ» a soww or 
anihor ofheresy. 

JJtxa.» rt. »^s>. m. a gleaner, gatherer. 

)%& £& rt. J-s. f. inqtriry, iTwestigation. 

\li ^^s jl£j rt. ip. diminishing, ofdiminu- 

rt. i-2». £ dejzciency. 

\y*f rî pu** rt. u*>r>. f- clearness, transpar ency. 

JicLU^o ri *£, j£5. f. a) abstractim, 
separation. b) settlement, quittance. 

#*£*>, J&L- rt. Ă ]{£. «feraaZ. 
jL'aii^o rt. «J>, J ?£. f. separation; a break, 
rupture between tliejoints. 

&HL& = o©» -tŢ^^ Pael part. pass. of *+s>. 

blessed be he. 
V*A;^^f> rt. *f'+s>. blessing; one who blesses. 

ij» .4 9 v * 

* r 

rt. *»d. f. benediction. 
rt. *^>. adv. clearly, lucidly. 
rt. % ^. f. elucidation> explanation. 

Jlo^aj» rt. *o^. lightning, jiashing lihe 


■?v» r 

•a r 

, jlsJ- rt. ^**. fit for boilmg; 
having the pow&r of digesting. 

Jj,c\ i\i^v rt.^as. f. npenes8, npentng. 

t^o to grow fiat } tasteless as wine; pass. 
part. j^-^o, ^L, ]1&— tastehss, senseless. 
Derivative, {io^^v*. 

ţs^e m. Indian pea. 

Apliel part. of verb ţ^. 

)l<^o ra. gome sort of fruit. 

J^^o (hs*=>) ri j^j^. a spot tvJisrefire breahs 
forth esp. a vent of volcanie Jlames. 

^Us&> ?f*s* P L '- rt '^^* m ' a tower > 
bulwark; often forms part of the name of 

a place. 

jis^Lf^ from ^r<^& pr. n. Magdahn, of 
Magdala, jfc^*^ y^'J* Mary Magdahn. 

)1,qV, ^^ rt. ^*-^' f- gram. aphaeresis, 

jl'ouoţ.^0 rt. y*^. f. gram. aphaeresis, 
dropping of a leitei* at tlie beginning or end 
of a word. 

phemous; a blasptheTner. 

Jjsljisţ^o rt- â^j^. adv. blasphemously. 

Ji'oi3 t ^D rt. â î5ssa . f. Uasphemy. 

Jok^gfc, ^okj^ Aphel act. part. of jo^^. 

daybrealc j o a^a o j o* 

which rises at davm; [ 

the night immediatdy preeeding the Sabbath. 

JiloK^k rt. J<h^. £&«* î^'cA setsfree, gives 


jL'cLjiIefctegtt rt. ]o^* f' e$cape, ddiverance. 

jl'cu^o^o cf. Us?*%; f * whisp&Hng, speak- 
ing sojily* 

l^li^lQ^o from %.>a^. adv. flaming, 
like jlames. 

Jti&ajwxtfiţt' f< initiation, acquaintance; 
with o ffiâZ. 

|i«L»s pi. t^-^ ^ from Zend m6 s hu * 

J(^^. usually pi. )qk^ rt. o^. m. rfaaw, 

*' ■*• r - r Usclo «Se 5<ar 

j j» Y~ T i P 

a fire-worshipper. m. a mac/tem, mage, a 
priest of the Persian religion, one ţtrofessing 


9 V 

1» 4 

magianism ; a magician, wizard ; 

»j tke Magiun i, e. the Persian natîon. 
cives, verb *^e, l*^& $ Jia^o^o, 

jLaA,<x^o from J.*,o^c î.magianism, 

tlie doctrine of tJt£ magi,jzre-worsIiip; pi. magic 
arts, enchantments, 

t+*>&*^*> pi. }JL- from |jba^. m, a magian, 
jvre-worshipper , Chaldaean. 

yjoK^sQ rt. j^. m. a stelele, bilVhooh. 

ţljs^o an anehorite; see Pa. part. of Jj^. 

jicLl^a rt. Jj^. f. %oant, lach, bereavement 
esp. of cbildren, barrenness; penury; a penu- 
rious or destituie life as that of anehorites. 

ţl^ao, Jilj^so, JftCJl — rt. Jj^ one who 

makes io be childless or barren. 

Jjj^o m. Zawze; jl^XJ^o £/ai, soft. 

pJks^o rt. *J^. ni. a) a% aare, hatchet, saw, 
esp. for smoothing stone. &) a dagger ; a 
lancet, scalpel. 

ţla«»^!0, Jl^J— rt. M-*^. ludicrouSy ridicu- 
lous; comicalj amusing, funny. 

o rt. h-m^. adv. comically; 

JLoj /w ^o rt. ***^. f. laughter, ridicole, 

JLcujxs^o pi. Jio rt. oci^. f. <m answer. 

i, ]is^— rt. ca^. answering, corre- 

%jw " 

59 p r 

\* 4 - 

rt. ţ^o. f. tastelesmess, insipidity; 



)**^°> )&*^° rt. Ja^. dried up } waterless; 
J**^° n^oa» springs which have failed. 

Um* ^ o rt. w*o^. a liberal giver. 

JIoi^a^d rt. u**^. f. a breaking forth, 

\9 4 ^9 m 


. f. ejeciion, rejection. 
>reoi£Gfi«^o, *a>l^£**^£> or J^o^o m. 
ixâytcrrpos, a maşter, steward, prefect; maşter 
of the horse, maşter of tke imperial houseJtold, 
chiefojftcer of ihe emperor's palace. 

pi. cu+v^aau^so or 
J_ m. magistrianus , provincial* 


9 m * 



+*^x>, l&i+l^Uo, \&*^£>, |xc^^j» or 
pi. Ju- in. fidyeipos, a) a cooh, baker, 
butcher; }j»î^^» »*** ihe head-cook; )j£&2 
J^»<^&f scullions; ^•^^o k-*£the kitehen* 
5) a cooldng-poi, hetile. 

^s^o Aphel %^o( denom. verb from 
Jl^CLio. io be purulent^ dischargepus or matter. 

0%*) ^^ r ^ J^- m - K& uncovering of ihe 
face, unveiling, hence conftdence, 

JJ<^o, Jbli^^c pi. )[^2> i't.%^. f. a sicMe. 

Jfc» m. Jtf^/f. pi. Jl^S and ţj^5 
rt. N ^^ b . ci roii, scroll, volume; a scliedule, 

•Jieet, skin, 2>arcJwient ; )L^o 
jj^j^'^^x skins for writings. 

pi. J— m. a lash, whip. 

Mî-X^&, j&lJ from J**^^. freesdng, icy. 

UdX^o ? jJiLoX^sD rt. Jl^. a captive, exile. 

JJclX^© pi. \1^ rt. ^^- m. a clod, lump 
of mud, 

hJl^^o rt. JLli^. a clieai, knave. 

JLo-wJx^c rt. u**^.^ f. an explanation; 
a display. 

%H\ 9 ^ ^ > rt. jl^. adv. clearly, openly. 

JlciA^^D rt.jJ^. f. captivity; manifestation. 

]l^î~ rfc.Jl^. a) revealing, mani- 
festing. b) a starling. 

rt. jl^. adv. clearly, openly. 

jlcuu^^^ rt. Jl^. f. uncovering, manifes- 
tation; Jâf iaii^^so unveiling of 'ihe face = 

jiojX^o rt. ţi^. f. &£m<7 splay-mouthed, 

Iwving the upper lip drawn back exposing ihe 

; see JL^k and Jj^o, 

£> m. corrupt from KpoKâ^ayfia, the 
autwnn erocus. 

Ut *ci <^ o rt. oci^, impudent, importunate. 

ojj-îft^o rt. *xi^. f. impudence. 

JJtsi^» pi. ^L rt. wo^. m. a destroyer, 

adv. #raft>, /r^eZy, without expense, 
payment or recompense; empiy, in vainj 
legal. ţ r ^& uj>o!sl a woman divoreing her 
husband shall depart empty i. e. without her 


9 j». y 

» y 


m\ 9 r 



f. a short buckhr, rownd shield. 

lw& rt. «^. armed wiih a round shield; 

rt. ojk^,. ftdv. secretly, by stealth. 

^ra^li^), .4*aI1£^0 or un^i^c f. ?oai- 

sieww, magnet ; JJ ) 3^. ^m^i^o 

*Ae attraction of the loadstone towards tron. 

\j j^e rt. U^. m. a retiring room, a mucii 
or &ed; Zywî0 or sitting down. 

fr^, without payments. 

jioa^so rt. Jo^. f. censwre, reproach. 

j£a^o, )&I— rt. li^. adj. reproachfiâ, 

vitujyerative, contumelious, expremve ofdeserv- 
ing censure or rebuke. 

J 1 ^11-^5» rt. *^. f. desGent, gliding down, 
wershadowing > protection, abiding, indweUing. 

■ m\J^ ov &£JJ> Aphel acfc. part; 
see toa^. 

\jk^ pi. £- from |»4f m. a) redining, 
lying doton, sitting dtnm esp. at iatile. 6) a 
base. c) afiagon, oil-flash 

\jJ&^Ji> m. a &oZ£, 6ar. 
jl ^'Wv^ pi. Jlo rt^-V^. f. condgning, 
depo&iting,commendation; )Lc a!N> s^o? )*»^/ 

; see 

* «* r 

f. a mortar. 

) fcs^î— rt. %£D ^. crushing^ pulveriz- 
ing, destructive. 

jLajUDţ^o rt. t»*^. f. shattering. 

J^i^o rt- ^^w- ni. a stake of wood scraped 

)1^^ rt. 3;^. f. a shoveî, a ladîe. 

]lo% tl^*> rt. *^, f. longmffering, indul- 
gent hindness. 

act. part. 

* f 

, denom. verb from 

y \ pi. Jlo x*u ^. 

or )i P Qi^Ss^ > commendatory letters* 

rt. vx^s.. m. one mff&ring from 

9 » y 


Ji^^o, J&JL— rt. ^«^ enticing, inciting, 
provocative; a seducer. 


" 4 * V rt. feitK? £ incitement, entice- 

m\ 9 » V 

m* y 

^^c rt. v?*^. aesmuztoM* 

Jia»?t^0 rt. »*}^./a*r«, 

)Cso'^> pi. ll^ f. rt. â^. a fire 

\li£^o, j&X— rt );^ Himuîating, inciting; 
an instigator, stirrer <wp of strife. 

Jlcoi*^? rt. ji^ f. stirring up of strzfe, 
instigation; an assault 

Jtcui^c rt. w. f. ^eîay; pathnce. 

J^a^o. ^o worship according to magian rites; 
to jyrofess magianism; to mutter. Pa. »^^o 
*o celebrate magian rites, practise magic arts, 
we emhantonents. Ethpa. m^if^ become 
a jire-worsliif^er. 

Ji^o from Ua^o. m. muttering. 

Jla^^Jo rt. j^. f. exploraticn, examination. 

♦jsd and JjJ» cognate roots to •&{ • Demv- 

Jsllţi from w^o. zăv.Median, in tUMeded 

)l\:& also spelt )i^, )^?^ an* liWf 

pi. }* f. a) «ri&wfc; U^>? ftC* « 7ie hin f 3 
iribute or tax; wit\i ~*-*F to pay tribute ; with 

^atiocoZ^cf. V) afine, penalty. 

^SJ^, Us t .i pi. ţi., ^- rt. -»?• m- «» 

aZtor; «fte sanctuary, the hohj place wh&re the 
altar stands; U?aa^ţ^ the same. 

jXLa^s rt. »»f . m. one wAo <#er* sacrifice, 
the sacrificing jyriest. 

MJ=.^o, )lS-3 rfe. -»|. prtckm, stinging. 

JLoasJjo rt. *^?. jpac*tngr «p for a journey. 

fifl>>»^ rt. o»?- adliesive; 
bandages closing a wound. 

iii-j», )t»r» rt > v=»?- ™. wilderness, desert; 
jS^Jî }i=»*^ **« Nitrian Desert. 

^Iso, \U> r ţX> Pael act. part. of *»?• « fl«tde, 

)£»,£ pi. )', )l" rt, i*?. adj. deserf, (fo«er«ed. 

H^^ 3 jaL'from JUt^ of or belonging to 
a desert, solitary; a hermit; \\UU>**> M«< 
ffte cZeseri road i. e. road to or </»-o^^ the 

K k 2 




Jjţdfâo rt. ;^?. rn. a leader, ruler, judge, 
governor, prefect; with jic&v&f a regent; 
a pilot; a tutor, guardian; a bishop, abbot. 

h^ U U* *so r t, +2> ? . aăv.providentlyj prudently 9 
disereetly; providentially , by ihe providence of 
God, according to the Divine dispensation. 

jl'cui^^o pi, jio rt. &9. f. a) guidcmce, 
direction; steering; rule, governmeni,adminis- 
tration; stewardship, leadership. b) manner 
of proceeding, action, course. e) prudence, 
foresighL d) a province, prefecture. e) the 
Divine dispensation, the providence, govem- 
ment or economy of God; of ten used of our 
Lord's whole doings with niankind esp. of Bis 
incarnation and life on earth, and in the plural, 
of His acts in the flesh. 

*jiz>*x>, UJ£>*i from )^>^, adj. of the 

desert, inhabiting the desert. 

UjI*+x* 3 J&i— rt. i»?. adj. a) of or belong- 
ing to govemment. b) dispensatory, according 
to our Lord' 8 dispensation. 

Jls-J^^ fem. of U^^jjc an abhess, superior. 

Uz&^x* rt. ^^?. m. one who nullifies, 

JIcl^o)».^© from k*o*?. î. gilding, overlaying 
with gold. 

JUojţjso rt. yoj?. m. he or that which makes 
fat or oily. 

fc-It?o£» rfc.?o?. &dv.confu$edly,irregularly; 
in confusion or perturbation. 

)to?o«jbo rt. jo?* f. trouble, disturbance; 

jhsj^ft iofOţJăo confusion of mind, perturb- 

tifat*>> J&J rt. joj. irouUing^ distwbing; 
a disturber, troubler. 

^n?ooo rt. yo?. adv. irregularly. 

tf^oţ^ E-Syr. tf^o^o, JJ^J a pander, 


UI©*», ]îs*I— rt. Jo?. afflicting } reducing 
to misery. 

Jjooo rt. jOf. m. jUiL i-u©£» a breăker i 
of horses. 

J>ol», Jlfo^i rt, ***>. rotim, spoiled, 

crusted;)lfo^\S£rotteneggs; Jlpţj* j&atS 
e&W5 ofsilver. 


)lo*âD pi. empb, of J>I?a.a0. 

Uiw^jso rt. ^**f. terrible, inspiring terror. 

JLaiiL**:» rt. ^m?. f. horrifying, the in- 
spiring of terror. 

M^ '*i. v> rt. ua**?. m. <w« tt'Ao drives forth, 

J*aja***& rt. «a**?, adj. of divor cement ^ with 
ţaţo a writing of divor •cement 

Jt&XflL***» rt. aa.**?. f. rejection, putting 
away; JlaiiL*«j»j J^fco a writing of divorce- 


y p 

r y 

«*oo or *oo pr. n. f. Media. Derivatives, 

\StJo or JJtao pi. P from wJL&. a Mede, 

U^jS and JLoîLsc plurals of ji?c£». 
Uî*ao rt. J*jso. m.flight, escape. 

M^-f», Jft^i— rt. ooj. consvming, causing 
to waste away; causing perspiration. 

o.i^-»joo rt. ooj. f. pining, wasting away. 

Jicuţ-ao rt. jj^o, f. deliverance. 

U\+ţ-*d, jl^L^rt.^of. o servant } attendant, 

r -n 

^*io or ţ*^ pr. n. Midiam,. 

ţt+tt comp. of Joo and ^*? w;eZZ ^Aen, 50 «7iw, 
tlten, therefore. 

]L-^, jî^;» P i. ^ţ mt j^^ rt . v0!> 

f. a city, town; rarely a province i country; 
M >* tao ^ I . Z> o. => m various cities; Jfr* i 77^ 
^.Ă*r>r<Ăe^o c^e'es =Seleucia andCtesiphon- 

c% o/ ^oc^ = Antioch ; Jlola^jo 
</ie royaZ c%, ^e capital; U.?c£o fcJL,Zio 
<Ae ÂoZy c&y = Jerusalem; J^^* KL^» W 
f% ofpeace = Baghdad. The Blessed Virgin 
Mary is called *JL^ «£{ «l^uZio <Ăe ctVy o/ 
<Ăe /S'ow ofJesse. 

VLlxi, JfcLj rt. yoj. a) o/ «7 W city, urban, 
civil, civic; miŢj» JJUoîa civic afairs, 
municipal matters. b) a citizm. 

K?A j&i- from ,1^. a Midianite. 

■oo rt. ţOf, f. cm7 goverrvment. 
Horise rt. joj. f. delighting, delipht. 



9 r 

jjL^Jd pi- l— m. a wăUety trawlling-bag. 
Jtacu^» rt. a*©?, f. gazing, regarding. 
JlajuLZ^o rt. tâoţ. £ looking, beholding. 

ins* pi ţ-" 3 r rt - *°?* m - a ^° r # °^ a 

building, aflat, a lofty dwelling; a habitation ; 

metaph. tîw heavens, the zones of the Jwavenly 


jJt**» rt. »©?. a dweller, inhabiter. 

> yt >ft Pael Jţio to season, salt, compound } 

prepare with care; with J-aL» to mix or prepare 

drugs; )t fl* » N .£ ţâ Uţ^cLe? ^&£*I*kor 
JLVUl^a aw antidote compmnded ofsweet and 
bitter herbs; jfcU^a^o V A NĂ pungent salt. 
Metaph. with Jiai to compass the death of 
any one ; with Jku fo prepare wiles; with } 
io lay a cunmng trap; \ ** r\tt 
)££*$ seasoned with tlhe salt oftruth; U>* 
J&^S l*cL.& ©j£^ loo" A^ *p«eA tms 
seasoned with Iove and knowîedge. Ethpa. 
&l&ir to be seasoned, spiced, salted; U*mX> 
03^in£a-&>? oii compounded with spices; 
]o£a£> **g*&lioo o*a */ie didl are seasoned by 
it Le. by instruction. Derivatives, Jjo^?*», 

Ui LS^c rt. b>. m. dentifrtce. 

Jjao^i or JJck^c only pi. rt. y.**». m. 

Aerfo, seasoning, condiments> as pepper, cinna- 
mon, &c. 

\^>ix rt. k>?. ni, a răzor; <fd> U$<r° ^-^ 
he stood on the edge of a răzor = was in great 


dUi^, jioLJ^ Pael infin. of U?. t 
a cleansing, purging, pruning; pwrîfication ; 

JJiflU> ? jfcCJL- rt. k>?. pw'ify 
\iiolz& \xicb pwrgative medicine; ))^l^^o 

jmrgatorial fire. 

\)U>*£> rt. *£)?. m. a recorder, chronicler. 

)&&*> rt. *f (î)« £ « mortar. 

Hijo pi. ^)Zio rt, jl?. wooden door-bolts. 

Ji^S) and JJţ» m. a millipede, woodlouse. 

tilZxlx>, J&I- rt. u^kf. a) adj. trovhling, 
disturbing; \^JlL\i^> %L*^ distwrUng ox 
agitating thoughts; Ji-S^fso U^> a troubling 
conscience. b) subsfc. a troubler, agitator, 

j mfi V |? * 

U^t »} ]&£_ rfc. JJf. Uf ting up or out; 
a puttey; ]\UX&ţx> ^L'&^%X U?^5*. 
/ rely on thy prayers to help me out. 

jiX\ ţ» rt.^j. a) indicative, specifying. 
b) rarefying. 

}»^g»v ^ from exa!^ ? . an accuser, adversary. 

p)î 4. a ^^ from cifl.^?. adv. m hostite 

x>Z& com. gen. and both numbers, bnt with 
a pi. \Jclx affairs, things. Something, any- 
ihinq, auqht, somewhat, some, some or otJier; 
any one, some one, a certam . . .; <pjJ» M^ 
some time; fî** [l&Z some fortresses ; ]J^, 
o^« a certain rumour; ? f+x> thai vjhich, 
anything which, something which, whatever; 
«Z» f t^! of some sort, different sorts, various, 
certain; fl£> x>l& Jk& certain words ; f&f+& 
some, a fezo; f+£* in some things, partly; 

o££*? fl& ^2s or o^? fi*** at fi®* owri 
expense; «ţj©^>£ everything cf.*%^; y>l& % 
or JJ fp& nothing at all; ţifţ y^ it is 
good for nothing. 

jisoţ^j, JlsLLfrom f>Z&. something; a being; 

Ji'dL^sf» from «*». f. the being something . 
\lixl», ]kl*î— ri k»î- ara imitator ; repre- 
seniative, tyjncal. 

%Z]lixUo rt. Jc»?. adv. probably, con- 

)?.Vi^I,>Q pi- Jto rt. )jo?. imitation, resem- 

lAza+Jo rt. *^so?. m. lying down, a couch, 
bed; UîT? l&eJo sexual intercourse ; )&**x> 
)>o4? noontide rest, siesta; eccles. K - *u^ f i* 
one of the canonica! Iwurs said before going to 
bed = Jj&aooo compline. 

jia^Dţi rt. M^a?. soporific. 
\ P A<^ V & from «?, |oo?. blood red, crimson; 
sanguine, rubicund. 

Jj£*>*», J&J rt. wso?. wonderfuL 
x 9 Jo, \j'Jo pi. Jl- from JJţ. m. a wine-cellar 
store-room; metaph. )ic*w ^t» B-^> ^*=»? 
the bee 5<ores wp tey e» eells. 

wJ*^, U^!^ PÎ- only constr. st. J^^> 
rt. wjj. m. (rarely f- when denoting a country). 



a) tîie sunrise, the eastern sky, the east; \J*j, 
in the east; U*j* s c\\ towards the east; 
udi^ north-east; ţ-sx»lT ^j+j£x\. south-easi- 

ward; J-i^a*. v^J+x&z» eastward; uw'^o *&> 
j*^*& at the east of the desert b) in a 
narrower sense the Persian empire; Syria, 
Âssyria; also esp. eccles. Chaldaea and Assyria 
opp. J^i^jJs Mesopotamia and Syria; \ic&9&o 
\J*j+&ţ tke See of the East. 

Juw*j*âO, )&-*— rt. *>->?. a) east, eastern; 
)h**j*j+& j^ci the east toind. b) pi. Easterns, 
Orientate; \2Lj\Jo* [SiZl^Â Patrîarch of the 
Eastern Christians. 

9 _ y \9 9 


y w 

USsjţxz He 

malceth the datori to rise. 

ţttţj& or Uo+Jo m. a thread esp. the thread 
first tied to the loom. 

^*&, l^f& rt. Nfc.*». m. the mind> intellect, 

understanding; )l*^o ULJa tke raţional 
mind; s^l» ţj and ULJo iJ!L» wanting in 

understanding, ignorant, unwise; *& $ 
.<o© out ofhis mind. 

denoin. verl> from \jLJg to endow 
with mind. Ethpa, ^Jl&trto be endowed with 
mind; to possess intelligence, to understand, 

Mn\ f , v» , jfcs^î™ rt. ^?- quenching; an 

)i a i i.,X po rt. yi.j. f. quenching, ex- 

telligent, intelligible, raţional; skilful, expert. 

^j^k^. JJ^I— rt. t^y. c&) offending, con- 
tentious; J&JtSwIsa j^oţ a wx ^ or y^q^^ 

spirit, b) blinding, befogging. 

*>«?£, U^ Aphel act. part. of ua? to 

***> pi. ^Sţio Aphel pass. part. of ^oj. 
instructed, expert^ versed. 

Jio-0^ rt. &o9. f. s&7Z 3 complete aptitude. 
Jj£o«jjo rt *sj. f. a mortar. 

j«jo io &e ro^m as an egg. Pa. ii» io ^q 
bad, rot as eggs or fruit. Aph. i^^perh. 
denom. verb froin \ij& to crack as parched 
ground, Dekivative, ]io+». 

)tţj2> pi. j* corn. gen. usually m. a ctod, 
lump of earth, mould or clay, soil; y?(f ji«j» 
tlie earth wkence Adam was formed; j*a£ }>♦» 
white clay; jtl^ţ j>ţio poite^s clay. Deriv* 
atives, verb 9+x>}, U'}+x>, J^»f» 3 J^t-»- 

Ji^jjo ni. iAe corcZ wherewith a load is tied 
on a camei. 

^J^4>iLso from ^j l^f - adv. m i& degree. 

JJoy^âo m. rt. jif. a cylinder, roller for 
breaking clods. 

JJilJoi»-» pi. )l£l~ dimin. of ţjo****» f. 
a small roller, hand-roller. 

h+9+20 pi. JAo.*;-» it* }*9. m. a vnnnowing- 
shovel } winnowing-fan. 

^9»& from J>*^>. earthy. 

H-Htţio, }k* t — rt. )>?. a toinnower, scatterer, 
a speTtdthrift. 

Jis'«-& rt- ni?, comprehmding j intelligent, 

Jiaiiiţ.» pi. jio rt.^if. f. a) perceptiv^ con- 
ception f comprehension ; astron. an observation. 
b) arrival, attainment esp. attaining puberty. 

jl^dioo rt. ^.i?. f. a) trodden ground; a rut. 

b) afootstool, step. 

kZU&îlx* rt. yh. adv. craftily. 

)l£&ux> rt. iptj. f. craft, slyness, cunning. 

\jiJ& from jiţ-ăo. a creature of earth, earthly 

U$*30 m. a spinale. 

JLci^i^ from Jbki ?. f. stretching out the 

lA-fţ^o, U*>*& pl.jw— rt.*jti?. m. an exposition, 
commentary, a doctrinal hymn, kymn, ode. 

JLo^iZ» rt. +.>}. f. s^, training. 

Uii^so, JW- rt. a>?. a) subst. ^/tooZ- 
ana^er, feacAer. 6) adj. disputed, debated. 

jk^f+zo rt. **i j. f. a scAooZ. 

Ji-itJăO from ji ţj», f. ear^, 

K«jâ rt. **,?<% m, apestle. 

JLoxa.^ rt. a*,}/, f. silence, negligence. 

jooo fut. )«J ifo coo^ boii, boii up. De- 

RÎVATIVES, Ju»<i*>, Jjo^J». 

ootf infin. of verb oom. 
^o^a rt. och*. m. giving. 


9 9 

fc_7ţ£*^A from ţ^aoi. adv. gaudily, 


)) ? f/-s^ ^so from fafcse». £ blossoming, bloom, 
prime, vigour. 

)Ju — p^» 3 J^aL- Ar. gram. dmoting distinct 
idterance, forming a syllabU, JmU^jh^o pi oi 
a ww? added to facilitate prommciation. 

) iaji^o*-» rt. I^o* . f . syllabijication, additio n 
of a voweL 

It^şc+zo a pervert to Islam; see t^p». 

JLot^o^» from *+L&* £ Islamism; the 

}j;- ^ s» from +«Lp»t ow Âmb, Mussulman. 

}iI?o*aa, j&a_ rt. J?o>. a leader, guide, 

JLolI?c**> rt» j?o>. £ direction, guidance. 

ţjlfotje rt. >?«. m. one who adorns, beautifies; 
Ji£*f uj>?o**> JaSj& £îtt£* «/7eo Jiave fumislied 
or embellished monasteries. 

)ijl!oj^> 3 J&o rt. i?o*. becoming, Jionourable. 

JJL*o©*-& rt. ]oo«. m. giving eooistence; 
a creator. 

JLailoo^ rt. Joc», f. creation, the act of 

^o£oo, JJoo*tf>, J&Joc*» from Jjooj; see 

* cw ; raţional, endowed with reason. 

l^l)J o o^> from \j o oi. adv. zoisely, pyncdenily, 

Jicuoc*ao from |Joo». f. understanding , tw- 
telligence, discretion. 

JLcuJoo*^ from jjoo*. f. intelligence. 
a^ooo, Qii^J^opo ; see ^M*- 
Uoptf rt. )©*». m, boiling esp. boiling ioo 
long, boiling over. 

U&& from JJc&. watery. 
JL'cuo»& from JJj&. f. wateriness. 
ţxL*x> } Ji*x*£*3, Jîjli^LSpo act. part. 

? - 

*n r 

of « .TJ LĂj see *»/*; « believer, a Christian. 
,^jQ^ pass. part. emph. and fem. forms same 
as those of the act. part., faithful, trustworthy ; 
an eunucii. 

fc T}î_yţ JI £ t y> from ţ^sa-oj. adv. faithfully, 
according to the Christian faith. 

ţj^ba-»c^o = ţJL. yjjacu^ao u?e believe; 
used as subst. for £&e îficene Greed. 

lx*oce, )îs*î— efficimt. 

fc^l|t*^o rt. 9os*o. adv. promptly, readily 9 
skilfully, admirably. 

]Lo**o»Jti> rt. *o*^a. f. dh'K, skUfulness; 
practice , intelligence ; |u ^ fr m a J io *■* opo 
practa'caZ knowledge, ability. 

udo^) Mechir, the name of the sixth 
Egyptian month. 

ur>JIr>cH-^> or %caîoc*& pi. of ţ£jc& an engine. 

^o*& Aphel part. of ^.o*. 

^&a^v cîaj JJ o&* fi€\ayxo\tKfj r melancholy. 

JliL^daj^o*^ pi. }— adj. melancltoly. 

)?^\^ >fl ; Jj&Ju- rt. u^o». walMng, oble 
to walk. 

\hLo*j& rt.^o». m. a mocker, derider. 

IsSji^c*» rt.^so*. adv. derisively. 

]l /ftv? ,rtpSa rt. "^o». f. derisive. 

)JaiLc*&, ]l£*i— rt.^o». derisive. 

JoIîoojj», )&I— rt. jo*>«. careless, negligenU 

}^y&&ot& rt. ).^oc». carelessly. 

)L 9 coI.aoo^> rt. i^ooi. f. negligence, careless- 

)Jc*& 3 l^oo*^ Aphel part. of )jo». wse/kZ, 

Jjo^o rt. jo^ss. JoiZerf ioo Zow^, insipid, 

JjjjojJa, J^IaS— rt. Jjot* useftdy pleasant; 
■with U useless, unprojitable. 

Juaâo^^ rt. uâoi. perh. Pael pass. part. 
a) subst. r«i«. 6) adj. perverse, froward. 

)JLx3©po or |iaâo»j£> rt. <*3©i. m. 7w or <Aaf 
wldch brings back or restores; subversive. 

jloiâ9o»& rt. «âo*. £ aversion, rejection, 

ic*» root-meaning inHeb. «o 6^ ^c^, op*/ 
in Ar. to give a dowry; in Conj, ii. io buy 
a foal; Conj. ni. and v, to be quick, capaUe, 
skilful Syr. Peal only pass. part. «-<>*>, 
J L o&> , ) X '++ £» traine^practisedyskilledyskilful; 
)t*o^« Jisoo/ a skilled artisan; \£>o\si> or )i^ 
]t»o»J!0 a practised scribe; )i+ono M^X a* 
ty?*s^ or prudent instruciion. Pael io^» /o 


train. Ethpa. io&>l( to be shilled, trained, 
imtructed; otLctuooj^ io^&lf hewas a maşter 
ofhis art. Derivatives, K* î^opc, jto^o^, 

*<hj», )»ojj& Aphel part. of iot molesting, 

Jfo^ao rt. io*^o. m. a marriage poriion or 
gift from the bridegroom to tJie bride, a mar- 
riage dotory. 

fjyopo, ]!^aJ rt, *©*. injurious, destructive. 

)Ioj»oc& rt. io», f. molestation, disturbance. 
jla>o»j& dialect, m. a rod, whip. 

*floo?©lotf£, a»o?ifcw. or uaoo?£^_ pi. o;1'ch&, 

£ ţxedoBos, way of acting, a stratagem. 

Qjto vneum athamanticum, a medicinal herb. 
oao with suff. uota^ irreg. forni of j-lss. 
fjţ^cuo, j]£J rt ♦£>/. adj. destructive, per- 
nicious, fatal, mortal; subst, a destroyer, 

JLojţda& rt. **/. f, nmi, destructim, being 
brought to naught. 

JL><x& pi. ^Z-, H rt. %*,. f. a burden, 
îoadj cargo* 

Ji'cu&ajB ri%a*. f. reduction. 

JioLaâCL& rt. dcu, f. desiccation. 

U^a&>, J&i— rt. 

J*«*Nyu£ rt. Js^. f. expulsîon. 

Jl^aiD, Neo-Gr. /*>Sx* a 3 m - «) jw**, matter, 
phlegm; JJ^c&o ţl?w&? (Jf ^Mm discharging 
matter. V) the juice of olive kernels. 

fcJJj^ck© from j^^cuo. adv. m jţ%^, 

t» the language of the Moguls. 

V8*J& } J*LL pi. m. 11. f. J£^£o 
a Mongol, explained in the native lexx. as a 
Tartar or Hun. 

&<&0 pL r I*> 3 );I» and Jlo£aS m. modius, 
a peck, a Roman measure used especially for 
corn, containing sixteen sextarii or nearly 
eight English quarts. 

from ofo^r a) one who confesses 
Christ, one of the faithful, a confessor; Jf^co 
Ulţo&o martyrs and confessors; J&>o^ 
jilfcbe? Friday oftlie Confessors under King 
Sapor = Friday în Easter week. b) one who 
confesses his sin, a penitent, c) grateful. 

>9 „ y 

&sIUI;q,& from «?cj\ adv. by way of con- 
fession or acknowledgemenL 

Jtcu*?aa© from 4*?of. f* confession, ac- 
Jcnowledgernent ; giving of thanks; confession 
or profesdon of faith, profession of virgiuity; 
confession as witnessing to the faith, confessor- 
ship; Jlaiitascj JL\s a confessors crotm. 

ţifc&o pi. JJL. rt. ^f». m. ?nixing, a mixture, 

compound, prepar ation, medicament, seasoning; 

'flm^v* Mo? Jiiaolo fsfcuic iAe miocing 

and prepar ation of fragrant oii; l&Z'Z J^fcoo 

highly seasoned dislies. 

Jt'cu^f c^& rt. -^^. f. Jcnowledge, learning. 

U^?cu&, JlsLl— rt. ^**. a) instructive, di- 
dactic, teaching, giving information. b) a email 

beli, handbelh 

JJj^?qjo=U/ ^jai Aphel part. of ^^. 
with i per?, pron. 

J^oi^.»qjjd rt. ■»*.«_». f. a Tnahing hnovm or 
showing, a preface, introduction, an admonition; 
jAciiio^oi Icll^jcl» an exposition ofthefailh. 

j^JMa& rt. >^**. f. a) hwwledge, aogiiairtr 
tance. b) a learned man. c) an acquaintance, 
with .*j£ ji^or ellipt. d) a crying for 
sale, -public offering for sale. 

)»?oao m. drossj cf. ]»)cl». 

j^aăoj» pi. J£L rt. O0M . f. a gifc pr esm t t 
favour; ţfe ^JL» &i><wcL& usufruct; adverbial 
use fcooiojo ,/r«%, % favour, gratis, for 

^i^âaajo W-Syr., j^soao E-Syr.; see 
j^âswo, chief'of the Magi. 

Jjotaao rt. »c«o. m. a/oaZ. 

kjex» rt. «ţ^/j». m. mixture, blending, 
confusion; temperatura; J^jcco© \î£*~ 
drugs and mixtures; IL^* UJ&c physical 
temperament, bodily constitution ; *£ )i*L^ 
UJ&o i*ăl— a man ofbad, ofgood, consti- 
tution; ^a^îcko lo^j «a^, t0 retain y(mr 

health; theol. the combination or union of the 
two uatures in our Lord; UjJ «^Joac? 
ţiofe»**» that Eis commingling with our 
nature might quichen our mortality; astron. 
conjunction of stars. 

I^Jcco, 1&Z. r t. ^5©. adj. vningUd, con- 
fused; constituţional. 


)Ju7a*> m. a beak, MU; )♦*£ &îL* ]t£L$k± 
\Juli&0 woeîs-.? birds have a beak instead of 
a hand. 

) &t^?o& pi. ]£&>*& f. a vphere, an orbit, 
the globe, the poles, a zone of the heavens, the 
Zodiacal circle. 

jtlj&kjccc adj, of the spheres ov pertainîng 
to the zones of the heavens. 

Ji£jo& rt. &U> m. a lender, one who lends 
on inter est; a creditor. 

Jiîaaa a) rt. ijeo. m. stretching; JMcu 
**©*<x&?©»? while stretching his limbs. b) dross. 

}m*aad xa. the brain, themarrow; J-L? U*dLz& 
the spinal marrow ; metaph. )^cux> ^. aX o 
of Utile wiL Derivative, j^*cuo. 

jl'cui—G-» rt. fM{ . f. setting on fire, con- 

Ji'«ia& rt. **•( . f. the bezel or setting of 

l? " 1&5> Imding, money lending. 

a ring. 

\LL&&, Jj£m1 from l^oso. cerebral. 
)Loii£**a<& rt."^M*N*. f. exhaustion, feebleness. 

jLol*.cu& rt. u+L f. defo#. 

^oao 3 £-*> fut. ^c£*u 5 act. part. ^]^o, }£*& 

to to#<?r, Zaem ot-er, stagger; kjpat ]&»? 
a tottering tvall ; »&J 4^ my feet slipped* 
Emm X^ii^ io 6e sliaken, to quiver* DE- 
RIVATIVE S, J^Q^O, ^^^ 5 - 

Uo-& rt. {£oaa. na, rocJdng, leaning over, 

U^o^ rt. 1^*3* ro. ar rival. 

U*oaa or ]juc]tâ» pi. JJL mimetic = Jjo^i 
a jackal. 

)jaio^D rt. udo», m. mocking, derision } 
laughing to scom, sneering. 

J.aic&» pi. )— rt. ^so. m. humiliation, 
affliclion ; abasing, abasement, mbmission ; 
laicei t»S& subnvissive speech, humble words; 

humble exen if affliction befall him is not cast 

Jba» pi. ţ^-, £. m- pofofof a bar, boit; 
^*? Qt*2B&» &l he brahe the bars ofhelt 
Derivative, ^uso. 

Utoaso pi. 1*2 Ar. ra. an hired servant; 
Jq^j JJ+da^o indoor servants. 

JJck>, j&^ck* and J£^c&> pi. m. H 
f. jfcJik'cÎAO and J1&&C&» i. mulus, mula, 
a muie. n. fj-i\rj y the plant mola. ra. m. a 
brazen vessel for drawîng wine from a cask. 

*^wcu©, )ţ^.cu& rt. «^*. m. a) parturition^ 
travail, bringing forth. b) birth, nativity, 
generation; \2&ţ Y^LoJ* metaph. for baptism; 
ji^îî ^©} ]^,qj& regemration* 

Jjţ^a^ J&J rt. ^. a) aforefather, pro- 
genitor, parent. b) generative, genital, c) caus- 
ing to bring forth or to be prolific, d) causative, 

JL'oj^gjJd rt. ţ^- f. generation, procreation, 
begetting, bearing, bringing forth; JIoj^qj» 
JLJw^^o fecundiiy, prolificness. 

|ij^cu& rt. >\>. of or belonging to birth. 

cy \ cyys fiwXv, the plant moly. 

J^I^clîo rt. u*^». m. salting, pickling. 

u^.a^o. Jii£c£» rt. Jbo. m. a filling-up, 
fulfilling, satisfying, completion; fullness, ful- 
JUment; the conclusion of a treaty; |*^qj» 
JoSÎ? tlte fulfilmeni of times, end of time; 
Jljofcal? jJ^ciso completion of the days; 
\J>o[*. ^^>>r^ctiD? %=>o^Friday atthe 
end of Lent; J&jI u^ctio the end of the 
year ; )>?cu* u^oio the entire cir ele; \*^.Q£B 
jJpOjcuc» the supplying of a need; 

9 4 

jloţc^a < completion of an action; 

Jtl^j <A« eîiizVe Church, universal Ghurch; 

JJi£j J^^ci» iAe wî^oZe o/iAe capital. 

^■■>\aap ? )^xo^Xqj» or 5^o a pander; 
an hermaphrodite. 

\.*i\oj£> or ^\ a x > f. /ioXdx»?, </i€ mallow; 
jt^lXiV l^a^aao mate arborescens; Un^ooo 
Ji^jj malva offîcinalis or sylvestris. 

[î_^\nvs pi, )„«. rt. y\w. m. a) a promise, 
declaration; fo*i*\\ CHAaXaao <Aa promise 
made to Abraham; }lrv\o.apf J*aki( </w 
promised land. b) counsel, advice. c) 2>osses- 
sion in lands>